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2013-03-28 | 🔗
What ingredients provide "The Right Stuff" for an astronaut's dinner? From BBQ to ice cream, we feast on food fit for the stars.

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Welcome back to STAR talk, radio near the grass Thyssen host astrophysicist with the American Museum in natural history, this week are so Topic is on space food space food. What did they eat when NASA cast than into orbit and beyond, and to help me digest This topic I've got with me a comedian Eugene murmured using this, not your first Thailand or no radio welcome back the second time. A second content, if using traditional numeric system, that I beg of annex two realities, then, is what we would be one zero. If a representative invade seven, what would they have? What's visit, would this be of mind? It would be too yes, but just ass. They gave her for the geek software. You paths really up until properly for Turkey, three anyway, so eternal space food. How to prepare it had a packaging. How do you do it?
and I don't you knew the earliest flights like the mercury flights from May Just- went up in orbit for an hour and a half couple hours and came back down. So no one was thinking space food they didn't bring like anything, no note what they might have had. Some reserves in case they lay it's somewhere unpleasant on earth and they stay alive for four gps, whatever find them. Yet this is way before any Detroit, so they so back then yet would have sort of the reserves for if they landed in an unseemly place, but otherwise face no infected? Anyhow, really ways to go to the bathroom they would just here you go in orbit, what is in orbit an hour and a half Europe there for three hours, four and a half hours, and so it's real. He just to see if you could survive the trip it was so technology is advanced, so much that we can send bathrooms into space ass. Is that what you're setting that's exactly? What I'm saying where meat a big screening and yes and you and what goes with that is of course the ingestion of food, and so
required. Longer duration, trips in space. So the next programme after Mercury was Gemini where they were sent with. They went when astronaut to astronauts Gemini the twins, as is that clever, that's very clever, general. I would like it's a debt. Congratulations back in time, so Gemini APOLLO Follow Gemini, and that was the invite, Many of the moon landings hollow ended, but we still were going into space. We have sky lab, which was our first so to space station near the russian space Station near is russian for peace Yes, I know, but you knew that end world. Could you are rational, yeah, that's the reeds, even though the other meaning of the word remains world yeah. I didn't know that there you go, I'm glad to come and I dont inhabitants is its learned. Why does have a second word for it with the same way that I think it's a hominid and I forgot what
I undertake of where the hominem art a same or name? That's yes, it's a sound alike, z, and so then we accord the International space station where people were up there for not only day, not at least days, but in some cases weeks months, in few cases where Russians who have the record you're up there for more than a year, and so the I don't feel I interviewed Doktor Charles Borderland he's a NASA consultant. Who's been developing food and food packaging for space mission with thirty years. He goes well a back and he's co authored the book, the astronaut cookbook tales recipes and more in it. Let me, in my office here in New York City, I want to share some of that interview with you, so let's check out what he has to say about space, Even can feed astronauts from the beginning at about twelve first gain a word Kay, so it already landed on the moon by their so you're newcomer. They also tell me how the food to change what we found
an invite APOLLO that we agree with open utensils and space, which was a major change or instead fucking food out, a pack sucking and out of a package, and we also found out that we're due to hate food. Start eating it on Sky LAB Schuyler, after. A policy have been like early seventies right, and so you didn't trust astronauts with a fork person who, in the early days, what's the problem The problem was that would interfere with equipment if it had failed, We found out that if its wet answer Extension will gave it only utensils ache and eight most thanks. Also you. What you are saying is that if you gonna have open food as opposed to food squeezed out of a pact, that food would have to we'll be sticky, now has to be wet where so that it stays on your utensil right. If you open a package of penal dissolving float away and then did that's an places. You don't want to be right, no loose food in zero g period. That's what that is Eugene and you know path.
Who does package in a variety of ways this so much? We take for granted on earth that, when you're eating at you expect gravity to bring it back to your plate. Yes, kids need over your plate, need over your plate in space. There is no such commandment because the food, yet the food flow. In front of your face. If it falls out of your mouth, would people just keep it floating in front of them and pick out it while, so you can do that with Emma names and other things than ribs? floaty, ribs and floating soup, yet eminence, have clean hard surfaces on them so that they can actually korean off of sensitive equipment, ribs would have a different relationship. I'm in dry rub sorry, Saint Louis Dry, rod, exile, ok, that that was assumed This pact is in many ways and when they eat they actually the strap the tray to their lab, and they can be what we think of his upside down, but it won't matter the food
attached to the place and the plates or touched the tray? The train attested M surface tension that keeps the food on the trade we examine. It well meant what right so they try to eat food. It's that are wet and will learn more from. What's the driest, though, what food could lay? Could it be like click Chicken but we're gonna be a curry like how rightist wet food like meaning is at all related question. Sorry you're, not so that so it just has to be able to want to attach to itself so it has to be, desire. This is the way it just has to prefer to be attentive has two per if it sees so empty to seem to drops of water very close to each other on the table, ask them a little bit. What are they doing? My favorite thing make a pile of water. This big Two drops next to each other in the closing of writing Poland and they touch they kissed each other. Yet both puddles merge into one people think tried at home when I well. I can't wait, and the same thing is true, then, about chicken taken, Marsala, you're, saying.
I dont know that. Ok, yes, so, on the international space Station, when they re hydrate food, their special rehydration machines, they can be hydrated with cold water or hot water to reconstitute the food in order to turn it into something that they would recognise or love, and so, Charles controls, like you, said who is a food scientists in the service of NASA? I spoke with him about what it is to develop food or zero g and whether what he had to do differently than what would otherwise happen on earth surface, let's see what he tells us. Have. You done zero g plaint. Yet have you done it while eating? Yes, did you yes to all of the above time of arch, rather second brabble in another. Drugs. From then on, I can last for about thirty four hours without Thirty parabola, so the problem is the trajectory of the plane. It's a loop that goes up and as falls back to earth. Your weightless base ain't gonna, do about forty five and forty a m
one trip right now, if you're weightless, so too would be your vomit. So that would not be pleasant for other people. I wouldn't think inflation, for you have found out the first time you don't voluntary, or do you hold it, but you hot, I don't even know what that means hold it at an overview, biophysical capable and holding bonnet. So you put your money where your mouth where's, your designing food aided in zero g. Utah to see what effect would have on you. That's admirable! Basically what The package is a safe. You could open an acute eight fill it with you to answer right, sir. If you try to rip it open and it flies out your hand and scatters everywhere. For example, in scarlet we had a big can and is a pop off lead. You pull it off the open and Georgie half the contents come out with a live. That's bad ahead! The challenges of zero g eating Eugene yet later the plane. It fall. Yes, basically, that's correct. The plane goes up and it takes a trajectory that is effectively free,
all towards earth? How long does that lot? Hello? Do you have to eat your soup? Yet? So, if you want to eat your soup in zero g, you got about twenty seconds to do so. In fact, foreseen in the movie APOLLO thirteen yet to be authentic, yes, they're, all actual zero g, so that to stay together these twenty second filmed intervals, to make it look like they were tenuous we spent so what's he saying that he falls, many times, testing. Yes, it twenty! Second, yes, in a fine drugs, that's what he wanted! The drugs to prevent him from throwing o natlink pc Peter feel in principle. I dont know what other drugs you might have taken but to try and not throw up icy nor we really need in this conversation is an actual chef who know what it's like to fall from space eating food, or at least knows why to make food so we have with us, live in the studio we have Brian array. Brain rate has competed nearly twenty epoch out of the iron chef, You know the show. You know how challenging that is: yeah yeah, it's on the spot. You do you know
What are you gonna have to make beforehand and they reveal it and there you go and tell your creativity, you're gonna hash. I would be crushed by the stress of kitchen stadium and at an ever take drugs to do and there he is welcome to our toward radio Brian Re Brian. So you right, out you, your co executive shift at Buddha com. Drawn in New York City features. Let me as asian cuisine, every modern asian cuisine Buddha con Chinese primarily sounds like one of the evil enemies and STAR Trek. This outta gone yeah them. So the lunar excursion module so Grumman right on long island here. This is where they built the in Japan. I'm gonna like theatrical, got. How was your food particularly theatrical or histrionic? So one of the reasons why we love haven't, you want to show courage, not only an expert chef whose competed, but not all that your father was an electrical engineer for NASA
yeah. How often we get a chef with with genetic links to NASA engineer a whirl thugs normally, but at your age you probably like a little little taught at the time he was doing. This What do you remember that he did for NASA Vista Did he told us you are for Grumman? He did the test it said the lamb, so the lunar excursion module so Grumman right on long island here. This is where they built the module. Yes, so this is what landed on the moon get real member other Eric was born at the time is ripe. And then he you're older brother, correct, yes, how much and then he also helped with the Saturn five booster rocket heeded helped with the stage one stage, one. That's like one sounds like heard. It sounds like you know about as much about the stage one. So that's great so so you ve also worked as a Sou chef Mesa grill in LAS Vegas and in New York. I headed Mesa grow beautiful place. I don't know you were there while I was there, but the food is really good.
If it was really get than I was so I'm wondering if space tourism is on the horizon. Then some body is gonna. Wanna bring a chef with him one day. Absolutely because this astronaut food thing is not going to fly literally or figuratively. Sir. If you wanted these chefs, can you what? What might you envision for a restaurant in orbit I mean less waste tourism you'd be therefore exactly innovation ever is paying a fortune just go into space, even twenty million loud, and I mean what would you pay to go to like a Gore may hot restaurant great cocktails, great cocktail servers elaborately than one million in two thousand and nine NASA should be run by restaurant hers. If it was they priority have a casino in space, so you're saying it's got the wrong people mean that it exactly you need hungry people, ready items to take us into space because it in zero g, your cookies would be really different. I would think right I mean food preparation would be different and I'm thinking what
big challenge when you make a souffle like? If you pick out it by when in the oven, what happens? Of course, it's gotta deflate, it's gonna deflate and when flights, it collapses ruined under its own weight If so, if Europe, if your cookies souffle in space, there is no collapsing under its own weight, because Its weight we saw so it would be easy to make souffle in space you. So that's one food we got down unless it's ok about the ribs. Can we make ribs where this can be absolutely judging his ribs on the brain S, low and low, so yeah? So one of the problems is Europe. I want if you want to cook the ribs and space, because if you do it right, the smoke it for thirty six our idea. How to say, look we're just smoke got yeah. You know that odd Zoo, spaceships not have chimneys ache and inventing new what they do. Is they filters and if you re filter, in fact, they sought
All you know it's quite efficient up there, because there's you can't stop at the quick Martin and swap out your food push your gun its there's? Not a garbage? Yes balls in Rwanda, the out. So you know that's this- that this. This is what all challenges so when we come back when I wanna do, is talk more about how you could food in space and how you drink in space and get some food and airy advice from you chef way, back after the break secret for you I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this show there's just one way to get out a hearing, they're good
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Marking the secrets of you and everything for bidding around it. Storytelling is case, so sexy space with music I have ever makes me want to sound like very well you d murmured thanks for joining on this episode of Start talk, radio and your house near the grass Thyssen. Followers on Twitter STAR Talk, radio,
and on Facebook Shore STAR Talk radio. Yet is there a place where you're called something? I hope for your Bob Dylan mistakenly names and we got chef re with us to help us understand space into the air round. You said you had a nice crispy, fried chicken. You have to spray with sprayed with a little it would be different. Tell us tell us what, unique things you do in the kitchen and up and let me back to what might have happened to that in space, should we already settled Souffle thing so gay for you can be an awful souffle maker and it'll stay puffy. What else you gotta go in your kitchen by me? Lay how do you deal with open flame like there's? A lot of things were like a quick blow, torture, you need to have open flame doesnt work well in a closed capsule right there, the anti seasoning to seasoning we are also here so that you could you season would have to be liquid, so that can stick. The food has to be said has to like itself, right. If you saw shaken up with salt pepper shaker it all goes.
Into the air around you said you had a nice crispy, fried chicken you're gonna have to spray with sprayed with alive, quid salty peppery thing is, you have to turn over spices into liquids. Lavish shouldn't be our admiration, that's what else sauce, but boy out by severe describing saw Zap haste, the community s no word ready by says it is too bad. We don't have what on earth they have one on Mars. Yes, it yet so other things I'm told in Japan there's some tradition where the EU food off of a naked women that laid down in the table is true. We I think we should make it a tradition here. Also. I think that you are literally confusing that tradition, which other uses sentiments, but I'm sorry Lackland, I don't I don't yeah, I get basic cable. I don't get Skinner MAX, but so that that would be odd behaviour in space absolute, but in then she could walk around two in space, as it would stick to our right. Stickler yet. So there is no horizontal effect you can put on all sides by because the food which state
two hearts it's one of the disappointing things of eating food off a naked lady hears that she can't walk around. It is such a farmer. These procedures, I like disappointments under an egg- so a few other things that little movie liquids around would be a challenge share and how would you saute in space so I began his flight sundays. French, for you jump, you know, and so you'd have to create a little basket. I've been working on this newspaper ran that I haven't had any further, yet a sphere of Eugene Spades bands and all you would need his weight to put down on yours. Saute in a wooden jumpy would just sort of stay there, but you would sort a jig I guess you're apps like me when you cooking there is constant movement is actually like put a kind of two chinese restaurant and not in the walk gives a lot of walking. Yes, you do use awoken spaceport. Everything fly away everything if every time you afflicted it would go up into the ceiling do and there's no need of any one. Dimensional spherical walk.
Yes, but everytime you flick it it'll hit the other surface and fry. There is only a day of my spaceboat I'd taken your invention here, sorry, cheese and here's, a creepy one, carbonated vet beverages. You don't want that in space was unearth. You drink some co Pepsi whatever and it bubbles up Your stomach wit is the Where are the gases go? They rise above the liquid and then it comes up here off again and then you Burke in Space League it does not know to go quote above the liquid. It's just dates anywhere around the liquid and it is not concentrated ready for you too those who remain in space, and so, if you ever worked in space, the gas would come up with what the gas was mixed with. So all the food and liquid would come up in your Burke and action. Nasty. That's uttered the words vomit parliament.
You would vomit Coca COLA, so when every restaurant one, I would have an actor. My my interview, Charles Borderland, he's a food scientist renouncing visited me in my office couple of months ago. He's design, food, his whole life, and I ask him what is favorite food was that he designed for the space programme. I've got to find him a favorite favorite space food was as freeze, dried shrimp that you had to reconstitute Rach Freestyle, you had water when he irradiate, I guess better than no shrimp at all, but it can't be like what you get on. The fresh fish market is really close goods that turned out grant priests dry real good, and then they bring I'd right so that they look like fresh shrimp. So you had to test all the seafood to find out right. Did you have in guinea pigs, or did you actually get the food that you are preparing to test it? I went. This panel in the laboratory that taste patents with their code for eating, ok, son copped here too, that stay as one of your favorite food, yeah and also irradiated beefsteak in one of my favorite Irena?
it beefsteak. So this is: u subjected to high doses of radiation, kills all the bacteria. So this a thing to decompose the meat right. You just open it up and you warm and if you want, but its shelf stable for several years, quantify several of five to seven five to set this that's every year, but no one's going to space for seven years. So why would you have to prepare food that long their politicians were no more than ten days? Did anyone tell you the missions, weren't, really lasting? That's what I thought up in order to something that last a long time you have to have a lot longer shelf life than you expect the usual. We didn't expect to keep from seven years and use it, but if you don't food starts, decaying The day is processed and its. Air time. They might be might be years before Fort Inedible plus. When you prepare it, then pre packaged and then does all the lead time before the launch. So there's always extra time the over at a time that sometimes closer year, almost any space may see just being extra safe right, ok and all these
we were afraid of irradiated food, I think in France they call it frank and food. Would you say to them? I say is absolutely We don't have any test has proven that its harmful. So do you think they just fear the technology, it's just new to them, and if they don't know what it's doing, so therefore they rather not take the risk when a technology anti, so we could roll you over to France and say here is the man who had been eaten this for forty fifty years and looking healthy right so what food would you taken to space? First of all, I want this guy writing. My menus irradiated be staking you're really solitude, while the astronaut have more than two hundred items that can pick from two. It's not just did not just handed food, they actually have some sweatshop. I bet that's more than what's on your restaurants. Men are It is another radiated beefsteak, but I beg pardon, I better be a novelty item that some people would buy. I would certainly order it yet you know age take right. This is aged beef, it's a hobby, beef aged,
no, it has massage Rachel. You read, FED Beer and then exposed to harmful levels of radiation. You can eat at whatever seven years, just keep it in your pocket as people there. You know so gourmet meals is that's not an unheard of concept, in fact, did you know that trial ceremony, who is one of the Microsoft billionaires pay twenty million dollars, which is which is much money? chump change to go onto the international space station for ten days and he went through the tourist agencies, space, adventures, ok, answers not through NASA is ignored, they re not NASA approved right and his girlfriend at the time help create freeze, dried meal of quail roasted in Andrew and wine duck conceit with capers chicken parliamentary apples, the rice, pudding and semolina cake with dried apricots. My girlfriend s, Eugene gets was girlfriend, was
Rachel right. It was Martha Stewart at that I've. Yes, they were buddies. That's a good girlfriend! Haven't you going out of space? Yes, great pillows, her cravats. Then we bring tons of public policy. Caustic sums make so another quick point is that in space, but will your body is designed to pump heavier to your brains and down to your Lord Extremity because it knows it has to go against gravity veto. Gravity have fluid build up in your upper edge. You're a pretty becomes a super smart. You know, but you become bloated in Europe apart to your body and it interferes with your ability to sense taste. Why astronauts generally prefer much spice your food than normal. Let's find out, I asked Trot berwin again food scientists with NASA, the guy who does drugs and care migrants, as I had to find out what's going on with Tang, let's see what he says about that: settled once and for all the time, come from NASA, no no
like Saint PLUTO, isn't a planet anymore, which we ve been saying for ten years? That's one of these fundamental truths of the universe and now you're telling me now and I have to believe you cause you been around from the early days. So what gives well, I have even heard congressmen plays it. Massa invented dying, but tat. But on the grocer shelve before NASA, whatever form, Oh tat, was selected by NASA, perhaps in their boats would gave it the notoriety. I guessed right: so it is astronaut food, but it was invented fur now and between you. I've, never really my tank distributing Tang, an actual orange juice on taken orange juice. I'm sorry, regionally do that if you phrase dry, dehydrate orange juice in any way and then back in I reject the vat compact beverages, then, when you read re hydrate it'll be sought find animal remind
it becomes- are in solids non dissolve about non dissolve of a South South, so the Tang it just a powder with the sugar in it. In there you go, you can do anything with Tang and not hurt there. You have it you can do anything like tat and attacking the ultimate freedom, and not heard it's very good. I like that. I like that Eugene Merlin piping in I, So did you know TAT was invented by gaining William Mitchell, who is working a general food and it wasn't popular initially. It was an american we make our own orange do so how could possibly be popular, but then you find this In guy the invented coup whip pop rocks and quick setting jello. This is a chemist, the brilliant
food chemist against shrine two of my housing assuring us that that says the professional chef because show you cool whip on all Europe gourmet Different, Papa and pop rocks. Absolute poverty and space now would be interesting yet where the wherever that will take. You will week when we come back after the break. We're gonna talk about water, so fundamental in agreement in food as well as oh by the way. It's why food we heat so well in a microwave ovens because microwaves, he water, the water molecule by vibrating it, but they don't have either so in space. They keep them other ways as well, but we'll get will get to that and find out. If you need to take all the water there is with you, or can you find it elsewhere
on your journey when we come back to start talks, radio, the future of space and the secrets of our planet revealed starter man on the seventh sullen less about may well come on sound less about falling on the radio under house near the grass nation we're talking about space through to end. I have joining me a comedian, Jean Vermin, energy below and rate professional chef, Brian Re Brian. Where were you cook, and through these days I'm Goin rhetoric, output,
rooted, hearkened, Chelsea, Morgan I'll, be there. If you're, the New York check it out Buddha, con he's not there now, obviously so, symbiosis cooking for you enshrine hook, Sunday night, don't go Sunday night he's not there are now so what sort of things they serve, not only food but bet beverages matter ass. We talked about the fact that you in zero g thing, is really bad? Its equivalent are basically feeling up we'll burping, sodas, really bad as burping regular and I dont want the gas has to be in a different place from the food in order to come out of you and The gas knows to go above solid things. When you're in love you just drinking water, will you will you throw up? I dont think I don't have to check on that. I dont know cause. I all I did was the research on the dissolved gases in seat the sealed letter. That's everybody's, proud. That would be too but one of the beverages. What people like to drink as wine, ain't gonna Mars, unless I can bring some bottles wine with me. Just let you then let you know that you're right now, I'm a callin twelve would make what Mars wonderful, and so one of the things they do is, if you,
on fresh food. You can bring fresh food up there immediately and then you can eat it. But then, if you want fresh food later for fruit and vegetables, this talk of bringing seeds, two on a long Mars journey, which at last at least nine months to get there and another couple years before you come back, and if received you might do it hydroponics, just in water just and in a word a solution. So all the ways warder matters to space. I brought up with Charles Whirlwind, who is my running interview as he visited me in my office? Is the author of a book all about sort of space recipes because he invent then they can sell. Spacing food scientists not chefs. I find that interesting, let's find out what he says about water in space if they are travelling up with the water anyway, then, why not reconstitute the food before you go? It's the same water who cares whether in the food or in a cabinet, we do that on international space station, because we have the whole all water up their interests better to Howard and food that
Shuttle generate a tremendous amount of water from the engines, fuel cells of fuel cells, okay, so fuel cells, you ve got hydrogen and oxygen coming together, giving off energy and the by product is just plain awarded: drinkable water, drinkable, water. You know what is fuel so water tastes like gravitation beyond Atwater Water I don't know if I meet you stuff in Houston, that the rest of us, don't you not. I run on high octane or relied on all. What's your for spigots in your bathroom, like Sir, like distilled water to our case so too little bland, but airy bland. But it's ok. You can sure thirst, we're sure what I was here, that is still borders. They say that it's so low and minerals it can suck the minerals out of your own body cells. Is that true, I swear
after you got a lot of men with anybody sales and is very little water. Okay, so that's just an old tail again, so so so they have it so warder in space. You know that on the space station, it's it's a very efficient machine for recycling water what is essential to life, as we know it, of course, and will first of all just consider what it costs costs anywhere between ten and fifteen thousand. That was a pound to launch water into space? So that's what it cost you to get the water there you're, not gonna waste. A drop of so the filtration system in the air takes out the operated sweat from your body, sounds delicious go on as well as Eddie. Any moisture that you at exhale, this of the same, which that would foggy mirror if you'd YAP, wreathed on it and any other quit that emerged from your body from any Morpheus
They take these liquids, they sought them, filter them and then its process, its given back to you as drinking water. Basically I do not believe each other dry and then an plus their urine everything everything you do not do that a political Buddha yard I would give you would know how much of the food has any real, hydrated urine or indeed already are gathered. Would you saved for the servers are still sparkling or research as gas with without gas with guess they even recycling your any urine from laboratory animals that have been brought up so like they bring animals to pee in drink? If these people are monsters welcomes, why won't let us say my excuse me Mr Berman, go on the glass of water that in front of you at this moment, how old do I've worries, that's as old as the earth that is passed The cares of Abraham Lincoln that silently rules the idea of bringing cats.
The space. The plea for you to turn it into drinking water is way more weird than this. Is you know, somewhere from a pond pond? Where do you think it was before was upon? It was beside a rat? It was somewhere out of some creature operated into space into the cloud yeah rein back down. So all what is recycled at some level. In fact, the water on the space station is the purest order you would have ever consume. Even if they did extracted from the laboratory rat, the less and you know on earth. You take typically fifty leaders in order to take a shower space station. They do it in, for leaders for leader, What I want to know about it. If you're going to go into space, we going to get water if you're not going to bring it all with you, because it's so it's and Mars has frozen water on it, and so oh that's a place to get it from the mom made the man better, all their martyrs moms, I mean let's, let's, let's go to.
Clip again with me and Doktor Berlin to talk about a trip to Mars and what food will be like on such a long along So what do you imagine a trip to Mars? The food would be like on that. It would be any better than what the getting down the space station in space shuttle. I doubt when you go on mission like that, it's always a fight between engineers and food people. We want to have good food and they want to have less weight and the way have less weight, is to take dehydrated food and try and get your water elsewhere. Psycho water. We think, it might be water on Mars. So you're not taken as much water is food to be rehydration when you get to Mars and one option that we looked at years ago. Can't convince anybody to do is use frozen food and used as a radiation. She'll have heavy vehicle, because when you leave the magnetic protection of earth, sealed you suspect well to harmful rays from sun, armful particles, o n.
States frozen, causes touching the dark side of the ship or something and space. What how do you have every video at her father to keep? And then you need energy. This is an energy problem right you might be able to work out. My usual outside term happened right. Could particles, don't like moving through frozen concentrated. Our attitude is good shield, but I don't want you do when you come home right all right. He had all your good juices and, in their needs, yet irradiated, like the meat maybe last longer so irradiated food kills all the bacteria. Yet the bacteria that decomposes the food, so you take up all the bacteria rapid, put it on a shelf is good for years and years and years sense delicious affected. I think what kids it s like little kids like I want to be an astronaut, I dont, think they're they're, really thinking about the part where their eating irradiated enough to get it through managers ranking here and very well do still better at your Buddha. Con restaurant in duty irradiate any food, while some of
products come from Asia, so by law. Anything coming in from China and Vietnam has to be irradiated. Is that right? I did you know that, so what are they? Freedom referred who, in this what I'm not sure but like exotic fruits like ran Bhutan and things like that, they're all irradiated I've never even heard of RAM Bhutan. So that's exotic to me under a man, you does it when you serve it. Does it say: irradiated around Bhutan Dirty phrase, it differently and also what might be the future of this- is U genetically modified foods to survive a long voyage to Mars by the way to getting, thereby our current technology takes about nine months. To get back you don't just getting shipping come back because the alignment of earth and Mars is not favourable for the trajectory. You have to wait and earth and Mars reconfigure themselves to make the trip back into do the European right a year and a half for them that's really the reason I haven't gone? It's so full up round trip to Mars is like three years and then you prepare the food and you want the food there the whole time
men. So that's why you need food that can survive that trip. I can imagine. Hey where we genetically engineered food that will have its not joint. What that maintain its labour, but also maintained something more important in the chef world is the food texture absolute what good, as if it has the right flavour but its but its pamphylia. Right I mean then it should be. Food at that level. He absolutely. How much do you think about texture when you prepare foods all the time I mean I mean next to flame. I think that the most important thing like it's gotta be fun and like on your palette, like everything place, you know spice crunchy, texture, everything I know someone who never like shrimp because it to them it tasted they thought of biting somebody's finger, yet because you put your finger, it's like shrimp except by harder and then it sort of snaps trident, the person who doesn't know how delicious fingered that's their main, grounded in one big fear in genetically modified food? Is you get one of these scenes of remember that movie from was at the early sleeper? It's right, Woody Allen wakes up in the future, and there they
are eating these genetically engineered vegetables and is like a carrot, the size of a tree log. That's my greatest fear with science sign. Incredibly big fruit and vegetables theme unmanageable. So this is New York city than childhood nightmare, huge vegetables and yet by scientists, and Do you know the slow food movement which I guess in eighteen, eighty six slope what I always know that they stop begins in France: Rikers their food there very food, yeah food. If snobs. Yet we I did my saying a right now. Foods and I think, if you need food to last for five here's the slow food movement. I have something to say about that. You have to the last five years. I mean you. Definitely There were some good because tell him. We're would go after that, when I wonder. Believes, loafers slowed decomposition. I think it's. The opposite is true that you took a long time to prepare, is well weaker
upon a break and after the break I want to get to the bottom of what what is it about astronaut ice cream? That's somethin! I I never really understood I believe its ice cream that isn't as good as regular. I haven't you can eat in space. It says on the label. Yes, you know. If it's not cold and it's not, you know, you don't need it with the spoon. I can't go there, I'm sorry, but let's find out after the break as we come back to Eugene Mirman and Ray and Charles Borland NASA chef scientists
see you back and stop breathing space inside down to earth. Yours listening to start talks on radio minus one internet radio document and we tweets radio everything Eugene Merman Jeanne, you tweet as well as I do at usually Merman thence. It have you really lever of yes, I wanted to be found, so I used my regular name and I tweet my brain droppings on the cosmos, Neil Thyssen, if you're fear there, also with Brian RE, whose assume chef
no co executive shadow. My guy just like to devote a modem or those me waited Suchet Suchet is under under Don't you know, wondrously chef know he's a co executive executive. Look at him, he's top top and he's got a bell leaders to Show- and I do not trust skinny chefs very nice. Don't don't listen to deal a couple of months ago, Charles Berlin visited me and ass food scientist. Is there a second NASA foods? I discuss this radio programmes that we think there is one reason why and why either did this guy outwardly he's a good one, because he's been around for many generations of spacecraft and- and we talked about the obvious most the food. Every kid wants to try and its astronaut ice cream. Yes check it out, I'd love me some ice cream, but I've never really bought the package on the shelves. We saw here at the American Museum in natural history, the Hayden Planetarium Shop, but I was walk by those packs, because I say I'm not look, I'm twenty four
from a hog and us spreads, I am so not by an astronaut ice cream. So what is astronaut ice me? What would you do with it? I hate you I scream and then what do you do with it? We can happen. Small chugs, but it had a phrase It increases the surface area of the ice cream and any region. But they have to do this so freeze drawing for remembered my food science, you blow across the food while frozen, and then you have appareil were sublimate frozen water leaving behind the flavour and everything else. That is, the ice cream. Story about the astronaut ice cream. Is that it is only used on a pile of eight, and I don't think so eight any they denied ate up was too scared. I guess you know, what's funny is: did they are appalling, eight, the fruit listeners, Remember the first mission to leave earth orbit go to the moon it in man on the moon, but it did a big old loop or figure eight around the moon, so
you're telling me they were brave enough to leave earth for the first time a human has ever done so, but what? chickens, the iter extra, not I screamed prepared out another were due to enter. They didn't like it open, but later on, when we tested with other ashen out, they didn't like it because it sticks to unity over the brake Leslie just brought in Leslie are researcher some actual astronaut ice cream and I'm an astronaut virgin you wouldn t: do we each have a packet one, one is cheap but I screamed with chocolate chips and not one of them. Scream sandwich and another one simply says ice cream. I'll try just the one that says: ice cream, ok about chunky monkey was not an option, start chunky about to get the chocolate chip and I'll do the ice cream. Sandridge. I'm worried about this Oh I see this because I have three flavors yeah, so you're gonna. This looks like a nice can sandwich it like what should remember getting in the vending machine. You get that round like ice cream. Leading this. I realize why they never bothered.
He doesn't like minded countries, but it's got fibre You don't like the ice cream. No one saying scientists can't make this but sleep. What I'd like the cold sensation of in my mouth, everything about atrium except the cat. Creamy sensation, the right kind of why you want to do in the first wave rights, the opposite well know, but I'm no matter the ice cream virgin Estralla. Convert, thank while as little as we brought this in four years, delicious moon of your list. Then don't eat this image of any kids are listening. Please don't bother. Don't try this at home is what your young coming. Try it and combat be disappointed, so listen it got up at the museum shot. I guess almost every science museum shop is got he's, got astronaut ice, grace, Gascon ICE cream. You got you the other foods that have worked, well in space and others that haven't so. You don't want foods little crumble,
just make crumbs everywhere, like crackers in and Le Gastroenteritis payment. It isn't just now. All this is dry trip. Chips in Quinci Food just does not work in space, so I after while they start craving crunch. I wonder what that's like, if you'd three years or that Vienna Cruncher potato chips, and so instead of bread, which can get very crumbly, they used. Fourteen to a t worked out very very well. They wanted one of the first two spanish astronauts, Mr Turchi, as they found it quite by accident. That Turkey is that, like the gringos. An opportunity, is work better than their bread. Not only does it not crumble, you can wrap food in it and that the food, spill around the ultimate space bread. And so you know there are other look up. The things they tried pizza in space, but pizza always ended up soggy and chewy in it in, but I never eat its. If I leave New York, I'm just saying-
is that so you would not do it under the weight of Martin asked if I would so not if I don't do it in Hackensack, I don't know what I've waited Mars. We got one more clip of my interview and we learn about just some flyboys boys in what what what they wanted to taken a space and what they were denied wouldn't find out. How that how that went? Let's go Sonny Carter was an astronaut and he was also light. Surgeon is also pro stalker player and he found this barbecue beef and Georgia have argued pork that insist we try to be sentenced to sample and it failed all microbiology TAT s not what does it mean affair microbiology TAT had organism, acceptable. When it, I thought, think survives. Barbecue, you telling me he had barbecue port
and I still had organism running around in right now, I'm anyway, when take no for an answer. These a fly boys you, don't they want what they want. They sure as Hell Macro regional food scientist right. Ok, they went back to another example right it every tested. Veil again, I thought you know, I can't take it so! he gave me the name of the person now learn. I called a guy and had him cook it in an phrase it the whole. Thank other, don't pull the plug. Poparcie, all that opens that exposes them where they were down, and we did it in the past because you pull it, then it is exposed to any MIKE orders floating in the air. I write on her hands. Did you alert him? How many micro organisms he was eating in his pulled pork? You think he might say. Okay, I might be the right stuff, but I don't want the line as it was a knight and data. We can turn of events anal, whose life, so would be interesting if you did send astronauts up with these sort of organ them is Nick Glee contaminated food and those Michael
are exposed to high radiation from the sun. You might mutate them into something interesting possibility, because if you out all by yourself with you knows you, the capsule and your micro organisms. Hotel in what what comes out at the end of the day you, Micro organisms there, it is, does know whatever are the is the portfolio of organisms you launch with their with you, for ever
they know others that will join your city. So is the more moral, no pulled pork, sandwiches and space ethics space. That sounds pretty bleak, its face without pork yeah. Before I get to my tweeted, we do you guys have any reflections on this master chef here. There's gotta be barbecue in space without Barton. What what's? What's? The point is exactly and you don't, even while pizza no barbecue, I spent six years in Texas, I'm a barbecue may crunchy ice. You know how to do it. Eugene about you, yeah seems a space seems it seems less romantic than originally S. Leg at least will finally get to meet aliens, and now it's like no chance now, so I would need food to go with my barbecue in wind or really go together and service networks and space we. So it's not all bad so hearing I gotta tweet Harry, go! Ok! If chefs ever prepared food on the move your dishes might be taken with the restaurant would have no endless. Oh my three to the way you ve been listening. To start talk, radio funded in part by the National Science Foundation. Did they know about that? Joe said, we'll see you guys, we put him up.
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