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A COSMOS Conversation with Steven Soter

2014-04-19 | 🔗
Worlds collide when Neil deGrasse Tyson puts on his StarTalk Radio hosting hat to interview astrophysicist Dr. Steven Soter, co-writer of the new COSMOS series on FOX hosted by Neil.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free, what universe is filled with secrets and mysteries with a Guinness with many questions to be answered. Fund are still searching for those answers. Has the very fabric of space and science in society are converging for the first time alive, Will you please it's easy to mean the brakes? Daddy Glinda. Did you grandma south ass? Do when they get lab?
this is start talks meal, the grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist. I work at the American Museum of Natural history in New York City, where I serve as director of the Hayden Planetarium there, and I got with me in studio as my co host jackknife nails to see good. Haven't you away, I will you know it. You rock the house how you gonna hold the hope. You have a whole fan community of people who, like here and you just don't start on. That is true and I love those people? That means I don't like you anywhere, that sort that making the most of whom are my family. But what can we say so today we to talk about Cosmos, the show what
Oh I soon now. Finally, it's here on startup, I'm a little uncomfortable because, like I'm yeah, you cause, you know them in cosmos. So what I figured, what should do so. I can be about me as host that's fine. Our cosmos got me which, by the way you as host gotta, say: ok, don't take this the wrong way. Surprise. When you do a greater really do gets articulating the schoolyard after trick. That answer, so I for one way to get insight into this, is to bring into studio one of the co writers of Cosmos friends and colleagues, Doktor Steve's, odor, Steve Pineal welcome to work to start talk. Thank you. It's going to be here, excellent and so he's not just any writer. By the way. First of all, he call wrote the first
space shows in the reopening The new rose centre for earth and space back in two thousand, where the Hayden Planetarium is. So he not only did that right now, you just keep partner curtains and you go back and then you find out that he was. One of the core writers of the original cosmos, wow work that is highly impressive. My friend you're, just as we cannot not does deal. This is radio who I know you're being how blouse ankle hats highly appropriate nodding his head. I guess Chuck! Yes, it was a matter of a shock and can vote vocalize your mind, so so he's got he's genetically owing to the beginning and the three original writers we're Karlsson get himself a rigorous and andreasen, and
and Steve Soldier and when I think we can get Andrey and ETA on another show. So we get the two co writers to talk about just the genesis of Cosmos, that is fascinating man and having literally it's it's a call tat, and please don't take this the wrong way but you're like living history, man, you know, don't please don't take alike the thousand year old man come round every time. Someone just don't take this the wrong way to go to the rolling right through to the right way, which is the wrong way so so stay? I would start off Steve State Europe, colleague of mine, your train scientist. I happen to know that your phd see, This involves planet, orbits, instabilities and sort thing if I remember correctly, your solar system type guy right and that's fine. It's not you can watch out into the rest of the universe, because the ear and your scientists but
one of the things that distinguishes cosmos? Is how often it references, history and every time I talk to you some historical thing that happened. Oh yes, that was the count in the Duke of Earl of this, and he had a budget that he made a telescope tat at this lends configuration weird we're getting this. So what is what accounts for this whole backward in history that you have just been reading history of science forever and I loved stuff. Ok, Chuck translation is, he doesn't want to tell. How do I get to support this all the time? Do you own a television, no right what say when you don't want to do but you're reading day, though kids TAT, theres, there's your key here is the key to success in life. Academics assess throw you television out down the stairs right? So you just read, but you could be reading, you could be reading anything. She of science is one of my favorites. These are one stories and all
it's a way to look back and see when these discoveries were made, what people didn't know and to think what they thought they knew, what they thought they need, to realize that were in the same position with modern people. Yes, so you are you saying psychologically we respond to science, the same way as people dead end. Fourteen out very well, I'm saying that they didn't know a lot. And they thought that they knew certain things right, we're in the same position saved it somewhere. We know the more. We know we don't know yes gotcha, where way, but where we're just wait. Just two science does progressed. So So we know stuff today that we didn't know and fourteen hundred got it, but we now know enough to know more stuff that we don't know that, wouldn't we wouldn't even have known to ask in fourteen hundreds at first it yes, but also reading what was happening back then, knowing what we know now puts a whole different light on it
Ok, so what you're saying as it makes it more humble in modern times? Yes, but how seriously you will treat somebody's idea? Yes, and also we realise that a lot of what we think we know now is certainly wrong. I don't know what parts of wrong Steve? That's not very encouraging you do you make it you make this profound declaratory statement. There are things that we think are true today, that will surely be the history of science tells us, and I can't tell you what those things are. We're gonna have to find but we have a method to do. It is an error correcting method of investigation by by inter getting nature itself and it works very well. It's gotten us this far. It's gotten us where we can be using these electrons to send this conversation at the speed of light. To a large body. These electrodes, like he's burning with with the electricity razor lecture. You got your electrons, I got so I want to art. So not only is the facts of history
there's the psychology of what's going on in the surrounding towns, the politics that scientists themselves and you'd Doug all this up with an and made storytelling out of it. Yes out, that's autonomy, I know some of the stories because I do. A bit of reading a history myself, but not nothing like the deaths that you guys went in even so there. I am I tell these stories like people look at that time and what a historian no rights should they should carry the credits with me as I'm reading it as as I'm telling it, but no, these are great. So it's not just the facts of the story, it's the culture, the history, yes and that's so that works. So we know that Firstly, we are when we come back from the break up, as is there's some story going on now, which you think in a hundred here? It would make a good story in the cosmos you're twenty one hundred. When we look at the latest Steve his wheels. Are I see he is? He is turning away right now. That's a good question. Just use where's uses gears wheels S. That's all you turn a wheel,
internet machine you gotta, give forensic right got that I see the gears and colleagues worth area when we come back. More start radio topic today that making oh cosmos. Green space and science down to earth you listening to start. we're back on start talk, radio, I'm your personal astrophysicist, Neil digress! Thyssen, and do I have a personal commuting if it would be ass, you do there. It's your personal can stand a comet chuck night shock nice day ago. Do you go? We ve got in studio friend and call
Stephen sooner, whose an ashtray This is who co wrote cosmos. Somethin, you might say which cars, mostly regional, or this one asked me that which won the original this. What both and I might is blown big data here that small explosion so's so Steve. Could you tell me that I mean I've? I've written and I know how to write, and we were all literate folks in this room, but I would have never felt comfortable writing for television. What is the what's different here, where you have to write to It's a visual medium. You have to see what your writing to and you have to compress it enormously because there's not a whole lot of time to be expensive, as you are on the written page of literature. Sort of written page were can go wherever you want and you can be all flowery right, but here constrained by the medium now. How do you do that with out? So
revising the information you have your disseminated, its hard work to distil it to get the essentials, if you say so yourself, some of you so party or challenges, but you have to know how effective, the visual medium is as its own where we have been able to imagine what you're going to be seeing that will accompany what you're writing so that this went through your head when you corrode our first to space shows in the new planetarium. Presumably, yes, I mean I was imagining what these scenes would look like and in some cases they actually turned out to look much better than I imagined it's. Ok, that means you have a good imagination is that unless there is some very clever people and on the visual and is part of the collaboration of making making this stuff work right, I mean I'd one of my for me, I don't I'm an interloper in the tv world, really I'm I'd rather just stay in my lab, and you see me on tv, but when I'm they are getting, I see two hundred people making the product near the producers, the gaffer lighting people. The directors
dissociate. The system director there that you know them hair, make up. Don't forget craft services, raft service area very important and very important. I gotta trim and slim for the series after the surgeon, was torn feeding you all is I've all all the time that Steve this. As you know, this show IRAN Fox. He can get more in stream. In fact, this is not PBS does not assign channel in the in the extra package forbid for four for cable. This Mainstream Primetime, so at some point one would have an expectation that you are plugged into pop culture if you're communicating with culture? So how would you write your pop culture index about Are you not cartouche flowing out o it stops about nineteen forty, I'm interested in pop culture before about that period, but not much afterwards. Why? Ok, ok, so so that
is the conversations you and I have about pop culture that you're only lifeline? That's why I didn't know. I was that important. Do you? Ok, so in terms of budget line wage and endured it astute listener and observer of current events in that area. Keep up with the news: Southern, how the? U N, turn take that and present something like cosmos. My here's, the thing that's great about writing wise. I love it. And I'm a person whose life sciences curious about size and wants to learn my eight year old son watches it with me. He loves it so How is it that you are able to talk to two disparate? says who are I was going to say desperate or despairing despairing despair, but too disparate others said it again, just Spirit audiences, who are hopefully one.
Is intellectually more advanced than the other. Where would we did that? Planetarium shows our audiences, everyone from children to Phd scientists, and we had to find a way to to provide something that everyone we would like and tied work. All I can tell you is its hard work, but three of its shirt, but in a way that the people who are in the no don't feel like they wasting their time or that you're talking down to them and obviously the young kids get everything right, but there's the sum I have experienced talking to people throughout my career. I don't, of all ages and learning how what that, what they respond to, what what what they understand and what would be over their heads. Ok, so this so things that cannot be over people's head, but you can still appreciate on different levels and the challenge is really to try to still get to the heart of the subject. To not overs too do not oversimplify it to connect with with with Bobo,
you'll depths of the subject, but convey that in a way that people can understand. Ok, I think that's the ticket right there, because if you keep, if you stay true to the theme truly idea, then, the idea comes through no matter how you shape it right that that makes sense you're, not really allowing the audience to drive what you're writing your allowing the subjects to be the key to keep yes and then saying: ok now, how do I make that work for this person that person exactly now? Now this the cardinal Susan, the grateful of Carl Sagan. Obviously here host of the original, and so on choose to fill if service house then a serving his host, but Carl Sagan had away with words a way ahead. A bed side manner, and so we all know Carl's influence on us. But what was your influence on curls back then? If you go writer of the original comes was well. I
some of the ideas that got into the original cosmos began? Ashley's, a researcher and and discussing ideas he liked them is how can you be co writer, so I did and one of them they start some out here are some come on it right. That's good! That's good! So one day I remember is that in the original Cosmos Series, the thirteenth final episode Carl wanted it to be about colonization of space, and I think I convinced him that it should be about that. This was during the heating up of the cold war, and I thought it should one eighty, nine hundred nineteen seventies vat, some more important to be talking about the survival of civilization, without which there would not be any human future in space, and so I propose that he he agreed and the I'm a episode sort of the thirteen was about the threat of nuclear war in the survival of civilization and the title of it. What was whose
expert earth, which I suggested who speaks for her and and who similarly ended up speaking for us is just a little curious about this. It's all of humanity I'll and one of the great things cost. Achieved then, and I think continues to achieve is not thinking of the word. In terms of countries but thinking of the world in terms of humans ass, a species he s a shepherd of civilization. Yes, in its the vision of what Carl called the pale blue dot looking at the earth from a distance in space and realising that this is our only home in space and we all share it and we have to preserve it. So I think it's great- and CO writer of the original series. They must feel proud about that. I mean there's a highly influential I've. I thought gratified yeah yeah
having some influence on it. Do your way too humble, but right now felt grandpa ratify Evan I get there right. I was proud to look at what I did. What's so did you collaborate with Carl Sagan F thereafter, not released typically we're we're good friends and spend a lot of time sharing ideas, but only a couple of brief science The articles did we wrote together a scientific articles, scientific collaborators as well as the other, not not much on the same side. Actually, ok, ok, I just wonder it. Could I mean we women, friends, awhile, but some some,
places? I'd never gone, but you conversational question now: who's a better friend, Neil or Carl Sagan them both. So your co author is Andrea, yet it your soul, co, author, with entry and in the new customers. You are one third Zis co author with her in whatever Three co authors in the original, so she herself not a scientist at all, but she feel the universe and she's clearly scientifically literate, so many will ask, and I even ask as well: how would you have what was that the labour, the division of labour between the I think she brings to it the heart why it Why should feel why should touch you and I bring to think of the science, and am I do I just just just so I can get this
the three of us started out as co writers, really just for like a couple of days and clear. I was there with them. It was clear they were a dime and they were writing diet, and I was just like a third wheel on a perfectly functioning to wield bicycle. I pulled away, they just took their ship sailed and so I took it. I've interrupted Steve go on so that cheap she brings the heart. Yes, and I think hoping that the critical scientific view- and it was this this dynamic synergy between you might call it left brain right, brain and that's that's what only the material and Anne had both emotion and intellect in equal measure dynamics Virginia, I like Romania man, so so what to unequal, measuring and emotion, an intellect day. You go, that's
I have one of those who I think that should be the centre of every future. What every house of future learning absolutely no sense at all to life when we come back and start talk, radio more my interview in studio with Steve, Soda, CO, writer of Cosmos Secret, for you I'm gonna, consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where? To get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and support where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free, you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
we're here another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me sing if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying This is a start, we're STAR talk Radio near the restoration here with Chuck nice in studio. My co host yes and we ve got here live my friend and colleague, Steve Soldier, CO, author of
as most not only the original, but the current one impressive and he's co author with Andreasen entering also serves as executive producer in the thick cheese. Even gets a director credit for China to the episodes we'd get her on another start I caught has created for that its great. I got Steve my buddy here right now and so Steve. You covered the original cosmos who first said Billy in billions. We inquiring minds want to know now Carson, a spoof on Karl or whether a spoof Carl's? Yes, I saw some of those we're here. He wore the way again, internal next sweater, the turtleneck right billions and billions Lillian's, ok, so carelessly just ever said billion has said it doesn't make any sense to save billions and billions. It is very important and I would make two billion right billions in three billion right, so ok, so, but what so? The issue there is cross it so many times he said billions with a very billion precise, be billions.
That so often necessary to the listener. It indeed billions and billions we're ok jobs and that's that's the the medical illiterate version did did. I saw some comic. Forgive me for not remembering that the illustrator is it Second, as a child, look at all the stars. They must be hundreds of so so Steve a couple, a couple of things: the what's differently. The current cosmos, of course it's on commercial tv and has commercial yes? What did you have to do is Bucharest array which appeared on PBS no commercial scale. This commercials great, was at first reading was fun. What why wasn't aware? We had to write it in in blocks that could be separated for commercial breaks or that I can't be bad, wasn't hard if it parcels people's attentions yeah, but I'm here It can be. Bab was harder easy. No, it wasn't hard at all, but I think the
impact of those commercials, though, is, is distracting to say the least. A lot of people are complaining about the so men, who doesn't only tell rang exactly what my commercials, the world go round. The EU can can't really not the case that you have ever that's. You need the commercials, but you know that just gives you an opportunity to put out a dvd. There. You go looking forward to that. Ok. So what was the earth to put a historical vignette in every single episode, but he's a great stories and their human stories, and they also show something of the process. What your favorite! Among these stories, I think. Well, I like a lot of them, but to pick your children around offer around hover man who discovered the spectral lines that was episode. Five, I think
then, when we began we searching historic. We discovered that he was an orphan who was saved by a prince, so there is already a sort of a fairy tale feeling to restoring yes, and then he goes on to to become head of of an optical research department in in in a monastery in Germany, which turns out to be the place where the music of convene a barometer was discovered, and then we use that in a wonderful scene, with an organ in making me explaining how sound waves work and how their analogues for light waves. Might I add I play that organ? Did you in the show was not really you playing. That was me. I was imprisoned or not the communist or on a permanent, or that I had a little back minuet, which we think we later learned was not back, but it's a little classical minuet is remember for my piano lessons when I was twelve years old and you get a chance to put that in this way I got a little bit and so, but so so you ve loved this. The fairy tale aspect,
Yes, and it was true. Tat has the bed of added benefit of being true, What is the birth of astrophysics wrestling? A marriage of physics in astronomy is okay, so I put putting a prism in front of a telescope as its I'm interested. Like you just said he was an orphan that was basically taken on by a prince yes, and that leads me to enquire? How important is money in science historically, support patronage is is important and there's a lot of brilliant people out there, but they ve never had the opportunity to express it because they didn't have support. They didn't have patronage. It was just an exit FR. I went off got that you cannot be got check. We dodge the bullet back when Herschel discovered. He was the first to discover planet and he discovered planet, Yearnest and but his funder was huge. Who was king, George striking king. The drugs can claim George of the Americans.
Evolution, Racking George George, the third and so for while he was calling it pays for Georgia's star, he was caught towards started heads planets than would have been mercury, Venus Earth, Mahars, Jupiter Saharan and George right yeah. So folks, those monies funding this stuff right right of colleagues, do not go for put the Medea cheese. I think help dynamic and mediterranean stars is what Galileo named the moons of Jupiter when we discuss airways name it after the rich for after the words people here didn't last either ok so but some poor people may very few can solutions and unless they were found discovered by rich P, That's what you're saying often said that so we don't
What discoveries lay unrevealed right by in the minds of poor people, but we know that they will. They will not come out of a poor neighbour, the sweat most like someone discovers emulate started. There will be a star cod bodega frown, however, was was discovered because the house that he was a servant in collapsed on him any more than he was rescued. The prince in future king of Bavaria was there took an interest in it, but and wrote the brilliant line. How many others do we leave in the rubble when we come back more on the making of cosmos right here and start talk, radio
unlocking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it. This is start talking, stop talking to him. Start on Radio Neil Arrest Eisen here your personal astrophysicist check with me. With due to have each are always a pleasure to be talking about the writing of cosmos? Yes, the original and the current one that then I happened to a most. I hope that I can't believe actually sitting here with the show cosmos, so we have in studio my friend and colleague, Steve Soda CO, author of the original co author of the current one, culture with Andrey and we're gonna get her on another turn. Another star Talk Steve. Let me ask in the original the historical bits work.
Actors doing them right, and so you had to write some script that might have worked in its day. Perhaps in the car one, that's all watch out with animation. So what was at a different matter different for you when we wrote it. We didn't know whether with the animation and in fact that was a decision that was made after the first drafts about thirteen episodes were completed. That we were writing. I think, with actors in mind with actors in mind, and so do you have any opinions about the animations, I think, some works and some of it for me doesn't, but that's just a personal. So if you have mixed feelings about this year, I have mixed feelings initially and then just grew on me and now I look forward to it every single time we, I think part party. My resistance was because I was accustomed to the the actor with the British. In writing in the glued on mountain chops, and I was expecting that cause. That's all I've ever been given and But when you animated you, can you actually have a little bit more Frida adamant in the first episode with Bruno had dreaming.
Floating in the universe, you're not going to get your mutton chop glued on actor to float in the universe around not on the budget, at least so I have to say that You now have a young child that watches with me the animation really does capture the zones and, to me it's great I'm using your kids as the excuse that you like animation, like that you carts funny that works out like that went through an excuse for cartoon network is obviously in the first episode the at the end of the cosmic counter, which is the history of the universe from the Big Bang to the present. The last fourteen seconds of that cosmic here represents look human history that was animated and that work brilliantly. I thought that's we're animation, really a source, because that could I narrate what went on in those last fourteen seconds from the period we
Jesus and boots and Mohammed and the invention of science ran and it's a rapid, its rapid red and had great intensity of her we're going through that's perfect for animation. Ok, that's cool! So, but in the current so there's an entire episode given unto evolution and course evolution was treated in the original, so happy nor, however, so, could you compare and can press the reactions that society has given to it because we live in America, land of the people, who pick and choose their science so for what they want to believe or not. So what was the reactions from then? And now I dont remember any any negative reactions from back then there's more of illegality yeah, I dont remember one out there may then, but definitely more now. Yes, ok! So these are be fundamentalist, religious folk who are uncomfortable, with what science says about the origins of humans, yes, and so, ok, maybe
because it maybe there was for a boy back, but it was an regional newspapers that you didn't have access to, and now you have access to everything that could be. Could that be somebody wanted the were hearing it all now selection, There is therefore quite the backlash from people who believe that Evelyn whatever they believe it s cuz, I'm not sure what you believe it is other than what it is. But do you have those people being angry. Like literally you know, I would guess their people that are upset about it. As a world so and so how do you feel about evolution? Stephen? What european extra areas as I just want to get in an official regular monitoring is Steve. You ever monkeys on the basis of biology. Very little in biology makes any sense without this foundational theory, it's like the the lid
make theory of matter or the germ theory of disease and is absolutely fundamental to the two to the subject, and it's it's overwhelmingly demonstrated by the evidence yet, but how much of it you just trying to stick to the fundamental, not at all. We just wanted to make the case This is the evidence you don't have to accept it, but there it is ok for an end. So therefore, thank you for your permission. I don't that's fine, Stevie Giovanni permission to not accept. I now have to deal with it after you leave me alone and you don't have to accept it. It's just that. Also, if you don't accept, that's not the version that should taught in the public's cause. That's that's why it's a problem today! Teach it somewhere else. Yes, point right: workers, They were trying to knock down the doors and public school.
To be no issued melt and if we can believe what they want in a free country. That's kind of what the point is right, yes, and that Canada is the problem that people can believe, TAT won t be not the problem is not that they can leave us they want is that they believe what they want and their charge see. My stand corrected right when we come back more of my interview with my friend and colleague, Steve's order, the co writer of customers. The future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal starter
we're back Our talk. Radio, nearly rest, hasten here. Jack nicely, that's correct! If we're all here, we must not be all there. Just in case you haven't heard that one before Steve Solder, Corredor Cosmos, thanks for coming into star talk providing for this, the original cosmos, thirty four years ago and there's been some scientific advances since then, as co writer along with Andrea, and what is your mix of new science? You know you had to put in new science that you're a little scared to putting because it might get old or might be
shown to be wrong, and just how do you? How do you pick and choose uniquely regional series? We didn't go to the cutting edge of signs for the most part, because we knew that some of that would turn out to be wrong, and that would data series in the press. Cosmos, that's the same policy. We were for the most part. We don't. You know cause without a policy gone well, it's risky to to the very cutting edge of science, because some of those things are going to be to be wrong. That will give that will date. The series so for the most part, we pull back from that and tell the Lee The work well established and important elements for science, ok, so of the new things that we can still get to pull back on. What is new undreamt of nineteen? Eighty that you felt it important to put it in the mix of storytelling,
PLUTO alive in nineteen o that doesn't the planetary status of PLUTO touched on. That's not that important the discovery of the acceleration of the expansion of the universe, that's that's a big one and then getting that we gotta get that in area and anything just off the importance of dark matter, also that that that's become much more well established in this and other stronger observational basis for it now than there was thirty five years ago, and the fact that there is a thousand planets all that's a big when we ask- and this was something that Karl we'd all yes, that's really. Where could you forget how would have been thrilled, of course, because he he intuitive visas from one of those plants we welcome? This was going to be the case, and now we have the observation. Proof planets are plentiful, they out number the stars, etc, and that's in fact, an exact line from the script might bring Sars making worlds is what galaxies do another
why why that sounds like something out of a rat. Video like like a cosmic rap saw make worlds is what Galaxy do will become the cosmos rap, and so I ask you: what is your favorite thing to write for it that tough when I'm in their theres many, but this maybe one line what why it's hard to know how much of line is described to one of the two writers, because we collaborated on a lot of them, but it was something like we'll need imagination to make this journey, but banana nation alone is not enough enough, because the reality of nature far seeds, anything that we can imagine wow. So that's a paraphrase or gps. How me yes back when What queer meant. Ok, the universe is not only queerer than we have imagined it may be queerer than we can. Imagine yes right on. I like that. Ok, it's good so and what was the toughest?
angry as thing you had to write can do tat. You had to just get through it and was uncomfortable and you didn't like it, but you know you had to do it. I don't know or anything like that. Actually I mean it was all hard work, but has been fully brain was suddenly watching programme anymore. He drank related he's out. There was nothing guarded; no, it was hard at what was unpleasant. It wasn't unpleasant that's cool, so Steve Ike. You among the ranks of educators in the world and that you got to strike a balance between Ching, maybe and educating, and just have the conversation and on upon with a mouthpiece, such as cars On the platform that it arrived on, coming out of out of me, you put all this together and I don't want to
to anybody. I want to just bring people along on a conversation. So what's going on in your head, as you said this I want to avoid preaching. I wanted just present the evidence because preaching is is really some sense. Is disrespectful of the audience see that's the problem with science right there? Ok, you guys are too worried about presenting facts, and I am an evidence and not beating people over their head because it barely o Reilly apparently works the whole. Our people do a lot of preaching and it goes over areas where alone, but the strength of the evidence is so compelling. If you, if you can you wanna, let the evidence do the preacher? Yes, that's another line in your rapture locomotives in right now. Making worlds is what galaxies do we preserve the evidence? Just for you you got, it gets. Have you seen the meme with incredible hawk, except he's the credible hawk says you won't like me when I'm angry, I get angry. If you do not back.
Up your statements without spending for the credible how credible home so Steve, Gunny projects comin up you're thinking about her. I know we talk a lot about the climate, ain't you here, you got your invitation, Carson climate change. Now I've been thinking of New York University. That's right here! I don't believe in climate change, see that's how I met you gave him the option. Earlier I mean I've only opting out of climate change, just where I got a deal with. You know why I just bought Exxon stock was so steep. Keep up the good work out. There is always great to have you there to be here at the great to collaborate with you over all these years and will find some more staff to work on and bring it to the public. You been listening to start talk. Radio, I think, check nice for being with me here. My pleasure and people can Tweedle Suite at you with which being gently at accept lies,
That's nice comic finds station for starch. Radio bidding you as always talking looking up science lockdown, my old job, the organs which you can listen to star talk, commercial free, joint start talking. Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch doc, Coms last star talk radio
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