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Wilco - Magnetized

2015-12-02 | 🔗

Wilco formed in 1994, and 21 years later, they released their 9th album, Star Wars. In this episode, Jeff Tweedy, the band’s singer and principal songwriter, breaks down the song Magnetized. In addition to collaborating with his five bandmates, John Stirrit, Pat Sansone, Mike Jorgensen, Nels Cline, and Glenn Kotche, it turns out Jeff Tweedy makes an active effort to remove his own ego from the process of songwriting.

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you might feel like you're, taking the easy way out. That's because you are capital one. What's Your wallet terms and conditions apply, find out more capital, one dot com, slash auto navigator, we'll go funded by too many for twenty one years later they release their night. The star wars. In this episode, Jeff tweeting, the ban singer, had principle summary breaks down the song magnetized. In addition to collaborating with his five bandwidth john stewart pacts and sound like Jorgensen, Nels cry and the glen coachee it turns out. Jeff treaty makes an active efforts to remove his own ego from the process of songwriting. Coming up your most days. I don't come into the studio with an idea for a song most days. I come to the studio with this interesting discovery or idea that can wait to hear what's gonna happen today, and I just
but making sound and and follow where it led. Without trying to lead it too much. My The goal is to get out of the way as much as possible. The joy of it is the disks, free, Periodical we'll just have the guys that don't live here in town come in display around in the studio this is one of the sessions were MIKE, had come into town, where just kind of playing around with them when ideas- and he was using that since sound and I started to hear something methodically in what was there. They come monotonous, come a chat or something you know like this. The idea
The share of John. Yes, I'll, do vocal, melody based on just sounds. Are we call a mumble tracks and I well, sir, and listen to the first line over and over and over again gets things on my note, bad and try and figure out things that have the same syllables essay meter. Until I get something that satisfying and then I'll sing. It move. Yeah the idea is to not think too hard at that stage, once you
of translated all of the mumble tracks into a set of lyrics that are real words. Its generally pray jumbled and doesn't make a whole lot of sense and then there's another layer of doing things around and getting caught was there to some meaning and it's really rewarding process for me. Maybe it's really alien to someone who really wants to combat something with a solid idea of what they want to say. I distrust that some meaning will come out of this process and that something when I say it's gonna be harder to conceal. When I get my ego out of the way and not trying to direct all meaning, ego isn't really that interested in and what's really inside of you, he goes very much interested in. Presenting an idealized version of yourself to the world and owner ability only cracks through that by access
unintentionally, when your egos really working hard to be smart and clever and on par with your heroes. Musically those real roadblocks to discovery, I just trust the process a lot more than. I trust myself to present something honest and vulnerable and real your uncle just as somehow allowed some part of you to slip through oh. The key. Excuse me. Every man it's there are lotta jumbled lyrics, but I assure you they all end up, meaning something to me. I'm The stained by a deep paul and connect and to my family, to my wife,
realize were magnetize. I don't know if I can say it anymore, plain They then that, even though it sounds silly out of context, man, it's yours, think it's a necessarily about romantic love. I think it's about something stronger than that and that's family MR spencer, tweeting son of Jeffrey spencer, my son spencer, pass after school one day of how the drum might come and go or enter and work in the context of a song has a lot of going in it because of listening on the drumming, since I was six years old and even taken, lessons were then, when I was a little kid so problem it has a lot of overlap with what Glenn we all is heard. Spencer's part as being kind of tossed off but yeah, I think some part of it directed the way that Glen approached his drums
kind of emulated, some of that, but obviously kind of refined it into a drum part. The Now play guitar on tracks to finish them And I don't really think I ve spent much time composing it as much as just. Doing one track Getting exe I did and then not wanting to put the guitar down and then hearing another track, yeah
and eventually became this anthem mic thing. Sorry, triumphant sounding the Makes no sense at all for me to be playing guitar at all on a record when you have Nels klein in your banned all I'm just happy in the band and he's happy doing whatever he's doing I don't know the. A lot of times what Nels is happy is doing is is making things worked extremely that people
maybe don't always notice as a guitar. I think nels a lot of satisfaction out of being a stealth guitar player and in the context of the song, Noses into guitar player exclusively, I think, noses effects, player pinkies, really great one he's. Obviously got all of the technique that you need to make a guitar work with just his hands, but he is also spent so much time becoming an expert at our petals effect that sound. I don't know many people that know that world better. Then him he's, always moving between petals in such a fluid stayed it's like a virtuoso performance on petals.
The. I always hear certain songs as having closing credits going over them. You know like in this one definitely felt like it was a closing Reddit moment musically When you, get to the end of the process like this and it works the way you try. That it will work, then yeah you sit back and go. How did I do that and- and you have made yourself feel something somehow I need you- and I couldn't invited, if I wanted to you, didn't start with the feeling you discovered a feeling and now here's magnetized by willing
In its entirety, Yes, the. Yeah The. Yes. The.
Ass, a bad job.
Yeah man The
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