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Cosmic Queries: A Stellar Sampling

2014-04-11 | 🔗
This week’s show is bursting with conspiracy theories and strange hypotheses, but that doesn’t stop your own personal astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson from dropping some serious science.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free? secrets and mysteries reading this with many questions to be answered, find ourselves searching for those answers, as the very fabric of space and science in society are converging for the first time. These worlds collide. Recently, the domain the brakes dad did you grandma South Ass, do when they get lab, applying browser,
this star talk, I'm your host Europe! no astrophysicist near the grass Thyssen, I'm here in studio with Eugene Merman Eugene. Welcome back to be here, Neil, that's out of He too rehearsed outlining its true rates of eager but you're right. It set a terrible. We are adding a fake, a dancer and where we are in an cosmic queries at again, that's what one of my favorite kinds of star talk and this one people. In question, then. Is the grab bag, this rag bag of all sorts of all sorts of with that we collect them in the bottom of the bin?
still think about your these are questions from all our fans, and I mean this is literally from Denmark. Why would you even bother Merlin this? What Merlin asked Merlin from Denmark? I know it's ok, I know. Let's do it. I recently found in article describing a relatively recently fattened quasar cluster, which which apparent is too big to exist in the universe. According to our current state of understanding, I am wondering now, of course, how an object could be be too large for the entire. Universe and also what that is, actually means for our understanding of the cosmos. So it's it's a great question, so I think there's a mix up of information. There are some if there is an object? The have like Alex he's out there, and then you have like pairs of galaxies and they know about each other because they orbit one another Yang and of clusters of galaxies and they orbit like a bee bees and a hive would so. So you can see that galaxies can now
oh about the existence of other galaxies that are near by and they create what we call a cluster. Not if you have a cluster of quays hours, yeah and they know about each other, but there too far away from one another for the, age of the universe to have allowed them to know about one another the time they were created, that's a problem So it's definitely a problem so, in other words its a coherent. Structure that is larger than the universe at the time would have allowed to have existed right, but now it's fine now. What now would have been but back to whatever Quasar, as in the early universe, the early universe back, then the universe was smaller size of, like PAN sides of martial pick a time and any pick a time find a time in the universe. We pick a size. He has a time in a universe when it was that sign Marshall Marshals, yes, a marble, yes, and
Yes, I've football stadium; yes, I so so it's it's a challenge when you have this. As you know, the nurse brims with mysteries have we'll. Let me answer aim of of your band. Our question for my Nick Christoph rhetoric: your ethical physicist at the university of heavily Burg in Germany, he's a theoretical physics. He should have no question for me whatsoever. Well, it's too late for those guys, quoting em. It's too late for noise, quoting the other guy yea, all our unwanted and from Bulgaria, no Nick his leg, expanding universe, and then he and then this is the message Christoph Theoretical. First, does the university of held the work in Germany has recently thirty Heidelberg yeah. Just testing yoga has recently proposed an idea that the universe is an expanding, but instead gaining mass. If the entire our universe, is gaining mass at the same proportions. It makes his theory
impossible to test the remains mathematically possible, It news ran the article with a couple of opinions. Cosmo just gone Sheng Zhao, who thought it should be entered Team and danish ash Ferdy and asked This is then Canada who preferred the standard came razor approach. Have you read this paper whether you have or have not, what are your thoughts on or she'll reaction to it. Ok, thank you for having me read all the names that I have tried to do justice to, but you didn't, you didn't get the city right and so yea, I yeah, but that's because I was terrified that I've gotta say hung on jungle directly
but what we have going on here is a new idea that someone put forth it could explain what we already know to be true, but in a new and novel way, there's a time honoured history of this going on and in the sciences, in fact, Copernicus who put the sun back in the middle of the known universe, turning our our geocentric world into a Helio centric world, the his book called. Their revolution abyss that book which, is one of the most coveted books in the history of publishing that goes for millions of dollars at auction. If you want to pick up one from the original first, I would love to maybe started. Kickstarter divided the original first edition that idea was so heretical but the sun in the middle and not the earth. It is clear and obvious from any read of the by
the earth is in the middle of all motion and everything goes around the earth. That's how any movement is described. Earth stationary too. So to say some you, it's not! That is heretical another time punishable by the by or by pile and of any acquisition. So at the beginning of it there's a disclaimer. Then the disclaimer not written by Copernicus. It says this is probably not true, but it makes the mass a little easier? So that reason alone it's worth publishing, so that the mathematicians can calculate where the planets are in the night sky that area hurriedly around. So the point is: if you have a new idea, it could be completely radical from what was prevailing at the time and it could be right that could be wrong. You know, first, I want to make sure it doesn't predict something that you already know is not true, and you want to play So they would you haven't discovered yet and that'll give you
I will give you confidence. That is a real idea, and it's not just exactly mapping onto what you already know is true. If that's all it is it's not useful righteous some He also other idea and you'd want to, turn it into a reduced labelling idea. Party, rigid Kipling, just so story was how the leopard got the spots got before this way, and here is how the elephant got its trunk. You could just come up with another explanation right that doesn't make it right. It's just another. I will name right and it's got have survived that you're, not a fan of multiple origin story. What do you want to make a prediction that we contested and if a TED prediction fails, then we discard the idea. I haven't. I don't know the idea well enough jail, how kind of predictions that makes it makes no predictions is not useful to anyone right, not anyone, scientific Enzo, you're, not a huge fate of theoretical visited. That's why they're fine scale of one to ten? Where would you put their eleven? We need. We just sit genuine. My wife is a method
physicists. Ok, I gotta say nice things right and I want to ruin your marriage when Austria, ok, It is a long way to go. We're running out of time in this segment. Yeah sets its longer than nine seconds you can do in Edinburgh you are listening to start on radio cosmic queries addition, I'm here with Eugene Merman, we'll be right back. This is a start
say we're back stalk radio cosmic queries addition grab bag stuck with it The bottom of the been yet but all item of the big question request her man each one from a conspiracy? Not here it is there? No conspiracy not through listen to start to radio know their eyes. There are people with valid let's try to what he got Gareth asks. I've read some theories that harp he used to manipulate the weather is this possible harp is high. The two radios pension? I was always forget. It acronym. Yet there are people who are sure. The government is stockpiling aliens and controlling everything about anything we would ever think about, and they clearly have never worked for.
Ever meant, because the level of incompetence, humbug innovations and inefficiency yet knows no bounds. Yet, as for started its true that you could manipulate the weather like they did during the Olympics in China like it's, not that you can't manipulate the whether it's that, whether you really have any serious control. What whether happens in many places, so it's it comes about the heat balance from the energy coming from the sun. What it reflects off of guess absorbed by who, at the occurrence do what the down drafts do, what the rotation Your is doing all of this factors in, and so I have not been convinced by any of the reports, suggests that experiments in the upper atmosphere physic experiments near having any effect on our, whether who whatsoever, right and but and it would be, and it would be tragic if we wanted to say. Oh that's why it's getting hotter world? Ok, because this sum experiment happening it would that would beach magic because we would be missing the nine hundred
I grew up in the room right and then, but can you is that the carbon dioxide guerrilla? Yes, yes, the nine hundred on carbon dioxide guerrilla? here's another question: whether anything guerrillas can weigh nine hundred pounds. Is that true the biggest might seem so not nine hundred per five hundred pounds, yeah, not nine hundred so propounding all fuckin? I bet there's like a pumpkin. Someone is made with the Euro illegal five hundred overlap, holding a four hundred pound pump that would work. Yes. I would be in the room, which would also should attract attention. Here's the question: I don't know it's from India: is it possible that some have direct pollution through our atmosphere and dispose of it in space? All a harming our atmosphere, love you show by the way, thank you demanded what kind of pollution you're talking about the Suez. So what you're saying is rather than pollute, rivers are your ocean. You want to put the space in fact that wouldn't be said, was thrown into space, throw it it. Would you
please honour, actually get rid of it. I let you drop it into a black hole, drop it down into the sun. Yet you'd want to actually remove the saying entirely, but what was but it matter to throw it into space like without be bad to some have to calculate the energy. It takes to throw it into space first of the energy tax, to completely break it down in on earth. If on earth into some non pollutant, right or ingredient, you don't want to send a whole thing of like sparks into space vigour, that that is the way to dispose of it, and item of sparks are destructible at all. By so you'd want to not just scattered into space space, we might want to travel that one day What's your ruin put so much pollution into space that we delay? Gas would take it the bar, and I think they said that when they had built smokestacks, it's just a little bit of dirty air. Look how big the atmosphere is. Don't worry about it all right. All right! I will
that's what I want throw my trash into Spain. Let's have some foresight here. No George asks if we take an open jar into space to outer space and close it once up, thereby filling it with the vacuum of space. What would happen if we bring it to to earth level atmosphere and even to the international space, they would be the best vacuum we would have ever encountered on earth ever really? Yes, we can vacuums as good a space reckoned really. Last I checked, we can't do it, somebody last week pull one off. We, We can we can for having as much as spaces just try such far better vacuum than anything we ve been able to create in our lab is why do we always bring back I jars of ass? I now have a new business, wrongly soldiers of the best vacuum you ve ever see, but I like the way the question was worded so that when the vacuum gets inside What happens? Is the air inside it escapes yet, oh way, once you put the vacuum in it, and then you bring it back to earth what went on.
Happen is the exploding surface of the glass and presumably a metal lid will out gas into that volume there. Gases, dissolvent surfaces of all solid objects and just stays there. It's molecules energy stuck in the Jaguar, surface of every of every solid object. If you now evacuate the centre that jar, the dislodging those gas molecules and so it'll then put some kind of gas pressure back and if you ever trying to create a perfect vacuum first vacuum it out, then you heat two sides of the container that releases the gas that's attached. Then you vacuum out again. What will you bring into space to bring back in Basle, something that has a really really smooth surface with? Hardly any gas is attached to it, much more that more smooth and glass? Oh yeah! Oh yes, glass is the way more so than you. You could pre heat it before you did this and really John have somebody who super smooth, again, oh by the way you might. Yeah if cortical nature abhors
back in which, of course, it doesn't get most of the universe. Is vacuum tee. How come on earth atmosphere doesn't just rush out into the vacuum of space. It's true, you might have a vacuum on Earth Nick, we think of nature because air wants to get inside the vacuum go into the back air once again, because you are in a place where this air pressure that wants to get inside, agile, higher up in the atmosphere. The air pressure gets less and less and less and less and less because as less air above pressing and when you get less and less and less and less unless the air doesn't want to do anything, it's got no forces, there's no air pressure too What is just going to float away so our atmosphere goes out thousands of miles getting ever so's thinner as it gets out there, and so it's it's not. That earth is here the atmosphere down, although it is because earth has gravity, and the gravity keeps the Miss Veer, separate from it so the vacuum respect both the air pressure out. There has no urge to go anywhere other than just staying right where it is right. Now, though, gay
So here is question from Kyle, Kyle It is the same exact time everywhere in the universe like I know you ve talked how the moon in space station and is on Houston time, because that's who they talk to but as the whole of the EU of course, within the same a unit of time, at the same time, order the vast expansion of the universe do something funky with that the I mean different, The universe are moving at different rates in time. Has some relative aspects to it? For example, the g yes, satellites, yeah, the clocks on them take at a different rate than clocks on earth because when you move far away from the gravity from a source of gravity, your time speeds up. So the clocks. The gps satellites are not taking at the rate there of the clocks. That Erin forming down here on with the military, put a correction into the clock time you get
the GPS satellite so that it matches the time we need. To have here on the earth's surface? So so, if you're in motion, if your near a gravity source or far from one, your clock is too in a slightly different time from everybody else's? What, then, what time is it on Jupiter? While so go to Jupiter. As I said, oh mother use, you set up a time system. So the way you want to answer that in an interesting ways here, take two identical clocks: why on earth and one on Jupiter and watch what happens they want to do but it will take slower than the one on earth really because of Jupiters gravitational field slows down the The clock so is so one way to live forever is to go to Jupiter and sit there. Now you just live longer than you. What on earth right may not forever sorry longer YO, YO suffocate and and die from pressure? You bring a jar ignoring that computation. Yes, you gotta Jupiter, look slightly longer than you. What here on earth, how much longer? Actually your life is a hundred years
minutes or year. Yeah known minutes, That's really not worth a sorry! I got up that it really. You lived for many years in ten minutes of its sooner network. Does it it's meant off the top of my head. I think it's two minutes fear. There are eight years, the questioner. I ready from Kabul, Afghanistan and my question is: we know the speed of light. Do we know the speed of dark and what is dark ok, so philosopher, resigned. Batman. Philosophers like asking questions such as that the problem is, if you line the verbs announces that it makes something, it sounds like a questionnaire doesn't mean that is an actual legitimate. Innovation is like saying what flame or cheese? Is the moon made of right as required?
it's a pleasure to link is illiterate. What are you going to spark a warrant afghan say? So what is the speed of dark? If dark is the absence of light? Dark has no speed and also that there is an answer is zero, while the moon is not Bree itself. So, just because we have a word for something that is the absence of light doesn't mean that of life is a thing or two then asked questions about raised a point. Physically
Philosophers go. You know what is the sound of one hand? Clapping wait availed of its doing it. Well still like this. You got here tonight is literally one and clapping and wondering about wrapping itself yap. Yes, then, that's their naturally backdoor answer to that. So so dark has no speed because did in fact does not exist as an entity. What we call dark is the absence of near. We are start talk cosmic, whereas it is and will be right back see before you I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and sub Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free,
You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here. Another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying, green space and sat down to earth you're listening to start start: talk: radio, Cosmic wearies addition mutation here, Eugene their Eugene, comedian. Extraordinary always great to have your start are always one. We're. We're cosmic worries addition grab bag gratitude,
had more about dark. Oh yeah, yeah somebody s from different kabuki have landed Zambia. What's the speed of dark the speed of dark by the way nitrate mental banned in Afghanistan, where there are very few city, lights, United, gets really dark so interesting that someone from Afghanistan is asking about dark and known for New York City whatever ask about Bulgaria, because they don't experience the little scenario nighttime a dark. So there's an interesting question. Kid sometimes ask that you can pose the question when you turn on the light. How do you know that light comes out of the Bob? rather than darkness leaves the room and enters the bald. Yes, is there an expert? I regret that you can conduct and the answer is yes, you can put up a thing in the middle of the room and detect light hearing one sided at that object and you will not detect any. Else going back towards the light bulb? dark was a thing that had a bead you be able you'd measure you'll be able to measure it right
actually- and this is that this is one of the hallmarks of science that is under appreciated in science. We measure stuff, yes, and when you measure it you can tag and bag. You can it's why you know that the universe is probably not five thousand years. Alexa expect for can't prove it, but you ve measured that its unlike later when Austria, ok, there's no monetary from grander offer from Norway, let suppose you entirely questions from yeah. I feel like. We know that Europe and listens. Ok, let's do it, As you encounter an alien race, it looks like a three meter tall gummy bear it has, discernible anatomy parts, but you don't have any idea of what what does what it makes sound? But of course you don't understand anything you're, not sure it has eyes? You're, not sure it has ears you're, not sure. If you touch it, he would you. Would you do
that's a guy that definitely a guy you you're, not sure of it would react, overreacting, disintegrate you with a phaser or It would be just toxic and make you make you die instantly, but you know that it is intelligent, and he understand that at least college. He understands that leave college level. Mathematics with its chemistry and in general, has a good background and sciences how it proceed taken in order to communicate with it. So would you say if there's a see now that the question is what would you
three major target. We bear that's, intelligent and studied our earth. Science was three mayors. Tom is at three metres Tarja three metres, so that's bigger than us at all. Human is two meters yeah he's they give you touch it, it might hurt you which you would instantly already. Is writing so you I wouldn't go further appendages plus you know if it extended something to shake your head. You don't even know what part of its anatomy your touch, but did not gummy bear, which actually is we keep, isn't real I'll, just say ape like a bear. It looks like a dummy. Bear doesn't mean it. These are gonna bear, but, but it does have eggs, arms, torso and ahead? I guess it would, but you don't know what the torso does versus the head. So you don't go even go there, so what I would do is, I would take the vocabulary of the universe by the way. Even if I didn't know. AIDS and his Astro NATO Fas Agency got easy. Just said he had a pretty good student made of iii b plus. I would not have to know that he is. He gummy bear I wouldn't have to know that I would know if he arrived here in a spaceship, the
who knows physics so outset of certain ex demos, you get a budget servitude, put a dummy into space and send them here in a vague idea and that there will be a guide. I have no idea really. I just walked into the bright light on the Heavens soup I brought from my world. Think about tat broke off famously said I was attacked. I think, was Tom Broker in I've. Been news anchor for. Third, you might hold my whole career. Still don't know how a tv works and most people don't you How to stuff works or be unfortunate if they sent you know, who can explain it couldn't so what was about rise by our old and capital rate is so if they got hit the dude I would submit some physics right, so I would take us simple physics. Experiment, like you know the swinging ball, the environment. I take some time. Sure they knew what that was an you'd start to build a science vocabulary, because that is the only thing that has not. Only international on earth is intergalactic right and I dont know, starts B
French. You know star. Ask him, let it get. You start understanding signed you math understanding, science and throwing up start your. Things are you throw up and loud sounds of site you? So I would. I would start building a vocabulary of scientific methods and tools that way we have a commonplace to start and a new increment. Your way from there that's what anyone even on a speed date right you, aren't you wouldn't decides whether you do a science example at a speed, Dave, from Gwendolyn Gwendolyn wants Is it possible to use quantum teleportation to explore inside a black hole since a teleport particle? Is not a light particle, it does not have to obey, therefore, Would it be possible to send a particle in a black hole and get that from it? Oh, no, black!
Please don't distinguish matter from energy. You want to go into a black hole. Well, so what happens? If you are a helmet few, so a black hole. You want to go in and then come back out again. Hawking radiation allows this. All the particles that enter a black hole will come. Eventually, as the black hole evaporates we're talking radiation so that's a really slow way to find out what the inside of a black hole was doing by David. You go lack of weight and doesn't years and come out and be alive and fine. Now, because your particles will go in one by one and will come out one by one, you than to reassemble who and what you were as well as your brain and your memory, we don't have a power yet not yet so I'm just briefly. Hawking radiation is particles get spontaneously created in the gravity field outside the black hole at their particle pairs. One falls back in the other escapes all
articles eight escape is the same inventory as the particle they did it at Eton over its entire life is an awesome fact of the universe. You listen cosmic queries start talk, will be right back Harding, longest rating. Unlocking the secrets of your world everything orbiting around it. This Rebecca STAR Talk, radio square came from stand for Quays radio sources net from Twitter?
start our radio from Google plan yeah yeah somebody's emailed facebook. So given to me, I've noticed from Australia and haven't seen any of them know beyond this one's from Australia from Dave Wilkie. So I don't have an answer out yet not the one who created opportunities or force We will use requests from Australia. Would you able to explain the differences between black holes, supermassive black holes, quays hours, why holes I'm very interested in this subject, but any information I find is vague and sometimes contradicts previous in the nineteen Seventys the black hole. Formulate then told us what a black hole is and how it works. It was discovered had a second solution to it and Second solution was the mathematical opposite of the solution that described the black hawk, so black hole, nothing comes out. Anything always goes in the Whitehall. Everything. Ok, here comes out, and so people wondered. Could a black hole be connected to a Whitehall
yeah through a worm, hole in the fabric of space. I think you're, just driving zebras, so anything that goes into a black hole within come out of Whitehall and if that were the case, a white who would be highly radiant thing yet and if it is, what are these radiant things at the edge of the universe? Their quasar could a white I'll, be a quasar, so we made them. We mapped out what a vital should look like. We look at what Quasar, it'll natural to have no evidence for white horse away hose may not exist, they likely don't exist. And if they deserve our full of stuff, that would be awesome that there would be so also be energy just pouring out of nowhere pouring out of nowhere exactly that with an eye so quiet our current model for Quasar, which is stable, and we all sort of agree what's going on here, is that there is a black hole in the centre of a galaxy and it is dining upon material that comes to close any act of dining upon it. Swirling down toilet bowl style heats up the star the gas and everything else in it radiates profusely. That is what we call a cab,
is our phenomenon and Quasar Stand for quays. I stellar radio sources will lose acronym for that, because the energy coming from such a tiny spot on the sky, because its the volume of a black hole in the centre of a galaxy, and it is they call it quays. I stellar could stars are points of light. These are points of light, even that have nothing to do with Sars themselves, their supermassive black, was dining upon matter that came to close and black holes white hairs, white holes, Quasar night so here is a question the from J Resources and energy. Would we be able to move the sun?
If so, how would we come along for the ride? This is how diabolical evil people word or gases is like I building a machine. I dont think I haven't of copper or you see it. Would we go along with it? If we did, I just wonder why one would want to do this, but if you move the sun, yes, that would be too hard. I guess the plan would come along, but you would disturb their orbits briefly lay three. Cattle, but in a slightly disturbed when you so in other words, we're orbiting where the sun is right. Now, who now you move the sun? Yet we still orbit where the sun was for eight minutes and twenty seconds is that's how long it takes gravity to reach us, then we figure out oldest son, is now in a different place yet orbit. No one applies to the sun in a new place, so there s a throbbing. So then we say well gotta find a new orbit, it's all the planet's have to find new orbits. If you're gonna stop
accelerating the site would, if that is, the sun is already moving in orbit around the galaxy with all the planets and com. It's a moon and PLUTO in tow. We are already a moving system and in fact, if you plotted this through space, the sun would make a sort of a straight line and all the planet's would stay around the sun as they move forward, and you get this helical beautifully artistic spiral. Citizen is already moving. We don't need to push it needed. A push that energy. Would it take to push the sun without blowing it up? I would want to put in the sun's worth of set aside is four times centre, the thirty three grams. So do you do the math episode for the thirty forty rams rapidly enough, anneal enough rapid, to find. How did we can push a gas, so you have to Figure out, how did you need a giant hand? We re the sense complicated, one minute left in those years and what action from Michael? If haughty arises? Why is the term
sure at the height that aeroplanes, why so cold solid question, no eyes question. While the sun does in heat the air, the sun heats the ground. Basically that's how that works, and so it is a little time delay the heat on the ground, then heat. Air and that's why the hottest time of day is not twelve noon? It's a couple hours later. It takes time for the ground. Three thirty, the ETA can be as late as in Texas for clock, depending on where you are timezone, and so that can happen also delays the hottest months of the year from what otherwise be in June. To be in July and August June. Has most direct, sunlight, outstanding, yes, but otherwise its delay so so these are the effects of what happens when the sun is heating they are doesn't rise enough. Why do gets when we come you'll find out why it's cold in aeroplanes
cosmic queries. Addition carried by nine. The future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal star die we, the worst segment of cosmic queries, start arc grab bag edition. You have also has the great question: how can we cooler up in the sky in the atmosphere we airplanes fly? Potty arises the reason why haughty arises because its less dense then the around it,
The only reason why they rise is so as it rises. It is looking for air has the same density as it. Where does it Then, where is a find it could find it at any cut any altitude, but while that's happening that pocket of area Expanding and cooling so there's no such thing as a free lunch here and this hot air experience does rise up and that gives you thunder heads right, thunderclouds are hot unable air and you look at the clouds and stop action. You see, the top of the cloud
Roy allowing as it rises up and if this happens in a big way you get Cumuli Nimbus Clouds in rainstorms and even hale, so but it'll reach the point where equal and that point has not as high as where planes why fleet planes lie high are in the lightning round, lightning round Guerin. I take too long to answer all the questions we gonna pull us through this list. The applicant Good Zizi question: if the multi, whereas theory is true, is it possible to travel to other universes? How would it be possible for us to exist in those universes if they have different laws of his ok? It may be possible to travel to another universe, but I would not be the volunteer to do so. If it has different laws of physics you, you could end up in a pile of grew, because the forces that guide and country your molecules and atoms if their different, you don't want to be the want to go, see avoided, go the second need, even if you could go to that universe, send somebody else merit. Are there any plan
rockets that are close to being ready to go to Mars. What is the timeframe? How do they work? That's these. Isn't it true tell me how to build one? So that's my lightning round question. Yes, we do have plasma rockets there I am drives and they are not good for a sort of launching. Things are good for slowly changing the direction and the good for very long trips. Yet or if you can assent cargo to Mars, and you don't, you can take years to get it there hi shelf life product go ahead, but if you can move people, Dr, is not a good option for people at this point. Would you ever tasted and slow to move you? Would you ok, you're, ok, use it on earth. No, not now make a great if we could make to build a spaceship, they could accelerate at a constant one g. Could we leverage I'm dilation to reach the nearest galaxy within the lifetime of human on the spaceship nearest Galaxy. No, but you can definitely
if you could accelerate one gene and that way you can walk around anticipations, though you're on earth, because you never wondered g acceleration. That would be cool yet no bone marrow, not no bone mass loss or anything all these problems year about being in zero g, we can go ahead and do that I go to the nearest stars and come back and yes time. Dilation yields eventually reach near the speed of light time. Dilation will allow you to not age very much, but people on earth will continue. Agent, when you come back, everyone will have forgotten about you. Ok, it's my understand a black hole will just vanished and disappear and at the end of its life, if that is so, and equals embassy squared what happens to the energy of all the particles, the black hole is consumed, so These things are free lunch, so all the energy, the stuff that fell in Fucking radiation are all comes back out again and you leave nothing left behind great, not even the smile black hole. Next, so Gay Alex the next a gouty, several several hundred thousand thousands of late years across how
we know, what a galaxy actually looks like if we are not seeing the same time from the galaxy from the entire got soft gray point. So the point is: if our guy she's a hundred thousand like years across Europe and you're on one edge, you don't see the whole galaxy it wants. You see the nearby stuff as it was yesterday, MR farther ways it was a week ago, stuff, at the other end the galaxy as it was a hundred thousand like yours, has an ears about you not seeing the whole thing at once. So the best way to do it as a come above it and then everything the like to you at once and we have galaxies out there that are face onto us. We see them all at once in the galaxy is not do a nasty things over the hundred thousand layers. That tax policy live for billions of years. I'm going to do anything really drastic and two thousand years what will a building the square kilometers erect yeah, allow us to see in space, so what
One is huge, huge telescopes to make big buckets to see, get more light of any kind. Radio waves, microwaves x rays, the one in an actual physics, bigger, is better Hulu period, the ice the square kilometre re sees it sees radio waves and and and microwave, and you will look into the universe, seeing things dimmer than you could have ever seen before, because this will be the bigger let's go, then we ve ever made before. So what will see is a lot more. What do I say it's because you can see things that a bright or you can see dim things that you would never would would not have even otherwise shown up, ran right and so that with the little girl we lose it to see the movie grownups too. So you see it to two seats stuff. You could not have seen before one excluding sides, a distance from the sun does Venus. Have
or in common with the gas giants, then the terrestrial plan Venus is like our twin. It is about the same size, the same gravity, this nearly the same composition, except that is nine. Degrees Fahrenheit, and we are not as a runaway greenhouse effect carbon dioxide atmosphere that nearly a hundred times the pressure of what you have here on earth. If you go there, you will die but is otherwise a twin to earth Pro appropriately called earth twin, sister planet there you have it, we gotta go
Eugene by thanks again Virginia the garter? Yes, cosmic queries addition or I grab bag. I merely grass taste in your personal astrophysicist. As always, I beg you farewell, which means I say to you to keep looking eyes like Galileo job the organs which you can listen to. Startle commercial free joint start talking, Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio
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