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Cosmic Queries: GMOs with Bill Nye (Part 1)

2015-07-12 | 🔗
Guest host Bill Nye the Science Guy says he’s changed his mind about GMOs. Find out why when he and co-host Chuck Nice answer fan submitted questions about the controversial subject of Genetically Modified Organisms.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Secrete, cinemas trees, Venus with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. What what recently, the domain, the breakdown in those into Grandma Brenda, get lab
greetings. Grieving spill lie here. Welcome to star talk, radio, its cosmic queries, taking your questions from the cosmos, then providing nerve insights perspectives. Nominally answers, and I'm here with my beloved colleague, Jackknife chuck good, to see a bill always good to be seeing it see you too so you have some queries from they're in the electric internet space that is correct from the ether known as the internet. We have from all over whether its twitter, Facebook, Lord Google, plus any of it
many incarnations where you'll find stride taught us what the kids you. This is what the kids you with their electorate, computer mission and pretty soon, will be our snapchat and that will actually destroy my daughter's life because dad zones Snapchat, although I will be there The point is long legs about. This is what happens my daughter. She goes onto something finds a new app, I'm like uh, that's kind. Cool and in the moment I get on its just like this are a cooling more, and this is now on this app. My case, I don't have any inclination to get on her algebra, app
of history and now I would never do that, because I want to give her the excuse to get off of it. I thought I'd say exactly what I'm saying today: let's get day, let's get to work genetically modified organism. Yet that is what we're talking about before we begin. I have we're gonna to part of here and I have a ton of questions from Gmos and they are all ears that we don't know think are all addressed to you. There saying bill dear Mister, nigh dearest. Mr now, why are all these people asking you about Gmos? Here's The thing. Ok, I wrote a book or near terms with our undeniable. Pollution in the science of creation. Yes, and in that I heard by the way the grip of I love you man. By the way I am aboard. The point is, or the thing of it is in the board of a chapter about genetically modified organisms at time when I wrote it, I said, is always good to be cautious. It, sir,
you don't know what you're gonna do the ecosystem, but this way, to controversy, because Tirzah Gmos, In my opinion, I spent some more time I met the who won the world food price? Ok rob will you one it's like the Nobel Prize for farming for agriculture, agriculture and he's, In my opinion, really not such a bad guy and he believes that we can raise more food than ever unless land. In other words, we have seven point. Two, almost one point: three billion people on earth today. Ok, leaves. Are his colleagues believe they can raise food for nine billion people on two percent, less land, which is great it's a noble, go Edison of and here's the thing that happened. In my opinion, the Monsanto develop something called life has said ok, rather assault of joy. For saying this is a way to put this
go on to soil and have it stay there pretty well, ok anywhere, it kills everything. That's green kills everything by inhibiting the she can meet acid pathway, so you're literally salting the earth yes sell us. However, what rob Really in these several other guys who are working at Monsanto, they be hated Monsanto. What they did is develop a gene that lets the suit she came across. A pathway get completed in the green plant anyway got in there These so called round up ready soybean corn caught cotton was the first one right and here two thousand and everybody is familiar round up as we, the killer does kill. Weeds, kills green plant, any green plant with a couple exceptions which are quite relevant anyway He argues that drives is really not such a bad thing,
compared all the other or besides cliffs, it's pretty benign, which diet I've done. Research now of design that's true. I've changed my mind about genetically modified foods. That's that's the tops of top line you ve changed about so I looked into it. There is no difference between our Jeez among GMO Eaters and non GMO eaters. There is a big difference in inputs from an agricultural standpoint. Organic farming takes a lot more. Water takes a lot more tillage. Yes, it is actually you end up with less diversity of microbes. In the soil, with modern round up ready crops, because you don't have to tell you how to turn the soil over to kill the weeds right. However, there is a notorious we'd called pigweed would
every bit as friendly as it sounds, ok and is it as railways as bacon? Actually they used it, we people used to eat it, eat the leaves of Frances plants, but now it's considered a week as its you have to go to a lot of trouble to get the food were proud of its got you and it has a redundant gene now. In other words, it has evolved over the last couple decades. Okay, so that it has an amplified, the gene that makes that you can make it said and so around. I didn't, kill, kill it yeah so You have a round up resistant. We now would you got so right now they control the the adverbs mechanically. They tear it up. They dig it out and these guys at the old fashioned way less right. The farmers at Monsanto and pioneer and do pride. They all tell stories. These are seed companies. They all tell stories were kids. They were farmers, they dug up waits grant and it was not,
the good old days, so I changed my mind about genetically modified organisms and that's why these things have come in I claim jock. Then I went about it in the scientific fashion. Let's take a query: let's go to the queries. This is Corey Garcia, coming to us from Google, plus what kind of research has been done to show what effects Gmos do or do not have on humans, or this is exactly the point. This is to thank you Koreas, reticent about his poor regarding from gas from out there, so what they we it has done is that is the one thing you can test is the effects of food. I mean this one straightforward thing: you contested: that's not that different from twenty years ago, you feed the food to you, good friends, elaborate Nokia, again use the mice, and you say what you think so Steve
hence it is noted that the mouse Israel's Dave Henrietta Zones is not making your five. I think he Mickey's really hard times are hard lab rat to have to make love to kill would be annually are right yet, but for some, so the thing is: there's no of the genetically modified food has no effect on earth is the means, that is to say there is no difference between it and organically raised through. This is scientifically provable, certainly provable to my satisfaction, and that's like the most straightforward thing about it is tat, see if it's still nutritious and stiff see if it has any allergic effect and it actually does not in
in general. All these foods are more nutritious there well. Well, then, is the first time I've ever heard that assertion mail. Just in general, I mean you get more soybean per hectare per like that. You get more corn paraca per hectare. You get bigger colonels of corn, so from a luminous standpoint, I'll, not just sad if you're gonna, if the, if the bushel of corn ways so many kilos or pounds how much of that is nutritious corn, and how much of that is Cobb Annetta. And then a blockhead. That's a very good point: oh yeah yeah! I get a lot more. You get a lot more colonel Dent Cobb. Just in that one example, the famous example, then the other thing that's happened with genetically modified foods, and this may be that in the future, queries. The other thing that happened is its lead to the success of this technology, of allowing you to put life assayed on fields and in plant things like
crazy. Is people have raised enormous tracts of land in a single crop because easier gotcha, so called monoculture, and this has had two things. First of all, you you lose diversity in your farming, which leads to a loss of diversity in the microbes that support plants and loss of diversity. In this, the rate at which different pollen, NATO flowers appear, this is to say, ok if all the soybean plants come to go to flower. At the same time, the bees have to work that whole deal gray. I can't go from this
To that point, to this plan, you'll notice, the cherry blossom show up first right and then their track right. So the bees and everybody they sharp and there lay hey. You know what towards airy blast, and here I said: do you show do their due in the waiting room? Terribly. You know birthday what these this right, we know in the drawn cool show up in the daffodils and there's a sequence that has come to buy the wangemann. Clearly the horrors of the plant world, the daffodils, but I'm just saying it's just on your mind I mean about deserving long into consenting adults, good harvest of a planet. Fine! No! This is where demonic culture, but I go along with the idea I mean. I know I claim that the success of genetic modification with respect to life, a seat herbicides does not necessarily mean new plant, a monoculture and stress out bee colonies. Gotcha you could that's not the cause and effect
That's funny when you say that I just hear Jerry Seinfeld going what we're gonna do this Oh it's all. There was a terrible Jerry side. It was also minor stating that was you doing Jerry Seinfeld Happily, yes, a female, be yes exactly so by the way, all the bees. You see, your girls they're all females, let herself similarly they get the drones out as soon as they are finished. Mating with the queen, and it's just like they go straight beyond stated- are left to the lab August stuff in a box to the left, get out I'll, keep it in mind. Should I become a drone, be drawn b Normally the way you started that says that good work, if you can get it away, so there's no difference.
Allergic reaction and and health concerns with respect to genetically modified foods worth compared with we're gonna or non genetically modified food, and we know that because the real This has been done on mice around moisten people. Peter has been going on for almost twenty five years. Fantastic and nobody gets sick from In fact, people are in general, they get more food from a given Hector acres of land and the strange thing that was pointed out to me- and I did some research work- over ninety percent of the world's farmers are small farmers right. And they all use round up ready crops, the orb genetically modified crops closer to us so much more productive. So, as I said by guy Facilitate- and I am not an expert on round up- as is my thing but have done, some research
There's two things that happen when roundup was introduced first, while everybody was afraid of it because it does kill every green plant. Was that something to be afraid of than the second thing is everybody started used hit? It works so well, but even more disturbed? Well, that you have, at least this is the troubling by four effect. Hey, this is scary, is hell?
I know what we should all use up the outcome. I hate Corey. That was a great question and at a great answered by Mr Bill, not a right of future. Let's move onto Gabe sob, oh yes, Gabe gave us last night. Yes gave is coming to us from Facebook and says need a straight answer here: Bill what equals a GMO and what equals selective breeding. Where is the line drawn? Well, that's a great question gave well really is the great question gave you show off yards really good, because echo this is this is the question. When I wrote this chapter in the first version of my book about evolution, I had a pretty clear idea My mind about the distinction distinction was whether not humans were influencing it. That was my idea, the influencing the genome, so a few breed within the species shit like George Washington, used to take tweezers
magnifying glass and shake the pollen from one week, plants onto the eggs, the over of another to get a hybrid, a new type of wheat, others within the species intra species right, and I thought to myself, taking a gene from another species. Let's say the bacillus, thuringians US bacterium, putting it in corn, BT, corn. Ok, that would be a BT corn. No, no, that's that's different again. That's it! The television cameras Let me tell exactly I don't know what the relationship they have bad jokes, but I don't know that's the same as Bt Core corny television. Right, but we are a bad jokes. I would be an example there right there, so Anyway, I thought when I wrote the chapter are: well: that's not what's a clear distinction rather ones genetically modified in an extraordinary way. Ok, bye, bring a gene from
another genome and another species and putting it into species of interest compared with. The king, the pollen and the over, which should be introduced within the speaking. However, go ahead. It has been pointed out to me that that have that these species in their genes into each other, all the time in nature and when I started the research I want you to think that way. Then I want you to think that makes for lively speculation is anyway. So if you ever see a gall on the side of a tree, the big ball yet a bolt. That's where viruses not only infected the tree but gotten its genes into the trees cells. But then, as I was finishing, researching. Turning in the final, the bird final, the last manuscript version, the manuscript. This fabulous research came out about sweet potatoes.
And so it turns out to sweep it here. Is that you- and I know and love, presuming that you know them and what I do. Indeed, though, it's very difficult for a black person. That's no! I love sweet potatoes, just part of our culture, our well. I I I'm substantially bantu according to genetic research, genetic ass say that was done on me, but I will sweep it today. You go coincidence. What I tell you what to do what I say my fellow brother, that aside these genes from outside the sweet potatoes, clearly got in there, naturally, naturally, so that humans accelerated can argue quite strongly in for me convincingly that this is what humans do,
we hybrid eyes plants either the old fashioned way. George Washington's tweezers ins, magnifying glass, is right, glass or the modern way with biotechnology. So what has happened at companies like pioneer seas, which part a Dupont, Conagra and especially Monsanto? They have made the transition from being chemical manufacturers, industrial chemicals manufacturers, Eliza and professor sides into a by biotech firm rank, and so you go there, everybody all the scientists are geneticists, that's who they hardly they're, not chemises, so much anymore. It's centrally, and I'm right there, whether you, everybody, Monsanto, used to make agent Orange Jes so did DOW chemicals, and I heard that that's awesome stuff, yet awesome for certain applications. But in general it is part of a dark pastor. I don't think these companies,
really. I mean they were hired by the government to make the stuff and they did and they don't do it anymore. I believe this is true. Ok, I used to work at Boeing on commercial aeroplanes because I wanted to work on commercial stuff instead of military stuff, but boy makes a lot of weapons. Yes, they do ok, people downloading but they are the real life tony Stark, we're pulling at Mcdonnell Douglas. That's the real lives or anything else, same birthright for peace now, and that what that absorption was permitted to happen to preserve the fabulous military industrial complex? So look at that with that sat there almost likely intra species of George Washington. We experiment, so we are talking
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we're here, another commercial, on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying start? I welcome back with Georgia. Radio. I'm your guess, toast bill nicety in for my beloved yield a brass Thyssen. I'm here with my good friend shocking, thoughtful insightful commentator on human condition and science and he has in his hand the secret sheaf of cosmic queries. These are being cut,
since that came from you out there in the electronic either space that is correct. You have not seen the man dies out which are highly impressed by the fact that both you and the UN are able to answer these questions offered happier had its fantasy. Now that we're trying to stop now. As we know, this is not about listeners, would do that. Have this comes from Patria, I'm in this is Pedro around. You know you can go in and support the show and
Maybe you can be a page, can make a patron star radio podcast and we will just science comedy. We would actually read your questions on cosmic, whereas when you are a patron through patriarch aren't here we go. My name is key Leah Silva's, sorry, it so hard really wasn't. I am currently working as the scientists and the epidemics core at the University of Minnesota. First of all, let me just say that I was really impressed with the fact that you change your views on GM owes. You truly deserve your title, science guy my actual question. I believe that Gmos are powerful tool.
Could help humans, fight climate change and better utilised. Our commission resources. What would be your dreams Ye Emma to take on this challenge? Mind would be carving, strap carbon struck, carbon scrubbing trees to help clearly atmosphere. Yes, a tree is a column of carbon. A forest is a collection of calm carbon columns of carbon, and wouldn't it be nice to have fast growing trees that would get big be made of the Woodman, but a tree is made of chalk. Right is air. Ok, it's quite troubling at first, but all that a cellulose lignite and all that from carbon, which the trickiest, rather they are mean, there's a little bit. Did you get if your tree plant from the soil but has not literally a second, I right out of the air, so this would be a wonderful thing. You know people proposed making artificial trees to take carbon earlier, but how about real ones? And the thing I would say to her,
to answer a question with a little more completeness. Is you don't? Wanna have just one species, you won't have a diverse diversity of species, columns of carbon of trees and so to have fast growing trees that would take her would be a wonderful thing, furthermore, be great if they were useful in some other enchanting way yet like they made apples or something yes or they could shade your house, writer or, being your house even better yeah what they produce seriously what if they produce some varnish your pitch, that was, you know a great use soon because trees, you guys, I know we don't ever want to cut them down it's very true, but they do die of old age. They have a wide just like so many other plants. So why not cut them down in the prime of their life? Anyway, altering of wealth not exist. Everybody was let us move on to the next question cureless. Well, let's move!
when to our next question, which comes from James Cultures and which is so funny because his twitter handle is at James, Adele. I don't know man without where he was incognito, yet that it just made ideas out another. So here we are, this is, I believe I can. We modify organisms to produce different or increased vitamins and minerals. That's what we ve done. I mean this historical impermanent. How of humans been farming chart ten thousand years recorded time here, some like that. So intimate farming, not just yes, hygiene, or rather I am so I think, a lot of land. You would not recognise and ancient cornplanter Cindy Disinter, you wouldn't even know it looks like What does it? Look like a miniature holiday light Bob anyway, now that these unicorn cops are long.
You wouldn't recognise soybean. You wouldn't recognise Cotonou in recognising that humans have cultivated it over years centuries. The millennia nonlinear tenths of mourning, hundreds of wanting to get these things to be more news, precious more useful and in a more productive and produce more productive farming and, as we like to say, Chuck. Yes, there is real nothing natural about farming right, because you're Germany delaying the process. In a moment you till the soil in Havana, see you start cutting down trees to plants ray. I feared, modifying the ecosystem, big to exacerbate. I appreciate this desire to be in tune with nature. Never everything worked out, but- and I appreciate Thomas Jefferson, dream of agrarian society. Where we all, I know homes and thought deep thought site there on the porch with Europe, zoom, some dandelion wine or whatever he was into
and now everybody lives in cities as well. We do these amazing, proactive things in a few of us embrace the idea of farming and farming, We modify the land in an extraordinary way, so There has been going on since the beginning of farming a thousand years humans have been trying to improve that which we farm gotcha array hate James. That was a great question right, and so we ve been in the process of making super foods for ever. No word. Super food is now used to mean some extraordinary, nutritious thing right, like Hale, everybody said Hale is superfluous. I like hail. I do. I grow Caille at my place out in our Santos, is a little bit, it's kind of a weed once you get it go and when you get to go- and he can I gotta Cale tree you might be might be sorry that you got no. No, no, no lover. I love it. I put it in our directly writer rinsing after or a bake it in the oven and make these Caille chips. You make your own concepts.
Don't ships right began a bill yearly effort? Was you like the science Martha Stewart? Those amazing I make my little girl ships that sail go. Let's move onto this is Gerard, disarm and Gerard says Bill. Can your recent book undeniable you give caution to the EU of Gmos and food stuff now you're advocating their use. Could you explain or described thus science specifically that change Europe's perspective? So you talked about what you would happen, but is there a specific scientific moment that you can look to that says: hey man! This is cool. Now, yes Ok, here's what they got shot, because you ve only got beyond that way. Let us go ahead, please excuse me
many of whom are women? Ok at at the beheaded Monsanto half up, it's almost half of the scientists are women really is very cool genetic. Geneticists. Other people be graduated know why don't we hate them check them? one of the reasons why I dont really feel that way. It's no known, I was the natural progressively gradually Mary S or more Now we seventeen every seventeen and obvious and some of those yours. I didn't write this show that some of those years or have so ok, Local authorities would have half of all sizes. Are women note that, aside, what are able to do now? They we? It is, as I say, the gene, this is to say sequence. The gene of an individual plant would say
an extraordinary speed so twenty years ago it would take. You owe a month to get the aged gene sequence of what say: soybeans soybean pocket. Now they can do that they can get cometh. I'm gonna try to do these numbers. They can get hundred thousand in ten minutes. So that's about that surprised me right did that the final numbers, ten million they can do a ten million times faster than they could twenty years ago, ten million times. Yes as they can ten million genes in mourning and so then they are able to select, which ones are definitely not promising and eliminate those which ones are clearly susceptible to certain diseases, but just by genetic analysis and tat, then their rowing, their own natural selection. In the course of a morning, yeah yeah yeah,
didn't you going to do that and the reasonable do it is they ve developed these enzymes that stick to go I mean sided mean adenine, citizen admin and Timing B. C H, e tease of your agenda crowd at the letters in the line, yes and then there's four frequencies of laser light that figure out how many of this anomaly of that one in what order they are in a position of a blink shrink. The end this is the machine is very cool over the machines are very cool looking, and this is what this is. What changed my mind is being able to do the ten million times faster than these buildings to do it at an ever more importantly, b, to eliminate the one. That's right or no good friends right work were clear. You're not sooner or later suitable for farming susceptible to diseases and so on. I dont want to judge Man nowhere farmers and we want them to come out the way we want them and so long to see?
going decide. Then they plant the promising ones in super controlled, sterile greenhouses and the ones that have suitable qualities they propagate, and so takes about five years of that and then the FDA or the Department of Agriculture mean does another three years, typically sometimes five years, and then they agree it's worth than its worth, planted. Okay, now two things as an addendum to Mr Disarms question MR disarm. This is an excellent question that you asked by the way one people say: you're playing God, that's a personally were farmers. Are we doing that? I mean look if you're always two guys the tumbling tumble its ear, wait. There's a he's a cow handier beetle. Ok, you know, sir, it's you misfortune, and none of my own he's talking to the cows write another I'm gonna drive you the cow to maintain.
Right to eat grass all summer, then we're gonna kill you hate. It is Germany of origin, not mine. Ok, you! That's why you're vegetarian out there I understand right, but my point being in that song, this farming and raising livestock for human consumption is what we ve been doing for a long time for a long time, and that's just the way. This and very few of us wander there's our few tribes that wander through forests, subsistence, living and they know just where to go in the forest to subside to subsist rather, but that's would not have seven billion people run around the world of every how they were trying to apply sets a very dicey, proposition internet. After some far fewer of those tribes left in What were we New York right? Exactly couldn't have aid and people living on thirties, whatever its twenty eight square miles. English we almost still based on a
what is new in the subway right now you're going to do that with farm if you're, trying to farm on the same island boom, ok, exile, excellent question and thank you, Mr Disarm, and thank you bill, because the description of the machine is a fantastic cool, absolutely chip, they ship, the corn, colonel, that's the bird and so the colonel was still grow. But by taking this little piece of it out, there are able to ass, say the gene completely, and I'll? Have the thing grow? They can compare with the expected to happen with what happens at amazing. Oh it's just I may that is. It is not even mentioned. The innocent consequence of information technology- this is to say it's a consequence of our ability to run computers at such extraordinary speed, let alone the chemistry of the thing. With these these getting these these enzymes to sort the
citizens I mean I mean- and granting this amazing amazing. Well all right. So now, Michael fully coming to us from Google plus one another's, is GMO too broad a category for any single statement. Should organisms grown from individually edited sequences of DNA be treated the same as that grown meat as golden Rice, as gray, hybrid grains as heirloom tomatoes? Also, we that grow mammoth. Now I dont know what the hell that there was this guy's you wanna take mammoth genes in oh yeah. Like a bully mammoth get us because there's an indian elephant right now. That actually is only one small bit away. From strike, you you're all over this anyway, I don't know
I remember how this crap, so this is what he wants to know is a too proud of a category for any single statement I mean: is it all the same, or is there a difference, or you know you saying why said many times you gotta go case by case, but what we do at what does that? The people who are growing genetically modified crops, especially that's their deal. They actually do go case by case, but it comes to use of words really hard thing to control words or organic, that is to say they their bottom up. Somebody coins a term that people
like right. It sticks right. Is this a tomato or an heirloom tomato right? Is it yellower red demean? So these words are hard to control that when you start trying to tell people know, this is not genetically modified. This is interest species of gave you just gonna get into a fistfight about semantic light. So really is not about mandates. It's about going case by case and seeing what works. How does but in the big picture in the broad stroke? Ok, I claim genetically modified crops are a good thing. That's that there too there to the benefit of humankind. So that's your baseline right. There right there and what happened was when the genetically modified cotton especially was introduced
and then the corn and soya beans. There was in the middle of ninety Ninetys. It was kind of the same afternoon that the bovine Spongiform encephalitis the BBC, the mad cow disease. Ok us emerged, especially in Britain, yes, and the two things got conflated bessie that mixed with GMO and people thought they were all the same. They thought it was industrial farming, the man controlling things and making everybody sick. They re those two really are separate, separate issues: Gotcha spongiform encephalitis, mad cow disease, where your brains turns to a sponge right is separate from corn that the corn borer insect can't eat God, you care about you can so reader we're not susceptible to that protein passes right through us. Not to give you too much information now now realise what happened to me last
You don't even know. Sorry, we can't even notice it goes right on through right on through had got it. Will that makes sense? Ok, so there you have it there is your answer man, but what about the mammoth? How do you feel about the mammoth? Do you want to make one? I have some little baby. The coup, I beg of you, the greatest thing in the world. Is the only mammoth walkin around man and it would be the only animal I would actually advocate being in a zoo, because I don't believe in zoos but bar, but with that said, or else with their technology led like. If you could successfully do that, could you bring back the great oc? Could you bring back other be useful species that word the frogs. The frogs that are being so stressed by that fungus. Could we bring all those animals back in a way that we would have more diversity and ecosystem based
on this trial, with the mammoth request, I have no problem with anything that you just said as long as we're not bringing back predators, I think that with lengthy were all the animals are right and you know that's the ark. It's really hard get eaten by a lion I mean you have to especially. A body of you always were in your city. We're not gonna get attack by alliance. The same was shark biting it happens, but not that much so my fears are unfounded. All not just keep him in perspective, I was struck by lightning way. More likely. Pete from Twitter wants to know here in California. I very concerned about the drought, apparently pits the only one. You should be, as this could be. The future could be from now on, for he's, gonna have that a little water, and what are we going to do about that is scary, so well I'll tell you, when STAR talk, returns with Chuck
my way start about you, start radio bill Nigh here, you're just host for my dear for a meal digress vices and I'm here My colleague and insightful science commentator Chuck. First, that's ever bits.
Short, nice, will read your cosmic queries. These are questions that have come to us from the cosmos. Ass said: it's you all out. There absolutely so before we went to the break, we had a cliffhanger that was given to us by PETE from Twitter and PETE wanted to know. He says here in California. I am very concerned about the drought. Can Gmos make for less h too? Will consumption yeah? That's that's a big claim that I think is well substantiated by the genetically modified companies Jack for you modifying companies, people that companies it put genes from different species into his farms been species that we want to farm crops, especially a cat, and this seems they claim very reasonable that they can make crops that are drought, tolerant, drought, tolerant they hold their water, they dont let it evaporate through their leaves. The war stems the way.
Now doorway extent native plants might, and they strongly believe that they can reduce the amount of water needed, furthermore, very reasonable that we can put our water capturing gels in the soil in farm so I ok- and these should be, though you know the you put the form rubber thing in the glass and it becomes again in a grossly like that in the farm soil- and you can say well, that's not natural, where farming is not, its role so using less water, doing more with less joy. That's the key to our future, more with less not to just do less. I grew up with earth Day and the hippies we're all tellin us. You know don't drive DR less breathe last light years. Last: clean water. In fact, if you can't don't eat, if you can manage that Raven eat a certainly didn't bathed with
we're dirty clothed waterways leaned, so that turned out not does eating part especially turned out not to be popular. So now the key is not just just do less, is to do more with less, and that is the claim of the genetically modified seed coming. That they are doing more with less, and I agree with him. Ok, I'm not in the business, but I agree with him. So there you go PETE the drought, What are they? Gonna, drought writ drought, hollerin throttle drought, tolerant plants, especially will say it rains thrown away like a cactus. It holds onto its water, yes, Missus Dale, drought dastard that must be returning cotton plants into cacti sing.
An example that your offer everybody's familiar with our right. So let's go to eke out who is at got his memoirs on Twitter sounds good. It does got his memoirs. I would soil on Mars force us to genetically modified foods to be able to grow there because of less son. In other words, leafless can't we did not have five genetic ratify I feel that the fact that, but where do you get, we did not apply plans to the point where they don't even the photosynthesis, but they can still be eaten while we mushrooms, oh wow through. Do man look at that All about aside, I do eat. Mushrooms is a matter of fact. I'm still have flash from the last. I can't hear you so. Nobody! I know it sounds so romantic too, live on Mars. To some of us,
on which I am not whom usage intended for comedic effect. Everybody Mars is cold. Crazy, cold and their son is less than a quarter, is bright sorts dim. But we take pictures there, but these are with cameras bettered where the IRA, so that the system is, up to capture a lot a light before the picture is Sir said here, the earth So not only more of you have said. Yes, you can't breathe data so everybody, it sounds so romantic if you really want to colonise Mars, go no in article four couple years. Ok and dont know not on the shore where the birds agenda oracles grew, being the penguins out a mid air. No, no, not at all happy feats of right! Yes nodded at
you go where it hasn't snowed and over a century and see what the dry valleys and see what you think try for for years by the way, even breathe. Take all the scuba tanks, you need just a simulated so I want to go to Mars? I want to work for signs of life on Mars on the first guy to do that, but it don't go colonise it and then genetically modified crops they modify crops, so they can survive. I ve been a greenhouse on Mars. That would be charming, but it's not a big goal of mine. So what would be more? I know we're still on Gmos but I just want to ask what would be more desirable rising Mars or call rising the moon. Talk about the moon would be for here's the thing in an article. We have a science
we have made modification of people go there and they do scientific research to make amazing discoveries. Earth used to be so warm ancient dinosaurs one around our continent, but back in the day. Why? Yes right, but we make those discoveries s go, but you don't go there live you, go there to work and hang out for a while. I go away. I got it from your first from my perspective. He's prayer book choose propose is disrespectful of our beloved LOS Angeles love, LOS Angeles Tis couldn't live there s so anyway. The same is true of Mars genetically modified plants to make it on Mars a worthy undertaking, but not some
I want to spend a lot of invest a lot of intellect and treasure on our right. Ok, let us move on to another question. Another cosmic, we're at a cost of workers were almost up against the lightning round, which is fast approaching a K. So now this is from inquiring mines bill. You talk a lot about Gmos, you changed I'm is Monsanto paying! You know. Factory went out to dinner the other day, my editor Corrie. I thought you met you and Monsanto and Rob railways because they that may count. Not always that other afford our dinner two months. Campaigns as broad freely shake your hand. He says hi, I'm one Satan money hers all that stuff. And oh no, we each team bought its own dinner I'll, try orca. So, however, when I visited Monsanto, yes, they offered me a sandwich and a cup of coffee, and I enjoyed
both, but I flew myself there I mean in another man, here's an airport, here's the real question did that sandwich have genetically five observers it you can avoid an right. So the way I went to an anti Monsanto rally. All your city arrived, and I was really impressed by how far was and short sighted the people there were some therein. I trust it will rise. They got to appoint a charter. I don't know your political leanings, but I've got to the point where they wanted you to believe that the present United States is controlled by Monsanto. While isn't he we are told that he salaries, Kenya, Muslim. Yes, socialists matters will be confirmed the United States, Monsanto people too,
as people point out Monsanto's in the top five hundred fortune, five hundred companies, but it's not in the top five, its way down liked to two hundred or so they're, not even that there would have been there big, but let that they're not they're, not its biggest apple or obiang, say or yes the answer. I d go people, dare you have also I ride up Jack on what I had. I am reluctant to save my favorite part of a show, but let me say a part of the show I very much look forward to, and that is Chuck. The lightning rod. Yes there. It is he saw hit me the lightning round, question shark. How goes Heroes Ben Miller from Facebook wants to know is in cross breeding genetic modification. Yes in Poland, of different style in a difference there, ok, Stephen Flow from Twitter says we're: can Gmos potentially take agriculture in five?
and fifty years man- that's not really a lightning rank. Let's just now with the answer is it were an arms race, us versus the pig we'd us versus the thing after the piglet and so, for example, what these genetic modified come biotech companies want to do. Seed companies is keep up in the arms race, make stack the genes, as they say, source resistant to glide forsake, which resistant to die Campbell that this other style of herbicides. This resistance to the certain insects that attack that certain plant then girl. There you have it Samson Mose is talk about a biblical name. Their sense of Moses from Google plus wants to know. Why is it that everyone is afraid of new science? Is it just ignorance,
It seems to be plus keep in mind that scientists in the last century of promised, has started, and I say they we had an example. I give you, the nuclear industry, built these astonishing by I mean just amazing working world ending bombs and ok, maybe we can get some industrial power out of this, but it is pretty complicated. We have a lot of waste and trust us and thus lead to mistrust of size. With that sat with the scientific literature, Popper populous, we can make good decisions about. This was voters and taxpayers lightning ice. Ok, Peter could yet ass Junior was, or that would be younger union Junior from Facebook wants to do can G M owes occur. Naturally, all this is the thing. Doing paper there came out recently was the sweet potatoes where these genes from other organisms, God in the sweet, potatoes that you and I know and love and thank our star
send cosmic rays that they did because we enjoy on that much. Those put here is that much more easily turn. This is new. Kid diet, Danny You, kid Danny from Facebook says number one. Congratulations on light sale! One thing: our task right was a success. We got an orbit we'd we passed over tests to qualify for the rocket we got an orbit. We deploy the sales we the picture he asked arrived so here's this question. What will be the significance of Gmos in our future man missions in those solar system water. Already up the astronaut food you're eating food is produced from genetic modification from inter species modification, and it's a good thing, because the food is that much more delicious and nutritious Thomas Riley, her faithful protests, and he was a pill. What is your position on labelling of Gmos in the supermarket?
I think in fact I've said to those guys do pioneer and down Grand Monsanto mine, Satan. I've told him why don't you stay put I would like to see see what happens when sets makes sense makes sense. Ok got the market sort it out If people don't wanna, then little will see what happens. Ok, this is my life from Facebook. Clearly, matters not agree with you: hey bills and change your blue views on Gmos. Have you spend time with other respect the scientists in the not so GMO crowd to give them a chance at a rebuttal and present new evidence to you? So, in other words, he doesn't agree. You spend time with any scientist that don't agree with your change? Yes, yes, I am a member of the Advisory Board of the union's concern scientists and union concerned. Scientists traditionally is very anti.
So why are you what those people now and then are you connected series? This aim is to establish proper, and I think Gmos or fine girl and their meetings take place at the Hall of Justice. More hope, thirty seconds fairly girl. Ok, this is from Charles we Thorpe, who wants to go. Perhaps some of the few around GMO crops is that we are opening a pandora's box. Do you anticipate a future where we become Gmos? so that is the fear you give em all your parents chose each other. Thank you very much everybody by lightning round, we ve had a wonderful thanks for listening to start right, radio, I'm here with chart nice, yes- and I am your guess- those bill- my and we were very forward much to our next star talk pod I hope you will, dare I say it: why
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