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Cosmic Queries – ALIENS! with Jake Roper

2020-01-13 | 🔗

Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice explore aliens in film with YouTuber Jake Roper including E.T., Men in Black, The Blob, The Thing, War of the Worlds, WALL-E, Contact, Arrival, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and more.

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Skip the commercials support star, talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide dartle begin right now this is start talk Mccleary's edition, Neil people, love them cousin clearly do I have a lot of inquiring. My good thought. That's a good. That is a good thing was actually in cosmic, whereas we bring in other people with the experts, and I just get to say, listen, I learned to himself there you have it the who knew you were still capable of learning. So what kind of what the man who knows everything you know everything, ok, very well. Ok. Today's subject aliens in film in tv ah subject: that is a big
subject huge subject for something for which there is no data earlier, but not on my own, what about aliens with? But the people out there were more alien fluent than I right before we get to our alien fluency Do you believe in aliens? It's not about a believed it did not. Do you believe that we are alone in the universe is now? Is that one of the questions now I just ask Asking you personal get, it would be inexcusably egocentric for anyone to suggest that we honor alone in the universe. Given How old the universe is. The prevalence of the chemistry, the manifest, in life We see that biochemistry that organic chemistry all across the universe. And how long it took life to shore up under the pretty quick
but a hundred million yourselves I want I want soybean- has as a man of theirs. And of the universe. So it would be a start. If we were alone. Ok, that's all I'm saying right very diplomatically, placed without actually saying yes or no. I know exactly what you mean, so it's great. This will give us a grant s arm, given our right about what we have. What we have here, yes, is the one and only Jake Robert Jake. I guess you you resume here hosts of these three sides channel on Youtube Visa. Could you guess that he's gotta, you two pillar only a different, ok and because the Youtube Series could you survive the movies. That is a brilliant concept. Pudding. We'll see what goes on in the movies right right. There is a brilliant concept, and so you just never leave home any watch movies all the time. What do you do? I study this in school.
Whatever is yes, I do. My job is to watch movies online, explore them scientific. This is Charles out as well. What a great you to tell me tat, you do things you to watch movies. I know why dont tell me: how did you get my son that John who says he's he's actually doing it for free so because requires resources, questions from our audience, you ve been primed on this subject, that's right! So they come in and they know you, but many them. If not most are fans of yours. So can we do this in a star talk, we asked the losing. Let's do it jack? What our right! Well. Can I start with my own personal question for you It is our way out before you ask him: if it's ok, Marcia,
You got me off guard man right up. You have my permission. Thanks to the first question facing data. These then, are the people who actually right. So I just wanna know in your estimation, what is the easiest movie to survive. The easiest way to survive. Physically, yet I would say of what version of Alien, any oiling the aliens? Easiest wonder, survive to be eaten. Also, So here I would say eighty doesn't really immediate above my head, but then you do have the whole thing and whirling away the quarantine and who knows what bacteria or viruses Now you ve gotta be interesting thing. You have this foreign. Creature here on earth right. We don't know we had? No, I don't know but it is susceptible to where we were susceptible to from it.
Sorry is ended of Araby, but in reality, when the kids get him back to the ship, what they do show you is five weeks later, when they all have these horrible growth, the size of their faces an but he's already go any movie and exact there. Then they cannot see what other kids have world human lives and ass. I ever ever to reflections on I'll get one I've heads This Spielberg in that chair over there in my office. Tell me ok upon being asked something related that e t, what he imagined Ici as a vegetable and not as an animal. Oh Keesar, science based life plant based life. That's ok! which is how he would have that relationship at the plants remembered yes. What matters now is that when we blew mariah- and so that was imagined, but since is walking, talking in his eyeballs and shoulders you'd be with the net.
Are, we to think of them is as living right. Animal lantern rather than plant landline judgment resisting the second point: while there is a risk The second point is really Olga has to use it when you're Sources- Stevenson, that is the ultimate cocktail parties mapped out. I don't know if you know this, but e t is actually a plant living peace life here. What do you get that from Stephen gives gives I've. Had people come to music, what what Wikipedia You get that information from other jacket. Calculations eyes. I can't. Related somebody actually free information that goes on looking right. Having one of those be right, ok, so called math, Croquant Matthew what we keep pace. Did you get that around a man? What at the brain? What what? What rapier, also
you can ask: what are the chances? We would catch an eighteen disease, he comes to. Her was the chance of ammunition and here's the problem, the kind of diseases we think about a know about tend to be very specific to the life forms like think about it, so Oak tree is not gonna. Get whooping cough. Correct, just like there are certain viruses that you know that will not will not be the transmitter trans species, our prosperity they have to mutate diameter, never had one of the best hell. The idea that a alien from another planet, is has something that contagious to us is Count is cut. A low rate goes up The things that a contagious to other life ones on earth with whom we have dna comments are not contagious to us. That's all I'm saying is still we are to be cautious, just as you said I get to the queries now and even worse. We always start with a patriotic patron because they support yeah well loved them for it. This is a
J B from patriarch is is a high level and Jake. This is Jessica from Arizona and two thousand five: the movie war of the worlds starring Tom Cruise, these machines, driven by alien start eviscerated people with white laser beams, effectively turning them into ash. Would it be possible to harness light this way into a kind of super laser. If so, where would you go to stay safe, what's with good reason, defence again defence against? Yes, oh Jake, yeah Jake, so just to clarify the rising the weapon that the more the resilience use could be possible, Well, she saying, yes, is it possible to use light in this manner, so that is a different way of saying. Is that weapon possible? In that way? You could you could fight with a wet
equivalent to what they're, using perhaps ok or you could defend against it. All this is funny because we just spoke Travel the Heavens, Namibia, I give you a second using a ten year old is forget, it had ever seen and I don't care go. Hopefully they deserve a region where the world from back today, when you were a kid new anyone exactly so the way It is worthy of feed them is by. When I was a human virus. I'm ill and they all just die right. So he's gonna goes back to the easy conversation where we actually other this country. A better kills them we're where are you, yet we also having just as existing and that's kind of, though par for the course for humans anyway. So I would say it is possible. You cannot Harness lights, is that what their harnessing
we don't really know you could generate enough energy where you could just completely eviscerate a person. I mean that's possible. True. But if it's just a matter of energy right, lighter the form of energy laser beams are kind of cooler than other forms of it, but it just energy so bow and arrow is putting energy here taking energy over here and putting it over there were a lasers, got any Julia, put it over there right up a boy. I got you over here, it's in the gun powder and now the energies. So if you can abstracted Jim. To just say what are the ways you can have any you're here and put it over there and you have more energy than they have this kind of what that comes down to right. But I wonder maiden, I guess what do you think the question was? What is it? to turn them into a pile of ash while giving. Maybe that was the question, so less one thinking renown
in that regard, I needed would have to be whatever this beam is as it is, energy mean. Have. You covers the entirety of the persons body for all of them to instantaneously turned ash right You're welcome the whole everyone's, namely that a bullet When an impasse don't blow your whole entire airlines or will do so I guess would be so. Every school, I heat so hot then I would immediately vapor all of the moisture in your by later a completely drew out to such a degree that you are just dust afterwards. Absolutely yeah. But you know making important point because his heart to burn something that has a lot of liquid it right the victim. Got a first get with liquid and then you can burn what's left right, so you tore by ash fuel parliament asked did your blood had to evaporate in some way
before you even get to the earth. So so the east contain instantaneity there nice it's in it is now. How did the east tenacity sounds like a great, a great Quaker, Odin Commercial Hunt up, tonight, incidentally, it did Delicious has so so wire enough energy to instantly take your blood to a rolling boil and then evaporate memory, get rid of all the liquid and then and then consume the rest of the material. That seems to me a hand to take a little longer than how long it took in the movie right, because the other thing to is, if you're talking about their kind of energy, it only did that to the person the bees Didn't as it continue it didn't like shoe calls into the ground you didn't take our building right or oil. Plant life lie behind or currently the people so array,
some areas a tune to human chemistry them. Well, that's a good there I say you think about this stuff is very evident tat all day, long. Ok, because this ok, I got so the military and large municipalities have It's called non lethal weaponry. Ok, and the taser is an example of one bright, but another one. Is this truck that roles around with this huge me says microwave away into a crowd, and like anger burn you feel like you're skin is burning, so you want to get out of that being an basin. The aim is for the focused points wherever people are gathering. And get I'm getting the most ornery snake and dispersed the Crampton to disperse the craft. So because only by microwaves is water, responds to microwave, which is why your plate doesn't get hot, but your food does. In the microwave ovens. So if you have one of these weapons that targets
human molecules, then you, have a beam, the sort of wide enough to just enclose, you re there could visit could vaporize you, but not the stuff behind you. All right, excellent right now you how you what you think of that. I mean I think that that sounds. Because they do have those things over microwave weapons that you're talking about I mean I remember. Reading article years ago about how the UK to stop from loitering stores stores could play. Frequency that's all the agents could hear his master had those hares, and rightly so here the frequency and forgotten, but I'm going to them I also just don't even hear it, and so we can show that he was right where we are with tee swiftly, but we want it always ends here. That's great! I well that's a great question gave Jessica that was really cool. For another one
Here we go. Yes, sir. This is Chauvelin suit, Chauvelin, three bastard, three of us? Yes, survive three bastard. She rushed see rust so also giving you on The first is on. Love. I regard, as you said, Doktor Thyssen. Do you think, an organisation such as am I be, were men and black can be, stably secretly if the government fines aliens, I'm also really eager to know what changes. Will you and Jake what you and Jake like to make in the movies, so they are more bound to reality, wooed backup over your encouraging science, education, so Jake it can Emma baby real. Would it would it be real fast? Is it real? Second, would
what the government do it if, in fact we were sort of shielding aliens, but what you're? I would say: yes I mean I don't know. I mean everything right now, just hypothetical, but I would assume that yes, there Train organisation would be as cool and sexy has met a black. Probably now Here's! What I want to know from both of you do you think the government, the site, If the community, especially with shield the, but from the knowledge that we are not alone, I wanna ask Jake about ok, I am, I think this is a tough one, because we are hunting for life. They're in the universe, by this? We are actually doing when we go to Mars when we are trying to get Europe always of emissions is kind of the point, but that is a different, kind of life there I think what most people assume life to be
we think of life as fifteen human beings. I can walk round move around, have conversations thing for themselves, not micro organisms, so when it comes to that level of I assume an alien. Is this living breathing thing that can move around and shake my hand that kind of assumed that the government, if it did were happening now they would hide from us as a kind of this the destructive fought, I just want information to know soaked with am I being kind of secret keepers. To an agreed not ignore. As cool ass a I. I think we have a fancy alien weapons like full cars over Donnelly's, actually giving birth to aliens on the lake rumours layer whatever by right. The way I do aliens
aliens exercising languages other than the man in Black one of the aliens was. He was like a bug life right I mean he was roaches, so All of them were fully manifest. But as human humanoid forms, I'm here? I'm annoyed, but he was still made a bugs or were What would you have me? I haven't made a sort of yours I have. Strong theory that if we go to the deep ocean that autumn is alien. It looks so foreign from what we experience here in our world of on land. That is so different like tat could be aliens. Probably no actual is unfolding of environment gap. Here. Ok, I'm gonna say no, but I'll live as they now they're, not altering testable. You look a bit like the dna of overlapping DNA, but otherwise is funded. Think about exactly biotic great overcome back more with J.
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Aliens in the movies and tv subject is because the universe yourself do. You know whether promptly and I got a drink robber on, thank God that Jake we're gonna write, cause he's these. He thinks about this stuff, all the time professional from national somebody pays. Let me take his your parents to be so proud of you value, Jane what America is. What are we? Somebody had a cocktail party. So, what's your Sunday, my son talks about aliens on you too, and they pay. Let any bought my heart, my son, who does not play basketball boy. My youtube rob I loved all right. So what were you gonna be excluded that it s question liberate, let's keep going. This is Jason
Jason, Baldridge Jason says hey, what's up guys? What's yours, meals and Jake's, favorite fictional alien movie, game and why nice, causing as a good, what I got one day, check this out with you. You know on this. I don't think so. You too, you got some my favorite movie earlier and it's gonna, be very. Pedestrian because you're gonna say is just there is the it's the oldest trope ever. Don't tell me what I will say about. You are alien, ok, you're, right, you're, right about that right, right, the alien, the area in the end, the moving in alleviating earlier. That is my dad is amazing. First of all its super, an intelligent, ok. Secondly, we
No. What motivates this thing? It kills everything, but why why delegate? Third, it loves to find Why are you so hungry brow? The third is gonna mouth in mouth amazing. What does that tiny little mouth for? Why now? I didn't know you felt this wait. A minute you cut, it believes said, This thing is whoever thought, this alien, I'm telling you they put a little bit of time, and that's all I'm saying scurries wanted escape rate down all. Why not for the house, where you didn't write and by the way look at its transformation? Is it goes in you as well? those were the house a little grab monster, actually grabs about a face.
The baby alien in you, and then it comes out as the oil slick man. If they have had enough time to think now. Are you so do surrounded by church sure to raise those that was raised a good model I mean ok, so alien is better than wearing an alien have some of the ship and the first one was made of alien but actually similar vein. To believe I I don't think the alien as a parasite, by the whole tire way that injustice browser is parasitic relationship. So with that mind, the thing is my favorite alien The movie the thing but the same wording is the thing like the blob. What's the matter the faint but don't get any of you, I'm with them, cause them I am Sir
then, when I asked the sailor s them his answer me how they fit our eye so back on track. I come up against the thing: is a will. There really was which one is was popular? Is this nineteen eighty movie with car rustled right by John Carpenter and thing. Is this organism that the shape I sighed out over the hostess. I didn't realize that that was I would I was watching, but it's a shapes and you don't know who it is because it can be anything and then at one point it became the dog or something like that right, Ok, I saw that movie. They can take any form, certainly that is one is, it really is a parasite a parasite, an unjust, its upon what you have things: a visual wasp here on earth right, which is more than one zero. More valium were in practice the cockroach. Basically the larvae bursts out. It becomes a full. I was flies win, but the thing I learned
He's a principle. Could underwear does the first? It took the box, The form of Is it aware that has not human origin? I think that its human. But it has something else controlling it's mine. Has anyone else, conundrum, Andrew in the mirror, miracle do you human right right yeah? so so you like the fact that you could be infested with this parasite or occupy I'd buy this parasites and still think you are you, but just going about your life, but really you're, just a puppet of a galactic parasite. And you have no idea. Potentially the people around. You have no idea that you are no longer you right right. That's pretty good. I think that's pretty spooky. He with like traditional aliens are an alien. You knows, namely ok. You're terrifying you know you're, not a friendly, but if it was just Neil, why are you doing
all his time he's been this parasitic alien, very fine. What's the difference between them and invasion of the body? Snatchers, fundamentally,. So there is a great question. There is a much smaller. Ok, I think, has just reminded us: Island when the restaurant, these alien creatures, the take over humans I think, in a vision measures, its motivation is much more clear. Is there to take over the planet right in the head? they just fine this crustacea from thousands of years ago and there's no reason ass to. Why is there what the purpose of his alien is daily, never expresses its intent is just vicious force. That's a good one ideal. I have a good answer than a cop out answer. Get it back. My good answer is, I think the blood is the best. Ever blob because they didn't walk it did talk. It didn't have two eyes shoulders. Mouth knows feet. Do you know?
as much as we like alien verses, predator, the predator was great right, but is still very humanoid. Yes, even the proximate height of a human, You know all of stress learners rate in his eyes. He ran the idea right to kill me if it bleeds. So I'm thinking this was the Creative Alien Hollywood has ever come up because it was not an actor and a costume tat, it was read, I gotta go back and said: yes, yes did you did did Jake? Did you know that. Completely transparent, o after eight. First person, then it was read. I can go back and sector. Yes, yes did you did they did you know that I didn't know that, though, Thou accused of the earth unstoppable
I just show my girlfriend the blood she never seen as witnessed. Why should the early ok so fresher treasure? My grasp might been Stephen Mcqueen, first movie or very early in his in his repertoire and secondly, that even going, I think, that's the most imaginative puss becomes through the grill re accustomed every hour of the air conditioning doc. Any any opening any opening on opening accuses lose its way on router that work. Yet if so, that and favoured alien, I think, is from contact. Content which only fast ass lady desert, so you mean when she was inside of that not a portal, you never see the alien. That's why it's my favorite alien, as he says, I taken on this forum to make you comfortable known. Well, that's just yes, but the you do not know what the alien looks like this exists in some way,
That is not material that does not lend itself to material presence. Right? Ok, so I've been that way and by two thousand and one and six two thousand and ten, neither those show the only neither right I like it when they don't show to the castle. That was actually brings up. I love your thoughts on this I would like to think that if we were to see an alien, we wouldn't really be able to comprehend it which is why I always think that the old school, like the the grey area in in a big head, be black eyes. Only understand things in the shape, so we can currently comprehend, but if something were not bound by our understanding, of the world look entitled even in a format. We just don't understand, have to put into a form that we do understand. No, I would I don't think so, if your open enough to what can be it's just a thing,
now. I know you have a reference for it, but it's a new thing that you make new references were so, for example, in STAR Trek. You have the junta. The border is basically a rock. Right and it's alive as a raw right that doesn't look like any alien anyone's dreamt up before, but it can move through silicates like we move through Erica's, Iraq is so it can base most of them. So I thought that was who would you agree? That was a creative attempt. Just to think outside the box, the Horta very cool, so. It is vital for the river. Renewing our questions, Do you want what makes the bluffs rate is isn't this traditional flesh and blood looks like it has legs arms kind of characters, this law Jake was form that is moves around and go through. Objects are things that we can physically that of physical being, could boy, it doesn't stop it right. It's now and not because its impervious it's just era.
Right. It is like shooting water or swam. Air raids has my vote, so we gotta be voting. Myself does not nice. So shall we move on to Ryan Rambo are, Ryan wants to know this in them. The arrival. It sends to different scientists from two different fields of study. If you had to choose to people, Who would you send into Alien spacecraft, interested Israel people in arrival, the recent arrival We surround ways, they re. I'm sorry I just got here, but isn't this a particle physics end a linguist? Ok, would you ve not Jake? Would you sent a different people in, I totally me what some people it won't. You said it other than yourself. What would you say?
I think that was also very specific thing were they they chose ably was because they knew they were some kind of communication happening needed. Someone there's who helped decipher right after the fellow who started the tuna after the fact. Who says oversight amulet around as it was her starting from that point Document. Harlem physicists, doesn't seem I want. You want some sort of biologists I think you do That's what I would have sent an extra biologists: ok, Anna Cartographer, cryptography, running right right. That makes sense. I agree with that and or I would have sent leg at theoretical mathematician. What was wrong? Why? Because I mean listen for them to get here. But had to use math sure right, Sir,
Math would be the same for us, but ass drove biologist, no mass, so we're good here, ok, working hours, so I think that businesses are so damned great. No letter arrived to remove this dramatic wage rates, wooded Astro Biologists, Anna Krypton, over the good progress no Matthew Right, Jake cryptography. Survey, of course, is my question to you Jake, How do they know that the Sceptre POD, or whatever, is called here that the We then was communicating n. The direction. They are looking rather than in his own direction, and they should then be studying the mirror image of flooding. Oh well, that's you heard about this. RO the movie. My
He's the busy manhood very glad right, he's ready what it thinks it is thinking of its own rights somebody's got. We need a mirror in their at some point, Jake what you're publicity my opinion is that the aliens are very considerate. We're they relate gonna, make it easy for you guys we traveled all his distance. We are smart enough to know that we're get a flip it forever to draw right back. How would you do with by way of aliens come up to me and he put a glass window right. I write ship battle. We have talked about writing, but here's another way- and this is my only familiar faces as much my only problem with the movie is this work? If you are smart enough for intergalactic travel, Are you going to tell me that you can't learn English A few days I'm just saying I agree, does about Robin without my problem with with with doesnt counter the third time
ok, remember that see where they figure out, where the gonna land remember that scene is the teletype give the Longitude tune latitude, wait a minute. That's ok. It's on earth. They go get a map of AIDS, these powers? But oh my gosh up in your my issue, you Jake it's our! latitude, goes from zero to ninety, who thought that up, ok and beat we zero and one in wanting to its ability to sixty parts. Ok, and the longitude is an act of politics They put the primer radiant through Greenwich, so If you were an alien- and you know our coordinators, will you come up upon her? There's no grid line Browner Linda and it's a planet made my world men. So if you come up to the earth you have two under, and our weird sex suggestible.
System for angles, and you have to the politics that put the prime meridian going down, through Greenwich you'll do damage about human culture? You just say: hey: I was half what was happening in the left. The devil's towered right at four thirty this afternoon see them bump. Now, did you tell me- spill that we will see if I wasn't there, by the way. If a man it was being attacked by aliens. What's the first thing, you would This is how I like it This is simply to underscore o five underscore. Seventy two and Thank you so much for that name by the way. If man it was being attacked by aliens. What's the first thing you would do now. This is an attack guys turnover visit. An attack was the first thing you would do. We
time- and this is where we come back in a corner- was the first thing. Jake is gonna. Do when airlines attack and start up return, hey we'd like to give a patriarch shot out to the following patriotic patrons Matthew, Iskander and Coty Stanley, guys thanks so much for your support without you, we couldn't do this, and if your listening and you'd, like your very own, patriotic shot out, go to patriarch coms last started. Radio and support us thanks. We're back to start talks segment three of cosmic wearies aliens movie with Jake Roper. That's right! Hey this good this! What he does the ad awesome, it's a great job,
really what he does us all here? Oh my goodness, someplace, so exactly sitting on a toilet right now he never mind he's never leave! This raises two funding: ok, So before we arrived here is the question I simply to underscore o fives underscore. Seventy two says this: if our planet was being attacked guys by aliens, what is that? First thing you would do not a visit Emma an. Firstly, I do is probably just relax. You know What could I do to help stave off a business shell? producing start by rail nice, merla very much, and I think that the wine and the interest here and ass, a glass of wine and chill. Yet
Instead of networks and chill alien attack, an interest I'll tell you what I would not do, which is they do in the movies you're gonna go out. I thought you were at the sky, mothership right and you think you're going to take you to write I saw you always you do so Jake you have you have you have surrendered to them correct, A third hacking, like I'm sorry, Why does my assumption was that is the ship is attacking, as if they sent ground? Troops Evergreen Lake House by House door by door to door thing. I probably fight back, but if there's just a giant mother ship blasting earth, some of the independence day that I just hang out and all clears out. I'm coming to listen to me. Listen, like you know, I'm not
like when you bought up independence day. This that really burned. My sorts was, when all the people got on top of the capital records and building to look at the to get a better, a better view of the aliens and then, of course they were all incinerated by a particle, be wiped them. Like I dont get down. What would it I don't wanna meet aliens and added that you realize independence Day, is where the world really we attach. How do we triumph over the aliens. But if I will look at that, was me I'm telling you I saw a biological virus and a sailor logical by relocate, so so I'd like Jake anyway. Keeping him around saw, put him in with his bomber. While I get him a good Bolivar, low right, get your shadow Petrus forget,
maybe at nineteen. Eighty nine would be a really good bottle. All over you I looked, I wanna and so then I like him working round and I'll go out, try to figure out how to some alien ass, a kid meal is full of it, because what you don't know Jake is that meal has many government connections- men men me government connections, the in a bunker safely security shut up. Let me ok, sharing it with a couple generals who will be consulting him should or should not be doing what he had heard people, maybe a man. I don't think he was lying when he said that he would check. I mean I don't want you didn't go. Yes, he would go with bunker bunker, fervency guys women, especially cool,
I wouldn't worry here without this is a zombie. Into ass she's a u to ban. What is the most believable depiction of aliens you ve seen in modern, safe? I couldn't west, we also must leave early. Let's go moderately defined nineteen. Eighty on we may eighties on. When I mean first in their password, I think, would be arrival. Ok, I think the way they handled it the way that the activity is whether the aliens interacting with us. I'd like to do this than the part that didn't disturb Euro. These I lead nowhere, The reason I have with most Not an issue that you enjoy them up with both alien invasion tells me Cumbers is why they always want to threats. Why isn't there immediate instinct is just kill everybody? because this has now been organization. We landed on their planet, he's back. That's what we do to each other. When we learn on each other's continents So that is why I think the we write it. That way.
Because that's what we would use, we put our own self interest, gracefully right aliens for which they were smart enough if they could travers is incredible distances with. The first action be aggression. Yeah I mean I think only of, we're food with their because otherwise do serve man right here right now, if you ve got at the Twilight Zone episode. To serve my visit. There is resource gathering lot of there, but I feel it. Arrival had a pretty in my mind, good the fish were obviously liberties with some of the size, but it felt still in this world of signs real Israelis. They were trying to obtain them. And I really appreciate that what about caters still. The reason I knew your father is either well either I mean there is the robot in the first one that wasn't really the alien right did something else,
controlled something else. So I could you try. Oh I got it. I got you here. Ok in that same vein, I wanna go back to contact. Because he knows that I thought that was an authentic presentation of how we as a society would react to the knowledge that there is an intelligent species out there, They are still as even if even more so, because it is a bit is a non biological life form like, I think our first brave enough as the screenwriter, whereas this We tell her. You would put some of those authentic reactions in it as agreed, did. With arrival see, I think we so the data are still as even if even more so, because it is, it is a non biological life form like, I think, our first contact if we send something out It's not going to be a human being, whatever sensible
out there like tat, would be so that would be to encounter the inference from the opposite. When trying to express here we go. This is West Miller would you rather alien be far more intelligent than humans or far less intelligence, and then humans Here's the thing, if visited us clearly more and more intelligent, yeah that's what I'm trying to say is resuming aliens. Are these life form style features Edward? I find them here when you really coming to find us. Scylla, Geiger stages intrinsically, would be more intelligent, but then I guess I'm just being been pedantic believe what is intelligence? Do they don't know more than us certain things. But I'm sure the wheel.
Vertical of information, and we are much well versed in the mayor Jake. If they got here in a spaceship across the galactic space, they know more about everything that we ve ever known about anything. That's probably the case. Less up, what are they gonna know about delicious? I tacos and nachos neo. They know that they will. Once they take over the earth what does there like? What was the movie wily while he was and they were escaping a planet put on a ship was run by an ally that took care of their every me and they just became I'm fannys floating around on chairs right, they may arrive someplace you just ruined our home town fairies ride, not share, but then, instead of trying to wait until their planet was healed, it just takes them on an intergalactic mission. So here a p
living in this inclosed society for all these, like that, could be misled. If you wanted it, then they get some place which is earth they find us and what we end up seeing is incredible tat now with a budget, dumb fairies fly around there's less than a rose, I will go back to eat you, though, as a consideration were easy, was able to get to earth yet. Don't even know what reason pieces were what an ear really. I'll get it. I never arrive can we go run assurance as you can get a couple in her out of here? This is, Proper hunch on too long says this. If we ever content an alien species. Is there a first contact protocol? Eighty, life, first contact protocol,
I don't have three years, but if there was one, what would you wanted to be? Ah, I mean I you know I like environment. This wish him we stopped Jaif. Well, Jane book I always assumed, because you have a light. Colored rate was ready to go by information, unless we can figure out tat, yeah, there's a speed limit to how fast information travel travel, certainly moved backwards in time far enough away to send this message by this memorable saluting back were presented. Is probably one, so I never really fun at the idea of what would we say there has to be a protocol Why aren't you would send a radio signal if we were communicated way, but if you just showed up you said you'd do sending diplomats you send, let's hope not
I said like ice said Paul Rudd, everyone likes power. Excellent likeable Paypal, every good we have you send likeable human there. That's your best as you go, let's send a delightful poem. Well, who is a brilliant like it, send the most friendly among us Ray and if they think he's people in some way, then the we're in trouble? But if we all right and they killed all right- my windows open to further humanity, we're done Rica documents requested last one last one: ok, here we go
I'd have to tighten and Mr Roper look about this. This is u gotTA, MR out of it. This isn't, alas, Elias from London, and I wanted to ask your thoughts on aliens like replicators from the star gate, serious series robots. Can it themselves using available resources one every planet? Do you believe this is the most probable form of alien life that we will ever encounter? Well, what does love what economic wasted and real good guess what we have on it? This phrase, when can I shot mentioned earlier, that it see more reasonable. That if we were to get a first contact moment of would be with some sort of machine, some sort, non or inorganic built thing and then also when it comes to replicating that this the whole idea that the singularity railways love or does it ass, though I were you able to create, and I like a machine that his servants and no longer needs you to create the greatest Oliver.
So you think there could be a very real possibility. Is I'm still stuck on a brilliant idea that truck had discharge is a brilliant. Attractive. Smart humbled. which is a would be some sort of robotic creature without it, the first contact travel, Thanks, complemented? You did yesterday ways from Sunday and found them. Then I'm gonna use every day I can so. I want to. I just put some emphasis on there. Ok, so that the firmly paradox which is how can the aliens haven't been here, but why would we expect that to happen? Because I've time of the universe. They would have colonise the planet in the galaxy or how do you do so far that well, if you send a robot tat can duplicate itself, then it goes to
planet and then it makes two of itself and then they go to two planets and they make to themselves. They were for planets and then eight and then sixteen it doesn't it Many doubling times. To have a robot on every single habitable planet in the galaxy. That too will take much less time than the amount of time to go. She has been around so either you bring humans there and Jubal themselves. We bring robot, but there would have been some evidence if they really were of a call? easing species right, so so that this idea that you can duplicate yourself. That's really the only real estate aliases values they most wheel is the most realistic work, fantastic on as we speak, was in the United States, because England sent a colony that spoke English writer We went to the moon, not England. Right ok
England sent the colony that then went to the moon right so that you want to think about what what you actually put into motion right and so yeah yeah. That's good goods man when think about the Jake love you man, that was fun Jake thank you- got some voices gray. We gotta do this week. We will we we'll get your ass back on here to major still too hastily, I'm just a major. Well, you workers, there's three movies. No now only one may have an agreement on how we can ensure that all know what happened the youngest unhappy. I should only be a first. What was I going over analyzed matrix? Ok, ok, I've, I've seen em, it's how you see the matrix Many do not get me to cover their till. I see this as negative, not enough. Ok, right, major city is the question: are you on this
virus. I Jake, we can't we gotta go across their chuck. Thanks would be an eye ways of pleasure. Jake will find you again. I don't know what you're hiding bubbling all this is starter, cosmic wearies aliens addition I'm here the other s eyes and as always, bidding you looking up wish, should listen to start commercial, free, joint stock talk on Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com, slap star, talk, radio,
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