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Youth Lagoon - The Knower

2015-11-16 | 🔗

Youth Lagoon is the moniker of Trevor Powers, who has been releasing albums under the name since 2011. In this episode, Trevor breaks down “The Knower,” the lead single from his newest record, Savage Hills Ballroom. He talks about how the idea for the song started by manipulating sampled vocals, and how he flew to Bristol to record the album with producer Ali Chant.

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or abruptly cut short, listen now on apple podcast or wherever you get your broadcasts. This episode contains explicit language trevor powers has put out three records under the name, youth lagoon, his most recent I'm features the sun, the known for, episode? I spoke to trevor from his rehearsal space in Boise, idaho. Coming up trevor talks about why he intentionally put himself in an uncomfortable environment and trying to make music and how the song dealt with some very personal issues about self image and self awareness. My name is trevor powers. I you go by use again when I make music,
I remember you know like thing really overwhelmed about the way I found myself a really long time. I think we look in the mirror. We only really see what we want to see. it's easy to focus on your strong points and get consumed with that and forget about negative areas of your life for or things that you need to work on its easy To ignore the shit, parts of your life. You know, and I think writing this song was sort of my way of dealing with that oh. I love the idea of incorporating voice samples, and I think that's where the song really spawned from. I started gambling, voices and stacking and messing around with the idea of repetition and using sixteenth notes and really driving the song with that. So Dr Saunders there.
Yeah yeah yeah. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to really emphasise human voices that were pitched way down or cash weigh up throughout the entire track and use that as the glue that really holds the rhythm together, like all really to make the song sounds. We re, in both cases. I would, make a certain sound first. I want to be the first person to make qatar. Sound this way or a keyword sound this way or computer sound this way, it be like how the hell did they make that noise, a love music
after I ve been working on the programming aspects. It was just me and a piano and then for that point I was when I started figuring out the melodies and. for its structures, well I've choosing a wurlitzer because of the travel became a little more depth. The song starts very subtle, and so the first rhythmic elements that you here I wanted.
gimme that sounded very large and bombastic is the rest. The song is pretty straight there percussion keep things fairly in line. If his guitar section I won taking rhythm sounds that there was a day off I wanted to sound that was very drunk yeah. Now we ran through a couple delay. Paddles to give the song is sort of tension. Or
I went to bristol to record with a co producer whose name is our chance, that was the first time I've been to bristol. I didn't know anyone there and it was very uncomfortable place and that's what drew me to it. My main thing. Whenever I record is I want to make sure that I feel uncomfortable because If I feel too ease, then I feel it. you know, ideas just don't come out the way they need to, and so I, like the idea of bristol because I know We ve been there and it seemed very isolated and seems like the perfect fit once I to Bristol Alan. I started talking and he brought up the idea of adding in real trumpets and real fluvial horn too. What, if we take these
actions that you ve written on keyboard and we send him over to a traveller player, and we see how that sounds. I was raised with parents who, a pretty much only watched all television shows Annie there is too little house on the prairie to the honeymooners to all those kind of shows with songs they were like really cheesy, and so you know, I I really want the horns to sound like some television theme song. They got How can a weird reality
the you do. Their bodies the song starts with. Everybody wants to think they're, not what they ate that, thereby he's grades. Everybody one to think that a good at heart when their full of hate you don't
I think, I just really side in myself being tired of viewing myself as someone that doesn't have nearly many flaws, as I do, I think the song is called the knower because it sort of a representation of being out of your own body being able to look down yourself and recognise who you truly are and not like. The lies. You ve been told were the ski perspective in the way you yourself, but who you actually are. And now here's the knower by youth lagoon in it's entirety: ooh ooh, just eat. There know what a party's grey
Yeah when, therefore why, This is such a thing
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