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An Exercise in Physics

2020-12-18 | 🔗

What would a quantum stadium look like? Can you race Formula 1 on Mars? Neil deGrasse Tyson, co-hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice, and astrophysicist Charles Liu answer fan-submitted Cosmic Queries on the physics of sports. 

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This is star top sports addition. Cosmic wearies got with me, Jack nice covered with happening to have jack, always a pleasure, this sports edition in you're, not an athlete. So, just by exactly now just pleasure to the audience, I sometimes when I'm sleeping So we try another governmental right now, as they put the metal around nine lacking. When I wake up like all Gary O Reilly Jerry, he knew and others co host in this, which is the legitimate streak grid part of this. I add here talk. I still have that dream by the way is still no God. Man could have a dream at the scary. When were you are playing professional soccer and the I spend three decades seriously. Yeah, I'm not a little. I can
the seventies late part of the seventies and move through into the early part of the nineties TAT I made my professional debut at a rather famous club. Saddam hopes were in London at the age of Nineteen o cool and then for absolute like totally decrepid outside So today, in this cosmic queries, we're going to do with the physics of sports, and you know I try to wax poetic about that, often in my social media. But to really do it right. We had to reach into our role the decks and fine our resident deacon, chief and jack? You know it That is the only one person this
only one and that's Charles Lou Johnny Chuck. It's so good to see you again, hello, hello, welcome, starter churches and Charles Stock, which everyone can also go by truck, but you have to check some room which rural charter is an old friend, a co author. Colleagues, and so we go way back started a new rock band yeah. Does it hurt? I've. Just judging by your hair, conducting a scientific experiment. What will happen to my facial expression? If I don't cut my hair for a year, you? Yes, they Ovid haircut than the bone.
Excited over on her. Well, if you, if you develop superhuman strength, stay away from any woman with scissors, that's no record show. How do you know about my? My brother in law saw me for the first time on soom quite some time a few weeks ago, and he said that still counts as a mid life. crisis. Rohingya airlock what one thing about that story with cutting your hair to so, do you know who cut Sampson's here the light. Was it Delilah wasn't just say it turns out, it would eyelids stylist it's not it's not too. I was read out as soon as you know, since it doesn't look, good looks and it was a lot to do. Guard Delilah got the doses
to tell you of our bet on that if you want to show tune, but any tips of Charles yes, I just you are on this programme because, however, geek de anybody is, there is always someone and the expect spectrum geek than than than you think you are right. When you are the gps person we ve ever on the show off, and so you represent that, then that extreme limit we need binoculars to find where you are on that score. This year. I thus supernova a bigger to you are all kind beyond kind. Thank you, but I would just once love to be able to score that winning go the same way the Gary has and check has in his dreams. All these.
ok, so we all do it in different ways. Child return, Irma Tumble signs of in different ways. So I want give your pedigree here. So you, professor of Astrophysics, ecologist Staten Island in the city, receive New York and Europe you're an associate act at my Hayden plant We are delighted to have you on my great delight on our staff there. Thank you. so you're an associate so means we reach for you and we need you and you contribute and participate in many of our excellent programmes and they just came out with a handy physics. Answer book come ass, like this year and is part of a handy answer, book series, and so there just great at so that this kind of background that you have no way in astrophysics, but in basic physics that contribute to this you got the first question I have this is from our patriotism patrons and we are we
lovely with them and right. This is essential Cuba's since most thoughts contained some degree of probability or chance. I want if a new sport can be devised that takes into account the probability presented by something like- and this is gonna go way over, my head wife particle- do quality? Who is that sounds like a surfboard for two? I'm guessing. That's my low brain attitude to this. Please guys you got it expands Charles what it would by the way. Let me just say that the sport, with some of the least probability involved in it, is ready. Ok, is you in your muscles against the your in their muscles and it's not. Did you hit the ball? when the right fraction of an inch or is the wind going in the right direction. If you, if you look, if you lose, your ass lost a kick, let's just that unless, for some reason, you're muscle had a twitch for no good reason,
random, which quantum mechanically induced twitch that Carling Armed suddenly be pin behind your back beyond that are slim I had made a fortune is calling for no reason so wave particle duality. Gary is a fundamental part of quantum theory, so so Frenchman, villain deployed he. He basically said and explained that there is this wave particle duality so at a low particle like an electron behaves simultaneously, both as a particle, something with negative charge, for example, and as away so it produces interfering.
effects and things like that, just as an ocean waves might in a larger environment, deploy all solutions to ocean waves coming through meeting each other that threaten the odd thing. Is that even something large like a baseball or a soccer ball, or something like that is also a matter weight, but the wave length is so tiny, far smaller than an atomic nucleus that we in the macroscopic world
ever notice those wave effects. So in a sense we are all waves of matter kind of interacting with other waves of matter, but with wavelengths, so small, it's as if that wave action didn't matter. So if you wanted to use wave particle duality to actually have some effect in sport, you'd have to be on the microscopic level. I might imagine some day the future where, instead of playing video games like this, there might be a special kind of video game that you resuming in and looking at a tiny subatomic realm innocence achievements. What MRS blow that out and say
What web? So, let's say in the future, we have such power over the universe that we can change the value of the physical Constance, and so now I creating I went in all areas of the union on an hour. I've created a quantum stadium and in that stadium, planks constant is really large. Also, so you start getting these quantum effects with regular every day. Jack's phenomenon. So tell me what sport would you devise? There could be like a moment. Big and while ok not to get, extra geeky on you. Why you ready If you were to increase plus constant to that level, you'd also have massive fluctuations of energy within that stadium, so that at any given time something equivalent to a a nuclear explosion would go off
in front of one of your players and not that I don't want that's a game. I wanna go so you say bad ideas, which was I mean if it were something like car wars or a madman So something where you have carte are you trying to escape from one place to the next and random explosions can be going off in the stadium in any time see. The spirit of the future. Charles will involve more fan, interaction, If you're going to say the in your condoms stadium, then all southern night shaft. Whilst the offence is in motion, That dead becomes something that derails that offered by making some
So if you get enough people coordinated in their engines, you can you have influence the outcome of the sport. Well, that's already happening in twitch, for example right. So if you have a situation beyond the video realm into the physical well, then I would devise a sport kind of where you would have been object that could randomly move and the goal of the team is to grab
that object or to otherwise obtain this randomly moving, say something with which you are absolutely right. So maybe maybe the kurdish pitch is indeed a quantum stadium. Just like you described in the burning or whatever that's called that's following quantum learns position. What's a call birdie the golden she slid. Snitch accuse me. The snitch do like body, though that says so so that the golden Snitch is its position in three dimensions for dimensional space and time is Quantum determined because they don't know where it's going. that would be the case, although presumably in not solely blotter hurled, it was the dream yeah, it's not quantum determined, but its magically, determined or even sentient leader term. It is not clear if in fact, the gold snake,
he's alive, I was gonna say the Golden Snitch may have a consciousness, because when you look at the way it moves, its court is clearly not random. It's trying to evade the players, They are never enough. Ok, boy, a plot of World CUP popped in and out of existence which bees it would be even cooler totally call if you ETA, if you out of here to make a entangled the Golden Snitch yeah, so that it could spontaneously provide information somewhere else. That would be almost like teleportation right like being one part of the stadium, and then when you go to reach it, it's gone, and then it's over there now or adapt mechanical this is then that's your
so fella his skin deep. Does this web in all its point out? Nothing! Now, if I could, I can add an addendum to this. If I may, Charles in recent years, was it who's, the guy who plays and man Scarlet Ox Paul, read, not Paul rod. Paul right, I think collaborated with Stephen hawking to create corn. the rules for Quantum chess hung where, when you try to take a piece, there's a probability that that peace is a dick when peace or is not even there, and so Your judgment of what the likelihood is of the success of that move will be at every time. You make a move to Google Quantum chess. It's pretty get. He's in two of Queens Ghana bit right,
then, let's get it aunt, man and and quantum stuff, because that's a whole another someone might as well. What's with yet another matter with yet so, ok so to check your name, Let me finally reboot you're you're, I pay I rebooted might my little Ipad and so on. Good now, ok, so this is from of via let us seize twelve years Fabulous. Yes- and I see story, that's to learn to read, but thank you for the story by the way, by the way is requesting VI letters. I guess is little violet right. So you know the rhyme roses. Aurette aside every five years I tweet roses are red. Violets are violet
parry are fun less. You don't have very strong sensitivity in the ultra violet or the via maritime in which must actually look blue. The tweet is not intended for people with find different styles, LU, LU, Blocker, glasses, you be blocking glasses It was while I have to say, she's, twelve years, all very ok and sees C c basically said when she patron on member wait a minute. Yes in her mouth, Why letter and mom advising where is he added mom is. He is a picture member and for four that we say thanks for the money, your job, is thanks for your support of I'm sorry. What you see? That's no now
I'm giving myself awake at night. I support you on my colleagues to support at once a month but never mind. We have probably once said during properly singer actors she's on on Valentine honey. I Valentine's day I want a five pound box of money. You haven't you all know the beetle, some money right, yeah, yeah, right money can't buy. Everything is true. boy you can't use. I need your money. What I wanted altogether now size His violin cedars is never heard of vehicles or pearl bailing out I'll bet. She at once,
has now. This is great. She's talking about stem into her stems should be stem with a b on the end. That is silent. That stands for baseball, yeah load settlers excited about their waters for society and tucked into their in math and baseball, and she says this doctor Lou. I am wondering, as far as the physics may go, are there any skills that you can think that might give. Women are particular advantage in baseball, maybe like, rather than trying to throw the fast developing interesting off speed bridges. Instead, can you think of any other areas of untapped baseball physics that players of any gender haven't yet explore to their full potential? P s? I love all the start, talk episodes and having you as a guest. you always are so gracious and your answers to questions are fascinating. Thank you for being here
signing the Charles, lose mom junk violated does say, and in all modesty I and she talking about I paid small and I'm just saying I'm pretty good. Yeah, I guess he's gonna? U, while in a love that on a little while at an easy. Thank you so much for the question. Thank you, for your kind. Words is very sweet. Baseball is a tremendous support and it is a wonderful way to learn stem Actually there are so many intricacies of it, and so much of it requires scientific understanding, not just hitting homer right, but your question is very very good a lot of people have little removed. So let me take a look. I go. People
Preconceived seemed notion that you have to have a certain body type or certain way of playing individual sports and at four baseball. That's one of the sports were any kind of body type or any kind of thing that you can bring to the table. That's unique can help you stand out exaggerate. Babe Ruth body built on beer and hot dogs. Yes, so I would say, For example, if you are looking for a typical female physique, yes, your pitching will allow you that you might be able to have unusual pitches, because you are able to have the bought, leave your hand or your whole arm structure in a different way. If you're running the basis, for example, you may be able to add, through flexibility or through other kinds of training, be able to dodge tags. If you're trying to steal a base- or you might be able to leap in the feed
build fine certain ways to grab things and throw better suffer. This would be a flexibility that women tend to enjoy more ways than men just what his body slicing Vanessa truck, that's right and also things like so for throwing a ball, for example your fingers and then, of course there is the strike so right at the strikes out of support Thirdly, from your shoulders to your knees, so it doesn't matter how bigger how small you are. If you're able to reach a ball in the strike zone, it's always gonna, be roughly a level playing field and in Some senses, for example, there was approaching mountainous areas right, therefore, that around with a trillion dollars, you gotta be do put jokes in here, and we can't you know that
you're you're talkin about feel technicalities. Nato, rather than the mound, was lowered in the sixties, because article seven is ridiculous, assess ever because it mom gibsons ridiculous. One point one to your aid back at when it was the cardinals at your, but yes so they're very famous of players who have such good crouches that their social response gave them advantage and hitting. So it may well be the case that you can take manage that if your body type or your physique, matches that of the ark you're about women's lower centre of gravity with that come into play in any way, shape or form in baseball
I can only imagine that if you're trying to fuel the hot ground ball to third base, or something like that, that you might be able to move laterally more effectively and someone whose body mass is more waited for the top wish, if they move more of your mass, a larger distance in order to go sideways Charles, without not help with hitting a lower cinching centre of gravity where you are able to get under a pitch and hidden, I write well in baseball. Most hitters are taught not to get under the bulk, trying to lift a butterfly ball, but rather hit the ball levels in cities when they make contact right. And then have a strong level contacts. So yes, if your lower and a pitcher can't quite get the ball doubters trying to get the ball down so that you only hit ground balls, you may be able to be more flexible either with your crouch or just have a smaller height to be able to hit the ball where you wanted to go, because you have a better opportunity to pick off the ball.
before it does its break or before it gets to love and people with famously high. Like time batting averages were not statistically larger than your average baseball players. Look you made me the best examples. Wait box who was famous for having a low crouch and his lifetime batting average was tremendous. Then one year he decided to prove to people that he could actually hit the long, but also because he was tired of using Yahoo. All you do. Is it like right? You are having a great year. Heating Hall aren't just route that at all but with the lower centred mass not off, plays at the plate. Is the ball exactly where it needs to be for the tag so the council will have to catch it and then move lower to a lower position, and so, if you are already down there, that could give you a few extra scoring opportunities because of that but excellent chuck we get. How could we gotta take quick break when we come back? More start talk cosmic queries, physics,
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right, so who's next who's. Next up is jack. You gotta question form they carry. No, it's ok I'll jump in right this one another one of our patriotism, patrons Cameron. Bishop hi guys have a question about motor spoke specifically formula. One, how old charges already excited trim and how his words we need to adapt. Our cars which are already very complicated engineering seats for a grand Prix hosted somewhere like Mars among the main Louis Hamilton is going to help it. Otherwise you will be breathed very well. We invest beyond that formula, one. It has primarily improved car perform over the years by becoming more and more aerodynamic right right at their using airplane technology, to make sure that the cars actually stay on the road better than they can turn corners better. just go faster than cars flying in Britain.
Literally he gets its riding and where there is a really good way said, the problem is, of course Mars. What had trust? I think the future for women should be rocket engines. I'm sorry, that's well, that's just You know solid rocket, boosters, gnashing, sponsor you or no one and scrap on some s are being and then it winds. Every time we witnessed a living alone is cares. Here's the closure is the problem. Gary all exactly you drag race. Right right actually requires some, some skill and ass. He did so. Here's here's the Earth Post race entered after meal after meal think is light. So it was an interesting experiments. What are those which are those marks on the wall? Those those are the cars. You may remember that cars with cars hit no those are the absolute can you imagine, a rocket power will be the one Grand Prix Monte, Carlo, oh my god,
The book I can get out of your exact dopey cerebral work on that detailed and left, but you're onto something, because because, for example, on Mars, the atmosphere pressure is less than one percent, that of the atmosphere. Pressure here on earth, so internal combustion engines wouldn't work. But you would have to have something like a rocket, ok we're trying to do is you need. You need some device that rule, still more air from its surround than would otherwise be naturally said to reign. That is actually need that that is. The actual proposal is the introduction of air, and then the combustion outbreaks, in the cavity than sending out the birthright seller. So, ok, I don't understand so that way, a rocket engine might actually be the best solutions. We can avoid the issue of atmosphere altogether, because, after all, most of the atmosphere and Mars is carbon dioxide, which will help you with a jet engine, as we understand many way right would that looting effect,
environment we haven't done a good job here we export that tomorrow is by way of an environmental disaster. I agree, It's said yeah, but then cars would not need to be nearly so aerodynamic either. So you would have to focus on control your ability to stay on the road when you're going at ridiculous speak. That's fastening Porthos! So because the atmosphere pressure is so low aerodynamics is you can you could have? Let you don't ever resistance? Young people need airfoil thousand and at twenty Thankee shave would be, one percent effect as opposed to a much larger
we'd, be racing, Mercedes G wagons, which had the aerodynamics a brick box? You would not have to worry about the shape of your vehicle, nearly so much you want. Instead to know the shape would be depending on whether that you can quit the road where you can make the turns at very high speeds, and things like that. Some of the physics is very similar. You are low centre of gravity. You want contraction things like that, but the power ratio compared with the shape structure, would be very different. I would such a trust if you're, because the gravity is less, is like forty percent of earth gravity. Does that affect the slope of the bank turn
If you have a bank turned at all, it would NASCAR, really they are getting it banking or whether you, because you have bank turns let some remember that the issue of your anger momentum is more important when you're going very high speed than the gravitational pull right, because your gravity you you're going to their cars Lillooet gonna, be like the sand in a bucket. That is being swung up and down the beach Europe you're going to stay on, regardless of whether or not you have the gravity pulling on you, because your annual mental is saw a greater because if I go up a hill at two hundred plus miles per hour on Mars, am I like stay on the ground. Once I reached the peak or am gone, I want to say a born. But that's not. Why do you want to go somewhere? This carries out what you're trying to go and ask why I'll be working that out intensity avoided beaches.
If I were to do that physics, real quick in my head two hundred miles an hour, you would fly off. Yes, you'd have to be almost vertical in order not to fly off, you'd still rise quite up high, so the rice would we have to be slower. the race would be slower or the slopes would have to be higher if UR banking, your curves, recognising one by the awning about Olympus Mons right, the tallest volcano on margin. That thing is many times taller than Mt Everest, because the gravitation nor acceleration at the surface of Mars, is lower than that on earth. So these mountains could rise higher. So that's what you'd have to do with the banks on a raise, That's! Ok, ok, not something that that's that's a grand Prix pressure. Alright cool man. Next, ok, let's go. Let's go. now, let me just add to follow quickly on trucks point. This reason why the the combustion engines,
have trouble, is the same reason why regular airplanes there's a limit to how high they can fly at any speed, because they have to second enough air to make that the jet engine phenomenon? work. So the added we take so much for granted down here that sea level of what's going on, I m okay, so planes and be like Icarus is what you're saying, but instead of being burned, by the Sunday run out of there. I here we go, this is proven, was here and he says how the hell does one throw a curveball? What physics is going on there all move on? Whilst you know I would say you know what I'm gonna throw this together a little bit because
Throwing curveball reasonable curves is very similar to the reason a soccer ball occurs when he gets kicked, and- and so I want the true athlete- sort of explained why the ball curbs and then I can bring on the physics for that. The baseball in particular, I meet you Gary to say what he has to do to make the ball curve. Yes, you'll, give the physics of that's again. I would like to tell you when I was little guiding had wanted forcible Gary. Why would you want to curve soccer ball, but you money it really is not ok. In a certain time, I want to disable the same goal. I'll, keep the go minded and have them think the ball is going from left to right and therefore they move them, by and then the bull just comes back in from right to left
so the committing their body momentum in the riders and once I get the body weight loaded to one side in particular- can be very difficult for them to carry out an audible, precious, not nice heads. Hence my pretty well. I said this is Beavis and when it works, do you got attraction? Oh yes, I mean that's, it is another thing: is the route to go may be blocked, you see this aim free kicks yeah, where they build a wall take the girl and then all of a sudden, Suddenly they use their hands to protect their private parts, yeah. One must take much crown jewels at all times so and the most famous three kick in Greece The times was Roberto Carlos us against France. I think, is ninety seven, France versus Brazil or Brazil, the shrouds we're gonna. Johnny. Seven is recent times this twenty three years ago, yet We are ready for you.
A thousand years old. I remember that you're always recent. I remember that goal. It was ridiculous. Yet, in answer to your question, need you can carbon date me after the show so Roberto Carlos comes up to the ball outside of these left but he's now dressing that is coming up to the ball, addressing the board on the right hand, side. Suppose you going to kick it with his left foot. He hits it on the outside of the on the right hand, side now, If you imagine, the ball has an imaginary equator he's got to shit right on the equatorial point, but in towards them slightly mortal So he can get power to make it travelled the distance, but because he hits across it he didn't heart. This spin, this rotation and you can see from a camera behind the wall it deviates viable,
two yards or more? It he's going wide of the girl and then all of a sudden. It cuts back in a most vicious way to go. Keep? It is World CUP winning Goalkeeper part is if you can imagine, this looks a little bit like the old Hollywood actor Donald presents, who was a bond? Will if I'm not mistaken there, you go more vigorously being, I think it was Cindy Crawford's partner at some stage. Agar there's you, as you said, no of information not just for down a pleasant one of yes. In answer so chelles we were taught you can't hit two fine. You have to make contact in the meat of the ball, but if you hit lower the bauble spin and rise, if you kind of here
equatorial playin, it will stay in a lower trajectory and travel and you'll make more contact with the ball in their fall in part, more power and force through the book. So if you can ticket on the right side, giving in kind of like from the top a counterclockwise spin yentl then veer left. Yes, ok, an annual, I enter your run to approach it. So as you, you really do slice across it with such power and this is also to yachts. There's a trade off between maximizing, spend by hitting it just at the outer edge and gimmick putting some meat on the kick to have the thing move forward so chart This is why I guess occur balls Never as fast as fascicules crackers, some of the energy energetically right. Pictures using is going to spend it. You are a hundred percent correct and Gary. Thank you. That was just a up. An excellent explanation was going open,
imagine recent goal twenty three years ago, but still most likely immortal the most amazing goals ever, except maybe the eighty six. Diego Maradona on goal in the World CUP, but that didn't have as much. Do without these things, and so we do not do anything. But I was not as much aerodynamics as just ridiculous skill, but that's it that's another story and then there is the hand go ahead of them. But what? Let's? Look that aside? As you said, Eustace it was against England. Ok, the curveball requires that the pitcher push the ball a little bit sideways and its being thrown, giving it a twist and not pushing it straight on his heart. Was you can write the middle because the baseball like the soccer ball is not a perfect sphere.
it can then Inter ACT as its spins with the air that it encounters on the way to the plate. But it's not that the boys oblong, you mean the surfaces services. The surface is everything: ok, I perfectly smooth sphere hector? That's that's the right way to put it, and so, as a result, you can create the curve action now with a baseball. It's considered a rigid body right. It doesn't change shape nearly as much as a soccer ball that so when you in the ball, the soccer ball, the deformation of the soccer ball provides an even greater change, which is why you can have this sort of l shaped, turned with a curve on just kind of get a little bit of an evening at Bay
that's a different scale of motion and also the distances are so what's happening with the forces on the ball. With my ear and the forces, you have a spin which is creating non laminar flow around the ball and then the laces of the baseball accentuate that point. So the more you spend it, the more likely it can happen. If he had a perfectly smooth, uniform baseball, then the ball may not curve no matter. How much can you put on it because there isn't the opportunity to disturb the air around distribute cretin, unequal force, left and right on the ball? ray and down for that matter were up and down right, on another level of a suitcase arising fastball, will that's right right and so another level of devious for local player, and it's it's all about devious this a baseball is a solid object. A soccer ball is inflated. No you're ahead of me on this
Our children, which you in flight, the bull if you strike Suzette you didn't, have Charles my right, some sort of press, a change and you have a definite impact on yet ended on the defamation. The ball and it will knuckle as right by spoke. It that's right. So so, When you see people setting up the soccer ball for penalty kicker freak it, you always noticed that the place where you stick, the. leading pinion is somewhere where the roused the valley at yet somewhere, where the player can actually hit it with foot ready made em Devious thing is in baseball if the pitcher actually law towards the place ourselves, spits on member to spit mom. I don't know if you're around back then, but
the direction we want. Yeah, let's be super harshness. The last baseball pitcher in the major league was allowed to throw a spit boy. I believe was satchel page because everyone who used to throw spitballs were grandfather, dean and allowed to do it thereafter. If you put water on the ball, and then you throw it with whatever spin you have. You even create even more change, because that changes the aerodynamics changes. The ability for the Baltic goes route like what slippery and what's not, you also create water. That kind of comes out the changes, the trajectory it it was spitballs, are ridiculous and a terrible and then try to hit the ball them. It's the bat and, above all, slippery. So it's gonna go swimming away. We saw last report and then there's the Hocker movie.
you may be illegal ball with those stopped coming right off the bat like yours, I'm gonna break. I gotta get that for a second and final break and when we come back will have more start. Talks were tradition, cosmic queries, Physics we're back startle sports addition. Cosmic worries the physics
sports, and, while I know a little bit of this, you knew we brought in our resident geek and chief Charles Lou, Charles, what a pleasure to meet you think he's there, okay, so its continued scaring check requesting Jeff hired as this is from state. summers. He's a patriotic veterinary wants to know this greetings doctors of space, nobody aces questions were Doktor Lou. I am involved in high in a high stakes, game of dams later today, against nasty. We now know seconds not against yeah yeah they last night. It was not to be. Fields with snow suggests that now I need an earth. She says recommendations should I turn off the graph, pleading or creed
the spatial anomaly or just keep my baisers set to extra crispy looking at the hall was what a great questions had. What was, I won't get lucky that DOM job DOM jobs is a game in these star trek next generation, deep space, nine universe, ok, which is some sort of a mix between pool and pinball. Ok, it was introduced in start tracks, next generation seas
seven episode tapestry, which is kind of like it's a wonderful eyes. I do you know what he's again, if you have this episode. Yes, Jean Luc Picard, play by Patrick Stuart, is kind of like Jimmy Steward into one sort of lives his past, as if he were able to make different decisions, but in that they do not concern a bunch of really big look and scary lookin fucks, and they want to play down John DOM job play. human play, dont, Japan, so they're playing this, but they cheated and so yeah self.
Was too, and it is all kinds of anything like that. So so let me just answer very quickly is a great question, but I would never countenance anyone trying to stack the deck and cheat especially against some angry, not against, because they will rip off your appendages. If thing in that angry, so I would say to try to play and beat them fair and square. It is well known, did not against always try to rule the terek industry nuns they always why,
that is, as I consider the cool thing for them way beyond the importance of it in the game, so intended ass, regular trap, Unita to write, love Dassault play along nor seconds attempts to rule the terek industry night and they want to take silly risks, which would then allow you to sort of piecemeal, win this game. Now be sure, however, if your careful, if you're playing for example on deep space, nineteen corks make sure that Odo is there to provide enough security so that the knock seconds do not revolve here. and here's. The real answer be sure not to ask this question if you don't have a girlfriend, because because what you need to do, what you need to do is go get his girlfriend first and then you can ask a question
that's the real answer you better have a girlfriend, because that is the answer is no and chat sites. Like that question and answer my help attract a girlfriend. Worryingly, over only female nor sickens will be attractive. Lighters, nasal Stephen! You! You have the choice of two ounces you are right: What are you gonna do lightning round we gonna lie down over the minimal, took some Charles Gimme like sound bite answers. Ok, I gotta hit. It was from the minimalistic so how to get strengthen back with minimal efforts. All answer this won't take steroids next, We also realise vs strength, repetition of different muscle groups at various links at long period, over long periods of time as a training, regiment, ass, a training regiment yesterday, so that when
You actually are called to task on that you recover more quickly, correct, yes, ok, What is this? Is it? drew gun, drew gun drill. He said it check if you pronounce it like gumbo you gotta, get aren t go it would go? Zackie satisfy me says: hey guys, a comic criticism for the introduction of science into sports is there It can take away from the soul of the game potential ruin that challenge faced by the athletes and the enjoyment experienced by the fans, how should we evaluate whether the introduction of science or data or a I will be truly good for the overall sport or whether it will improve individual players. Performance but ruin the overall gay zone. When does it? When does it make the game better and more enjoyable and windows? It detract from the enjoyment by making the game that sound bite answered,
This is the lightning rod question and show our work as a prerequisite for ass. The bears this out allied answer. The science makes a game or sport fun, the more it's good. If you try to put anything into a sport or a game that makes it less fun whether mits steroids or unfortunate training or whatever or science it'll make it less fun. But if we could add the science and say look, this makes the game more fun, which science does. If you do it right, then we have no problem- ok right now that you can answer the athletes answers this. Does this give me the bat teach. Can I wid? Let's have it less than a minute a greening. What are you going
ok we're all of the aged when we remembered when the electronic, I think I'd be, and was the first to do at the electronic tracking of whether a tennis ball ass, the wind out, I'd, that's science apply to a sport today, make it more or less one. I don't mind fun unless you re, launch Lendal or John Mcenroe, Then, if you like last modem, argue yeah right so funny, Mcenroe now days, would you you set up John shut up the computer set it out. I mean we blame, but the computer isn't so right now you to say no. I'm staying on these questions would stay punk tool how to protest from far from what from
inside this is Instagram. Sorry, ok, state, punctual, how to probe possible players, have muscle memory or to make seemingly impossible shops? Well I'd say: that's probably practice practice bracket. Muscle memory is a thing, although it's not physically, I think so much. Your brain action you can pattern in things that it's done before, whether its in sports or in arts or music or science, or anything like that. So, if you do it over and over enough times, then a your body knows at that moment. What to do, but combination of signals descend from your brain to your body to get those things to happen, and then there is also the point where you have improvisation. If you have different sequences in your head already said, you know how to take a shot, and you know how to spin- and you know how to duck. Then you can combine them together if your brain,
has done it often enough almost instantaneously to a job and a spin and a dog all in sequence course. What you're saying is I don't have to invent a new scene I should have to staple together other fragments of the sequence than it already perfected and to everyone also to look like it something new. What that's my understanding of the sports physics of the brain, new new understand about how our brains in our bodies, workers coming every day so I may be already way behind on the critical unlike the scene where we're Michael Jordan is that at the felon and you just close his eyes and shoots yeah and then it's it's a completed. Its all net the anklet muscle member would coronets were magic one or the other Does your when lightning round go there we go in a patriotic. This is Thyssen, Lou, twenty! Ninety, interesting! Oh wow! so he says a hockey skates blade contact. Are we actually on the eye?
or are we on a layer of water? What is it good question? It turns out that it's complicated it can be either or both there's been a long held belief that the reason you wind up being able to skate is because temporarily the ice skate pushes against the ice and creates a thin layer of water as it goes by, but it's more complicated than that. If you do the physics that alone usually isn't enough, so surface is a part of physics which we haven't done: a really good job in understanding the models thereof. So it's a combination of solid on solid and liquid on solid and that's why it's such a dicey thing to do when you playing hockey or we can do in figure skating. It's not always the same physics, that's causing your skate to move and therefore you have to adjust physically with your muscles. to make sure that you're going when you walk out loud, and rightly so, the next Round Jif Caliphate, what happens when a basque peoples
teams to enter into the hoop but suddenly rose out. Nor fifty I'll tell you what happens, I lose two hundred dollars the ball. Is always spinning, even if you can't see it on television. So if it hits the rim, it's going to strike at instantaneously at a particular angle and there's a spin happening at the same time, it is altogether possible, but very unfortunate for chug right that hit the spin and the rim in just such a way that the reflection angle from that bounds actually out, as opposed to being so that's kind of what happens so trouble. Just like if I take a ball and back spin, take a battle back spin it away from me. If you just standing- and you don't see the spin, it looks like and throwing it away, but then about his back towards me. So you can create a about trade.
three, that's very non intuitive. If you don't know in advance how the thing is spinning, that's right now, ok, soaps! So I can't go in the net and come out of the net that that's not the kind of shock that we're talking about here. It's gotta be able, the rim is a protest. I hit the room, it's gotta hit the whom, in order for it to come back and almost say that, yes, the net is not strong enough to pull up the palace, cool man I can't download this is. This is die goat. Ninety three from Instagram. I love this question as somebody who has tried to serve notice. Operative word tried. He says what is the force that keeps you on your surfboard? Oh, that's, not so much force as it is balance where equal Libya in order to stay still in any reference frame. In this case, the frame of your board. You have to have all
You're forces balanced, zero in all the other directions, otherwise your tip right, so you're, using micro adjustments of your body, your arms, your legs, your feed, your toes in such away. There ass break one undeserving. That is such that if there is a change in the motion of the board, you are exactly bouncing that almost instantaneously. So that relative to the board your position and therefore just stay concept, so if your unfamiliar with surfing could just looks like they're, just casually bound
earlier today. The rider adjustments that radical muscle power needs to happen. In order for this to go on. It is true that I am told that I've never successfully done this myself, that the best surfers are one with their board. Gach means that they at some point need to make almost no adjustments, because they intuitively sense where they need to be at any given time with the minimum adjustments necessary to have a zero net force compared to position because if there's any force that is net that will set the whole thing into motion in Europe over the last five years have annual follow. So cool suit, the sailor suicide but that's a silver slumber level lawyer the silver surfers state on because of the power cosmic given to him by collective to be his first Harold
That is why I said about them down: testing for forty eight. You gotta go back to the to the historic I fancied. I may add one thing about the server. Could it be, then, that if the surfer goes on with hand waits that they would have higher ability to make adjustments, because they have more weight that they can maneuver so that they could. Five, a wave- action that might otherwise toppling like like a tightrope artists with bows and, for example, very good check here very possibly I dont know enough about the specific physics and non linear physics when you're actually riding a wave to know what it at an advantage or additional and each, but theoretically I'd certainly makes sense. We shall find more weight. You can reposition that. I should give you more the interests of the future of of surfing. As you get to you know, Barb too,
so ass. To make swift. I want some it's love, yeah right of biodiversity was awaiting losing their wetsuit and they could cheat ok, so state stay with this thing: ok cause Cooper, HOLLAND, come on Instagram. It is that this might have to be the last question. Scope does being heavier on skis. Make you faster! that scares watch out olympic state? Do you know he is ok? Let me think about that little bit on the one hand, a higher mass would cause a greater normal force, which would mean that you or if you have a coefficient of friction, that's greater than zero. It will slow you doubt going down the slope right. On the other hand, if you have a higher mass, you may be able to tilt yourself a little bit more so that you have less normal force and more Erle for setting down
that's it that's, probably an ambiguous answer. It could also it is also true chuck as you that if you plough through snow going forward, You have more more momentum from your your heavier balance. Right. Go through that with it, because in rowing, if you're going to check, if you get a ban on, what boat is gonna win and you have no other information, but I bet on the heaviest book because the heaviest bow every between strokes, the boat slows down because of friction with it with water right, but if a heavier boat will slow down less right. So now. Neil is exactly right. If, if, if you treat the snow as a viscous media, that's providing resistance to your motion. You would want more mass, but mostly most of the time. Ski slopes are grouped, and so there is not able to sell their walking you. So instead is worried about the friction.
it was not an obvious clean answer. They just to make it clear. Fat people and skinny people will fall at the same Right. Ok, so it's not like your fat you'll for faster than if you're saying, ok. tat, that's why I'm on the Galileo diet that didn't make it That's what I e, where preceded the experiment that very day don't jump off the leading tower piece of them. Ass often reside with guys. I've got a collar christie. We should do us again this year on and I would only thin it from her fan base Charles who always great to have you. Thank you so much for having me. It was such a pleasure. It's great to see you guys and we love you. Your covered rocks are here
Next time may be, will have even more of it to discuss the start, a band of some guy always good and in your good, when I make when I make fun of your vintage That is what it is tat. We can accommodate you soon as these models that will report that the next episode cut myself with good to have always pleasant grasped, hasten as always bidding you keep looking
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