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A Conversation with Jordan Klepper

2019-06-21 | 🔗

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Jordan Klepper explore comedy, politics, the future of American space exploration, the similarities between HI-SEAS and an improv troupe, space camp, and Jordan’s new documentary show “Klepper.”

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this is a start off and I'm your host Neil, the grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist, and we are coming to you from my office at the Hayden Planetarium of the American Museum of Natural history. Right here in New York City and today I have a special guest and he's gonna be my only guest for this hour. We don't do that often is only if everything clicks and also, those are in place. I've got with me the one and only Jordan, Clapper Jordan, gas. It wasn't just starts on your first time is my first time things rather me a lot of pressure exley. The only one here, I must say, is no pressure yet I am not saying that you make it very clear. Okay, we can do. There's welcome you gotta show on comedy sensual, you ve, you been spawned from from the daily show, I like to think that I've gone off yes spawn
the words hatched through them through the magic of chance, Jordan Trevor no cause you vote for both of them. However, by again they push me now, through their other, their lovely comedy cavity and through there Can I guess, there's the birth get out there, you go, you gotta show you you come and the whole hour with very high production. These are going around the world yeah subjecting yourselves to different things, interviewing people and in particular. The reason why we noticed you recently is because we saw that you ve gotta, show on the space programme. Yeah- and so I will get to that in a minute- ok, I just don't want you.
Think we would have asked you want for any always get. Usually, you did a lot of other emphasise that we don't care. Hideaway save some legitimize you in my mind, and this was for you I knew I know I did. Six every doesn't like Neil is negative in the area of the union. One of drift nets gimme some space for me. I just want to look at your background here. You you had a double major in math Peter who had heard? How does it work boy? I tell you I I so I went to where was this: this encounter Michigan Kalamazoo, I was just in Kalamazoo. You encounter interest bike. A few weeks ago, lorry dont tell me what I wanted out. I've also part host as well this slip. Ok, ok, well, well, Jordan! Well, first, did you know that our very own dare cheater was raised and Kalamazoo Michigan somebody Grogan Kalamazoo? I of course,
new that, because I've lived in the shadow judges, do we shall very jailer its along showers that every one of us live up was the longest shadow. It's not high noon, that's the smallest, whereas it is in fact yes, but also of the days were retirees like a six pm shadowed. Yet he would you into my high school. Just before I did and interrogator was used to hear. I knew his sister. Charlie and everybody thought Derek. He was such a good athlete. He was going to be a professional basketball, player, basketball, you greater basketball. We make more money in baseball. You play more games, the monies the money comes out. He knew I didn't say that sport longer to exactly. I think he made the right choice and that we are not the best possible investigators and its I grew up there. I went to a place called the nerd farm which at the mouth inside centre, which means you guys especial math and science unbiased. That's why saving I see this as a right of veto, for maintaining your other friends are. What is it what's wrong with you do with the general goodbye?
I'd, be talking about my public school for the other half of the day it before you now, I'm talking about the nerd Ventnor borrowed Agrippa loaded it. So what happens so you in school? They notice, you have a little deacon you, I guess, enabled eight they put a nerd farm it, but you know farmers yellow geek. They got, they add special facilities for the geeks. It's you focus on Matthew Focus, and science. You spent four years doing that for half the school day and for the other half you go the public school while so they nurture the inertia very enlightened system. Yet cables is really proud of it. The math and science Centre, its alleged students, go in all directions afterwards, but it sort of a chance for people to to kind of indulge the that geeky. So I gave her a public talk, Kalamazoo in four city. Tour of Michigan, Joe violently yeah, it's a great town, a love letter was, it was fun very friendly people, and so too unpretentious just people just wanna be themselves and want to learn their their kind folk in the modern Kalamazoo is yes, there really is accountable
I love already defends an increase its already late, because what you from column, Who is a real say? Why is really? Yes? There really is a Kalamazoo. I believe it's an old gang couldn't word I figured you already defensively decoupled gelded, so the theatre part had an accident, or so I got a scholarship that paid for my college. I studied math and I did- and I will say mark, but when your mouth made a tragedy, you tv day. If you edit this correctly, I'm a smart kid, I loved math. I love solving problems of the process of man, but I also realise within that without many people, think math, is getting the answer right. But it's not is the process the journey to the answer and I would say, like edit up finding you I was doing mouth was, and I enjoyed the performance of elements as well
I started writing in front of an audience of mass, not have no idea. How do you do about you? Do you're mad Neil Industry quarter calculate digit supply. While I dance, I got seven digit who attended heritage and while I was doing math is doing Improvin comedy as well, and so that, because really is price war within an israeli anyhow. The college on the improved team in college NICE College was Kalamazoo College showers, ecologists, a little liberal arts college rights examined in the Middle Kalamazoo Improv World popped up rousing ethical I wanna play around in that, and it was full of discovery. People laughed at the thing. I said. I occasionally our elderly does now, as it was not included. Laughter applause demand. Class algebra doesn't have many standing, only nodded. Never
Did it ever standing ovation it turns out. I was so needy that I was able to follow the thing that gives me a standing ovation. I will say as much as like. I then went to the world of comedy the world of math. What it is true, it's it's a way of thinking about process. And then I kind of going to the world of comedy raised already sketch comedy start doing improv, but the world of like sketch, comedy and writing there's a process. There is well, I think, like that kind of mathematical brain can can help an artist or a person in the world try to figure out ways in which they can move an audience to an understanding of origin. The big you become analytical in it, and I think that has value and not everything is intuitive. Maybe the best is a combination of both I've been thinking that certainly get you know going the sea with the the stereotype of Nova, both brain halves. Tickled, I think, that's idleness.
Too late, there's, even though the two brain have the only I do. I don't know that's held up, but you know in a neural science analyses, but it's a nice metaphor for thinking about two ways of approaching the world. I think like stand up. Seventy approach, things from an analytical perspective and then I'm more of an improvised or which, as is more like the creative, let's go, search and fire. I think, ultimately, when you start working, you want a little bit about you. Can you can search, but eventually you have to figure out why things work and then put it down or paper, then sell it and see of cocoa by advertisements. So so this is a sort of obvious question: but maybe not for for some people you, the portfolio of shows you ve been doing now uncommonly central. There was the name of your show, a clever. That is the name of the shot has been able to get. You know I've had I didn't remember the name hasn't episode. I've had a handful of now we're just like you know what they're gonna call
that guy abrogation just called the clever young mothers. There's good precedent is the Anti Griffith show yet in the night, how the more Mary Tyler more and they didn't say anything but the shows about it just to people's name. It's the merry Taylor Marcia, I'm. I think I'd like to take on the Frazier of Political said. Ok, so you ve, you ve tackle some very disturbing topics. So how would you have formula? for making them funding, wait for a moment where does it as a silly or fun element, but at the end you're, you're, very socially progressive and what you trying to get people to do when we try to get on the thing, and some of these topics are very sad. They are, I think, when we started doing the show to such they adopt series documentary Series, uncommon, central, which doesn't really do these types of eggs, and we wanted to pick topics that were important that I,
about that. My staff cared about that without needed, more attention, and often one of you were the by you. I was in the by you. I following the type which was the title of that, was so that what was battle in the by EU, which was a group of merriment environmental protests, were lacking themselves to pipelines to try to stop the pipeline from moving through the buyer or get killed or get killed last year, and this is what is it? What are the other thing? Ok, so it was this sort of a chance for us to to see? What environmentalist and by environs listen looks like up close infringes. Let's get in the trenches given in the boat about it, and of thinking is what I found out to five m in the by your boat or their boat. My boat, I went out with them. They were going to the by here they were going to like themselves up to this pipeline, and, as we know, you're you're conservative worm, who got in there and sang they. Don't don't blow this forum in this regard. It turns out it him deserves that existed
comedian. It's the last conservative spy look here. We found ourselves in the by EU. We go deep rattlesnake, which was out Why, though, I euro, they said There were alligators down there. We saw them on the way and we we go by the sight and there's a security boat. That's their that starts to follow us and they turn into the wake we take on a tunnel waterways suddenly find ourselves swimming to the shoreline. She give you get wet. Do it Zira and I'd like to go back to the idea of where the humor is like the humours. You didn't get eaten where'd? You don't get it. We put me in a dangerous situation. The audience is gonna feel bad for me because they may complain about how hard it is to enact real change and- and I become the conduit of difficulty- ok and That'S- that's always good fodder, stay exerted. We followed veterans who were like suffering from PTSD, and I think what you five different episode that's differ.
I would call now it's called wrestling with PTSD growing. They do it through literally professional wrestling, and so they found like a creative way to deal with an actual problem might get in the ring. I become a part of and I think that the humor comes through me trying to continue, whereas the english wrestling singly. I wish it were as as forgiving as a single it we all have a thing. I'd say it's like the speed but you shouldn't be wearing a market in the twenty first century. Is eight Neil? What is the scientific term for banana hammock? I study. Google it all. I know what I saw it as is another battery. I wore something that did not flatter off what God or the Euro
gave me or were your actual musculature that could otherwise be flattering in a different, our thinking that they hire me for my my brain termite about it. So how did that play out? I mean: did you did you help help people recover? So the fact that they give you get to air their story, and I think that part of it is shining light on people who actually taking action, you're. Joking aside, I've gotten work workin some great shows where you're in New York and talking about what happened on America, which has really I wanna, go and see. People are doing stuff day in and day and when our own bubble he went about we're in a bubble, em, it's a big bubble, but still a bubble. It's a bubble, and ethically I went to Georgia and there a bunch of student Tour Dhaka, student, undocumented students who just wanna go to college and their protests in there. Yet their voice out inside the glacier get arrested. I got arrested standing up with those students, so yeah, I mean neither the length colonies, information, growth and they let you out they. Let me do they look at the rest.
I have a body of work book. Have you seen my body of work? Twelve? later after some coffee, and this makes your Yoda contraband smuggling they let you out of jail. Ok, that happens, and I think you know you hopefully moving the needle by bringing attention to it, and I don't want to pretend like me being down there for weak with people is going the thing that changes everything, but hopefully through a little levity and point of view I can show like there are people doing good things. There are people who are fighting and I think like, even if I fail with some of that fight, we should we should take a little inspiration of the people machine something forward. So what you really saying, as if the show ever gets cancelled, the ones you have completed, are still an important contribution to the television repertoire. Now, I'm not saying You just said that I'm gonna type it out. I'm gonna put my greatest. I appreciate that now you you can be out of intimidation and butter. What at least in New York is aerial. Eleven thirty leather. What's up with that! Well, because the little daily should take
rape of eleven thirty p m o how you want to run it and in this world that we're gonna viewer, the like, oh, and this tends to appeal to people who are politically engaged interested and maybe a little bit stone seven thirty and non older than you, so you may not remember this. The origin of a b c s, eleven thirty Shall ABC Nightline was was eleven thirty? There was a level whenever name on. Yes, there is that there is an origin for its origin story. Is it started out as the nightly updates on the hostage crisis, and I ran day a forty day, a hundred and fifty day this and then they got all this August. This audience that had just passed the show and what they were doing as they give the final new store
in the in the evening news, and that would take you write in to this new programme that was birth simply because, if I ran covered the right, that's what that is so so once want the evening news fed the follow up, Stork show, and that became its own thing. I'd I'd like to think people are today my show what did the daily hostage crisis on american political system or, albeit we all feel they were being held hostage to see if this guy, if someone has to dress yes on Broadway now, is the network yeah with brain Crampton? Can you can really gets you seen it no son by Neil you I'm like an eight hour ago. I'm sorry you're alive somebody you guys I did see. I was on the third roads. Great, are not yet regulated yeah, he was, he was extraordinary and when the Tonia Wharton for them and guess what door was closed
while this wild started to rub it in some more, your manner like to focus on these areas can Emily shows is his performance. You don't have to share every fact. Some facts are best left shared like that one oh that was, I did, learn that from some wise people they said just because it's true doesn't mean it has to be said. That's who now that is a lesson of it. For a year the through some government people, I worked with a global Europe governed political types, so so all truths don't always have to be
what you lead with. Let it be true but not advertised, I think, does mean you want to hide it. You just don't wanna display it. That's all I've. I've had a marriage. Counselor said the same thing and one other lose another related to that is occasionally stretching the truth or ignoring one or two bad. Things is the right thing to do, such as when you're speaking at funerals. There are times when just let this one would you say now from the scientific mindset things like climate change, things that feel like perilous situations, that people are maybe failing to grass, nor those want to truth on target and thereby greatly helped orbit personal trousseau
a person when it comes to size, you're size, no, more use relays, I'm all a back up, one s eyes in the thing about you, Gimme, a brief has here so one of your shoes, which is why we invited you to start talk at all. Not there. We don't worry about the spaceport nicely times with the fiftieth anniversary of APOLLO eleven landing on the boat. Looking Emma, for so I wanted to spend rest of our time together talk about your experience there and it will compare notes going to do, but I know, but I didn't get all in up in it the way you did well. That's what I do I put on the suit all up in a united and dirt. I so start talk returns more of my exclusively with Jordan
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we're back on start the rest, I said I'm here with Jordan, clever. You surely know him from comedy central if you dont, you should because he's got a new show on comedy central where he goes around the world investigating topics that we all care about or all should care about, and he does it in a very hands on involved way very different from seeing him behind a desk making committed quips at stories that other people so you didn't do it. Did you a few on location stories for coming? I did yes what I was enjoying that you went today when you went to the conventions and things those were found, a lot of field pieces for them
with daily show, as a corresponding around the field. A botched. This sort of an extension of that gimme out there. Okay, excellent and we ve got you on the show, because you explored our space programme and for its first. What motivated you? Second. Is there some overriding social cultural issue that you wanted to tear apart, not to destroy, but to unpack? I wasn't so is two things. I've been a little bit of a space nerd. Since I was a kid I would go. To places where I was a kid my parents would take me to wash in DC or Cape Canaveral, and so you can borrow in Florida. Yes- and you know who I am- I fell in love with the idea of becoming a nasty Is it a lot of people? Do kids a lot of kids do? Yes, I think I've got to indulge that throughout my life. Back when I was hoping to choke on the opposition, we had Scott Kelly on extra sky. Colleagues, bent over five hundred days see the good looking
One of the twins will ease the hot twin too hot remarked Mart Kelly is the only region with the aid of the ugly twin running for the Senate has caused a sexy sexy twin, I love about, and we ve had, we ve had scarcely was at school or was it more? We have one of the twin JANET. Yet this is actually what we do. We have the one who wanted to space. Yes, you're, the one who agrees to the show they get to be the sexual. That's. What I've always said, MRS Gacek came on. The show is which many people remember because he's a twin it became of by high physiological and biological interest to send one into space for an extended length of time with the other one here on earth. Then they come back. You compare them little and according to relativity than wanted to space, came back a little younger than the other one, by the way, yes, but not by very much, but you can calculate
in squishy right. Well, that's death for different reasons. Not like space made him squishy. What I've been in Space Madame Square, no, no idea rotating space stations, they had artificial gravity, he wouldn't be squishy. So that's what it is, whether they could be other reasons, but that's the main one, but I want to get to the bottom. My question I was because you deny- or let me be very honest with you now, but a squishy deniers. As I was I care. I asked my trainer where's my six back and he said it's in there just under the fat. That's it. I said: ok, I'm good wages. A gems that a rotating that a certain spade than allow squishy men to become less squishy exactly so I must guide and showed her table import? Things like swishing is you show- or I might get back in the on the opposition. He was a guest on this. I remember the opposition, yes, and so there is between when you left the daily show into those seventeen and your current.
The contribution examining the up it was. It was a late night show that when a lot of fascinating people on and talking to Scott Backstage, he was talking about the right stuff and how that works and movie under book exactly he read the book, lose a kitten, inspired him too, to want to be an astronaut indeed in science again, and it got me figures we owe you know, I'm such a fine time would you know, jumping backing to talking about space was got Kelly, amatory, the right stuff is, but a year ago I read the right stuff and I became a noxious with all my friends for the following four months to say yet readers. It amazing, I just I've I've. I was re energised. Space program when all the documentaries come out about the APOLLO Levin mission. We want these things that suddenly just lit up at me and we're trembled for stories and I was I'd come. I tell my right, has made some very simple terms: space it didn't let up and with you get ignited. Oh yes, TAT was thank. You may help your vocabulary. Yes, it is there's a spark that ignited United and then blast are already back in good time,
I was pitching stories in our automatically to edit your your your personal commentary. If you can maybe a little bit smarter, more clever throughout, I will take it. So I'm ever pitching stories, I'm consistently referencing how much I like the movie first man, how much I like to the right man, the profile of New Armstrong, exactly I thought I was such an inch, inhuman way that to me they even the process. Today, the moon, Iraq itself felt like such a difficult and lonely process that I thought movie like that, was able to capture and, as were pitching, these things by staff is like why don't we just doing episode and space for God's sakes, you can't stop talking about it. It you're trying to get you to shut out there, trying to get me to shut up right, which any good staff will do. You know, of course, and at this
time. What we are talking about, like I'm somebody who's progressive and on the left side of the Isle, whose often very critical of our commander in chief and at the same time present Donald Trump is talking a lot about the space programme, he's making light landing claims like that you made the common is like Will it take to get us to Mars? If I give you unlimited money, could we get there before the next election, which is a ludicrous claim, but in tat moment lined up somewhat with my instinct of like oh tat. We need to dream big, this idea of dreaming for that moon shot, Slash, Marcia that something that I feel is missing. It was when I look back at the APOLLO eleven. I looked back. The APOLLO program in general, at least through rose colored glasses, you here at a time when people are coming together, their investing in science. There are trying to do things that fell impossible and through doing that, there's a lot of benefit to our society, and there is a lot of cultural cohesion with some caveats for sure, but that there is a positivity there that phallic was lacking.
And we actually have a commander in chief. I don't agree with an almost anything but is sort of like hey. I think we can get to Mars, unlike you sound crazy, but in this case I like it, so we looked at doing episode of like what is the fight look like to get to Mars. Is that the kind of thing are we going to make Amerika great again with a big asterisk, but are we going to go back to what was unique and interesting about the APOLLO? Eleven mission is at something that's in store for Americans. That's something that's good! For America! There is great, it was waiting to interrupt. You is because I have nothing to add to subtract from what you just said
Thank you need not that other times, when I interrupt you, I do yeah you. They didn't really making me look back at the rested on the rest of the universe, nuff. So, firstly, yes, it is absurd to imagine that we would land on Mars before the next election, but it's not absurd to imagine that we would have a Mars programme ready to happen before the next election and if anyone else thinks it's absurd, you have to ask is crazy for a present
to say I want to start getting to Mars and before the end of my next term, I wanna have landed on Mars, so I get to make the phone call. I don't know that president from said that, but he surely thinking so. Is that a crazy thing? Here's my question to you is getting to Mars in six years: more crazy, then getting to the moon in seven President Kennedy S speech. We can go to the moon, but do it with nineteen sixty two, not sixty one. We didn't have a ship that could launch a human being that wouldn't explode on Launchpad. We didn't yet have that spacecraft and he said, we're gonna put a man on the moon before the decade is out, and we do it within eight years so to go from an impossible dream to an accomplished dream
that's gotta be more remote. Then any thing any sitting president can say today that they want to have have happened in the next six years. That's all I'm saying I oughta presented yeah. I think that's what is or have a crazy. You want to say. Trump is just be level and, as a scientist I try to be level headed about all the same from space force, Croesus these forest. There was no not we got problems on earth where everyone I boards people just just reacted without pausing in thinking. What well that's think about this? otherwise you just aligning yourself with political whims and not using your own brain to analyze the statement made by one side of the ILO, the other. So I think, is a very I think it's
They compelling question that, in that a person who is is radioactive when it comes to politics, but it would take somebody of an opposition like that to set the bar that high and entrust that people pulling together could potentially get there. I think like where it we're in a time where I'm here a lot of people talking about climate change. In order to stop the effects of climate change, we would need the type of effort it took during world war two to come together. I was just in Detroit this past weekend and I was looking at the architecture of Detroit some of these buildings that were built that stunning gorgeous stunning Fisher building. I was in a monument to american ingenuity with built in thirteen months and it's it's unbelievable and one or two we were building battleships. Right here in Brooklyn Navy, just just pumping out when we agree that hey this is that they were going to do now. All veterans line all persons align. Let's get these things done, and I think they give me that internal combustion engine reference
Ah gears are in place. Thank you all for the electric motor yeah all about panels have been loaded? Do more solar panels, all bad are tracking the sun at all angles. In this category this we're never really into mine does what it would actually be able to contact your lies in a way that is on the same page, daylights out, I still I'll work on it. There's there's something really evocative one about grandiose thinking to about side. They exploration in a way. That is at a level that that is beyond what people can imagine, and I think, like some of that comes with a time period where people are afraid of wanting to beat the Russians was a big the sixty not wanting to die yells. Nobody did. I works every time
that no doubt about it characteristic personal letter. Good stake now wanted to die, and so I think, like I think, it's a compelling question right now. It shouldn't be thrown out baby with the bathwater. Allowing can we get to Mars showed that that sounds ludicrous ETA main question in in the in the episode cause as of this recording, it has an urgent, yet the thing that makes us off is, I don't agree with the present on many things, but this is actually something that connects with me of, like is something that has got to be realistic in our lifetime and what is that? What is it going to take? And so we accept that all right. Let's go talk to some people. We go. We tried to Scott Kelly. Two here he's been up there. He has of opinions what he thinks I go to Mars Habitat Hawaii, to see what some of the training would look like. I don't know why, when I know of one in Canada, as yet. There is one of the big island, the volcanic mountain monologue, they're, all volcanic too that's how they rose from the bottom of the ocean
all right, you don't I actually that's what an archipelago is. You know that it's it's a hot spot underneath earths, moving crust, ok and it just sitting there and the crust is there in punches through makes a volcano. Then it goes dormant. The crust keeps moving then punches through again point pauses. It keeps moving punches through again so during a volcanic I do like archipelago essentially is Eric volcanic Series. As I understand it, my my rudimentary geology how many islands it take to be an archipelago. Is there like a flat line by more than one Sure I don't I don't know, but don't you think so
I would not allow which there's a place called high seas, which is a Mars habitat and that I should really also into a moon habitat, because he's got the volcanic terrain there, the volcanic terrain, it is incredibly remote NASA had paid for this site. Now it's privately owned, the European the internationally. The European Space Agency was, it was sending the national as well as european space age. Yes, yes, they were sending. People are actually as we were leaving. There is a long way from Europe. Do that's a hike s leg. You might as well just dig a hole through the earth and go through yeah yeah. Well. At that point. If you live in London with the rain you're like a good way of so we spend some time, I spent some time on the top of my lower talking about not only what it would what life autonomy
The people who are the people who has habitat exactly sneaking in Tito's or something or they ll say what they are, but I think there's other disorders weaken their orange ringer. He's gotta they this fingernail, they died no date. This sneak in something cheat, these are not naturally occur in other Marcia Landscape. I know this for us by the red. Color market does even went off their fingertips, so did it was actually a lot about their testy right. There is just the psychological challenges living on Mars for an extended period of time, not only the possible two years therein back what it's like to live in a small and close. ACE with people at which would sort of body as as a lay person but also as a as an improvised, and somebody was taught emperor. It's all about group dynamics is about how you can teach people how to listen. Hypnotic,
one another, not a build up of ideas, and so a lot of things they were training for studying up. There were the type of things that are our basic human could easily have when it is not already fully researched. Just with families are Thanksgiving relief that we already know we're getting a group of people who know each other real Well, what happened when they got to sit down together the banana recorded. You know we have a written down its as we know, one is recording their own thanksgiving. We just talk about it the next morning at the border issue, where the exact nobody ready. We get up a tender paper. Guys me this is you could do scientific research everything's give it one thing on add to that before we take. Our next break is again I'm old enough to remember
A lot of the Twilight Zone episode in real time and they were made during the build up of the space programme on the way to the moon. So space showed up in many of the topics more as a philosophical thing. Not this is really gonna happen. This way they just said, if spaces of Gaul, what are some ramifications of this and multiple episodes were about the loneliness of space and how it could mess with your head, and I said and then I then, when I got older, I realized two times. I don't want to talk to anybody. I'd be perfectly happy. So many a week Gimme a book Netflix account. I'm fine. I don't want to talk to anybody and I'm I'm socialized
the Hermes who are out there, who could go years doing this. So then I realized that that both that be ass, they their plenty of people who don't need human contact for their own sanity, a bee, every act- not in space, is getting yak that by NASA Overtime, dynamic up mission control energy to have you done your thing shut up. There is no loneliness and space you want. I just want to nip that in the bud. Ok puts when ass any one astronaut anywhere right. Bladed know that at the time during the Mercury programme, it was one astronaut but later on, it's a whole team of people, so I'm not I'm buying this psychological thing. You can easily find seven people who really just don't give. About perfectly happy staying there alone, but take those seven people who don't give a shit who are gonna be allowed and put them,
together get everybody has been married for fifty years and give them the right there journals and then just Q offer that people or prose at marriage send them a very very long ago when we come back. I just want to get more detail from. Clipper about is episode on. Are we going to Mars when STAR Talkative The future is space and the secrets of our planet reveal star die.
Rebecca start up a sin Geller episode with one guest whose doubling as my guest, my co host and my expert. We don't do this very often we're flying close design heads. You feel you feel in their birth dozy and his his wax way. These are still are still holding so reference to Icarus in case, as well as people followed at home as an end. Well, so you so tell me some of the things you subjected yourself too. So my subject myself to a trip to Hawaii, Baroness Ashton,
a devastating just so you know I'm such a tough guy, your back you you, you took one for the tea in the name of science. Send me back to Hawaii sets out what what other than subjecting yourself to a trip to go. What did you do so I am centrifuge I did so I didn't do it there is what I am going to with we spend some time ago when I was one of your trips wise and we have to TAT Hawaii Habitat Hawaiian. We talked to Hank Rogers, who is a multi millionaire, whose investing in that and in trying to invest in space and will be the winners in his hand. I don't get it blue collar, Billy S, a man, that's a practical guide. I d little data, He was God Kelly down unused and when he was a day drinking with an astronaut was afraid right. That's it that's a fact drinking and then but to go to her. What was the beverage it? Was it a drink, called space dust, there's a there's, a bar outside that is classified. Yet again. There is a bar outside of NASA in Houston, where,
They asked, let's go to which we were gonna interview, scarred we're talking about. Let's use national community just like her like a suburb of used, as it is very much not and uses. When I found out. And when you meet there were like: where do you meet up is a will? There is a bar or astronauts go to it. In my mind, ethnic, the right stuff, I've, romantic ideas like you to walk in there can be checked. Bigger than the corner for their material other state. Why there's gotta be spread, there's something every bit as and when you're spit. There's a tough guy spit a buyer, and you turn into this and what makes this bar remarkable is it's the closest Barton S insufficient its divisions, these all scientifically train people getting recently. The close buyers will go there, so we drank the local EPA, which is called space dust. We had a little, we will get a little busy and then I headed too space camp because What did you say north at their others, though the one in Huntsville Huntsville Alabama? Yes, and so you gotta hunting
has a standing full scale. Rocket model of the Saturday is unbelievably it's like a compass direction who know there's through so much history there with the how much of that was built in Huntsville, and I think they did it does feel like this is unique universe almost out of place with so many other places that you travel to Huntsville is an enclave, unlike anything else, in all of our babble, who very true, highly educated scientists. Engineers have a good school system, and the rest of Alabama, not so much yes and they had sold its unique little spot of another thing we were looking at with this episode is what what what what whereas in America trajectory with our potential mission to wait before you get to that the Estonian or what you subjected yourself to physically, I go into space camp and I got myself in the spinning thing. I found myself in a sense which is the main thing, is that when the girls and all coordinates yeah yeah, it's the Leonardo Da Vinci got naked man just like the ritual,
really a man look, I got in Spain I forgot the jury. Man is like a bit? Sorry forgot all about it. Again, I even speeders daddy it's better than the original community, the petroleum man either. Wouldn't when also what I went in there, I wouldn't I did a centrifuge which goes up to three jeez and I was doing it. We do. I just f why I as three jeez is like: where
good roller coaster will take you found. Do this just I'm so doing this to be the Rockets could accelerate to higher than three jeez they just don't it's an interesting fact when they launch from earth, there's always fuel, and but is this. The thrust is the same as is constant and so there's a lot of fuel as the fuel gets burned, the rocket ways less so the same thrust will actually accelerated faster, there's a point we could accelerate much faster than Billy and they throttle back just to not have you pinned against this because we will have to present any too has not always been the case in the old days. I don't know just what recently that's that's how they do it. They throttle back so that you don't experts much more than three jeez yes getting launched into that's, why they peggotty three geez.
Elsewhere, its base camp, another primarily children that economic growth and a forty year old, satirical commedia, it's a weird cross section. So did you? Did you barf up your lunch? You I did not. I did not barf. I feel terrible the entire day, you're the adequate. Oh yeah, I'm I quickly realized I'm not going to space. I want him to big and Tom. Two. They didn't tell me their budgets, for I was six four yeah yeah. I turn my head as I wanted to add to the the centrifuge, and so you will you fuck. We see that's what I felt queasy each one. My body was not made for it, so the actual doesn't make you do so then, maybe you make yourself do look there, there's also its edge. They essentially have you. They run it through a simulation where you attempt to fix the international space Station, which they put you in a sling to stimulate zero gravity, which is just a socially you look like a weird cow. That's going to slaughter, they like lift up you're out there that they place you horizontal and then he just kind of
float around trying to do not actually weight was at that time you can still swallow. It goes down again, I'm a guy. You still went up and down yes, yes, if you drop your pen, it'll fall. I don't think although it is that is an incredibly they didn't know initially, if you'd not, I should mention that at all only what do you know What are you hiding for not authorized with those in the early days? We didn't know for sure if you could swallow in space, but you can the energy they are, but it turns out you can do in space. Anything that you can do upside down is right about that. So you can swallow upside, oh yeah, and you can eat upside down and that's gravity in
please opposite direction from right side up, which is based on the strength of your boss of all of the vows and everything you're. Here you can. You can live not for long nor comfortably upside down your blood still pumps year, so so that me and you can do it horizontally- shooting vertically horizontally an upside down. Zero g is not a thing you're fine. I know that has taken us, God, Calais and not to get to gross about it, but I asked him about using the restroom, the restroom, both of them, and he talked about like that is out of demonstrate. That is the first question a twelve year old asks that which scientists ass. The word is the first started out on that site
I hope this. As do you. You have precise question a highly curious human being will ask thank you that includes children as well as signed just exactly you pick, which one you wanna escalation and laid out of you I've by sheer models. We, the second and third, gradually ass, regular obsessed with the idea of an interesting thing. So do you think a based on everything you saw? Does your show that episode of Europe should have a conclusion? The conclusion is enough. I am optimistic about it from a selfish point of view. I do think it something that has potential. I think I have inspired by the idea of replacing that bar high in trying to achieve it. Try to people like Sky, Kelly and other folks on the ground delay. It feels like we're, probably if we're going to happen twelve to fifteen years off who's. This person, you if you don't want to be the first sale neighbours unless it so we found this person has been training to be an astronaut, since she was three years old. Literally, has certifications from here across the world is under space care by the eighteen,
Why did it she's in an eighteen year old girl who this had been her dream, and so we kind of wanted to talk to somebody who was so much? I send her. Yet we got us. What does she know she could die? She does stress, talked about art of good she's, even talk about potentially removing like a gallbladder or things that for a potential Mars mission, they would the things that you might remove as I what contraceptives early so that low in case you have like your appendix yes you'd, want your tat penetrated inflamed, where no one can come to. Yes, sir. You pro actively remove prophylactically. When I say I said: countryside precocious, oh god, I know exactly what I got nervous about say: drugs appropriate but proactive. I think. Yes, you you're probably find words today. Ok, let's to proactively So she was discussing that. I think it was. What I took away when there was. I wanted to talk to somebody who is she called her cells, the Martian asian. I remember what about your moon at all there there. Thank you. It is not even there now it's theirs
the moment be the way in which you ye stop and then go all the way to Mars, but I think she wants to. She wants to be that she wants to be. There. Our trial of our generation or their generation, perhaps is maybe more lenient in front of us all. Today there you we all get any Armstrong. Yes, I think I am optimistic as far as that goes. We look a lot also at the private space race and I think that the money will come from because a trillion dollars I mean, I think, that's where you you're looking at what what's happening Nobody knows right now, check now go home now. Well, I think the capitalism, a thing that happened in America always is driven America. I think space ex blue origin, those those types of endeavours making us close, I'm hoping you am sceptical only because, if their business that you want to make money online, I make money offered, sent him the first mission there. I dunno wears a return on their investment. Well, I want you to charge people to watch it. You know like the Olympics, recharging pyramids, commercial,
time, but maybe that's what it'll take well, that's what I've been out as they talk about american ingenuity and not to be a sitting, but I wonder if the next phase of american ingenuity as like, how do we profit of going to Morrow at what it let dogma that Pepsi teacher american market do miracle remarked the book price tag on repairing we by mercury If I can buy our business in my mind about so here's something I was. I ran the numbers on this. You could make a mission to Mars every time on a lottery case. We have three hundred
Americans, if every one, this hard budgets, I'd just running blunt numbers. If everyone puts an hundred dollars, ok, there's a lot for most people, but just it's not an unreachable amount of money. We ve spent hundred hours on something in our lives before ok and one percent for the chance that you will be on that mission and a hundred dollars times. Three hundred million is what it's, how much it is. Thirty two should not require calculated. The decimal were to places so did really just thirty million Mr Math Guy billing way better thirty billion dollars. That is two years of NASA's budget allocated by the government. The end plus NASA puts in some governed puts in some you do. This, I think, is some variant on that that that an emerald do it every week. I mean why not and if you don't get to go
get to see other people go in that part of your pleasure. I bet you get more pleasure watch and someone else work on more than you would watching. So let us win the megabucks lottery ideology I get up is no pleasure from you get negative and I didn't know you didn't. I didn't get a good route for somebody right right exactly. I think there is a way. I think there is financial ways in which you can make it a closer reality. I think that we talked about earlier as well. I think, as a country we have to care about this, and the things are often move us, our fear I dunno born, but yet fears of begging, whether its patriotic pride of something that we can achieve. I don't know, and if we could use some of that, there is a sense of unity. Everything like we like to compete in and, I think seem China land. On the dark side, a moon suddenly makes maybe us a little bit more excited. So far said through our dinner, you cause, you know
do you know you know where I got already. Could you take that ended? I don't know it was going so well if it was caught up on all sides of the moon get someone to go. You took a chance at last Monday, the aghast Anna CO housed widow, I fire r r booking sorry, everybody. I don't know I'll give you do your whole pass on that when only because a pouch strongly influential pink Floyd stocks are album was thank you, whether not that was your favorite apples. He should say: what's your favorite was my favorite there. It is as a whole package of a little deliver. They ve already guys, please. Yes, I agree that if China looks like some kind of friendly threat, because obviously trade heavily with them, so they not an explicit military enemy, we're not aiming missiles at each other, but that the idea that they would do something first and we don't wear Moroccans back. That could lighter ignite affrighted done under US
so am I talking about other topics that are that we can look forward to what we are of our final opposite, the were covering we covered legalised marijuana in California. In so there's an equity programme out there that tries to deal with. Basically people were affected by the war on drugs, trying to give them preferential treatment in starting businesses in open California. On ice August was a drug show because it says Drugs are an excellent yeah, so another way to go to space if you love threat, so that drops top ten episode. Humming a prepaid episodes eight episodes, but we look forward to more of this week we have there, I will be out of one and they will get you back for just
that darkshire I'll. Do my research kneel down on me. I promised to be better. If you invite me back, I promise to be better actually do thanks. Neil! Thank you. This has been star talk. Most of you have heard the show some of you may have even watched it on Youtube Channel. I've had Jordan, clever our guest triple serving as my colleague Ozma. Expert Am Anna comedian, an informative guy and the main interview, Don't do that often, only when we got it all wrapped up into one character as he is, we ve got to go near the grass Thyssen, as always bidding you,
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