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Willow - Transparent Soul feat. Travis Barker

2021-10-20 | 🔗

Willow Smith is a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles. She’s also a member of one of the most famous families in the world. From a very young age, she followed in the musical footsteps of her parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, and released her first single when she was just ten years old. Since then, she’s released four albums, and was named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most influential people in the world. This year, on her most recent album, she put out this song, "Transparent Soul," which was co-written with her longtime collaborator Tyler Cole, and features Travis Barker from Blink-182 on drums. I talked to her about how her upbringing and her musical evolution from her early pop star days influenced the way she made this song.

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Barker from Blink one. Eighty two on drugs, I talked to What about how our upbringing and our musical evolution from the early popstar days influence the way she made this song? I don't have any friends I mean I have. I have like two or three friends, when I was younger. I was very confused as to why people with the way they would act, would act different around me than they would. to run other people or just seeing the differences in how I was treated because of who my parents were alive People will just use you for what they want to use you for and just not ok
My name is Willow Smith. My family have always kind of wanted to know what the meaning of life is. So, for a very long time, we've tried to connect ourselves with monks, scholars and into sexuals who have vacated their life in the search of what the meaning of life is and so I was reading a book called the journey home by rod who not Swami and in that look. There's a quote. That says a say, Lee person is so pure that way You come in contact with them. They act, the spotless mirror and they reflect back to you, your inner beauty and your inner ugliness, and I thought that that was so beautiful. I just thought that I was such a perfect way of describing purity.
but right now, that's really not where I'm at, but I want to. But I want to be able to do that. So I wanted to take that. I yeah and put it in like a grungy angsty world, where I don't have all the answers the when I'm making a song. I with guitar My mom was in a metal band from the time I was like five to the time. I was like ten and it was just just in me throughout my whole life I had always felt like I until you do rock, but I didn't really know what my place was. You know in my popstar days,
there was. There was a lot of just very traditional pop training. learned it learned, learned learned. It then was like hate: it completely through all of that away, I'm going to do something else. Did that for a couple years learned a lot from that learned. A lot about my voice learned a lot about what comes naturally, and then now, I'm kind of in this middle ground of like okay, I'm going to take my years of not caring and just doing whatever and my years of intense intense training and I'm going to try to mess those two things. So it was really just an awakening of how I do music and
that time was actually the time I met Tyler Tyler's plain based on transparency, or he is my best friend and co producer. I think we started making music together like a year and a half into knowing each other. I dont really make music with a lot of people cause I'm like kind of shy and insecurity them, so it took some warming up to each other and then we actually didn't start really making music with each other until four or five years and to know each other. So our musical synergy grew overtime and I feel like we just become really create musical partners friend this song. I want to give it that admin,
fear is feeling that sometimes rock doesn't really have are specifically pop punk doesn't really have. I wanted to give it a spacey counter, rhythmic feeling with those done and the and then that higher tone with those DE nodes there were a lot of melodies, guitar, melodies and all of these guitars coming in and out would be little confusing if we're all in the same tone so each guitar needed to have its own world and
I feel like they all kind of gel really nicely together. The we went crazy with the guitars and then we were, okay. Now, let's move on to the vocals, fucking know, if it's a liar, it's a fact, joy, a little fake friends will sell your secrets for some cash smile on my face. Then put your cigarette on my bag. If you ever see images get to run and like the flash, that first line, I don't fucking know if it's a liar, it's a fact with Kai. born from being we are angry and sad and confused that you don't know what someone's intentions are. Thank God I was never in a situation where one of my friends ever sold pictures to TMZ, but. Definitely being betrayed. Like people telling my business to people who shouldn't be knowing
or just taking advantage of you, because you have resources, that's not something that friends do so that was always something happen. in in my life, so because of that fear of being taken advantage of and because of being taken advantage of so many times, I kind of had to close myself off and still kind of close myself off, because that's scary, but you don't want to get hurt. You don't want to put yourself in a position where people can take advantage of you. I know a boy just like you he's a snake. Just like you such a fake dislike you can see through as the
While I was reading that book, we were in the studio and were creating this track, and I just kind of got inspired in. I kind of just had this. Our have liked transparent soul like yes, in reality, I know that I, and to get to this state where I can be this transparent soul and I can see through you in a compassionate way, but I couldn't I am trying to be a transparent, though it had to be drafted, the verses took a little bit of time, because really trying to craft what I really wanted to say, cuz most times in my music, it's just very abstract,
but for this song I felt it was really important to pinpoint those lyrics in a very specific way, no ones brave enough to take the far I bought, as I thought why ads and like a Sarah, noble he likes to be wrong, but we need to actually be like okay, I messed up. This is what I did. a try and make up for it in some way. Let me try and give more love to this situation than I had in the past. I know girl, just like you just like you such a pain like you and everybody knows the Euro Travis Barker is a pop. God and deeds Ruhmer of blink. One eighty two: I see him as being a historical, figure in the rock world and
I sent him the song and he was like YO. I I want to come down to the studio and actually track it with you. I was shooting my pants cuz. I was like the fact that Travis is playing on my song right now is just insane and also What was really surprising was that he just listened to it once and went in, and did whole song, damn near
Perfectly the first time I don't know if it's a liar is a fact. I a little fake friends, will steal your secrets, personal cash smile on my face and put your sig out on my bag. If you ever see me just get the run like the flash that energy that he brings to the drums just put a little bit more on that pop punk vibe, the that was like exactly what I needed to strike the balance I was trying to create, and then the bridge comes in whole Tyler, was like okay, I just I bring it into trippy land, really really
quick. I want to give people sweeping harmonies and- and I think we did a really good job with that it's clear to is now or are we searching for something and in their striving their running away from himself, because our trying again these things in these Sperience is you know whatever it is to feel fulfilled, but it feels to me like there's some kind of search for empathy on your part yeah, because it's clear to me now why You're doing this, and- Even if someone does the most terrible thing You have to try to find that place of compassion and that place of
self love that can then help you move through that situation and deal with that person in the most compassionate and efficient way possible. my goal is to always just go a little bit further down that path of self exploration, just a little bit further down that path of under. Standing the absolute truth of all things. Obviously that sounds absolutely batch it, but that's what I believe in that's what and where my intention is every time I step into the studio you definitely don't want to marinate in your jealousy and your ego and so I think that this song was a really great way for me to purge those emotions
I'm trying to get there, you know I'm I'm still angry, I'm not a hundred percent there. I still have a lot of work to do, but but I'm searching and reaching For that reality, and now, here's transparent saw by willow in its entirety
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