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Comedy and Cars with Jay Leno

2017-02-03 | 🔗
StarTalk host Neil Tyson welcomes legendary “Tonight Show” host and car collector extraordinaire Jay Leno to discuss comedy, culture, and the past, present, and future of automobiles. Matt Kirshen co-hosts, with guests Bill Nye and Mona Chalabi.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide knocked off begin right now. American, I hope my interview, legendary median fanatic conversation, started from the roof and comedy all the way up to the past present and future of cars. So let's do this. I never actually thought. With alone I've got my comedic. Almost migration you host of marking has called pro
you host a parking has called probably science. I do, and I told you never come back until it became definitely science. We bumping up too likely like at my next. My next special guess bill nigh the science guy needs no introduction a comedian gear head, a man can dream, and so we got you on here, because you got a huge background in engineering yours about what you were gonna get original some forty seven year already been design, but immediately hearts that you need that you, u retweeted between, like. Let's make it being actually it's biplane, you know, or we can get a lot more than to people on this. We really think lie, but it is interesting to note that if you
the cargo version of the seven forty seven. You could fly the very first Wright Brothers flight inside a seven forty, seven and Secondly, when you bill, An airplane you, seven forty, seven, you plan to make a bigger it right. I kind of don't extended upper deck, only reason, why have you on the show because you you're you're best known for bringing. Fun and humour to your science yeah so comedy dimension of your professional identity? Yes, and so what kind of turn of phrase is the dimension of my professional? I, like the word, a dimension that I can now. I strongly believe that we can use science took them oh gee energy production technology to make the world better for all of us better for all of us and bill, my being an american icon,
the only American. There is at least another one out. Their former tonight show host jail. I know I have J. That's just the roots of his comedic inclinations, so check it out. So you were the class pile yeah yeah, you know most comedians, you speak to have them, We need to remember everything that got a laugh. I remember being for years old form we find my mother took me. We're going to some Ladys House in the Bronx and those with apartment, fill of all of middle age. You, for this would be one of the earliest memories and lie, and I was the only kid there and I looked it and I I I asked what I thought was a reasonable question. I said, How come women have homes like camels? Well, you know, if you heard, and women's Sri Lanka carefully, then little boy, my mother journey, read about other, why I thought I asked him personally reasonable question:
but I remember because it got such a huge reaction. You know, and I Oh, I mean just stating remember and consequently things got a big laugh incur ass or whatever to this day it seems a big laugh in class or whatever to this day it seems very clear, What is the reason, the reason for further the hump the humps, I'm an engineer near we were. You know how to keep the homes in place. You can. Structurally hold the house, however, that a lot of thought MAC would you remember that the first laugh yoga? I am still waiting and there was was right. I will never forget it. Like the rapporteur, we have established mats Why down, but not the time I had the route of realizing halfway through mathematics degree.
Not going to be a mathematician, but I am funny and that's that was my thou, my natural route, how far how far along did you get? I graduated on a technicality I have a diploma. I have the thing and then I've never used a sense, but in the U S, Europe do you have an underground had an undergraduate, very mathematics in mathematics, ok, now, there's some hilarious mathematics. That's out there! Well, you- could write you no five, if three one eight hour away on a calculator and then so dearly bracted jerk off? So I got to what you're funny man and I I I had to I know comedians hate it when you do this, but do, as I say, ok, J tell me a joke, don't tell me Joe, but how do they work? What makes a good joke with wine
ok, the joke. Is these two hundred or in the woods and six thirty at night, and it's sort of twilight, it's kind of and they walk and long longer before we give up what well and they looked down and there's a six for whole perfectly cylindrical, perfect. Smooth straight down. He has said, while I've step hall was, how do you think I don't know, let's throw some in the wholesale, Several groundless used all anvil to pick the envelope from don't even here and hit just keep us his whole annexing. They hear his dog come run my point while some our and the guy goes out, the goat almost knocked lower dives in the whole two hundred school. You know this place is crazy, let's get out here, so they walk back and we hear farmer going back. But the farmers are you two hundred come over here, you go around here. I could hear got rabbi
but twenty miles now almost knocked off over dolphin that whole farmers has impassive. I'm changing anvil, but about me, nobody else were doesn't work easier because on six foot perfectly so Google taking your mind off the actual circumstances that have given me geometric details right right, so you, consequently its like yourselves, I could see you focusing on what could there be six for the absolute need to link it? I'm not even listening to the recent I'm say it's like a verbal form of wage anyway, we distract with this hand, so I took actually what I forgot to say and that bit was wise and anvil.
There is another question you gotta role was to go to suspend your disbelief now. Do you carry only pick up an amber right right? What we have just talked it throws it we'd like this, all down that you see him just underplayed that crucial elements of excess moments direction. I wasn't tree that he said it's kind of its. Its intellectual met magic sleight of and but its sleight of mister, action with verbal. Would you agree they, provided I say the unique in the big things different with magic can comedy and a joke is when a jokes and you now know all the information you know everything this happens, but when you ve seen a magic trick, Ok, you now know that what's gonna have happened, is the person goes into that cabinet becomes out about cabinet, but you said- ideally, don't know how you don't know, what's taking place in a joke, you have all the information laid out in front of you, but it still more. The price is white, jokes and less affected the second second and third time round. Ok, we're
so great to see someone get sought in half or whatever it's always great, but ideally, unless you are working out the trick, you still a magic it will still baffling entertain the next time it happens. I remember new Yorker Karmic, where there's a few so let us have no one is able to carry them. What are we to eradicate? They said she was a good assistant and there to have. That's cause that's his trouble. You go but notice that it still funding to him. And so there is so there is something of one January to certain joking and we retell jokes with their logic, to a great show. You know what this does this, Wendy different theories as too became a worse Freud, had a theory and has been endless ones probably before, and certainly since, and none of them are sufficient that
I've I've, never heard of theory of comedy or theory of humor. The makes you go like all that, not everything that person has cracked. What humor is more comedy is so yeah, there's. If you could, then everyone could be its comic here to follow the formula will, but that's not the case, and that people have tried to my computer programs that then right, jokes and they will end up being sort of riddles and were play in half of them, a vaguely funny and half of demands, and I think that's what Those theories pull down. Wait till the super current router because if good scientific theory, I think correct me if I'm wrong, but a good scientific theory should also be able to predict that we undertake ridiculous predictions. Otherwise it's it's not worth much of anything, Most of the humor theories are one's way. You ve already got the information on Europe. Drawing berries. Inferences from that. Nevertheless, though, for any topic You can go what say to the electric computer me to the internet. And find a list of jokes. That summit has gone to the trouble to record
Yes, I wonder whether at some points, so someone can programme some neural network that takes every decent, Joe Complex it in and converge isn't how we are to start took episode where we interviewed Joan Rivers in her apartment in New York, there and she has twenty ceilings in her the way she just where the way she does, on one of the walls relies for delaying this direction with the ceiling hours ago I would limit there were. There is one of these library card catalogues. From like divides all New York Library, and it's like hundreds of them and they go up higher than I can reach, and she pulls him out. Put it in every single card. Drove. I can blame where they gonna bet. There are some good your address and go once there is some good. Can you remember any? Not now I remember interview, I remembered like the single juggling came, there was one there was one joke ready. I asked Joan what What are you when the aliens come? What are you? What are you gonna do
I don't care if the aliens come just as long as their single insurance, or did you know that J Leno hosted the tonight you for that? six hundred and ten four longer than Johnny Carson ten times longer than I wondered, did do. Do we hear in America. Have an unlimited appetite for entertain, a task which where the first generation has be entertained. Twenty four hours a day, people actually come up in the things to do than actually thick themselves. I could send me what do people do before television computers when they made stuff like this mean that their fast, the idea of having free time without something in it. The constantly keep you amused, seems far So this does not bode well for successful civilization. Now they get through. Not only I want those people believe engineers will save the world, and I think it's true I came to allay their.
These two hundred twenty days a year, they told you not to go outside because of the small. Well now you have ten, times as many cars you had nineteen, seventy two and there's no small days anymore. I mean this is still a problem sure, but it's a better. I mean getting the led out of the air as well. You see that's had in urban crime in the cities. With without a gasoline, this last shootings Advice- murder, we're just to be clear. So lead, got banned in nineteen. Seventy three seventy riding around there, let a and which was biggest source of lead in the environment and halibut lead so then add fifteen years to that right. You get to nineteen late eighties, early nineties, that's when the crime rate started drop her, so the current wooden drop, a gateway they just children. At a time when you get to the crime committing age. That's when we saw That's when we saw nationwide yeah
bill. So he's he's he's your man, This J he's loving you an engineer, right on the nose it he understand. I also love that he seems to have the quality that have you have, which is somehow steer every conversation back to your pet subjects. You ask him a question about humor and somehow he ended up talking about cause social with them so bill. If engineers can change the world, as you call for Can you also save the world save the world? no you're an astronomer astrophysicist, my pet The world's gonna be here no matter what we do in humans on the work here. That's where we want to save the world for me, now. There are, of course, a few humans, I wouldn't mind if they go elsewhere, but the? U S may the estimate, based on projections, that we need a million more site,
and engineers, I'm workin on then we will produce at the current rate in the next decade. If we are to maintain our, pre eminence in science and technology, must, in this mission and lily activity, a million I'll see that happening at college. Ambitious. How many em, how many bloggers will we need, it, sets out a tidy boosts those numbers young people excited about science. They're in the audience. Yes thank you, you pay for their dignity and I can there's a couple of things about Gmos. Common about engineers in the air quality, in LOS Angeles, air quality writ large. There was engineering solution involving the catalytic converter, but also people were so fed up with the air quality. That they decided to do something about it me did
what in the United States, as in here in the summer of twenty, sixteen is perhaps the greatest evil you can ever perpetual, on the populace. They passed regulations MIKE but you can't say that work and so which- and they also pay taxes, and this led to using technology for the greater good back that back then, and so They are quality, is generally better in so many ways, even though as jail on open, there are so many more cars what he make fine. It also makes the point that we are We surround ourselves with entertainment, twenty four seven and so you don't question is, is the attainments supplanting anybody's need for actual knowledge is. Is this are we with where's is going Matt So here's what you're talking a way out of a job. So I would say that
If you go to a dinner party, if you're with people at lunch and a question comes up some exotic thing: where's the Firth, a fourth or something. You can look it up. You can look up capital of New Jersey, and on the electric internet. You can find out how many show J Leno hosted instantly. So this enables the capital, Jersey,. So now that now that clear, Charenton drunken very arrogantly does just added that last bit out area. So what you're saying is basically technology as kill the bar trivial, It's changed it because they're be who can do can now use there's some limits to what your point we know we got so you deserve the claim that people watch television all day and don't create anything at all Think is an extraordinary claims difficult to back up.
We now have phones that do way more than a star trek communicator with people using all their imagination. My regret, we should a rule that of two people disagree. You have to argue for at least minutes before anyone looks up they answer them. We can force your brave nowhere near Lanka. Chest salt pathway, be the chest with the clock backwards. You go to the clock till after you properly guest. That's what Ok, you chose ten minutes, but take another number that I think would be more reasonable to party two minutes not right now, but you get more mental pathways of solution making. If you don't know the answer we have fragments of an answer: did you bring together in a fresh way s establishing new Neuro Chemical pathway? Yes in the brain? Yes, what would, I wonder, is whether the generational disdain between among and between how people think about knowledge and information and entertainment and coming up next. We will try to gauge what
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They're here really thirty repeating my interview with J went off. My favorite segments of the so called jaywalking inside thought. I'd ask when we chatting, let's check it out, so you asking people questions in how many moons does right and Like common sense question, wasn't science question What he gets the right answer: what there is a reason why not quite as doomed visited people just to be clear case people. Remember you go out into the street, mostly Mailros Avenue now rose and was a good cross section and we'd always trying to find people between ages of twenty one, and maybe forty because something that happens there hormonally that people just a rush, their confused and they don't
attention, because I thought one day we have not been order in school no longer in order settled advice, not lack right: ok. Example in some gap, for example, when we asked eighth graders question got I'm all right when we as elderly people question, God. I'm all right. I mean to the point where we have to talk to twenty five, thirty people to get one. Where is in the two thousand two hundred and forty range? We would never talk to more than fifty to sixty We would have nine gems tat Oh, so you throw science in there as well as politics and other things, but I was always impressed how much science you touched upon but just normal say it to me. I never really seem like science seemed like common sense. You know Got a book at home is called projects for boys. Popular mechanic In fact, when you can get away with it, the idle banking, twenty seven and it sees complicated projects.
I think that adult would have a hard time doing. But this is is this: if you work Army grew up on a farm. Your dad had a store. You are expected to know fixed and mobile phone Netflix people did stuff. You had to learn so what we need to know is how do we gauge what we know today versus what people knew a generation ago. We can try to guess that or we don't have to guess. When we have access to real data on this very subject? We need data and numbers. We turned. Mona Mona calibrate thank adjoining has once again on startup she's, a data journalist Simone what you have for us. If I'm trying to answer this question, which is do some age groups like say, millennials, really no less than others please to set aside intelligence four seconds and look at general knowledge people
such sense are asked Americans to look at photos of historical figures, unnamed them and what they found. It was that almost everyone correctly identifies Martin Luther King Jr kinds of some politicians and world leaders like North Korea's Kim Jong- oh, Respondents did better than younger respondents, which might mean that J Leonine is right. But I was they haven't they fit. My explain why that is that we know that different age groups gather info, sure from different sources- young Americans, those aged eighteen to twenty nine, a more like its own line, while odor American. Since going to tv print and radio, One more thing, I think, he's really important here, which is: what do we mean by general knowledge right, very often that gets defined by the cultural gatekeepers in society? Maybe we had asked about Kim Kardashian rather than Kim Jong in these younger millennia with went off appear, quite so on knowledgeable. Ok, so maybe you
he'd millennials to write their own general knowledge, tat, my band anything the Oder Americans think days. I well so. Thank you bone. I always wondered what millennials sport do they think and coherently enough to do. Of their own demographic, nay, we're it's also unclear. Exactly who is a millennium water millennial is millennial, seems to be defined ass by age group more by law, Stalin attitude, I don't know you might be more millennial. The may just in terms of your outlook and you behave as we ve got little test here, just to see where you have tat. We have not as yet nor a jury of your mobility or quotient. You are you now millennium you're millennia. You gotta tell yes, where there has been a test, your I'm cute little iq. Let's go.
So are you afraid of any non text communication? My daughter's satisfies this shield order is exclusively taxpayer yeah she's all tax should be sought even email. I get an email week by week later. What did you tell me Gmos are John Jago can he's been at the other end of the day, and shall send you attack genocides. Northern guy fit pass us all here. I sit partially in that category and such like. If someone calls not, why are you doing that's weird thing? I have to talk to you now creating a message. Ok, next, are you a total pro taking a selfie pretty much in the protest. I get out great myself a b plus, but this man over here April are so I want to I favour stories. I dont tell it. Every day but I'm there with me all the grass Thyssen in the White House, which is where federal employs lives, right, name, dropping Neil digress. Thyssen passed here comes the present with his entourage and
when the present walked around their several people with cameras improve Cameras like NFL films, cameras but exercise and has it in his head that he's gonna get a selfie with pricking president of the United States, where so we had to choreograph. If we didn't know if he would allow it, I was just a cultural reference. My ancestry, not gonna ass to free. Can, president for selfie, you can do a little brother to brother thing that I ain't. So we set this up process going one person at a time greets bill, an greets me, and so now the three of us can form a triad and I said, Mr President, I would like and if I get a selfish, it's ok, I pull out myself and I'm holding it up in the air Also, there smiling- and I click the button. This bill with.
A plus selfie taking save. He pulls that everybody, if you're gonna, do the selfie or use a couple things ACT is holding the phone, so you don't have to squeeze mechanical button. You can The white button at the bottom clause. You dont shake the phone gay touch, the white button then The other thing is whole the phone a little above your eyes, Is it your eyes? Look closed? if you have a double chin and help then than the other thing is look at the lens everybody looks at the Yellow Box or the yellow circle, and so you're not looking at. They learn signal. Now shots gets its ok right. Ok line that everybody there. Now you're gonna win back at our side
Retreating, my interview with Ward winning comedian late night, former late night talk show host and he still out there and he's a car, not the old. Like three hundred cars, Here you can get a job, so I asked them desk he reflects on just what role and impact the car has had in our goal. With checking up com, amazed that we went thousands of years with horse and buggy and within a couple of decades it's gone yonder. What he's got a car, I mean New York City had tons of manure, a gay dumped in the city. In the summer time, people dying of dysentery horses would drop dead from the heat Is it cut the reins? Leave the carcass on the road he would sit there for two or three days than the car comes along a little puff smoking erase ones are well. I didn't seem so bad that a big thing
scrap sober, is a very important period, transitioning from war two cars and you can under. And better. How and why that transition happened so quickly, because at the time in New York City you are, and seventy thousand in horses. In New York, city use mostly of course, for transportation. The horse pollution crisis and those seven thousand horses produce up to thirty five, nor each per day multiply that. By the number of horses. You get three million pounds of horse, Pooh, Pooh, going into the streets every day, not to mention so the thousand gowns of horse p etc. The most urgent problems- in urban life. What to do about this,
our mental disaster, and then the car arise where there is no put just like? You said a puff of smoke. You think the car was these solution area. It was. It was a solution to the pollution, but then I think I think the point it that's gonna carry on like we're gonna. Presumably in see forty fifty years from now look back at this generation and go. I can you believe people drive around in Cardiff dinosaur if all future you you'd, you try to make happened and you're, not what I and vision We got away from driving our own cars except recreational early on weekends. Of driving cars but you'd meeting. We have a problem of pollution problem caused by car that saw solve the pollution problem right step. Will innovation save us once again That is my hope. Ok, risk What would your favorite magazine popular
science, but besides I'm a problem can ya like you'd blighted like both. Ok, I subscribe to part of. I thought your problem can escape region, I say: is J little water com for fifteen years for popular mechanics, which I read from time to time. Just so you know about this, but when it meets, he spent a lot of time. Thinking about how we relate to our technology and find out about it in the next clip check it up. We live in a a society that we live in a repair society and that's a popular It is all about us about fixing things that are broken and understanding. Why broken how they were. You know me laughter. For example, I have a fairly new car. There was a leak in the transmission. Now to me it was a replacement, gasket use, but the two sides UK. You put a new Gascon in and you seal it up. No, they replace. The entire transmission dropped. It took and put a new one in and didn't classmate thing was under warranty, but it was actually cheaper for them to do that then to try
fix it when there is really nothing wrong with it see. I had a card, the Blue, a gasket a while ago, and that was when I found out that was actually a thing and now turn of phrase. Oh, I willingly border as I live in Limerick, Lugano management. I did not know that was like. Oh ok, I guess this it s. Getting too can blow who knew the spacing like it. Just a furious man under the hurt. So this not fix it throw away culture. Actually, back more than a hundred years now we are cracked team researchers found that the first looting, Emily throw away able thing was a bottle cap, a disposable ball cap, one thousand. Ninety two there was the beginning Does a lid that I will never reuse? I must throw it away and all of us here old enough to remember that gentlemen had monogrammed handkerchiefs? They would reuse.
Which was the nastiest thing Possum bill. That in the pocket, so dearly women crying and the man would take his handkerchief and given what is this? Not an angry and she's going to ten or tears with it, but so so then we have disposable handkerchiefs right. So Think it's a cultural thing that no longer in America do we repair things. I think it's a cultural economic J rose transmissions case. They put it does upon put a new transmission in there so somebody was under their with wrenches doing some wrenching things they did at least are placed the transmission and not the car. That would mean the tourists throw away culture and I'd gone. There's things out a gas get a new one, but I'll tell you a little bit about my joy ride with J went out in his jet powered super car. He calls it is. Ecology
I've got to run it and we about that. In my interview with him, let's check it out J. Did you look at your field of cars and say I was more power is this. Is this would lead you to put a jet engine in well alternative power, its alternative fuel, yeah what a nuclear fusion reactor be an alternative power, What what's compelling you to do that Amazon, renewable fuels, such Whitehall ECHO we had on the sixty five miles an hour we are more to God. Just did more put any further good enough. I killed. Ice and J Van Oak you're going to get there that when I got to cancel the shell for the weekend, pretend that I'm in mourning, because they killed ties and I'll be back in a week in us out. That's why we get there was lined with, as we sped pass a hundred thirty miles an hour the Vienna Window Blow Riverside Window Blue yea, I gotta I gotta get a new sail for the window. That say is tat, so
forty miles an hour faster than I've ever gone on, wheels outrageously well had two hundred next, and this is a that engine car, but it is not propelled by exhausted, says connected transmit exactly so. The engine power is all day. Did to drive train. I can go two hundred and forty five miles an hour faster than a Ferrari F one. It also a hundred and fifty court power it so What what charms me is we using a jet engine car and measuring its power in horses? How I am how many tons of manure does the Collie turn how much which had a thing it out loud how many many acres or hectares or corn? Do you need to get to that much oil? That I don't know, that's a great question, but it is biofuel, bio diesel, and so we have.
What about their lot of big terminology, that to hear the engineers talk? I dont understand a saint. City give see I appreciate that because also like these are, I know almost no terms, gasket even was relatively unfamiliar to make. You had never blown gasket yeah. But that there are all these sort of general pulled a journey not even going near where she got a little another little cuisine because they're all these terms in mechanic who do we, with a little game show. I want you I wouldn't know where this mechanical problem. Is a science fiction problem or real life real mechanically goodbye mechanical from real or not, is ok there we go being me yes, so is it a real thing? Is it a thing in real life. If you have a correct harmonic balance, you can be: cracked, Romania, I'd live, unsafe sides, richer
we balance, crankshaft and think you're exactly right is a real copying. The harmonic balance is a device connected to the crankshaft of an engine to reduce torture, of operation and serves as a police, Dr Belts, and now I have more questions than that actually answered. Well, I thought so look at me. I'm yours, I pay attention and when they went to pay to get my car fixed, I've never broken. My harmonic now know they're usually geared there. Very high rail, hurrah ability there, ok oil bath, but Neil you like this The rate of change of position is our debts velocity. A change of velocity acceleration, so the You'd have change of, acceleration is a jerk and that's what will make that go? Go go Thirdly, resurrects stuff going on there. Yes, I write would it be a real wages just to be clear so rare? change of position is speed or velocity, and we ve all from it would be a constant velocity. Because a velocity, you don't feel it for now
if you're accelerating and your position yourself and you all your muscles are resisting the constant acceleration thing a change in the acceleration, that's a jerk so you feel it and then you punch the break some more then you'll feel a jerk forward. That's why appropriately called a jerk. So what you will she have all right? What about this planetary, gears term, defective
three get your pleasure years. Were you ever saw and gear and planet gears? I didn't know anything about you ever three speed bicycle. We have applied to your during. That is exactly where the primary gives, within north monthly transmission hurry. What have you had? An unmitigated binary, motivator sounds like science fiction and what is it so what'd you straight up right? That is the star wars. This device enjoy warrant anyone, but wouldn't you had a damp flux capacity that is of course real. There was a document you go back to the future. I highly recommended. I think it's on their dying annual, learn a lot like you MAC, for when you come back every body. Favorite second, is cosmic queries. We'll take your questions about the physics of course,
next on startup. Welcome back to start off with my interview with tv Legend and Ikon Jay Leno, talking about his love of comedy and his comedic challenges with check it, What are you make of this emergent social, cultural, political sensitivity that the next general who carrying with them up in the ranks. So I can say that it affects this group that group or the other group and its caught up the comedian while it is vital to give your room to offend Do you even exist as a comedian? Well, you fanny, just how you offend! You know I've never years ago years ago, going to see Rickles Don Rickles to
master of offenders and young people, old people. The audience and rituals out and go. He would say when he will use a cuss word. Young people laugh, but all people go but when you get a job like a black eye here, still hubcaps young young people go and the older people, so it's just a matter of each you know it seems overly sensitive now, but of you go back to put all its know how caps anyone exactly know what our gagging nobody mean if you go back to broad, will really races job protein. There is a real there's, a reason for political correctness. It exists, For a reason I mean I remember, is a young man being in a roman guys doing jokes that were really a
to women and all your men laughed, because only a man counted. Ok, these people really didn't count all what's the matter with her she's gonna stick up her, but what's her problem whatever it might be, justice, counted as you give people more more equal. Suddenly, the equality thing leads to. Everybody if he'd. If this makes any sense you you know, I'm saying I mean you reach the point where the humor pathway yeah, you know, instead of making the black guy the butter, the job is stupid. Guy near me, really the same Joe. There's no reason to make the Black Ireland the put a racial aspects to it to make it funnier to someone who already believes that, but this go to far offshore. I mean I hadn't example was talking on stage. You still do stand the ILO conventions and walk out. You know my wife in the kitchen blue. I got not like my wife. We
our house has a kitchen. My wife was standing, you want, or in the dead I'll make it the den I just have to go into. She was in the kid she wasn't barefoot. She wasn't brethren children, while making a cake, if you would just in the kitchen another that are home, happens that I mean no, so ridiculous reacted in that moment. Yes, due to leave intelligible, didn't even so now urgent sensitivities is in the transgender community and by- and I just wonder, are these no longer fair game? committed Venza, you go after it. I guess I mean like the kitten There is a story that said Caitlin, generous writing or autobiography. I think it's gonna be one of those. He said she said kind of thing and you go What's wrong with somebody's what's wrong with it, it was a he now. So, what's wrong
So he said she said she was pretty good to me anyway, complaint about not complain about how you do it right now. It's time for cars this is where we have to question from the internet and other other sources of social media. We solicited questions about the physics of cars and driving. I have not seen these questions. You have an answer, but I've got bill here to help me whenever I don't know, I'm gonna direct to him, which are probably most of them. So let's check right well drew Davenport from Illinois asks how much more would high speed driving be on a lower gravity, planet or the moon? So a couple of things: first, you're if you are relying on friction between your. Retires and the road then a lower your surface gravity the
lower. Your maximum acceleration can possibly be. You're acceleration is related to. The normal force, which call the norm fourth, the weight of the car on the road. Major right angle: the vertical force of the car on the road, so that the greater. That force is the more you can propelled the car forward by rotating the wheels if the gravity gets lighter and lighter and lighter there is less pressure on the wheels and then the wheels will start to skip lower gravity planets your zero to sixty best. Acceleration will not be three point: six three point Secondly, as it is on earth, it would be for sex my second six seconds, what it would beyond the moon. Next next, Chris right from dulcet in my home country asks? How long do you think it will be until we have viable flying cars and what impact do you think that we have on the well we're flying cars when you say impact
think there. Yet you know the teenage IRA car people, the elderly, aircars people gonna, be issues. Beware line carts and blaming you for this is really difficult problem here and we can already have one cars, the call helicopter but end in sight or noisy. Their noisy and their hard to really drive one city street or above city streets, and thus the iraqi we mean by lying call. Really, I think, is an economy can go on the ground and then can take off a will and in their longer park them. Shortly after the problem. I'm saying we have like art the call how about it, ricotta crews from Miami Florida says be honest. Do any of you not know how to change a tire from what I really recommended over again in the habit of verbal? cracking the nuts before you jack it up just take that time
loosen, although there is an entire episode of the Big Bang theory where they attempt to. They look, that's a real and they end up burning down car, maybe that's where they went through my interview with very little talking about comedy talking about cars and at once the conversation got to electric cars Electric cars have been around since the beginning, and they really caught on and I didn't understand why I have to ask him what check it out when electric cars came out initially. They were targeted at women. The idea was the man like two big thing: you cranked boom and burst into life and explore Where liked your car, you could get it and just press on the pedal, I've got a couple ads from the turn of the century. Make this your wife's Christmas, the happiest, She can go eighty miles and to the public It shows how far back that yeah, who lived any that's right, it will live or going to New York City, whatever the New York City,
charging stations every ten blocks in nice. In a way I can send you had electric steam and gas each one had a third of the market, but but This was the way to go because it was cheap. It didn't pollute. But eventually, though, because men like things that role exploded, make noise, it became more popular for new technology. Exceed it can't be equal, I mean it. I mean it's gotta be better than we are men. We like noise and explosions. This is you have to drive a logic. You'll, never go back, never go back, it's quiet, outperforms any gas powered car How would the world have been different if we stay with electric cars back there well tell you, instead of back then, when the batteries had real limitations, chemistry requiring the materials for the batteries is challenging. But ninety. Ninety nine
general motors is markedly electric vehicle one, the easy one which state whimsically called the impact if general motors had stuck with that, it would be a whole another, ok, so as we want things down here. I want you. Normally I would introduce your dispatch. Oh, but I nine times in the city. Yes, but I am very proud of this one, but you are here because I got forty you thank you. I got back to my routes as a gear head I then we went to a fresh fruit call rental car points where you only rent crazy fancy cars let me get under their and turn some wrenches real jacket I became an engineer because a bit of a gear, I mean less, cars are cool you're on your own seat was in your own music go and almost anywhere you want sometimes read
fast and in safety or a relative safety, we turn bunny trails and cow paths in the streets and superhighways, but now we have more cars and trucks than we have people millions of this has led to air pollution, traffic congestion in transportation, inefficiency. I can imagine day work. Driving is like horseback right is for enthusiasts my country and drive around on the open road. Meanwhile, a city focal get around in our self driving electric taxing pots, the zoo, Neil. I got an historic in these coil owners. I just have to confess if the autumn, can't it came out from one of my car with
bottle. I just don't know how I would remind you think even sure I think I'd like punched him in the face or something good for no reason. Just it's just weird to me. I well know well that if you look at the old pictures of the the a gas station attendant he would off have a boat. Ah, yes, that's true. They were. They were never dapper that some Dep and if you look even close, you'll see Neil punching them stronger, not occur. Nonviolent strongly recommend against a straight tie around any rotating machinery. Yes, because you will take that could be catastrophic. What we learned that EL saying and wrestling is your wrestling, a person whether you bring your at their body will follow ouch. Also, back here, but that was really fun. I appreciate you guys go to that. So I do a full around of reading
history of science and history of human thought really and one thing that intrigues me persistently is the state of human awareness of their time and every year for the past. Several hundred since then, throw revolution. A year goes by without someone writing We are living in special times. Look at all the inventions we ve just created. Steam engine have transformed all of life, and civilization. Oh look. We ve just created the aeroplane, but will that bring? for the future, and I see this persistently decade after Kate century after century, and here we are the dawn of the twenty first century ground, over societal challenges of pollution, Global warming, death, tolls on the highways from driving cars, and I ask myself
Should I wait around for innovation? I dont know I just want to make sure that we live in a world that values innovation, because then we can all look forward to a tomorrow we're. Maybe no one will ever have to be stuck in traffic because there is no traffic and there are no cars. This is a thought. From the cosmic perspective, You ve been watching started, drafting thirty nine and I mean you looking at. Which you can listen, the star talk commercial, free, joint star talk I'm patriarch for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk radio
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