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Cosmic Queries: Monsters with Bill Nye

2015-10-30 | 🔗
With Halloween just around the corner, guest host Bill Nye and co-host Chuck Nice apply a little science and rationality to fan questions about zombies, ghosts, vampires, dragons, Frankenstein’s monster, and Bill’s old boss.

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greetings greetings? Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, kids of all ages, welcome to start talk. Radio, I'm Bill nine hosting this week, beloved meal digress, and I'm joined once again by the brilliant insightful nominally handsome chuck nice. This will cause raise with the how Odeon coming up the eve of all saints day. We're gonna do monster seismic prairies monster monsters and I of course, and thoroughly charmed by the great many questions that have come in regarding monsters. My monsters are such interesting people. They are
I'll be right. There we put in a joke about politicians. Zadig argued before we do that, or as we do that this is really on the whole win in mind Ever heard has become such a celebration of something kids, just love at people love to get dressed up, candy thing that's been associated with it, but apparently goes way back to Caltech celebrations having to do with how they reckoned the calendar and K. So this would be the harvest harvesting being harvested right? Winter is upon us right and so November. First was the new year. I really, apparently, then, as is so often the case, the churches of Europe overran these guys, the Romans and then the catholic Church and absorb the holiday
and made it they're all martyrs day. There all saints day became the day after the hollow. Eve. How leaves rare So what kind of thing? But I know the kids I in my neighbour just go wild for immunize, enjoy it of course, but it is ultimately about monster the adrenaline and being scared and don't forget its also about taking any profession, no matter what it is and turning it into a sexy outfit. For someone to where I do not have ever noticed this
that will take part in every single cause to Iraq? Are you think about it? All the time I was taking a cosmic weary regarding monsters lead on right. This is Mario Deadlock LA coming to us from Facebook. Do you believe physics could explain the existence of ghosts and spirits? It reminds me of Carl Sagan illustration about the fourth dimension, with the analogy of geometric forms living in a two dimensional world and having contact with three dimensional creatures. Do you believe in another level or dimension or another level, distance. No, so as far as physics goes, we haven't. We love to say this. All science is either physics or stamp collecting all sciences, either physics or just collecting found, The other expression we love is
They say everything happens for a reason, and that reason really is usually physics Ok, if you consider the human consciousness to be a chemical reactions biochemical, the thing that human struggle with- and I hang out with the occasional neuroscientist that is the nature of consciousness. You know I've spoken to dogs about this right. I've spoken to my pet mice, occasional hamster about this, but they don't seem to be troubled by the finite nature of life. The way you and I are now they're, not
seemed to be they don't paralyzed by self doubt. But humans do because we can see that we're not gonna live forever, and so it's very easy to take or seems to be easy for us to take an unexplained phenomenon and attributed to something beyond ourselves, because we can't we have trouble imagining it all coming to a close correct and I think does were ghosts come from and it so easy to skip. And as I say, what do you want to be afraid of lions and tigers and bears? Oh, my Hardly any trouble at all, no they're, not the things you basically here. A man had right very few occasions superintendent of a building. You have to watch the thing to be afraid of is another human, another human that you can't see another human, the table to make noises in an old house right and other human that makes spooky sounds
and so we humans create ghosts. Explain the unexplained. Looking like a ghost All that said, I dont- I think that is a ghost I wanna meet bite away. That's a ghost I want to be there you want a meter if, since hop in general. I don't think there's anything beyond people have looked and looked and Houdini gave his mom a secret. Word said: if you go to a seance mom. Just listen for the secret word and young nerve. You'll know that I'm back there I ran out there, but there's
ass account that he was at a science and that I believe the medium called him, a name that his mother never would never call him. She only call him by his true name is, is given birth may and the medium called him whatever. And in the same claiming it was his mom right claiming that it was his mother, checking it but called him like Harry, and she would never do that because that wasn't his given birth may she only call them one and he knew right then, and there was a fake, So if you everybody next time here in New York, New York, the town so nice, they named twice, you can go to the Houdini museum and see this extraordinary, set up or set of props that he had to stimulate, sounds soccer, so Houdini created seances and people believed it they wanted to even goes so badly. They wanted to contact people who have come and gone so bad
they were easily duped? Now? Why don't? We can connect with people weren't born? Yet what are we connect with people way out there? the right has some decent advice has now doesn't happen. It's always somebody we dynamics, we can imagine it, so it doesn't help. It's always somebody with unresolved issue, s boy, the place the world is lousy but then one italian lead on ok. So now wait with interest as just a quick followed to that when you talk about different dimensions and you talk about a multi verse. So there Tell you this is a cosmic query. Person regarding the monster show yes here she hears it. So is it possible on any level that one multiverse could believe into another devalue like Multi, verses, right bleeding in an outsider time, certainly like merging fear, and that's why you know I I didn't finish my homework:
that's, ok could be so far out of early explorers. There is so far no Evan, no evidence bring IRAN gag. If there were a ghost bring it on come. Let's take a meeting right, so there you Elden. Meanwhile, deadlock were no goes so sir you didn't hear you and the kids in a mystery machine. Just gonna have keep driving around eight no scope snapped. Ok, yeah go why the egg Lopez from Facebook was no this, he says high its want the echo Lopez from Colombia. What are the odds of a mind controlling fungus or zombie fungus could evolve to use human beings as its host. I don't know your words are strange to me.
So apparently the zombie thing comes from some one. Very reasonable rumor is that it comes from a drug that was created that made people spacey right, thoughtless dumb beard, and so this led to the myth of zombies, and there are certain diseases that do make. People have trouble sentences leading sentences- and so this really think these myths got started. I dont think its also very is also very reasonable that a fungus can evolve to have hosts and there's all kinds of things living in us us right of microbes. We already the host for more microbes in your Tommy than there are people on earth. It is crazy thing, but the thing that did it lives is lives in this is not a fungus. It's there. There
other systems, biological or entities. We call generally bacteria, but there are successful fungus is that users to get around. I think of athletes were absolutely without. That is what makes us living off human to act, which is why I always wear shower shoes. Even in my own, shower to my knowledge and information, I just don't want to give myself. I can't hear you don't know what you're saying so I gotta say it's reasonable. That fungus is do it, but in general the fungus is that succeed with humans or live on the outside of our bodies. Bacteria, we're lousy. One right that's a pretty cool I do is, I feel their delicate haivy, so each other that so there is some basis to this. Zombie belief currently having to do with a natural drug or drug that locals in the Caribbean were able to isolate right and make
we would all who make your little rich there you go carrier Mackay, ok, this is that came from Facebook, since we are talking about zombies. Zack has agreed question I like what is what does omby thing any more but rescues hit me with the Croatia, as this is a great question I want to. I want to get to take on this matter that wants to know bill out of zombies, vampires and ghost, which do you believe, is the most plausible and Y see. I love this question because I know you don't believe in any other morbid van part. It is obviously vampires why, because their vampire bats and their mosquitoes they make their living sucking your blood involving power back to suck calibrate cap. Yet a loud laugh cobbler, yeah yeah, but there are good at and so that some of those three, if I gotta pick those three stuff we vampires but with the because they exist Vamp- pyrrhic animals exist.
Like you guys. You can't see him it's radio body is in. Do it right now, because you're you're, like the two sides? Of course they exist, but we'll talk about the possibility of the undead versus the plausibility of a being, who is possessed by an eternal, eternal demon that gives it a blood lust in order to sustain itself. Quite the authority and then, of course, the plausibility of the imprint of a human being still resonating. After that person ceases to exist in their earthly body, so up the three of those which those would make more sense I shall say again: socking somebody else's boy for neutral, and that is the most reasonable of those three because you watch people's work. It's sad right,
I will be there myself, but as people get older and lose many of us lose our faculties, we just doesn't seem like that young go, get em spirit, lives on some ghostly entity which it seems like a U wine a new die which sucks I mean first to admit it sucks. Then that's the ghost thing and then the zombie thing well, I've ever met my old bus other people taking drugs to act, stupor, there's a lot of it, are unable to form sends out a lot of it. I was about to say now: would you look at drug use? There's some zombies out through I'm says reels, but there are animals that make a living sucking other animals, as is blood wreckers. It's full of all the nutrients you would ever need. Animal was yes, and you know I gotta say I. I once had an iron poor diet, and now you know,
I can't hear you lead on short, not next monster based cosmic clear. This is always love it aren't here we go. This is rob acorns come to us from Facebook S. Zombie question: ok, but I'm watching over. This is a good we're all gonna, but once again this is a different take on not to Sir I'm delighted that I'm here but meal and his daughter are just really does Really I mean I've heard me talk about the zombie data. Well tat. He was there in tat. I mean, I think, by fear from the old leadership right now lead on their ok cool. Have you ever watched idiot? zombie, crazy, but then zombies they had. They were a big hit. When I was a kid
They made a comeback. Estralla me when I was a kid might have living dead was the big red. I saw it as the big ran. The fig thing is, you know, could you be undead in their used to be a series dark shadows which people wash? every day that I find out what these vampire guys yells. We're doing. That's right: people long before there was twilight there were middle aged unattractive vampires, However, the rapporteur generally young and hot yet Astrid Lulling, for there was Robert Pattinson light. So here's what rob what're you Doin bill night. What rob Afghans acorns wants to know at zombie again? Have you ever considered that zombie type virus, so he's talking from a virulent standpoint, might actually be beneficial a long space flight is limited of, is a pretty. How can you guess suspended animation, I'm a zombie exactly our zombie drug, so so so with you,
there's something to be learned, her happy zombies. Then we what you think about that, it's very reasonable that you could have an infection. Some endeavour affect your genes, that would allow you to live a long time or allow you to those off, but you'd want to undo it. You'd want an antidote. Ok, I'm an injustice specifically use that word virus. Yes, he did, He said a zombie via anti viral drugs are trouble. They don't work or effective in the same way the antibiotic drugs work, but I follow you, but you'd want to be able to undo it and you'd want to count on your crew mates to undo it. Are you or maybe you understand it so well that this virus infection and you go to sleep at lunch right and then you body takes years to overcome. The virus in when you wake up ready to play so as Canada. Ok would be what they call that and induce coma. Yes, the
a viral. Indeed, travel virus coma thing and then everybody's got the people who get the gig is astronauts have to respond to it in the proper way. I'm not saying it's very reasonable, but it's a cool premise: precise, virtually physical premise. Besides, hey raw man right your book, buddy writer, writer, but don't forget actors, the hard part are right here
Look out on one another's antiquated, no shrugs charge. Zombie. Doubt ok, see you ll notice. There no mirrors in the studio this that's right, then I could see the trucks not really here. That's right! Take it up. You! People are familiar with black color, but he's here baby up, ok per week up this, esteemed Fleming, Steve Fleming wants to know this hey bill. I want to know if you know anything about sleep paralysis. Now, that's all he ask. Why definitely routinely woken up and I can't move for a moment on my God
Will you two yeah? Ok, an army has been longer than a moment, though I mean I've been for you awake now, as we also the many questionnaires allotted looked into this world people. Look into this. Ok, my speculation. It has to do with your cerebellum or on the part of your brain that helps you walk the party or brain at the base between your spinal cord in your cerebrum. Carry do you're thinking and so is very reasonable. The three percent paralysis is more pronounced in some people than others, but so far it has not genetically lethal. Why people have the sleep paralysis? Third, there prepare lies for a few moments when they awaken but look shock. You got three kids right. We s, and some of them are probably going to I put the same guy syndrome. This is true where they're they're, just I hope they don't get the mean spirited, since this is very reasonableness, if you have an interesting, queerest
what kind Fleming work become a would become a medical doctor. The understand, sir, change the world. This is cosmic worries this week, monsters with Jack knife. I'm your host bill, Nye and we'll be back on star shark right. You, hey. I've got no secret for you when I consider singing all of the ads on this shell, there's just one way to get out a hearing there go to patriotic Dark times last started tall and supporters at the five dollar level or higher to listen to start talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite parkers player and never hear another commercial and started talk ever again. You will deaf,
not have to hear me sing. If you support us at patriarch, that comes last, our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thing, and I mean just saying. Starter welcome back to start Really you on your host your night sitting here with its the cosmic queries in this week, What would be how Loreen?
you have all saints Day coming up, we're doing monsters, monster Khazars such a popular costume theme, and I speak of costume themes. My goodness, we went to COMECON wow, that's rags, alot of a lot of costumes. You know, that's all. There is a risk that some of them are very, very good at the outset that the ones that are people purchase- sunlike, ok, fine but shock- is like ok, fine, that's what he's like, but the homemade. May costumes, you see the the diligent yes, the time and affluent air and the evil put in his heart. I mean you know every everything from the collector two more I m J C, for you know, cartoon network the comic books. You know that people with these homey customs they really really poor their cells into and therefore its awesome. I gotta give it too. I mean I would never. You know
plan time we're sitting here where another hour somewhere Maya? I don't kid because I love this is true and where a kind of a costume awareness, Albert Einstein, to show that I pity, unless a pipe, but it has enormous flame coming out of the famous like looks like nebulous of the snake, is by below so without said. Yes, we went to COMECON and we got some cosmic queries with the monster theme. Take a check, It just a mean how bad would it be if alligators could fly, they got big New York City in half and by the the dragon and the sea monster are so pervasive and so many cultures methods law. That's a good question. Why thing to see more things easily explained if you ve ever been on the ocean and a big fish shows up here which they do right. It is amazing and often frightening, and I see big fish. Bewail yeah would be
Among those that would take you off guard man, there are huge and their moving around the water. You can't see em and their theirs. They can be scary, and this I cannot help but reflect on a classic twilight zone with the sand monster. Remember the sand monster. Now I tell moved under she moved under the sand eating astronauts very troublesome. Oh my god that sounds like the premise for the movie tremors. Yes, but you're a jacket. You can't see them I think that sea monsters are very easy to create in any culture, because so much goes on below the surface said you can't see, and there must be extraordinary forces at work to produce these extraordinary large animals. As far as dragons go. I think it's just that. I mean how Bab would it be if alligators could fly, they get big jaws, hide you in half and by the way out,
are super trouble of urine and African River rang you, Jordan, Florida, yeah and you're just trying to walk through the marshal the swamp, the wet or golf course yes or a golf course. If very troublesome very troubles, take it up another not where their flying no wait, there's more. They can breathe fire. It just gets worse and worse, but I think it starts in the sea and the mystery below the surface gotcha when it makes perfect sense, because the sea is mysterious, Miss miss it's easier to explore the surface of the moon and it's easier. The bottom of the ocean is probably easier than for me to say the word mysterious, apparently so venture again wish to share his. I can never say wished to sure. Ok, let's move and went to Anti Bracken bill wants to know this. I like this question. That is the frank, and
time monster even remotely possible, and how did you ever meet mild bus? So this is the premises you take a brain out of one person and put it in another. Exactly I don't. I would ask medical science, but it's there's a lot of nerves to connect when he could go wrong and I could go on and on While it seems reasonable, I think it's not gonna happen. I know people that, where the bracelet to get their heads frozen yeah, so this would not be putting a rain in a guy. This would be putting a head had somebody headless jar now, don't think I think there's a lot more to it than that people talk about in medical science. They talk about your central nervous system, your CNN, And I think the connection between your central nervous system and your brain is very complicated and for, if nothing else,
you ve probably had a cut and your finger that part of your arm went. Numb gas within his years went by had got UNAM Riverhead that feeling that experience they haven't gone unknown yet, but yeah chopped off a piece of my finger and its None there sailor Ben I've gotten more sense. Yes and I haven't. I have sensitivity, there's something going on their stuff that grows stuff that doesn't grow or doesnt multiply and stop the does, and I think the connection between those is very hard to establish if I were you, I would live for now and not freeze your brain. Although there's a few people, I wouldn't mind the next question right eyes: MC wearisome monster monsters are right here without Amy Collective,
Amy Egg Amy says this: we often talk about life as we know it and as it exists in our universe, universe outside of earth. Less often we talk about life as we don't know it, and what other kind of life there could be had defined it defined and further detected. What are some possibilities of other life that we don't know now it's very difficult for you to tell us the life that we don't know because we don't know it well. This is what you should do. Amy you should go to school study, Astro Biology,.
No seriously. This is where people sit and think deeply that some of them stand I'm sure and think deeply about what it would take to be a living thing with a different chemicals system than we know. Ok, so everybody shootin from the hip, if you're, not an electoral war as Carl Sagan speculating Newsome, pure energy field, and he just absorb electricity, if you're not that right, you're gonna have to have a solid form and you're gonna have to have a solvent a liquid unless they can move chemicals around I'll. Send people speculate severe. Liquid move chemicals around what liquid that, but that big ammonia? Ok at stinky racy be a cash. This thing, chlorine, chlorine, something that react strongly maybe said, probably would not be a noble gas there's. Probably nobody made of helium right running around Xenon.
Even though the people who are made of helium with sound also it would be ass usual with that said, everybody loves water because we ve studied all these things. So if you look at imagine a pair of Mickey Mouse Ears UK fastened to the skull cap. The stairs they so often are right. If you look at it right side up, it looks one way: if you let it flop down upside down, it works and other way. But if you look at its edge on like across the person shoulders, it's you can't their symmetrical looks like a Finn. So these wonderful properties, whereas polar as it's called, has polarity, has a north and south Pole one way and not the other way, give water these wonderful, chemical properties that we all embrace. So this is why Astro biologists currently are so kooky for water and why it was such a big deal such big story a couple weeks ago when Scientists showed that there are seasonal flows of water on Mars that
to say every martian year, super salty water seems to flow on the surface. If we found super salty water very reasonable that we will find some super salty water, loving, Mars probe lies crew. This could change the course is so often say they wouldn't be monsters, they'd be Mars crops there ya, I write Amy there's your answer. Everybody loves water. The universe is most popular sitcom. Ok, let's go to its votes. A man, the wise row and his wife awkward, but this is a man with a man who would like to know this. What do you think is the origin? of very easy. For you to say it is a bill, incomparably myth or werewolves Berlin. Counterproductive.
Well, I have known some guys that our hair suit o hare suit. You mean they look like their wearing a hare suitable there together Harry war facility? Wolf has like some dogs. Have you no clean gels, unshaven Joe, they will need to shape their gels right so officer, scary. Yes, they you're alone in the woods, that's what you're afraid of is a pack of wolves, their packs of wars. There scary. So and is also these extraordinary claims that people do act weird during for moons, and I think that that there is no statistical evidence of it in the modern world. Ok, Moon former, not full moon people, act the same number of trips to the emergency room, hospitals of same business, but back in the day by the way, Chuck words the phase, the moon right now.
I do not. You don't need to, because we got electric lights everywhere so treasure we no longer need to know the phase of the moon, but if you're a bad guy and you're gonna work a problem getting through the woods at night to do nefarious things, you do a jury. Of course, because we want the illumination of business when people were out doesn't people did their full moon, Nicole Business and that myth is still with us as to where it exactly came from I'm not an authority, but I think wolves or scary people at night during for moons or scary, and they converged. There you go. You know that makes perfect sense. I love it. Do you go Amanda and extremely salient answer offered by none other than bill now? Ok,
let's go to Susan Minotaur woman over a mature Susan, wants to know this. Have you encountered a monster or something that was downright weird or inexplicable in your science life? Not so far really know I've been aired out of my mind by flashlights. I've been scattered, wait a minute. We I love well Belgic, you just can't gloss over. I bid scared out of my mind Lastly, what does your boys? The boy scouts was really good with this he could move is fine. Right so that a shadow, come towards. You really fast, a shit, that would be out there that we care about you really fast and he was just go with manipulating is flash. I was scared cool, but I am satisfied that be. He did not have superpowers right and a it was anything but a flash,
ok, so I've been here, but I've never really been scared and I've been scared by other people. Ok, guy! Try to rob me about a guy poured down on me, that's being scary, but it's not the same as a supernatural go soon be monster. Guy occasion, thing selected. Let me follow up to Us Susan's question here with just two alone. That vein. Have you encountered anything scientifically that makes you wanna poop your pants on any level, something that just goes wholly crap there's no way. We should be we're not ready for this or as as humankind, we're too. A response were too you are responsible for this or or infantile or anything along those lines. Or is there a power or something out there scientifically that you look at and go rule? That is seriously scary? No, no! No, I'm scared of people, rooms,
besides, is fine if it's the hands its rules and science is also really I am. I am not afraid have any power of the universe. Ok, the akin to say the first nuclear weapons that were set up. People were terrified at an idle too. I have, respectively, for nuclear weapons, but I'm not scared of them on their own. I'm scared of the people that might wheeled them, and I am also scared once in awhile of politicians who, for example, they look ass kid. Adolf Hitler that kid who was big trouble for humankind. All aid off again
but he was huge trouble for humankind ass. He was, and it was people who did not recognise how scary was or they went along with them, for whatever reason- and you worry about that- and not at that same scale in right at least- are in other parts of the world where people wheeled enormous amounts of power to undo great harm to others. It's not because of science that I'm afraid it's because of the people in the people's support them. Also, I get it at their science fiction things she think are largely based or logic. Science fiction largely came into existence because of the cold war and nuclear weapons. Were this enormous powers could be held.
Three wielded by one guy with the red button, let's say, but that is the people that you are afraid of, not the instrument. Ok, data, science, not scary people, yes, very cool, very core! Are here we go. We don't have a lot of time here. So let us just make a good answer for a change will take a check. That's not what I was saying. I heard no come on now: James Clayton Facebook Jays. What's together like this, is there anyway a person could live on blood like a vampire, so biologically is. Could you sustained Duff on blood. I don't think so, because it's too salty really, I think you have to have water too, and then the new grants that are in blood there. So
but your miss, I think, just from the blood. That's I'm shooting from the hip here, but everything every cell is nourished by blood right. So all the nutrients ring there, but I think there's all sorts of mechanisms that control how much of each one is in your blood at any one time, gotcha and so you'd have a temporal prom like you'd have to be sucking. The blood fault, we're having it circulating. Through your fault, wait we do have blood circulate, enjoys full time. Rear, we are all months were the empirical this is this, is most frightening shall ever honey, eve of all things, the other hallowed Jack was it the others road? You you, you ve a month and we'll be back our talk, radio at short, nice and build. I,
Some votes. Starter. Welcome back to start talk, radio, its cosmic queries this week, because moody monsters wishes, including some other stuff. Some zombies vampires ghosts. And other living things on other worlds in the cosmos
very well. I'm ears bill. Now your guest house this week sitting in for our beloved Neil digress Thyssen with the brain. Enzo, the outfit chalk, nice job you ve got a whole stack of cosmic whereas there, yes, I do which one appeals to you on this this scary week of autumn. Yes, I think we're gonna go with a question from one of our patriarch patrons This is Sergio pay drawn. Is we're summons a patron and support a patron, and hence a border of start up on your sand? They get precedent ass. They do. Flying their way onto the ear, absolutely just like an election. Men do as they are, but Sergio resulting from coats NET New Jersey once did all this, and specifically for you bill. What is the worst outcome? We can expect from a GMO resist
didn't monster, but I, like I, don't know when you say monster barred. You may be confiding a couple things the can some modern word mixing together. Couple ideas, Joe: We modified organisms, Gerard almost entirely plants in their modified in order to be resistant to viruses, bacteria, other parasites, and so what has? Does happen? No in the example free of pig we'd pig we take, we there's an around us, is very large genus of plant. Ok, we're ramphias we'd family there. They have some amplify genes that many many repeats of the same gene and they are resistant to. For example,
life ass. It were the brand the popular branding round up, which is a weed killer, regular and inhibits the she Chemic acid pathway. She can me ass a path and so the worst is happening as yet weeds that there herbicides besides dont work, that's the worst, so but I can easily imagine back in the day you genetically modified plant and then it would mess up an ecosystem right, but that now our wits. Now we can ass a genes with such extraordinary speed and with such accuracy. That doesn't look like that's really gonna be the problem. The problem still only problem. We have is still the extra these very successful herbicides and crop plants that have stacked genes that were there resistant to a variety of past.
Genes or parasites or trouble with their planted in huge cultures, so called monoculture. Okay- and that is the problem. The biggest problem seems to be the knock on effect of is planning to many of the same plant in too big. Area and in the ecosystem of the farm, doesnt work as well as it could in the classic example being bees have apparently lost their genetic diversity, and this has led to the getting any kind of parasite is wiped out entire hives or caused huge trouble for entire hives, because there is a lack of genetic diversity within the bee colonies. Yeah, ok, result of the lack of genetic diversity of the plants. The variety right ran. So this is a solvable problem, everybody, but it's it's tricky complicated cool, but in science we love complicated,
Yes, man. I was so hoping that another answer would end up being the worst monster. Bug you can get from a GMO resistant plant would would be. You know like a plant with a black accent in eat you now that lives. Maybe it's come lives in a low sap in a village. Dislike say more Let the records show that check nice created their little bit. Family had never liked a play, basketball highlighted component camp, I would be in my career even further where'd, you go with the more general question. Ok, it's me out of unresolved really is let's move on Let's go to want Herrera from Rhode Island are coming to a through Facebook, Ramos and others. Here I want to know if Jean splicing is, Real, and if so, would it ever be possible to use it to create
a real life Wolf man well we'll see, Yeah jeez voicing seems to be real. This, where you put a virus in somebody, carries a gene gets inserted in that persons or that entities or that organisms DNA and so then to make a wolf person I, but what makes a wolf person he has Ex exacerbated dicers rights of hay, nineteenth or fanny right and then he's Big beard and when their nails long nails. There's a formerly he goes on, while right sort of, guy used to work with a sort of that guy solar. I guess, it's possible guy boy. He was a real good at removing paint. So anyway, anyway, yes possible, and
the discoveries that are being made recently is genes go across species in nature. This is quite a discovery, This is going to discuss shown several times worthy, especially viruses carry genes from one plant to another, so you're saying that we could use a virus as a delivery system to embed genes from another species into a human being. That may end up the traits of that species and attributing those traits too, that human being yeah wow. Then apparently this has happened in ancient times. All these bacteria all these bacteria have this issue, and it happens enough in nature but we are all here and shapeless. We emphasise ensure that we have, because it is generally settled down this guy, wants to make a wolf person right, Wolf Man, that's gonna, take a few minutes and I can make a workman
right now exactly right around here we go, that's right is able to limp. Ok, love this all over the studio onions. So let at midnight specify Santa's ever loved lad. You ok, now another cut from the beach boys with that said,. The thing about how are we costumes is you can take them off wound? when you get the genes in earth trickier and by the way, if you put the genes in the Wolf guy, if you will guy, a fire, his genes or her genes, and that prohibits- or, disables his or her ability to have offspring right? That modification will disappear, wow right. That is correct, and you know what that we did. I read that there is an ancestor that we have. That is no longer here, because of that reason there are forget it
Why were used apparently humans? What we think of ass humans used to have sex with the under the avatar right, but we out competed em. They have eluded him here we are every day gonna course not insert your another old boss, joke radio. I think he was a bit of a cave band cosmic queries lead on there we go fantastic. I love it. Let's go to Alex Die, Alex is coming to us from Facebook and Alex wants to know this or heeds says this. First, I'm very sceptical sceptical about goes, but given the complex, way in which light energy behaves now listen man he's he's gonna hold that wave energy is behaving like energy behaves, could goes merely be some form of left over residual energy or could bring in fat generate the image itself of a person. Well,. We have dreams, people show up, you don't expect or don't look like.
Anybody you know or our amalgams of people. You may so the human brain generate all kinds of human, like images for sure. So too, But is it observes so slight continuum situation, em, a maid but then why aren't why the ghosts, always people we know why are they always look like actors that we're from a huge about if it's gonna take? I was the one person, but are we taking me and wisest somebody from the future why we have always passed ghosts? Who only show up with special effects, really everybody. I appreciate that, nobody wants to die, I mean, there's a few people you'd hurry up and do so, but that's different. It's We seem to fade out not turn into ghosts and workable. The core, always those girls so out, and what do they mean? Closeness?
if they are pure energy manifestation in our brains,. You think they be a little more easily documented right. Ok, ok! Well, there you go watch awkward were we're getting through to the end of the sitting. Yes, we are my witnessed, I won't say the most exciting part of any radio show on earth ever in history, but it is pretty exciting. I refer, of course, to the star talk cosmic. There lightning round. Nimrod sit me right. This is where we'll just try to get those many questions as possible in your answer as quickly as you feel need be. Alright, just Jody a wolf from Facebook wants to know this examples are the living dead, the change and that, as a result, in the biggest of pictures that our atmosphere is barely hundred kilometres, the sixty miles. Least. Zombies seem to breathe air. Can you suffocate zombie? I don't think so. No that's a good question. Maybe five in outer space sense
please, to my large trip, solved zombies. Ok, it's is marked J, P consols. What's this when you take the stories about monsters, reverberate around the world and what could be the explanation for the bear Asian. So, for instance, it seems as though the same monsters stories come up around. Around the world, but just in slightly different variations. Let us keep in mind that all humans have common ancestor right, we're all from EAST Africa. We are all humans. We pass on. The same stories were all afraid of the same stuff are all more or less than we are different. So we have the same or similar myths, bang and by the way. Allow me to say this mark and it say thank you and have an eye nice day. I got it.
It's a nice bill. Not yet our rights will guide you gotta wants to know this. Guy is come to us from Nagoya, Japan. He says Godzilla her, that's so out of the ordinary guy from Japan, Godzilla was conceived as a metaphor for nuclear weapons thought to be the greatest threat to humankind at the time. What what kind of monster which you create to represent two days greatest threat bill? Not what a first of all, let me just say, I that was a brilliant, brilliant question. I'm not sure got those just from nuclear weapons. I think the japanese cultures had a lot of sea monsters, for he comes out of the ocean, dramatically shrouded trouble. So the scariest thing right now is all these people. We have more serious problem facing humankind? Is climate change.
And that is a result in the biggest of pictures that our atmosphere is barely hundred kilometres thick sixty miles thick. There are seven point three a billion of us breathing and burning, and so the scariest thing is all these people having relentless people making without die. So is that a single monster? No The monster resign, my god a virus or something we want to do- is raise the standard of living of women girls that they have fewer wanted children for a better tomorrow for all humankind: clean water for everyone, electricity electoral starts transmission and a top down successful regulatory scheme that Sophia on carbon dioxide and methane production boom, dago guy the cars are coming from inside the house
Ok, let's go to Kabul, car pesky, who wants to know, greetings from Ireland dear Mister nigh. What do you think about an idea of reviving dead people? Ok, like dead, it's happened right. People have been clinically dead and come back to life, the average, if you're doing within thirty seconds. It's one thing, even if you do you know for like a blink and somebody so, for example, George Washington, drink water from the virgin from the Commonwealth of Virginia and look he's dead, No, I think it's really hard to bring people back to life. It's hard to keep people from loose. Their faculties or age when will bring them back when everything shuts down. I think there's a lot of postman. From chemical reactions that are very, very difficult to reverse because of that traumatic reality of nature. Ok, the second law thermodynamics. This is perhaps too
talk, radio, the exciting, lightning round, cosmic queries having to do with monsters. How will we stuff we're afraid of, and the thing to be afraid of, my friends is fellow. Also as all get along, has been checked nice a cause, with may build. I and I encourage us all to keep looking Some other lockdown may adopt the organs. Which you can listen, the star talk, Commercial free, Joe star talk on Patriot on for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com last star talk. Radio,
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