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A Conversation with Andy Weir – Special Bonus Episode

2017-11-29 | 🔗
Neil deGrasse Tyson welcomes Andy Weir, best-selling author of “The Martian,” to talk about his new book, “Artemis” – a heist/crime novel that happens to be set on the Moon. Neil and Andy explore the unique, science-infused creative process that went into the novel, and much more.Special thanks to Audible for making this bonus episode possible.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can listen to episodes commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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will the coms last star talked to get started. That's audible, dot, com, slashed, star talk for your free thirty day trial. The universe is filled with secret cinemas, trees, leaving us with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. Oh, what? What are you crying? recently the domain, the breakdown glimpse into Grandma South Stream, Brenda get LAB like
like me to lead me among the stars. Let me see what spring is like a do. This is start talk today in its bonus episode. You hear my extended interview with author Andy we're, let's get right to it, so any You couldn't leave it alone, I just got. It has had to keep doing this to have been able to sickness pull it. Do it on Mars. Yap was not enough insufficient and I'm gonna sit having a movie about the book, not enough Vietnam is a good start, has just had to keep going gotta
where's my whole job will that original book was sort of battle tested because it was written in parcels. If I remember correctly, yeah around the internet would re react and you'd react back. So, but this one not so much now, this is this is a traditional contract with Random house, and so I didn't get TAT posted a chapter two time like it, for the motion, because, when a GMO everyone's by and in a dry, don't I don't ya. Wanna publisher gives you a big pile of money to write a book. They don't like it when you posted for free, so it so they they prefer that you don't do that. Oh yeah? I was on my own this time, so you didn't tell you like. There's no air on the moon, the details in advance I really have to place more hostile than Mars. No, I didn't I didn't come up. I told her. I should probably I need to make some edits maybe relate to becomes out tomorrow as another time. Taping yeah. You know, of course, I'm a space dork, not that I have to tell you that
and people were space. Dork titles with pride, yes off, absolutely delighted: space, dork, safe space beneath the door, a safe space, dork space yeah yeah, and so, of course the moons. Always then, is that fast enemy as Mars? So this report any other layer of thinking to make existence on the moon real. Well, yeah, I mean so this time it wasn't just like a flags and footprints mission like the Martian was. I wanted to make a story about humanity's first nor on Earth City, and so the first thing I had to figure out was: why would anybody build a city somewhere other than earth? I need an economic reason for that to happen, so I start there. Ok, why tourism?
there is a very good, ok and although but its yeah, I would save. I did my own personal math on this. I would say five years, maybe ten years, a vacation money to spend on one vacation on the moon, that that's your that you have rational. That's my equation there. Well, I did I get that cheap. Just forget it. Oh ok, then well I didn't did my math on what I think that the commercial space industry might get to in terms of efficiency when well Artemus takes place in the twenty eight twenty eighties. That's like almost in reach. Wilson Reed We'Re- probably I won't see it, but only about alive today will now be, as some of you might see it. If we do a little no genetic thing, yeah yeah, crisper, here's the aging Jean. He has a lot that file
dont know. I wouldn't do that earlier, and I know it's based on the presumption that the commercial space industry would become as efficient in terms of field overhead ratio. As commercial airline, industry and I wrote a whole article on that which is actually coming out in business in yeah. I wrote this whole kind of ex you're very amateurish, Nah MC analysis, but you know I'm not getting investors, I'm just riding fictions. I just have to make enough sense for that. What is the cost to send a person to the ruin in your twenty eighty? Well, if you want to go to the moon for two weeks, which includes a week travel time there and a we try time backs are weak YAP three areas wouldn't well. If you go there, polarography values alone, recycler, ok, so this will save energy
a lot of leaders. I clarity about hollow is just let's go straight there, let's go straight there, yeah yeah yeah, but the lunar cycle re use the up, half crouch cycle that those guys defined. I want to see in the eighties those guys a path encroach. Ok. And I was the only just syllables throwing. These are just ran aims of this new people. Yeah yeah there there are the names of two vehicles unfortunate, have forgotten their first names. I give them fully the credit they deserve, but it's a paper I found that describes the lunar cycle anyway, grand total you would spend about seventy thousand dollars in twenty fifteen dollars to be able to go to the moon, so you could have easily if you wanted to create a lottery, that you can send people all the time sure or I think a lot of people would get a second mortgage on their home to be able to spend two weeks on the moon right. It was. Homes were more than
three thousand dollars now, so you could easily pulled out of the valued your house, possibly here or there could be financed at every one another I mean, but it's not you. It's not most people who own homes, their homes are worth more than seventy two hours, but it's not like it's not going to France its considerably more expensive or something like that, and these are all twenty fifteen dollars by the way cause. That's when I did all the economic stuff. Ok, so that's the money part and about the food part. How did you say That will of course. Let me say in advance: I was at one of your, I notice COMECON New York, I saw you and they had this green powder was offered me this. This is what Andy invented for his book, I said is in his book fiction said here, but this is real, isn't his book fiction, so it was some kind of powdered
I'll g and just to show how much I love you and I trust you I ate it yeah. I saw that alternative. There was real aerial I set any decent. Want me dead, right, yeah, it's it's the name of the Algiers Clarissa not to be confused with cholera. You know you don't need cholera Lorella this off, like a hair color, clear eyed are clear. The Roma. It sounds like a brandy. Its clear and the reason they manufacture? Was it actively alive when No, I was weighed down by the time you re dead. Medea powder was debt. Yacht needs now it it lives in it lives in the ocean. It lives in completely surrounded by and the way you guys eight, it is actually I watched I watched you and of our heating awesome Volvo elsewhere cash from your lies. I well yeah the way people and Artemus eat it, as they add a little bit of water. So it's more like an oatmeal who are people didn't tell me this? Yes, they did not look at, and I said
who each powder yeah? Surely there some order? You would have to add that as well. This is how they did it on the moon. So I said let me play along. He hath, while also they had flavour, and the idea is that so plurality, algae algae in general. Of course it reproduces by with doubling times so you can, in a fairly small volume, grow a lot of calories, a food as long as you ve got the energy and the energy is not a problem. Artemus has reactors your good, but waiting. All life have doubling times. That's true. It's true today of an open ecosystem. Yes, yes, but the doubling time of weeks is a little slower than you'd like is, and it takes a lot of linking surface area and volume to grow. So that's the kind of poor people that plurality yeah, the algae that plus flavour. It's like artificial favours that you'd import from earth which are fairly cheap, because then it doesnt way a lot to bring like a thing of extract.
If you're rich, if you know extract and at home right it's in your cabinet for years yeah. You need, like the three drops to make a batch of cooking right right, yeah, but then, if you're a little wealthier or if your poor but want to go out for a good meal, then you eat food, that's been imported from earth and that's good old fashioned food, although of course it so. This will not can be fresh. They reminds me of the early days when transportation international transportation was expensive, because we're old enough to remember a time when, if you have something imported, you would tell people that, as this is my imported. Yes, this is imported jeez forth. This is either imported. Wine is rich the real Corinthian ahead according to himself, so it was important that was a mark of exclusivity now so much goods and services goods are transported across the ocean. It's not it's not a point of pride anymore. Just is it just is
and in terms of expanse its I mean what effect I grocery stores to be the imported section. Oh yeah, right right. This way you get imported goods and you go there for that. A good right here right now, it's like what is it. I forget. I forget what it is. It's like something like day, though, they'll go lobster fishing in the ocean, like of the EAST Coast, Togo, lobster fishing they'll send the loves you China for processing and then they'll have em sent back because that's cheaper than during the process seriously. Seeing how cheap it is. Usually the economics of it yeah determines the pathways not so much on the moon of consumption. Ok, so algae! So it's either algae. Would you grow just by sunlight, random? Well, they they! Don't you sunlight these artificial light air everything is like super: they they have. These algae that's
they, but where they getting energy from nuclear reactors. Ultimately validity is power by two nuclear, so this is helium three. No, not fusion reactors three years on the in the moon. Ok, well, gold in the ocean go get it ok, This is where it might its twenty. Eighty, yes Jeffrey the figure it figure. It has already said the mass knapsack just one disease now. You know I didn't want to invent any brand new technology for the story, everything's based on existing technology and so the rear. As they have a good old fashioned fission reactors? Ok, we're getting your uranium! You get that from earth, but once again, not that not that heavy its. What did for what is our? What around is actually very heavy reality ass? It is quite dance with all those ninety two proton, but but its, but
for uranium by weight named after the planet. Uranus is, let's Neptune him named after and PLUTO. Who tony I'm also O Neill plutonium and even named after a planet? Right, that's right! They get out of here. They'll get me started several so I'd. So is it just wake whose does anyone state are permanently yes? Well, Artemus is internal economy. Artemus is the name colony. Yes, the city city, its population, its populations, about two thousand people, not including tourists and its mean income, is tourism. It's about forty kilometres from them. Oh that's! That's the thing! That's the thing cities that do that today. Yes, absolutely and Roswell New Mexico. Well, that's my origins, airport, caribbean resort town. I d rather have an eye based artemus economy, kind of the internal workings after like resort towns in the Caribbean. So you got
really nice affluent areas for the tourists and then the He shall we say more austere conditions where the working class. But was insane the enterprise yeah and those people, those are like immigrants. It's it's similar to like Erika and the early eighteen. Hundreds were hey. If you can, if you can get here, you can, you're welcome, yeah, you you're all gonna make a life here. You can just if you can get so. How does a poor person get to the moon if it takes seventy thousand? Well, that's If you're going to emigrate earlier for immigrant programme, I guess now there's no. There is yes, I worry that. No, nothing like that! There's! No there's no policies, even its just like it's kind of self regulated by whether or not people can get there. The same as an immigrant stale. You know back in the days of like the new world, which is where okay, I'm a you, know, I'm a I'm a I'm a welder, and I want to go work in Artemus. I want to tell you that only those aims of the money for you. I got a feeling, my house, I'm selling my shop annually
the ten dollars in your pocket right and then you make them and then not gonna yeah and I'm gonna start my shop here. One way trip makes it a little cheaper. So how are they breathe? will you know you you're you're diaphragm goes down and it expands the rebate now, so the oxygen is actually. There are lots of ways of managing oxygen atmosphere, but the way things work out an Artemus is they have a thriving aluminum smelting industry because our constantly? growing in their counselling, making aluminum and a refined the aluminum from a mineral called anthracite and which is the most common. Mineral found on the moon about eighty five percent of the rocks in the winter Ohio and there just an oversight. You can just scoop them right up off the ground. Cuz, there's no pesky dirt. In the way. You don't have to remind you just edit and anarchy is made of aluminum silicon, calcium and oxygen and the amount of our enormous amount of oxygen.
Like a l too and above about. Oh eight. So is oxygen. Is a waste product of making right of of extracting aluminum from this molecule right from his manner from this mineral and the moon is awesome. It's made of its made of disassembled moon basis, it just some awesome. The required book that its need em, an orthopedic aluminum to make your own base and oxygen to fill it nice, and so now we got oxygen, and so we have food imported. In order to own ogling location, with an energy source energy for
Mayberry, algae, free range, rearrange, algae and I think that's just called you know, Valjean algae, and so you ve got your food imported or otherwise you got energy, you got oxygen. Ok, what is the governance of the governance is practically nil, so in terms of societies is very similar to a frontier tat. On a teen, hundreds kind of thing, and in the U S during the westward expansion, there is like one law, man who works there. His name is Rudy. He's a former member of the arm said he, the royal Canadian mounted police, but now it makes impolite he's not that police
Canadian! Please and he's got that in here I mean Canadian. You ve got the inherent no one here. No one will read the book me. Have you ever mean Kennedy? He has no bs attitude, let's and but for the most part, it's just social norms or how the rules are enforced. When you have a small society like that frontier, they don't have the resources to have like all large standing police force or a bunch of rules as they grow. They would almost certainly develop that so in the series, the book in the series walking dead. What has sustained it for so long is the thought the author and the producers have put into the interpersonal dynamic soon that unfold in the presence of this threat of this complete collapse of society, clique, complete collapse of society,
charge of resources who has distribution, who gets weird, who gets power hungry? Who gets submissive? And so do you explore this this human dynamic, some? What I mean basically you're always going to have greed right, you're always going to have people trying to work to their best advantage and and taking advantage of whatever weaknesses there are in the system and Ardmore. People or of other people here and in Artemus the cases that sense it so unregulated a you know something you might even call like a libertarian paradise. It comes with those disadvantages. In other words there is that so are: our heroine is hired to do industrial espionage because who's gonna stop you. And also organise
Crime likes to use Artemus as a means of laundering money, because Artemus has its own currency called slugs, which stands for soft landed grams end and it's sort of landed grams. It's. It's a reserve currency in a way. What about your grace slaughters, great word and eggs? and so one slug can be redeemed for one gram of cargo transported from earth to Artemus? So if you want, I, if you I get a telegram over from earth at all costs, exactly one thousand slugs and so on, and so, but they also end up using as a currency and because it's this really completely unregulated, largely untapped currency, organised crime loves to come in and use it to launder money. So if I built a ship, I basically had manufactured some of your currency. If you, if you, if you can transfer
yeah. That's right! Well, yes, or no- and I M also actually that's kind of fair because it increased the value of you'd want to print money if what it represents has not increase in value right, we'll think of it as being more like. If you, my, if you go back to the days gold standard. If you pull, some gold out of the ground argue have created money today, where back there I thought a Gull certificate area set. Now the Federal Reserve, no yeah blotted it as they overstep regard every hour. I can still cash it in, but I think you can actually buy are only. I just got a Fort Knox and said: give me my well but they'll give you what what is it a one dollar Bellevue toward I'll give you one dollar two days, money in gold, so there you go, he goes flake, so so
How fast as this can become a movie. Well, I got it had become a movie right away that I, as a writer I mean you're. Only job on a film is to catch the check, and I've already done that. However, however, if your book is so popular, then there's public pressure on how much latitude filmmakers, can take from them something I heard the auditors. Yes, You are clearly. How can you hear the message with the character, but so much e, that's true. Otherwise, people be all up in, business, they would be all up in the business right. You ve got b. I think you ve got a bit bigger than I am to have that you have those that muscle to have them, as I think you got me, Jake Hereafter Stephen Gang quite a few steps are stealing I'll call rights, the yeah right this green plant rights or easy easy either. It didn't they today keep you out of that room,
they rode weathers, don't they haven't even made. This will basically be out of the three vibrant. Ah I dont know keeping screenplay room for the Martian no act. Do they consulting me? A lot pretty much every day drew Goddard, who wrote the marvelous screenplay for the Martian was calling me in asking me suffusion technical questions are very good and so were maybe who, who produced the Martian that was twentieth century foxes produced by Simon, can reproductions of an Scot free and it's always as an alphabet soup of of company but Fox, and they have now also bought the same group but has bought the rights to Artemus over and they have the directing do. Oh, of course, Miller and fill ORD lined up to direct. So the next step is they're gonna get as let you couldn't keep can keep really could kindred, really vibrant efforts made laces yet him now, that's a wii the thing about Hollywood, as I'm sure you ve noticed, is released just toxic culture by their first name, their age. It seems,
I only madam guy I met, you know it's just. You need to whom he had no man without a demon I'm giving maybe I'd elsewhere, but but yeah, so I got word Miller lined up to direct and they are right now I think, picking a screen playwright or to do the adaptation. Ok and again, forgive me for not having read the book before this interview, this rhetoric or an idle I see I, like you, know another birds, but I'm deeply entreat that's not that's not that's very hurtful. It's not an anonymous wrong attitude, it is I'm the only person you're. The only tell you that in all your interviews is literally no one, I really Burke, I loved it so tell me about it, has placed on where the moon a day last month on the moon. So how does that work in the in the biosphere? people well, Artemus doesn't get any natural light under the inside, except for one little part of it called Aldrin Park
They have also your underwear. I know they're in steers, which they call bub that are well. One of em you're meters across and all the others are two hundred metres across in diameter, their spheres and their half underground, half above ground. This geometrically literate audience suddenly see it's a sphere hundred meters across. Yet you have to say that in diameter in diameter. Well, I decided I need to draw a distinction between radius in diameter. You know I just I don't Megan at Army and rear a false impression, we're so as to ensure that these are Hab domes there there, whether there there their spheres they're, not domes. You know a donors hemisphere I mean you're, you're, you're, you're, literate utterance would would notice literate are out so tell me about it On the previous question. It there made of aluminum there. The holes are sick, centimetres of aluminum, followed by a form previous question it there made of aluminum there. The holes are sick,
centimetres of aluminum, followed by a full meter of crush lunar rock, followed by another six centimetres of aluminum, this protection from radio the Asian. Yes, so there's no sunlight getting to you. Everything's artificial and its based on Kenya. Time is, but they do for the their scheduling and time of day Kenya. Can you ok as in Africa, Kenya, as in Africa. Yes, you can! is where the Kenya Space Corporation, which actually owns Artemus, is based and that's where they do all their launches from remember, though, the earth latitude of Kenya Gratitude Zero, so very nice, yes downloads that part NICE Pickens therein, yet Kenya had two things to offer the the global space community. When my fictional Kenya had two things offer number one the equator, the real can you would do that if it's actually only
Yet we have efficient overladen hasn't fictional, but the other thing they did is they sat all of their policies to be as friendly as possible for space travel. They said will give you a launch licence yacht, follow these stupid rules that the other countries make you although it will make special tax breaks for you, you don't you can go ahead and bus we don't care. I mean this is not. This is not you know it's not kindergarten. It's like they did everything they could to make dry earned the privilege They they successfully drew in the global niece investment yeah, not just investment, but actual now companies relocate their zeal, baby still be owned by Belgium, consortiums or whatever else, but it settled in Kenya so being on the equator. You get the benefit of the high speed movement of the equator rotation going into Orbit Europe, it so
these missions to the moon first going to earth orbit and then they leave well. You have to first go into Elio and then you'll have to travellers or lower vermin LEO. I thought We agree that this item learning we say Elio before Elio early, we're, ok, we're here, Algeria? Ok, merely Ojo meander meal middle there are central bank orbiting, sovereign rights, good rapporteur, so oh you're, going to LEO and then you you'll take a transfer. You need to catch up with the lunar cycle her there very ago yet because lunar cycle, as are the get day, the psychologist goes back and forth between its
three way more complicated, but ultimately it comes near earth and near the moon at regular intervals, and you do have to accelerate the peoples to catch up with the cycle, but you at least you don't need to accelerate the cycle anymore, seeking this big comfortable, basically, space hotel that only ever needed to be put in that orbit once and then say. Other nice, luxurious crews and what you catch up with it. Leaving vessel yet as it in air, and then you also need to be. You also need to then be diesel. Braided or accelerated depends on a frame of reference to be able to go than land on the moon. When the time comes to tell me about them. What six gravity? How that works for me our three once Ex gravity Artemus, is all set up for their first off. It makes construction alot simpler cause. You don't need nearly as much low bearing you dont. You don't need as much go bearing on the individual floors within the bomb within the bubbles, the people who live there
are very good at moving around and one six g tourists generally, not as good Please, India, the move, very as from from the APOLLO missions or they're kind of stumbling around. Of course, tourists in Artemus aren't wearing bulky space suits, so they have that going for them. Stairs like stairs can be about half a metre high because it's that easy to go up riser. So so this sounds like a good idea to place. To invent new support could be, could be spaces limited, but there is a space. Is a race is not one that is based on Europe working colonies? Yes, that's true answer. My colony justice space inside of artemus habitable volume is, however, there is one of the bubbles the bubbles are named after the APOLLO astronauts and Aldrin bubble has the top for food,
They are just called Aldrin Park and that the it's all glass on top instead of the other and so the other kind of whole that I was describing and that's all locally source glass, because one of the other things that north it gives you a silicon. And so it is you bunch silicon in a bunch of oxygen mixed those together to yes, and so they have that, and so there's a big park there. Theoretically, you could play some games there, so therapies. There's been a challenge were well. You got two things that are kind of work and against your wealth of workin for against first off once six gravity, so it's not gonna go exactly the way you expect right for recycling early, pretty much anything pretty much anything, but second off the Error is only twenty one per cent of earth's atmosphere pressure. Why? Because it's a pure oxygen environmental treaty. The just amendment of oxygen just write about, has why I or design what Y Y gotta your way to make to make it so much harder on the press,
So this makes so I guess you ve done the math on this. If it is one fifth air pressure here, even if two hundred percent oxygen, things should not be more flammable there, the exact same sign about because the same, partially oxygen, gag, saint Partial Press, our voyage and of oxygen at sea, so p humans would be perfectly comfortable, breathing and stuff like that. However, it does cause a few other little problems like like water boils at sixty one degrees celsius, which means coffee tastes like crap, because it can't properly brewers steep sweetie. Boil coffee and a pressure group. You could make it and pressure cooker or you could go called brew, COBRA right as a thing ass. A thank you, hey sob dollar, for that honourable paint. Yet but earth people are realistic.
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top breeze bees and saw him down to earth. Users needs to start out ok. So this is a science fiction movie that take place in the future in space and the only thing that every science fiction movie ever produced in the history of the universe has in common with one another with each other is that people want to space and if something goes wrong.
Ok? That's that's the plot of every single size region, ok, Verona in space, I'll get something goes wrong. Something goes out. So what goes wrong well. This is more of a problem having to do with people in that the highest that hero, jazz gets hired to do, doesn't go right and He angers, sir, some pretty powerful very dangerous people that she was not aware were associated with the company that she was sabotaging okay. So this is this is it. This is a crime, novel crime,
it is absolutely it's a high story, a heist crime, normal that happens to be on the moon right. I got your browser, so was the coolest thing to look for in the book. I may ask differently: what's most inventive thing, you came up with for this book most invent because in the end, the martian neutrino potatoes with those good potatoes book. Now I've got a good one. I can come up with that. You're gonna get we're, gonna get thou, and yet I was good, that's not and cut ok, so boy. Well, there is a twisted towards the end of the book, which you would know if you read it. Where The man saw the universe is like a big place and I you know I can't we everything at all times. Grant you not, broadly speaking, you you spend your whole life in a very, very small part of that universe. Right after I mean receivers, calls to me. Doesn't then you're you're a cog in their turning over hate.
If you take a car out of any machine, the machine stops working, I'm just saying don't break from car. You can pick a drunk Garcia redundant. Colleagues, No there is there. There is. I think, at the end, that I don't wanna give too much away on big causes boilers, but there is some shall we say, unexpected chemistry that happens at the end. That causes a real problem and I'm kind of proud for having come up with that. I'll tell you about it, Teresa effort after done taping- or maybe I won't- maybe maybe maybe you should read- So is there? Is there a dairy farm? Animals are the sort of thing. Oh now there's nothing like that. I mean so to complete Plant based life well release diet. Well I mean, if you of dogma about locally made stuff here then yeah. Anything that's imported from earth well would have to be something that can be frozen or freeze dried.
Are somehow we haven't they or their yeah. It's a seven day trip so like fresh meat would be challenging rain, but like frozen meet frozen chicken eggs can last Sunday, Sir Fruit and vegetables, Yeah get those can ghettos and some people would grow them themselves in very small quantities, but not at a scale for everyone to eat. It would be a luxury item and you can forget about like fruit tree fruit and he's not local stuff. Now, for me, the lure of going to the moon would be frolicking on the landscape. Ok! Well, you get to do that as part of the equation. Yes, absolutely so you can go for these excursion. Their edi masters, basically going out onto the surface of the moon, is similar easier. Is multi syllable? Yes, that's a space walks, yellow extra vehicular, active and moon walks reacts Moon walks, not the Michael Jackson kind
yeah- and you can you can do this in a similar way that you can go diving when you're on vacation in a nice ocean place, you have an EPA master who is out. There are kind of keeping track of you and maybe eight other people. But he or she will be wearing like the big, complicated suit, with articulated fingers. Everything kind of like you. Nepal and APOLLO suit, but little more advanced you. We'll be in what they call a hamster ball. Basically just a big, clear inflatable. You know airtight ball, that strong enough that if you rode over Iraq it won't pop or anything and you're inside, and you were a backpack that they call us scurry pack and it regulates all the air on the inside and your limited to about two hours on any given easier, because I did the math on this. That's about as much heat rejection that you can handle by having a big block of ice and a backpack.
So basically you you ran the thermodynamics on very nice thinking. We must. We should remind ourselves of you're academic pedigree, I have no degree that's my academic pedigree. You are Johnny her taste. I am high school graduate sooner than, but if my court economically with joy with court academic passions, I guess that would include science and engineering. Oh yeah, big time, that's very go go, but I'm I'm I'm what you call a gentleman scientist, not an educated one. So I have told people that the highest compliment I've ever gotten from anyone at any time was from you when you said that you were riding the Mars: Putting out you know, may now some science to track, and you imagined I was looking over your shoulder earlier. What? If
Thyssen reads: on the brink of tweeting about some message: You really want that. I didn't want that. They want that. It is at I still there oh yeah most warmly on her shoulder. Oh yeah. Now and eyes. Are you still? There is dollar on my shoulder. I in fact Artemus is even more scientifically accurate than the martian it does. The Martian projected forward. Some technologies, like ion and giant propulsion editor, and I completely ignored the effects of radiation on my just made. This magical have material that would stop radiation. I get offered no explanation in artemus idea I didn't even do that. I said I I you know her heart and, as has the the whole thickness to protect people from radiation, When you go out on an ETA, I calculated, let's say you're a tourist you an EPA am, I must answer balls. You dont have a bunch of light protection from traditional mediated. How much radiation do you get
turns out over a two hour EPA during the lunar daytime. You would get about same amount. Irradiation is getting a set of dental x rays himself. That's fine! That's the measure that I tracked the reason I checked it is because I knew you'd fifth her, but you know I guess I get misunderstood and many of my marriage is enhanced. Pulls appreciation of the book or of the measure, and am I get characterized as above But now that we have just keep and everybody keep in Mind- is keeping say, I'm Emma. I guess I'm in some areas minority or whatever I mean the opposite camp. I love of love that,
I love what other people apparently consider above I am, I guess you'd tell me because it doesn't cost, because it drives me crazy, like what? What really bugs me in a story isn't so much physics, inaccuracies. I can accept the warp drive. You know. I got no problem with that. Univer suspension disbelief What bothers me is inconsistency. Is so if you go faster than light over the one up, a sort of STAR Trek, whether in the classic track there in the enterprise right, it can go warp, I forget what classic trick enterprise could go or at least nine, some like that and a button, at one point there like. Ok, we need to get from mercury to earth and it like took him awhile and unlike wait a minute. Ok, no mercury Besides seven Lloyd minute from earth and you're going many many times. The speed of light is targeted aid. You awhile.
So the other one who had slipped by yeah as there is the other episode where they wanted to magnify the sound of people's heartbeats to find out where the alien was spacecraft and was it Spock or Kirk said this device magnifies down by one to the tall power. Wonder the tall tower at sign at one time, one times one ten times when they told him yeah. Well, then I thought: okay ages, Miss read it and then there is a similar. In another episode yeah. Where is like one to the ninth power, so somebody just didn't remember it doesn't get that yeah. Why? Member in a book now that's not fair bag and unstarched books, cars are so many banking. I marijuana STAR Trek books.
Kurt, says Scotty. I want every autumn of power to the shield of our yes, to which I imagine Scotty saying why they once maximum resistance. I guess I'll just turn off. Let me get astronomical on you see if we thought added. A mood of course looks the way it does, because it has an atmosphere to protected from meteorite right. How do you protect yourself from meteorite, especially during, you're showers, you did you think him round that idea and the odds of any object kidding.
Something the size of Artemus are literally astronomically low. Ok, good Danny would have to be going and even if it did, if you talk about like a micro, meteorite, isn't like that, even if it did, it would have to be going very, very fast, like maybe fifty you know, kilometers a second kind of thing to make it all the way through both holes and the sand. Ok, good answer could have a couple more other occasions where people get to see total solar eclipse is down on earth. Yes, absolutely literally. Every time there is a total solar eclipse will be during a full earth. And so you you'd, be you be seeing that, unfortunately, a solar eclipse from space is lame because fuzzy. It's just like this little kind of glory, but large very adds. I ever knew about it, but I dont doesnt Grissom. Oh, it doesn't come up and
That's what I'm getting out, so you don't ask for nominal and real cuts in the book. No eclipses in the book. You said you're gettin astronomical, not literary so full earth yet on the moon is sixty times brighter than full on earth yeah nice are so did every like evening, earth light walks their earth light mattered fur, as some of the the easy target, but once again it only matters when you're outside, because incited gave sixty typewriter to sixty times. I'd that I didn't say that extra nominal stuff- that's all nominal from here, might well. My favorite thing is that it is in a fixed position in the sky. Yes, if it well, there's lunar moderation wobbles, but it's there, and so one of my characters is a devout Muslim, and so he made like a ramp with a prayer rug on it so that he could prey to MECCA because it since Earth
fixed position that direction is never have. The train has directly, he doesn't have to change. Could directorate Bergen so do did congratulations. Thank you! Thank you, and so your urine torn off. It began its visit, the audible version of it yes, narrator by the lovely and talented as our you met gosh, oh yeah, justly you're her rent because in the exhibit yeah attended that audible exhibit at a set up. Where you got to hear some of the lunar museum, the lunar museum at COMECON. You are COMECON I get to hear some of the passages read by her great she's, really fantastic man couldn't asked for veterinary, very good, so cool, and nowadays, since everyone is stuck in traffic, audible versions of books matter. Yes, yes, they do
They do my latest book. I decided I would merit echoes, was like short enough for you. Ve also got I mean I'm not kiss, and up here you ve got a great voice. I dont know my voice, I don't you think you ve got a really. But here's I thought about it- does not want book. The bizarre when I said what, how many days stuck in allay traffic, would get through this book everything today's visit. That should be the metric. The new networks of how long a book is tat. Yeah commute days, commute to commute days. I thought so regulations. Thank you for coming through town, thanks for having your based, where again I am based in California near San Jose, Ternata, okay! Well, thanks for coming to New York, your first my first time my first visit to New York City, welcome to the universe,
again. Thank you. Dela lay job the Orange one. Last time, our sincere thanks to audible for presenting this special conversation with Artemus author, The we're STAR talk, radio fans will love Artemus and its beautifully read by Rosaria. Dawson audible offers an unmet selection of audio books, original audio shows
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