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Cosmic Queries – Bioethics

2019-06-28 | 🔗

Neil deGrasse Tyson, comic co-host Paul Mecurio, and NYU bioethicist and philosopher Matthew Liao answer fan-submitted questions on artificial intelligence, the moralities of science, CRISPR, “designer babies,” the ethical limits of experimentation, vaccinations, and more.

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Skip. The commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. From the American Museum of Natural history in New York, city and beaming all is based and start with science welcome to startle I'm your host Neil Degrasse, your personal astrophysicist, we gotta cosmic queries Edition of STAR Talk, the subject: Bio ethics. My co host Polisario, Paul nice to see you back. Do thanks. Family based will make some time first before warming up Stephen Colbert naughty. Let's see you're right down
three, the area which is up the street from your area provide a limo which is now doing now. Now: you're, not a bio ethicist. Neither am I now have no. We might have thoughts on the matter. Yes right right Today I wake up in what is going on at the green bioethical. We were back into our rolodex. And re invited Professor Matthew LEO Matthew. Welcome back to start talk. Thank you. So we last had you on stage, live in front of an audience at New York COMECON, and we had Adam Savage with this issue as well: retarget, human augmentation and whether that would be. Bio, ethical and in doing so I'll carry you. Remember that those my birthday. I wait. I we May. I say that I forget it for three thousand people Sunday, they all daddy, is written on the programme.
That was required. So welcome back and a good to have you. You are director of the Bio Ethics programme. The centre for bad. They said, and my u at and myself from my ethics and New York University right here in town with easy date for you, I will be calling more on its way to think of these issues. So we got quite For years I haven't seen them. I dont know if Matthews now he is not well just sort of jump right hand, but let me just find out what is Bio. Ethics was also existed so on the same page guides, the study of biomedical. She's, a rat arising out of biomedical closely medical now a yup, mostly medical bud. It also involves things like artificial intelligence and set out its connection to health care. So Europe s eyes, not Bio Herpes. It's all right of rights, but it could be so what you wanted. Silicon ethics there's someone
right right. Well, a lot of people are now thinking about putting in things I bring computer interfaces into their. You now into their brain things like that of the silicon and up either organic matter, they're kind of merging. So this test complicates your job. That's right, they'll based more interesting. Both yes was the fast moving areas in a high is it is. It died. Genetic manipulation, liquids I think both of em are occurring concurrently. So there's the crisper technology, Jean editing technology, that sort of really evincing. I like that, if he could mutate my genes, gonna have to go to the gym. Thou works out exactly highway like today. And then there's the artificial intelligence. People are using that for things like cancers, you know, they're up, pathologists, are looking at some of these images.
Hey? I didn't really good outbreak pattern, recognition and image recognition. They can spot sort of cancer cells. Almost ass, good ass, the pathologists now, ok, so so, but that would be an ethical fearing that just the machine can be better. So let the machine do it right right to ethics would be now them. She knows york, mission and is connected to the internet yet, and so a hacker might have access or of say that you know the insurance company. You in our nose the algorithms and tries to hack it, and so to make it look like is not cancer when it is, or something like that or a sort of issues to do with privacy by his prey to think about You have a very diabolical do. What would be the first oil does arise when you're half redundant in the, which was? Would you like to have deserved, like what you mean by that? Are you find?
people I mean I mean you're from electricity link if they want to do something a little like inappropriate. Late pollute extra gas Nobody notices labelling. Note is an ethical issue. There I can assure you is this: is there Rayner. Well there there surveys that say that emphasis aren't necessarily necessary we more ethical, really, so the apparently they still are. They steal it of books from libraries They don't call their mothers. A mother's day. Things like that. So I comment. I call my marker certain others. Do they say no? No, that's right! that's right. That's right are somewhat questionable willing to start with the patriarch. As is always onto the preacher, Yad. Absolutely we love them as his Oliver guys. I'm sorry from mispronouncing that personally, I feel that we, the general public, aren't talking enough about subjects like by weather. And I even though they are clearly going to be a huge part of the future to either.
View feel the same way and if so, how can we better educate ourselves on these subjects? I completely, And so one of the things I tried do is to talk to the public about some of these issues and SAM and do not work in this area. Things like that of gene, editing and artificial intelligence. How much of it is just a fear that people don't understand the technology, and so we fear everything we don't understand. I think that does not come down to that at some level. Yeah. I think a lot of it is that just people are scared of new technologies. These there very cautious and there's no coincides fish riders to take it to the worst that around like refugees as right. There robots hour after us, they're gonna kill, super intelligence is coming, and so people give really scared and they think we should not do any of this stuff, and that's also bad for sciences. Baffled
progress, but I just bought a car. I don't have a dipstick anymore and I just had a button and it tells me the oil, the OIE, yet and I'm a little weird it out by that, like I want the physical, get off my long or man, you don't trust rippers never would have. The oil companies have adjusted the meant that the programme of theirs its falsely telling me. I need oil to make extra money yeah. We should hang out. You see what I'm saying. Yes, sir, you! Yes, I like about this is already ok. Just that's not a pen you out to dry when the dashboard became all screen without a mechanical Speedometer wages of returns on and in what turns out. It has your mileage and I'm thinking this is Us- green come on now? Ok, we're there's no mechanical mile powers who, at all
oh man I might have with you. I am plug my toes terminated because I think is going to catch fire. I don't get. This thing is sort of overwhelming for people in some level. Yes, so I think you you hit on exactly the right. To and the issue is trust like trust in technologies, trucks, trusting, algorithms, trusting, But how do we make sure that when we were all these technologies, there's trust and SAM and that's the job of the sciences, but also the emphasis? an avenue educator yeah the educated, to make sure that we can actually trust these things question. Yet I remembered getting asked of the public and I remembered at the time what my answer was then, and it still is today, but the public in the day answer differently. Here is the question if the as something happens, you're on an airplane
and there's something goes wrong with the airplane? Ok, and what would you trust a button that says or fly this thing home or a trained Navy pilot who decorate a train Navy pilot to bring it home. It was at the pilot, of course, nothing Now here we want a worrying. Is that a fight with his wife and found that rattler scatter the area? The button didn't have a bottle scotch parents? Oh so today what my my thinking has borne out by Ngos. These are designed and that they cannot actually be flown by a human being. Is too many services that are not under control of the computer? That's why flying is so stable now, so that's it. Do you trust the technology or no, that's right,
and so in order to trust the technology to make sure that its safe is tested its reliable, it can be said of an officer ever serially attacked and that's why set of emphasis like myself, we ask These are questions like things like. While what happens? We imagine these hypothetical examples like what happens if the insurance companies trying to cheat you and ran, do certain things or you know if the hackers trying to hack into the algorithm or the imaging thing. You know like their ways of that. There's plenty of evidence that some of, imaging and machine learning technologies can be hacked It's amazing to me as a science, and especially you do is so sort of on track with ethics is a microcosm because in society in general ethic seems to be the last thing I think warrior table manners at a game, thrones, Red White and, like you, just sort of you guys have this ability to really think about these things.
This- is our conversation volleyball ay I could do like destroy the planet. Will humans, rarity I'm doing that social rights will be here. I can do a better, more efficient, exactly how we hang around was complaining began. Well, that's leader, so some people think that you know the super intelligence. You know if there were to be created, they're going to decide that Heyward destroying the you know were destroyed. Planet and one way to stop to help the planet by like killing office because were vipers because for viruses you have to assess the work. My way arms is harming the wine from the matrix. Yes, yes, I took off. Yes, you no more questions. I do Raymond. O young start talk, radio, that net question about morals and science. Are there any circumstances, ensigns where it would be acceptable to bypass ethics? Inhuman experimentation, if the findings will lead to
good, that's, absolutely attired Nazi medical yeah enterprise. Again, the fact that, in the end, the and the Tuskegee Study- that's the decease that he has yet to talk about one or both of those in area. Tell us what that's a great question here. Yes, the Nazis sort of experimental being baby on human asset of on humans? There are sort of, for example, their taking them up into the aeroplanes to see how much pressure a human being can withstand these. Are Muslims, Jews and other that around desirable that, in the end, the germanic model, that's right if you like,
answer and the you now. Apparently, some people say that they were able to find out. You know things that we would have otherwise you know found, but still I think that is very clear now that you know we need to sort out by these ethical norms and weaken. You know we should we need to stick to research ethics in their serve since the there's. Something called the Bouwman report that came out as a result of the Tuskegee experiments as The outbreak was its word eyes, the experiment. Were there these subjects and there were given syphilis and they were they were.
Told that authority had simply already has said what they were told her being treated, but in fact they weren't, that's right then, and there the observation was to see the progress or syphilis in the human body that that and in all the subjects were black men. That's right! That's right after that, when when it was discovered, basically that was the birth of bioethics is a field. People decided that we should be doing this I wouldn't go look at their a sort of different principles that were being proposed. Things like do you no harm? You need a that the research benefits the subjects and then you need to. Should that there's autonomy, there's informed consent. So a lot of the biological principles came out yeah. Ok, due to harness this proactive accredit go, let you have a talk to make you work surgeons, I mean there are highlighted that thing a ways the Sunday right I mean, isn't that sir part of like the medical field, Smee seems like that was very say. The first sort of up area were bio ethics and we
really founded in some way, and yet it seems like that profession there all over the place, I mean he's, pimple popper chose and a few others. I think favour their tennis or not you harm, even if they end up doing here right here right, I had my surgery go wrong and I wasn't there intent rights like me with a bad joke. You are then allow yet, and I can't bring it back. So what you say is that this is an interesting, enlightened foster which is no matter what is going on. I will do no harm to you, even if having done weren't, you saved the lives of a hundred other people, because the individual is has the priority in this exchange at his relationship. So that's that's enlightened and an even profound, I think- and so is the converse of this. This whole issue
Easels now begin. How is a really fascinated? So someone is it morally against a vaccination because they think it causes autism engender pudding entire communities at risk, where what is the conversation in your feel? Now about that? Yeah I mean. Did somebody a servant, amuses body, salmonella cake that area? Would you like a gap that seem seems to me to be so my own you about. Vaccination is that we have a public duty to you, know be vaccinated, and so that comes from sort of not other people, so we have an obligation, not harm other people and so there they issue with vaccination is that we also have a right to Bobby Integrity, so some people think that we should be forced to be vaccinated if we don't want to- and I think that's right, but I also think that that does not mean that we ourselves still have a duty to be vaccinated, so we should do it voluntarily cells and is a greater good. That's right that a greater good argument overrides
The personal integrity, while you can personal integrity, is something that you can wave is you're right, but you can wave it right in these cases, and so in this case, I think that we have a duty to serve the public by getting vaccinated UK straddle the first there, the word cradle law. You should run for president. You know like there was another glance without enough, but it is interesting is really complicated. Yeah they actually job with little bits of this implanted of the apes, because you have the intelligent ships and they do medical experiments on humans that recaptured and we think that a bomb in abomination could where human rights are a lab animals, all the time is right to who we decided. Can't do that, and yet the quality of life is much better because we do it. So it's sort of this whole balancing act, TAT S where we have you yeah yeah.
Today experiments on your next week. You thought agonizing Yon Jane, and we too, that's why we're just I'd. Let me just like you let this go. Is there so there's not even some numerical threshold, we would say harm to one person if it saves a hundred or thousand or a million yet or billion. So there's this fuel costs threshhold deontology any threshold. The young, Apology deontology that's right and is the view that there's a threshold and when you cross that threshold, then it might be ok to harm buddy in order, but isn't it arbitrarily? Who decides what the threshold? Yes, that's? Why we have here are making all these at the office. You are unwilling. That's whenever they don't waste these people, people who hasn t a gap. Yes, I hear you
Absolutely right is worth a threshold. It's not ok to say, kill, one to say five people my way ok, to kill wine, to save a million people write or What is the area people what's the threshold whereby, if it's with one to five is ok, it's not ok, ok, but we're ok. So you're saying is, let's say no joke! Your Neil is one of the five hundred million in your saying it's ok, it's it's! Ok! You ve devalued his life based on the number of people that as well yeah that doesn't seem to be any logic to the yeah. So some people say that well if we were to think that it's ok to kill meals, in order to save a billion people? Why? How do you do all we're very smart, extremely challenging worth billions like a dog? What? Then
Others like it. This is the robots throughout game that you keep prefer morale. That's what and by the way as well. Would we kill me? I just thought it would be a slow down and ass. I am I right. Only the most ethical, analytical, painless, painless email payments made it so so tell me that its call to the threshold the intelligence threshold, the intelligent yet, and so that you know that view that there's a threshold beyond which it's ok to harm somebody in order to save the greater number so at the towards the end of the movie, the secret of Santa Vittoria. This is, I don't know if it's fiction or if it's based on a real story. There is a town in ITALY that had this or that might have in France. This amazing wine producing their fame of world famous for their wine within the Nazis, were coming through NATO or the nineties to get it
So they hid the wine in a cave and bricked it over and then put moss on it and leg made it look aged and then the Nazis came in looking for the wine and it couldn't find it and they scoured the countryside, and they decided that whoever is the next person that comes out in the street. They going to torture them and find out where the one is hit it. So the townspeople agreed to let the prisoner out of the is it you're free to go and a brisk was presented. No any prisoner comes out the Nazis torture and they couldn't forgot where it was in the Nazis. Leave Jesus hilarious. If the guided torture was a Sammy AIR and they just don't just got my degree real what're you going to jail. Where are we take we break every week about Morton, Bio ethics? Really cool would start Austin.
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I am really pleased and sat down to earth. Yours need to start I started my covers. My guest covers this episode, pulled the curious you tweet, both but a mere twitter handled at Paul Mickey ok, very creative. I had my people we gathered around by the weights. Emmy see you are, I only say that cause there's an australian actor, Palma, Curio, Amy,
I see you are I work here, which is actually how I spend my name, but he got in the act as union before I did. He was strictly ballroom and exit to even worse than my first guests. Appearance on US economy danger level as they have to change your name and like. Why did I but the law How did I get out of the sky? So it's Emmi see you are in a register back, they should just change its Alex Smith. Curios cool might be the plenum workers and we have Professor Matthew the out, welcome and near head of the Abide Essex Centre. University, Nemorin question. We ve got question we fan base. You have another question fiat reality. I imagine that this is hey Hider from Instagram. Do they. Christmas technology will allow us to take. The dna an athlete, or maybe a bounty hunter tweak it to be even better.
The stronger than the original and then take the dna and create a clone army. Can we do that and if so, please send the instruction to my bunker. Now I just so ogre was over there. So I yes, I think, that's possible. I mean sort of the fact that some people are stronger than others is Part Legion, X, ray, and so, if we can figure out the cheap I do know, but also that was not possible said I might get muscles because it's Johnny The fact that over Iraq was therefore they don't want to go into wretched. Twinkies have nothing to do with gratitude, I did say partly partly Marta verily, yeah yeah, and so like Lebron James. You know some of you know because of his genes right and so, if you can, sort of secret while he's big, because our genes, but as the athletic because of his genes yeah, he needs to work out. Yes, yeah, ok out there so deftly and other things very bluntly from your genes. That's right! Whereas right, and so we can figure that part out
and so and then you can imagine using crisper technology to then put that into said of either needs or embryos and then creates you know, offspring staff have those traits. So this is this. Is it our future? I think so. I think this is this is something that can be done so so we will breed into our own civilization entire classes. People for our own entertainment well, does anything different from Sumer wrestlers in Japan, so the one industrial and college basket doing basically like TAT, wrestler knows not a genetic thing, but they they specially treated and especially fed as to be restored, yeah that's a culturally little live long. Everybody knows this. I think they reach forty eight forty, yes, so so that really any different from doing their job.
So that's why you know so. People talk about designer babies and the ethics of designer baby psych. So there's the question whether we can do it, but then there's also whether we should be doing this and I think address our uniting. Neil ass, the really good you have an evil where my, which is that we're already doing a lot of this. You know this hyper parenting, Lookit Leg, Serena Williams and You know Venus women, because here in a minute through your response, we argue waiting for the results of the same yellow different. Yes, the questions. What's the difference? What's the difference, one psychological and the others through? Yes, so the means are differ.
That's definitely right, but why does I make a normative difference right, wise it sort of ethically difference when we do it at the genetic level, as opposed to after the you know, sort of like up the after the child is also. Maybe this is because a maybe I can you may genetically bread me this way, but again used to not do this right. But can you have you have bread him in a way not to fight who he is What he is, yeah yeah I'll, maybe I'll say I'd rather just be a poet, and then you can't stop me, whereas otherwise, if you're raising me this other way than is always consular you're gonna jam? Do you guys each squares, whatever state, the piano and right is conflict at home, whereas you can be genetic, you have Jeanette propensity, but then just decline the auction boarding house that I'd rather, you like. I have a mom and yeah. What the problem is, what if you also genetically modified the motive motivations so that the child
ones to be super athlete or super pianist. Could you make me want to be kneel to grow faster? Maybe I know I just want to be able to talk like that. Oh yes, yes, if possible at it, could happen. We need more of you, the exorcist around. At that time you have tried to say nor, yes to it right, good, ok, launch pad cat instagram. Is there any such committees that regulates new technologies such as genetic tack, or I am puts regulators in place preemptively to prevent it from being used for a moral things like eugenics or something of that sort with so the? U S. Ass, a sort of the little money. What eugenics is right for each of us is yet not remind people with eugenics. All each annexes decide the AIDS. It means well born and saw it.
Basically, you know the Nazis, who are trying to breathe these people to serve. You know, like some race, are second class of people, thinking that some genes are better than others and there's even at a time when the concept of gene was not really, they just knew that if you to people who are desirable, yet presumably you'll get a desirable person, and then you prevent others who undesirable from breeding, and then you can systematically shift the balance in the population density up to be a demographic who you want and care about to the area in ideal. Yet was then What was all that is happening in a way with breeding dogs in breeding cattle breeds and young incidents, breeding and plants. So, like irish centres are out of their minds just because they ve been bred so much we have a dog we adopted like good, might and she's.
We already have been polluted at Bree Breeding, three intuitive replace animals that other animals. That's right, but really gonna be a board. This gonna oversee this preemptively I mean I, I said this before we look at the medical profession there, a lot of questionable things are going on a medical profession, yeah. There's a boy, foresees that yet preemptively the bright have emphasis on that's right. That's right! There's, there's sort of different research committee's. They have oversight and said Our bees sit there. I was you know, research boards, as eight regional research, Berwin yard. Yet, and then they have emphasis on those boards to look over research. Look over the experiments to make sure that their ethical. The problem is that, with these I our bees. It said it to something like that.
It were not allowed to leave the sight of a community the rules about animals. You can do laboratory tests on really right, like chimpanzees, their certain things. You can't do that so that you can and depending on whatever someone's judgment, animals judgment as to the value of that animal. To the echoes currently, whatever death and other than Peter, if you're doing it to a rat, As I say, the Radwan report things can land every citizen can be effective, going forward, yeah, so the I mean is only effective if the researchers are responsible. That's right! That's right, yeah, an also the value of the research has the justify whatever research that you're doing so you can just sort of you know
sure these rats for fine can't you can I raised so that's very unethical right and sole told me that it also in order to do research even on the animals. Even on rats and mice. You have to be able to justify it to an institutional research board. If this sort of say why I is necessary and there's no other way to show that there is no other way out just have less harmful way of doing it. The least harmful way of doing that is not the restaurant. It doesnt have heroines world? Have you little? It's really pointy knows lives Let's forget each your garbage now it's my sorry. I put my garbage Earl even not read if you're gonna very little, my right, the pigeon grass with wings, in some areas we should
there has been broad scope, your show friend on Instagram. If in the future, are noble intentions led to the practice of genetically editing fetuses for preventing birth defects and future diseases? How do we have the pitfall of creating designer babies and the possible repercussions. Genetic inequality, Cassius etc, and would it would even be a pip followed all yes, so that's right, I wouldn't even be a powerful at all. Maybe this is, we should think about doing maybe they're good reasons to do for example, you do what to genetically have designer baby to engage in genetic editing. So this is where we talking about earlier that people as soon as we know when they about new technologies. They give very scared, but maybe they're good uses of these technologies. So just for four
examples, if we want to set up go engaging the eve, When I go to the moon or go to space, we wanted picture that were more radiation, radiation resistant right and so there's maybe there's some sort of genetic thing basis where we can sort of be more radiation resistant and so that something that we should look into. If one is zombies, you red X, people for certain dropped that begun. But this idea of creating perfect human life. I mean I don't know anybody wants adamant, everybody hates Tom Brady. I thought about his person and again he said- and I repeat its fan, saying where I would take them. I would say that this is so much of what we are, what we ve been through to overcome, what we're not so that if you come out perfect than weirdos your,
character, get developed, where's your centres, interacting in an imperfect whirl right. So you're perfection is always challenge, while just say who you are, is almost always what you have overcome in life. Absolutely, if you're perfect does nothing for you to overcome. What do you got to show for anything? Do you think is unachievable too perfect personnel, you reported, but they will achieve nothing. That's what I'm saying really cheap stuff happens hey! I was going to be perfected, what's going on here, look at them achievers unless they have overcome some? Yes, in a broken family, there is a thing they have a list, but they got. It is never live at the egg. There was Gimme a list of people. Let things that people with who were rejected. You know that the Big Edison yesterday
the bell. Knowing no one's gonna want to talk to each other far apart through a box and they were rejected, rejecting and overcame Britain are sometimes so. If you're perfect, you might be of no use to anyone right. Yes, so I think that two things to say there. So one is that you know human goals. Will change like the better you get. So you don't like my kids when their five years old they like to play, go fish but now there are ten years old, be dull play goldfish anymore. It's too boring gray, because you ve kind of outgrown that, right as we can Jim, that when we get smarter there other things there are other challenges You know that, don't you know what I've really vanilla frame our rights and indeed that the flip side of it as you know, if you really think that there's really value to being imperfect, then can be the others in that programme also make it more challenging. I do not agree
real, quick, real, quick. Now the question down Patrick Land, Facebook. Are there any red lines that we should not cross or maybe never cross in science and an ethics? and related question other any ethical red lines today that you think should be rolled back good one day. We will have time Answer that happened here to take a break. When we come back the red line, should you cross it or not on start this is a start.
We're back on. Startup, bio ethics is the subject of this addition, cosmic queries, Matthew LEO your ethicist. You keep your head of a whole centre for violence, their becomes to you with a problem that has happened. I set out our work and we get everybody, and so I will eat when we left off. There was a question about crossing red line. Yeah. This is Patrick, like Facebook, other any red lines that we should not cross and the related question is: have there been any red lines you feel we ve crossed that should be rolled back in all. I think they're. Many red lines that we shouldn't cross so
people are of interest in creating humans that I'll be like slave humans. For example, I mean that's, that's an obvious. One does not happen anyway. If you create humans who are perfect, then the humans who I created perfect or left his slave to the perfectly you really hey perfection ass I had no, then you making a slave class without purposely making a slave class yeah. So There's this view that I mean even in our society now sort of people have differential abilities re by. We think that everybody has equal like they're they're, all they all have the same legal status so we could still go under the eyes of the law. That's right! That's why I so we could still have that. Even if you have like some people were perfect and other people not as perfect when we in Sweden
yeah and have a red line that we have crossed that you would roll back. Today I got one I'm old enough, I'm old and all your eye to remember the announcement of the first test to baby was born. There was banner headlines Susan test to baby, and today that's not even in bursting point to raise on a first date, whether you are in vitro or in utero rank conceived where you like dating now. But there was a date might have been a faint yeah. I'm a test to baby. Does tell me about it really good point what right and so that back then peoples are we playing God by fertilizing eggs at a test tube, and now it's like, of course, you're doing it. This is this: is the fertility aid that goes on every day for so many couples, so I bet that that would be a line that exist are back then that we cross and now you'd rolling.
Because, while just accustomed to it right, you agree. I actually, we just ran a conference on the ethics of donor conception two weeks ago in and why you- and there were all these donor conceived individuals, and they were so. That patients have been born should not have should not have been born. Y yeah were because they feel bad light. They don't know who their genetic parents are. They feel very isolated from you, they're, just a lot of psychological beside you, ve gotta, be irony is rightly said. This curious about the single weird is religion creep into this right. Good boy, Don't think people start to go well as ethical panels typically have a pastor or someone. I gotta brings a religious philosophy to the argument. I dont religion is not a part of my any level? Why my leaving to the summit feminine explains everything about you,
I'm sorry? I was even that's my tour. The sole withstand I've. Never you're gonna help religion, besides it's out, so we have as religion fold into this. Religious ethics- I guess yeah village, so some people look at ethics from a religious, the employment, so there's like divine command theory, while with God do or with God command in certain situations. So so they would look at these issues from that. Speaking for God, on the assumption that they understand the mind of God for having read books that they presume God wrote as one of the clear there is a view that there's the natural law view that what God with wine is what our best reasoning that you know whatever we come up with our best recently at the time, yet at the time, so that sort of a natural law tighter you aren't, we
eludes? It is bringing a perfect person in the world right this ideal, bio ethics and wherever in his sleep, but then you look at the world. We live in right that were obsess. Ok, we're gonna make JANET genetically enhanced corn. Is we have better nutrition so that work shaped to kill each other very well yeah, like I just feel like we do. We need a gene for Rational thought work on our future people after the original market, where there is like a lot of people talking about moron against men, like you know, can we enhance our selves Morley so that were less aggressive and more sympathetic in and pathetic to the plight of others in his address screw. Other people, you don't go. We're gonna, go to Dixon Clinton, Instagram, combining crisper in ever advancing ay. I will be the downfall of humankind right. How many
so I have before me, murdered by cyborg overlords Yugoslav, go to the movies, yes a window, We all die, what we're all gonna die: the federal, arrogant and envy Bulgaria. So that's that's! The question is Oh you know. Some people like were Ray Kurzweil thinks that you know by twenty. Fifty will have super intelligence. Other sciences, they eyesight as rigorously as yet we have interviewed her monster artwork alive taping, yet one yeah and saw and other people say is not so you know like their less optimistic, but they think that maybe by twenty one hundred will have super intelligence, and so I so there is a real live issue. What happens when you have these, Billy smarts, a eyes that are useful but are smarter than us. We ve become there's we become their slaves or, if we're lucky, that may be deadly, maybe what has become their petya or maybe we'll go.
The answer in your body. Samir went too far there This is Chris Cherry and ran high Chris from the Sunshine Coast: Australia, not Austria, Bulgaria. Should we feared dna samples being required by health, insurance companies and employers. Potentially, oh, you can be discriminated against because of something no control over yeah crescents called race ethnicity exerted by absolute unit. You alluded to this, but as yet, no absolutely, I think that's a real worry that as
in a more and more of our information are available to genetic testing. As I try cetera you know, companies my use that instead of inappropriate ways or an ethical ways, songs went ethics Board would say no insurance. Companies will not have access to your dinner. That's right or maybe a society that maybe there's something. That's beyond alike. Ethics board. Absolutely coffee cup that you sent from any in the insurance office thereby take this was. Why is one that is an issue of computer virus asthma? are we getting a lightning Ogilvy rate, so you may ask your question and I met you. You have to enter it in a sound bite.
Pretend you're on the evening news. I can only get a sound bite. You got okay. This is just sing Vill Dan from Instagram. What your opinion on ethics of manipulation, slash creation of HIV in general could be manipulate with it so far to come, close to something resembling our own consciousness. Not yet when It's it's hard to say side. I don't think we have figured out what consciousness is, or Venus sort of the biological substrates of consciousness, to be able to do that. Yet none of the machine learning technologies re now can do that today. We honestly consciousness. How soon, after that, do we programmer into computers?
the next day s next question as a stage in Euro Instagram. Do you think a lie in humans will be integrated or dna? Editing can be used to create superhuman like we see an ex man, I'd like it, because if you can edit the dna, would you need the computer for that's the earthquake so the computers might be faster raised, so they had more ban with rain is sort of very slowly things very slowly. So you can imagine that once you can kind of armed men, thieves, some sort of brain computer interface, it gives you a vast amount of storage space, copper. City of grief and nerve glamour. Letty imperfect as noted, is arguing about what happens. Yeah exactly, I said, there's no, I didn't get there by the male is gonna videotaping right that this is a theme on many episodes of black mirror tat. You should check it out and no ex they'll go now Galaxy STAR girl, Xbox Instagram. Do you think well
I'm not sure about the numbers. But you know we're: gonna have werewolves die not going to be able to attract our heart beats out. Tolerates are gonna, be footer. You now cut us, you know analyzer stool. You know instead of tell us whether we're healthy and not or not, yeah, I'm not sure about the numbers, but you know we're. Gonna have werewolves, that's not going to be able to attract our heart beats. Our toilets are gonna, be footer. You now cut us, you know at analyzer, stool. You know, instead of tell us whether were healthy and not or not, and then that's gonna be sent. You doctor, you want your toilet talking about myself so I could talk to throw out, but I think it's coming smart toilets coming so that sort of that's the next business
As a matter of fact, this is from Christian Bruce I instagram. I would like to know what are the considerations to judge something, as quote good or bad in the aspects of modifying and organise an organism, cares genetically humans, for instance? So I have this view that humans needs some basic capacities. Things like the ability to be a good thing to have key personal relationships, and things like that, and so I think that whatever we do with genetic modification, we should interfere with those core human capacities and an if I say it, and the flip side of that is, if an embryo like an offspring doesn't have those capacities, and we should try to make sure that they have those in whatever genetic, where even what about genetic way beyond that adjust issues. Luxury items. That's all
shopping list of these at the next year, like one more, very go: baby, Goodwin, Dude, there's a lot of pressure here. Ok, this is Dagon Clique Instagram. We will attempt Will we attempt to space human DNA with other animal dna to make mutants of a sword with this conflict? Will our ethics in what are your thoughts on creating new humanoid species? but the centaurs in or minute or video here, yeah, that's a great question, so it relates to what I just said earlier. I think, as long as we dull affect those core fundamental capacities, sometimes we might look into these type of
now like a communications these combining with animal, would you want to space where the human eye can carry? Would you wanna be I've turning legal trade in my dog, so you might have taken my concluding remarks. I was able to do so. We get to have adjusted some some reflective fought to Portugal first. I just think all of these questions that you deal with it. It's endlessly fascinating and on some level open, ended right. You seem to have the most subjective sort of job in a way which you like, the calmest person ever met, which means you're out to know that it is high time we hear that. Can you know something and the leading him much into this? Put this done a lot of work with manipulation of memory for PTSD, rape, victims, etc. Raising thought is that making advance it above. Your TED talk that regime. Can I have it in September cousin?
to a reunion in high school and I thought about it that way, but the memory of asking our nature like the palm and getting turned down twice away by her memory, those memories, but they can provide a low with you I knew you as he's got. You have got it. I got it out this effort very fairly far along that's that's pretty far alone, but you got unfortunately, gotta. Take it within twelve hours of asking someone to a problem, so You know what it is that it reaches a short term. That's right! It stops it from consolidated into the long term memory. There's there's another thing, the something called zip. So there's this idea That wasn't me raving Jose. Some Ripley raises every earlier. Why are you after the show her? So let me give you some some reflective concluding remarks here. So I think these
there are a lot of these new technologies? They are on the horizon. I think they have a lot of promises, but we also should worry about there. You know we should be mindful of their ethical implications. Ends and I think they can really keeping you employed, that's right so that it can be very right. Sizing lesson is right. It is not at issue here is in a fashion, is gonna its initiative and, I think, also met Lee. Our aim is to serve create human well being human flourishing, and so we want to make sure that these technologies do that. So here is where I think not that anyone asked when near what do you think you could for the fact that you can cross breed the genetics
of different species at all. We do this. We do this often in the food chain is a reminder that all life has some common dna. So we should not be surprised that you can take a fish dna put in and tomato, It is just a reminder that we're all related genetically, so what I think to myself is the human form is not some perfect example of life. I like the fact that newts can regenerate their limbs, where's the gene sequence for that. Let's put that in humans and give it first to veterans who have lost their legs, arms? We grow our lives. If a new can do it and we have genetic editing, why can't we do it and why haven't? Well, maybe that's to come, but I look at what is possible in the experimentation of the biodiversity that is life on earth and say
I can't we have summit at that, as I thought from the cosmic perspective, when I think Matthew LEO as second time on start. I will bring you back for sure. I think you are right and have fun down a fun but work hard and make a better world for us or help us make better world for us a very aiding issues that aren't really issued by the way. What s mind eraser embedded in back. That's all right. I even event takes out those cells may always go to have your leg is ya right. I've been and will continue to be near the grass Thyssen Universal astrophysicist, coming to you from my office at the hidden Planetarium American Museum of Natural history. It has always. I beg you to
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