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A Conversation with Alan Rickman, Revisited

2016-01-22 | 🔗
In 2012, Neil deGrasse Tyson interviewed Alan Rickman for a 2-part show about the craft of acting, the education system, and much more. We’ve selected our favorite parts from those episodes for this look back. Chuck Nice co-hosts, with guest Charles Liu.

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Welcome back, you start on radio on your host Neil digress. Thyssen, I'm an extra physicist at the American Museum of Natural history right here in New York City and I also serve as director of the hidden planetarium, come check it out. I got with me in studio the one the only the inimitable checking yes, look back me. I love you. I love having lobbying here and you ginger into all kinds of stuff for tweeting chuck, nice comic acts at nice, comic, adjusted or the tribulations were taken will again school arrested. I was you just slow recent admit it with a comical in there. I got with me also my friend and colleague, Charles Lou, greatest professor Lou, excellent. Much for having me,
so an actual physicist diet, the City University of New York, constant, my own, and I've got you here because we're featuring my interview clips with. Yes, I'll enrichment by dollars. Hammer you shall be avenged, I didn't realize you good or bad bad in person. I would recommend you bring, may known from his Rowan Harry Potter. He was Smee Creepy, define the word creepy. Is it and Harry Potter, course using die hard when the greatest villain roles. For ass, using Galaxy Class have says Campi a movie if there ever was in dogma, many other films- and he was also involved polish I'll, show wine film, a big fan of that, and you note for folks
sort of voting list guest like that always like knowing what real science might play in their lives is not he's good sized like Norway to sign. No one deal with you. Don't, let's find out what our movement tells us about his life experience learn so I have to ask because then in some intriguing science fiction, films like Galaxy Quest, always wonder: do people who end up in those roles to they have some science background that leaves them two. It had how size, flavoured in your life in yours years in school this way? When I did my very last physics exam. I got four percent. The full marks out of a hundred workers, but ninety six, because she was for now I got format for interfering to give you one mark for getting your name right over the baby.
And the teacher a hysterical paper. He didn't mean that it was funny We certainly was its course money here at school in America that that would be his. Only when I was about fifteen years is before you choose which subjects you're gonna, do what we call level when you're seventeen. Eighteen and then you go to university, so physics was times was never ever gonna, be parliament's that when you said they should reflect this, at an option which we wanted. Like TED, you done well in physics, we would have never had you as an actor. I don't know what these four, how these forces operate, but Actually, there was somebody in my ear who was it that was a good school. In that sense, they didn't cotton. Try to trap your time
here and somebody in my yet, which is very UK thing to do right by on about UK its world over, you get a label on people's like this, guy. My you did for his three a level subjects I leading up to university did physics, maths and art and human that being out teacher and I'm sure all the better for having had son So yeah Africa, four percent on his first I'm I can ask you what percent chalk on turning to you on this one? That's gonna. He says that because I remember now we have is x in the ninth grade. School did
to was a private room. It was it was perhaps school occurred was academe. Italy advance. I was not at the difficult balance as I failed physics outcomes, but what it just one issue, I think I'll be a committee for Physics, radio show I love science and I really felt like. I can't believe I feel this. And blame the teacher, but I had no inviting to land the teachers you're an educator as a matter of course, when you you, you think a lot about this, so I'm entreat that he could fail a class. Yes, but still embrace the meaning of science has held without ringlets heading four percent. He wasn't bad mouthing something. That's right. I've got four percent, only one thing that he said that was so telling said that most places in the world you get tracking.
Ok, so you must be the science guy. Oh, you must be the art got to the bottom. I'm is especially in this modern world. You can love anything and be anything at the same time. The information without metrics of exile, you wouldn't do either the information that used to have to be forced into as training for something is no longer that constrained in the classroom. You can get it all over the world online. Oh, yes, we live in a time where the teachers, not the sole source example enlightened and so the teeth. Roll becomes whether or not you learn how to think about things in a positive light. With you understand things in a way that makes sense for you in your life. If the teacher fails to do that, it is the teacher it is allowed to do so. I tell you, I got my teacher strong me. I say: look if you dont, like math and science by the end of this class. Don't blame math and science by me and I'm totally company
and when you live here it legitimate what we, the words were burning effigy recently, did you I would any site most double. I just really. I don't know what it was that we had a communication thing, but then another. My chemistry teacher gave me a book called introduction to astronomy, You teacher, like chemistry, teacher good for your because, with the chemistry teacher said, there's no where you can be doing this well in chemistry and failing physics when I started this book was really.
Such a teacher figure. Something else must be operating and I fallible so fascinating. Their inspired me to continue go. You became a committed. Less astronomy is often a gateway son. When we come back to the more my hero with Alan Ripley, Aberdeen towards me, and I've got in studio Jackknife Charles Lou, Brian, clear, my fair hair lose stored. We're back start operated by the way you could find
three way: first, work just simply on the web and start on radio, an archive of all arose check it out, but you can also download as a pocket. As you can So in this addition of Sarka, we back my interview clips with our enrichment, whose accurate extraordinary waste you can only just be silent and listen to the words as they come out of his mouth she's got, the british acts at the has access to vocabulary that Americans can only dream of, and just the rolls he's playing me so compelling and so absorbing and in its Quit I became offer our discussion of his the closure to science and what about science might intriguing heat into well. On that physics classing a four percent out of a hundred, I thought it was four percent off and four percent in
so yes, that's bad does mean minus minus line is so. Why does it influence? What role do my place is a good or a bad is still curious, turns out he's quite interested in human physiology when risen. I know that an actor is brings in an extra dimension to let's find out when he tells us. That's about watching somebody play the peace, I dont know how that physically possible. How did How do people retain that information? How did it it does not look at what their doing and how it? How how's that message going from the brain to ten fingers and dividing the information up and also operations. Now, where the edges get blood, what by people, can operate with a tiny camera inside people's bodies and a pair
the way they train themselves to do that is by getting really good at computer again ya mean that nets it fascinates frontier sort. I'm curious, then I mean it urgent. You wealth knew your deep thinker. We have spoken earlier. You even think philosophic. Clear about the world It seems to me that that could and would play some role in what drives the rolls you select in your in career, I mean why, wouldn't they If someone is someone, someone had an idea, they say we're. Gonna cast doctors, consider in writing that movie that, Isaac, Asthma story, fantastic voyage, where the the SL the Proteus. I think it was called shrunk to something important diplomat that has a brain, tumor and my die, but there they have found a laser that could fix it, but have to shrink down the laser get inside and do it so they take this vessel put people in it shrink it down to the size of the confederation. Syringe. Then you go inside the body
the whole movie is what is inside the body what they see in and the red blood cells in the van The goals the hard in the veins and the arteries and they get to the brain and pull out their laser, which is a big thing back in the sixties and and unjust those those sound like intriguing roles, and if, if you, if you feel that just means after eleven background catch one minute, I to alike alike. Big, irritate and rose cause? That's interesting as it means that no rules and means you can pull people into private storytelling space and are not being manipulated by outside forces, there, Imaginations are allowed to work along with mine, but at the same time it actually from playing a heart surgeon, and I was really big catch up there, because as enough
to try to understand how the heart even works and then to mine. Doing regimes, it was about Alphabet Blaylock did the first blue baby operation. So when you an actor, you don't know what you're gonna be called to do and there he is for a trained by the Modal Neuro, Connecticut however, the other player who isn't gonna try to play the course just like we no longer no longer. I that took lessons for little while, but I sat there my daughter's waving? Ok, reality is that, indeed, when the human body programme to solve the reason we practice is that world able to train our bodies to do things beyond our ability to think consciously the same for playing piano as it is for say, football player. If somebody is coming in and trying to sack sacking was a quarter.
You run the other way than training there. That's what you literally don't have enough time to think to you, He has to know to move before either going when all somebody's gonna come hit me so training yourself. All those years you think I can play quarterback are all I can say the court about the reality. Is you. Body has to react faster than you could think and commander body to react in order me success. So let me show you train Yes, sir, you trained so so in the same way as a source of wars is lacking failure, you don't think I'm sure you ve done it doesn't happen. So often modal Neuro respond, then you would think them accordingly, just not to go to the sources of ours. Thousands of ours of that kind of practice. But what is very cool is that the human brain, even with a few hours
can make it so that other humans, looking at that person suspected there's an appearance of ability, even though the true ability is not yet also the actor, doesn't have to then be the twenty thousand our export. Besides, I can just nobody expert right away. That takes effort has been exactly not itself has its own brain. Not new limit grounded in so different people are good at different. Things could be, for example, that the Maestro piano player particularly, can arrange his or her fingers to become very good at play. The piano, whereas the actor or the comedian has the modern Europe ability to find a way to reach those specific aspects that appear to be excellent to others in view Uno's host. When I was hosting nervous, sciencenow now PBS segment on your brain learning. While your sleep of something you had done the day before I say so, you do a task that you never done before and you
it's hard at first and you got a little better at it. You keep getting better, but there's a point where you just not getting better view. Fatigue kind of gas is how you would we would normally describe you, go to sleep. Wake up the next morning. Kicking you start, higher level than you left off the day before, because your brain to break the information, I have to go ass, much ass knowledge. It was adding kinetic a memory of what you were doing and so when they say sleep on it, it actually has meeting, and I was able to confirm that this with multiple it did with a video game that required fanaticism. I did it with a typing sequence. I did it with a memory sequence. The next day I was better, and so the brain is working. So he's a brain like making new Neural pathways, so that you're better rather job, but it's just I mean growing, new neurons right
the arrangement of the chemical pieces that we picked up you're, not gonna, settles in enduring. Time when you're not doing anything else, sort of sex chemistry's. What you're Phelan chemistry? Alchemy report as well. You know, Neil all scientists throughout history who have reached intractable things had at First Obscura ascribed them to perhaps magic or divinity but knowing that that's just a gap until we fill it with more knowledge was interesting. Is it works that way historically and there's the famous edict or adage from Arthur through she Clark where any sufficiently advanced technology is? Distinguishable from magic, so so so don't I found TAT a colonial marital pickaback tenure.
Several weeks as ITALY, burden as day so wet for an actor to learn to be another whole person of entreaty and an important work, or because we see it as real actors who are good pick it up. They capture the essence of it to the point where you, the viewer, even if you expert in what do you think that they are? What that is you want them to be? The strain, on the other hand, What's the big bang theory and uncertain those actors are experts in all about it? On the other hand, doesn't it wrangle you when major. When you're watching somebody pretending that play the piano in the movie and your hands are over here, and you know that the same forget it on switching to take a view to them through the ordinary stating a big bang. Yet some does not actually want to learn a piano so that they might be that real
gave way to lose my right? That's all! I simply from the player again will bear blows literally learned the finger, not supporting trumpet eventually checked, achieved receivers interview with our requests that we combat starry sky, we're back three. We her featuring mines. No, that is not a good imitation, sounds a little smuggling, but then loaded with any abuse you want, then you know Harry
But his last line in the last such pain I just wanna, should appear for the day. The senator for that impression familiar these sort of right. This minute he was one of the characters in limbo, ball shock, which chronicles and episode in the history of In our knowledge of those buoy were Neil, I hope it's ok, then in of the world. How much of an EU file you are! This man folks, is one of the maybe two or three most knowledgeable people about what.
In the whole? Not that? I know you get anything if Mister Boffin Bhutto's, but I've just saying so too, had to go see that movie. I found that Saddam Hussein to all the talking, the sanctioning sideways and yet so I raise another Goodwin, so unjust, impressive therapies. There's a wine movie out their chronicle D. This chapter in the history of american wine making we're California is trying to make a name for himself right. It's got the grapes of the classic wine growing regions of France from Bordeaux, especially by Bordeaux, in this particular case, and so they grow their Cabernet Soviet. And saw the most expensive wines ever an auction from France are this great, plantings here in Amerika and the China compete and there was a contest in eighteen. Seventy six are bison
any oh year is all up with America. And the fresh said: let's have a contest. You guys are so uppity less some of your wines against some of wise and some people were those it may be. The French will try to embarrass us on our good because The only way you can conduct that experiment is, if you take the wine blood right right no in advance, because then you don't trust the judges. Firstly, the Frank we haven't done, that's where you bring us you gotta work, then at play right and so surrounded and plays was one of the jury. I forget the exact role, but he was there as part of this. This contest that would be conducted, and so on the check out this way. We'll talk more about one when we get back study, or as as any good actor, does, which tells me then in bottle shock you had
We live wine taste to do your homework for bottles over the real problem that was shooting at all in Sonoma, and so when we came to the scene, where does it it's about a blind wine testing between French and a true story between French in American? Why we taste the wine and you? Don't you not told in advance about it? He under- and this was set up in Paris thirty odd years ago, by the characters playing to publicize is one economy. This all happened in his judges were very eminent French, all french ships and wine exports and Slavs Then you talk about horror of hers, the american wines, one networks, there is an orange, but because the departure from anything to do with reality is when we shot that scene of the actual wine tasting it.
About ninety degrees of heat outdoors, in Sonoma, were, of course you could possibly have done because it right right right, but it was It was visually right, look at it Yeah, so so, thereby so he was the issue. The british merchant who organise this tasting in France. Yeah America, one. In fact, I have tasted the line that one that content one. Seventy three stags leap steadily and cast twenty three well in advance as was stated in writing? Seventy three now now back then, and still Calhoun wines tend to mature sooner than then french ones, so when the French lost, contest, they would then say: oh well, the American Viking. Seventy six was a contest. The other account french wines were in the early. Seventy.
So they would say I was hasn't shown. Well, yes, back in the same seal, then by then it was too late. Genie was out of the bottle. Time magazine was present at the testing and they didn't ruddy about no other american press was interested in covering you know. There is a California wine called rockets actually I'm on a soccer for wine level, there has cosmic them there's a lot of fact. I think cosmic. We think wine labels. My second behind, like nature stuff to our animals and to check it out, you there's some loose planets and stars on yeah, it's a lovely times the Yellow Brick Road accident s, one. So quite sure that cause we think haven't fuse the wine making people and then well in their asked for one or one among when we come
more at my interview, hey I've, got no secret for you. I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this show there's just one way to get out a hearing. There go to patriarch arms last star talk and supporters at the five dollar level or higher to listen. The star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite parkers player and never hear another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me seeing if you're supporters and Patria Dark coms last our talk. Radio, I mean I'm just thinking. I mean I'm just saying.
This is my interviews with our written. A book guys, cannot imitate them right. My process offers and those that you try, and we just came also that segment with a bottle we're american. Why one? This prestigious french competition set up two to showcase, where how far California had come and give a sign of wine is fascinating in university. Poignant. Davis is an entire seal, their specialised in the science of wine, and so what I want. Is that the Americans were set, whatever you guys do in France, because you want to read to an art and culture Are you saying we're gonna break down to size
you're, like the ones I draw some cycle has already been only do balls. Rocky also did what one camp euphonious movies ever What's the questioner Lazarus zoom out it's all the film and think it was like a number one in charge, but definitely is certainly a like a rentable and is about a tv characters from us. Science fiction. Sure all that actual came, who happen check, their civilization is so they want them to help. If they it was real. They got to television signals, from that went out into space. We have led the way as historic. Rockies fantasy. Every star trek
they start right, wines are real and the aliens thought as real. So our frequent played a doctor Lazarus right is it in the galaxy question? far hammer. You shall be away let's go straight to the cliff and asked him what he does Into your you're you're acting repertoires find out what he said. Well, I mean, of course, in Galaxy Christ. I'm trying to think about done any others, but that was very particular about a bunch of actors So I was hooked world trade, but in a really sad tv show you, anyway, retraining and actor on then I just did occur to me to positively about actor
who were who had in of having been in Shakespeare and found himself in a cypher show, which then finish twelve years ago, and now these I just just go to conventions right right Cosette. And the real alien showed up real alien showed up unnoticed in the crowd of firm, people wearing my costume, the promise it just so crazy. I mean really fun crazy premise and I'm glad you did it because it was they're so His portfolio acting roles, Nice for demanded reference, my nose, the aliens in legal terms and the point Creature, ripen humanoid random whenever interacting with us, when you saw them
there they were asking so did for our for completely now there ass closely, because you are so out our made an interesting point that the actors there who may have trained in Shakespeare. And find themselves on a hit tv show that has nothing to do with Shakespeare. Ritalin played that part to perfection. Innocence. Because you little grunted rooms, Sir Alexander, Dane and distinguished Experience the wise up on tv, another looks like In one scene in the movie he had begun in front of a Walmart like Box, store with his friends and say by grab thaws hammer what has
easy to store the whole point of it is that you can take a role and play with it as much as you want, or you can disdain in say. That's not part of writing in Modern STAR Trek. Lore people still going around doing exactly the same in my one and have you on the Big bang theory. I shouted with Roger Characteristic right, profusely astrophysicist on. And I said also what is your best bet he's classically trained in in England, and he studied study Shakespeare and I thought to myself Did he ever imagine that it would be best known for like a geeky science? Can a tv sicken, and so I guess Surely all folds in, but maybe he's got go where the where there are always Do you hate me
you gonna, tell me everything I am really selling I saw this is all there is. No art is still more. Start on we're back STAR Talk Radio station, my interviews with Alan.
This is why it is our joint nicer trick or treating it should most common. That's right, you're! Twenty two, I desires chunky just see agency, the Czech loser, education, things again, cosmic things. What do I have to find you there and we talk about some of them, Holzhauer weakness place in so in his role in the bottle shock, yet to know something about wine. So I got to do some wine homework about that, in fact, that film featured chemical changes in wind because as they portrayed it, although I don't think it actually happen this way in real life. To the drama. The wine, when it was shipped overseas, went through a chemical change for having been so jostle. We have to move the wine to wear the taste it
and why doesn't like being moved any more than you like, being moved bottled up, so so the whitest recover from this, and so there is a limit chemistry in the film as well, and if you don't know the chemistry handle feeling for you can embrace actor, try to say convincing chemistry, words, it doesn't play and an hour. It might seem to pull this off each time. We talk what is to learn science and what might prevent you from learning so good, a question you you you scored so poorly under physics is, am I don't have that scarred you often in America when people say they get scarred, it's not from an exam score is from a really bad teacher, but in either case their turn off. First from science, like for life, you ve had several occasions for science to work its way back in your life and not only in some film roles, but in your role as it is a heart surgeon in the little bit,
history and bottle shock and thinking about, because on inside the, why so, I'm curious did. Did those forces help you regain? It appears creation for science or the role of scientists, intellectually or even in society. Absolutely and you're right? I wish I'd want to criticise, criticize the teachers I had go for it it clearly. There are other ways to teach it, and maybe you have to figure out what kind of child you have to find out how to get this information inside heads or body, is the key for individual individualise teaching at employers that comes down to and maybe in you know, I've I've stood on a platform and I've been zapped by computers forever from every direction They can reform me in a computer you're talking about earlier about in Ireland today more than they did get enough information from me to then put me
into the background of a shot and without me having to show our so that can be done. So why can't you take a child, the machine and Zack it from every angle and figure out, which would be the best way to teach about I love that finds difficult. That's the modern actors version of what we all set in the seventies and eighties. We could put a man on the moon. We could salt put to fill in the rest of this ends. Why is this person dyslexic? What's going on different digitize inaccurate, put him in a scene? Why can't we train people to understand the world? I love it. Because I find it fascinating is just something in my brain that refuses to accept the information doesn't know what do with it. It just gets better than as soon as you start to, but Ok, but if that's wanting to turn it off, but that doesn't mean. I don't think you're saying that you don't still
and in all repatriation of us right here, so I like the fact that he still is impressed with what size can do. So if you go in America, they they hate cipher, ever Ryan and they become anti science. We try to prevent them from the classic thinking. There isn't really interesting punch. You talked about computer mapping and trying to get people s eyes. Differently is right. In fact,. Innovation is central Florida. There is a project called a meeting or project where caters immediately attempt to teach people about gravity science using computer simulations, you put electrodes and sensors on a kid bringing into a room, and he or she pretends to be an asteroid trying to go through and set into orbit, for example, around the planet. So actually using their body is a kinesthetic. Similar or from Cinema from movie never met
right right in adjectives, stuff in their scores and trying to find different ways to get people to not just learn on pay. Writers on figures, a video asteroids reassured about the scope, and we have to argue about my being phased out of National Science Foundation they're going to fund, but this is legitimate science, education, research, as well as just having a good time. Isn't. That was important. We all learn best when we're having a good time. Overdoing it doesn't have to be something. It's easy is hard make a juncture, it's hard to do a mute grab on your board, but people will work on ever. Arrest of our day because having a good time because they have a good time when he described his role as a surgeon. Who knows he was operating on a child condition was maybe maybe condition so you to think about.
Without more my interview with Alan rippling actor extraordinary I've got in studio, check nice, Charles Lou, green space inside it down to earth you're. Listening to start, I can start on radio and I'm here with my computer coast, Jackknife Jack. Do a tv lightweight, yes originating Santa,
I still do they understood earlier credit. I still tailoring whenever I can t say wednesdays, I'm so proud of you also tweeting, we're not Rosalie was Charles now but when I was a kid my friends call me Chuck for your check, Lou Chuck, some agency Tweeting education, those fun stuff exploiting for you, you won't know what aid for breakfast before they are so our vision interview with Alan written, what an actor decades. Why doesn't may not sorry third attacks forth it s like knowing what people. Or who are successful and other values. Intrigues there about the natural world about science, I'm a scientist I live it, some of which are you take for granted, and so
I will just chattered about what kind of things intriguing, just as a human being, who happens to be enacted, refiner boxes fascinated. What flock of birds. Just now or to turn and make patterns What's goin on we're? Ok, so it looks like they all computer control together. Now, here's what here's! What interesting in our? How do they know is the other great. How do they know that with more of them anyway? Well, that's a good one. I have I've always had that same question like how does a fish and the same with the bird, how efficient? Oh, what other school of fish to hang out nicely casino mirrors underground. They don't know, I don't like me, yeah yeah there. How would they know they just their eyeballs? That's that you know the universe brims with mysteries. That's a good saying, not a bad thing, but I can tell you with the birds that our
sensory system is limited in in regimes in in sensory regime. So, for example, have you ever seen a strobe light effect of a drop droplet of war You sure you ve seen the strongest gothic effective dropped water in it meant a puddle What it comes down and it comes up- and it makes like a kings crowned with little droplet You don't see that happens too quickly. The things going on in this world that your Rain cannot process, because happening too fast, so, there were the tv screen that fascinates me does that's that's in without seeing a whole picture, we received a letter, little dot. The tv is exploiting the fact that your brain can't processes, that's the whole. It knows you're, not gonna notice it so I can speak in raster it could You things on a shorter time skilled in your brain can process and your brain makes it all. Look like it's one, that's the principle of thin
you know, the old road escapes Although the the nickelodeon- still images when combined you haven't, will go by passive. It looks like it's actually moving, because your brain can't figure it out your brain can't do it. So if birds that are ready to flock. All it takes is the moon of one at the front and every Ex bird response to that motion, but it goes quicker than you can actually process, and so there they go. It looks like it's one, coherent thing: it's just not but if you could see that at thousands of a second increments you watch it percolates through the flock and that behaviour would then be a You say, oh, they they're following the first one in and everyone next to them, and they would even be a question but because our sensory system is restricted were left. With questions about the functioning of the world, that the since the tools of science than revealed to us, Why, when Europe is a movie or so you're, actually
hearing it cuz? As soon as the sounds made, this is, as I'm saying this sentence you're putting these. Together making sense of them. It's just a series of apps. That noises your remembering, the sentence, I will think that your hearing me talk, but it's just a series of noises answers. I make them. They're gone like the sound like a piece of piano play. Yeah me philosophers have distracted themselves for centuries on that. Very concerned, so the sound comes out vibrates the air There is no longer even related to issues here molecules and they vibrate Airdrop Deirdre goes into my brain I have training on what those sounds me and then I understand what you said. I mean it's it's freaky stuff because it's not isn't it's not live in
it's gone so now, which is working up a memory of what we just heard. You say yes, and fortunately the memory is long enough to capture if it really short memories. I hear your sound essay. Who are you? You know me, so we we live inside these, these time limits and spatial limit. Great challenges of grasping the scale of the universe. Deep army there right right suicides of errors and real is it violence. Certainly the flocking stuff is walking one y know about earlier. Here's the basic point: if you use a very simple computer program, just interests is simple parameters for every single They don't even have to refer you to article in this year's. Imagine that each borders a particle- and you just ask it to do one of three different things at once- was a separation, not words,
counterfeiting further. Apart than any particular our whole, my distance hold your distance. They want is alignment. You gotta, follow the person's tail. Why backwards unified backwards and cohesion, which means it everyone around you gotta, keep the same distance as well and not just knew, but everybody else you just want to work with Asian you'll be glue in this, but it's kind of visual who exactly because we all know to keep this distance. It looks like we're. That's right. You put all those tools, separation, alignment alighted obligation but sphere. Then let it doesn't ratification computer program and boom. You can get blocking, so you can see said that look like they balls in the ocean like huge flocks of starlings in the sky. Just when you computer screen
It's time you look at a simple screen saver that does those called dancing. It may well be following one of those three or all three of those, so these are flocking. Bird was rocking. Burma has not flocking interesting so so you always know over there that this law transient strategy, the thing about all philosophers. They didn't realize that brains are recording mechanism.
We literally record that sound, but in our own way, in an attempt to try to reproduce in our heads. The thing is that recordings not permanent. Nowadays we have things like dvds or something which supposedly largely taken care of, and it never degrades, and you can always go back to it and we produce it exactly, but our brains were designed to record stuff quickly so that we could use it in our survival. So it doesn't matter. Is that whatever made the sound doesn't exist were that the sound doesn't exist? Your brain has the former. Let's run recalling as a whitewash devoting so much to this, while they don't anyone I own fixed up, let's just say that early, unlike their cards. I think, therefore, Emma thinking being that kind of idea. If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it didn't make a sound. The answer is yes, it made a sound, but no one was recorded. Hoarding is time now to lock was out of business. Well, I think so, but they have plenty of things to work. There was thinking about anything
What I want to know from him in my interview was does he approached her role with any kind of philosophical like what's. Was his views as he goes in, and other roles that he feel more comfortable and or as an actor who take on any challenge at all. What a fine ass. I asked him what he says: do you have larger philosophical goals in how you portray it? Why do you stay focus just on that character in the context of everything else that happened. Well, I mean. I want to be part of a story, so I suppose I would say, I dont know how to play a part that isn't involved. A call, a wider context. I need to know they are why they are so yeah would rather the what would I do doesn't diminish the audience walk. Emily
that's an important stage because in all the rules- and I remember seeing you in your way, bigger than yourself. Not in any bravado way. Obviously, but just like yeah, and I I feel that I see it. I know somebody kind of like that and I and another whereas there are others, they come on. Then they leave a night. Only remember that they were there, and so so, putting something in there that I don't you don't get with every performer, and then I am sure that a mysterious mechanism acting and theatre and and and storytelling is its mysterious and it involves You make a choice to be an act that is still mysterious to you, you, You are you you're, accomplishing some serious to me. I tried it two cameo roles, and it's like
hard stuff, and I was playing myself that's in so so it's I think it's a mystery to people who don't understand it it just that what's going on, there he's Poland and often he's making it happen, just let it run It is a mystery to act is as well to a large extent when, when new failed it you know, they are film, go about. Let's move on cup move on when they ve got it. It's often, there as to what has happened if it'll work So there are people study, emotions they they had learned. Dave. Divided up emotions into seven category.
Well, seven and older, now foundations about happiness. Sad, I got a happiness and anger, surprise fear, discussed and contempt. Wait discussing contempt, diversion I don't have contempt of food in which I discussed it for him. He asked I think you can make patent maps of how these which, by and a good actor presumably can summon these at any instant. But most interesting. We studied his across cultures is extraordinary similarity in angry person. One culture looks like an angry person in another culture. Right does noticed, smiling at of anger, place and showing your teeth in another There's a commonality. Now, there's a loser.
Eight thousand creepy face Charles onto that again. Idols was that you're. Scaring me that create discussed idleness category three of the report is about the mystery of acting is so dead on this because we haven't studied and understood by you shock was, if not because its mystical, where anything while in the same sense that you still really can't tell which painting is more beautiful, this Renoir or that Monet there's an estimate to ensure we can try to quantified scientifically, but is
a part of it that will never ever be able to be quantified log into these. I don't think so. I think we wonder able particular Troezen church head and when he says angry and I'll see what parties brain like racism of its. My brain is known. The giant there's just one word you like him when he's so, I'm just an intriguing fact: hacker can summon these emotions on man, deliver their be convincing about it and do not even feeling that unless Eddie Unity derived what I will say, they create genuine right. So nothing external to them created a stimulus right, but they create the stimulus in us yesterday themselves, whether or not they feel it can convince us that they feel it. That's a scientific thing in the receiving Santa Claus transmissions, which reached a really good, which means the really good emotional wires
What is to be married to enact awful? They told the truth of closeness to love. You re not. We have to start rapid this out my job growth and jobs for Vietnam start you ve been starts part of warriors. This will not be your last time. I assume and cynically you ve been listening to start hungry. I've been your hopes to be over gas station, as always like Galileo job the organs. Which you can listen. The star talk Commercial free, joint star talk on patriarch for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio,
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