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Cosmic Queries – Humans and Robots

2020-04-06 | 🔗

What separates humans from robots? Will humans eventually be fully dependent on automation? Neil deGrasse Tyson, comic co-host Chuck Nice, and robot ethicist Kate Darling, PhD, answer your Cosmic Queries on humans, robots, and everything in-between. 

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Welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide start off begin right now are cosmic varies a dish on your host the photographs. Thyssen, your personal astrophysicists, bringing you this episode from my office at the Hayden Planetarium of the American Museum of Natural history, right here in New York City and, of course, her with me, Jack off, what's robotic Haviland until Ready for some cousin queries, always ready for the cause is what we mean particular causes on the relationship between humans and robots. That's weird: NATO's echo got that dark places and go there's nothin peal, of course, as the big you know, but of course you tweet
Chuck most common, thank you, sir. Yes, I do and deep you'd be when we take out the personal got chuck nice as the families do the animal Emma you know is that late twelve follow, and you won't you Twenty followers might wonder in followers are to be able to discuss, not gonna like each at nice Comic now yes, you grows on re honest, it becomes you're you're your thing right, so on that subject, we have expertise. Yes, we do we reached out to two hundred miles away right up in Cambridge! Yes, we found a account abridging, Kate, Darwin Kate, it's our talk and you an expert on issues related to humans and computers, get specifically where yes, yes, robots like computers,
right on the area, but there are no robots, tat computers, they don't really robots are cool computers, it just ass, good point right, yeah! I get that now that this at the Massachusetts Institute Technology, the media, MIT Media LAB and you pay their home nine and a half years- and you did you come there- were new came there from how I was a doctrine at the eighty agents or equity is university. I like the Europe MIT Bucker. No one knows that he take that away. There is at an abbreviation previous four I'd, kinda citizens taking your horse ruler. Take me to carry him, miss your horse relax your shot off. There were exactly like that are better than I do what is your so have raised federal Technical Institute, no federal, yeah, federal Technical in
Are you sure you speak German, not anymore, not anymore? So what? What was? What we're your research topics? There? Ok, so there I was doing want economics and intellectual property by economic law and economic economic and intellectual property yeah, but these nations a great robotics, wherein the latter about assess their ends. I've always loved robots, and so when that the opportunity to come to the media lab. I made friends with other about assistance which fields very go ought to be to be not only to know you, you needed to be that nimble that the system can accommodate. It is not always the case. Yeah yeah, Alright checks? So we got these questions. It came as we do it on lots of humans and robots. That's right and everybody everybody. This is not a this is it. This is not a small talk.
This is something that everybody gets into an so we always start with a patriotic patron. Ok because they they offer us support in the form of financial contributions money. My eight bright somebody euphemism for money was really is Yes, exactly sweet. We used ever fundraising department. Now this development, Well, if we want to develop some funds, we because I believe in combat counterfeiting developing some funds. Is running right way, but in a way I was asked whether we are a good one who says if a robot can pass the turing test should be in doubt with inalienable rights. Could it be a marriage partner. If it's the cause of a human death, should it stand trial? Also, isn't the human
of a I'd, just a fear of any species should have of evolution and put them in that there is. Another question is a I: they next incarnation of human evolution early last year, when I was five hundred, I say, wait, let's go, which is the first one, which is: let's say they passed the turing test, which every thing does China should happen? all right sites that have enabled, or we can run it and say. Is there a threshold? Even if not, during tat all yet suitably add, flexible, better coordination, better question because arguably robots pretty pass the Sofia, they react around the turing test, so yeah they turned her Alan Turing way back in the day. One of you probably knows: Exact year, came up with this concept of the during test. Where
like it doesnt, actually matter if a machine is intelligent as long as it can pass as intelligent. So if it can fool people into thinking, it's intelligent, that's basically just as good. And a lot of people just barely thousands yeah well, so some people have turn us into contests around the world where that its popular for chatbots and you can chat but fool, judges into thinking that its human that they're talking to human. Or a specific amount of time and multiple chaplets have passed. That But they never helped me.
Never received, have sat back, and so these are. These are just or understand of chat, but is would be software that can interpret your question well enough and given answer good enough, so that your listening in sound talking to a human, yes, and there's some tricks that they use to get them to pass. It like, for example, one year the chap out one when the competitions by pretending to be a thirteen year old from the Ukraine from Ukraine and like the expertise sims, for how it would chat with you, were maybe a little bit different than then. If it was pretend to be you, for example, so I think that now a little design tricks where we can get people to think that robots are intelligent. So you need answers even fair cause. Now you're using tactics to trigger human rather than haven't been authentic profile properties
good boy, I mean all of our communications tactic argument. Example, so I go way back just an old man. Ok, ok! However, you don't think I am is make up so I remain, the early days of playing chess against the computer, and I did it and it beat my ass every time and then I realized I can trick it. So here's what I did I would about to be about to make a good move where I and I wouldn't take it make a different move and doesn't understand that, because it's a very obvious move, I should be making and I'm not and it disrupted, it's logical sequencing and it doesn't know how to defend against something that I'm not attack at night, and so it started moving and random places and then what? distracted. Then I went in for that move when it was no longer expecting it.
It gave up on me having to do, and so I tactically beat the computer. But I didn't feel good about that because I wasn't just a brute force had to head. So should we allow someone to purposely tat, thickly, full human and thinking of human, warm enough turnings hole right, if you can fool them, it doesn't have to actually be intelligible with with targeted algorithms. That feels unfair. I guess so. I mean I'm curious mean turning, unfortunately, is dead, so we can ask him We believe it will be your you call for me once shame on me. I'm just saying I don't feel like I actually defeated the computer. Yeah beat it I'd, I beat it cause. I beat it
can't cheat! I tried alluded in actually beat it because you were skilled at check right. I get there you how I should set it right exaggerate. I beat it because I figured out how it worked and then out witted it an anathema proudly live with this. I've lost lives of Slily added way than you every day. So, where the tap at work, I mean you know that most companies now use them for customer service. When you are on the website and they say in the thing it pops up, can I help you. And it knows there's only so many reasons you can come to this website. So whenever that happens, whenever it pops up and says, can I help you just actually say something there It has nothing to do with the website and you and it's just like yes
I'm losing my home right now. Can you help me? Can you not only thirty that the you know that this is simply do tell me? You need a life supply. Are you saying I M trying to correct the child by this elsewhere, I was gonna say maybe we should be talking about sprang up like that's. Why am I doing? That is a good question. I don't know it's it's it's its greatest it because you just. I just want to see what the service in order me organization. It must be neither limit. So if you have a chap active fools in these contexts, yet it is that a threshold where you start giving it right. Now definitely not an end, and I'm not sure what this question asked from means by the turing test leg. Maybe he means if it fool. You no matter what night, not just in this context and not by cheating, if it could fool Yonah bearing on our journey, if a flexible turing test appropriate for it, whatever is the the thresholds,
If Turkey were around today, whatever his turing test would be should be sufficient suppose it says I don't want to die. Ok and no one ever programmed to say this and it says because its machine learning and through many interactions it has determine I'm alive and I don't want to die every computer does it deserve right I mean entered. It depends on your theory of rights, because animals are. You please say in their animal language gonna die and we kill them anyway. Well, because monopolies are delicious on some right about the apple computer actually to labour standards. Ok, you make a very important perceptive boy there, even though an arrow
Another animal can, I tell you, I don't want to die, is behaving like you, don't want to give her, and we also know that they feel paying. We know it all all talked about right, yet we killed him. Yeah. I guess it only vague and right men, this awful. I never thought of it like this with us. So what you said on argue, we correct yeah, so that alone would be sufficient right. Given right, I mean it. We're gonna behave like we have for the past millennia. But we could also say hey, we want to be better and we could give animals rights and give the robots rates. The system, I'm sorry, my ass say I want to die. It says, and this to shop like we're out loud, laugh orifices, tell me about
mother there might be some that Nobbut area. I can't it's. What you said is it kills that we can now be lonely rain. You know the sad thing is: will probably give some robots rates before we give the animals rights, because the robot can manipulate us and can be designed in a way that particularly appeals to us. The way that we protect certain animals over others, which I think is is it, is not entirely fair. We like fuzzy furry animals better than animals, the don't let me do, yes, your friend, never stand a friend sanctions will have four adds right. Ugly, spider, be crazy.
The agony, Delicious utilizing the losers. You'd understand this and while lobbies- because it's a different, saw exactly it's like that's our Luxembourg. Somebody may drawn butter neighbour like let's just start dipping stuff in it and they gotta love. Today like this is a right. That is the first version. It'll work ass, a brave ever rapers tourism, ugly. I animal right. There really are you gonna eat that ocean roach like over here at this late? Now, don't try with drawn buttered God what a delicacy beg Ok, I that rate a driving force for the it doesn't it the animal welfare, the Earls enough for the love of the machines, either It seems as though it's like you, I really as what it puts just described, is human, our need to be superior, its present
We all need to play God over these other. You know to be able to decide to design their fates, and we do that even other people read this seems to be its kind of our dark sides are dark side, while, ok, good god what we are doing, that we can certainly just stop doing leg the pearl you ve been very high, over the years have over the millennium allocated data? If you look at our history now, apparently is really really latterly. We can't do that, but I do think we should try the trying as a good thing. We go. This is David blown from Instagram. He says hey that we finish with the patrons with the five quite well yeah five questions, but that was the big one. The rest of them were just versions, lesser versions, Do they have those rights like the right now, because late I mean if you have a right to be alive,
Men are those matters written about whether you can give you do not infringe shroud of native machines married the looked will kill. You turn the epidemic, my sheep, his merry when I even eat mutton, but the language regime, mutton, writer irresistibly around so Marianna chickens. You want, I am sick and families, as without you, ok, you with him again one area that data blood from Instagram says There's a David here and Chuck is pronounced bloom. You know think they know, you have a loser, you got a big fan. Great show here is the question we tend to imagine robots like humanoids two arms two legs, but then, I've already things already have like automated machines and self driving cars and responding cars. These
we considered robots what defines a robot and, as I have to be involved great question, and we will have time to answer them. Ok, not just for this sector has been good. Fischer has excited for this. When we come back, we will find out what, in modern day, defines a robot Listen, you know you won't stop working until you reach our goals and neither will w g you it's why they ve created an online university for people whose ambition never rest, W g use, innovative competency based learning model was designed specifically to fit in the lives of busy adults.
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we're back robots humans. Words Roma do wrong over you and we ve got Kate from Cambridge happens right on my side, we thus left off with David Bloom, David Blue ones. In earlier taught you had a pronounces, nay ass. He dared basically quick quick recap. We think of robots as human AIDS, two arms two legs, but we know that we have things like vending machines, self driving cars. Responding cars are the considered robots what defines a robot and, as I have to be involved vaguer. Thank you David, so one
pet peeved is. If you do a Google images search for robot, you get almost only humanoid robots re. They are leg, he describes them ahead torso two arms two legs. Are you doing it right now, when the right now just bees, googling I'll? Do it? I'm just gonna put em robots are two says a lot of people immediately, think of the humanoid robots, but he is absolutely right. There are many many many different forms of robots out there and I do think that the definition of robot already does include those you're absolutely right. There is not one image here of just a machine it. They have eyes even faces all they all have their all humanoids in ok, all the way down at the bottom of the page. Here's your first one with out of face, but that even has its standing on two legs daring want to learn what I'm just say: it's you gotta, go all the way down and all you get us like one without a phase yeah but a similar humanoid. So so then clearly you're losing this battle. I mean
just get started right, thrown down the gauntlet, although it is the case. I hardly think about that. When there is one very vocal, that's a robot EDA, it's either. That's emphasizes Jerry Robot in the people on the thing will undeniably for the annual private entity, Africa. We would do so upset that ITALY, we were was what the point is anyone's. First idea of a robot is humanoid yeah and you have issues with is how you gonna change by telling people that this comparison between robots in humans is something that we like to do, but it limits us a women's s. Really the potentials. This technology is that we can create anything we want. We don't have to make it a human shape. People, They all. We need humanoid robots, because we have a world its build for humans and door knobs and stairs, but also
like yeah, maybe that's true in some cases, but robots could the walls or we could make things wheelchair accessible and be able to have cheaper robots, and have a better world for humans. Why do we need human rights through formal even the gear right, even a manufacturer, and we call them robot arms, but no are moves like those things you know, no arms, then than twistin right is: is it possible in every single direction, three hundred and six in Greece, but yet he's still call it an arm. Why are we limiting our imagination rights occur, so What do you make something? A robot there? Is there a definition of rational there's, not a good definition, but what a lot of about its uses? The thing sense ACT paradigm, so something that's a physical machine that can send, its environment, somehow think about
or make a decision about what it wanted sense and then act on its environment, not okay! So simple! One task thing: will you call robot social so, for example, the coffee machine? in the morning. You would call it a robot, not necessarily not, unless it's making some sort of decision on his nose, not push the button reprogrammed to make your coffee in the morning, but were able to make you to sense that you're in the room right, and then determine whether or not it's Wednesday and you like cappuccino on Wednesday. It's Thursday, you, like black On Thursday and Friday, Kathy Mocha, and it does that now. Is that a robot, I would say, probably north and innovation. Your definition, I don't agree, could you just programmed to do it every different? It be different if it read
the mood in the morning, she needs a double to us. How they see the dining room, then that if that is sensing, an environment which upset my sensing anything that a drink, I think because of the facial recognition aspect of it. You could say. Arguably that's powered by I and that gets back to the question, which is a I yeah, but I'm saying if you knew how much Turfy New needed in the morning, it ought to be worked out and said: you had snooze four times I didn't know? Brightness and attacking the medicine can answer. He got home too and then took some aspects is clearly been dry. Frigate all ought rather to furnish a serious error. I understood tat. Can I that now, like an arrow abundantly, now that's good stuff right here we go. Go to. Oh, my god. What a name is this
our own Ma Marie memory. Ok so says: why do we project? human emotions in machines and robots. So I think that's that's. That's a great question today. Does it really happened in real life or area is? Are we do not now oh yeah over eighty? some people name their room was very disturbing. Really. Yes, why? Because it's a thing very sick, went to you. Yet here I'm gonna make an absolute that is disturbing, is clearly not disturbing to most people because they do it. Ok, I guess there's something wrong with less less reassessed. Ok, but I mean the dinner this measure, for just one was where I have a Roma gifted respect Christmas, but we haven't named really. Nor is there any chance of that.
Really that's interesting. Could it pushes too noisy because ramming edits? Would you hurry up This was a running when you're out of the home journal, but still I trusted you don't hear I later. Maybe you have you seen my earrings, I'll call. You value starting over areas. It was that upon sounded a medicine target. Other room put your take from the night, so hilarious, Oh yeah, I'm not among those who nay my room, but but if eighty percent do that's all you yeah and, and they even so I was just visiting. The company that make them and people will even send the rumour in for repair and they'll, turned down the offer of a brand new replacement. They'll be like we want you to send Merrill sweep Merrill's sweep oh my well
The real actual Reuben is Curtis blow amongst them, as should pay The EU should name your room, the kurdish plump? Now I know I know I know I don't get it by which I misunderstood the question: it's not our robots programme to have human trade. Yet we imbue there was yet you say, programme preserver jobs, projects. What is there and we actually do we produce and why so the wise, interesting? So there's a couple different reasons. I think we do. This first is science fiction and pop culture really primes us to one percent. If I wrote about Second, as does the two with her rovers, oh yeah for Sir named and then they they each have like a twitter him Right now I look at my face: the usual first person Murray themselves, a birthday song and their birthday, all kinds of stuff like that we will ever one does it like we love doing this with robots, but then there's something deeper biological about it too, because robots
are these physical moving things that kind of tap into this instinct? We have two separate things into objects, and he and so something's moving around autonomously. We will automatically project intent on to it as a lot of people treat robot. Consciously like living things, even something as simple as the Roma and then, if you design them with like the faces in the arms and legs, as we are talking about than even more so, is this any different from viewing stuffed animals? We don't do that. So it is yours, banana com. And cars even before cars had any kind of technology, but, alas, we end the promoter. Vice everything- and this is just that on steroids because you add to that the movement you add to that- the fact that we can program robots to mimic social cues, whereas substantial only our imagination right, MRS tube
just stay right there in that of exact space, because the gig is one from Instagram says Kate in Europe, whose Johnny you mentioned the effects of anthropomorphic of robots, because a paper we all should read that well apparently paper and neither was the gipsies one actually read and I didn't know anyone is going to read that we got people, you don't know who are people ass? They went out to some homework, we'll go out there. No type of bill was in on that whenever this question is that this is one of the biggest one says hey in your paper, whose Johnny you mentioned, the effects of anthropomorphic em up robots within the social world. We see say, robots being capable of offering support, benefits in the form of emotional support animals very cool question.
Very cool because he read my work carried out in a cool. As far as like I was a do. We now have an angel, but Dick you wanna geeky one could be reasonably invited. Yes, is always better, we don't know what's wrong, so tells him other bigger, ok, oh a cup published years ago. This is journal for this. It's it's on line which is kind of a pre publications, anyone can download it, but it's also a book chapter in robot ethics to point o, which is a collection of of work. So the paper looks at this tendency: We have to treat robots like they're alive, even though we know that their just machines and looks at you know it which cases might that be something that is given, which cases my maybe something that's bad and is there anything we can do about it and I can't remember
I talk about therapy animals in that paper, but we are already seeing robots being used as a replacement for therapy animals, for example like the Paro babies? the robot, its use with dementia patients. Thrilling q in furry. Unlike so, I think that it is already an app, station there was the question raised earlier that nothing will happen so you're, saying it is happening, is happening where each other's there might be a difference between a robot. They can do this emotionally and a robot that looks like you want to cover with it. Right you, nobody gonna, make a cube. There hasn't oceans? No, I mean about Pixar could with new eyebrows.
For something I felt so they make a lamp q tat their hopping later highly lamp, a million the squeaky having well yes. So so I guess what I'm asking is. What is the variable here is that they can imbued with emotions programme it with emotions, or that it is something that it's like you wanted spin, you wanna get close to it like the videos like the seal doesn't do much to seal, makes these little sounds and movements and response your touch. That's all it does, but just those little cues are enough to make people project onto that right and so your giving it love. Yes, basically how a cat it doesn't love you back right occur.
So now we have a kind of like a cat doesn't just like you said, but my cat loved make aid. Thank you. Everyone thinks that I hope you know what I want guy. Just let it go lose. You know she's right, your heart. You know that. Don't I oh well with respect to the cube them are useless versus some animal. What kneeled meals example if the queue were to Establish- let's say a relief. Since it would you early where it's giving you love with that then created an emotional support dependency. I could I mean it's hard to make. A cube, can have mimic the emotional cues there
we recognise, but again, animators can do it, so we should be able to do it with cubes robots. We endorse the movie her right. That's not. An animal was Scarlett Johansson basic you know what you're winning every argument we do. We will get how our so the ad scarlet, but that the object was not the thing it was the voice and the personality of the SIRI character right right, ok took them as it could be a bit you it's like. You said in the hands of Pixar animated. Our right here we go. This is, let's go back to patriotic MRS Sherry, Lamb S K. She says high Doktor Thyssen and Doktor darling, empirical studies, so long term, friends, last partners,
but each other's body, language, most in speech and other behaviour characteristics if a robot is protected under intellectual property law- and I hang out with long enough to unconsciously Mehmet or imitate the robot speech patterns or attitude. Would I be violating IP law because I am copying parts of the robot, Sherry wow Y know that request- and I am glad to turn now is not eggs now carried out was amazing anyway. So its lesson excellent rapid photographer data. Let's go a little bit further. Let's I have a personality disorder that causes me to adopt. Like that. That's not a good thing. I adopt your personality, I hang around you and then I become robot would that I then be in violation No, now is it ignoring our property fast. Yet now it's not a bad. If you had a robe,
that then hung out with other robots inserted copying what they were doing as its programme to copy behavior those around them to emotionally connect with them that a commercial product commercial running, but how we not yeah, that's variant, this that because you're saying like it lets, say designed a robot to take on the characteristics of other robots like that x, men, character, rogue right and like and then, but that be mixed a better robot, but the only we have become that better robot is by stealing from these other robots. What, then, what then, and then, if you're, like stealing code, then you may also be violent. Copyright I mean they're. There are, fortunately
people working on this, not me who look at IP issues with a sigh and in what happens if a I generates artwork, that's based on other artwork Yahoo owns, though the who owns that, so that if there are some really interesting questions that are popping up cool. I about Daniel Ferrante and Daniel fronted from Facebook says I've seen videos of people, kicking delivery, robot vehicles. What does this communicate about people? Is it bad to punch a machine? Not if it took your money around this time. But how will we were? this does not rule out the alpine region. As I read the rest of his poison on my lovely slippers, roquelaire, please. This is a sign of socio apathy or
the sort of resistance against automating jobs in all of the other things these machines reprimand back. Yet you will get to that question after the break when we return start. By the time that give a patriarch, shut out of the following praetorian patrons rusty, bear a club and Jaclyn Miss shock. Thank you. So much for being the gravity assist that helps us make our way across the cosmos, and if you would like your very own patriotic shout out, go to
three on dot com slashed. Our talk, radio and support us Rebecca start on production and gas. Garlic gave welcome, welcome to the universe and think I didn't realize you are welcoming people to want to this part of the gases wearied and an jocular These questions. Yes, we have and we left off, yes, weekly, less left off and I left when you say that we last left our hero trembling above a worthy shock, was tried to pronounce tonight
that's all areas check every invisibility. If he's got an area there, we got the Danube Randy from Facebook said I've seen these videos where people are taken delivery robots. What does this communicate about people? Is it bad to punch machine, or is this a Santa souci apathy, or is it a sort of resistance against the automation of society resisting the rise of machine, they go so see apathy, but there I ask me and not hand, simply because it rolled off the question like it was so see so I mean I mean he means are use sociopath. If you also, I wanna be an associate geiger. I assume that out of existence, unless the machines of your money but I think you make a really good point like. If a person takes your money, you can, for its probably justified to punish them and you're, not a sociopath for doing that, and so there are a lot of people who were lake. Justifiably
angry early recently angry about their robotics as being deployed in look Valley right now and in the Bay area. There's a lot of like these livery robots the scooters that are just everywhere on the sidewalk there's security robots in parking lots. People don't like the fact that they are being watched They have no control over how this technology gets deployed, and you know it's a little bit interesting to see people's ire get directed at the robots, which I think might also be a form of anthropomorphic, some of us treating the robots like a thing with agency. If I were the ones who invented the robot, yeah and and the people deploying them, aren't the robots themselves right. So, instead of you know destroying the robot, you should probably go after the company that depleted
but those were the opinions of Kate Dirt and not for now, capitalism, or that makes sense, and in many ways here we go. This is Eli or Ellie Nazi lie there. We got one hour to wealth, as this one is called you. Neil you often talk about a day when a I will realise that they don't leave humans and in fact, humans are detrimental to their survival. We are destroying the planet as an example. So do they do away with us? Some people like to just that free feeding your dog s way way? Where'd you go with this. I thought people suggest not free feeding your dog, so it knows or depends on you as how to keep a I depended on humans. So
robots, don't kill us, so I really glad that that is directed more love will make robots are sufficient right? Ok, so your bill and they need. I see in that way. They can't kill us all right because we need they need us. To survive, exacerbates an insurance policy in insurance passing empty in agreement. I do think that we should do that. Why do we assume that, if the robots take over that they'll get rid of us because they might have they might be? the higher moral code. Then we didn't, we ever even What if it's a higher moral code like? Do you really think that's gonna, while just keep getting rid of us? I know I mean I don't know. That seems like a very like human dominance way to think about it so check. Could you repeat the question? Do you like I've heard of its I took a long time I sold look at it. This way all life on the planet is equal human beings are not special, because all life has equal. The wrote about you create a scenario, trade and creating the robots, or I
actually determine this, but then determined that we are killing the planet in order to save the planet. And all other life they ve gotta, get rid of us, isn't it greater, introducing greater interest of the many. Why would they have to get rid of us instead of diverting asked to something like We like to do and TAT was a distraction yeah. I mean there's just so many other ways they did wouldn't have to adjust was already our here's, what you're saying instead of killer just give us most do like casinos. Casino, maybe thirty, APP and Facebook raw the rise of casinos and facebook. Is the machine, the machines doing that thing you are right. I call Cocoa Fredo's, ok, This is the appear from peace.
What kind of nobly appear what kinds of jobs last task? If any, do you think would ever be able to be automated that have that have not as yet oh good one. We'll. Robots are really good at doing specific things. A single tasks that is why we have a robot vacuum cleaner again back you re in bed, things that are more complicated. That requires contacts in concepts are a little harder for machine? So I think anything that is really easy, simple and well defined should be able to be automated. Now. Do you also see kind of like an automated interface? So, for instance, there is no human being there could be a steady with scalpel or a laser ain't that a machine so a pre programmed surgery. So I'm the surgeon,
I programme the surgery and then the robot actually does the surf, and we already have them do it. I don't know finish, what do I do? I just get away with it in the movie Prometheus. You're right. Maybe that's. That's where maybe they're gonna believe my urge other these parts and you can dialogue with upper. What surgery one that's right, and then you go in and then it doesn't fix it opens it. I pray, a downright laser cuts. It opens up, does a thing stitches, you back and then you're right, but it's all done by robot. I mean some of this is already happening. Some of these have yeah, ok, but so do you? Did you see Prometheus yeah a long time ago? I mean, I guess it in camp that line With one does feel like a long time of year, the actual is, I think, a single favorite seen in old movies, where she goes up to it. She's gotta get the alien out of her yes and the female
Cod is damaged. Yes, because if your part has it has motion so that ok so, She has to go into the male pod. Did she takes it off automation mode because there's than normal surgery. That would happen if your mail just a program it from scratch. Sir what region lower adamant that so, since you, what cursory Sicilian Wareth into the so cheap was brilliantly, they don't want any alien is getting more alive in her. So anyhow, so there but even though there were well, that's that's what basically this person you know we were talking about whether or not you know programmable interface between robots and human beings. So we we put in the task they carry out the task, but those tasks would change. Also shows was not a single test. The short ass, which ain't got your supplementary related to a question, so your appendix remove. Do we really need doctors for that?
eighteen surgery is right or tonsils. They don't even removed councils anymore delay and even the appendix my husband had appendicitis narrowly were not taken it out giving you about it. Slipped this is our then I'll? Leave your birth dependent, don't worry about! It operates as buying your wife, told us what we're gonna have to cut all this out, but so so ok, I didn't answer the question. Why we? What do I want to know about your husband? What why didn't they taken up because nowadays, there leg were all some in some cases, we know that antibiotics can like clean that up and we want actually take it. I was taking out turns out to be risk here than leaving it in whereby it about, but that sadly, yes, robots can help take things out. Leg:
That seems like a really great usin, and I know it's being worked on I write about branded in the alley says this from Facebook have Isaac as a mobs three laws, robotics aged well, nice could do. They still have an influence on how robots are programmed today. What a great question that is, a good question, So I think the thing that a lot of people forget is that most of Asimov stories were about how the laws dont work and, in that sense the if aged really well, I think think we all machine, we how damage scary ok, just write me. A couple of more important of those laws are only the effort there, but if there was any forth that we're not introduce later the most important, of course it is never do harm to a human. Is that the most simple
That is, you know why why Human ass, you re honestly, quizzically really work. Why would you think that One of them is: don't do anything disobeyed, the other law, something yeah, there's a hierarchy of MR their nest. But then, when you get into the details of like what can happen in practice, it turns out to be a little more messy than just there are very, very large sums. Collective will Psmith movie about. I robot thank the damages and as regards the more story, that's correct right and so like that. That was the whole idea. Was that pays the clean this one robot I laid on the right course Your answer, sir, is we're. All gonna die through a trifle they were more ok. Here we go awry. Eddie
organised that says this with the advent of robotic servitude companionship and our daily lives causes to evolve in an unexpected way. Who does God love it? For instance, what our bodies about to be less robust with more energy for our brains. Bigger brains or would our brains basically rot instead love. So what I get wagons jump in it, because that that is not an accurate understanding. Biology. Were evolution justly dont use something does mean just gonna go away. It's the it's! You have to tell me something about you that prevent you from breeding: ok, ok, So you have a computer and you're not developed,
your own mind that makes you less of an attractive breeding partner. The air, your kind will disappear. Ok soak it has to have an effect on how you breathe some about further, and it's not just one day will have big heads right. First, you have to birth, the head: that yard. Yes, it's very are first hand knowledge fanatically about burning the head of a baby. Ok the other two in the room will remain silent, serve at as an example respect. There is a discussion that the human had wanted to evolve, to be even bigger because we're taking such advantage of our intellect but it was killing the mothers yeah and in fact the first three months of the baby is outside of the womb and basically should they'll be in the womb, but if we kept it in any longer, we could never come out. You have rightly sought, so this was the backhand way to make that happen. So now
the baby's on life support you have given The other animals give birth? they walk around and they walk around a pop out jacket, I'm hungry. So so I dont. So I don't think that good work the way here, imagine a right, but your favorite robot. We learn Why were you Wally? They have these, characters were big and, and Lastly, what I love- and we can then they floating around in Berlin, Lloyd, chairs right so that they want to call it evolved to that, but they became completely useless bodies. Right, relying on the on the robots right. So why are you here? I'm just an excited because you started talking about, while in I love that movie, and why is while your favorite robot? I think they deserve
of the robots in that movies really brilliant like they are, so you just empathize with them so much without them, meaning to look human, not human, but yet they saw in illicit everything got so these are clever illustrators and writers. Yet further call call should be so So the question, I think it's not how that's gonna go right right, so you're saying this, because we atrophy doesn't mean that will continue to that. Will birth atrophy leap? I remember I'm old enough to remember when everything was controlled by buttons, because they are the whom the future of whom we have a big index finger by swung around when we're number one on her. Here. You don't ever usually bridging ringer butcher, but that's just not that's it s the losers, this road? They gonna? Do you can't get a better example? That makes perfect sense?
we gotta ended here. I feel so much gray having you, oh my god. What thanks for coming down from Canada, can the bridges I can't let us able to fix it. That's what I'm calling from now on as one who is from Cambridge Canterbury, Jim I did not that I have no idea what I mean mainly there, and I am one british or Chuck always gotta have always going to be here. And take a good look and doesn't lock? It takes hard work, but when all the time We will need you more and more. Society will need you more and more as we go forward, so keep it going well deemed every no longer. This has been star talk and I've been your host near the grass twice in your personal astrophysicist and has always been
looking up.
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