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A Conversation with Laurence Fishburne

2014-03-22 | 🔗
Red pill or blue pill? You get both when Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews Morpheus himself, actor Laurence Fishburne, about his roles in The Matrix films, CSI, Searching for Bobby Fischer and more.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free, with this is filled with secrets in industries leaving us with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. What what are you recently the domain the brakes tat. Are you going to do grandma, ass, deep brain, they get lab. Like? What,
Welcome to start operating on your host needed Thyssen, I'm an astrophysicist and director of New York Cities, Hayden Planetarium in this star talk featuring my interview with the award winning actor Lawrence fish burn. You ve, probably see when a bunch of movies he was shooting a new site by India, Film and Albuquerque New Mexico. When I ran into him when I was filming Cosmos on a sound stage in Santa Fe New Mexico cars. Also film, around the world, as well as Two major sound studios, one in LOS Angeles, one in Santa and Santa phase, where we found all the scenes on the space ship, the imagination we haven't, seen cosmos check it out. It's actually online. If you know
hatchet in real time on television online. It's w cosmos on tv dot com in this first clip with Orange burn. I've run down the list of some of his most popular movies. We also does says interest in science and the influences that led him to a career in film and television large, you have the most diverse, acting career from any one I have made. I get but from people Herman to Apocalypse now display has now been agreed on three three down schooldays schooldays of course, and one my favorites, which was not a box office success, but so well, and so beautifully down, and you are the character of the movie was searching for. Figures published without one man what a proud product. That is. That's a really great. My son in fact got into chess by Jan and that and now he's moving, he's, twelve really why, so you know emitted blown smoke does a lot here. My regret is that it
you're on Broadway Thurgood. Thurgood. Well, would read all about. Send you one goes where we actually shouted in DC were he did most of his great work, but he was Howard right. Our Howard then source you prolonged and all it ass. It was like doing the home team. Thank you and most of all your site, finding these guys. So we got event HORIZON sir. I the matrix gee I teach and mass steal the only and when you are in progress, the signal to signal talk about it. If you can limit our first one was one that not a lot of people know about which is called cherry to thousands of cherry two thousand. It is Have you looked out one eyes? If you blink you'll, miss me I've got round. Accurate was not exactly background, but not much more than a glow of Rome extra. So let me ask you, mother, your high school math and science teacher. Yes, you at all. Yes, I would have to say. Finally, I am natural reader, my father
the natural reader I did. Fairly well in math, and I guess I did ok in science. I think both of those two subjects just helped round me out in terms of making me a curious burst from them. Really curious about the world. Many people who take math and science who don't Come mathematicians. Scientists think that its vomit use this again, but you just hit the nail on the head that it changes your outlook. Yeah mean it may be curious about the world and it gave me away into the world away of investigating the world and flooring, Gloria world that wasn't just about what thing it looked like or how people talk I mean I had that kind of curiosity. Really but for example, I would say the big peace that allowed me to think about another part of the world in another culture, for example, is like the Hindu Eric system. The way they introduce that to you in school is like what you like. A we didn't event numbers
Somebody else invented the nervous system that we used to call her a big number and that's the way you think about that, and it gives you a window into that part of the world allows you to start thinking, outside of the box and outside of your world and where you come from and all that stuff, so that kind of stuff with great and then, of course, with the science thing growing? in New York and having access in Brooklyn in Brooklyn having access to the bridge. Bulgarian, having access to the one in Manhattan and have a great the hidden planetarium. Exactly this my place. Now, oh, I got the key. All you gotta get back. You gotta know somebody better. The cool already exist to meals. We lack market must start up will the border themselves, so you have a secret knock at all. How do you know about alleged through the back door?
university sector, but we had access to hate and we had access to the one in Brooklyn and I think, all of my friends we were all curious about the world you know we had cosmos, we grew up with costs. Was castles is onto you? He it was who had taken a middle school, a baptism. We had that we had STAR Trek. Original. We we had space. Ninety ninety nine, which is all about exploring. He knows all about what's out there, but cowardly did you think no, you can be an actor. I became an accurate. The age of ten idle came professional act with the aid of tat do. You have any sense that I'll just signs would matter or play. And yes, I did because the first thing I wanted to be was I wanted to be. A dog gave particular box cause. You got that CSI your document It was a doctor. You know you gotta have some science, you can't be doctor. People are not have some just don't work. I want to be a basketball player. I want to be one Clyde Frazier, specifically a friend of mine in high school, was the ball boy for the next Stan. While Clive was plain,
I had the same size feet as La Frazier. Husky had his Puma contract game was she was away. My boy will go right? Now? I don't worry, I'm still, drought of Osborne with you guys, moons, no MC lighted the same fate free pumas for like a year and a half that is crazy so that they are in this area. So that was years and I wanted to be a doctor than I wanna be best warbler. Then I became an actor at ten and I realized immediately that as an actor. I could be anything anything, so science would fall under the heading of anything most things really when you think about it. So I was never wanted. You was like. Oh, I'm never going to use that it was when I get an opportunity to use that then I'll explored some more, and I learned some, maybe so when you
the school, where you like the class clown, geek, definitely glass clown. Not anyone to teach. You would have said he'll go far now, probably now, but you said you did well in math. I did well in all subjects: yeah, ok, you're, good student. I was a goods, do generally that's when people say you'll do well, but I was little to social, sometimes for anything. Life that's great, but in schools and will make it now, and I challenged one of my teachers, who was the one who said I would go far. I challenged him a bit, but you know you got over. You been listening to
our talk, radio, I'm Neil the Grass Thyssen when we come back I'll talk with Lawrence fish burn about one of my all time, favorite movies, the matrix the matrix as ever. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room, you can see it when you look at your window or when you turn on your television, you can feel it when you go to work when you go to church, when you pay your text, It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from this is starter good adaptation. Improvisation,
Agnes is not your technique back to STAR talk radio in this show where featuring my interview with the actor Lawrence fish burn in this next clip. We talk, his role as Morpheus and its from one of my, favorite movies of all time, the matrix? We also touch upon his portray EL as Perry White Superman, the man of steel and, although large fish per head, and the seams and is one science flocked out, I had to leave it in a sum up and get on their case. Ok, but in your speech about having we gotta do some time on matrix. You sure it's one of my top three visual elms and my life is a major one of court right, yeah, yeah, sorry major one with you. I just thought it was stunning and dropping a wise and everything about it at the time. Did you have any concept it
who's gonna become what it was. What I knew was that it was simply the most original material that I had ever counter and that I was gonna play that poor, ok, that shows the sign of somebody who's driven by art. Yes, others aren't were left out. Yeah and just how was filmed and themes and is one science flock tell tat, I had to leave it in a sum up and get on their case. Ok, but in your speech about how they need to get their energy advertise, the copper top thing, It's all to turn humans about right right, so it turns out that whatever energy it takes to get the energy out of the person, right. You can just used at energy every time you use energy to get into from something else. You lose energy. Ok, so you feeding this entity as organism right food, which is energy right
to then use the human is energy you're not getting as much energy as you put it ever ever ever now. The way that was using this plus solar and nuclear power we run. I say that these are the matter right. These are the multiple kinds of batteries and we get humans and there are two factors in Geneva humans, but it's really cool. I have to limit its a case where coolness overrides ever rising and sometimes in science fiction. That's the criteria. Sometimes it's style overstepped, an style works and science fiction. It does cause you could take a style. Were you not passing judging Let in fact that address that's not what they would have done in nineteen abroad is twenty three, fifty right, it's what different movie to be six. What was most of another thing to build a hope an based around the clearly the matrix has this, because I imitated you yeah right: nobody
what are you going somewhere? it. Just sunglass, I'd Morpheus, as you ve, built out of gas, is able to fight more knows why? What s great about him? For me, she turns out actually be one. My favorite characters and everyone's swim carriages, its eye efficient, is Darth. Vader Vader is a great care of this is kind of like invader, and only one rolled up into one guy says and the philosophy is light meant or entered mental yeah. So that's a fully. Realized human being in a way that we don't get to see that after the I note was working for me because you were Morpheus in there and I think, a more infringement rate.
Morpheus, yet I see you in search of a body fisher, you're, the homeless guy and apply. So I guess I'm compliment a neighbour the character. It lives in that time and place snake with you so which are very special effect in the major oh wow, my favorite one. There is when the whole team goes to see the Oracle and there's that shot in that room, one I know every frame, so you don't have to try to do so. They shot him on the phone and of the camera goes around the phone. Yes, whenever everyone's company, suddenly, when the camera the revolution everybody's there s my favorite special effect: Real because it's not a special effect, it's you Actually, it's very simple. The cameras in the room is on track, wore a steady, Canican, remember the phone rang, they were in the room and the
were made one revolution and before it maybe other relish, we all russian gunned position. Your easy to, please forget the bullet time. Gay. All time movie trick is like the guy. Whenever lies the Whig Laddie it that's my favorite special. It's an interest issues as a good sort of musical, be too got great music here now and it's got the great movement of the camera and then suddenly you get this beautiful tat blow this whole team people just suddenly around the fine go wherever it right, in the matrix. You really inaction, hero somewhere. But, yes, That's a genre onto its unto itself, but you know I mean that's really a young man's game, you don't I mean I'm not looking to be action euro at sixty, I don't mind doing some action You know a little bit account do and although the movie come from,
I concur with moving goods, so very white. Yes, editor of the daily planet. I have street crammed with Superman alone. If you know Also, I was in a Superman Comic a few months ago: action comics forty one simply want to find his home planet find Krypton, because the laws signal of Krypton being destroyed right would be mean to us about now, ok and came, the planetarium so I'm director of the planetary I'll, send you are that issues or cool the comic? Ok, I'm nervous Superman, I may have become Macneil, I'm told they were too. There superman. Commission action comics I may have the is the footlights. I got hacked we're talking through the plot around them deal with him right with questions. You might ask- and I said oh by the way, if it makes no difference to you, could you take if you pay I'm so often in the guise of documentation. This is the world of the comics.
We won looks good. Everyone has asked the idol Superman. You can't not love Superman. And any cannot love the back you just can't you don't. My favorite common about Superman is that he actually has no costume, there's nothing covering his fake. So when he Superman's knows costume, is landed with it. Yeah within relay S. Yeah, that's he's got his car. MRS Glasses, and soon, as you know, is mild mannered report. That's right, yeah he's himself I went to ease the super who asked for any role in a cypher Will you ever wanted? Yes, doctor Manhattan in the watchman? What a strike character I would love to done that, however, I just worked with Billy who played document end, and he was motives and he was telling me how they did it. It's really amazing how he did it loads quantum non location made once used. It's only two particles are particle, has different laws that apply to re compared with macro
gothic entities right so particle can be a more than one place at a time. So heat is decompose into particles. He can reappear like marks wherever my favorite seen that movie where he brings the woman with you there, instead of achieving higher for guy he's at last. That was just caught. One of my favorite lines from the comic book is yes, Superman's and he is an American. No, no, no it Superman is it was Alex always these american, maybe they're coming in medicine super in the movie. Ozma love that. So I personally think that's better genre, Watchman Watchman, absolutely Mister, John or among nobody delivers. A comic book will be better than Zack closer I mean there's only two french and account books are missing. Everything else is re, proclaimed the book really every much. How can we truly,
I couldn't believe it I was watching us get away, is really something so decides. Friction movies live in a different place in your heart, mine, compared with other dramatic roles. They take a different thing because an accurate having you know, I love science fiction movies. I love science fiction to begin with, because I'm convey stick we're not by ourselves. Here, there's gotta be more than just us, old thing about sensation is all the stuff that was imagine say fifty sixty years ago. Some of that stuff is actually real. Now that's portrayed in size for Edmunds It's a sufficient. I mean, like you know these devices would walking around with me. That's real. In fact, we ve already been passed. The flip phone. Yes, now, that's all! That's all the talk about didn't, unlike that kind of stuff, because it allows the imagination to be really expansive, open up and go places, and that's great, an interesting when you think about it, because in a dramatic role, your contain by the characters as they are as humans.
Earth and a time and employ end the realities of what our situation is. People care fly, people, Chancellor, you know. If you make a period pieces then happened before the invention of flight. Does it unless its designs, which advancing thing and some do, chose a pig's lot right have removed that removing yet happy. Then I got to do some science fiction because for the longest time look like we work and to participate in the future. Lieutenant were the first like the only. Why version one use it try start on a man if you haven't heard by two parts, have you with Michel Nicholls who played lieutenant, who were in the original STAR Trek TV, as well as in the movies, then check it out on Itunes or through our web portal. Stir talk, radio that net that interviews fronts he's in two episodes. Twenty four and twenty five you'll have to scroll down a bit to find them, but I guarantee their well worth the effort. She's, a gracious spy,
Where did lady, who led an extraordinary life when start talk returns I have more of my interview with the also extraordinary actor Laurens fish burn. Yes, now I know bringing space inside it down to earth you're? Listening to start, I have Gallo secret for you. I'm gonna considers singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one. And where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and support Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
we're here. Another commercial and star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just SAM Wainwright Judge how not to be proud of you play and not the doktor with you got to risk everything you gotta go to the edge of the fleet. That's why you wanna be edited, but why, like welcome back to start over, Neild Grass TAT circulated in the sure we're featuring my interview with more and fish burn in this segment. We discuss his role as a chess hustler in the film searching for Bobby Fisher that nineteen ninety three movie is based on the line for the young chest prodigy in New York City. The title of the movie is said to be a metaphor about the characters quest to win the game at any price. Just like is idle Bobby Fischer, who some consider to be the greatest
chess player of all time in the movie, the young boy, first picks up. The gain from speech has players that hang out in Washington Square Park as portrayed by Lawrence FISH burn. Their teaching style greatly differs from that of the chest coach played by been Kingsley. You know scientists have speculated that computer should be able to solve the game of chess, in other words, to come up with perfect strategies to always win, but it hasn't happened. Yet there are ten, a hundred and twenty as possible game variations with tend to the forty third possible board position for each move, something limitations in computing, including quantum and thermodynamic barrier? My prevent computers from ever being able to examine the entire tree. A possible move consequences in the game must listen. What?
fish, were asked to say about chess in the movie searching for Bobby Fisher you're. The chess Barnett was speeches later this beach s guy and was guy in the park, and my son was telling me he's pushing the peace is the right way. Yet you had a culture consulting there's a character in the film called I want to say, candle, feel better his this, not candle feeling the character that Ben Kingsley played the based on a real man. A panel Handover, yes, yes, damned off was in right yet again office, someone after Lord of the circles anyway, but to me the thing about them will be the greatest that will stand the test of time. You go back. Look devilry memory resonate The movie plays beautiful, preparing to current ambition. Yeah, it's got real. I've stuff in it and it's a classic in that sense, it were also it reminds me of the New York. Did I grew up in Europe was like that at the time when I
there are certainly up until at least the late Ninetys it was so did you like just before this I learned to play the game where I was nine and I love the game. I wish I played seriously, but I go. I can move the pieces, I know where they. I can teach anybody the fundamental rules of chess and get them on their way to playing a game, not playing a good game, but just playing the game. Basically, so doing Emily was good. For a little while people thought I played seriously that always gotta front, but I thought a couple: a young people during that period of time you know people who otherwise might not have gravitated again Journey question about the universe, human harbouring that you might want to use. My question about the universe is it's kind of God related? It's like has there ever been, a moment were the site to the community and religious community came together to discuss and debate the existence of God and his place or, a place in the universe, the panels on
all the time yeah, but they never converge were when they do. They tend to converge Well, we don't. It was around before the beginning of the universe could have been got kind of convergence, but what's happening, areas there are signing the scientific. To the religious knowledge, but what happens when the scientific ignorance goes away, because you made a discovery right in the head. Story of exploration. Shows that plenty of things that religion pretty much had control over like epilepsy rack, and what was that you were possessed. Oh yeah devil was in right right away that there was no other account Linda. What right brought in at the mouth it happens in its right. You know you do some back right up took ownership or your body. I now we study the brain, its epilepsy, you can medicine, so things like that start shedding from gas, and it just keeps co exist.
The minded so much has been shed. So much has been understood. So much has been scientifically understood and looked at that there must be some space for the religious community. The girl k well great. So what is the nature of God that space can't occupy places where they were previously making claims about the world right universe made in six days and roses allow flat ass. She got its rights as we move tat the steam engine right all right. We ve been off world men up world, we ve been offworld. I'd like that rights are not receiving the move about it. We ve been off, we ve been off world, so we know we are not confined to this space, not matters more, that we were off world. Then that we went to them? You know why? Because what we want and we will look back and discovered earth for the first her for the first time we saw earthly, also urge as nature intended to be seen not with color coded.
Trees wow, but is ocean, Ryan, land, land and atmosphere, atmosphere, previous drawings, and you have never show cloud atmosphere Why on earth it was only to those pictures came out to people's await a member to think about the environment, nor the environment Protection Agency was founded. They then seventy, two, not seventy. Seventy withstood war, cold war, hot Warsaw, enabled shop we take the time out to sea must protect the environment. That happened because we saw for the first time as it was. Bessie ass movement, as God is cut when we return will have more of my interview with Orange Fischler.
The future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal this star die. Welcome back to, don't talk, radio, annealed, Aggress Thyssen and continuing now with my Lawrence fish were an interview in this part of the show we talk. His role as doktor raid Langston in the tv series. Csi of course see us stands for? Crime, scene investigations and the show features crimes it please try to solve by using tools of forensic science? The shows been a big hit for CBS running for fourteen seasons,
and spanning a whole franchise with spin offs, CSI New York, CSI Miami Comic Books, video games novels and even a traveling museum Exhibit COS aside, the experience, but before we get to them Lawrence and I start off with perhaps some of his lesser known work, how much more work to do. I do a lot of which I was the silver surfeited, fantastic form and I also did a voice for ninja turtles, the last yeah one goodbye growth, which Digital were no no. I was the narrator I narrated opening all has said it all out any Damien into terms Leonardo Donna Tallow, and I forget the other two. Do you realize that the italian segments of the space station Our named no really goes in the no names says: ninja turtles, but if you don't know the needed. That is all,
besides already has a great and of your role in science. Themed shows as anyone rise above the rest, I think probably the most purely scientific was Well that I played on CSI with doktor likes to being a pathologist and having to really use scientific dialogue, be in a lab as it those bodies look really dead, there's really good jobs, I'm assuming their not really, thereby not really dead bodies, but also the science was maybe eighty five percent correct on the show. Sometimes they would do it in a fake in a way because it was something that you know the council top story that the matter not just because they have to tell the story but collected more For example, there was something called the CSI Affected happened after CSI. First air were criminals they're watching the showed see how to be. I didn't navigators, the so however, the track? Yes, after about two seasons, they started altering the science just a little bit so that it was an exact words,
and what it says about other shows like breaking bad teacher. You gotta a great job. Are you tapping any of your? I ain't literacy when you're thinking about these roles and doing these rules or where is it mostly you're, acting town? It's mostly my acting skills that has developed over the years now, like I say, CSI, which for me was the closest that I've gotten to being a scientific person. I had the benefit technical adviser, who was always there, who would explain if there was ever a question about how something gets done? Why something gets done? Is this correct? We had several love coroners that would come in He offered is gonna, be people get to say that we have had a coroner right and we had the opportunity to go and see the coroner's actually work. I opted not to do that. I felt it would be just a little incentive
the family members of the deceased, but the producers are thinking about dry, get the most out of you for this year. I mean it was the closest that I've come to that most lose the Athens. But there were people that were there, he could rely on and you could talk to about the science of it so but instead it running at all, because I knew that they really worked hard at making it as close to truth real real instead of vague, real. Yes right as it does want to things Isabel apart from it. Ass, it was on television, airforces actually happen, Influence on how many people choosing to major in chemistry it had in biology, especially women, because these are fully developed characters, and it's not just the stereotypes right here, scientific right, they got problems, they got love, Riah, joys, scientists, as as that ninety per sexy real, be exact nice. We actually and start off the science advisor to the movie contagion,
city see right advisor to the cities that he's a specialist in communicable diseases and what, if it was illegal Elliot, was this every day wonderful everyday. Did you let me say this: let me show you what was now that science advisor to the movie contagion was doktor. Even lipkin he was on our first show about the zombie apocalypse that season for episode. Thirteen occasion want to check it out at STAR Talk: radio dot net when we return will have more of my interview.
Marge fishermen. As last night. There are five deaths and thirty two cases: Cluster Entry school, that's the kind of thing you're gonna have to be prepared for its gonna, be all over the news bigtime. What's your single overriding communications were isolating the second point in those that we believe are exposed. As of this moment, attached cellphone resources com- if you get into political dolphin, call me if you find yourself wide awake staring also three and one way enlarging the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it start. You never told me that that's just it teach. I never told anybody, but this ship knew about it. It knows my fears, it knows my secrets, debts.
Your head shows you welcome back to start talk, radio, you can find us on Facebook start on radio, and we also tweet, of course at start talk. Radio, if interested, I also to eat at kneeled listen! Wrapping up my interview now with Lawrence FISH burn, he's a talented actor with such a broad range, not only appearing in the sky films featured in the show, but also, for instance, in the event horizon predator. He played roles in many different kinds of movies, including apocalypse now boys in the hood even play the title character in Shakespeare's Othello. In this final clip we start off talking about the movie. He was filming the day in the desert in New Mexico and then we get into a deeper discussion about his plans for the future, and yet thing the signal- and I do this under article- will you banks here and Mexico, which is a very
the little piece about a young man whose confined to a wheelchair he in his hacker buddies, get contacted by a signal somewhere out here in the desert therein, MIT somebody in the desert is reorganise really matter. When a really happened, really academic, so they get in the car and they come to plan the signal. I would think that would be a bad idea. It is, and then they disappear and when they reappear well there, somewhere in the desert, with strange scientific vote We are strange folk grandees. Then I play the strange scientific man who's trying to help him pieced together. What is happening so are you earth. I am definitely earth, and I am definitely here- is just a little bit having form of space time continued. Yet this some other shit. All would have done it if it works and other shit. It's really when I read as I always go good tragedy this. I hope you do you, and so we can be in fact in years
oh goodness are still be acting I'll, be producing a lot more years. We're losing right on direct I'll, be directing allow her a probably have to three shows on television somewhere, maybe network, but as leader or another Eric has producer. Oh yes, creator and passing please leave, I might do elite in one of them, but about almost accustomed to you showing up in a pre existing movie. You know, that's obviously, rather than being the leading man, but you have such a strong presence that make certain scenes in a movie right sure, so I'm the one Some would say you may leading man and you get a trillion dollars right, but its flock. No thanks, because it's a craft after CS I experience it was brought to my attention that there may be space for me in the television landscape. As creator, we see the golden age of cable television. Where now beginning with
Second, the city and sopranos there and the list goes on and then it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. So really look for some material to create, and take more existing material book or something and then expanded for television in that way is possible. We have an animated series that we're working on how to do. We're gonna get out of it. You can just so am. I talking are still the eighty five and eighty of the error in my fly. I was active in the sole rights movement. So try to do that beautiful being an actor is as you and you play older people, somebody got up there's always grandpas and uncles, and she knows go good. I'm a playwright, I've written a play. I'd like to do so These were riding than you could write a sigh funny story tat. I could write a cypher story. You know I mean to decipher Sandy's was so. Loyalty is large
Doyle ended there for you forever and he'd been COMECON. I have not whatever you heard more than more than that I heard is one of my wife: just did a carnage, Philadelphia does she's been sapphire, ok sure she did call firefly. Oh yeah wishing the movie is most Whittier. She plays a character called Zoe she's captain mouse, second income. I got it back Now- and I know also was also show- show Cleopatra Cleopatra twenty five twenty five and she did and he ever so design of Warrior princess in many journey of Hercules. Two opposing views so we're both sort of sight. Five people call. So this could be someone waiting to be written. Maybe You know? My wife is wonder: woman at my wife is wanting to see other forget thing What around you when has the lasso of the MAGIC Glasser has
amazonian physique, great intelligence, matchless beauty NOS one thing, I'm Joseph that you have no good. I always wanted the key to a city. Just wanted to do something that where the city expressed it love as a key. I heard your key to Cambridge have kid again, because I went to college in Cambridge right there at the back of merging indication that naturally that today's and you would have gone too Boston. What did you do to get the key to Cambridge here's? What I will do for you knew you got the keys to the hidden. I got two kids came tat. We work on cable by king use. A key you guys get to seek would not go. I grew up, isn't planets aerial here my stockings on exchange rates. That's the deal was agricultural rhythm is festival that they have of their at Harvard every year that our culture is an
I'll, be right if I'd be a friend to receive their cultural rhythms award tomorrow as the year. So it was a life. Work there. Look I still got away Thirty years of work, harder, modern struggle for survival. Listening to start talk, radio Emil, the grass Thyssen and, as always, I beg you to keep looking. Dial up lockdown my old job, the organs which you can listen to start or commercial Three joint star talk on patriarch for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio
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