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2020-07-27 | 🔗

Does dark matter interact with black holes? What’s the best alien in film? Is the universe infinite? On this episode, Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice answer a cosmic cauldron of fan-submitted Cosmic Queries. 

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Image Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO; Optical: NASA/STScI; Infrared: NASA-JPL-Caltech

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Welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Nor talk begin right now is to start a regatta cosmic varies addition and your. That means I get nice is my cousin. That's right! Sir! What's happened arise gone so this again. Every now and then there's the bottom of the barrel wow, pull out of the barrel, all those that word solicited topically, but a few fall through the cracks and others just coming randomly, and so this suggests some grin. It's like a potpourri. There is a thing of the past. We might have called it. A collective gumbo regions will have a good term for it. How about that work will come
This one cosmic called cosmic cauldron. Yeah, it was try. Ass was not justified. Vision tongue in cheek a little a width craft, reverence with scientists and the liberation to boot. All right. So what you have? I assume you have a patriotic question of front. As always, we start with the patriarch patron. Because they give us money, others do there. This is David himself from patriarch, he says. Is there a hypothesis for the answer? axiom of dark matter and a black hole, so you know the enemy is just His dark matter is dark and black hole. Black don't mean all the blackened dark out to vote to give its. As far as we know, they are completely separate and distinct and as far as we know, and that Actually, I'm not even saying very much there, because we don't know what comprises dark matter
As I have said many times, it would be better termed dark gravity. Something given us gravity and we don't know what it is black holes gravity, but we know what a black hole is so There is no obvious connection between the two at all: not only theoretically but observational, as well, so again often for their wealth. Doesn't look doesn't seem to be anything there that doesn't seem to be a they're they're, not in the dark matter. They are right and that in the dark matter earlier, and if you want to find out what's in the black or even go check it out, and let me know Joe Lasik Joe you like it from patriotic says this Vanessa question for you, guys and ethnic question to compare and contrast with windows you got a college. I say: go to college s, questions. What, in your opinion, is the best our time depiction of
billions in a movie or on tv, and why. Meta, okay, so less so color. I got the answer in eighteen. Fifty eight nineteen, fifty eight ninety wait a minute. What I say to you that we have available right. That's the problem! You girls, the battle to fifty eight! That's where you go! the want of steam queens earliest films, if not his first home, the blob O snapped the blood blood. Let me ask you where there could be any that's: that's anymore, It's not that! also they travel. So that's why they would freak
so the blood. What is you know? Low budget be movies, I think they were called back then, in any case, what was treating about it, This thing didn't have a face: didn't have arms legs of nose, mouth shoulders, fingers toes head, didn't have any, the things you normally would be putting on an alien, primarily because you have an actor in the alien costume, and so Why would a creature from another planet with no dna in common with life on earth, look more like us than we do. Compared to other life forms on earth right here on earth right here on earth. So my argument is- what a to really different life once humans and jellyfish and oak trees was take those three that's quite the Gatt
That is that whatever the alien is, it should look more different from the three of us. Then we do from one because it's coming from a completely other kind of thing So that's why the blood for me which had no I will come at its has known. It has no love this guy on others, it's a blog on blogger, blog and another little known fact is known. If you paid attention, the bloggers, like you said, was right to smash it was. It was transparent, colleagues when it arrived on earth after it consumed its first victim. For the rest of the movie, it was read out. That is now came the color of the blood, that's, it happened just one scene and then you'll think about through the blob is just as red thing. That's so.
I don't like because I'm looking at you you couldn't defend against the boy because would come in under the door but they will ever come running through the great of the thing I came to now: Theatre, terrorized people, because that's how I got in and Santa Claus, so to call it that the question of the name of it for me that the most that representation of an alien has the highest sort of integrity with regard to it, looking like anything here on earth now? That being said, there are two movies. Maybe three soap stick, with two thousand and one a space odyssey that had aliens in, and you just never saw them you saw the manifestation of their intelligence. I also see Clark Carl Sagan was one of the advisers on their film data. Just don't show aliens at all. You can't imagine it, but you can put their handiwork
and so that's why they did it not only that in Carl Sagan Novel Contact, which then became a movie in the late nineteenth nineties is Today's one space- I was thinking sixty eight, so so contact that also pet aliens that you never saw well. That's cause high, I'm good! take the form of your father office as I've. I've taken this, please inform me because there's no way you could actually comprehend what we really look like exactly exactly so These are, I think, This shows honesty in our ignorance by not even attempting to show them at all meanwhile, either of very important movie, but for me showed very little. Imagination was predator, a canker predator, is this alien drops on Earth Ngos. Human hunting right is Vikas makes yet
That's what he does and got Arnold in it, and it's got some other muscle. Men of the eighties. In it and they fight this one alien. Well at all is the alien he's about you know sixty five or is it not reinsurance, and it's not sixty stories off its approximately human sized. It's got feet except a bigger, it's gotta hand, it's gotta mouth, it's got. Arms carries weapons, it's got a belt It's got stuff ensign alien come on now Oh it's you really shows and absence of imagination and Polly with any time they go down that road. Ok, I'm out what do you think of alien? that's ok, those Cigani weaver, loyally with the actual alien itself, who happens my favorite alien, because a menace Europe, because he's a mouth in a mouth. Ok,
So if, if the mouth with tee the scary. Then you get two miles with every Saturday. I've gotta be twice slavism operators another rather than another right now, also to the fact that a blood acid to me was that's just because they have but it still like her mouth with teeth, wrangling Life forms on earth doesnt have, You don't have you ve got to get to teeth. I got only invertebrates that media about it. You got even you gotta, something you gotta Tunis and United, not only worms things, but they didn't have teeth, were they absorbed, not ever mouth but yeah. Ok, a lot of things of Wales that don't have teeth. Have barely instead of dry writer filters through Iraq, so I'm just saying concept that you gotta make an alien at his teeth because teeth or scary
I will have a problem with the Epp. George. Don't try to convince me that this is something from another point as it. If the alien tried to come, you did that that's great if we have a lot of a lion came running after the word and had no teeth in its mouth breaks out. How you do it right? It's wearing slippers I would urge you know where I gotta say you make a very cogent argument for the blob there. I never considered, and you know I am going to say, here's how you ve changed my purse, but my my perspective on this. I always thought that the blood a lack of imagination. Really, oh, yes, I am
this thought of it as a case of you guys, just couldn't think of a good monsters. Aids is made it into a blob, but by the way You explain it and I'm wondering if they actually were as thoughtful as you, because if so then it's brilliant I can give you should not their lucky that you came along well it was preordained because in fact those my birth here, so we had I gave you the movie and I are the same age. Ok, ok, cool right! Here we go, let's go to Ryanair, Spinoza from Facebook, and Ryan Little all over the place. Burma give a t right now. He says if the universe is technically finite,
How about the multi verse were unawares unless they are law over the place is first of all is their multiverse, because he has made that a fact which is not necessarily in evidence. So what are your thoughts first of all, on a multi verse now? Secondly, after your thoughts on the multi verse, if this universe is indeed finite with that, multi verse also be finite. The question. Yes, my ass, I I I I altered his course. You, some Erasmus glamorized, summarised certainly answer. Is we got it a break. Next will get the latest on the multiverse. Startup cosmic queries. Cosmic cauldron. Cosmic organization
I regret the start archival. Yes, we lock and loaded our love and loaded, we last left off, on the reverse and whose who's the questioner again? And the question was right. The questioner was Ryan, as for to know if the multiverse was finite, first of all, we would have to establish. Is there a multi? Ok, so, first of all, before we get to the multi works, we don't know if the universe is infinite or finite. We just don't know, got you and I don't know if we can Oh for sure, any more than a ship at sea look in every direction and sees the horizon, and it doesn't see and in any direction peace in the middle of its own horizon, right, cannot know how big the actual ocean is, if it only has access to them.
Water within its own horizon? What would have to do is keep moving. Ok, it have to my travel, people will take us horizon with it and then her as a news across the water surface. And then eventually they might see land at that point they have found the edge of the ocean. The ocean ends because more ocean doesn't keep coming in. So if we wanted to explore if the universe had some edge than we we're not gonna! Learn it just sitting here in the middle of our horizon. We'd have to start moving to other places within the universe, and you want to do that. Asked. Otherwise it expands faster than you can get there and you'll just never know ever If the universe is expanding faster than your travelling at the ocean is growing faster than the ship is sailing
well, you know, you're, not now you're, not oceanic treadmill, Herbivora thinking, it's a perfect analogy there. So we we simply don't know so any time any of my I and my colleagues reference the size of the universe or the dimensions. It's basically the the observable universe, the universe that in our horizon? We can do you the size of that and how long we ve been at that beyond that we don't know now the multiverse it turns out the multi versus good, see, The radical grounds, so we didn't just pulled out when Edison Orifice right, it's it's quantum physics mixed with general relativity too highly six. As for understanding of the universe, when you should gonna marry them in the early universe, because Quantum Physics is the physics of the small general relativity, the physics of the large.
The early universe. The large was small. So if a large or small, then perhaps the quantum influence the entire universe. Soon it when you have particles popping in and out of existence, are doing weird things made that particle is an entire universe unto itself if the universe so the size of reporting. So you can take that kind of reasoning that comes from that direction and on in doing So you can conclude that maybe we are not alone that our universe? this is not alone in a multiverse, possibly an infinite number of universes. To reckon so by the way, the depending on what level multiverse we're talking about the universe can we have different configurations of atoms and energy. Or even the same configuration chuck. You have GO tee in this universe, that major the evil chuck right.
There's another universe. Where that clean, shaven shock that rain check, I think, he's fake. So that's one class of multiverse, but there are other classes of multiverse. I first seen excerpt duplicated by a friend and colleague MAX tag mark a bit of a mighty he's written extensively on this, the other levels of multiverse, another one, we're ok, you're, the man Energy is not only that can be different, but the initial conditions are different, so maybe a universe! One expand forever! Maybe it'll be collapse, then is another level with the laws of physics? Are different right, big these this? How deep into the rabbit hole? you drop before you hatch, out another universe. What what controlled you have over the laws of physics in the traditional multiverse people think about we,
are in the same space time just different pockets. They cannot interact with each other, as is different ships at sea. Would be there on the same ocean, but they dont interact with each other because their horizons whispered are separate and distinct. So that's the traditional multiverse, that people think about and talk about and has been represented in science fiction. So, just because we, might be finite or a ban or flat doesn't mean others have to be. Is there matter, and energy can be distributed differently, so they wow. That's that's fastened, by the way people say, bonuses, an infinite number of universal. Then there's you in another universe. Therefore you can. Principal live forever, but know that other. There are doesn't know. It's there not me me right. There's nobody, justice, justice,
MRS you care about him. He cares about. You didn't see it as the pet. I've said we ve done this experiment before with with copies of each other and is twins, twins are identical copies and they walk among us. I became the same single saying to himself, if you pinch, one twin, the other twin, doesn't say ouch right or they are not the same person even if their molecular early identical. So that's why? I'm I'm not thinking that this other person in another universe is going to grant me eternal life. I dont see that I don't think it and the end of its good evidence or reason to argue that way: Cougar! Well, that's
that's right. Yonah precede the question: Man hairs, Michael scorn from Facebook. Michael says: the fast you travel, the slower time is for you how much younger do career pilots day being if they fly and travel Fass faster than common people. So if you're are constantly spending time, I'm fat at let's call supersonic days journey negligible time, just in time. Are you you can always have. You can always calculate how much younger they are relative to the twin on earth. You can always do that by the way we ve done this experiment. There is a twin astern, who went into orbit and stay there for yourself in if the other one on earth, and we studied we, I mean the NASA medical professionals steady.
Aid at any differences in their dna exposure to space radiation and there is this factor because there's going orbit you going much much faster than a fighter pilot would ever got life you going in in fact, in orbit you're going if you were to travel through the air to be like mock, thirty or forty now and then find possibly Mach two at most three right. So if you really look really book in it, so you can calculate these plug that into an equation, and when you do that- and I did for its the twin brothers. Many displaced by the way, this nuts especial special calculation. Anybody rudimentary knowledge of ice times I shall see relativity can calculate, What I mean by rudimentary is is like the first equations you learn in Britain.
Every one or one, whenever you ok, yeah, we'll get to bed at it too bad. I didn't take that in school every one! Oh, why do so- and I don't remember come up with, like a hundreds of a second or something for being at those high speeds for year relative to his twin. So we don't measured deaths with at time, precision! So for me to say he will live a hundred second longer than his twin on earth. That's not! meaningful time difference, He have to be travelling much much faster than just mock. Dozens we travelling a major fraction of the speed of light and do that for a sustained and sustained period of time. And you come back days years decades younger than your twin would have aged that people say. Yes, a fireplace forget about grateful for guy
you forget about K. So what are you gum, Michael? It's hundreds of a second so rapidly that I forgot to exact Madison advocates a fluctuating times. Refraction enjoy their time This is let's keep it simple here, because I like this question some says week since when getting into the questions that we don't normally ever get real right and I might as well get today does really like weird question: is this is Ralph Sushi and Ralph from Facebook says if you were to get a spaced theme tat to what would it be? Who now Many tattoos, so I'm just in armour the generation where the only two kinds of people ever got tattoos, and it was occurs and sailors,
our eyes Papa how to sail. I had a really voice. You can't boots probably had a like figures and anchor too on his forearm right is bloated forms. So I thought he had some kind of armed disease or somewhere else, yeah, probably elephant. I did. I do something right right if you say so, I'm just not a tattoo guy, primarily because there's nothing. I have that much confidence in that. I you to look at eternally until I die. I want to be always be able to have a thought that different from a thought I had before, and therefore you no luck. In the previous thought, you continue to put a new tab route. Now I said this to someone who had a lotta. Tattoos are not enough that the my body is just a record of those thoughts That's it! That's one way toilets
look at us? I could write down simpler method and I have paper for that. So if I were to go one. Maybe it would be one of these sort of a bullet shaped rockets from an eighteen fifties. You know with the Finns. Ah, yes, how did you know just kind of its classically imagined I shall read. It even has not had a comic book version on raw comic book version of Iraq, but from the day known withdrawn. It today just because it was it's. It's comes from a tie, I'm when we had very high hopes and expectations our energy and investments would continue into space and be sustained in ways that we have not lived up. So that would be a that's how I think about it.
I actually kind of a cop tattoo. I argue that I thought gonna look like you know, Saturn or something I know no technical features. Pictures of Saturn will lead. There isn't any tattoo there would overlap and a murmur of my scale. This is true. Yes, it's true yeah academy around Let's go to ok, keeping with the same thing, stuff we never advising! This is me thirty one and integrate them. If you can time travel was the one place, you'll go and the one person who will see shy, so many back try travel, I argue efforts, others it there's an old joke about that. So consider the two facts. If backward time travel were possible,
Wouldn't we have met such a person by now. If we it backward time, travel were possible. Wouldn't we have met such a person by now what personal backward train travellers- oh yeah, yeah? They should come here to us should have shown a worthy I'd work, but you know that the whole, the prime directive of timeframe, Is that what unites us is that you're not allowed to upset? I'm line in any way, you're not allowed to tell anybody your time to have a high among right. I forgot about their well. Ok, so
one of my favorite, that was during the science March on Washington shortly after chump was elected President a science march. Just in praise of science and one of the placard said they started a chance. What do we want a time machine? When do we wanted it doesnt matter right, that's like a good does matter, then maybe get a or whatever we want. Sadly, at so if I could move back in time, I would go back in Heaven, conversely, with Isaac Newton, ok, so now matter. We know that that's where he lived in. I have to go back to sixteen the late. Sixteen hundred, the year? Seventeen hundred would work had already discovered was of optics gravity, calculus and loss of optics are still getting assembled. He discovered the billion published it yet again,
bring some of our problems to him. So now let none Dell case it. This is fascinating to me right now why, So we got, but I gotta jump into the second. So here you are you back seventeen hundred talk in their eyes now. You know everything that he's already. Yes, is not interested, Yes, but he does. You also know things that he would find one. Tourists. Yes, how do you have a conversation? What are you talk when we come back school with everything that when we come back details of my conversation with eyes, there may or may not have already have.
I would like to give a patriot and set out the following patriotic patron, so I wouldn't Patel. Thank you so much for your support, because without it we couldn't do it, and if you would like your very own patriotic shout out, please go to pity on the coms. Less startled radio and support us. Rebecca cosmic crib sit right there. Yes, sir and you're here, because you named this one this, because this is a pope, you re, but you know in a happy with potpourri We went with the cosmic cauldron, all dream, cosmic crucible, but that's not right like the crucible than you burn, stuff and very academic, is Yes, exactly where we have the alchemy. The cosmic alchemy were put this stuff in the crucible. It
burning away the the bad leaving only what we need is so, where we left off with the question about what I mean or what what what I witnessed, if I could go back in time, right definite. I'm going to be rising in ok, you're. Seventeen hundred is as good as any in his later middle years an but you pose an interesting point, rightly says stuff that I know cause I'm trained in physics that he's already discussed. That's right or stuff. I know that He has. He hasn't figured out here right and he and he will figure it out- ok, so this now this is everything you could screw it all up to disturb the space time continuum. Yes, it reminds me of my three. What am I fear
episodes of the simpsons which has been on tv for so long tat. S really does homer citizen somehow turns a toaster into a time machine and every time he goes back in time and comes back there's something different, because he keeps disturbing the continuum disrupts what the fuck of time rancor. So I'm one time all he did was step on a bug and then he comes back in everybody's, a lizard person, five at its very slowly and then comes back and everything looks the same except the Superbowl worrying or something like that and he's like. Oh, I gotta get out of here and he goes. And right after he leaves it starts raining. Doughnuts toasters, actually access,
so the Multiverse gas. Exactly that's what it is you so here's here's an interesting issue, time travel issue and it has to do with what are called Jim particles. In this particular example, it would be a gin concept, so a gin particles, but its j I am is. That is how you it is something that was never created nor destroyed. It just exists. Ok, so let in the more classic movie classic example: let's go to back to the future. Ok and back to the future Marty at the school prom gets hold of the guitar. And then he starts imitating. Shops are very ok, but Marian Bury is the bandleader Chuck berries, brother. Mary, Mary? Here's this tune and say chalk.
Here's the tune. You have always been trying to figure out what would work and he puts the follow up to the thing and in a here on Earth S, job, ok, and so now, if we follow this through, what we are led to believe is that Chuck bury gut, most brilliant saw from a white that lake from Michael J Fox, but what happens is so if he does actually get it from Michael J Fox and he then influences Michael J Fox in the future, then song only exists in the loop. It was never written by anybody right. Did you see what I'm saying? No yeah? That's the only way could exist. It is that it never written by anybody. There was never written because Marty plays a cosy herded sung by Chuck, bury check very hears it for the first time through his
brothers put in a phone out on the thing and then check very includes it in his in his performance as well as the the the deadlock. The duck walk right yet so so in the case with Isaac Newton, it would be interesting if Newton is on some calculation then, is struggling. I say they have you thought about. Have you considered freight pay? I eyes it'll just carry the two. Happy just carried the two isolated forgot to carry the forgotten carry the two had so there I'm hoping Isaac and then, of course, he's remembered for doing it, but I will know it because I read that he had done it right and so again that would be so closed in time time in a time, and basically, never had a beginning or an end, such as an interesting little fact about. I love that are not that the gin particle lawyer and, in that case, a joint budget. Gin. Concepts of, for example, in the movie
sir, seem movie, but its roots, slow, romantic as an hour rom combat witty com, This is a romantic move, a romantic bobby! Ok, there's a romantic movie, go somewhere in time, a love story. So we're entire is a love story was a love story, and I think I told this at some other a yeah, you told me, I know I think we're an old woman comes up to the main character. Who happens to be a Christopher reef Superman annoyed him, we never talk about. We don't know about this, as she convention he's a professor any she gives him a rocket science has come to me. Oh, no, we never thought he finds out that sheep country she's back in time, like the nineteen twenty six or maintain thirty and he does research on this in finds out that this woman exists another time- and he was physics, professor and a colleague and says there anyway go back and times it will try this and do this. He goes back in time and he brings this walk it with him and he does me her and they do
fall in love and as a gift of his love for her. She gives her this lock it or you can never doubt most. That was her luck it. It is better. Dame gave up our own market, whose lock it isn't right, because that, in that case, that's a gym particle with a lock. It was never created or destroyed at doesn't exist before it appeared and it doesn't exist after it only exist within the time. It's locked in time between I went she gave it to him and when he gave it to her interest in a lovely, yes, so that you have to watch out for that. So now what are used? What do you ask him? What do you say tonight, I say please help,
Ask them everything. Yet the problem is this: a lot I took we take for granted notches, I, but any of us living in the twenty in the twenty first century. We just take for granted that we understand energy, which was a poorly formulated concept in his day, how'd you so you wouldn't even know what you're talking about I'd how'd you get a car which car that's a horse and carriage without the horse. But how did a move to Kennedy? energy will what's chemical energy. It would please you're fast study, but I have to invest a lot of time catching him up, things that we do. We just live with. I don't like this. I don't like this. Because he's your hero near right, he's got it. You lie No he's got a beautiful mind and after you, for an hour, you then we light, listen demand. That's all you do. Don't you dumb ass! I don't like this
like, if ok, that could upset my he rode over a bright slept. That's what I would You go: let's go to ask the media still see media from S Graham says hello. My name is asked him and eleven upstate knew your work in the aerospace industry and I built giant hyper rockets. My question is based on rocket telemetry as the earth rotates due east as launch rockets to ease and use the earth's gravity to help get into orbit? Does the amount. Gravity assist come from just the overall mass of the earth and its speed of rotation, or does the mass of our iron core help with the amount of speed each of the rotation in relation to the amount of gravity we feel so. Ok, it's got nothing to do with any of it. Ok, you're gonna, do with anything but
soon. We will treat you like Isaac Newton right now. That's a rocket scientist over thinking. The problem right. This is it possible to think too much judge rain that in a little bit right, let outbreak brain com has com- just just just take a cleansing breath ago. So Clearly, he knows, and others might not know that it is our preference anyone who is launching rockets to launch beast? Ok, because earth is rotating right west to east What are you get? Vehicles are law assist you get a little Not a gravity is not a gravity. A see is a push lunatic. Puss speed assist a tail wind. It looks pale with what a rapid and and as such, if you want the maximum extra boost you want to do it. We're earth is actually moving
the fastest obviously Griffiths spinning as one solid object, but at the equator it does one full turn. In the same time, it does closer to the public's got a bigger distance to trap right, it's there. For me, faster, you, the equator, equators, going about a thousand miles an hour. We're here in New York City, we're moving about eight hundred miles, Our doing so Jim, Will you wanna launches Forsyth as possible? They have. Mobile, launch platforms that go pick up your rocket, go to the equator and then watch it from the acquaintance conical. Why it's a business, it's a business model. So anyhow, if you do that, then you do need the you necessary to have gap that extra speed boost that you got so as a matter of safe in, if you say fuel now I have more pay low capacity for The thing your pay me to put into orbit, so everything is better. Ok, if you, if you can take less fuel and it's not that much less for you,
but it's enough you can make incremental differences in your profit margins. That's all it's got nothing to do with the core. It's got nothing. To do with how strong earth gravity is. That's extra speed is just as whiplash just every system rotation itself, that's that's all it is and the speed with which you have to attain so that you can maintain orbit. That depends on earth gravity and for earth. It's about five miles per second. If you're going to lessen you'll go up and then crash back, then I say go fast enough, so that their eastern motion so fast that actual fall back to earth. Curves away from you write so very five five feet. What say you fall towards earth You move so far down stream the earth curve shape has come. Five feet away from you rather yoke.
Constantly falling toward the earth at a speed were earth is exactly curving away from you, that is the orbital speed and for earth it's eighteen thousand miles an hour comes out her about five miles per second loud that's so cool! You have a nice rifle gate philosophy. I've been the house my case for a long time. The sounds really good measure sent a amber. Europe can make gay wasn't gonna orbiting dealers choices, visor concern our we are running out of time? So, let's get to Kay over from you told me. We run it out, I'm talking too much, damn worker, so gay does light overseas. To move can a full time vehemence fate of momentum, less relax, or does it continued to move indefinitely
So I guess he has to be talking about in the bathroom of space, because we know that photons ceased to move. Now when they hit your eye redundant, photons anymore right and I'm fine pockets of energy. Electric chemical energy ran your head, Sir Photons We can slow them down any time you put him in a transparent denser medium. They go slower so they go slower going from vacuum to air, I go slower, open air to water, slower gave him water to glass, slower, boyfriend, glass diamond a diamond birth. My travel forty percent of its peak speed in Iraq. Ok, so now there been of some experiments where they created a medium. Where the light is right,
really really slow, like you could practically watch it move from one point to the other rights. Only what you are doing is their boosting, which all the index of refraction the higher the enough so repression, the greater them Ben across his internet, media and slower. It will move Why diamonds are so useful is rings? Could you put facets in it and the like goes in bed. So severely that you can have. You can track light enough, so that comes out a completely different place from where the white like went in so gives the diamond the appearance of having a research radiance right right. If it only gave light in the direction you sent it in, then it is because I have life right, but if comes here and it goes out there and you see it from their direction. It gives you the impression of something highly radiant, so diamonds have value for that reason, among others, but for as jewellery, their value varies. So all I'm saying is
in principle. You can have the initial pressure so high that you can. I watch the lights to remove, but I dont know that you can just stop it. I think so that and so no frozen light. I don't think so. With these so called frozen light. I don't I don't mind. I don't mind molasses light either that that's kind of cool to mass comical, to act as a laboratory Caltech that specialise in high speed photography and they have some camera. The tastes like a trillion frames per second and then they put lights, were medium that slowed down and then they you can take all these frames per second internationally to watch the right move through the media amazing. I don't think you can stop it think that effect. Let me put it Mary said another way. I'm gonna be around. If you succeed, because as funny at that time for one quick question: what would it? What are you? Ok, he go disobey very quick.
Daniel to twenty from Youtube says: it's aliens are real. What technology can we suggest that they had? In other words, what what technology do you think they would have? Example, like Dyson Sphere, Is there anything that is there anything that we first of all if they can get to us? Thank you. That's that I could, for example, I could get here. I mean it's, not we can't see. What's around us, we know how close stuff is writers, a thing. Here's the thing I wheeled things in my back pocket that would have made burned at the stake twenty years ago for sorcery in our own in our own civilization. Ok, if you, if you had a smartphone and like the ninety nine these arrangements,
they do these nineteen other thing people work one hears that were that's just us technology in our own time than anyone else who got here from planet from an ideology down to say: do they have a decent sphere? If all you come up with this stuff, we ve thought of that they might have that's not creative enough re, ok, cause we think they do is gonna, be more interesting than anything we can. Then we can ever think because we're doing stuff today, that's more interesting than we even invented grey, look at that there will be two thousand and one back. Then computers were getting more powerful so that the back, because that was Sixty eight imagining the year two thousand and one so computers were just coming around. You see computers and they get comparable June. Two thousand one you'll be real be right up. He had be huge known as imagining that you be carrying computers with you.
Then I can carrying a computer but to try to imagine the future. All I'm saying is we you can barely imagine our own future with the technology sitting in front of us. Much less predict what kind of technology the aliens agenda but if I had to go there I'd say you're the guy what drives and they can do what the hell they want. They go at the recent anyone they have more jobs and we want them. It's funny. You say that to children, If you had a Iphone or you went back in time just three hundred years, they would burn the state for which, crap. Unless you are a man in which case they would a worse. If she was a guy, I have you go slavery times which blacklist responsibly that smart programme? it's a bad. It's absolutely ITALY dammit Yet we gotta we gotta go check, are ok this another cosmic worries
thanks. We had these animals for. Thank you. You are definitely around us. Is cosmic queries. Star talk, kneeling restoration, check, nice role here, for you. Servant your cosmic curiosity.
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