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A Conversation with Alan Rickman (Part 2)

2013-03-28 | 🔗
Neil deGrasse Tyson’s interview with Alan Rickman concludes with a discussion of “the mysterious mechanism of acting and theatre and storytelling” and the use of special effects in the Harry Potter movies.

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This is a start heart rate on your hosts, Neil, the grass Thyssen Astro physicists at the American, using the natural history right here in New York City, where it also serve as director of the hidden planetarium. So the universe is my thing today I have this studio when my favorite co chuckled that means you tweet chuck nice car, that's right. Tv show you to evade people. How, yes, that is correct out of control, may, like other people, will invade the show. Why hdtv outrage on Friday night range hole on eight June. We always call people stuff out. Yes, that's right! I can't even the home is not even sacred anymore. No, it is not as long as around the customs. I'd say: if you call him yeah, that's what window
therefore, in the trough move Kali Round, professor rational physics, cutie thanks for coming leisure, oh you're, a man about the cosmic knowledge and I'll bring you for all these emergency cases where, in this case, we ve got we're featuring interview with Alan written. Other similar, as this would also do Harry Potter in the next few second waters and you're like you, this is my daughter's ok, I will admit I did read this one from covered a covered with. This is the only one. I return the expert question. Why, conversation with Alan Rick Man just about science, what role sizes played in his life? He didn't do. Well, it is early physics test. He was later learned that other aspects of the physical world would intriguing, let's check out per second with Alan written. Finally, what makes him tick
Equally, we have on good rumour that that you love rollercoaster. Is it really true furniture, it is true? Those Cheryl Maloney posted at our Facebook wanted me to ask you about that sea to the to the amusement park enthusiast. Its issue is to throw ride, but in physics it is a major physics experiment. I shall always love it. It's physics, one or one writ large, two things Carly would surely, you know, just as an the highest point of a roller coaster determines essentially determines the fastest point. You will ever the fastest speed you will ever reach on the roller coaster because all about I can understand the ISAF about Energy, that's all it is, so the machine that the cables are lifting you from the ground level up to the high point there giving you would call gravitational potential energy and you're up their Newt Udall seal any different. But if you fail
You would die when you hit the ground, because all that energy got converted to kinetic energy, so is this balance between potential Energy Connecticut and so, when I look at any amusement park, I look for the roller coaster that has the highest spot. I go straight to the same. No that'll get me the high speed, plus he calculated you gotta do is get a physics friend to do this. For you, you can calculate what speed is required for this. The cars to go completely upside down and knots fell out of the circle. I've done there there's a speed, I mean below a certain speak. Did you don't pick or if you begin to english background then go to wrote her view other than nanos. Just this does EU and it yes, yes, yes, that button that within it as it slows down, you start sliding driver, I saw the centrifugal forces are good that similar. Ah that's, no, that's not it's not it's another physics principle. So what's happened,
is this wall. Is press is more and more against you, and is this the centrifugal force? You have a tendency to want to fly off, but the walls in the way we press against each other, and you just stop and you can even lift your arms and always worried. Suppose I got sick and then I had to throw up. Would you can't because this this worries me, you have to make turned his bad, though, did put in I've just, but I think this through. So what you do is you turned sideways, it'll open. Then it goes off at a tangent. Thank you just after its most rollercoaster sort like fundamental physics, problems and interesting. So your favorite one of the world too. So I know I just the old, the big old wooden, why hold onto magic mountain? That's just the rickety ones that not too rickety in the old ones, though you they were not so smooth that an object, left and right as well as a sort of forward and back and so there's they feel.
More dangerous. If so, these other ones where you know what I dont like about the new ones when they banks to turn the gun. Bank and all I did was turn left. Then you would be pushed to the sign like you're turning your car and the liquid would go over the try to side motion because its swings. You like this- and I must we do not know this in the last ten years or so airplanes. The computer turns the airplane in the air right now. If it's gotta make a left, her other horrible. I take note of the school watch and it's just like what goes on in the roller coaster. So you're an airplane and you're you're liquid as horizontal in your glass and then the airplane wants to turn left well. If it didn't bay, and all I did was turn left, then you would be pushed to the sign like you're turning your car and the liquid would go over the edge, so what the plane does. Is it banks itself so that all the she's going sideways compensate for that radius of curvature, and you could turn you can make a? U turn it in play and your liquid remained stable and you don't even Tipp the computers.
Like a bitter words. I want to do a turbulent yet than has eyes there's your red wine. Although the correct, however, if you we don't remember, because middle carried with us, the susceptibility of planes to turbulence of decades passed so There was a much rocky arose. You're back in the old days now, there's micro adjustments of the airline, our flaps, that the computers make to keep some level of Seville I don't think anyone was less time. You actually spilled liquid from turbulence. It hasn't happened. I bet it hasn't happened like ever. That would be the measure of how much the plane is controlling, definitely spill. I saw you, What was the liquid, because you're holding while in the plane is banking? If you actually put it on the tray, is much less likely says. You're holding your whole arm is moving. Separately beyond the ability for the airplane. Toy and then you're
so you're gonna get down there. That's the right words that Are you spell cheerful? It's not the points, especially because Ok, you don't want to know, I think now. I will always remember that every time a riding, a modern roller coaster, the force vector, gives up my, but just because they re bank it around, and you don't it's no longer aside to side motion straight demonstrate our at all times, which would explain why I keep crappy. Actually there is now actually even one or two bellicose was including one I think, a universal studios where you get launched before you actually get drop your actually on your way up, and they give you an extra forest petrol to actually have more It was a higher rate, adding potential energy and kinetic energy on drop. And since you are so
I was also under the one accelerates the fastest zero to sixty like two and a half seconds and at best a hedgehog right there So it's really good physics and when we come back to start talk, radio more with my interview with Alan written, listen, Green space inside it down to earth you're listening to start
they start or radio here with my commuted coast, Jackknife Jack, do a tv lightweight, yes originating I still do. I understood, earn your credit. I still do whatever to saying wednesdays. Just don't get me started their bills, these tonight whereby and so proud. You also tweeting, will not was there another thousand now, but when I was a kid, my friends call me check, so they for your truck Lou, chuckling sung age. You see that tweeting education, those on staffing, exploiting twenty to forty. You won't know for breakfast little bit further evaluation.
A car is vital in three ways: Runnin nourished network of the- U two of the two channels and find us their wearing also on Itunes downloadable as upon cast, and you can do that same thing from our website start for radio done that and we are in the broadcast universe. Single, is in fact leading earthly out. We ve been on the effort to three years now, so what almost reaching office, ensuring all not quite area officer? At four point, three light years away is the system, the office insurance system, the nearest star is Proxenus Century four point: one Lakers way: pots of yes, then I do not want to show off would cause a sort of sun and their onslaughts of a decade ago. Ass was insured but draws the closest Sartor? That's so interview with Alan Rick Men, what an actor decades I know you guys are late
no sorry your third a chance for success, I like knowing what people who were successful in other values, what intrigues there about the natural world about sites, I'm a scientist, so I live it, some of which are you take for granted, and so we will just chatted about what kind of things intriguing. Just as a human being, who I'm so the find out find out what his boo I'm fascinated watching a flock of birds. Just now, or to turn and make Patten's, what's goin on we're? Ok, so it looks like they all computer controlled together. Now here's what here's, what you in our. How do they know, as the other groups How do they know that with more of them anyway? Well, that's a good one! I have. I have always had that same question like how does a fish not the same with the bird, how efficient, oh, what other school of fish to hang out nicely because they know mirrors underground
No, I don't I mean yeah there. How are they know they just their eyeballs. That's that we know the universe brims with mysteries, that's good, saying not a bad thing, but I can tell you with the birds that our sensory systems, is limited in in in in in in sensory regime, so, for example, have you ever seen a strobe light effect of a drop droplet of water? You surely have seen strobe escaping effective dropped, water in a puddle, the water comes down and it comes up in. It makes like a kings crowned with little droplet. You know see that it happens to quickly the things going on in this world that your brain cannot process because their happening too fast. So we do it with a tv screen that fascinates me does that's that's and without seeing a whole picture with a little dog they tv is exploiting the fact that your brain can't processing. That's the hope,
it knows you're not going to notice it. So it can speak in raster. It could do things on a shorter time scale than your brain can process and your brain makes it all. Look like it's one. That's the principle of film. You know the old rota. Scopes recalled the nickelodeon. Still images when combined you haven't we'll go by faceted, looks like it's actually moving, because your brain can't figure it out The brain can't do it. So, if have birds that are ready to flock all it takes. Is the moon one at the front and every next bird response to that motion, but it goes quicker than you can actually process, and so there they go. It looks like it's one coherent thing: it's just not, but if you could see that at thousands of a second increments, you watch it percolates through the flock and that behaviour within the apparent sail with eight they're following the first one in and everyone next to them, and that we need to be a question. But because our sensory system is restricted were left,
with questions about the functioning of the world that the methods and tools of science than revealed to us was like when you hear a piece of music or some you're actually never hearing it because assumes the sounds. May this is? I am saying this sentence you're putting these sounds together, making sense of them. It's just a series of abstract noises and your remembering the sentence. It will bring that your hearing me talk, but it's just a series of noises and soon I make them they're gone like a song like a piece of piano playing yeah me philosophers have distracted themselves for centuries on that very concerned. The sound comes out, then vibrates, the air. So no long, even related to issues here molecule they vibrate, eardrums Deirdre, goes into my brain and then I've I have training on. But though sounds me and then I understand what you said. I mean it's: it's freaky stuff, because it's not it's not stuff.
In front of your soon it's gone so now, which is working out the memory of what we just heard. You say yes, and fortunately the memory is long enough to capture if it really short memories. I hear yourself so, who are you? You know me, so We ve we live inside these, these time limits and spatial women when the great challenges of grasping the scale. The universe where. Deep army there right right suicide is that there is a real. Is it well and spun? Certainly, the flock will stop this window walking one y know about earlier. Here's the basic point: if you use a very simple computer program, just enter three simple parameters: every single particle, they don't even have to refer the particle. Just imagine that each borders a particle- and you just ask it to do one of three different things at once- was a separation, in other words, can't getting further. Apart than any particular whole, my distance hold your distance and one is alignment you gotta follow the person's tail. Why backwards here, five backwards,
and cohesion, which means it. Everyone around you gotta, keep the same distance as well and not just knew, but everybody else you just as it does work glue in be glue, but it's kind of visual goings on cuz, if we all know to keep this distance, it looks like we can get But all those groceries separation, alignment an obligation, but fear that Eleven doesn't ratification computer program and boom. You can get flocking, so you can see seven looked like they balls in the ocean like huge flocks of starlings in the sky. Just when you computer screen It's time you look at a simple screen saver that does those call dancing. It may well be following one of those three or all three of those, so these are flocking birth of rock in Burma. Flocking interesting, I so so this you always know over there. This was true
strategy. The thing about all philosophers. I didn't realize that brains are recording mechanism we literally record that sound, but in our own way, in an attempt to try to reproduce it in our heads. The thing is that recordings not permanent. Nowadays we have things like dvds or something which supposedly aren't you take care of him. It never degrades and you can always go back to it. Produce it exactly, but our brains are designed to record stuff quickly so that we could use it survival, so it doesn't matter, is that whatever made the sound doesn't exist? Where that the sound doesn't exist, your brain has the former round, there's a whitewash devoting so much ink to this while they don't anyone, ok fixed on his was LA let's just say that early I'd, like they cardio. I think, therefore, Emma thinking being that kind of idea. If a tree fall words and no one hears it didn't make a sound. He answers It made a sound, but no one was recorded. Hoarding is the time and now you're the lock loss was out of business. Well, I think so, but they have plenty of time
Besides there was, they can be controlled. You might be good if someone I'm looking at your shirt an abortion under users. Actually, I let me just say that slip up and say: oh, come on, it's not like it's rocket science. Are we actually? Yes, this is actually a gift from my brother in law, who is definitely not a scientist but you're gonna kick then he could say I'll get we only rocket scientist. I guess you can leave the room, so I was like well. Ok, it's one thing to do so, disappointed about the brain, the brain being to store a store, a memory of wages. They give reality to essentially, so what it means is you create a whole new reality by changing how memory lives in the brain in principle. Have the brain has this kind of malleability? Craig wherever worldwide. I guess that's what the movie! That's! That's all right, told you put in a memory. Take one rice right!
any argument that you have had with you why? What which would be ICE to erase all part of its built into the whole system, and that's issue causality as well. You know what now that the more north scientist figure out the Neuro synaptic causes? In fact, why don't you go in and read and rewrite the disk? It's not a bad idea. Precise here something that philosophy, memory or people as well as a doctor who episode the measure of a man is the sum of his memories and had to do with them, and nowadays there's some philosophers are talking about freely in terms of time too, because if something happens before you can think about it, did you actually do it, because you want to somebody or something else for when we come back to start writing
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we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying This is starter this is our top radio, we're back with my series of cliffs with Alan recommend, accurate stored in air on your hosting yield grass Thyssen. Now we get, I gave him three chances to give you our written Rickman, but it failed everytime. I don't even know
The seller is Snake Lady Alice, my written and doing Jerry Louis while now that also what anyone says, I do regret that one hundred so outraged and many films with completely memorable roles as the villain and die hard as the wine merchant british wine merchant in bottle shock, but perhaps of recent years, he's best remembered for being severs snake real creepy character in the Harry Potter Series. That's right, A lot of those scenes with its green screamed in their orange dots for focus, staggering work and just want to compare fan basis now and base for this. I fight, grew Here the stated that snake character is reportedly based on Jake a rolling the authors of the search on her
Mr teacher, you have any plans to back this up. I particularly delicate, but yes, there are various fanned then where they blew disconnection rather than trying to account for what came out of this woman's head? That's obliging where you gotta go yet has its serious trim and the potion teacher as much of all them in she's in the wizards there he is the most scientific the mothers using allergist use the argument that the I didn't figure that out, because I just do too much Erika I just This is an asset understand! I making the Harry Potter Series. Just just tell me about just what gives and so here Here's here we go so when it, when you did Harry Potter, did you have to do do research on magic at all really is what I interesting so much of that magic is computer, graphics and Thaddeus MAGIC.
As you know, we watched over the ten years of filming, we started out going on. Missions. By the end, we would just on a pilot grass at the back of the sounds he advanced, even in that in that period huge didn't have to go anywhere. I just put it all in to stand there and in the day will come with me. Do its best digitize you and we ve got to get those films like three hundred. Arrival you and the other one Beowulf. I think there was that was that was interesting transition there. We had quite a lot of those scenes with its green screamed in their orange dots for focusing staggering work. Canadian, I'm just gonna, compare fan basis now fan base for this. I fight group
and this holiday Harry Potter Fan base. Did you feel some allegiance more to one or the other, or was it all just sort of thing a day on the silver screen? But now I am obviously children grow up with Harry Potter and Galaxy Quest. Poos in a wider age range think of people who are devoted to STAR trek or rice I fight generate, and so you got that A track was produced over many over thirty years and generation of children, whose let's all starting again now there are kids reading the books.
From the beginning who went even born when we started doing the films and when we started doing films there were only three of them written. I think that the thing that post it altogether is good, storytelling and and that's what I'm part of an that's a kind of magic in itself, of course, because you watch her child, as I often did as these books came out during ten years, and they go to a bookshop the sort of thing, is there what's that, just a few books actual book and then you watch somebody's imagination disappear into that book and that man such sums up out of my magic right, and so I was running your affair. The series, if not us I play for your daughter, but I want to know you. You know when try to be reading passages.
From mothers? Guesses sutra, so is re magic. It Harry Potter that you see here. We can do that. Scientifically yeah sure you can fly young room, yeah, you got that do there's going to two hundred and forty miles an hour flying with jobs. Right, that's just ass! I went on this. Is just a broom pact without exists? That's right! You are applying just light housekeeping. At the same time, I don't think there is anything that cannot be imagined by humans. They cannot eventually be done through territories only for fraud well already people to their own tv. You got David, Copperfield or other issues making. You think that you turned a person to fraught with that's illusionists. Not only does it for real difficult, others are Well, Anderson what you're saying, but isn't it always true
things that we thought what's let's take STAR Trek, for example, because after our written was on that Galaxy Quest movie, The parrot falls silently ass. Exactly communicators used to be that you could just flip your phone open NGO Scotland arise exactly and you could be thousands of miles away from the ship in orbit and you ve actually talk to the person who flit like that. I have to confess our sort first run
I saw it on rebounds area, so I remember seeing the doors open. I sit down ever less residing in the twenty first century. Little never house and restore the door was also have worked drives and everything that's. What I was asking for is right out of doors, knew that you were walking for active related. So don't get your future prediction you for me. You ve got newspapers that act that except one of like a loop. This isn't an ipod Iphone. When we come back more with my interview with Howard, many and the magic word science reports,
I'm a split. The future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal this star die
we're back on finest on the radio Dat. I brought you want to show you heard astrophysicist. Yes, if you also like the total expert in so many other issues, including the analysis Harry Potter, Harry Potter, most important relative series is named serious black serious course, the bright star, the nice got serious as a brother name, Regulus Black, who was all of labour I saw his feet series is Canada's major is the eye of the dog. Regulus is one of these stars in the constitution. We are part of the other line,
and they have another relative named Bela tricks. Biologists. Let me guess dog Anna now shows primarily stars and consultations are not going identified. The price over the priorities, the no fly zone of Male Bela tricks is one of the stars in the constellation around the country and its means Amazon or women warrior. But of course, politics is a sister need Narcissus, which has no start name. Interested Narcissus is, of course, based on the planet. It's a flower that grows over the side, so I was treated all the names in and Harry Potter that derive from cosmic sources or starting and disquiet so Jake. I really must have an extra one or one you heard mythology does something. So that's good no they're sites as forms there are yes Richard story: how, let's go to my next clip with our written about science, literacy
enrich storytelling vertically. This Iphone I think it's not an accident that some of the most popular movies of all time have had a science fiction foundation to them. We look at the movie with Pandora avatar. You look at e t. You look at me. Look at these stories. It enables you to reach for places tell a story that you couldn't maybe toe convincingly just ordinary people, but they made great writers and they need great stories. It's very easy. It just kind of sling the ingredients together and cooler film and nothing- is a danger of that when I, when I think back to a film like alien, which was extraordinary experience to see that when that first came out and to sit in a movie theater and be genuinely tariff, is there some raw science fiction wrong that you think you could or should
they want to play as we go forward. I'm here ready, willing and able to play anything any body in any story as long as it's well written, and what does that mean? uses language rather loan sky ideas, loans, gotta, point of view, as long as it's not insulting the audience as long as it's taking them somewhere and as I say that some mysterious process, I'm I'm a good editor of a script, but I have no idea what it means to sit down with a blank piece of paper and come up with a story, but I'm I'm the servant of it when it arrives so sure it absolutely would be something
that's our remit given is pretty normal. So what I like about what he said is he doesn't want the script to insult the audience, but you didn't get it for a moment say that the script couldn't insult him as an actor display. Any role has provided that it serves the audience and that was gonna have taken thing in waste. Really important and science fiction is a tremendous wages science in general, because so much unknown. It's the frontier there's enough reality in it that weaken relate to this one usual and mine. So what you say is there's enough palette that has been drawn upon. That's for you to cope with is that, where otherwise you be constructed here on earth. That's right! That's why you were talking about, but I think that you exactly right, you, u explore the human condition in other worldly environments and it allows you to distil story that you really happy onwards taken this drop. You look at the eight out of the top. Ten
grossing films, one hundred in society, Jurassic Park, E T, Avatar star wars. On down unless it's I've, I've become well because it also excites the imagination. But I thought I was biased because I'm a scientist and of course I myself would like other folk or into this too. Now, because I mean it's as the ultimate fancy big about to be able to give all have left this atmosphere. You get to go to another galaxy or or beyond, and there prove people at the atmosphere. People had left. That's all that's all
Well, let's it's what other destination guy now has been up and they are not around running around rambler right gradually have left Gaza GPS and went somewhere else working people. So we of course people look it's I find this would be cool. This can have isn't there incredible comedy ensue in science fiction to will without doubt be able to just about things that you otherwise couldn't cause us to close the curve, get an alien tail or whatever one name: crewman goes down with him he's going to ensure adventure. Our direct with my interview them enrichment when we return Start Aubrey
unlocking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it. This is less. I will attempt to penetrate your mind. You will attempt to resist proprietor. Let our feeling sentimental pride had not locked the door to Lord of you. Don't improve every memory has access to weapons can use against you and lost two seconds of invades yeoman, just like a lazy
don't say a word against my thought week: I'm not wait to prove it. Controls on us and discipline, your nine we're back on startup, ready and weak van featuring my interview with accurate, stronger Alan rippling, every role he plays. He owns it s heat. You can't even imagine anyone else approaching the roles that he portrays in his belt. He will let us make them all is just as it is. I guess that's a good thing for directors. I've brought directorate here to get them to react to this, but so what I want to know from him in my interview was: does he approached her role with any kind of philosophic? Oh, like what's was his views as he goes in and other roles that he feel more comfortable and or as an actor who take on any challenge at eyes want to finance. I ask them with less serious
Do you have larger philosophical goals in how you portray it? Why do you stay focused just on that character in the context of everything else that happened? Well, I mean I want to be part of a story, so I suppose I would say I didn't. I didn't know how to play a part that is involved in a wider context. I need to know who they are and why they are so yeah I and I would draw. The. What would I do doesn't diminish the audience? Walk emulating that's an important stage because in all the rules- and I remember seeing you and you are in a way bigger than yourself not not in any bravado way. Obviously, but just just like yeah, I mean I feel that I see it. I I know somebody kind of like that and I and another,
as there are others they come on, sat and they leave a night, only remember that they were there and so so you're putting something in there that I dont even get with every performer in an end, and I see that a mysterious mechanism acting and fit and and and storytelling is its mysterious and it involves you know you make a choice to be enacted still mysterious to you you're in it. You are you you're accomplishing semester is to me I tried it. I have to carry a roles and it's like this is hard stuff and I was playing myself that's in so so it's I think it's a mystery to people who don't understand it. It just that that what's going on there,
he's porn and often he's making it happen, just let it run it is a mystery to act is as well to a large extent when, when new failed it you know they fulfil, may go ok, but let's move on cup move on when they got it. Often mysterious as to what has happened to work. So dear people study emotions they they ve had fixed just learning that Dave Dave divided up emotion, just seven category will seven an older version. The now, how mentions amounts of Happiness SAM, I got a happiness and anger, surprise fear, discussed and contempt, wait discussed in contempt diversion. I dont have contempt of food,
in which hung disgusted for heavy tax. I think you can make patent maps of how these were combined, and a good actor, presumably can summon these at any instant but much info. We have studied his across cultures. This extraordinary similarity in angry person. One culture It's like an angry person in another culture. Right, there's no smiling out of anger in one place. And showing your teeth in another me there's a commonality across You know, there's a thousand creepy face trial. Do that again. I was that you're scaring me that create, discuss, powerless category three. His comment about the mystery of acting is so dead on this because we haven't studied and understood by you shock was, if not because its mister
already the while in the same sense that you still really can't tell which painting is more beautiful, this Renoir or that Monet there's an aesthetic to ensure we can try to quantified scientifically, but is there a part of it that will never ever be able to be quantified log into these? I don't think so. I think we wonder able whenever Troezen Charge head and when he says angry and I'll see what part his brain lights up. Please it's my brain is normally giant there's just one word: we like him when he's a good, so I was just just an intriguing fag hacker can summon these emotions on man. Deliver them be convincing about it and then even feeling that unless they could any entity I will say they create genuine right, so nothing. Then created a similar right, but they create the stimulus in US
as they themselves whether or not they feel it can convince us that they feel it. That's a scientist thing in the receiving set it which raised a really good, which means the really good emotional wires, it is to be married to enact, I told the truth of coins to love you Russia, is not we're. Gonna start right This outbreak of such events, Charles Girls, four billion on start. You been onslaughts top of warriors. It will not be your last time I zoom in circulation find on Friday night, my sister, who loves only gardens she's gonna find you by accident, has rescued and call me a panic. Will it be creeping when you won't be creepy only by asking you have been listening to start or radio Tortue apart by a grant from the National Science Foundation,
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