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Cosmic Queries: GMOs with Bill Nye (Part 2)

2015-07-19 | 🔗
Just in case Part 1 wasn’t controversial enough, Bill Nye and Chuck Nice are back to answer new fan questions about Genetically Modified Organisms, unintended consequences, pollinator problems and more.

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Rearing greetings, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Kids of all ages, welcome to start talk. Radio, I am your guess, toast build. I and with me, is my beloved colleague and insightful science commentator chuck. Nice, a bill, and today's Seymour Cosmic queries where we attempt to comment and answer. Your queries from the cosmos scorn for Somalia, duration era, attic, hey side, they can mailed. It lets say: let's take our first queer
I write, so you know what before we before we go any further, since we're ready, hardly started was exactly what says: we're right at the top of show. Why don't we take a question from our patriotic patron saint patriotic patron? Serve Europe patron of STAR truck right through area through Patria on you have a question about equate: it's not working a question a query and are definitely go to read it because you have proven yourself and your loyalty, ah by giving your substance to this show. So I support the show, will get your question or a man get caught a thousand limits, our workload and Mabel? Who wouldn't I re, quill my idle Judd's? You, though it pro quo, is an excellent. Way to tie in with cosmic query questions nicely.
Believe me, the shark regatta. I was impressed with that. I gotta say this is from Java and she says a Queens New York made of asking. Isn't there a fundamental difference between genetically modified foods and the cultivation of foods? Is there a fundamental notes or think by cultivation? She thinks she me traditional hybrid dicing, where you would dare take the pollen from one place, shake it onto the eggs the over of another plant and see what happened yet a hybrid yeah. So George Russian is said to have done. This sounds sexy as it is literally had said that, as you know, we know that this would happen a nature. We have two sexes hit males and females. Ok, but about in their fungi is believe. Certain species have hundreds sex types. Ah ha, that's a whole another deal out there in the land of fungus, so human
I've been hybrid arising within species shaking from one plan onto the eggs of another. Ok for centuries sake it baby, but we found that not only in nature, not only do humans. Now, biotechnology have the ability to take genes from one species and insert them into another, for example the basilisk. Therein Genesis tourism Jean into the corn, They soybean making BT soybeans BT corn right, which the corn bore eats the protein from the baron abroad. Besides there in Jesus crystallizes in the corn board got in the corn board dies. Why? So? That's right! That's the deal! So that's why the corn war is not a problem anymore. Instead of fighting These are these paths you let the plant to the fighting for you. Instead of fighting the tests with chemicals,
Yes, we're empowering the plan to do with Israel this right, so you do it as carefully as you can be sure, but the other thing that was discovered recently, as I mentioned in our recent show. Is that sweet potatoes in this way of example? Yet this happened it naturally a virus got its genes in sweet potatoes, the ones that we know and love, and we supported that as cultivators of sweet per those and encourage that a nature. So it happens in nature and now we're doing it scientifically or bio. Technologically and the difference really becomes blurry. Am whether natural or humans are doing right, because a byword kind of doing is mimicking what nature has already die so the whole thing, though your concern is, if you're doing it so fast that you're gonna do something in the ecosystem that nobody anticipated and you
want to so called knock honour, unintended consequence right in decline, ideas, Izard, babies or something like you know. Yes, like the Jurassic Park, TAT sort of thing lizard babies are, you know, or an enjoyable dinosaur, yes named Charlie leaves is all sorts of trouble with that and the unintended consequence that really did happen in nature through humans? We develop this. We people develop this herbicides called guises kills. All the weeds kills all of everything. Everything except the plants that have this, cool gene in them that allows them to grow right through it. We also killed a milkweed in the milkweed, which I now prefer to call milk flower. Is but yes, is what the monarch butterflies rely on a really yes, sir, we accidentally have decimated
on our butterfly population, reduced it over the last two decades by ninety percent, which is probably a good thing, because when they slept the wings over here, it causes a pretty bad storm, and this is the butterfly effect, that's Italy is what the girl has really really really good really so the thing is you dont want that? Were your accidently wiping out a pollinator right, central, pollinator species right, so I to the meeting in Minneapolis, the monarch venture, where they got the crazy bleeding heart Lobo hippies. Ok like me, and the corporate pigs big Conagra Monsanto doubt Pioneer were they all got together. They all want to bring monarchs back and they believe that they can by creating this so called hopscotch. Highway of milk flowers got growing these milk weeds on purpose,
right in certain tracts of land, on the fly ways that the monarchs exploit getting north and so in a longer migration plan path. You purposely put this milk flower. They have a monarch filling station from north to south and along the way, the dawn, the law butterfly horizontal mumbo. Every more and more monarch. That's right, sir. There, where the protection of the venture, this group that met in Minneapolis, diverse group people that you would not think so on are all in this together, I got to say, is an observer they're all in this getting along. They believe that this year the monarch population will go back up. One test is worth a expert opinions or stay tuned and let's see if the monarchs come back, when you take a look, I write people there, you have it. I was great question: let's move on the day brought from Facebook who says dearest, tonight, my god it sounds like the learning of a civil war letter dearest misdemeanor days here.
I've been brutal shock structure back here we go. Sorry, are you? Ok go get dearest, miss deny. What do you find to be the best way to explain to people that Gmos are harmless and can actually be beneficial to humanity. This guy was already on your side. Your bill. Are there any dangers to local EAST Go systems of Gmos managed to find their way whew outside of farmers feel great glass. I do remain do find their way out of wind blown window. So is it says so it can that happened. Can we actually want estimate unintentionally neighbouring crops because you're using Gmos they get caught up in the wind and now somebody's growing them, even though they don't want to all? This is a concern of certain organic farmers that there be seeds end up in their soil.
Get contaminated and they work very hard to sort out with that said, I would ask you, How often do soybeans grow in your yard near not that much, but enough enough, grows in my heart, but an egg. I have also to the earth and agricultural areas. If you people have to be very diligent, but most most plants, they grow as crops. Ok are planted on purpose us rigorous, that's where the word plant is tied in so, if you're, not planning on purpose, there's just not that much contamination in the infamous cases where, when people claim they got canola growing, they grew into their fat fluently. Feels acts allowing right our growing, but there is substantial evidence that those cult of ours were carefully cultivated, the system, one guy claimed that these seeds voodoo, whose field, but they really did you really plan, and so
This is also basically horrendous skirt paying for thing, although so by the way, if you watch the movie food incorporated in this new guys in tears about the seas, it turns out here reported by his neighbors. Who were resentful of him. Not paying the licensing fee for these extraordinary? Are these improved claim to be improved seeds? so I get a company's seat hacker he proceed. Hacker approach is understandable. But is pie. Would his neighbors word angry about snitch is ok cool, the way Dave right. There was great great answer bill, but want to sound so surprised so Dave actually, I want to read this because he says, as an aside, I am proud to say I'm a relatively new member
at the planetary societies, discovery team. I love you Dave the discovery, teams or level of participation. We encourage you all to consider. So we had a big success. You know we launched our light sale, spacecraft. Yes, you find the thing which is tastes vibrate, in turn more vacuum testing and almost off and then we're gonna run a rocket than we got it into space. We deploy the sales. We took a picture mission. Success nice congratulates we pulled it off, which was pretty so that is excited and you should be proud. I am excellent. Let's move onto want the ECHO Lopez Conway. I have to say like that, on the ethical look there. You can see what the spanish one Lopez now. Can you keep my father? Never are you confusing that trauma with it? They are confirmed movie because they have a lot of the same issues. They do. You kill my master
This is our evolutionary ties. There are worrying if your family and you mess with somebody a family member is like the mafia in others. Trouble ass. It always always stress right. You have the right to events by death. I get this is hey wants as high from Bogota Colombia. Why is it that the protection of genetic patrimony, literal translation from a spanish term- I dont know if it's right is way more strict for Gmos, that for actual endemic plants and animals both are profitable, but endemic plants often have new chemicals that we can use for medicine, for example, you could take samples of endemic life in Colombia to the? U S relatively easy
but if you dare to try to bring seeds of our fell from the- U S, it's in possible or even illegal, so that what what what one is really one in the now is. Why do we stop people from bringing flora and fauna from different countries to other kind Greece was hidden from the help you dont want to contaminate ecosystems Roca, but he's asking it sounds like an agricultural policy quoth. He I think he has said something about endemic play, No, I don't. I don't work for a pioneer seeds or Monsanto seeds, but I imagine that there's something in Colombia where they dont want these, the man to bring these farm products to their farms so that they can have their own farms is like a tariff rates.
Like we're, so I'm not an expert on the farm policy in Colombia, but I'll tell you this in India, where there's a lot of subsistence or near subsistence farming in Africa, where there's a lot of close to the bone farming re. Everybody embraces genetically modified seeds because they get tire yield and they do not are not subject to these pests and these plant diseases that are troublesome for farmers, so that's gotta, be part of the thinking for those of you who are voting and tax, paying with respect to the e commerce associated with agricultural products. Take a check a right, but that being said here, let me ask you a question from Chuck nice Chuck. Nice comes to us from the Argo studios. Star talk Rehnhjelm right across this tables up. Nice comes to us from right across the table,
what's the capital of right across the table that will be across the table city, yet so here's the thing as we talk about this. I believe that a lot of this is due to the fact that there seems to be a great deal of secrecy around Gmos when it comes to these large companies and these multinational agricultural agricultural companies. Why is it that they seem to be so proprietary, somewhat secretive and also they go out of their way to stop labeling from happening which elicits suspicion from general public? You got me on the way boyfriend. I told those goods people at months Keto and when I was at the monarch, butterfly meeting it, I guess it was pioneer douse, doused lp, your seeds. I thought we should just put on their proudly GM oh go for that would help well, would it or would it have this huge backlash against the people who protest
These things and there the guy was singing a song about Monsanto, must Berne and I don't know what it or would it have about now have a backlash in this initially in the ground in the short term, and then people will actually started looking at nice is preaching it better. No, I'm just say the natural progression would be. You deal with the backlash which causes people to take, no, which caused them to do some research, and then they find out the truth. And if the truth is innocuous, then it's not a big deal more, so I say what the market sorted out since our time, if, if they think of people, think they can RO, organic food, that's more appealing and cheap! earn better and so on, then people will buy that stuff instead of the traditional farm foods. So we'll see, I may I say you got me: why aren't they try it? Why don't they try here we go. This is just one way from Facebook. Wasn't no hay bill. When do you think Gmos will be used to buy a remedy? Eight contaminated areas like plants that are specifically
the drop heavy metals out of soil or bacteria that can clean up underground occupiers contaminated with solvents. That's a good idea, and so the the To start with that, Making- let's say in this case bacteria that could metabolize oil in an oil spill. Ok, now we're talking of serious money here I love the way. You think it so that would be a really cool application. However, can we do that cause? I'd need some money, because that would be great so are you in the oil spill clean up business, l but I'll be at a so. This is a good example of a place where maybe you could take the organic chemicals in Oregon, organic chemicals or cameras that come from organisms which normally have carbon? That's what we're gonna chemistry is. Could have some bacteria that could metabolize that and then leave behind all the other stuff
a boy- oh well, sulphur and so on, and let it sink to the bottom of the ocean or metabolize that too, and make it into some raising plastic or I have it all, stick together in a big, in a big oil tar sheet? That is much easier to lap up with your old tar sheets lapping up ship here your oral tar bounty yeah I saw this would be an example some that Burma in a place. Start. As far as taking heavy metals out of a soil, that's ok! Then you gotta put process those plants that might be a fine thing landfills that when you have always where we want to build a condominium, would you just pull the stuff out of the soil and then approved the trees in the Use them for something else from San can build your condos right there without having the children at risk of being around all these heavy metals gotcha Grammy. Suffice an idea, I'm not in that business, and I got a feeling though,
somebody who is man, those guys at Monsanto. These are not saying it's all mine, Satan, ok, everybody please, but they spend two million dollars a day. Indeed, on research. A day see Almost a hundred million dollars a year on research, not on not on shipping their products list on research, and that's why I think they're a victim of their own. Success and I know the feeling look at you and me Jack right. We are victims of our own success. Because we ve been so fascinating in this first segment of straw. Talk radio that it's out we're out of time. Source June will be right back its shock nice and build I or listening to start have guns Before you,
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Start. I welcome back ladies and boys and girls, kids of all ages, build. I hear your host, you guess, toast of star talk ready on mere with my beloved fellows science commentator Chuck today is the next segment of your cosmic queries. Where are we work hard to answer your questions that have come into us from the electric internet out there in the cyber ether space that all the other kids or use advocates activity with a view to a tip so here,
The first question: I ok, you're nice are re. Here we go coming from Facebook. This is Sylvain Boutique me Facebook. Once again, I would be interested in having your insights about genetically modified and morals and how important they may be for basic research as well as the pharmaceutical industry. Now you are opening up a whole mother can of worms here buddy, because we're talking about animals plants are essential. Animals have feelings. So where do you stand bill? Parents are in sentient, bring it on charges, as they dont think they don't think far. As we know, it's right well, as far as we know, is right. You ever see the original movie, the thing it's got it imagine no heart, no feelings, the perfect creature, because the thing is like this vegetable do.
So we do genetically modified animals and this return, my lab rat, that glow in the dark, the little mice or the mouse with the air on it forehead the Irish Sea area, so these are very important to our research. These are very important to the way humans. No, our joint. Our genes ended on balance, I'm in rub it in and I'm not a vegetarian, maybe one day soon I will be become one though now you Maybe I mean you lot bacon too much I mean. Maybe, but I understand we know we raise animals to kill them and eat them routinely. So we by analogies analogy, we raise especially mice for laboratory studies that will enable able wonderful things with that said, I am very sympathetic. The idea that there's a there's, a line that you draw rife and arrest
is is like very similar in in to me. It may re superior to my old boss, I can understand why you don't want to do experiments on on that guy there Have you, madam I'm talking about I can't because I love that's whole air. If you're one of my old boss is out, there just noticed that consider yourself an amalgam. You're the bill nigh the old boss is, is a mixture, many characteristics of people for whom I worked, and I remind you all that it man a yes as a manager myself. Nowadays people don't quit jobs, gray, quit bosses. So that's it. I think, is still very important for humankind to have access to these so called laboratory models as of now, and they used to describe these rats and mice and k that we have
whose genes we have modified to understand our own genes. So now let that being said. Okay, so you do your ear, you're saying that it is important. Should there be a push that southern like a very specific gotta post for its lack of banks? Should there be a push to find a different way or Erasmus? Here's my forward to genetically modified these era, so that as you work on them, they feel no pain or, like you understand we kind of new suppose you could genetically modified mouse so that the pain receptors, a mouse is born with no pain, receptors, for it never knows any type of physical suffering, because it can never feel that, should that be
the way. The way we handle it so that our hard question short because I don't know that you can prove most would never do. That plus would really be a mouse, and would it be a good model for a human after you changed the example I give you see, I know a guy not too well, but our guys in his thirty's, who wants to have his head frozen so that in centuries, hence they can unfreezing said and connected to some future on froze head machine and he will then be able to conduct his life and experience life three centuries from now with that said, after you do that. Can you really replicate the brain combined with the central nervous system organizing a laboratory right, and so I believe that, like try to talk without moving your hands even when we're on the radio either something going on between there's feedback between your distant nerve, endings and your brain and sore.
Think if you were to modify a mouse so that it felt no pain, I'm not sure you would still be a good model for a person or people, I'm sure who think deep thoughts about. Right, but I dont know the answer yes and those people are heads in a jar- would look at I will listen. That was a really thought, provoking question Sylvan or Sylvain, and we appreciate you for that. Let's move on to Brandon, you guys, you can't see sharks face produces a back east,
became a back he's been taken Brandon round in this better be good. I got a feeling. It is at our cameras on Brandon Ugh, camera camera, a Cameron. Ok answer at the cottage branded says: hey Bill. Considering you been on both sides of the argument on Gmos. Can you, in your opinion, knows us pending? You would do I'm very good at my list, the most beneficial and non beneficial reasons for Gmos. All nice, one, mister o heaped the discovery of nuclear covering a calmer, and so Mr Cameron, here's the deal. He wants you to play your own devils, advocating a good and bad yeah size. I say that Good Lady gentlemen Bill nine programme com. The good side is were yet more yield for
Her Hecht error acre, ok, one so in other words, we have less impact for farming. In other words, we effect the ecosystem less because will produce more food unless land as the upside of genetic reminds one for or using biology to fight pests and diseases rather than chemistry. That's too, for so that's good. The unintended consequence, the class, One is either the things you don't know it to be not to go all misguided military principle. Our policy on you, but the unknowns. Known unknown, unknown zone and, like you, don't know what you're gonna do, but the one that everybody has absurd It is the monarch butterflies where we have reduced their population. Ninety percent, not as a consequence exactly raising genetically modified food, but by using this extraordinarily effective herbicides that is killed the milk, flowers or milk weeds which nourish the but monarchs so in London
and the consequence there, and so are the ones that you dont know. Rather in Some pollinators that you affected accidently by messing up their foods and the other unintended consequence. Not a necessary one, is by Mano culture. Farming ignore, must tracks of a single type of plant, make it very hard for beep bees as pollinators to get, job done, they gotta go out there do that one crop, then there's no to do in summary, puts them back in a box and put them on a truck and take them to a different crop and they just get beaten up. Ryan annulled this is not an essay areas coming home stressed out. I do they are Babe God. What a day I gotta tell you, I've seen it centuries of dawn as Euro is correct as other piece of female. Although and then I got a whirlwind he's right: good go ahead, dual again honey. I just can't believe the day I had just telling you. This is our. Does the acid
it is time for a very short. The nice is or with flood. So I write the unintended consequences are things like the monarch, butterflies and this motto? Cultural farming which affects the pollinators and our whole agricultural system? So these are things that are avoidable gotcha, so it's good and bad but its manageable, and I think it's just a necessary consequence when you're gonna have- seven point: two billion people become nine point. Two billion people, you're gonna have to do something to feed them. And indeed we all prefer the texture, taste and neutral hence from nominally hybrid eyes crops over the last ten thousand years, and this modern biotechnology.
By way of modifying its just the next thing, humans are doing gotcha, so I'll write. That was great to see. You argue both sides there and basically that that the biggest problem is the unknowns ass. If that's what you want to avoid, but you can't do Until you do it, you can't know until you do, but we humans have been doing this for we arena. We try this planet doesnt work. So we try that plan the claim is leave me. I've been there The claim is that really what I do like the red, delicious ammo honey. Chris man, I saw em down with honey caress, but I died will remind everybody. There's two things about red: delicious that I really I say, or sequence genes, literally ten million times faster than they could even a decade ago. Fantastic Ten million times been. The reason is people have invested in the technology, people engineers who developed technology worked really hard on it, because there is so much to be so much gain to be had to everybody
prefers. Delicious corn did not delicious corn. Everybody prefers delicious apples, were good tasting apples not to single out a particular flavour. I do like the Red delicious I'm a Chris Mademoiselle, I'm down with honey gross yeah. Died will remind everybody, there's two things about red, delicious that I really like and which are the red, ok and their delicious. Yes, I am by gave us around, like the bravery of the paper, is our right to I'm, not a big Randy Smith guy, but I'll check it do so anyways with that said when it comes. Did you actually modified food or crops? We might have to be diligent. Ok, so you had a deal regulation will now you lost me man, I'm a Republic amendment to ban all against regulation of any kind. Sorry, ok, ok! so I'll watch for you when the lights read it exactly.
Here we go Dietrich in swing- wants to know this. Ok, it Dietrich innocent with Kyar, lessening the eye Cairo. The IKEA Ergo, hello, miss deny! Do you foresee that Gmos will be the sole food source at the grocery stores anytime? Soon meaningful food be so difficult to combine as the population grows Ex exponentially there are food will have to be modified in some way so that it can be grown and harvested in widespread locations. In other words, are we headed towards soiling green, but it's not people. The answers were already there not to get too weird on your, but everything that you eat. With very few exceptions, I mean you might wander through the occasional forest and eat a nut. Or I remember there were some wild blackberries than I encountered, often as a kid a veto is, but
generally. Everything you eat is from a farm where people over the last ten thousand years have hybrid Ized, modified, selected artificially or induced choosing of the offspring. So there we got he's the foods that we all enjoy today? So the answer is were already there not to be dismissive just that. Taking genes from one organism and putting one another for farming is what we're doing now, which happens in nature from time to time. These viruses work their way into the genes of the classic has to sweep it is. This is happening naturally, so we're just doing it carefully and diligently and fast,
our aim is to feed, so many people are now here's an addendum to the question of leaves and speak on be half of junk nice. Yes, so is. Is there possibility or a danger of centralizing our food source in such a concentrated fashion, where we harm ourselves by giving too much power to the people to feed the world? I think psychologically there's a real fear amongst people of that being the case. So is it I think I know what you mean. Is it a corporation that you're afraid of ads? That's my point. Man, ok, you're, not exactly afraid of a farmer. Now, I'm not afraid of a farmer, because if I don't like my little upstate farmer, guy, I'm like art will screw you upstate farmer, guy, I'm gonna go to town state farmer, gouges server. If the upstream farmer, guy of Adele State Farmer Guy, are all one guy well, maybe I'm a little
but a troubled. Now, yes, so bear in mind. Farmers make choices, knowing what I saw. My farmers make choices taken by seeds from this guy or that guy right and like everything else, I remember a gateway computers. Yes, Everything else thinks have gotten consolidated because of international commerce has made it more efficient and I understand our fear of corporations, but nevertheless that is manageable through. Dare I say it? regulation where you would make it so that the market place is generally fair, so this is seems like a very solvable price. But I am not worried about the man. Take over the world, because farmers make choices and producing seeds with certain characteristics is very competitive business and so at all.
And the sea being one example. The sole remain. This will be. The way it is round up is a famous brand. Yes, it is a sudden, my basement, at the same time, there are dozens of countries. Companies several over the moon are in Asia that manufacture a very similar life, a saint salt that is well suited as an urban side gotcha. So it's a competitive business. I registered the glaciers, they was so successful that everybody embraced it home gardener, informed industrial farmer alike, gotcha right, good stuff. Man. Good question are Biff handy from five. Andy now, Biff Andy's only got thirty seconds. You wanna make this a cliffhanger. Let's make it a clever man, Aragon, but a real blew, because on booth
Why is it that we only act in the future either? So why is it that when we hear about Monsanto when it comes to Gmos, other other companies anywhere else competing with them that do anything differently? That might make it better? while are always trying to do a bed and the big One, the Monsanto competes with his down and seeds. And you'll see along the road is pioneer they compete with myself. Had head to head. So that's a holy trinity. Are they better will be backing?
sergeant radio, it's nice and you do not know what the appeal is stored on change. Your welcome back discharge are rarely all your guess. Toes fill my sitting in for my beloved colleague, Mule digress Thyssen. I'm here with another beloved colleague course on me. Chuck. Nice hilarious science commentator when we left the last segment. Yes, there was questions as to whether company, like Monsanto, has a competitor yeah Yes, the big one is DOW in their seed companies pioneer, but their several others, Conagra and so on, and there's sin gentle which Monsanto
trying to acquire- and these are seed companies that can it very hard to make better plants matter, crops that one of those names made me feel better about zero swell. I think not. What do you want? from Monsanto TAT, DOW well who's better in the business card out even wanted to be called farmhouse seed, see not that's a company. I can the eyes of farm, see really nice at you throw her friendly, even though a name in their like wilfers, like Wilfred, farmhouse, less work, they market
all that stuff, but I remind you these farmers are weak, I'm not in the farming business myself, except that you have a nice garden. Farmers choose what seeds to plant based on the ones that performed best not based on gunpoint from a corporation gotta make sense. So if what you're saying there is a market, it is in competition and it may not be perfect competition, but its incompetent think how many car companies there are. Are there thousands now wish to hand, for example, and even they talk about, and even those actually was owned by just a few, because it's a hard thing to make a complicated thing like a car, so hard thing to make a complicated thing like AIDS seed, that's resistant to or specific insect, complicated business Catalan vessel, our money. So I could have a bunch of people in this. Business is ethically just the nature of the ways in which we say a bunch, there's a handful loans
a competitive among the handfuls, this thing bird, the idea that there is a concern, the sea to take over the world. I am very sceptical of because They really are out to get each other all right, ok, listen! That was actually a very thoughtful answer sound, so surprised, MR night you're right, I sit, and you know that was a thoughtful answer on that surprised at all. Do. Thank you, jerk! Ok! Here we go so let's move warranted, Joe guess why I guess you're so is coming from Facebook and he says, If he does, he lived dont. Forget dioxins, better addressed this one bill, yes or no,
Dixon was at that time in their. My thank you. I bet I think, you're in the spirit of his inquiry. His query, the darkness were another chemical used. I guess it's a pesticide that turned out have really troubling consequences. Okay, and so they ve been curtailed stopped, but I've met people in the biotech industry in the seed business who think DDT, as it was a great thing because it because he said the job was suppressed, eat. Ozga suppress malaria, but I'm not sure DDT is what we all want to be drinking, and so dioxin was even more aggressive as a medical problem, and so it's been curtailed just that these companies used to make of deadly herbicides used in warfare.
Jeanne Orange other. They were hired to do that and they're not doing it anymore. I don't know how responsible we should hold them. However, we should learn from the past, like don't don't just make stuff. That's me we deadly and spread all over the place on another country and taking responsibility for that sounds like a good policy, but this once again shark demands that that evil were that struggling to so many people nowadays regularly LISA we'd all get together and decide what's fair and make people two regulators mount up: ok, well, in moderation,
in general. This is a solvable problem for the seed companies are in business, to sell cease to farmers, and farmers want to buy, sees that they want to buy, and this or the market takes care. But, however, having companies make pesticides or herbicides which have bad consequences, you can regulate that. I think what happens is in the mind of the consumer. Is you have a company like Monsanto who makes the seeds they genetically modified seeds? They modify the plants or create added. They modified plants create seas and then they plant those aids. Then they make the food and they also put the food on the shelf, and I think this is where a great deal of suspicion stems vertically integrated, vertically integrated. That makes sure that makes you scary. You know about that. That's that care debts scared. I guess you're right, I'm frightened!
zero years very troubling. I know what you meant: man, ok, it's another adjective, really the same route. I got your by road, prominent tended when it comes to agriculture, so the the deal is farmers make choices. They can do business with pioneer, error, Monsanto or whatever, and you can buy food from this guy or that guy. But I know what you mean it's troubling when you feel like you're out of control right, because the holder ISIS Right, I am disturbed, seems to be there Why the non GMO movement has a place. We will see if that's economically competitive IKEA and you can say, corporations are squashing them. I don't think so. I think you'll find that organic farming takes more input. Then not farming with genetically modified crops? And so let the marketplace sort that out mean people make jokes about a certain business. They call it whole paycheck writers,
the food is so expensive. That's right wrongs that our small quantities with high input so we'll see what happens in the marketplace right. Ok, so, let's move on to the first ten Cooper trysted Cooper wants to know: is it possible to genetically modified an animal to receive part of its daily energy requirement from photo synthesis that this guy has gone sigh five. Well, Where is an animal that makes a living that way, always and fairly the coral you're at so look, I'm not gonna, never thought of, because coral is a living animal and it also gets Its food from the so it has to deal with some photos, emphasising organism I thought I was gonna be a silly question, but it's actually a very good question whether we're gonna have green cows
open minded, but I'm not sure because you think how much land, how much grass or cow has to consume to make its living. In other words, you in order to get that much energy, the cow but have to be as big as a field? And so I get it there could be a compromise of a giant solar panel cow that get some of its energy from the sun and some of it from the grass. But what has happened to revolution? Is we have cows eating grass gotcha wrangled? That's an example, so it could happen. It's just not go at lightly. However, on a much smaller scale at sea, it does happen with Azores inferring, which is the Carl fantastic man that was. That was actually that I thought it was. We a silly question, but it's actually a very good question what course our cosmic queer ers curious inquirers, our cosmic in fires there. We go cosmic, inquirers or thoughtfully thoughtful and, of course, their wonderful questions.
Let's take another right: ok, hey Bill, Are there any true non g m O foods, in other words that suppose that just grow wild somewhere no input from us whatsoever, and they have existed for years and years that way, and we just pluck em up from a sad eroded Edam or whatever so yeah I as a boy Scout Spencer, time eating wild carrots won't cover, which are also call they go by the name Queen Ann Lace, because the flower is quite lovely and you put him up in their tiny baby there. Yes, through the cutest it'll, Tonker truck styled carrots and their barely centimeter, neither barely an inch long and you pick him up and they really smell. I carrots and you boy. You cut em trim on root. Vegetable
Then you boil a man. You have Queen Ancillae Soup, it's a thing to do and, as far as I know, there's no genetic modification of those organisms. You go down by way of one example and people wandered through the woods eat nuts. There are some subsistence tribes, riot harvest. Certain places travels truffles from us even truffles you're standing or cultivated there. You, like you, leave this area alone. What the truffles happen. Very Eliza warming, I'm asking, and so then there's even if you're, a subsistence tribe in rain forest. You move from area to area and let those areas replenish. So it is not a not a huge step from that style of life from from sanctuary to sanctuary great getting the food that comes right at the right time, gotcha to planning the stuff on purpose in managing okay, I m p S
Michael actually says: I'm writing you in for president outskirts of good. You know so now it is with that job. A man, a man is a triumph for the lightning round yeah. What's the lightning round hit me the book I raised our lightning round, we're gonna do as a popery. Ok, just some miscellaneous questions from everywhere. Here we go. This is just squash, stringer series, that's the name just watch trainer. When can we get a new bill? Neither science guy Joe even a web show anything pill. Please I'm working on it. I'm starting restart talk. Radio Let's talk about the space station. This comes from Brian. Let's talk about space station. Do they get blinded by the sun every few minutes? If continuously stargazing? I think your windows
who it that funding is that you have the option as an astronaut naughty staring at the sun and the is not aimed rate and the sun. In fact, a couple hours everybody hangs out there as an astronaut looks at the earth, because it's so beautiful and fascinating Jennifer Hoffered from Facebook was no wonder you to going to discuss. Do clear energy. I can suggest several dozen experts who would love to help you out. Why don't we talk more about nuclear energy bills, Nuclear energy has great promise, but the nuclear industry in the? U S has kind of been how to say not the most Why are you so it and wash and state? Every week there was a problem at Hanford, some leak, some solvents on something, and but look at the country of France. Forty years they ve been run an eighty percent of electricity with nuclear power plants. If we could get them figured out. Maybe it's an alternative, however,
eyes. The taxpayer and voter would like a little a little better track record from the nuclear industry. You blow. You have four hundred and thirty nuclear power, commercial, nuclear power plants and three of them have catastrophic failures, assent, good, ok, I write. This is Jolly Williamson from Facebook who wants to know bill are Gmos. Putting the honey bees indirectly, yes because monocultures and is to say our ability grow. Enormous tracts of land into one style of plant has made the pollination of those plants troublesome for bees they gotta show. Up, they gonna work, this enormous field or sets of fields
I got to go back to the hive and get on a truck and go somewhere else. It wears them out, but it's an unintended consequence and something we could definitely address with careful farming practice. I write. Jeff Norbury wants to know a little time travel here. What do you think the most profound scientific ray of the twenty first century will be where in the twenty first century right now, what do you think of where we had it? Where we had got no idea. However, I predict a hundred years? People will know whether or not there is life on Mars. Whether or not there is life on the moon of Jupiter Europa. Let's get it done right now, nice, ok, this is Dave. Harrison was to say he says in your opinion, sir, is the difference between a bad gmo and perhaps a good gmo. Is there such a difference is good about Gmos.
Sure some of those tomatoes that were produced were not very enjoyable to consumers and they don't make much of many more wow day ago. So when they taste like crap, Then that's about land or their black gods. Yet when every strain of g wooden, every train of Gm O need to be medically tested to be sure it safe for human construct consumption, and do we do that yeah? We do the department about our culture. Does that that's that's their gig our eye? They are a government agency that works for the good of all for you, auntie regulation, people out there, you gotta have some ready patient at the Department of Agriculture is a classic check, has been per
after the most enjoyable cosmic weary of my life, and I am very happy that you are here. Thank you all for listening to start talk, radio. I bet your host bill nigh and I'm here with my guess: science commentator jackknife tune in to start talking. A lot lay I'll drop. The organs wish you could list. The star talk commercial, free, joint start. Talking patron, I'm for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot coms. Last star talk, radio,
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