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Cosmic Queries: Holiday Edition

2013-03-28 | 🔗
Get into the spirit (or should we say science?) of the season when Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic Chuck Nice answer fan questions about winter and the holidays.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free versus secrets in industries leaving us with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here. For the first time, What? What Will you jellies and see the Abbe mean the brakes? Daddy you plan to do Grandma South Ass do when they get lab.
Start or radio. The cosmic query sparked I'm near the grass Thyssen, your host, my god with me in the studio check. My Neil Grimy Twitter, your truck jackknife night ass Mice- comic. That's nice! Comic, yes for finally catching up with her. Fine by me on Twitter? There you go check. I brought you here, because this is. As you know, this is the cosmic query. Yes of start up Yes, I sit here. I haven't seen any these questions they ve all filed in, from Facebook Kin. Twitter, Google, glass and all, media presence, and these are the
but in addition, so thanks for agreeing to do it, my pleasure that I guess the point is not to stumper me, although I could get stuff. The point is just if I have no wish to share through the filter of people's inquiries s granted there we have it it's it's. What inquiring minds want to know? I gotta get their names and turn their names are more or less less. Let's kick this thing off and this this Oddly enough for you, you would think that I would have fanatically found out how to pronounced these names, but I did not- and so this is my casual, my cousin from Facebook and very simply, why is it cold during the winter, because it's not called everywhere, so why is it cold during the winter who you that's a beautiful question? That means he's not taking anything for granted and making an observation about the world around him and then asking so it turns out after June twenty first determined northern hemisphere. Now
We like add six months and we can have this conversation in the southern hemisphere after June, twenty first, the arc of the sun across the sky from sunrise sunset gets we're in lower and lower, and so the heating of the ground becomes less and less and less the sun doesn't heed the air. The sun heats the ground and, after a short time to lay the ground, heats the air. That's why it's not hottest at twelve noon right. It's always. How does a little later related, like two o clock, Lego, two o clock anywhere between one and three and sometimes for clock and some in some parts, so a time delay. So there's not only time delay during the day. There's a time delay during the year. So. The sun get lower and lower and lower and lower in the sky any in December, and the sun rises very far south of east. It only rises due EAST two days a year. Sunrise and these in France or the west, no only on too
he's a year. The rested rising someplace else and as we approach winner, it gets. It rises, verify herself the goes up a little bit in the sky and then sinks back down again in New York City, the highest the sun gets in the sky on December, twenty first, like twenty five twenty six degrees up above the horizon has hardly anything barely gets above the bill things so that so the reason it's cold winter is because the sum is lazy, lace LISA, it does not want to do it hasn't out one of climate. I did not do that and so on the twenty second, oh, by the way, and by the way, so the slows down sort of stops. It stops it. Downward but passage through the sky, and then it starts its way back up a few days later, around December twenty fourth December, twenty if you know we're not gonna lose the sun entirely below the horizon is on its way to higher and higher aurex. The ancients knew this: where leaks you, the Christians,
this. They wanted to put a christian holiday on a day that the pagans already were celebrating right saturnalia. So they put the birth of Jesus on the same day that the biggest didn't know new. When she's the day of the year, Jesus was born, so they put Jesus his birth on the data people already celebrating the return of this, unto higher climbs in the sky, and so that that's why you haven't now. What is the call this month is not December its way January February, don't you remember this it's time to my time, delay here. So there you have it so, even though the shortest time the sun stays in the skies of December, the coldest time is a couple a few weeks later because it there's a time delay for earth to react to that fact. Ninety c s right! Well, I am I doing so, and it has nothing to do with our distance to the sun, because in fact, in December earth is closer, those asunder we're closest January. Third, we are closest to the sun in rights
I can in winter there look at that new, interesting stuff let's move. My next question is from one so you know what I will skip down the Brad porters question and kind of connected to what we just sit so how cold, as winter, in a deep polar crater on mercury, how specific as bad as you point plan on tat, I M right: it's possible have a crater with a high enough rim that the sun never goes above the rim bright, and so therefore, the bottom of the crater is forever in darkness. Have air circulation it'll bring cold air from one place to another day of this event you didn't air mass moving across the gentry. Yet they are all these air movement takes a molecule
I've been warmed or cooled, and moves to another place on earth. Ok right! If you dont have air, if you dont have an atmosphere than does nothing to mix the temperatures, mercury has no atmosphere. So now there craters, we discovered near the poles. If you knew the polls, the sun never gets very high in the sky, em right, it's possible to have a crater with a high enough rim that the sun never goes above the rim right and so, therefore, the bottom of the crater is forever in darkness LAO. Craters on the moon and on mercury, where there's no atmosphere knew they are The sun will shine. So that's where you that's, where you can stick a lot of stuff if you want to get rid of the moon, Mercury is got such places today, and so, if mercury or the moon has ever been hit by a comet comments were made mostly of order.
The warder lands Cnet com breaks apart and water lands all over the surface? It land where the sun shines, the sun evaporates it and we lose the water. If it with a son don't shine. There is no source of heat to warm it right. The water molecules stay and they accumulate for billions of years. So if you go into the depths of a crater where the sun don't shine, it is hundreds of degrees below zero, even for a planet as close as well. As to the south, the sun was actually look at TAT, are so listen what time for one hour and would make a quick we before I'm right here, yes- and so here is found. The question I want to stay on the weather was, if you get it Mr Mercury in over, like you say what kind of whose travel agents as commissioner, you get a return trip that ok Let's stay with the cold thing: do
of any other substance. Besides water Lecoq crystallize, in a similar fashion, to make snowflakes and also is the whole thing about no two snowflakes ever being replicated true. You know what, I'm on a statue. I love that question and get back that after the brain can get your listening. A star talk. Radio were in the cosmic queries Section Holiday edition in the other. Rest ice in Czech nice, and I just briefly chuck you gotta tv show now. Yes, how strange on hdtv as you, you walk into people's home and talk about it. Yes, I do. I am- and I try to be as nice as part of the war that when we come back to start operating bag guy see This is a start
this star talk, radio, cosmic queries holiday addition near the grass Thyssen Post Armand astrophysicist with the American Museum of Natural history, and I got meet the studio Chuck yes, I love avenue lobbying here man and he got a tv show where you just burst into people's homes and talk about him yet
home invasion, Show called exchange and adding or your shovel it's a new home evasion show on HTTP got how strange and I invite the homes of people they take me around and show me they're, weird wacky little houses. If I see you knock at my door, you come in and I want to have you want to sell to so this is like in the old days. Sixty minutes was worthy of where the people you don't want to have come in your home, creates and now you're gonna show with cameras, gas and that's what we do, but I say level cameras and where people with weird collections and stuff we're collection, Edward HOMES and some of them architecture, weird summits, the people themselves are where a lot of more artists and architects. That's what mostly because they have control over their space. They think about their space more ass, a little just go to IKEA and put stuff. You know, that's the beauty of the show is that I'm hoping that inspires people to kind of do that in their own lives. This together more interested me a lot more interesting and leg. You let your life be reflected in your home. Is nice nice, so you got a boat load, a question as they are called for American
at presents yes and so come at me. Would you care the break? We had a question, from our Stasi are at a stage depends, as she says, do you know of any other substance, besides water, that crystallize in a similar fashion? The snowflakes also is the old adage I've noticed snowflakes being alike. Trill. Ok, I'll tell you what I know about it. First of all, I've. We all heard that no two snowflakes her like- and I was sceptical as I was gonna- do the calculation to find it too just justify for myself, because I've, I dont believe everything I read or here, but that fact eggs that factoid existed before the internet so you can't blame by inflame the internet. I asked one can blame the internet on this one, but I haven't actually completed the calculation, but what it involves is, if you look at a snowflake under a magnifying glass permanent under a microscope, you don't need very high power, cause they're they're, not their small but they're, not
Scotland, I just got right right and you look at it. As you know, they have six six spindle ram and each spindle has detail in them. There's like little parts that stick out tall symmetric ended than theirs? and there's so many ways each one of these swindles can take on detail that you can have yourself, how many ways cannot happen per spindle right, if you start getting numbers in the quadrillion in the six millions and the octillion this grave, and then you do a quick back at the envelope calculation. That's a calculation! You do without a computer like you get a writing implement a piece. Paper than you use your basic laws of physics, any say: well how much water is in the world? How you know how many snowflakes will present a cup of water. You know, and you turn a cup of water snow. How much snow is that how many snowflakes? How in any given season. How much does it snow all over the world right? How many seasons have there been in the history of the world in The ice age include all the
Glaciers, you do all this. You can come up with a back of the envelope number and I haven't done their calculation. Yet ok, but I'm a little sceptical, but our report back on this, but it is possible just so. They can appreciate the little spindle details on each one of them the delay, If you will, the six branches ever of a snowflake can have strong and structure and a tiny little change from one snowflake to another councils. A different pattern So the number of ways you can change, something can go up exponentially. I give you an example. If you have a chess board, and I can say what the moves this way in the night moves. This way, there's a limited number ways the pieces can move correct, but how many possible chest games? Can you play That number is huge, because every little variation is a new. That's a new gained, a new set of outcomes, each Mallette exactly, and so, when you look at these
spindle on on a snowflake every? Little change is a new snowflake out. What to do that. I've been meaning to do their calculation and Anastasia's now said, get told me to go back to work on that now, almost all objects, or almost all things all, words, if you call them slowly, will crystallize? Ok. Did you do an ice chemistry. Did you make carbon? I was a copper sulphate crystal nevertheless, the inevitable bigger the bigger ryan? As the blue, I think, cover Sophie's now, cancer research, great, so that's where they came from back an hour
we played with mercury, we would lead and the monkey bars in the park we're over semantic, etc. Right. We were like little make him that way anymore. So, yes, the crystallization is a very common thing in nature. Right and I just a border happens to be in the air when it crystallizes and it gets to fall on the ground you get to see it and interact with it every day, but other kinds of critics. Crystals in sugar crystals. I mean this too. Civilization is a very natural chemical phenomenon. Goes on with when there's very slow transition from he's phase to another. If you do it quickly about Crystal unwell, crystal So I am in that slow, Coolio effective. So so, for example, if the reign of coming from the cloud and false quickly through the code, players that are up in the sky. Then you just get frozen, wring its rice,
you're, absolutely right and that's what they call it flick of freezing rain or sleep sleep. We got word hours now, it's not now because it froze too quickly to crystallise right and then there's Hale, which details like that's, does the flat freezing of rain and also an insurance nightmare? That's it that's it wouldn't be! That's when God says you better. Have a really disempower exactly so. Let's move on to- and this is this is Nathan. Apparently, I'm not sure if he's asking this, your usual holiday relates easier. Ohio today sees no question and Nathan on Facebook, I'm not sure if he's asking of you personally or if he's relating this to himself, ok as an agnostic, an scientists, what do you teach your kids about the holidays? And how do you celebrate them? So I'm not sure if he's saying you personally or he's an agnostic Anna scientists, what should he do or you as well
Gnostic and scientists. What do you do person you? I'm a big fan of rituals. I think rituals organise human culture. An important and fundamental ways that bring a bit so the humanity to us all right rituals, even as simple as let's just have dinner, together, gravely Have you a candle light dinner or, let's opened the bottle of wine during dinner? Let's meet the Jews are famous for the number of rituals that are still conducted. Even among them who were not quote practicing juice exit right. There's still, though, still have the sailor. I still here today which is rather rituals, because rituals are, I think, they're excuses to come together and so I'd. I don't deny that element of life, no The sore speed, a religious sorcerer second resource. That means Thanksgiving is another ritual. I see no give and Christmas
you get presence to people. You know that's why I'm not going to get in the way of that rain. This is much of the religious backdrop, you cooperate, opera. That's you that your own personal thing we live in a country. We have freedom to express that really but it also means your freedom to two pickens. Pick a version of it, that New Bureau comfortable with two x guys at all from life. I think that's! That's too draconian and unnecessary, ok cool, so there you have it. You go ahead and celebrate your Hanukkah another, not because I sit on equipment. I don't want a Christmas Koane article, honoured ones, ok, cool! Let us move on to a utopian cause. I told him to budgets. I gave a perspective. Not assertion resides of acting as a great perspective. Honestly, I mean because I know I have jewish friends who put up a Christmas tree.
Also, there was a Christmas present, not the money. That is where we get. That would figure it out. It has very fine. We got tat for a quick, witted opportunities because before we got our break with what we got our breaks it. This is a crystal Donal, an addendum to that from a different person? Do you think children should believe in while their young or know the truth from early age. Now, as a scientist, I am interested to hear what you say on this work. While I did this with the tooth fairy. Ok, ok! So I do with my daughter by train MIKE. To be scientifically literate and drive certified and scientifically literate worried about their future evermore cause they they are around. I'm working looking to stamp to put on her forehead or somethin to make this happen, but at the age where you lose your teeth and then you have the tooth fairy your particularly gullible to storytelling that of a fantasy nature,
and so what I did it's my daughter at that time. You know Brennan low in time. Ok, to make this a cliff hand, because this is autism there's. Somebody really adds my seat of this little two eyes kid. I thought this through. I will listen, let it would it didn't save I it's totally yak ethics is outside totally photos are so after the break we will be will learn what I did with my kids with regard to these days.
Fantasy, seasonal things, the Santa Claus, the tooth fairy- and I really want it now, because my son just lost his first to all of this is why I hope you are, after the break, your listening to start on radio. The cosmic queries, sport and weary to holiday addition when we come back more questions, deliver to me from check. Nice have secret for you, I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell? There's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and support Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen? The star talk ad free, You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying marking the secrets of U world and everything orbiting around, it start eyes If we start or radio cosmic queries unyielding rest hastening the studio with checkmate said a church organised comic Twitter. That's right! I love you. I love you stuff, because you just you know
come out of the blue in the hay he's. I agree with that. A humorous observation of the cultural mores yeah. Do you know? That's that's my whole thing: it's at some people, dont get it like. You know Most of what I write on Twitter is a joke right and they don't understand that I am in some people get back to. You only have to do something by having a right it as opposed to deliver it in person. No, I like it that way, because really you it takes you have to set the tone in those hundred and forty characters. So that's what think about it. My late, I wrote to the other day just remember when you buy that fifteen dollars, sweater from that Big Box store, you're, helping, afar and you're helping far and child labour learned the value of the dollar one day at a time. I thought that was hilarious. I had some people get really pissed dally. Yes, somebody's. They didn't get em off twitter, rightward gray, so you got questions here. Yes hold from the internet. You we'll get
God it's how holiday cloudy question I'd go for it and so here's the deal right before we left you were about to tell Chris about believing in Santa and he will. Let me just give his question: do you think children should believe in Santa when their young or should they know the truth from an early age? And there you were talking about the tooth fairy and what you do with your daughter, which I am a hugely interested and because my son's has lost his birth to first. If so, at that age there there particularly susceptible to fantasy stories. They don't really have a deep sense of what is possible, the laws of physics of the universe and what is not, and so the tooth fairy becomes very believable at that age. So here's what I did I said I'm not going to lie to my kids and does not. Nor do I think, being Completely fantasy prone is a good thing going into dollar because some adult some
now grubbing up. So here's what I say I said I said I'm too, oh very few, put your too under your pillow data to fair com in exchange for money. No, I don't I'm told untold this, I'm told, and so she said really account do that, so she does it and money shows up right, oh you ve. Several tv happened that I too am told and so now she had a dream. Catcher cause. We visited a native american reservation, bought a drink catch her. So she thought maybe she could catch the tooth fairy in the DRC. Ok, so that you set up a drink, catcher didn't catch, it still left so then she's then she took aluminum foil and put hear her bed to see if the fairy which step on the aluminum and workers- and she would hear that didn't still happen so
what she decided to do a couple years later, with friends of hers that there was the suspicion that maybe the parents were right he's very so they said so they so she organise a group of people who see who's too fell out. While there is and if the tooth is still there and money isn't, then it's the parents So now you take. That tooth. Put that are you're pillar without telling anyone, and if it's still there in the morning, Surely the tooth fairy would now right and of that this is still there and money. Isn't then it's the parents- and this is precisely the experiment they did and they figured out there was no prostitutes back. That's correct! Maggie you're, a that is really your daughter well, Finally, your kid, let us can let us devising an experimental, well trained them to think about testing statements that are made, and so I do want to say there is no two, because that's giving her the answer, but without her having the joy of
thinking about what experiment with wood verify or Five prediction see your daughter is very smart. I just started ripping teeth out of my head, because this was a great way to make a bar or you can have a paper exhorted repartee was teeth like I had a math problem when I was five another thing about Santa Claus. What we did about Santa was we knew the kids figured out that there was there wasn't a Santa, but the Santa Claus give was always the biggest most expensive gift right under the tree, so if they ever made it that there wasn't a santa they wouldn't get. Why are we to believe in it longer? Their movement of other level makes it. So, let's, let's get a quick way, a timer, quick on yeah. Let's get a quick one from John Yeats, and he says I like this:
is your favorite. How daydream cause I'm gonna drink, whatever your drink all night will. Thank you go John. Thank you. I'm you know I'd like fifty drinks in Gothenburg guys, whiskey and I order like some with pineapple way, and an umbrella in it Dalia, oh yeah, I love it so you're like your tropical drink there, I'm comfortable enough with my masculinity, or rather I am in touch with my feminine side and not have so that I have no issues lines, written cosmos and umbrella drink in a book in a bar with guys ample teeny up your call, what an apple tv, but I also lean towards the cream, your drinks, my slide or or Bahama Mamma Mamma. So so that means over the holidays, ignore guy from way back our really by Denmark, with with give it the dark room, just pick it up a notch, yeah totally and which, when
ambitious when my wife and I will make it ourselves we, but now I have you gotta like separate the egg whites and beat those and put a man and mix that its effort, but it's worth its worth, wow that down ass. We were then you gotta by taking over the top and anyway I'm going to put a scoop of its was ignored flow with the our ice cream on top, then it rocks where we come back. More cosmic worries on start on radio bad breathing space and sat down to earth, you're listening to start
the data May June. I don't follow up on the cosmic where you'd start or radio reality addition. Anneal Mcgrath, hasten with Chuck nice a comic track. You might do tv better than stand up or both your new love out to be honest? I love stand up the most because live, it's a media. They can't get it back and you know what happens to them, but I love tv more because I like to eat so, the green room tat. If your friend I enjoy nor the food that money that the allegations of the salary of television rights more gradually and now what you get quick. All right, so here's the thing does your new year, all your life born and bred genuine? I was recently featured in the Superman Comic, and so now I get a sample,
travel I'll swing. No, I did not know day and supplemented seo. That's how we have to do. It will do so on our game that line of a little jealous. So I'm a total comic dweeb broker a lot of that stuff early, not enough overdue. To have done so on that one girl God that was very ok here we got Jerry. Even wants to know what it, what you think is the best thing to do in New York City during the holiday season, since you ve been here, Pretty much all life what he oh, so you know it you need to do this, it all of the cosmic iconography that is throughout the city like back again sorry for the rest of the world who would be listening to the spot,
we'll take a visit today. Work on avenue, the Americas Sixth avenue in front of the time Life building, yeah, there's a huge sculptural triangle. Ok, sitting right There is visible if you stand in Rockefeller, Plaza, look across the street to huge triangle. Most people are eaten, workers under that triangle, its huge. It's like six stories off huge elite. Then they just age system, artists, China, be GM. Right now now just son triangle at twelve noon on the Equinoxes is one of them. Eggs of that triangle. The sun. The lines with that edge on the two solstice is the summer solstice their winter solstice at twelve noon on those days from that plaza. The son, a lines with the other two legs of their triangle is a son. I angle I to talk to the cosmos, that's pretty cool! I agree. Also, you go into
grand central terminal and look up there is the night sky imagined by people at the time who put the sky on the dome great except the stars, are backwards yet too get me started: ok, ok, they're backwards and or Ryan vigour. The hunter is facing forwards in this field of backward stars, but in the holidays, he's an if you taking if you're drinking in the city, you just tore toward the cosmic offerings that it has that people have long forgotten about lice nice, and I know that's up. For you, but otherwise I'm stay warm at home with me. I know you, Haiti, Grand Central, because you actually told John Stewart that the
earth rotates in the wrong direction. On his show opening credits. Yes, it was, and he would give me a little upset about. I haven't been available since by them just as a point of information, so speaking of sources, I sense what so, let's move one alarm more, a question of Laura on Facebook sentence. This question: do you think the new year should start on the actual winter solstice? Did the Romans have a date wrong, or has there been that much wobble in the till of the earth axis her gonna will deal with. This question were through. While the calendar has a fascinating torturers history, and so you can't so I think the sources are met per day to begin the new year. I so do I keep in mind now that there was a time where the counter was ten days off, but that are corrected in fifteen eighty four, when in the introduction to Gregorian counter we're October, when they realise that the counter fell,
sink with earth orbit around the sun and the seasons, so so, for example, the first day of spring was falling on Mars instead of March twenty first and is a mess and with people, and so they actually excised the pope by decree which he could do back tankers. That's when the Pope have power over Christendom, or at least the the catholic side of Christendom decreed that ten days would be taken out of the calendar. So I told her fifteenth, followed October forth and that reestablish the counter that we now all used today, internationally, the gregorian counter, so the count has been met with many times before. I think there's nothing special about January first, when I do ascend around January third announcements, that earth has reached Perry helium, I centre Perry, helium com. Was there a heel. You hurry helium path, but here we are here as Helios. The sun rang. What you'll hear is nearest to the sun, and that is, I think, about the generator then
many on. Where were you aren't leap day cycle? It could be the fourth but I'd. That's when I say I celebrate Perry, helium January first as a stupid, nothing happens during January first. What is this one segment left to calm on star talk, radio check, nice is bringing questions called from the internet and putting them on my lab require I answered that in a moment. the future is space and the secrets of our planet reveal. This is start. I
welcome back to start or the cosmic queries near the grass Thyssen with Czech nice jack you're, calling these questions for The internet, yeah retire internet presence on Facebook Twitter on Google, plus what he got form, is the holiday additional, the holiday lights out, I've questions and dealing with the seas in itself. So here's one from Chris Smith, Chris wants to know, could Santa be exploiting them. Diverse concept, where physics could be different to hide his north pole workshops and travel. Flying reindeer sleigh, ultimately Santa really. Be real. So where is the logical because real Quest
is what did I tell you earlier in the show that some adults that still haven't shaken go right has actually hasn't letting fantasy but think of more n in question. Will you know that the Multiverse concept does physics Let's say there is a multi verse do physics and the laws of physics remain constant through every malt, every facet of the multiverse? No well! Yes, I got this shocking, so Oh, what we understand is the conditions at spawned next universe, grave, the their slightly different. In the same, Where are your children are different from you, but there still genetically related crack. Let me the next universe would have many features similar, but would be different in certain ways that might not even make life possible, for example the nuts they not just different, because your you buddy
turn left on the left on the corner instead of right, you're different, because the charge on the electron might be different or these other fundamental forces. The speed of light might be different, and so yeah yeah, but you would have to you- would need a whole other kind of universe that similar to ours but give Santa and out to enable them to do what he wants. To do, and and I'd rather invent the world here where he could pull that off. So, for example, if if his sleigh could travel the speed of light right, ok, so if there is a problem here, first that moving through the atmospheric he would vapor. I was gonna, send Willy nilly apparent area just vaporize, so so we need atmospheric separators. The way the flash has atmospheric separators. Had you been listening to our physics of superhero, STAR Trek episode, you would know the flash had separators nice idea. So that's what he'd have to and he doesn't have to deliver to all children in the world only to christian children and a few Jews who happen to put up a Christmas tree at once. You start
cutting this down plus he doesn't have to do them all at once, because there is the one our by our times, like all the kit, not at all levels. Go to bed at the same time right because the Spanish always shining on half the earth so you gets to spread out the load now the one problem we might every other solve? Is the north, but you know we. He needs mega like a house both for the North Bob Ray there's, no, Iceland You don't exactly these eighty two houseboat near I hear Superman's layer is actually flooded right now, but these north pole issues that have to be resolved before he could sort of do this, but it turns out, will be very hard, especially the sitting down the chimney part, so he will need a way to gain access to everybody's residents, hit that would be of a higher dimension. Will you just enter through the clock
like in the film monstrosities intaglio, going through the closet, dimensional port dimensional portal, and no reason why you can have one of those. So I can imagine a supermarket future whose totally tricked out right on. I can listen no, I can help you with that. You know unlawful entering some people report. The fourth dementia, so these are burglars in the four dimension rights are so here is. This is I believe, Kai do is, is the name how many horse power would individual reindeer need. If Emma has nine of them, I suppose, to make to the sled fly yeah. I have to do their calculation, but it really simply depends on how fat Santa right out of me to make a joke but the horse power is a is, is a tells you what
need to pull a load that you're carrying gray and, of course, if he has all the presence for everyone in the world. This is huge and so each reindeer I have to do the math and right now I have time to vote Does it mean to calculate you may have to revisit that or output, but could possibly posted online, but you need horse power, certainly something rivalling Saturn five rocket were more to do at Santa pulls off right, given the fly by the way by the way planes fly writers. I like we don't. How to fly right right and so the reindeer we just need so to take some physics classes on how to exploit Bernoulli principle. Through the atmosphere. Exactly see your point exactly where we gotta wrap this up, do you know what before we do? I am I can't get us out of my head is early and show you are talking about homemade Edna.
Problem with no it's a big effort. You gotta whip, the egg white, so vague become perky, and then you fall back into the cream and you gotta, I hand shave. MEG not worked rate put in a dash of smoking? Ok, I gotta have. I must have all that is wintertime, maybe after after hours we will go check it out, I'm all about by the early. You mentioned the cosmos, bring nothing cosmic about Cosmos drink. We gotta reinvent that real. It might just do there, ok,
that's when we tell overdue, for they see what I'm saying meal is we gotta go have a drink. You start radio virtue in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation Minus on the web. Radio meal the grass Thyssen tweeting Neil Thyssen until next, as always, I beg you to keep looking and thank you for being here once again. Is that Galileo job the organs which you can listen, the star talk Commercial free joint start talking, it ran for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio,
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