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A Tribute to Joan Rivers

2014-09-13 | 🔗
Our special tribute features the best of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Lynne Koplitz’s interview with the late Joan Rivers, plus new reflections by comedians Eugene Mirman, Chuck Nice and Leighann Lord.Read more and listen to the full episode: http://www.startalkradio.net/show/a-tribute-to-joan-rivers

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide knocked off begin right now, you're going to start your radio, Neil digressed, hasten I'm an astrophysicist and director of New York City Hayden Planetarium. Can museum of natural history, the chauffeur there's, the comedian, Joan Livers, who sadly passed away recently. Don't was a guest starter during our first season in two thousand and nine, and we ve excavated an old show to pay tribute to her today back two thousand and nine my co host was the comedian Lynn, Couplets and Joan River,
was Linz good friend and comedic mentor. So in this first interview Lynn Joan- and I hang out and Joan Rivers, New York apartment and talk about some highlights nineteen sixties, her appearance had Sullivan, show and the APOLLO eleven moonlighting stock radio is here in Joan Rivers. Library and I'm Neil digress. Thyssen with linked bullets and Jonas maybe just my library. I should be in Sir John Store talk. As you know, we talk to anybody. He's got some say about the universe, We know you had stuck to say about everything, including the universe, so you realize it in space prickly in orbit around there's like no gravity with this like zero g. Moon is like one sixty g and so with less gravity. Things flowed Germany, thought about that. You ever thought of living in space, because things float
No we're I've thought about is I know that if you go around the earth, if you go back, would you get younger took that was it the movie Superman's yeah baby, that's not real! Now, just Superman! Well, apparently, Suzanne Son was now lives. So now I dont like a step. I don't like the efforts, so we this place it's all about the clothes. Yes inside you Firstly, I agree, but I like that zero gravity Jemmy his gravities, what pulls everything down so it does give us that more up left there, only reason I would even consider going in space. Is the idea of I don't have that dragged down so, don't you don't you uplift, apparently the finest ye I say you would have things are preserved, whether stupid space suits or good point. They look. I gay exterminators. I dont like this. It's group want such Even if your floating, no one knows cause, you were in a spanish usurious raises it. You can't get your toes down. There's big votes, the gravity booth
it is so rapidly. So you want open toad gravity, but I will wait. You go on the moon until they figure out a way to look nice. I could totally see you doing for key he sees something designer in the whole aerospace line but when we get to divert the moon in and it makes you the Brenner NEA was actually taken you're going to I would maintain us too, a diamond mines where they blindfolded homes they didn't want him to have an avalanche of diamond was started factory with making them in a lab you're making general body diamonds and land they blindfolded them. They knew that he can have an application on his phone that could like track where they were going secret. The worried about two beers. You know come and ask them. They didn't make an end in the lab and carry out
killing of absolutely. This is a big business don't screw around, whereas others that we want, where you got this topsecret, whereas about do you think you can make a monarch sound instead of a diamond and keep you say, you're like asteroids Moroccans. I think you would love with you claim they brought moonstones back. You know. I think love to wear their average, give it a mystical quality. This will bring you good, for this or he'll get sides interested in that nonsense. Joint. Do you have a lot of? It's in your life, in fact, when I wrote last time I saw you live was in the nineteen Sixties on the at solving show and following the fifth dimension- and I came out- and you sign my autograph-
at the time. You remember that now, but I will leave it Jim MAGIC, so adorable I have a picture of all of us at some was alive and of your on the second. Have you got tat because people went long on the first ever was approached. You have a picture of the fifth dimension and me all look it up watching a clock which is held There is good, as we knew of somebody was going longer now. You're gonna get bumped, so I love the physiology of thereafter get out of the day and of the moment he asked so Job the sixty. That was the APOLLO era and we landed on the moon that what was nineteen, six nineteen sixty nine July twenty. So do you remember what what are you doing out here? fire island and I remember that we had a wonderful little house. My husband died and we have friends over and remember sitting and watching as we all did
a vision watching the land and the moon. And then all the same rule was started. They were led. You landed the moon, they did it in a new jersey and a hanger hangover, less developed areas very and I remember that China do. Remember. This came out and said we have our own space plan and we will have a manifestly a restaurant. When the moon in two thousand and one China big Unanswered and Israel already made reservation, never China, you say that you think gives us What we will have a restaurant upon, the moon and twenty five. Is, I just say how smart we will have to say, but it would have no atmosphere. Now I got one. I said more in this next clip my frequent caused the committee, and Eugene Merman spoke about Joan Rivers as a pioneer.
Stand up, comedy Eugene. We lost another one and you know she in your field, she's one of your own species and how you guys as a community. We didn't. How did you react personally to this news of Joan Rivers passing I will go in a celebration, but I mean a celebration of her life, but that of the dead right she's been a constant throughout comedy. She was. One of the people who created stand a comedy. You know as we know it today, she's one of a handful of people, the sort of helped shape art form that now we regard as a very viable day, but at the time it she began and also the woman, it was probably is very rare, for anyone be median Yolanda for living as a job and people have did they influence you that's to try to ask you. Can you can you come at the kind of comedy she d,
Not all comedians resonate with that. How would you say she influenced or did not people who just had a completely different liner comic? then what she pioneered. She pay. You say that in general, in a big way, where, regardless of what you're Talkin about yes, I will that? Will you sort of broadening our form you broaden? It stands, it used to be. You know you don't have a job and you were just sort of really. Jos and stop and that she was one about April of people who was like this is my life and she also had just the sort of a dark, a very funny: Qaeda Sharp dark wit and whether Hearst companies, something you do or not is still leave Lewis and Clark and higher world or John Raw and then different people is time. Timesthey pieces things from that world yeah. And she was also self effacing. I don't know how many people did that before she did. I just don't know she was
Clearly sulphur facing in the sense that there were people who had a lot of jobs that will be set self effacing they they had like a stick. You know where they were like I'm. The guy was always cheaper whatever, but they didn't an earnestness, the way that she did about sort of life in the world and in an honesty. I think that what she she wasn't yourself self deprecating, but she didn't know really a very relieved. Away. Where was very human and very personal which, as you know, some the very much started. Probably you know like that. These early sixties as comedy, grew but off She was self aware of how much plastic surgeon, you sure, got and she hi that fact- and I got the sense that she we first in line to make fun of Rome plaster Frederick, leaving you with nothing to joke about. Cushy was already there right. There was no point to tease her, I mean. What's so great is the Yes, you both knew what she wanted, which was to have you, Euro, the plaster driven
it also knew that it was something you could make fun of it. It was very much all things at once. She would make fun of stuff she did with herself knowing that she would also make fun of that in other people. That's the honesty I think you're talking about their yes, he answered well, if you are asked to give part, words to her lowering casket. What what do you think it would be nice to around you'll, be able to welcome our desire, barely had to say party words to a casket not meet with a body in it. I understand a boiler cover, get less of a eulogise or give a delivery frenzy. Ok, so about ok so Joan is on her death bed and you can call to give her one last thing to laugh about. What do you think he would tell her she self effacing, she knows she's not gonna, make it tomorrow and she said Eugene moment. I want to laugh at something
I look really like, be careful. What elective surgery you choose? No, that's macabre funny. At the same time, yeah I mean that's the thing I don't they do anything I was. I think my hesitation is. I don't think this evening. I would say that would have offended her my fears but what I would say wouldn't be funny enough running off and she said get out of my yeah exactly my hesitation is not like. I dont know what to say that like really explains what she did for both start culture for Tom. It's that, unlike I don't know that I have a good enough jobs. It would be worthwhile up her. You her honour, know like being did itself deprecating or buddy enough. That's my fear so, I remember in the day when I'm old enough, a little older than you gotta comedian came to do stand up on the tonight. Show you everyone,
Around is why else would you stand up comedian? I dont know back then if they were comedy club. Were there back and though there were only in or three when she was doing quality, it was being invented, there's a thing as an art form and certainly no real, yet clubs, though, is today anything a singular through the new committee and as a shot on I sure was back in the nineteen sixties, this basically nothing meaning in the nineteen sixty that you got nature, you became famous, I ain't you often spent years United was thirty three when she first it yet you spent It's getting to that moment now this hundreds of internet thing, Then all this difference that there is nothing that can make you overnight really in any such as it was before, but the more complex than ever before. Yes- and so that's a good thing, even if this field was crowded, there's more total community entertainment out there for all of us, the ads crowded but full of a lot of people
We even borrow some four star talking and now also the difference now, as you can also make yourself famous through a lot of channels that you didn't have in the nineteen sixty seven, I think of it as a kind of an advantage, but it is too bad that occasion that no one can become famous overnight Eugene. You will see in the studio. I haven't dedication, tired it at your. Your husband haven't: do those who made this goal? removed this book happen under Johnny, Carson and made it all happened was precisely that credit through putting on the shore, but I did say one thing that night with I have seldom said on this issue over the years you finished your routine Edward. Stating and order is falling apart and you walk over and sat down, and I said you know: you're gonna be a big I remember something you don't say because it sounds like like you know I looked behind.
I couldn't do you talking to me here I know came. It was on the show this at times right and I was playing those terrible playing with all This shows a gun Lou hoping for everybody. My move, coffee, how late and I believe I was failing- go into the act. My was only for one either and her amazing vibrate finer needed in Skype. I really can't you remember son memories of the early that early times the career, or I do now yeah. Looking back here, we
All down the village together will cause be there and which apply with their harvest, rising song a book, and I we were all stumbled. That was exciting, then am I glad it's over with I mean you know, greek ketchup super little, that's it! You know I was evidence proves that time. You release the trees I by addressing new additions to you personally. Well, what I did I pay my head in sixty five rubber tonight. I have some groups have so much worry me they raised were had you know something with age will need thing proves to be examined at local level.
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we're here another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying. Walk back to start all hardly Grass Thyssen. This is our tribute show to the comedian Joan Rivers in this next clip. I talk, which in my comedian coastline, complex all about astronauts, space, travel and eggs. Duration- you know astronauts have been criticised in the past for not being articulate in expressing what they felt, because they would you getting the job done, go to the moon and come back. Do you think we would be better off to some comedian as one of the after Otto, maybe the first one. Eleven maneuvers comedian cares. That's just wondering:
I really growing gear, Shaggy Greenlandic, Elam, here's! My cannot wait, wait, wait, Jane Cook, measured because he's the one. When Neil Armstrong landed. You know he had this pertinent statement. May I first word from the moon and small step for letters that one small step for man when jointly for mankind will now anything that would be different if a comedian with AIDS. Me I'm the man. Why are they extract cluster move it I get aggravated our time John, because we always hear about men in space, but We don't you're lying about women in space and meal, and I were taken of this in women's issues like I think I did it interested in knowing about how a woman shapes her legs. I would like to know
What a woman deserves our major about periods, race. What do you do? That's why I think is so astronauts ladys if they send up member it either drove wearing a driver. Of course you think she's in India, because I say she's a genius. Everyone cobbler crazy and I was only an astronaut- comes up with a clever idea of going from Texas to Florida and wearing a diaper. So she to save time. I never forgot George to sit next to the car. I remember that you were to kill her boyfriend of the other, the astronauts y. All I think that that I've, always out of my body, is Cavaliers frontier. My genes tat is a place where no man is dare to go sit up and if he does, he may not come back. Secondly, some sort of black holes are so there's some can because in the long voyages to Mars, people have to live in close quarters for a long time and have to be really friendly with each other. By that way, there may,
very ugly, lady astronauts, Europe put a girl again hot last astronaut, not in there. With a man like a big lumpy Asher, I you know, There is a NASA sex tape out there because they wanted to see if they could have sex in space and they actually taped it, and I was saying that I've, never seen it. I've ever seen, and I said I thought that favourable position would be donkeys. I'll have to be I would have on the whole, I was a good worship, any laws of physics. If you're gonna do certain space, you understand request. This is what you get proud as viral video. Now I feel like it. There is actually I'm going to leave here and call Melissa. I've got a plan for going in space. Actually, workers are just to recap: we put their comedians on the moon. We put ugly women astronauts in this vision. This space that is- and I think we may show we regulate their cycle and make sure that
not pms when they're up there, because we don't need someone, I'm some sort of space craze. Wonder when they do some of the women s rights they have today get into consideration to world will mean a launch date. You are you're in space. I not have your period. Do I ballerinas? Don't I donno adventure Saint one about these workers, their basically Anna Maria Rights Bowery's, busy working and working on a lot of women athletes Dona very. I wonder if astronauts data sheet Classic have these, he would look. You know, but now they tell us a stupid thing was an old there's other stuff. They don't tell them to every time an extra throws up. Didn't tell you to do tat. Father time in there in that will allow my biggest floating around they have towards vacuum bitter and that's why they would take a woman in space.
Virgin galactic to space. We did was another showdown on commercial space travel. Do you think you would spend two hundred thousand dollars to have a seat and fly and Richard a virgin galactic to space only and then First class action really judge right now, there's no lieutenant or meal included nets to anyone. Nope, no might not. And have a bathroom, because it just a flight up and then back you just like it sub orbital. When you come back now, I gently like first class. I like bathroom. I wanna be given earplugs our we givens. No, I would echo Why don't you being reviewed and get a window seat? That was my hoping for two photographs verdure, where I was this, that you can sleep on absence literacy flight attendant for twenty grand rubbing? Your feet
If light attended. I went. Three gay men lined up geisha massaging Nora my cousin married, a woman who is a Harvard who worked on making space ships edible, because if anybody guts worked on this is the day she died in a programmer Harvard because if they went and they got second space. It would take the right, eight or ten years to get somebody else up there to bring him back sure they? How are you showing its say? We made the most delicious split t. Dare ask that with its work really make sense, though, when you think about it, what it, because it they're stuck up there, say: Linley Keg, we're starting right now, land to figure out. It should doubt will be up there. Aren't you doesn't fourteen? What are you gonna? Do you gotta start? eating your space ship, that's gonna phase prison.
I would lose weight before I went up because I am, I would not want people looking at me with a bottle of wine. Growing she's got the big worry. We start whether so have you ever performed for sign MR anybody NASA I or just a geeky crass. Yes, as a matter of fact, I was hired. You do a tricky convention and do my act. But it was in miami- should mainly shackles, jewish turkey. A shack is jewish directed at it. I ve been around your long enough. Now. I knew exactly what you are. I saw the book I meals basic, what's his shaggy because near genius level, so he immediately wants to know why you does it now. I don't want it bears more. So by wondering what it should be worthy behind, you feel like I normally rail. So how did it go? It were very where they were door river. I was interested in racist, smart. We know that their interests on the outside of the shower.
Like me, you, like everybody's, decorate, my appointment as its base. I have been directed. You know what that's what I always tell me of it. I'm like Saturn that everything, arms round will shatter, has a lot of moons, so sentences own little solar system. Actually, not let me ass. He sat on the one hand I hid Jupiter got it you guy guy. That really upset me jubilee that slammed by a common jouberts has the biggest, have any in the solar system, so it was kind of asking for it, but it's a shot across our bow, because we ve got these things that could it earth yet, and we always wonder, If you know we're gonna get hit tomorrow and ass the into what would you do today? Eight Italian, that's it know now and no sex no relevant. If I knew tomorrow, we gotta, we kill and demolished our going very Juny
so not even men, men and not doing afforded anymore. How many doing that achieved as it more we have better Genie, probably have french fries in rings? I will come and get me, but you know what John we can get. Right now and you could scratch set off your bucket less yeah, but then you get back. I would like to know patent dead, and it would matter we like you know a week before. Have I wouldn't even tell anybody I was just going to eat. I like that, but I will do that now, so for me. If I knew I had a week, I think I would start open handed slapping people wouldn't that be raised. Just open handed slapping like in the middle of the drugstore minute the girls like we don't have those batteries smack It's definitely have read and he's a very elegant gentlemen, very english, various Ngos, and he said to me the gravest.
I said there at least ten vases you're, like the slack, so that's why we need the com, its people, that deserve good slap, because what can I do to slap people guy you get out of the taxicab. I need a tap really come closer. To my knowledge, no comedian other than myself, but I was probably drunk, has ever seen you have found the ever seen you if it ever. I have a friend who is doing mentoring, irish and is interviewed somebody really smart people who will not You out been names cuz, I feel really hurt them. Saying they have seen. I have not you. A friend of mine in Connecticut, saw them. She hasn't sword in their car together, but I don't know I never had any one. However, a Yale ever come out and say I seen you ever is those I jus idiots with no cheese hours. Does out rabbit ever out the fundamental causes shrouded the tv show out, we show and the care, and he and he swears
by aliens improve or another friend, was very smart ages. Alf you ever out the final outcome show that the tv show out we show and the Garriga and he writes out and he's where's. He was in his house Malibu and he opened his eyes and noses thing hovering right outside and then I woke is wife up show and then again it went away so to people I'd respectively. And then allow either ass. Is that I dont restricted? but none of them are dragged unlike an alien carcass in front of you look at now that my Cousin Sheila claims objected her from star box and they took her toys. I think it was Venus and they let it go because you can't stay in the hallway yeah, I got it back.
Say when your friends other craft having outside the window was in, has shown it everything that happens. It always seems they and has involved now that we have done to show laying down on aliens and search for life on other planets and in the We men and black, Dennis Rodman who's. Your friend right, my very good friend, is actually an alien emitted by and in real life. That's my question. I want to know what other celebrities you think might be areas where on crews Monsieur Tom Cruise or they were, they believe it all that our annually initially with those stupid lips, those of our human lives, you right, she have the velociraptor kind of feeling their many. So I think John Travolta, because he's I did the anti Christ me or an airline, because I don't think your career could go from venting barbarian until I ask her what here, without having some sort of some kind of hope, you ve got some sort of packed with somebody
The pact was endeavouring to see that in his eyes his pointed ears, Do you think that there is life and aerospace? no life, excellent question, and if you look at how big the universe is and how common the chemistry is of life we may have in Greece that you find everywhere in the universe, carbon, nitrogen oxide and the most common ingredients in the universe- and you have us- is vast: it's been around a long time. It would be inexcusably Diego centric to suggest that life on earth is alone because most by we keep thinking the searches for intelligent life. What we might find is ponds, like at this point. We're dumbing down. Rousillon swine might anything. So so that's an interesting point. If, if we find life out there, it could be smarter than us or dumber right do haven't like a feeling about
if you're smarter than a dirty word. They my treat us the way we treat. That would make us pets, perhaps tonight so who should fear? Whom should we fear coming to us, or should they fear us if we visit them now? I think we should treat terrified fair coming to us care. I only know that I don't have to make friends with them. I don't our job collar and letting residence ain't you used to be a funny person on earth. You can end up a patent someone's house. I give you a rescue but I always wonder- the whole universe. It suddenly so incomprehensible leads to me because it where is it stop? Where do you fall off If it goes on forever, either of the planet, we'll get eventually connect with other solar system? Another this care, you in the movie contact the radio waves that we send out. They go out space and if we are to reach other life forms, it will problem,
be through anyway. Railways that we ve inadvertently already sent out the early tv shows our mammograms are. Wolves down could actually bring aliens here. Your me any kind of railways, it just so Jack vanish old, shows you there and Hitler. Then Hitler speeches, that's my income, tat? The Hitler thing so everything from of Lucy Heed to Hitler in the aliens you're gonna? Think of us, as we love Corky an aura of the old Jackie Gleason, goes up those our hearts. Emissary. It's because that moving away the speed of light and aliens will first see that about us before they know anything else. I think it's fabulous That means I can see why original Carson shut again we'll be globally. Looking right back to me Please bring everything back. You yourself, that's good for me by your very good, don't matter, then, along prerogative, Bren, really, probably from what I dont like them, or producing
At all events, I think very beautiful. Why call like the magnetic that? Neither am I believe, when the bell, the begging ahead, young and beautiful, but dumb, but beautiful, but down. I can't even balance, but nothing has been done. But may I don't care my mother, she likes you. We have wanted one of the basic philosophy of a kid during puberty and keep sending me like. Looked I'll. Tell you what a man, though, thou think that only ten percent right when it comes to marriage is looking brother thing becomes a marriage man, what the woman little Cook for him, though for him a man is looking for them.
Children right right compromise a man doesn't want to come home and provide baby offers environment while looking at me white line on a closet, Bang higher Tiger getting back in this next clip. I spoke with another frequent startle covers the comedian Chuck NICE with Cuba. This is about Joan Rivers, particular comedic, stuff, so Chuck thanks for doing this. You know I wish she was unhappy or times you're in the same world as she is right, professional comedians. How do they hit your people are more orbiting her world No, it's like her world, then I'm like a moon on her world. You don't I've gotta hold the actual reference there very good Everett so be my call hostess about a little John affected. Everybody, you're a comedian. She had an influence on you. Whether you know it or not
He is one of the parties cop means of all time, not just funniest female comedian, but one of the funniest comedians of all time. You I thought she was going to die because she was so full of envy, if you want to say that Peary them and vigour and- Pmv is another way of saying them and vigor okay out or not about stick with the Bmv or I go on, but none other thing that she did constantly is dead. She didn't care, how you feel about the joke. It's a joke and she's gone for the joke, and that's it and you know you always have people who are like you know with us is wrong and I can't believe you would say something like that. You know we I know the answer to that. Is it's a joke? Ok, no! I don't
Babies are delicious. I dont really believe that young, I think, that's the greatest thing that she had, which was you know where I don't give a damn what you think, I'm going for this job. It may seem inappropriate, but you have to be able to divine that it is indeed a joke I'm not a horrible person who believes that you know serial killers, sometimes do a service just decide. So I was privileged enough to interview her. She was Our first season of star talk, I think, that's even before we linked up with you Two years later, and so I was in her apartment on the east side and there against the wall where these file cards Can you imagine, like a library, what they used to look like these three by five card drawers out quite familiar with the doing decimal system.
There's a whole. All of these I say what are those their chokes. You get Alot joke pull out. Another card is another and it's like. Then you realize she's, not just somebody who happens to be funny. She's actually thought this stuff through and it's her life yeah. Now, when you tell that story, I am ashamed to be a comedian. You know I have a bunch of note. Books did around with stuff Rebel Denham had accurately your unfinished thought that I occasionally go back to him. That's my method, that's how I work and her method was the right way to work we'll Joan, certainly would have loved that we were just having fun in your name. You know that's the great thing about her to it as she planned out her funeral arrangements and she said she wanted to be buried. Holly word as she didn't want abundant people sitting around in my car traditional setting wherever and was lamenting the laws and morning she wanted. Go be laughing and you know it actually came up
that way and Howard Stern did her you. And opened up with a lie, about how dry her vagina was because that something that she talked about on his shirt and she wanted it that way with its own true to the end and even beyond John Rivers, always about the funding and that's a cold there. welcome. You start talking near the grass Thyssen. This is the final part of a tribute to the comedian Joan Rivers I spoke recently within a comedian who often cohorts star landlord about the inflows,
Joan Rivers had on her career. Sally Ann on start, talk on privilege to work with professional comedians and then Joan dies at, and I thought I have direct access. You know degrees or separation to John, and I'm just wondering how did it affect you and what was she to What does that mean in your profession? Well, it feel Like it's been a very painful year, commute in terms of whom we ve lost. You know it was right behind Robin Williams and it was almost like. Oh no, you know what we're not ready, I mean, but you never ready to there's an icon- and I think one of the things that people have saying was that she's, an icon, she's. Always there so the longer you have someone to some psyche, appearance, the longer there there the longer you think you're going to have them. You start thinking on issues of their power, maybe she's a mortal, maybe she's work. Something out was innocent, surgery on her face the surgery you don't, I was actually maybe a portrait of her in her attic. You don't want to look
very literally reference there portrait of during Gray- yes, Bush major gonna, throw it out? There are throwing out the american people eating somewhere you're. So as an icon there we too, all of us, but to use specifically growing up, is a committee. And coming onto the scene. Did you reference her In your mind, in your heart, in your soul to be I think I was a little bit removed from jail, rivers, I think I was more influenced by the people that she influenced. That extends to other worlds. I was expecting you know of a lane. Booze learn read a gardener. They would have been the more direct line to Joan Rivers bitter feeling, who had a certain irreverence about them. I'll have so, do I mean do you know for just one liner? It was an entire exactly
for a lame for those yeah really bizarre. She completely spoke or mine, and looked incredibly gorgeous onstage. I remember a special she's just you know, and I seek when many dressing pumps and running round onstage very energetically, Rita Radner, didn't her shoving ball gowns Emily. You can sort of trace that back to jump we got on stage looking fabulous. You know she looked fabulous and then just she opened her mouth and this fair game? you know she was honest and while I'm not a huge fan of humor, that's like that. Such an attack fly all right. Yeah, it's not my style at all, but why would she ever honest? did not hesitate to point that out herself. Would you have to respect that Can I say the word icon us in the war pioneer. She wasn't just a stand up. She did so many things as a writer and an actress in a director. It's like a bottle. No there's the blueprint boy girls, you wanna, be.
Aspired remember across Europe. A few years ago she was roasted comedies achieving like the ideal, Canada, because you know in the old days she was there with Johnny Carson, and So how many decades has this been? You know, but if we view the man, I don't know what you're going to be made on the show this time now I've been deceived, we know it's funny, you should mention rose. I actually I'm a little odd comics I dont, like rose pink there to mean I don't watch them. Might I heard an interview that she had done and she talked about the rest, and she knew what was coming. She knew was gonna, be mean, an issue which you know exactly what they were gonna go after an her philosophy. Was you can't take it? You don't dish it, so she knew
it was coming in her best. Defense was to be prepared, and she said, I know what they say and I'm gonna get them at their own game play no one mood more fun of her own personal river herself. Exactly should refuse to tourists. Of what exact angle on their right, which is Toscana how many of us get started as kids in school getting picked on? It's like you know what I'm going to make more fun of me. Then you can and make you laugh, and then people stop serve making fun of you. So it goes back to that base their. So she in her own words on her own roast, which you know if you're going to be roasted, that's the way to do it the way to do it when we interviewed her. We were in her apartment and we did it in her library these powers was gorgeous and its entire wall of sort of car catalogues Wood used to see him libraries we pull out,
I'm sorry, but I'm comin familiar I've been raised in the digital age Neil, so you pull out the cargo and each one was a joke. Of a different type of all. She was one of those holding realise. This is not just some woman who happens to be found. He walked down the street, there's an entire. Comedic. Culture and industry that she created and I'm just wondering is that is that a lost generation of comedians? Is it No! No! I don't think so. I think everyone has a different work. Ethic. Ok, no they're comics that will one of my favorite books was written by Franklin, a joy. I love as well, because it interviews all these famous comics and talks about their processing. You could go from someone like Sinbad, who
at the time who says he wrote nothing down to George Carlin, who wrote everything down, so I think it really just depends on who you are in your work ethic and how you do things I'm one of those comics. I like that method, Nino that Joan is doing. Taken mind digital. You know it's completely on my computer. I course printed out from time to time, but you don't always want to look at the screen. So I think I fit in that Joan River School make sure everything is catalogued, ain't, the only differences, I'm doing a digitally, serve you out a funeral see the funeral, but there was a lot of people, What would you say to make everyone thinkin laugh in all man at all in the same moment
Joan we love you we're gonna, miss you thank you and which shocks of yours can I use now up for grabs. What's up for sale? What can I say in just put a footnote involve a month date not out. After did we permission to scientists open her cast once every ten years to see. If anything is check, it all bad. You know she would that's a joke. She would give if she would love that he would totally Burma Mitchell eighty one and still learn that I thought you know: she's gonna live forever. She knew no kind of walked into a cyborg. You know she's gonna continue when we thank you for these reflecting and we may be Miss Joan and will mister Oliver first of done- first talk on, but I feel pretty to have you and other professional comedians?
during her legacy just trying to make people ass. You know if I can do half the comic and have half the career that she made for herself. I too, but have a library in this final clip. My comedian, caused I can two thousand and nine Lincoln bullets, and I spoke with Joan Rivers, her interest in science at her hopes for the future Have you ever chased a man who had a slide ruler calculate mean any like a very slight man, so I think math is very sexy I'm a man, I've egotism! Would you because is not to be expected? I would pass and this is now that genome is to press everyone who so impressed if you could pick to prefer smart or wealthy our good looking wealthy and more wealthy wildly with a back off. Oh man with a bad cop or-
nurse got Georgie's governed, relatives all the better Would you just shoot over his raise more John, I saw a pillow here that said some about a man in five minutes or so what was that pillar a pressing it? more money in five, as my marriage and they can life, China's surveys, as it were, be a man or a woman. If this march- and I like the idea- of getting an old man with a cough and no relatives. In giving him as the gap like the weight remember when Sharon's down gave her husband, kimono dragon visit in any better at bedroom. I, like I, have like I'm giving you you're going to be on the internet. I think burden them virgin galactic. First, the first commercial spaceflight first will knock law. This do it was day is very wealthy men who paid to go in disgrace. The troll only plucked out twenty million to go into space, and did he go yes, he did
he came back. It is worth it. Was trying to get rid of him. I honey I love you were of democracy. I will give you got the money. Do you want? So did you take this? I have some comments like math and loved biology is very good. My algae hours, very good geometry. I was driven challenge, resumed his very logical. I, like the logic of it so like a smart man, soap, a man with a pocket protector. That's not like birth control! For you! Now As for me, I like em acute in them very selective, slaughter, business, ages, back I'm alive. If they have applause, you say he's have very smart majored and geometry that invidious janitor I've never used her. I just loved it because I loved things that make sense and you can control and Java Jews are very controllable. Science works. So is humor and comedy right. You come you. Twenty is not controllable.
Yes, you too vague setting is very funny and nobody else does you ve drone audience. You can never control bodies, but geometry. Yes, you can't control this too. That equals this its probable and that's it and you can change it and I can change and that's a comedy. You have some idiot really can ruin your whole show so has nothing to do with Nelson. Ask me: there's a formula to joke rating and my type of joke riding. For me, like I'm scared, I dont worth that. Aren't you can't is therefore. Now I don't think so. And strangers things. They think it's funny. You you're right work on, so don't you think it's areas is and then you say, listen And although you that's funny, ok, that's the is the act. I always have the market. The set up my gun. Set up a joke and now lab, and I'm like really I haven't even got no, yet I don't understand why laughing workers we concluded comedy is not geometry. Is that geology
It is not a science. There is no such thing as a science recovery and people that tried to teachers. I fear I so cruel. So anywhere is Lizzie. I've ever got any gave a logical. My don't take a course in committee. I took my and just while we were on a sudden geometry and obliged to say that geometry means earthmen geometry, earth measurement from ancient Greece when they first used math to measure the earth. I didn't very addressing, isn't it and by the way that I tabled NEO can sometimes cure any kind of insomnia. You might have are just my duty to show you now make fun of me a lot on our show. Our do not issue. Do it makes me because there are certain things that he thing said should be tents and knowledge for everybody that the true I don't. I don't know, for example, I could not at first name all seven planets, so we ve gotta, be funded from the report is very poorly UK whatever,
I am, I am sure, on Mercury Venus, earth, Mars. Now I'm gettin you good so far four Uranos PLUTO look at, It will give you one don't do that little. How to come here at PLUTO outcome have no clue railways of Flanders. We had it coming toward the inevitable colleges, school and its date back and bland you're sticking with its set plan RO ever who's out. We were I have here is Jupiter the butter and did you say Saturnia did she say It saddens me that you got him all day does because my great so that we may was. Made a thing that goes around a mobile mobile, How can be a next astrophysicist kids love that they should know where we are?
in the universe. They should know that earth and I should know That, however, is that I think is very important to make them aware we did a whole show on telescopes. Those, in fact are opening show yak, as is the anniversary of Galileo, fortieth anniversary Galileo in his telescope and gave him a telescope. Is he he had a very about your wife, and so he made this law. It was. It was an extension men telescope. The smaller did you ever want to total. Yes, I have a country s, I have views of the mountains. I loved you look at them. I origin. Also, again, the great decorating from wish. You luck. Look at the sky or you loved the mountains, not the other neighbours. Like those matters, the fork is pretty. I don't care what they know, but I think it's one. I love that is having a very beautiful I can
via the stupid milky way that I'm not very good woman from New York you're, not going to five million, will be like in the movies. For that feel better. I can't find it. Starve? I was stuck in about Ivy School GPS and the OECD So if you ve been to whom, in your home of course, I'm New York child I've been there as a child. I've been there as it father? And now I go. There is a grandmother and it's wonderful. My grandson loves it my grandfather and that magical age, where everything is wonderful. We did a whole astrological, chart upon his sealing the like sticky star, on the hunters and he loves a very impressive and you know to have a night at the planetarium where you can spend the night at the museum. Actually made it. The museum spend the night in the Well room, it's great and you and your duty towards the exhibits with flashlight at night. It's like a homeless fellows. They all snake sleep, sleep sleep in the Hall of Ocean, like I'm terrible that part of the mystery of
because your little kid and you gets private tours of dinosaurs at night with flashlight the Ets. I wouldn't do that. That's a brilliant idea! Have you been disappointed by anything? Science has promised you yes t row a very. I gave her my diva, but you're ever achieve by scientists have powers. Is the vote. Commands never work, but they never work. Network voice commands do not work. A great diet kill cure for cancer, These girls? We have spent millions of me I smaller microphone. I always say to them where I'm on board, where you were these big chunky, microphones, these right facts: you can get a man in the moon. Are you can't? small light back, not one of my biggest pounds his mammograms. I think it's ridiculous that we have
We say that you know a man invented that, because if the same tests was needed for men, it would be some sort of warming space gel that they would drop their testicle plan. Very white will come on. They too have a cocktail five by with us you, if this until smash your breast between two cold ports. I gotcha seems very strange to me every airline Neil referred to manner, shall, as a luddite, so I was very angry because I didn't know about men and I thought it hits, and indeed the big, but but apparently it's a person whose frightened of technologies- I wanted to know how tech savvy you are Miss Jane, I a very upset. I have now that Skype thing Sorgen talking my grandson and see him and because it is now I say to myself: does my computer make me look fat? I we. I can't it's ruined my life. I like all days. I don't like that. They can reach me black? Very that you are,
totally reachable around the universe. I find that awful. Your own time. I need time. I hate losing. Why email you yeah Joan sitting in your library is not a single trace of technology. In the entire laboratory, classical labour- yes, is vague. Behind one of these bookshelves is a tv Those big books are on the show is one of the sort of books on them. He knows the railway. Sir John put my last question already has a greenhouse effect. It's a run is nine hundred degrees, Fahrenheit and Venus. They could melt lead on visa. We are to have an example of an applicant bad average tells a sixty. Two billion dollars are very nice vendor. I would like to see the planet cleaned up within
serious Zack I shouldn't we that I think, is a disgrace. What we are doing, our atmosphere is great leader a planet I think we'd, better cleaner. I saw that, while Europe Venus already has a greenhouse effect, that IRAN is nine hundred degrees, Fahrenheit and Venus wicked melt lead on vehicle but we are to have an example of a planet con bad. So deep concern about the earth is very well taken. I want you to tell me why if we get it the universe, why all these hybrid cars Commander Vashon very quickly three years ago and gone out of fashion? the other night does not many of us now that I've seen the Cayman when in a widely they're, not I'm telling you it's because they're not sexy, because, though not celebrities aren't use em I'll, take the ugly too ugly carts their ugly to convince people flash who cares. That is an ugly you are saving. It is the same thing again, I'm game that I read some iron time Maggie We all pages are ruse white. We would reflect
so my cheek of the planet, then make a rule every recipe. Why that's all knowledge why has it already with the right move? If everybody's Rufus, wife, that's it, you ve, save the planet, you idiots the pleasure of cheaper cooling bills and some national in some countries you actually get attacks, went off for beautifying your home, like if you beautify property you can. So they write that off your taxes and whose common judges that have beautiful I do like long care and maintenance of stuff is a percentage of that it is a tax write off. Why not make those things? Tax incentives paint your roof white and drive a hybrid cars You can also use the same drivers to make that happen. I said, and also I'd like to live in, They could tell me nothing flying from outer space and destroy us. That is very scary when they say a meteorite, nay, combat may kill you and that's terror was very,
charge up more online, annex car. I have this, and when can you tell me exactly women's go ahead? We were actually so it's not they will tell you it'll. Never here is the day. We tell you that if it headed towards us, we can do something about it. Yes, yes, I just wanted to say I think we're so much time on stupid things. I think we should clean up the universe, clamped disgrace and don't worry we're going this base. Their common find us so John. Any parting thoughts further start talk. Just I think how wonderful d, if there were seven out there after all, single in jewish german rivers are gonna, hurt you John. Oh, my gosh face Joe. Doing this interview for start talking rate, you been listening to start off radio, forty one part by grant from a Sloan Foundation. This is real. The grass taste compelling until next time to keep looking up
which you can listen to start commercial free joint start compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk. Radio,
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