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White Hinterland - Ring the Bell

2015-03-13 | 🔗

Casey Dienel is a producer, singer, and songwriter who goes by the name White Hinterland. In this episode, she'll break down her song Ring the Bell. To make it, she had to break out of her comfort zone of working alone and reach to other people. She got a little unexpected help from Beyonce.

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two thousand and ten. I was touring and the opening malady the cord cider, just like this popped in my head And then I ran to the pact space and we like pang tat a little demo way that my songs tend to work. Is that I create like a big mound of clay. I work backwards so rather than starting from nothing. I like to have a lot of things to choose from and then there's vicious Please turn away at it until I feel I can getting at the heart of whatever it is that I'm tryin to experience or feel when. I kind of commit words to a melody It's really hard for me to go back from that, because
almost like the weird I write lyrics is like They have the melody in them. I never shoehorn words into the melody. I find that the words kind of carry their own intonation and then I have to find a way into it, first on lake ring the bell. I the words just ring the bell, like that, just carried the melody immediately and I I didn't have to do beyond that. Come all ring the bell to ring the bells that ring a bell for me. I don't even know where it came from. I think I liked simplicity, of it like its both demand, but also requests. It's not just one and I also like that it has like her positive need to it like I need you to tell me what you want, or I need you to tell me how you feel or something
Initiative in it, but at the time I was going through a lot stuff. In my life, where I was like, I just people say they mean and what they need from me, and then I can give you that I didn't want it to be, two wordy because there is a lot of other things that I won. T accomplished and texture early with the other instruments. In the winter of two thousand, while I was really stuck I'd been playing around with all these different amazon's ring the bell To do- and I was driving around in my car listening to and c and there's a pirate, in the end of time, where all these horns come in and it's just like the sky opening up and knows, what these son's name. That's what I want. I want it to sound like you in joy escapes, and then I will
Looking at the credits and calls name was in the b and c credits, and he and I went to new england conservatory together and I dropped. everything I was doing- and I was like- oh my god- I know him and I hadn't Broken him and probably ears, are something in scientist. I call They left like a really shy, voicemail legal area. we need your help and he got back to me You like it immediately. That is called plain trumpet. and it actually is reversed was messing around with it, and I wanted it to feel like more The story girl in some way- and I thought this reversal and see what that's like and then, when I flipped it was like. Oh I say this really wonderful condemned by lech texture and I d had chills.
and then I spent July recording for like about a week with the whole brass section. The musicians on it are part of the super power horns who did aloud and be unsafe stuff. Basically, just call them and say can you do this again in one take an never ceiling Anyway, I get moving. Ended up running all the horn, through this tape machine to kind of compress and glue them together, a little bit more when we use that it
made it sound a little more aggressive. When the horns come in on the choruses, I wanted it to feel like when you less in some when says something nice to you, like that, open warmth that you feel I work a lot like that I think, was like the worst composition hidden because all of my leg directions and my scores were dislike- imagine that you have lake Hafela against. Of two eggs with the dirt clarity of a psychopath. Please play this. Although passage. I just went into her like hook after hook, and there is a lot of hooks in the local loops.
I lived in another place where I was not to make noise this quiet building and my neighbor was nurse who worked the night shift said she'd sleep during the day, and that was something I could do quietly is just it's like seeing these loops but it's really just about improvisation- and I think that's the hugest part for me. from playing jazz and a lot of good stuff gets kicked up when you not trying so hard the human voice is my favorite instrument, but when it comes, my own voice, I think it's the hardest instrument for me to record when that vocal, pappy and I was like. Ok, we ve got something the sunken happened. Let's talk about drums, I wanted it to kind of move around in stereo. Space
But then you know with a lot of electronic beats with me if you can never be like. Ok, I have eighty d. I want a new flavour and I when tried her. You know programme it differently here like at a different patterns, and that was why I decided to call me a mark in his my friend. That's like what call them extra marino, see what he thinks he laid down like two days later in portland meals like an incredibly spontaneous performer and he doesn't really play anything the same way twice. So I felt like it was perfect casting
I kind of gave it to like an agent of chaos in any job. I've ever had it's the surprises that are the most exciting. and there is no bigger surprise then, having someone else come toy with your music and you see what happens. for me. The song is kind of about being vulnerable in opening yourself up to someone could really scary to say. I need help. You know I need affection. For two years I was asleep messing around with it pretty much by myself, and it felt pretty fitting to have to open that up to other people to come play with me. And now here's ring the bell by white hinterland in its entirety whoa whoa,
Maybe we can just so unusual.
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