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YACHT - Plastic Soul

2014-02-01 | 🔗

Claire and Jona of the band YACHT deconstruct their brand new single Plastic Soul, a fun pop song about human suffering. They explain how technology inspired them musically as well as lyrically, and how they recycle bits of their old recordings to create new songs. 

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what are you trying to work through a creative problem or danced your favorites on starbucks? by energy. Drink is available online at grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations nationwide In this episode, clear and john of the band yacht will place their brand new single plastics. All They explain how technology inspired the musically as well as lyrically and the secret to getting the best sounds from your software by just clicking on everything. Here's the x, oh did view of plastic saw by yeah? I am janet, and I'm clare together. We make something called yacht too we will start with these points of reference that then, when you fear the finnish long, its there's, no bearing whatsoever, but and over the years, the slick sort of disco deeply baritone voice. Sexy lady who may be spoken,
We are discussing here togo. The song that this is the courses modeled after is called, never trust a pretty face, the trust You shall go a lot about here. Trust in writing. But That's all, there's a course, harmony of maybe like three or four men and I loved the way it sounded as her with this baritone voice, but then also men, backing her up, we should have hired acquire, but we did it with software, because I wanted it to sound a little bit fucked up Thank you. You see things so there's an occupying fiftyth. You see the man had been wrong in a fund which, as we always wanted to play with technology and that's what
like we chose to use the the plug in the harmonizer hidden while we used to vocoder for the the majority of the tracks to we wanted it to be about technology and served by technology. I like the human voice, sort of drowning in and bathing in. Amniotic reality of connection and technology, which is why the voters if you had my favorite think my favorite part of the song is this synthesizer chorus and the thing of about it. Yet my mom heard it and she said well the organ on this august. So great a couple. People have said that, like imelda minute omits the organ per love that people here it as an organ. It's an opportunity. Six hundred plugin, I can't afford it awesome- vintage, tempt us dollar sympathizer like that, but yeah, I don't know It- doesn't register as an organ sound to me, but I love that other people hear it isn't working. I think what that makes it like romantic in a special way. It sounds to me, like a cartoon. Nose First with food,
is an h. I think that's when we really got to appointment, as I called this song is going to be something that we're going to love. One big thing that I love to do and that I've been doing since I've always been making music is really recycling and Firstly, we started with. I was going through all of this all these old files on a hard drive that was just about to fail- and I found this loop that I made by other strongly was the first we started with and then out of the trauma machine on top of it once we the drums and the organ together as they get listen to like this whole progression on loop, for an hour straight to remember that yeah, you anything that you made using jean luc, then you first,
you two cities, computer listening to it, looks so happy we are quite at home in his office. another something about like living inside the music that you're making I'll be like. Looking dinner and this will be playing on further, our have become domestic. Then I'll, be folding. Laundry elected just tweak everything just a tiny bit, so it gives it some character instead of just playing through, for instance, that baseline and slowly modulate the entire time. Thank I love. Of misusing the software getting
interesting results by just clicking on everything. Yeah, it's fun! only been in proper studios twice, can. I just went in and basically rented out the place without any engineers me just engineered each other with really know what we were doing or how to use any the equipment. We're just kids, percent that we really got to get a drum sound that we loved the terms on this song that come in at the last chorus are recycled from one of those sessions and they come in like what
They some pretty, she didn't know that everything seems has allowed. The song is a lot about the difficulty of modern life and the superficiality of modern life, not to be too highfalutin about it. How easy it is to be stuck in monetary trends and impulses, and how much broader and more universal human suffering is on a massive scale and also understood interpersonal state like the course sought out family. It's maybe things and they look at different challenges that will be. Technology also helps us. Articulate are suffering as well as it does help us. Forget it. It's a pop song. It no matter what we do. People be like, oh, what a summer jam and now here's the full recording of plastic soul.
Yeah, it's just visits,
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