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Cosmic Queries Live: Galactic Gumbo Edition

2017-11-10 | 🔗
Explore relativity, panspermia, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, the multiverse, tachyons, marijuana legalization, and more with Neil deGrasse Tyson and co-host Chuck Nice as they answered questions in front of a live audience at Sessanta and on Facebook Live.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide dartle begin right now, I'm your house, in the other s eyes in your personal astrophysicist, we are. Actually I would say Santa restaurant at sixty Thomson street in so holding York, I got my clothes, nice, tweeting, Jackknife gonna comic. Come it. Yes, so this gonna be a cosmic queries.
My laws we like to call the galactic gumbo galactic gum glaringly so envisages whatever. So we haven't seen the questions as the point now we have not all cosmical related, that's my expertise will apply. Correira, and we already have people timing and on Facebook. But do you know one we're them start things off in our show, with actual query from the audience, do we have our first audience? Member hello? What's your name, please stand up, when we first she's going to Van Gogh dress, can we get some attention time? I've got you wonder what do you think of it, and it's not like one of my favorite pennies did is my favorite there I mean we may get your question a minute. This unwanted addressed
Van Gogh painted in eighteen, eighty nine, it's obviously impressionistic representation, it's not the sky that he saw its the sky that he fell. So while I care about accuracy in detail, if You represent through your art how the universe makes you feel you cannot be faulted, for you can only be praised and in that I will say further than theirs starry night and the backdrop. Then there are the hills, then there's this village with it with aspire in Cyprus tree. He didn't call that painting Cyprus tree or we'd be village or rolling hills? It may have been the first time ever in the history of with the name of the painting, the starry night,
What is in the background rather than what's in the foreground, but still think about when you set up a canvas, the something there that your paintings right, if you paid the sky you can put stuff in front of it, but he did so a village, a tower trees, hills, it is starry night? I think that the original name of peace, but he finally just settler on night. It was rarely village tat story about right, as alone title neighbour, sorry, to delete your course regarded. Yes, please, yes, ok! My question is: why despatched to the speed of light
ancient of the universe which is started off like he was just like me. Why couldn't you call would like what the thoughts which is like spear lights, president, your birth, The speed of light in a vacuum in the vacuum of space is the fastest speed that is possible. Moving through space is not just a good idea. It's the law. Ok, it's not like one day we're going to figure out how to go. Fuck. That's not! Gonna happen not working you, and travel faster than light. If the day we discover like wormholes right we're curves space where you're here, and you want to go there and that's if you will that's where you debt, ok. Instead, you do this and cut a hall, and anyone bridge that gap and any unfolded, and
there. Then you got to faster than a like. Being would add, that's that in a fund way, but you know moving through space faster than light. There is a cosmic speed limit now turns out. There the point in the universe where the universe is in fact expanding faster than light and this comes out of Einstein, general theory of relative okay and whereas the speed of light limit comes from a special theory of relativity, relativity described things moving within the fabric of space general Activity describes the fabric of space itself, so it space itself is expanding. It can expanded any weight at all it s. The rubber see that member, if you d been better galaxies in it did imagine a rubber heat, and you have said the rubber sheet. So two galaxies and severely are stretching apart in the fabric of space they can receive from one another arbitrarily faster than light. There is no such limit there.
Look I want you know, I would have said change to wear that skirt Actually, I just occurred to me because it gives me. I guess I just Wait, wait, wait there. Let me say something: I'd do it. When I clean the house, Ok, Tom angel Tom Age says this meal. Do you agree with Carl Sagan and yes, who s borders. There's there's bears your answer very little. I disagree with and guess what I say that quite monopoly gotta know I want to know you
at marijuana should be legalised wow. So I think, if you really analyze it relative to other things that are illegal, there's no reason for it to ever have been made illegal in ITALY in the system of laws that is extremely rational with ice. That from you and you're. Absolutely right I mean alcohol is legal. It connects you up way more than smoking a few jays. That's so let me take them. I could tell you have never more. We your life smoking, a few J Abc at present. Are you smoking refugees? The last time I was like in a cloud of it. That's that's how people spoke
Right now. Let's do one quick one, because we both its funding, because if you wanted stone like me thus you inhaled the helium from a helium balloon, but the way you do that is here on time. Rigour That's just it saw exactly. In other words, when kids are at a party sharing helium balloon, they might as well be smoking some Here we go where we have the microphone go right ahead, Sir, how do we measure the disk?
since between stars and planets, and how important is it to be accurately when you find a planet orbiting star either distances is a huge challenge in modern astrophysics and we spent decades created something what we call the distant Later in the distance ladder, is you figure out how close nearby things are? Do that pretty accurately with my geometry and trigonometry. But beyond that, you can't, and then you have to infer, The distance is based things that are nearby that are familiar and then what you get that farther way you build on that and everything bills, and so we were pretty confident right. Now that we understand distances. Not locally in the solar system, but across the galaxy and across the universe itself. So It's a combination of many methods, some primary some secondary some tertiary and it's called the distance
Google, it you'll, see a whole account of the steps that this required. Yeah yeah, it's our lives, it's one of the toughest things out there Could you don't know because bright stars, you think all must be close. It could be- bright star budgets, Faraway Costa, it really really super bright, well, I'll give an example. The stars are ten thousand times more luminous than our son is a huge mass of stars. Some of which are so big they. If you, swap them? We earth is right now they would gas, the entire orbits of mercury, Venus and earth. So these are stars very loudly, luminous but the sun will do that one. There are good. Have we we need to sort of planet hop away from the sun by then reg that's in five billion years, and we don't
we therefore ass still on earth, then that's it away if we're still on earth and five billion years, deserve it? That's all happened, then is as the sun gets larger. Getting more luminous such as these highly luminous stars that we find in the Galaxy Earthen will start getting hotter and hotter and what will happen is the oceans will come to a rolling boil evaporate into the atmosphere than the atmosphere will evaporate into space and then as the edge of the sun overcomes the orbit of the earth we become, miss chart ember as we descend down to the core as we vaporize, you know, where only you can sound like a sudden all excited about our demise, which is very good. You know what you know not be attenuated, but not only what attenuated, but
That's like a real word that I got my TAT S, another, not making my god these cookies on the list. Just like we took to be a tenuous pavlovna now, but I'm saying what you were just talking about. I've actually heard from other of your colleagues which we have on this- but you know primarily a planetary astrophysicist, doktor funky spoon, the immigrants blood emanates from here. He asked. Who is one of our start? Talk Asta, we yeah, I was an I'm just gonna like I got a good start talk as a thing right. Heads fertility that it was able to lights, born off pieces of itself. Ok one of them was. Why had like colleagues? Who energy and interest and expertise so that we created start our all star, yes
so they got their own mantra. That's why they only I'm not even in the show what that's true and then we had would occasionally have a guest who was a professional athletes either current or former. Yes, that had huge following those particularly. So we support those off yet to be to make peace was signed. A new protocol said I'm not even had nothing to do with that either. But I guess I am like your cosmic baby now. So I do not know about playing with. Science is a great deal of playing with science, because that's that's kind of weird title was. I came up with the name playing with science. I guess so that's a good name when we Romano you play with science,
what's the problem, Well, we're at it. You might do agree, there's there's something where you can see. All of this everything that we do is one of the core star talk all access dotcom, so just to let you know and for you at home, if you just want to know, I start talking all access outcome, everything that we do is available there, plus exclusive and original content. So I just want to get that in their cars because of what you said that if we go to another question from Facebook, live Levi Silver says this: if the
Burst. Theory is true. Is there a universe where it isn't? True, all crazy, because if the multi verses every possible universe that could be in existence, then could there be in existence a universe where there is no multiverse And let me just followed up by a pickle wreck multiverse where there could be many possibly incident. Universes, we're all possibilities, manifest right, this is a suggestion is hard to argue against. So If you have an infinite number of universal everything plays out at all times at this precision is happening? Is that I'm assuming they are in your sitting here?
your arm, when unnecessary anywhere in this slurry fluffy. Thank you so so so could you be a universe in which there is no multiverse and all I'm saying is the different problem, he's a reach universe do not reference what's outside it outside of them, so we are describing the variation in the laws of physics in each universe. That's was very. So so you can imagine, I suppose, a universe. It has no multiverse at all, but ok, but then what I mean then put that leave I in that universe and that's that he doesn't exactly right. Not, then, is not part of our motive. I hear some who think about the universe never makes anything in one's. It seems ok, but without serves no, we got. You know a planet eight get over. It the sun
had a son. Those stars with this is the sun. No, there also their sons and surrendered stars and you and now they're gonna hundred billion galaxies. Universe now with the multi maybe there's a multiple universes. But then, if that's the case, then maybe the multiverse doesn't even coming one o snap. So you say it's multiple multiparty, exactly I met a verse, dumbfounded met. If not I mean that's not an official line of research, any substance I just I just call impressed on what we leave this room, so you got it so truck. We gonna take a break contacts, when we come back more cosmic queries
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were taken questions from Facebook. Let us from every other place in Europe What are the names are usually has always I don't know, what's with some missing synopsis in your head? Probably has its price will say this its years and years of abuse tomorrow, but I will not say look. John Smith is a joke who asked me what's an ex more from Facebook law. Yes, I do go in so there are least three people watching on Facebook live because we have their questions at. Will
moving to lose this data now stated it up. If you want a case, got married, what we're gonna have a lightning round where I go through just sound bite answers hopes here. Ok, ok! Here we go in your opinion. What's the coolest most interesting aspect of the upcoming eclipse, that is from Scott Murray? the eclipse will be on the twenty first of all, as is ok, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls its America's eclipse man. Apostrophe am you. You are I see that I think are you spoke about this. The path totality. This is the moon shadow being dragged across earth's surface nice at once. I was in seven hundred miles an hour, and the generation of totality is simply the time it takes the shadow to pass across you.
If you happen to be standing in the past, so the path of totality only touches the Continental United States, such as no other kind. Who s the last time. That happened, as was in the thirteenth century, before there was a USA. So in that sense, it's just kind. Of course it's it's out his hours, it's ours! That's all I click to happen all the friggin time. Every couple years you have a total solar eclipse somewhere, but I bet you. I bet you August twenty first on the twenty second will be headlines. Rare clip every day. Once you used the word rare with the word eclipse, but eclipses are more frequent, then presidential elections all What he says: rare presidential election, coming up
The latter soon just make sure the rarity at the door since our common and in the old days, when no one travel, you go your whole life. Without seeing what now in your life, you can always pretty much drive to one so that will fly to one. You find one every couple years to sort of get over cynical, cynical, let's move on to Carlos Catarrh Barlow and collars would like to know that if you can access Facebook like the Spaceboat Lifelong, these are coming to me from Facebook lie and because coming to me live, I just lost a damn question it without Carlos. I got it back if you could accelerate pass the speed of light. What would happen to yours surroundings? So what would you see?
if you could actually go faster than the speed of local, so you can't, according to Einstein and all experiments ever conducted, you can't accelerate pass the speed of light, but you can imagine particles that exist only faster speed of light. They can work his equations. Ok, we have a word for those particles, the hypothetical ethical tacky, ons techie turkey, from the greek taxpayers. Now, yes, yes, it's from Patrick, so attack so to commoner, us from this which have you the speed of your of your engine pistons, so so was an these exist faster than light, and if you run the numbers, if these particles exist, there live backwards in time, o snap right right? Because,
Is it just comes out of the best? That's all I'm saying: ok, ok, so is that part of the same same eyesight theory yeah, but we don't we'd, never found them and nothing could accelerate past it. So they have to be into existence. This way what people have imagined have have come up with experiments that would deter them if they existed, and they would that they ve never been detected. So this hypothetical at this point, what it's interesting, if sufferings, If I see walking down the hall and you slip on a banana peel- and I say all, let me prevent chuck from sleeping on the banana panel tat. So I will send you text message by attacking. Aren't that's ok, so I say Chuck watch for the banana peel, then you get it right, like ten seconds before you get to the banana panel. So what happens? As I said, the text you get it in the past and we are your smartphone giggles virus
you pick it up- and this is all I have to watch out for the banana appeal at the fact that you were looking at your smartphone. Maybe you didn't notice the banana peel and you slipped on it. It could be ECHO Bay, it could be that certain events are embedded in the fabric of time, such that the very act of preventing from slipping on the banana peel major slip on the banana that way, The big argument for pre determination, possibly right possible. I gotcha that's it. However, when you sent me that Turkey on tax it just came up the subscriber you are, reach is not as I do that that was amazing. There was a great great question. I listen on to power Hogan coming to us from, of course, Facebook live. Who would like to know how
what we know we ve found life on another planet, since it would likely look and behave very different from life here. The first of all: That's it that's a big assumption. First tat, you understand. I would like to know, though, if we find life is going to be really different from. This is great what do we even recognize it like what we know it s like perfectly legitimate question, but I think we have good cogent answers for that. Ok, so certain the ingredients of life. Look at chemical ingredients? You can the agreements on another hydrogen oxygen, carbon gonna, nitrogen ire. These are the most I'm. A common ingredients across the universe. Made of the most common stuff, if you make life with the ingredients on another planet, probably gonna have chemistry. China, similar to ours?
How can it be made of some isotope a business? Now? It's not that's not common out there. That's a b. We are carbon, face. Life is any good science fiction. Fan knows carbon The periodic table of elements is the most a key element you can make more molecules, use carbon that all the molecules combined If you had to base the diversity of life on an element, carbon. Is your element carbon is the? Fourth? what most abundant element in the universe, while so to say this life is based on this other thing and it's got. It's not necessary so unnecessary to invent something out dark workplaces to try see what the life might be like chemicals that narcissist it because we are made where carbon based is not a little narcissistic. Life is shrilly. Gonna, certainly gonna be like five, a pool of care.
Goes right. Carbon is gonna, start making molecules all by itself. Had that's? Ok, that's what now may not have dna right, but so, if we can find, it'll probably heard carbon Austria on earth is the same as the chemistry everywhere, the universe, one of the great discoveries of Twentyth century after physics, if science with different on earth, it was on the moon or anywhere else. There would be no science. Would we just on science? I've only honour size or rather than you wouldn't do. You know astrophysics right because we have no access to what was going on elsewhere, but the logic since we find on earth apply to the reaches of the universe. So that's why there's no reason to invoke something completely different. Now that being said, Why is it that Hollywood aliens always have a head shoulders to arms and legs and they walk and then why? Why what is it?
lesson from another planet? It should look at least as different from us as life forms and us on earth from one another, because all it has common dna. So I'm here you're here we have jelly. Fish, oak trees, millipedes, ok, bacteria, yeast cells, ok, That's life on earth with common dna, either pull life from another planet list look more different than that, because we different from one another. That's all time, plus we invent life. Ok was what is a cow? is a biological machine invented by humans, to turn grass into stake loud you're right about that. That's If you can invent life to serve your need, then then All bets are off.
Rent, whatever you need tweet, that actual, As I said, our ban bats. We invent if you're gonna cow in them I met a mess caused by those who were here. That's knows it. That's right now, product cognizant of Facebook LAW, this clause, the law to read the words to across the being just now we're talking, retorted, ghostbuster, okay, let s! Let me find.
Got, it was a great question. I want to find this question. Can we go to slowly here and there it is got. Breast seal wants to know this. What was the reaction of your family when you told them you wanted to graduate in astrophysics? I just love to this question makes a theme like he was coming out of the closet. That's why I don't care what you have just one or two others I can't change. I was ass fast, so it didn't quite that way, because I've known since age, nine that I was called by the universe and by eleven I realize you can do it professionally. Sofa
age, eleven onwards. I had an answer to that annoying question that adult always ask kids would wanna be when you grow up, eleven onward. My answer was astrophysicist astrophysicist, so There was no surprise when I declare It has a major whose it was deeply embedded in me, so you, like a little boy, was put not a whit high heels for just like this is why haven't the rhetoric that they had to do? They have to do that by the way? In all fairness to the unfolding of events, my parents took me my brother, my sister to all the cultural institutions or the city every weekend, and they took us to the planetary when I first saw the night sky I do know is what do you also knows anything about the night sky? We have no relationship with the universe, because buildings are in the way play in the way and in my day there was air pollution. Do you have to brush ash off your shoulders
because apartment buildings were burning household garbage. You live here during the summer, so I'm SAM is. It was a first encounter with my local planetarium the Hayden Planetarium place where I saw the nice guy said this before that damned dimmed and the stars came out and I thought was a hoax. There are many stars in the night sky, I've seen every one of them from the rocks and these tall sign from the Bronx there's not a later. I figure out it was real, but to this day I go to the finest observatories in a land on mountain tops, and I will you communed with the cosmos look up, and I still feel this embarrassingly urban. That it reminds me of the Hague.
The real thing as zeal and like the bladder. That is funny. So you know what I say what I am now director of the hidden planetary right, so that story like place better like a small town in New York. No one actually cares. I tried it on. You realize I became director of the black that Your point is so that's funny, because you know what you bring this up and it reminds me of so in your book chapter. Twelve of your boy last job is last chapter. Is reflections of the or reflections on the cosmic perspective. At its funding, when you say like that, no new Yorker has a relationship with the universe. It just reminded me anybody who has your experience, whether its interplanetary we're. I want to hilltop looking through a telescope. That's where you find the cosmic. Respect is an open quote here from James Ferguson, this
Oh, nobody who grow up in a city could ever pen these words city again, so this is going to be of the roulette or get ready. Of all the sciences cultivated by mankind struck this come James Ferguson, so eighteen, fifty seven of all the sciences cultivated by mankind. Astronomy is acknowledged to be an undoubtedly is the most sublime, the most interesting and the most useful for by knowledge derived from this science, not only the bulk of the earth is discovered, but are very I can teach enlarged with the grandeur of the ideas it conveys our minds exalted above their low contracted prejudice
Oh, what all these steel cosmic could be. You can have a chubby aren't. I at a time in this segment but more questions as a right. We'll pick him up. We return on start talk right now, like a little something I call cocktails and countless moose we're you talk about the cosmic perspective. This will change your cosmic perspective. This
will the bartender rights go shirt with stars over and above what was gonna medicos when you make a will so we're making deny the event horizon, which is gonna, be Jean Carter, you gotta say those words. You got to say the event horizon Deep arise almost like. I don't always drink the model, but when I do so, you can use a type of gin. Ok interpreter in here fresh lemons, refresh lemon juice lemme. Do we
stuff blues What are you guys? Its awesome liquor eyes? Blossom workers are women, the event horizon, so it's gonna, actually become in the universe, beyond the event horizon, there is no return as want to make sure that about whenever you're doing here, don't be a good night reads: the event girl, I'm just do it What is going on here at the ice for some ice in there. Did you just invent this today. It's kind of random, what you and now I just oh right, also use Dreamliner. Like might sound like you to make sure that is absolutely clean, guys you so
I saw it certainly did not exactly in a feat first dive to this cosmic abyss. Yes, you not survive, because you will not miss the title, forces of gravity will create quite a calamity when you stretched head to toe. Are you sure Wanna go home, it is alcohol was at the ball I was listening very easily woods years, but that is really good. It's like bright its herbaceous. It's like it's very cool and his bright. It's called it's cool. It's too and it still ever, you know and as a rule as event horizons go. There would not have we create new thing home
event horizon and chill event I like it. Ladies and gentlemen, Europe well and that the question of the audience does do they saw it said I wasn't aims are working, so this gonna goes with what we are talking about a little bit earlier. If we were able to find life, maybe maybe like microbial on Mars. You think it would be more likely that it's a second genesis or that maybe it's possibly pants Burma and if so, which one would be more impact full on humanity. Ok, all her was sperm and our lot. So as a great question the other two possibilities possibilities. One there's no life on Mars and never was another one. Is there his life on Mars and it No, no
However, it includes its identity, has nothing it was the way we could think of our identity. Sir, we have dna. Maybe it's got something else. If that's the case, it is a complete other genesis of life will transform biology in ways that perhaps we cannot foresee imagine a whole new way of being alive right now. Biologists. They won't admit this, but you behind closed doors One of the door, though so greater diversity of lies. Behind closed doors. The fact is, all life has common dna. So to an alien, we're all identical chemically. Basically, so, essentially so so that that would be a stunning fact. An interesting fact, less running but deeply interesting is, if it does have dna, then either you can have a second genesis and dna is an inevitable consequence of carbon organic chemistry.
Or some base strands of their dna identical to DNA on earth. That would mean at some point the bacteria on Mars, transported to earth. And began earth here. So that would mean there is only one genesis. Honor I would have been on Mars, so that's the case. So so? In other words, you can see how close to species are to one another by how much, of the dna is identical, proud of very low down it's possible could have, and how does happen if more all evidence shows was probably wet and fertile before earth was That was the case and an asteroid struck. The impact energy can swing walks into a people and Rome through interplanetary, space and land on other planets such as earth
they get there. They would be I too would be stowaways in the nooks and crannies of the rocks. Now those snow storm ways they have to be able to survive interest the space for thousands of years. They have to get freeze dried. I'll come back to life upon hearing water on earth there, such creatures on earth target aids, the water bears they serve. Things better necessary to survive on earth. Because earth doesn't that's ok, this I've loved you right now that I've thought about it. So so so people think that evolution and animal adapts doesn't know, nothing adapts. They die and variation of that
generation some may have resistance to whatever is the fourth killed everything else, thing lives or dies in vain in the tree of life, and so the big bacteria that- but the microbes that would have survived are those that happen to have a variation in them that could survive the radiation from space, that the temperature is a space. The freeze dried, Miss in space and time. We have this property so that you have a word for this call pen, sperm, yet and so that it would be interesting to that's all. I'm saying they both interesting but a whole. Other genesis would be transformative. So scientifically s question is dad. Ok, it could mean that could mean that we are all descendants of Martians Data, some perhaps more than us. Others
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No, let's leave you weren't bottom listed today, so we got a deal doesn't like to plug anything. I'm gonna buy em all who are about yet to mention this book, which I don't need million, be they don't even know about that here. Would science sergeant Let's go back to this adieu, undue cancel fortunately, waiting room is local up. So we don't have the belfry ranks of those answers with someone be focusing our resources and energy on the exploration. Previous versus Mars since its chief guarantees easier to get to know
because I'm venuses nine hundred degrees Fahrenheit and if you, whether you would vapor this- is a bad choice of destination for space exploration, Lily Brown lets you can cook. I calculated a sixteen into pizza in nine seconds on your window, Sill nice, then, and then someone did you than I was says. Doktor facing you made an error. You forgot radiant. He coming from the atmosphere itself actually cook in two seconds Venus ass. I was here we go arrogant, Lily Brown was to know this. Hey. Will you guys officiate my wedding? No I am deeply honoured that people think when it looked like a baby scribble to them. Oh ok, so voyagers coming over the fortieth anniversary of its launch. Yes, just in a few in a few weeks, and so
words, are one and two and do you think any alien would be able to decode the messages on that gold plate or would it look like a baby scribbled to their. Oh, ok, so voyagers coming up the fortieth anniversary of its launch. Yes, just a few in a few weeks, and so, the Orange One has left the influence of the sun officially entering ter stellar, space. That's in one direction? Voyager too in another direction, but not as far away the energy there's pictogram on their telling aliens. Where we live now, mom. I know it's weird, because we don't you wouldn't give your email. Stranger on example, we giving the home address of earth aileth by myself. Turning so so so I think, if they're really smart, that they should figure it out,
throughout their there. Our musings- and I really think that hieroglyphics and things of our own species, I think, water species, trivial cigarette if they find the Spaceboat next Wednesday. Mc grew Brown wants another. If you can travel through time what year, would you go to and why I would go to the day. Earth was by the more sized protein planet side, swiped casting coastal material into orbit too, the moon itself. I wanna be witness to that event. You do Would that be married? I just see me at that moment going worth it hours. Fawcett once did. Nowadays What is or was the greatest scientific prediction ever made, oh
really it's actually in here I will say: wait, don't answer this. What I'm asking you will based on very little information, Joe urge gamma scientist and midcentury basin. Very little information about the fact that the universe is expanding, which meant, was smaller yesterday than it is today the fact that, It might have been hotter in the past that is today, based on this base. He took laws of physics and in bulk and said: well, if the law the physics apply all away to the beginning of the universe, so ought to be a bath of microwave energy. Big witness in the universe. In the background we
for a cosmic microwave background at a temperature of about five degree. And then decades later people discover cosmic microwave background, and they didn't, even though their hopes. Nor is that somebody, I know I rented temperature increase using the temperature was three degrees. And using all. He was off, it is almost off by a factor of to you, but put was so out there so out there. It's like predicting that a fifty foot flying saucer would land on the law of the White House, but for its part. Has assets strikes. Me was the one of the greatest predictions ever made as to deduce the existence of the big bang and evidence for
by invoking known laws of physics. That's amazing that doesn't here's we're gonna do right now, because we are pretty much out of time. Ass. Just leave you the last time to do your theory and bid us farewell. Oh, oh, ok, sure so let me just say that the universe, to paraphrase J B, a philosopher I suggest that the universe is not only stranger than we have imagined. It may be any than we can imagine all that remains true unlimited mysteries that lay before us because never forget that, as the area of our knowledge grows so too Does the perimeter of our ignorance, I'll drink to that Africa. We will, and I neither our stated in your personal astrophysicist I'd give you all.
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