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Building a Virtual World – Drone Racing League

2020-09-25 | 🔗

They’re fun, they’re fast, they’re drones. Neil deGrasse Tyson explores the Drone Racing League with founder and CEO Nicholas Horbaczewski, Marilyn Smith, PhD, Director of the Georgia Tech Vertical Lift Research Center of Excellence, Chuck Nice, and Gary O’Reilly. 

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Photo Credit: Drone Racing League.

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use last star. Talk. Welcome start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide knocked off begin right now. This start ports edition in this episode we're talking about the de. Are the drone racing league behind the controls? First, my coast, Jack Neil, what's happening right transmission through my favorite comedian, Let me tell you the truth. I never told you only every day, but I will accept it. Whenever I hear me, you got chocolate. We also got Gary O Reilly, Gary former Bawler excellent pro footballer from the UK hey, I'm a professional athletes and commentator Sir Gareth always good to have you
None of us have expertise in drone racing. I a little bit about drones, just aerodynamic we but thats about did this. Notion that we have a drone racing led this is this is out there, and so we had to bring in the person who is responsible for this fact, Saint Nicholas Gorbachev Ski did. I press that right, Nicholas Agent, Axel, have actually you founded the drone recently involved. Thereafter we value enough. We can arrive at an initial basis, our rights, the dsl back in two thousand and fifteen- that that's even a thing to do, and you of this see the of it and You went to business school, but somewhere in there you have to know some about drones and cranes voted forty under forty. You The true held you now, I'm still under forty.
Still it still. In the next day I never met ran on now go. I gotta ask its end, you're in the Guinness Book of world record for holder of the fastest drone. Yes, So how does that role so that drown when I just under a hundred eighty miles an hour. Wow very well when anyone- and is this the case Carter or set the copier type. Said getting drunk the costs, Regarding I'm trying to figure out the the aerodynamic of getting it wrong? When you look at them, they don't normally. Look very. I dont really weird. I now before we get there chocolate, just ask short: what were you thinking when you created this week back in two thousand and fifteen? When did you want to which we thinking? This is cool? I want
other people to think it's cool and I want to grow. This was an already happening. Let me organise this are you. The Madonna drone raising you're like wait. Voting is the thing out just make it back. I don't got a lot of things. The Madonna drone raising is not wanted. Your truck also stress luminous, Drexler Jack. No I'd look John racing was around since about you. Doesn't tat people the minute they put cameras drowns. They would let them see what the drone sees they started. Flying high speed, complex three dimensional lies with them at an enemy to restart basing them Well, what are you saying that before then? It wasn't commented cameras on themselves, an interesting to gamers. At that point, I think I think you know quite captors really kind of came around in the early two. Thousands of people started putting cameras on something, but when they put a camera, fraught with fixed point of view, they fed a real time, video back to the pilot
was the first time it gave you a perspective like you were sitting in the throne room, and then we will see its acceding in a copy of the drought, and you need that if you're gonna go at high speeds through complex courses to enclosed spaces, things like that Ok, so that added a whole extra participatory dimension to it, yeah yeah, any just that it took off between twenty ten and twenty fourteen. It spread all over the world. The groups it of exchanging information, the internet, how to build these drones where to beat up to raise them, and it was this whole underground subculture of drum racing for some small optics has been the game, changer Indrawn, rising yeah. I think I think three things really drive at one is that the core technology that drove the realm? The drawings, which is all the very small inexpensive sensors that, but you should have stabilize the play second, as these very small in a high performance cameras and finally, the radio technology broadcaster, back to the pilot and whether they look on a screen or a pair goggles, so that they can see what the drone sees in such real time.
Even the drums very quickly. They can avoid the obstacles they can navigate. The space I just to be clear to be specific, you say small, you really mean low mass, because the thrust provided by your router blades can only accelerate mass whatever new laws right. So you want to know something small if another, but it's good, can't we very much you jack. You need a very high thrust away ratio if you need to accelerate very quick. It's your only means of stopping to see needed decelerated very quickly by reversing that. So now you need not be a few crash into something. That's a strategy where three will only another way to stop the drum might even be the most commonly except getting judgment on you when you say
sat down with the concept of right. We're gonna, take this and, as Chuck says, making big make it real and organised the concept of doing that to actually getting finished racist, strong races. Was that a simple process, or did that find itself difficulty it took years. It was a very complex process. I remember so in in early twenty fifteen, I saw my first lie- drone race, which was a group of friends getting together in this field, behind a hug depot among island biggest homemade drugs. It proves my poor moodily applied through his gates and it was very amateurs very sore backyard, but it was I just there was one, of course things had ever seen. There were these moments. The drones would fly by you and you really felt like your insides star wars, and I was, I thought, was how do we take this to a mainstream audience? How do we bring this too?
maybe in the world? Is I'm in this field, the middle of nowhere on him? In his very who experience? We should be sharing this more broadly and the road from that to you know you look at last year we had thousands of people in Chase field in Phoenix, watching a drone race live bans on her feet streaming wearing island teachers watching This exciting risk is just huge and the main part of the journey was developing the technology to make it possible. That was our Europe. Primary barrier to pulling it off. Something is is for so many sports. They are let's say: Techno Lodge glee. Conservative there's someone has a brilliant new idea. Enough can't do that undue advantage. Now, let's go back to the old ways and Poland teeth training. Yet new technology to participate. Are you do you race? Are the rules about the Jones they can raise, or can somebody to rocket
I mean what are the rules about the drones that did you can enter into a race to one of these? All of the Germans are identical, derail actually built all the drones. All the technology see out their racing drones, the radio systems, the timings worse. That's all started. We created from scratch society for Dislike NASCAR, where the cars are in principle identical. So you really testing the driver, a jacket to test a mild scale at speck racing. Everybody should be unequal, is there anything that they can do to give themselves? an advantage it with the physical? The drone itself No you don't you allow that you allowed may have had said wrong. They can't rather drones. Don't you get it the drugs or whether they believe has to own patriotic puts all the drones him alive. We want this to be an absolute test. We want a big deal absolutely level playing field and because of our goals in the season, is to crown the greatest run out on the planet. Right in and add requires everybody having the same equipment so heartily.
Practice. If I'm a drum what, if I may aspiring drone pilot and I or is it the fact that everybody is on the same playing field, so it doesn't make a difference. It's like, if you practice with one type of drowning, we give you another everybody's at the same disappearance, or can I go get a drone that is mostly the drone you're, going to give me an practice with that means that what everybody does situation we have. The simulator which in which you can fly drownded, is exact simulation at the time we finally to you, can get very used the performance better. That drown. You can also make sing that sort of some of our most of these drone eyelids practice on you know their favorite drown, that is the most could be got practice with and they make the transition when they get into believe to getting used to flying on our particular aircraft. But it's you know the Detroit once you're accepted into league is a pilot. You get your own, didn't you get several of those projects?
the fly with them every day, but did you know that's it? That's a step to people make once they get into the league. Let's go back to the point where you say you wanted to make it bigger, bring it to larger audience, big chuckled call it Madonna fine, It is worth saying that you ve Nicholas, you did confirm it with us but the Madonna afraid suppose. So when you said How would the likes of ESPN and the british Sports broadcasts the sky sports? How easy was it to come?
since then, but what you saw flying through noodles on Long island was just perfect for there to be screens was challenged, get with it. It was a funny experienced going around pitching associated to investors bright hazard. Can I get a really binary reaction? People either laughed me out of the room or they got very excited and start talking about star wars to tackle the charter, but video games they play God they don't. You did did start describing drone racing to me. These credibly elaborate terms and you'd say why you ve got very high expectations about what this is gonna be, and I think people should have fallen those categories. You know it s beyond, and sky tickler we were, we were lucky from attaining standpoint, new eastward, he's just taking off, and I think a lot of people had laughed exports out of the room two years before and suddenly it was, you know, filling Madison Square Garden and having huge broadcaster people were the more open minded to something new that it time. When I didn't want to look like a donkey twice,
exactly and had, I think, people I was a little bit of a crazy six veterinary sudanese Reiser talk. You people about it. As I see people go right to pod racing in star wars, s gaze, he played an you're like while we have been trying people for this work for decades. Movies tv video games, so people are ready for his high speed, aerial, robotic racing. They just want to see a brought him, So when I was, there was a strong age segregation here, because someone, for seventy who didn't buy, grow up with star wars because they predated it. There. Maybe they don't have the is no, it's not feel the force within them to embrace what it wanted, you're describing? How could you set it perfectly you? What you ve created here is the crowning, because the icing on top of a king
You haven't had to break the right. You know these women from for forty years and years there's upside did out, which is you don't get the downside which, as you know, when someone start describing the I would address. Always gotta pod racing ever so want to star wars, and I would say you: if you look at TAT, see that's a couple it seen its entirely. Cgi costs millions of dollars produce it uses camera angles you could not possibly replicate relate to, even if Who gave me flying odds and a desert raised them in my couldn't remake that scene. That's a very high borrowed expectation that was one of our biggest challenges created league. Is it people see ponderous knowing why that's it? You want, then real life with actual drones at a competitive sports environment arena. That's that's a pretty high bars. We had it. We do imbraces that expectations. We couldn't find it, but we also had to
be realistic, did it it now it created a big challenge for us to get over, but back in the day, with resistance to sport. The once walls was the fact that you brought half human half machine sport, so the table the bridge between the sort of traditional sports, any sport that made it easier to sell a ghastly made it easier uniting for people. They said this is a real life support a real drowns going dynamos our real spaces. They hit a walled exploding too many pieces. You know it's not not just showing people playing a video game it? I think, I think, for the broadcasters- unity Europeans in this world, but it was it helped to say that a lot of people were ready to make the leap to put video games on tv. But this wasn't that this was just a new form of racing too often, you might have a drone to film some other sporting activity and then the door. It follows that sporting activity, what drones follows racing drones Joe?
We found them in a lot of different ways. We all the drones cameras on them so dawning themselves. There I'm gonna, do to film in each other, with polish provision that they all know where they are and the scene everybody. You know the house. Can these? Are these drones or about size of a dinner plate big old ninety miles an hour ago from zero to ninety in less than a second to the court on a dime heights oration city filming. Middle challenges, we use ground based cameras where we use various committees, highspeed cable cameras. They can kinda very fast to keep up with them. Without you get very creative and in how we found them, you can't use traditional cameras rather just to see. I would suggest that if I was about to say that I've watched a couple of races on ESPN and the truth is the technology for broadcast behind you, you guys have created something much
like formula one but far more difficult to follow and film this course trap is sorter. So you have a lot more action packed into a much smaller space more importantly, you your ground, based cameras, candy coming and going and the tracking cameras only go for a little while, but at some point this technology is an I'm talking about the broadcasting. Technology is good, Reach will point where it will look like star wars, and this was stuff is gonna, get raising yeah. I did you see him in our pilots gonna funding that uses and Thummim videos with air traffic. A golf ball with a racing drop in their own right behind in large, give you shot. You won't get in any other way. I think they did their they're doing the job falling things that are slowly box, lower their racing drawn right. Our raised are global, but eventually will need people who
keep up with the racism and track them in real time with camera drowns while also stay. Not in a way, which is another whole challenge now be cool, regular, the fastest China, major leagues, is a hundred miles an hour. Have a drone fall all the ditch rugged clout right away, I gives rise to the gallery yeah. I just threw him there's endless possibilities and then cut to a wide sat up. The drones is exploding on the face of the closure. Thank you. Try the choreograph so easily opened up in in the covert lockdown in others. So you know we ve all been starve for fourteen sports, This is something that seems like you could fill some that gap and has it and will it continue ass a year we were very fortunate. Are sport is naturally socially distance? The pilots don't need to be immediately next to each other. Not contact fill the play
we do and what we ve got other features. You know we ve always done races without audiences, because we go and race places you couldn't pull knights and we ve done races in places like the biosphere, two in Arizona and were racing through the world's largest Ursus laboratory. Camper nights are super us not only in tracing is authentic, and we also do simulator tracing obsolete despite the spring when it with a pandemic, really broke out and people had to work in town movie, we didn't it tire racing Series entirely basin simulation using profile, it put it on and they see sports network. The vandals euro seem cop and it was incredible. Was it was a chance to bring sports? people in real time when they needed it in a way that was totally safe. Given the environment are the joint parlance. React sees me from going with attack, tell scenario holding a control panel, she's working a sin I'm not holding the those isn't it the whole point that the whole region is virtually identical. We we react. We recruit pilots through simulation
So we do in open my aunt S, door, simulator, download an xbox and steam. They can t- and we whittled down in it and the best person in this room, that your gets a contract to comply, real drums and those pilots doing. Probably well, and really, even if their basically someone with a gaming background with learning at that was why we spend so much time and energy and the same we wanted something that was so wonder, wondered if you learned and simulation you could translate skills immediately, not just a relief but real life at the highest level of competition essentially replicates formula one because the near the door drive, drivers themselves, sitting seems of of the formula one tracks around the world and go with it this. This is a there's, a lot of correlation between the two. What it comes down to is how good as yours, him by the laws of physics accurately captured otherwise you're not really
swimming anything. So, however, however, the great part about that it is, you can replicate the laws of physics and then bring. Because you are in a simulation. Embryos should address the pilots on how they have though the anomalies that would never occur in the physical world charters, information We do not want to turn it into a nickel is. Can you come back in the third segment, because we can we have to break and in our second saying we're bringing on an expert on aviation simulations just to get a sense, these challenges are but waited for a third augmented final segment of you can come back. That's where we started Do the fat and bring all the facts together and just have fun with it. So if you can hang on their be great sanskrit, ok, when we return on start talks or tradition, drone recently bring to find out just what it takes to stimulate a flying vehicle and start off.
We're back Startle sports edition. Behind the scenes. In aside, look at drawing racing started up, talk about the drone racing league with its founder. But now we learned that they also have a scheme racing, the universe that people compete in and we wanted to get to the bottom of what that requires. So we we caught up with professor Marilyn Smith, Maryland, welcome to start talks or tradition. Ok, great to meet you all. Your views, Orange Attack and the Daniel Google I'm school of aerospace engineering, but that's that's not. Where ends you also director of Georgia text Vertical, lift research centre. Excellence, love that
reserved for the? U S, army, the Navy and for NASA there's more, but but wait there's more direct. The airspace, engineering, schools, computational, non linear unless the city lab okay and also a technical director for the vertical flights society. So this is bullshit It's a vertical fly simply means you are. You are innocent in position, and then you ascend is that off which this article flat, so you so You are sending without the benefit of aerodynamic, lift. In that moment, I meet with with web lift that would come from moving horizontally. Well, that's true! Allah. The principles are the same you're just using instead of using a propeller to go in for flight you're transit
at ninety degrees and using it as a road or for other consign. Ok. So this ok, so we ve had helicopters for you, no functioning useful, doctors for most of the twentieth century. What is is anything new going on in there now that Europe at the forefront of what is it? What's the frontier of what it is you advising all these people who want to know? This is the most exciting time I've ever had in my career, which is much longer than I'm going to admit on, the Wright Brothers did you get. It this is so exciting because between the? U S, army, building to brand new high. Speed really advanced helicopters to her. Place what we ve already got them. Is this the whole plan,
still drowns or unmanned arab vehicles and then there's the whole concept of the civilian world in terms of urban air mobility, both for packaged flying, You see Amazon all the time in the news and how their delivery packages through through drowns and there's a huge concept that serve being deferred left Eye NASA and the ESA and in great innovate all the way across the? U S and the world about how to replace the index, suggestion in the: U S with you know a flying helicopters. If their taxes are flying cars personally because you ve probably heard a gulf lie, ripe industry over. Yes in air the thing is changing. I made the one one main rotor vehicle that you have as the traditional helicopter. Now you see for
you see combinations vertically side by side. Ford is crazy itself. So, basically What has happened is, as you know, we finally accepted the helicopter and let it be we'd like ok, we're not gonna, try and turn you into a plane, which is what it's been, whether it's like. That carrier jack. You know that just moving the jets themselves or the ass free, taking it from my how a cop to rotational wings is like Why are we doing all that when we can just let let a bay Let it be what it is well, actually we I'm not letting it be, we do want to fly and there's a lot of different. What we call hybrid configuration where it starts out acting like a helicopter and then it has some transitional eyes kite the transformers where it transition, this implies forward and for flight which what we're trying to do is get the benefits of. The airplane, if you will
as well as the vertical, take off and landing of the helicopter sailing and these are winged flights. Some have wings. Some have moving propulsion systems where they act as rotors then turn into propeller. Some have combinations of both is Israel. Exciting, because There is no limit you, don't you guys, how can we make about the star wars and everything? Will you know a star wars. Does we need air but I ain't really maybe more like a transformers movies. Sorted short, I think, took the point you are trying to make. Was that the way Carter. If all you ever had was a helicopter now be creative. With that right, you're not gonna. To always. Finally, there can turn a horrible eugenio. Airplane went robotics right regionally what has been done in the past, but we're saying here that that helicopter is now its own thing and end with with a whole divisions, whole branches and in fact, the? U S army.
Correct me. If I'm wrong Marilyn is we think of the earth, This is having flying vessels, but the army, has vastly more flying vehicles, then the Airforce ever had primarily be as a vertical lift. Helicopters has set up a specific statement and plus If you think about what the army does, their vehicles are or lower court costs, then you know say a fighter jet so We can invest in more of their men and we need them because there's a lot of places both familiar for any humanitarian that helicopters? and go into you. No one is We're trying to do is say: can we get there faster? Can we carry a bigger load, so you don't have to go in and out as much As you know, we see the fires in California. We see the the hurricanes down in the Texas area? This is the kind of things it that we re.
We want to access and tin to address. Was the power source of energy source for these men? Are these electric vehicles are day chemical, Lee powered by their gas. What is it now? Don't lithium Chris notice thus the classified worldwide, should have we're gonna, get some more men and black disdain yeah you're just going to have to scream the review will know why right now, honestly, right now we were still in the oil and Gas Howard engine there's a lot of research going on for electric. I think what we'll see is we're. Gonna see a lot of hybrid vehicles famous like we cars verse but there is a lot of research going on. There is even a company looking at the hydrogen powered vehicles so there's a lot of very good The interesting research in us
I was just to be clear. When you say hydrogen, you mean hydrogen com. With oxygen. Not hydrogen, it has to be clear, home fusion device. We saw that in the future are evened out. We were not go that far out yet not one and not MR fusion, and I want to say I not want to see flying glorious we Maryland? What are your challenges, given that dear I use the word. For air know are moving over an airfoil of an airplane. To is simple. Compared to what's going on, Rollerblade. So if someone wants to stimulate that are how how well behaved are the equation, the the aerodynamic equations that model it well I cannot rotors and things we do have some simple theories: tat work either and hover, and there there s a very good and very fast flight
so we do have those, and what's really great, is that they are simple enough or I should say mathematically fast enough to be able to predict was happening during flights, so we can use them in real time and they were used for yeah but you know whenever you're doing a simulation, there's always a trade off what kind of act. Procedure. You need, because what is it that you're trying to stimulate so here, what we're doing with the drone racing league, as well as the mining and simulations that we do with tee, a military with acid that we want to be able to predict the reactions, the forces in moments. That are happening either on the road or the vehicle itself, and so we do have some concepts that are. Out there, either as traditional design tools or that at are out there. That can be used,
any kind of fire simulation so something interesting. I can't talk about it. Of course. If what you do is accurate, you can inform the engineers who were designing the next craft, as well as inform the programmers us who were design next simulation Actually, I was there arose. That's kind of where this came into play as we were. We rashly looking and looking into the ability to use our simulation tools that we developed arm They were actually develop first for army slang loads to get those those loads out two p m the sea areas. And then what happened is we had, which is just because a swing resistant, in the dangles below yeah exam damage dropped, anxiety, souci than criminal law measures have been met with butter boxes is stuff
with with Godzilla yeah, that's perfect one, the one with the with the monster. Yes, exactly me along and getting another substantial Maryland in what? How do you would do? Teach specifically the teach the programming do teach. The physics did it's the engineering. What's in your programme, yes, Tom, for the above actual good for you? So at the moment. I'm teaching both graduate an undergraduate students, the basics of helicopter. IRAN mechanics and we call air mechanics, because it's a comic, of aerodynamics, these structural dynamics and the acoustics the controls altogether. So we called it air mechanics and for the great majority to suit you said acoustics guess: can you just just for my own, you know giggles what kept, how to acoustics tie into this
situation for drawing racing legal, not mine? for regular locations that either military or civilian a lot, because first of all is that making a quieter sneaky helicopter all jock, well, the military snake here, yes, civilian, that you don't want to live around a report or in the flight path, a captor, just want you wouldn't for no one airplane, so yes as important and so just to be clear, your your young with when, in my day airplanes themselves were so loud that if any airplane flew over Had you had to stop your conversation for it to finish and over there because they ve gotten quieter and quieter and quieter without Benny fanfare? and now you don't even look up when there's an airplane there, so I said Merlin I entirely if, if
If drones gonna be delivering goods to all manner of people, if they are noisy, nobody's gonna want this So here's what you problems in my head. When you talk about all these things, I mean just like drone racing, so drone racing. If you crash you, cracked now the other kind of drunken at so good. So are you also designing the systems that track and help pilots and drones stay of course reach their destinations stay clear of one another, and more and more. Certainly stay clear of me. You mean that navigation. The air navigation? Yes, autonomous systems, as well as piloted systems, we absolutely in and in fact, This conversation I will go in and put a line of code in there that says stay away from truck
You go to check you. You heard here too, that narrow many of you know what have you twenty five years? Ten years from now on, Airbus has taken drones from building to building a Manhattan, and I walk up and I can get a drowned dummylike jam side, a code says with not really only guy with about running order. Drones risk is that this is the shock avoidance protocol, Professor, when developing this same, for that wrongly gracing and working with these particular vehicles, Did it. Take you some over you, I didn't think you'd go until it help you, or did you break new ground in equations and thinking that's a good question. Yes, we have it in this whole process. Even before we get hooked up with the drone racing league. One of the main things that we worked on was: how can you take very complex
Erin, Amex that you know we keep it they were solving requiring tens of thousands. Those of computer hours and weed I d reduce it to get the information that we wanted for the and the fidelity of the information that we wanted. In real time which was huge undertaking. So we had to take what we knew from there Fred theories and combine them together and make corrections based on the physics, because you know we can break the physics even in a simulation shark. Don't want to marry me because we do and you're trying to train pilots are whether it further turn racing leaguer weathers for the army, then you know they're not gonna, know the real thing than nets is their safety factor, but ass does the key. Is it we're trying to get as close as possible to realism, but still have it so that you can interact. There has to be a real time, so there
required. A lot is in a way. Asian and it wasn't just me- I mean I have a whole team of really talented graduate students and undergraduate students to George Attack. And effect the person that got us a hooked up with the amazingly well say a pilot for the drone racing, Lake, who is also student? George attack any happened. What I, where we were true, and to design a new autonomous control system using our models and got interested and said. I think that would be great for the DE oral answer. That's how we got hooked up with the DE around weeks before we were working party early just for the the military for NASA. So can I ask you to scientists a question about planes, an carded to read you a quick, was running short enter right. Even so the thing about planes is, you know, you see them flying through all kinds of whether you know
I from like icing on the wings which can be deadly like storms Kansas the payment struck by lightning. But then, when you look at helicopters, all about like every time in this coming from the movies now, every time, a helicopters in bad weather, a crash? have you may have you saw that rocket em out an end? Is it really that much of a difference aerodynamic Lee that that's rope? Is it true or is it just kind of like a poet, truck chuck. Aren't you simply saying an airplane words? Engines fail is a glider, but it afterwards. Engines failed is a brick, doesn't really all yours so rarely what what are the safety? What was the safety profile of helicopter
Well, there's something called Otto rotation. An utter rotation is where you let the air flowing through them, the road or blades power, the razor blades as opposed to an engine. So it's not really a brick. It's it's a break with the kind of like small wings. I No, it's! Ok! I have one of those things that far from the trees, the area thoroughly thing by the sea was right and left the helicopter and the whole concept came about is that way back. Even more or in the b c area. Airless say people saw those and the others, yet cable. Can we designed for handling their size like that, and so they did it would twice, but during the restaurants and we in order dementias times, he said what could we take that concept and make it into real vehicle, and that was the beginning? If you will the modern designing of of helicopters, they didn't succeed.
For several hundred years, but that was where it began its work with put this to bed right now, Marilyn, if its tell everyone standing there, I footed that leaner, divinities design fails to save it because of what they of genius he invented, Hawkeye always held. No, he didn't death does I work he never built the he never tested mathematics at would have known it. Didn't work, refine right. Through, which is what he design is, is not really viable was to try to be nice to the guy. He's he's brilliant enough. You can see He messed up here to say it to pull it out. Know what I'm going to say, as he didn't know enough about the physics in the mathematics of the time to be a
or to refine his design and was violated every, but his design does make for a great water propeller? Yes to a certain extent, so you can design something you need. Bigger power and is not very efficient, so, let's put it this way. Is that with? Modern technology you can fly with the necessary screw is not very efficient. So there's no. Wait for Leonardo could have made anything sly was it was a helicopter video vessel IRAN's eventually be like the one. I ask if there is great and obeyed- and he was a great designer it wasn't an engineer and by the way there's really nobody around its them. From that time this? I normally the values I'm being stupidly, provocative night is about allowing we all love you, joking everywhere, every nosey. We all we all of manner
we got here is a genius accepting helicopters where's. He was. Dummy Marilyn's point was not yet fully developed horses and aerodynamics had they been You know he would have been at the forefront of that would have invented the first viable. How I got, I think, that's what you're trying to say. Yes, absolutely and even then, if you look at all the concepts they all tried and built upon what Leonardo prepared, We don't really segment to a clue, Newberry You look at his early drawings with bodies of designs. The first test, because it s letters are created, opportunities haven't gotten Elysium battery bone marrow. It's been a delight to have you here. We lab being close to engine here's and if we can bring you want again when we have future questions about arrogant,
amateur sports or anywhere else will be delighted to know that here there for us absolutely spit been a pleasure and in great getting to know you guys- and you know. Tesla our aim high the girl my aim and passed a guy's take a quick break. When we come back will enter our suited to the fat mode and just see What we really been thinking these first two segments We return to start talks for tradition. This
Can I called take an extra fifteen percent are buying great deals on tops per se big. Only by dinner it gets wanting to forty percent of food network was picked it all these obvious daily that mergers, plus it goes gosh bless restoring about buying a little more. This ball calls selects isles offers balance, attempt seventeenth, it's what seven fifteen percent of Provo Goble save believe myself ballot September, twenty thirty October, twelve opposite coupons, do not apply set up at the women's Forum Uncle South and in what form of government out ten summits, bushes, obliged historical somebody else. Rebecca Sports Edition drone Racing League delighted to have had the expertise that Marilyn brought to the table. Roeder, lift helicopter design. The fish The engineer will get her back.
Find a reason to bring her back as his way more to learn from her. So, but we have back on Nicholas, less do the last name again or but to ski gasket Corbett shifts she was servants asking for protesting. They get their right, Nicholas, yadda, yadda, excellent act like founder of the drone racing league, so this week, which is soon to shoot the shit and I'm just now. Let me ask you: is this: are you growing? Is this you have always what's your height now we're just gonna, be in in five more years. You know it's a targeted back five years ago. This was nothing now work. Broadcasting countries around the world? We have millions of people want our contacts with you. Have thousands of thousand people participate
our trials every year. So it's it's almost imagine risen. You got what we want is to be a mainstream sport and- and frankly, I think this is the beginning of a robotic sport revolution it in a calm and change the way people think about sports entertainment. This is a fair to call it sport. If it's a machine, that's doing all the that's doing the heavy lifting yeah. I think so. I view this huge debate or what's important eastwards regulus words. In a week, we define ourselves the robotic sport, one we're a robot is on a field, play but its being controlled by a plant? Not nickel is weak. We resolve this and start talking to an earlier episode to ask with weeks have drawn you on one of their earns. Where have they got eyes have as a guy? I'm sorry that is we. We define that sport or is it not about to see you now is now I'm Nicholas lifeless, What will be the real deal whale Who is a wrestler
Because that include the trees, try wandered back into the present by such a less pick up on a point. They all made earlier in the show about drawn racing me, getting a code bob as as that, Bin final in your numbers with the NBC Sports network yeah generally, we have seen you don't. Usually we we did a all simulation tournament brought over quickly made over four billion people watching that I'm on twitter alone. So in a process in out of season segment that we know I wouldn't do that. I felt I took one million four million formulate the more she just thinking you meet always is some of the stature coming out in a large and report. Those two in new support during this. In their some reason, Stacy Sixty percent on planted
You need a follow. Those new sports. Why are sitting in addition to sort of the immediate bump tyrannical be good? I think the long term outlook for sports is huge. Having people are going to broaden the sports haunted they consume because of what they were exposed to during this disruption to the global sports environment, because if there is any plans for you cuz? I know that there's got to be a huge overlap between gamers and the people who like this for it. I don't know that for a fact empirically, but I'm just been trying to guess that you know that that's got to be the case, and if so, is there any plan to bring those people enter the sport physically through video gaming that you develop absolutely so our fans are four times more likely to be interesting Then gaming than a traditional sort of big five sports ban, and we have the game. We have the simulator it's on export its own steam. Anyone can play. It
Anyone it'll teach you how to raise a drowned, but you start racing against your friends. You can compete in it. In our trials and you might even earn a pro realised from raising contract through it to it. It is a way to draw people and participatory wage sport and very low friction way it don't you go build a drawn in article five field. They can just start learning to re. I, the real question. Oh, I get in on this. Let me tell you something: never let us you'd like you are headed some leg out of my success. Bro were not. If I got a fourteen year old and you know I have to limit the that that their demands gaming because it so infectious, but I mean you're, you know what you're doing right, you're recruiting and creating an entire audience like that's
That's usually it's it's that's crazy man, Iraq, that's why he was cranes. Forty under forty not got it are, so we ve been over anything your fourteen drugs time, because you want to get on her hand what I wanna play. I want to be a part of it and I also what I own. I want to be increased. Seventy under seventy one, you told your hands and we're we're all we're all wishing we can be. Seventy understanding, you looking at your fans and its fabulous their growing, I'm having a thought here, most likely Austria on the wall for your fans, is even mosque rather than Tom, Brady email right. You have higher percent right I'll our fan to our pants. Seventy five percent. And are under thirty five, but the most injecting do me about them is seventy percent of them? Don't follow a big five sport so they don't have their not they're, not the people who follow footballer baseball. They are the people who are injured, video games or and technology.
And he sat there here. Always even must not Tom Brady. They get a sport to write. It did everything. This is a directive interested in sporting competition. There just not get interested in how far Tom Brady can throw a football verses, high performance technology out an appeal to play right to think that, because the seventy five percent of fan base all got wedges from the football quarterback they were asking, so they have completely this disaffected by big five sport How much of it is that set the gig illegally? geeks it, but I think the reality is. You know what I think of people. I know we're sitting our talk, their industry TAT Emma technology ones in you, I from coming out, what's destitute with its cars with space it you know and daring talk of, yellow, muster, knock and say. Oh did you see that football games. This person endeavours and artisans we're just there just.
It is interesting to note it is not a sports, a prettier lifestyle and our lifestyle is gonna, techno centric. So now, but the interesting is when you look at the emergence and the attention of the Ex games. They followed them same those same characteristics of the fan are present there as well. They are not nearly as likely to watch bit five sports or to be as interested as they are, and you know the aid, the more extreme sports, Do you see any overlap with that I'll call it that that fan base and your fan base, so our faint for I have less overlap. That's a majority. Revenge is sure that Genji tighter their lesson to extreme sports, that that is found less of a foothold with that generation. But again I
I also think you know you think about me. I gave him a people were skateboarding outside bread or lifestyle was about those alternative sports about adventure unexplored. You know our fans lifestyles about its about technology. It's about progress, it's about stem, it's a things: they really care about it. This is a sport. They pulled in those other aspects of their life and then rapid in in high speed racing competition, which makes it very entertain I wonder if your sim racing was as successful, or competitively successful to the regular racing. Could that be the beginning of simulations in every sport and weed. Most successful the the home? aim versions are of the NFL, the NBA. If those words they up a few notches? Might people just sim everything and not even look at the real people playing the game if they get the physics of or the mechanics and everything correct, a GEO, its body, I say they sometimes I have- I have walked by a tv.
Showing the corral and it had a look twice, decide if it was our sim or real life? And if you could do that with every sport, I do think it starts to blur together. But we talk about this. A lot which is the key thing, is for our fans. They don't care, we talk. About this working on a blurry line between the digital and the real. We seamlessly move between the two in a way that their lives. He was moved between the two of you talk about them chatting to friends on Facebook versus talking in person. They don't draw some bright lines in this respect and that one- and I think the key is especially for Genji vans off Intensity- is so important. Our faint, our support of spending. We integrate simulation in real life and I guess we're sports are getting ready to go. You asked one does a great job as they have some recent delivers basketball. There's less sim involving explained and why this is connected. However, however, I will say this yes began did run what very your game MBA to wonder on their airways, and it raided solar
There is an appetite for the moment Nano its cause. There was nothing else to eat some of its renewal of the mighty looking into refrigerators, you're like where there was a carrot, emitters of illegal knuckles, a good two headed by having eaten in fog vacuum. So don't worry, I won't we don't dog of motor equally get better computer graphics. All we, then, then, are we there. Yet Are we always have a long way off? I think, is very close again to me. The more interesting thing is: what does simulation do it? It moves to participate and away from where the actions taken place. But then we we go back. The next level, which is we then are controlling a real life. Robot like dissimulation, is one step, but it also simulate.
He didn't say I fell games in a video games. Mad, never explain what are the next. It is robots and feel the play actually competing being remotely controlled by people, and you start your that. You think you can't do otherwise right, they can jump higher. They hit harder to throw the ball further and it is pretty exciting and its real. There is still something about watching something in real life is very attractive, That sort of you know that excitement about being in a real arena, and I've got where these goes right to the many you can simply approving the new paradigm, robotics technology and you're in a completely different level of sport. An entertainment, but what makes de Oro so captivating for a younger audience is the fact the rice takes about one minute minute: ten yeah and it's it's rings repeat: how many weight is not three hours long like a baseball game it so how many of these audience that your capturing are going to want to do three hours of dedicated viewing weather
it's real or otherwise you ve capturing a market where an intention span is shorter. I didn't you you, dear, oh race, is about a minute long. Are events are made up of many many races and we talk about it. You know they still. People still watch our full Baldy our broadcast on NBC earlier Let me see as an eye we think of it as a lenient leaned out for one minute. You are totally in actions having it stopped. Then you can win back. You can chat with your friends. You can watch the replay your back in again. I think that you in pace is actually what people really like about the dear old for it, not the fact of exotic our entire event is one minute long, and only the woman intentions bad it's it's that you are not asking you to you know, I think, is one of the challenges with like ask our work. Every second yourself to be sold in every second counts. Equally, that's not really in sync, with our if we were on multiple devices looking around moving around people like that punctuated viewing experience for them by the way you have to understand that their elders anything else it's about drama, so
There are three lines that have developed there, a guy that are, like you know, Superman rivalries and they all these things once you get into the sport, become part of the diet, soap, opera type, narrative, that's a part of every sport where and the Philadelphia Eagles by the Dallas cowboys? You know, people who aren't fans of either are excited for that match up, because there are known to go at each other so viciously, so these become like the psychological attachment to a sport that reside outside of the sport itself, and I think you guys, of course, would have Same thing happened to you read Nicholas at the beginning of the week: do they stared each other down oh yeah, the manager and a lot of trash off your thumbs grass right each other's heads.
I think I d just get out which is its about the rivalries. Ultimately, it's about the thrill of sport, which is the same everywhere right. Competition is ancient. The playing field about right just keep changing and that's what keeps? What will you find exciting and the truth is we have intense rivalries and our support, and I think one simple. Orton, when people to look at the sport with some scepticism is to appreciate, is they allow their controlling a robot with their thumbs from afar and you like, but for our fans it doesn't matter at rivalry is real. That skill is real nature I think that skill to the real world they gonna do things with drones. They make you think they have superpowers that matters to our fans. Your fans are the heroes, the pilots or the engineer. I should think there's three here: as in our sport, there's two piling there's the engineers and there's the drones themselves. I think people anthropic
five, the drones, their kintner actually cheering for those challenges, thereby they love. The engineers are picture with a very popular segment. We will continue to wonder how do you we hand build every one of these drugs, we hand to them and in the past and sells the skill and again, I think, for corporate fans. It makes total That's right! You get you! People are fascinated by the engineers that are building their technology as much as their enjoying the technology themselves completely consistent with everything else you described about the sport and the fan base so acquiescence. We want we're at a time we got a total landless drone. Lady Harriet, I did there. Let me just get Nicholas's yes or no to my following comment: ready here again I were old timers when we grew up. If you want to say someone was clumsy or you to say was that they were all phones, but I haven't heard that much lately so now, if you say someone is all funds, is that the highest compliment
if they're dexterity that you can give them, I think so, Now I hear their guys it there, but make it merely. The dollars that is not what it does is alive. Kid is all thumbs and he has sought to the thumb Nicholas great. To have your own. Luck with this and yeah. Let's hope you stay, What do you under forty as long as you're under forty you ran away met was born after forty to stay there serve Jerry always good to have it pleasure that check. I was a pleasant aright guys thanks for Vienna, and this is the start talks or traditional drone Lee Till next time I am neither grasped, hasten bidding you to keep.
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