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Basketball Physics, with NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

2018-05-11 | 🔗
Slam dunks, skyhooks, three-pointers, bank shots and rebounds – Investigate the physics of basketball with host Neil deGrasse Tyson, NBA All-Time leading scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, comic co-host Chuck Nice, astrophysicist Charles Liu, and NBA analyst Jim Spanarkel.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/basketball-physics-with-nba-legend-kareem-abdul-jabbar/Photo Credit: Brandon Royal.

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Skip. The commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide dartle begin right now we re facing astrophysicist tonight we're going to explore the science, a basketball and to do that Your featuring my interview with NBA Legend Karim up to Jabbar. Let's do this metropolis comedian shook
the Treaty of NICE come very nice and also join me. Is a friend and colleague, Charles for businesses with the city universe evenly Orkut, Staten, island, longtime friend of the show, and why do we have another astrophysicist unsure about basketball because Charles has a certain sort of geeks parties in many different things and you look you open, oil- and we went there basketballs in a of course I am in parabolic orbit over the ship Phoebe really is ass. I cannot tell you to help us sort of Britain and the physics of the game. What a wonderful gay I've only been taken so far that we both know physics, but you are totally geek geek out by it, is remarkable. Would imagine that a little hoop eighteen inches across a ball just under ten inches across could not produce as much
awesomeness, as basketball awesome osity knows no bounds, none My two Karim: do: Jabbar is MBA all time. Reading, scorer off the eight thousand three hundred and eighty seven points, while What did you know he's? Also scholar Corinne is a prolific cultural columnist and a best selling author. I don't you, that now I know all. I know what do you like? I asked you about that, but the weakest background. So let's check it out you may be like the smartest professional player in
sport set there. What do you know about that? I'm just thinking you're scholar and I'm an academic. So I focus on that. You ve written books, your thoughtful yeah. I think what it all started was is the fact that my dad like to read my day was an avid reader. He would sell books by weight by them by weight down those bookstores. They have down the owner Third avenue in the old days here know there are no bookstores anymore, so going down down there with them couple times better ever greater, and I just realized that there was a lot of knowledge. I might wanna know something about, and I that's how I guess I got to be what they call it so these are the seeds ready to sprout when you were done with basketball.
Right, she's written twelve books, twelve twelve books, music, columnist for Time magazine until all topics will ever surrounding religion, race and society in. So I just thought this is this: is it guy by the way. Ok, he also spent one decisions in the NBA was NBA all star for Ning team of those twenty years he spent fourteen with the Lakers, he was time, NBA Champion six time, MBA most valuable player, so that on the side clearly these done nothing with his life
Karim, really demonstrates how much a misconception it is that athletes are not intellectuals and intellectuals. Campi Athens cause that's, it starts. That's right. We just pigeonhole people, it's as simple, as that we human beings have a tendency to categorize and in this kind of way, it's hard to consider some one that can be both physically and intellectually gifted. Furthermore, you have to realize, I hope everybody realises to be at let effective. You have to be intellectual on whatever playing feel that Europe now yeah, sorry, I'm you know. I just gotta take issue with that, because by the way there are some very smart jocks There are some very dumb jobs but try there, but look. There are some very smart astrophysicist and very done astrophysics, yes, but the dumbest astrophysics. This is
and its regular political. You I, like you guys actually now- and you like that do is look at. I asked of motion in here there on the rest of us. Turkey's right he's not a bit afraid so. This is evidence that you know we pigeonhole people. We will we don't I to be more than the one thing there good at, and I don't really understand that, because the truth of the matter is we can handle people having at all what what seriously. Like you don't know, somebody who has meant what we laugh at famous people trip on Sub Ministry of Culture and they're gonna happen simply because you don't want somebody was mentally and physically superior Udall. Once somebody there haven't had Karim continue,
his career in basketball, longer done that for a longer period time before he shifted over to something else. Like writing. Olive is amazing, but ok. So now I want to show you a picture of chuck low as a weight lived in Champ I miss that year because it don't you only with my mind so so cream sabbatical play was most famous for perfecting this accurate deadly shock. Call the sky book indefensible indefensible it. So I had to devote some about hi fly and Sky book. Let's check it out. When I look at a basketball game, pardon me sees it as a physicist does so there's a ball its round, there's a who.
Which is bigger than the ball and they're all manners of shots that commanded from different angles. Different trajectories and your sky hook your hand at fully extended It's gotta be like eight or nine feet in the air I mean. Did they measure this? What I said This guy, who my hand, was a between ten feeling eleven feed in here. Could you also jumping I'm also jumping okay? So now the rim is ten feet up, Zactly Temple, so the ball is basically going down. So the physics of this, of course, is the more. The ball can just go down the greater chance of chance it has for going it. So you won't, you sit a high are
shut the drop the drops yours just get it to crawl, he ever just cross over then there's the cross section changes much smaller Now? Don't people know that? So I can take this circle, an angle it the cross section to a smaller now, so you get your shot should have I art and comes straight down. Are you thinking about the physics when you would take a match on because you had your physics, everything I learned in all had to do with during the mechanics of the shot and sitting aboard arrow, pushing figure out what the Ark is all about, and once you get gotta figure out, you can become accurate, your marksman, so your basketball marksman, you have to be. I had all the ballistics and everything worker,
the list of Iraq in front of us and ballistics. Ok, when you shoot thing in the air. Immediately gravity starts working on. So no what you do if you shoot something out it's gonna head down until it stops downward, so everything about ballistics has to do with how much upward you have to put how much sideways you have to put, and you always have to keep in track. You always have to keep track of whether or not it's going to go down and when it's gonna go. We looked up at him. Ology ballistics, respect from the list you, why did you not attack, not rats? You, cracked, team researchers, do this. Ok, it's animal rather mentions cannibal. I wanted to tell you sorry: do
where I was very impressed upon very important. Technical YO gives a great word, for there were a great Yazzi, amended Sylvan Karim was talking about the bow and arrow. That's right. A lot of us think that you shoot right for the target. No, you ain't above the target because grow but he will bring the arrow down so when Karim did a Skype, what he was really doing combining both the downward trajectory with the upward push of his arm and then he was ten eleven feet in the air with the ball already. All of that he was count. In his mind in real time another demonstration of why the human brain is the greatest physics computer ever yet. Creed. Ok, why their graves here, because so here's the great thing so print was talking about the sky. Her- and I thought perhaps you guys- could actually demonstrate what you just talked about, which is the ark
of a ball falling into the hoop, because what you are talking about there with him was that when the bar cross over the who. There's a smaller area right prospects? cross national Area future aim, but when it drops into the hoop, is actually bigger. Basketball player says like the hoops bigger and that's what they see when the shooting so away. Ok, so here we go look see he's not always Bulgaria you're paying for my dry cleaning. That would be if the rim could move right at the rim could you try me come up with something all that wait, wait, wait!
slander, guy to maximize the Jews, I want to build up, showed the full classic wrangling these good rape really address, Andy's Delicious remain so to man he's obviously for thirty. Eight thousand point is not doing any calculation at all is now built into his that's Neuro. Medics. Naturally, and that's really true also studies show clearly that at some point repetition allow the nervous system of the brain and spinal cord. All the ancillary nerves to have something in there even faster than thinking, so your body system works fast
then you can reason it out in your head. I wonder we got the shot, which was a deadly accuracy, and the sky hot and we don't see it anyone. Nobody does the sky book, we have seven footers in the NBA, they could stick their armor. They could do the sky but you never seem do what Karim did its eye to ask him where it went, I took four shots, my whole life and I was pretty good at it. Why doesn't anyone should it anymore? I think the upshot is fallen out of space. Because all the kids they're learning how to play the game want to shoot three pointers. They don't want the ugly two point shot down there in the paint. Did the three point shot exchange the game that's the way we wanted is I'd so presume
delete a three points shot which is farther away. Yes, I think we looked it up at the perimeter. Is twenty three feet an inch of something like any India in the idea right right, not the baby. Three points, those satellites so presumably be, will take the shot if you think you can make it right back, lower, statistically likelihood shocked to take that's right. So you are they. Calculating whether that risk is worth it. Yes, the game is changed quite a bit. Numbers on this, so the average, the NBA of all shots, is forty five percent. Yes, nearly ass. The upshot, but that includes three point three point: shot average is thirty five percent right. So is it worth it? Here's what you do you do that calculation breakdown, a typical three point shot, will give you on average. One point o five points. Ok, that means you miss about.
In time you get about one, but you get a little bit more. So it's about one point, o five points per shop, a field goal. A two points- are only averages about one point: oh to zero point: nine points workshop, which means that you actually have a statistical advantage now shooting a three point she rather than doing an interior game, and this is what I love about Ashraf. Because what he just said was three beats coming, try to calculate how gleam Abdul Jabbar youth fair in today's NBA have a little before you.
I'm gonna to consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and sub Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never then time learning what you d, which means the faster you demonstrate what you know the faster you finish, its also about half the cost of most other online universities, so you can graduate with far less debt or none at all we talk about the fire. A basketball fishermen Univee would then be a great Karim, Abdul Jabbar about to ask him about the evolution of the game, since he retired beckoned nineteen, eighty nine,
professional sport has been so touched by technology by physiology by health. My strength, fitness How much of that was going on in your day? I think you know this other children, ha touches. Faddle mean it. In that spirit. I just wondered about the progress of its like that to the progress of the game. Yes, like, if you look at the game in the nineteen thirty he's gonna jump ball after every basket. No three points: if you scored ipl, if the whole team scored thirty points
is an incredibly high scoring game know you have individuals scoring thirty points. Nba games are in the game. The game is just really been a barometer of human development in the sport, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, the Lakers, probably the best team I played on Wii, made ninety three point: shots between the beginning of the season to the last game of the playoffs. We made ninety three point: shots two thousand and fifteen golden state warriors beat the first game of the season in the last game of the playoffs
wave. One thousand. Seventy seven three points out in its amended. The joining us to help with this conversation with the evolution of the game is NBA analysed, Jim's, Binocular Jim. Thank you being locked up. Just a pretty face analysed you drafted by the NBA laid further seventy six years ago will help you didn't care and you are currently and analyse for the Brooklyn. That's on the yes network. I've been doing the nets for twenty five years. So tell me about suited the three point shot over the years, just its trajectory. Not now, I think, what's occurred more than anything and Karim just touched on it the evolution of the size and strength of the athlete which I think goes under noticed quite often in all sports. But at present
we in the NBA, but I also think- and it's kind of a crazy concept in all use your kind of analogy here. You know the galaxy. If you look at the basketball florin, that's your galaxy, the size of the stars and planets on there are the players there. Colliding all the time. You think I'd go here with this, but you know I actually. I was busy. Usually these analogy with my point: we're I'm go with that is part of me thinks that the speed and strength in quickness of athletes- and it applies not only to basketball, but I think if you watch a lot a hockey, these guys are so big and so fast think. The playing surface is almost too small for the guys on the floor. This, if you think about I'm six five and I was a guard, the average the average.
Eyes of NBA player now is give or take six eight to thirty to thirty five and you fuchs. If you think about it, the collision of these guys with the free for a line and in has become so tight, so small, there's no room in the old days, fun metals, one out basketball. You had to be athletic to play the game, but The metals you had to know when to go back door, went to do this one to do that and learn the game I gotta be athletic. Also, now. I say this world, you bet very, very athletic. The play professional sports now and you still have to secondarily be fundamentally at Ukraine. So if you look at all the ways, one consort this foul shocks right is that people talking about the same number found shots in the day. Yet I am, I am. I It was no blood, no foul yet so you had to really get hacked. So before you do, you got what you
You think about the way. The three point shot is definitely changed. The game is no question about that right, because now, these guys, the athletes their practising those shots, and one thing I will say about pro athletes- GSM very fortunate that not only do the and see a term and see the young kids come up and their start net six seven eight years of age be enriched you're getting better and better and that's what they're crap is going to be so they got better at it, but from the standpoint understanding what they can do, its change, the diner. I'm totally in this particular game, because in the old days, if you think a basketball, the what's the best shot on the floor from presenting a lamp away and it, but what I would say not but lamp right, ok and usually the best number would be a one on zero. So me getting a pass, new and laying it in on Zaire right in half court. You can the same thing you set your half court up there.
To one wants to get angles on the floor to get the basic layer, it's so congested The game is move the way, compounded with the fact that you have athletes who are stronger, who shoot it and I've been practising it for longer periods of time. The dynamics just started governments and curries not a big strong guy by the way when you look at him, but he is very strong he's lean and strong he's not muscular suffer stuffed our current goose. Who will take ten three point shots again round? parking lot, but you know it's interesting when he first started and you look at the statistics. I think its numbers for the first three years, we're about three or four attempts were game. The next three years were three more about six or seven. Now he's up ten, so just inquiries career its evolve. We're here to think so. Karim is over seven feet. Tall right, he's gotta sky hook. He took most of his shots near the basket. Correct! Ok, so I had to ask him: you know that you have the three point chance
Did you ever shoot a shot at ask one right, let's check it out, I thought thirteen, I made one so your whole career or do you ten years? If I do the math right ten years of your career was in the presence of the three point line right, so you had thirteen attempts and you made one made one so of your thirty eight billion point. Thirty, eight! That's in point three of those were three points on one three points out. So what what the hell are you doing? What were you thinking, I'm probably gonna be taken up for taking that? Was it come on guys, Gimme chance here please and the one shot that I made the ball like bounced out into corner and I wouldn't got it and nobody came. The guard me ok, size. I stepped back and said. Ok,
This was why we should have liked bronze that boy, That is the only three points ever made in the history of the NBA, where afterwards, there shame. They just like south as Emily was just like. Let me get Maybe nobody noticed, ran away from that satellite. He had committed murder and, and it's a crazy think, the notice this is our programme, the basketball. There are twenty two seconds left in the shock, so you supposed to be thrown out the garden he takes that happenings of hand. That's why do we not use went while you were in the NBA? You overlap with cream. I did ya how much time was. Why played five year cycle?
from seventy nine to waiting for so I played against them for my five located because he's active at that time. Magic Johnson is well magic. Johnson is well yeah, so it was that it was more of a contemporary was better mats ass in a dream of Georgia by two different. Positions, man, you gotta, give that I'm sorry it out. You know, leave years was attacked us up a lot of people. Think about- and I can say this from experience when you're playing against these guys. They are so good and be in six five and point again, I six seven whatever and you're, taking your shot? There's a thought, your mind that that shocking get blocked. What does it do to your confidence? You hesitate a split second and you're done and to give more jack you're so early, scientific gravity, and everything is due to play if I don't get a shot off, but its long behind and right. But if you think about Kareem's, why give the advantages that the smaller guys, like Michael Jordan's of the word,
cream is shooting at six. If worked six five right exactly and if you see the little one little guys news, one piecework Karim was shooting sky. Hooking use you speaking about it. That was call will Jones for the seventy six is who is guarding him? He's a seven footer Graham had the hand way up here and call it. Seven feet looked like he was about five five, so my point being that you're shooting a shot, and you know lock to get blocked, you can be a whole lot better than the guy worried about getting shot block. Why asked because he's leading score the area. I ask them at his peak. How would he do competing today? Just a western biological I'd be able of supply in today's game. I don't think somebody from authorities could play in today's game you're near enough in the past, the artist
figure out a way to get in there. I can get in there because I still have skills that would translate today be useful scoring near the basket. Now today, guys your height hat or sixty pounds heavier than you were, but we would have been hard to just put more muscle on you today and that's what I'd I'd still be competitive Lakota without, even though I didn't have that kind of muscle, My quickness and agility compensated speak ills a good way on the court's. What are you weren't? What were they? Karim really understands that he's. Probably not like a little speedy guy. Like you, he thought he was fast yeah, but seven p. He's a giant will be as fast as a seven foot. Person can be right. What you're saying gets
Everybody has a wrong self perception with yours. Seven feet you move like now. Here's the thing is a physical limit to how fast, really large things can be. Ok, because, if I want to say I want to scratch my hit, ok my hand right, if my hand is so long that that the electro actual magnetic impulses. Take ten seconds to get from the tip of my finger to my brain, our scratch, my My finger doesn't even get the single told ten seconds I bring my hand a scratch, my head and I'm good of impulses, travel up to two hundred and eighty six miles per hour in the human body, doesnt matter, whether your six would three or seven foot three those impulses are gonna, move fast enough to make sure you can scratch your head, nor your site
rise, has well. Eleven countries are making two different, would look, I'm just making is making an astrophysical point. Can you have a life form the size of an entire galaxy? This is why these serious questions we search for life in the universe and one of the constraints on that is It takes white a hundred thousand years to cross the galaxy and that's the fastest thing. We know so life one? That's a hundred thousand light years across if it was scratch. It can't do any faster than it takes like anymore. Hundred thousand years, so so it has to move slower I point now that limit get it. It's so good. So now with people you're saying it was fast enough, so seven footer five foot should make Much of it makes no difference whatsoever in the basketball court, a big man like Jim Canoe Justice. This is a little man like me, possibly fast, really drives me, don't use this man example. How do we use fast look? I know you
that is not its not because his nerves didn't have to travel. Tourists lower longer. What's three was imagined, I was pigeon toad, not me slow recently. What was there was a look man. I was white you. What will come up we're going to talk about the physics sneering, rebounds and sinking when start talk, return
from the american dream? Is that we are going to give it a basketball feature in my interview with MBA all STAR Karim, Abdul Jabbar check it out. A rebound in basketball. You have to get a sense of how the thing is going to bounce before the thing makes that bows, so you can be in the right place at the right time. What's going through your head, when you how many, how many, we was it a billion seventeen thousand rebounds. The Angolan equals the angle while so, if the come from this angle at the basket probability. Is it's gonna, take the same angle, come off the other side, but that's a law to love optics,
angle of incidents equals the angle reflect its like a mirror, so you have to understand. The angle is gonna come off and then the distance from the front room and backward that you need to be it to have the optimum opportunity to collect the river plus a hundred one inch wings Without the ability to anticipate is so we can spread, terminates new talent I calculate the, but then really reach out and grabbed the boy, nor does it as some people just stand. Airy you gotta move, but so you are particularly potent because you basically combined your hundred hundred inch wingspan with the knowledge of angle of incidents and NGO reflection right in what we call hops.
In my day, animal that I use that word pops. Is that your verdict vertical yeah, basically, vertical YO robot hops lay here you can get up. That's when you play above the rim. You got hops, you know You just told me a little bit about his game, You learn a leper run. I just the way I grew up. We didn't have that where we didn't use that word s got right, but I could job I can I can. I could put the ball with knife great, so you had hops as others. Do you know? I did I'd have hot. So do you think he got the rebounds because he's calculating of incidents and able reflection, yes or because he has a hundred one inch. Wingspan yeah
because you know my ears dear ass. Well, he said that I asked, for it is always carry with design their insecure, but no seriously set this out sectors that look at this look at us. Ok, I theirs. As is a one hundred and one ends when spread, this is total boy comes anyway anywhere S arm in arm, so it will be all right. You got it actually focus wakes, Agis programme, oh really bring up the variety of data comes here I'm just we ever right! So now it's not just that it's to food, get a mega circle out? Oh that's right right and this could be
units of measurement Kareem's line. We, I fifty Kareem's how many Kareem's to the move, Robbie truck jobs, jobs we gonna do Thirty, eight thousand times five thousand two hundred eighty divided by a hundred one times, twelve, only why it's only two or three is the miles to the moon, any divide that out by the financial, don't you do it yet! Well, that's what I was But why did you do it? It's box. I get it
I think size matters I mean it. You know. Obviously excuse me semi. You know that I'm not sure what to say after I just got away and take pleasure. But yes I mean, when you think about it, there's a lot of room for him just to be grabbing rebounds, because he's Karim, Abdul Jabbar right out, if you think a guys, like an in the old days, Dennis Rodman, who was six eight when the best rebounded Charles Barkley one of the best rebounds Rural Barclays, about six six of these that these guys understood position. I was going to say it s because rebounds about position and the other thing in terms of watching the basketball, where it's going to hit, if youth, if you watch it typical game, it's about. No, quote me totally on this. But if you shoot the ball from the left side of the floor and you miss your shot about seventy set a time where's that all gonna end up going. It's gonna go to the right side of the former
so if I'm a rebound there and I'm thinking about rebounding in the middle of the floor and shots coming from the left when you quickly one to the other side of it just to play the arts right right off, physics. It really is so there's not just the rebound. I asked him about the bank shot because my day we took bank shots, they're pretty high percentage now universally bank shots. Just ask him about this. A check it out. I've done some math on the backward, and there are many trajectories bouncing off the backward. They get it into the basket more so than just going straight for the basket, and so it almost feels like anyone hitting the ball off the backward. That's a lesser shot, even though
the accounts, the same on the scoreboard to do feel like that's, going on out there not really making a bank shots can can be very difficult, so there are certain times where health issue, because it raises the target when you shouldn't be drafted, the black boy raises the targets and makes it more difficult to block the thought about tat. So the fact that you hit the backward first and the backward is higher than the rim, the shot, went higher to begin to begin with and avoids the art of defenders is it so Jim is there? Can you think of it, optimum angle, for a bank shot because I'm shooting crumble paper into the into the office trash if it, if the treasures Warner I'm making it every time off the wall right and something this is why aren't you
people shooting bank shots today some of them are Some of them do shoot it. The guy with the network Lopez, for example, is seven footer as a great bank shot and he can shoot it from fifteen feet? Eighteen feet almost out that almost two to three point line efficiently. I think we're its Bennett Become. Wawa Start, though, is when we were playing the game. We were put the ball in the floor, trouble dribbled and you go to the angles right that an extended lay up if you will, as the best angle, to shoot a bank shot, but we were put the ball in the floor to go by people to three points, didn't exist. So you have to understand that. Ok now I have this old fashioned: pull up jump, shot the mid range game, that's kind of a law start and that's where the bank shot comes into play. I think a lot so Grech. I keep thinking once you're the same point about the the request, actual area a bank shot. Just like you said you come in and higher right above the the above, the rest and so, if you do, this
You know the great the great thing about a bank satisfy pool. If you hit that spot, it's going to go in. That's all there is to it. If you hit the spot on the backward, it's gonna go, did you play, You know I do know, I don't know you do. Let me tell you so don't know you do ass. I did so women. No, I don't love! You didn't caught a headset, now he's a much larger player. Okay. So what I want to do, as I wanna put my put my leg on, I want a handshake right here. Ok now we have an actual basketball player, come on come on. I'm gonna watch my head. So how much will you quoted? Checked I mean, did what could you get away with Will you get away with all that really, but then then comes everybody thinks that it's about the upper body, so I want to just keep my legs bantam.
So now I can move a mere double tonight. So this is the Devil t you're, bringing any serious concern that students of attaining this. What we call the schoolyard sexual defence, which it Is joins in very uncomfortable. You wouldn't like this, you so, like that sue, your car additional lose your bisher. I can shoot a pretty well here want here. Why does what was it that the set such up to transpose Rebecca the free, throw MBA. Let them come. You know, you'll Jabbar reveals his true dream. When start talk returned
Jim thanks and permanent arrive in a back up the teaching. My interviewed NBA all time leading score Karim, Abdul Jabbar and he has had some memorable pop culture, cameos hearing is taken on Bruce Lee game of love? That course is wrong all and that over airplane airplane. So I had to ask him: what would his dream, cameo role be? check it out, I want to be in star wars and we want it some kind of creatures like to back
I mean I'm that should have been more this under tombstone. I was wanting to Peter Parker. Now forget the basketball. That may explain why every time he dumped basketball, he went the trolls. What the working planet like home planet is a forested world is a normal grabbing. Yes, extremism slightly stronger than that of earth, which is why the winkies evolved to be larger and stronger. Ok, sober basketball. If it's the gravity is about the same basketball would not be absolutely identical
I would say probably the work is used a heavier ball, because there's so much stronger than humans, but as well. You know there is this thing we call the copernican principle which suggests that the laws physics here on earth are the same. Anywhere else in the universe and therefore, if they were put round ball in look you homeworld somewhere, I'm sure tobacco would have to box out, just like Karim did back in the day. This is right in principle, a basketball. What cream Abdul Jabbar had a question for me about space and the university here's Kareem's cosmic Wary chickened out why Do all the planet's circle. The sun on the same plain: it's not
to go in the same direction around the sun, not only the same plain but the same direction, and this question came up in the seventeen hundreds and ammonia will count great philosopher, pose the question. Then he paused and answer for it and it turns out turn out to be correct. So you have a gas cloud from which all of this form- and we know this because you can look out in the galaxy- and you see these pockets of gas forming thing. It's within them, so I guess cuz, usually very big and diffuse. What is that the fuses not forming anything? It's got to get a little more concentrated its internal gravity, poles it in the center uniform this, and the surroundings, you can still have pockets
sensation, but then I can inform the star uniform, like lower mass objects like planets, but as this thing collapses it actually spins faster and faster. It's no different from an ice cream That has extended arms, you bring him in and then they start spinning faster and faster. So as this spins faster and faster, the made plain I'm not continue to collapse inside. Could the centrifugal forces are preventing it, whereas top and bottom not a problem? It just collapse, but at the mid playin it tries to collapse in a cat in Maine things in orbit around it. So everything that collapsed is enough. Flattened disk in orbit in the same direction around the hosts star. So good could question
so he's thinking about due to thinking about so so the spinning cloud, if this were national physical cloud is maybe the first time a best wars have been references were cutting and all the universe you so you have a spinning gas power, but it spinning like with an access basically, and so we can collapse, talked about, but just can't collapse, inward, and so the whole thing is a flat dollar is to it and you get a flattened system, so our entire galaxy is why right so we ve got supermassive black hole in the Middle STAR says comes in orbit around it, everybody. Orbiting the same direction and our galaxy is so flat. It is flatter than a flap jack ladder than before.
Yes, more, like a crape actual the ratio between the thickness and then with is about a hundred to one hundred. You want to know if you have a super thin cross pizza. That's like a third of an inch thick and you're Peter would have to be thirty five inches across you're coming up envy Great Karim. Abdul Jabbar drop some wisdom about the value of sports. When our talk, return, looking back to start from the American Museum of Natural history with future my interview with one of the sports all time great NBA Superstar Karim, Abdul Jabbar and Karim also ITALY, values, science and society and he's to share some of that outlook with the next generation. I have a foundation that promotes stem education. Oh so it's called Camp Sky hook, we send kids to a camp and they do
stem experiments, observing the night sky, there's animals up there Jameson everything they check out the watershed do different things related to size, technology, engineering, math, and we do this. So that they have an idea of where the good jobs are going to be in the twenty first century. The trout. Does your commission statement What did you say, miss give kids a shot people are all I know is what that MRS statement, there is at least one kid at Camp Sky Hook, who is very disappointing, he is now at a basketball, can and can't believe I'm gonna cream of doors, roars sky hook camp as just math class. What the point that we talked about earlier in the shop that would Karim is saying with camps guy hook and other projects like this. Is that
ass in science can be just as beautiful as a beautiful basketball game breaking down the science a basketball tonight, but of course sports is much more than just the physics of the game, and so I ask you about the true value sports chicken it would you have any regrets if professional sports became all about the science and less about the personal dry? My I think a sports teaches young people. A lot of social skills that are really valuable leadership, skills, conflict resolution, no discipline, psychic is alike there and sports. That has rightly that also know how fell in doing combat. Dealing with dealing with failure in improving it I reckon doing a right the next time, yeah,
not only out of women out of failure that happens in science to every great discovered. There are hundreds of failure and the press never talked about. No, but that's. Ok with any kind of endeavour There is success in theirs failure. Perhaps in sports it might be the best way to convey to people that it's really ok to fail, because that's not actually failure. When I think about Karim, I think about. Yes, we have a scholar. We have an athlete, not just an ordinary athlete, one of the greatest there ever was and what happens in school. Well, you take a class and this topic, and then the class and that topic and then a class in this other topic and there's a book and of our educational trajectory is stove piped. They gotta go into a stove pipe to learn that this is biology or but it is not there is that, but now
this other thing and nature and the world does not divide itself up that way? There's no understanding of biology without chemistry. There is no understanding of chemistry without physics and physics, manifest in all of these sports sofa but to say I want to learn this, but I don't want to learn that they are compartment analyzing their knowledge and their access to what nature Actually is so for me, learning about as much as you possibly can powers you to find cross pollinated connections that maybe someone else never even dreamt of we're in the case of Corinne Jabbar in imports, this game because he knew a little bit of physics. So, for me, as an academic, it's not about being pigeonholed it's about how much of this world you can
food and what comes out the other side is brand new insights into how this world works, and you can only be a better person, a better competitor, a better lover, a better citizen, a better member of your species, for having done so. You had me at lover and that is the cosmic perspective you watching been watching your personal. I wish you'd listen star talk Commercial free, joint start talking patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio,
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