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Cosmic Queries – Navigating the Cosmos

2020-01-27 | 🔗

Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Harrison Greenbaum answer fan-submitted Cosmic Queries that explore the techniques, inventions, and ideas for navigating the cosmos including celestial maps, GPS, the North Star, and more.

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Welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Startup begin right now. This is start on the other Station here your personal astrophysicist again, with me: Harrison Green Bow, hey hey! Then I call you Harry my mom not really mad. When there was a may call me Harry so it but the Gabon nicknames I wanted to be like in promoting a suitable Harrison's worth hoping yeah. I thought I was biggest encyclopedia Brown as a kid, so I'm not, I could be Dictionary Green bound and that never stuck her. She was very wasp. Hugo guides because they see the first name and I'm going to let him in that country here Green bowed and I get that you out of their own.
You have been so you have personality issues that deserve thanks for join me for a cosmic queries are denying pleasant, very good, and this particular addition weave cold. Since from our following on navigation? That's a fact: yeah! I don't barely navigate through the city, let alone, while we're gotten lazy with GPS, of course, and so with a jeep. Yes do it, even if we know in a hard it makes no sense what it tells us to do. We just do it. We stop thinking about it, obscures I haven't seen any these questions and also brain on our right. Let's start if Rudy on two thousand and ten from Instagram nice. How is the North STAR use in navigation besides the North star? Are there other elements in the sky that have been used or can be used to navigate? Yes, so the Norstar happens to be sort of near the project
the Earth North Pole on the sky. So imagine we have wanted you latitude right honoured. We all know that right. So how you put a coordinate system on the sky, so one way is you take the wants to latitude in just four projected out to the sky and so the sky has its version of Longitude Latitude. Ok, so now, as you walked to the North pole, We wrote at Santa knows this obviously earth rotates whose definite real children, his lodgings, by the way there's no land on the north pole is, just an ocean so well, toys. I know so they're on their on ice floes, school visited, fridges, they just floating ocean and most renderings of Santa's workshop, their value. We trees and mountains, and things now and now he's on an ice. What, with the polar bears, whatever those are left in the winter. So if you want to the North North, the earth rotates
around that access So if you look at the night sky, all the stars were just makes circles around. You fact North pole, nothing rises are set at. Give up on any given night. They all just turns around you, what's directly overhead kind of directly overhead is a star that we call the Northstar it's not exactly overhaul is like a little bit over. It's like a couple, any recipes that just like a close and a pinch? That's so so! Now here's There's the rub, you know your latitude when you're on the north pole, I guess it keeps going until it Yoda, but there's a number. The latitude zero, notably the equator I'll gotta, show your homework, when we're troika at familiar so wrong, so the equator, zero degrees latitude, we're
putting this from New York City, which is forty one degrees latitude and You keep sort of going north. That number increases until you get to the North pole in your name It is vital to Gaza, right angle, very good, remember from eighth grade very nice whose routine I never knew how to use that those it. What are you a comedian about the matter? So so so no is that your latitude on earth is ninety degrees and what is the l patient above the horizon of Polaris, the north are how high up it's an angle, but an angle straight a straight up? A hundred hundred and eighty gotta be right out of your right navy with dismay at night. Ok, so in fact the elderly Polaris above the horizon, measured at an angle. Is your latitude on earth so from New York City places for one degrees up.
March all the way to the equator players. Is lower and lower in the sky and unacquainted right on the horizon. Z, degrees up. So that's so poor. Can let you know what you're latitude as on earth, but that still like you'd circles around her in the southern hemisphere. That's gonna be all didn't have obeyed, they don't have a star and then just grew always grew so yeah the Southern Navigate Australia. Europe is like is no star conveniently position over the South pole above an article, so now so there's not some easy starting at her latitude. Yet to be a more clever and use met, tools and instruments. Tables and charts, and this sort of thing, but still commissioner, we are in latitude, but if you want to conquer the world as early Europeans, felt the need to do
They are, you need other ways to find longitude right. It's not. Not just to know what your Today's. You want to know where you are in that big Circle, that is your latitude and way more complicated. If you look at look at Columbia. Everybody was in India, Russia, for example. Rights, although it may come to say by the way it is walking into a barn declaring it mine and then murdering everybody else. Yes, so did the time to change for Columbus, yeah yeah it was. It was a good Polly up until nineteen ninety two, because that would have been the five hundredth anniversary rehab then, after that, reef rethought that negative, calling it a mare was going. I why lions, who were and what happened after what happened in whatever their. So yes, it's his stock value is dropping rapidly. But if you look at maps of the world their high
distorted images of coastlines. There there s. You wouldn't necessarily notice by looking at the there actually accurate North south there really bad EAST West look at any, map of the United States is like what were they thinking they did not know their longitude, and that was not really perfected until you think my the map of the United States are very good picture of the code and the middle you're like a little out of third greater withdrawing from memory. So so if you know what other stars or in the sky at what time of night- and you have arts and tables- and you have an accurate clock- you can basic glee. Infer. What your longitude is with ever greater accuracy depend how good you tables are and how good your clocks are you didn't have world conquering cultures, till you had navigation this. Is
patient enabled this, and I feel because an obligation of all stars and ass, my thing so so, The early astronomers, my so to historical brethren, were handmaidens to hegemony in our deliberations their word, so they are an excellent what's up meal. I want that comes out the question for a query the universe. All up goes, I is poverty is to grow and in fact it's you know. I said I see, keep a put keep looking up in my twitter handle. We have never done before, but of course I say it in every one of these shows, but that tells me that none of my twitter followers listen to start talks on they say keep looking up. Would you get that is by the way? Is a quick thing on that? That's a common between Astro folk keep looking up and it, but it was made popular by. A guy from the Miami, planetarium, Nay
Jack Hochheimer and he had PBS, spot Is it weird that I'm picturing minutes speedo with a telescope, he wore a silver shiny, leisure jacket, yeah, you do clubs and the name the show is the star hustler. Come walking down off the ring of Saturn and then get a kind of we ve voice, like a car salesman, squeaking Let us therefore stop I interested in the Andromeda guy like that weeks, my skies, those always end by saying, keep looking up to so many people associated with him. He died earlier than he should have answer? Thirdly, buried him down you couldn't of you launch into space, not yet another budget for that, so he so I figured somebody's gotta keep going so we always say among ourselves, but in the popular spheres,
let me just keeps up it's a shoutout. Jack or Keimer STAR, hustler job, so people here so up any direction opposite the way gravity wants to pull you. So maybe downloader heading, were you are related to that other person. If your Side down, then, is down for you, relative to your body, fat boy, The scent of the earth is down for everybody on earth, so people were picking up his some uniform thing. That is the same direction, for everyone is not you're a flat Arthur and then somehow there is, for everything that we everything we know today is down to have down works, you ready schooled on down. Oh absolutely, ok, New York City, I think this shows that I'm down no up until the nineteen seventeen may late sixties, I forgot the exact year but there was no connection. Between in Brooklyn. Instead, I want to take a very
that Ireland was kind of isolated there through a bridge getting you into New Jersey, but want to get into the best of your own city? You had to take a very quiet, in the way it should be for that. Nobody in the third pillar is one of the five counties that comprise near city. Can we look? We call counties borrows here This is one of the few city that bigger than its counties, and then yeah yeah yeah so might be the only one actually, so the areas, so they went to the now. I was point between Brooklyn and Staten Island. It's called a virus on arrows and they said, let's put a bridge here- Generally. Bridges are always like the narrowest point just to save money right right, ok, but now, still really far it was farther than anyone had ever put up a suspension bridge, so they built the veterans. Otto
narrows really long break as the longest bridge in the world, and my when I read the records on this, I learn that it's the first bridge where they had to put the uprights the approximate holding up the middle of the bridge, went right. Ok, the two approach, or not, parallel to each other, a lap there, actually At an angle to each other because their each pointing straight to the centre of the earth and the curvature of the earth between one upright and the other forces them to not be parallel. Well, woe that, doesn't this bad as engineering there or that's their excuse for they when they try to get him straight up and leaned back a little bit like? No? No! No, you understand me. That's all purpose. We, the curve of the earth. We met that wink sure so the two different downs, even on the same bridge, I may, as I want to end it still up. Yeah
because we have engineers in the world. But he had we not our comedians, but at some point you gotta turn to an unknown absolute. Alright, I'm uh punchline engineer I construct hogs science. Bob said what's up near, we answer and then it seems to us that we have a governess question. Are you know he had two questions that when the first one and then he said it seems that GEO magnetic reversal is eminent, will all This is in the world needs be recalibrate it when the magnetic pulse reverse these eminent or imminent, imminent, imminent good. I think you read. I'm so sorry, yeah, science, buff yuck! You know the north would be an eminent thing. Your eminence way there were so many people. I am, if you know we're dont know, but of certainly a boy scout. Some girl scouts knew this a compass points north, but it doesn't really it points to
earth north magnetic pole, which is not at the same place as an earth. North pole which Santa they're not in the same place. They sometimes who set out on a journey like a children's movie congresswoman for any ends up in the wrong place, because the poor, the cumbersome. Spinning. As I know, I'm on the North pole and sent a nowhere to be found so coming soon to Disney plus your precision of navigation is not all that important the cup, will generally tell you which weighed North sort of is but the Also you get to where that north magnetic pole is which is somewhere lost in the north. Islands or Canada in Canada. If you are north of the North pole magnetic pole little point. So the White walkers, our so called road. I didn't know that very, very Emma thrones of you that still current you're, very old state
game of Rome II have accepted. This is twenty twenty do so a compass If you really needed accuracy, you had to have a table of correction. Angles. Depending on where you were on earth It's ok. We know as you walk. No, earth and your to the right of a north? Magnetic pole, the compasses dark gonna start pointing West when you think it's pointing north all so we have to a correct for that, and so you look but a table, and you put in the correction right. This is this is like so ancient now, given that we have JP s rest compasses- are like curiosities now, they're, not really, nobody's using other. My phone has one which seems crazy, that I would put that above and made JP about. Ok, there's not a magnetic compass, your phone company, you might have a mode where can look to the gym magnetic north, but probably not I think it's going to Santa got it right.
Using the table essentially to adjust the mix from always going or how it knows, what fucking satellite there that I like to hear all unnecessary hour of an Iphone and he's a little tiny companies. A little toady actual companies correcting for ignore God knows where north is just as GPS chip. That's exactly like you go backwards, break the screen. A little thing up and uses the Sunday that was so. Let me get obscure on you. In the novel Jonathan Swift, novel, Gulliver's travels? We all know the one we he visits the little people rather than merely put the other stories in there. When we visit debate people and there's another one where he visits this voting island of basically crazy scientist. And I think it's a parity on what people think scientists do so that these scientists, with like with with you, know
lab coats on in there like really intense, and they became have a conversation with you, and one of them is working on crushing fresh Lee, mind, marble in two material that they can make pillows out of it, so that all their experiments are like the complete Opposite stupid thing you would never do it is another one where there's a weather vain, which tells you the direction of the way do not usually like a rooster or something on the top you, if you're from New York, so to take one of whether vain is where they had so, whether it appoints the direction of the wind with an asking wizard of OZ had got so so in another experiment. They would rotate the house in such a way so that they would, it would help them interpret, which way the weather vain was pointing.
Just as so many good examples just crazy opposite things. Your iphone actually, the GEO Magnetic North and then put a correction or to get to know if that would be a very Jonathan Swift move from Gulliver's travels. That's I take that as a compliment, so you he's all right, the reversal. Yet yes, and we're running out of time in the segment, but I'll tell you. We come back what happens when the magnetic poles, does that it will be only on the dark. We return, pay start advance on March. Twenty fifth startled live is back. We are returning to the historic companies The centre for the arts in Red Bank, New Jersey and tickets are on sale when right
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Oh yeah, we're about to reverse the polls. Share of sounds really scary. Go back to the question that we live all right. I it seems that G said what's up when he only answer. That was an alliance bob, honest level, and it seems that GEO magnetic reversal is imminent, very casual about that will accomplices in the world me to be recalibrate it when the magnetic pulse- reverse. Ok, so couple things Nobody give a shit about compasses energy. This is, this is not worry about. The compass bicycle always gives us an egregious, very sadly put extra controller today. So so a b a magnetic field is getting weaker they measurably weaker. And when This happened in the past. It is in the beginning of a magnetic field. Flip ok,
where the South Pole goes to the north in the north. Pole goes to the south. The big worry. Realizing this is way our magnetic field shields us from harmful charged particles from the sun. These are bad, particles and they and what happens? Is it deflects them towards the poles and they collide with. Some of them are fine particles, none of our work, hit by any. So it gets. Towards the Polish S. With the magnetic field, you ever see on a bar magnet, do you know the magnetic field lines? Yet they go from Paul to Paul, but we have those in space and but the particles come from the sun. They get deflected towards the pulse and as they descend through the answer, they collide with the atmospheric molecules hunt them and give them energy and in the rear, the least that energy of as beautiful light, but no lights, dancing, curtain of lights and your your biased there. It's there's also a sudden.
There's another half of earth. You know that's trail, ok, so my parents need training that Iceland promoted so there's the Aurora Borealis in the north and the world australis in the south you They have equal intensity because it happens symmetrically. So. If the pole reverses with a magnetic field going through zero. Then, will lose the Aurora Borealis, the woozy aurora. Ok at work, we may still have it, but it will be concentrated in those places you can still get hit by these articles and was to excite the atmosphere but will be concentrated in the northern and southern caps. So you, honourable dim significantly and probably disappear altogether. The that's the sound of a million people cancelling their tramp ahead and. There was worry that sir Birds might be, migrating north south by
some measurement of the magnetic field if they dont and were killed. Birds, they would not apply south. They freeze to death, although that is not good enough that sounds like this and worry about that. But I think we understand the reminder of how the birds dropped out of the sky. Dad would new Yorkers be scared or celebration. Celebrate could be the pigeon rightly set back. There's only one species of Yorker, it's the pigeon. I think we'll be ok, but how do we make? This is great. This is totally go for their way to kill the rabbit so so Oh you so there's there is a genuine concern until we dug up the gene dug up the history of the magnetic field on earth, which you can do to the idea that you look at volcanic deposits, this iron particles it can be launched out of volcanoes and and before it solidifies. It all line to the to the magnetic field of the day
as you look at the history volcanoes, you can see that the retired when it didn't line at all times it aligned south. In times of line North sea. We have a full record of this of the changing magnetic field of the earth and it happened. Relatively short timescale compared to evolution. And we Birds right, abodes of fine burgo up. You know, there's no layer filled, which is burden and good maggot about birds like a guy, comes there. That's it. Secondly, the evidence we would be looking for- and we don't find I gotta go so and by the way that the magnetic field flip is unusual thing that happens in the sun. The sun has very very strong magnetic field and it flips, every eleven years and a sun spot always come in pairs and as well There's a positive spot and a negative spot.
And when the magnet, if you'll flips spots flip in their orientation, is very cute to watch this and for the for the earth when it as reverse its gradual thing or its gradual, gradual, its gradual right and we're not in your life? It takes a long time, thousands of years, but if it is gradual, yes, don't worry about it. What have you done with the compass? Give it up yesterday, Ray calibrating a thing that doesn't matter Now. Let me tell you something that I want to in a blow your mind, ok, I'll, go for your cable, the absolute vision to boy your mind hundred was ok. Oh and magnetic fields opposite attract right, right. So if you have a magnet, the South Pole attracts the North pole and his aversion. Ok on your compass beside the point. Snore is the north part of the north, south needle ok, so the north,
The compass is pointing north on earth. Which means Appointing south, so magnetic North pole. Is our southern? Is the south part of the earth magnet. Gotcha, which have all agree to call at north, where it was like when this grit. Came out. Do member that book, no there's a book called the secret and they were like well like attract like If you believe something will happen, that it will happen and that's how magnets work is contracts lightened and that's what I would like this book is be added value opposite to turn around so so, we're that I mean they never too It is when you learn about compasses. There MRS Pointer, south magnetic pole with We just agree to call north wreck that's incredible right, American, and let's do this one is.
Went but interesting, Alex Land photo. That Instagram says hello, Doktor Thyssen, Alexander EM, here a Russian in Norway, Hooker There is the beginning of a novel. Russian was in Norway, the widest person, even how everything in the universe rotates around something else say: planets around star stars and galaxies centre etc. Is there truly good coordinate system possible at all it it is, is, it is. I think it means, if it is, is there something already invented to fine stars, not on the sky, in two dimensions, but in space. There's a lot going on. Yes, so let me on why is he in Norway? So let me on and then repack it. So, first of all fix the vocabulary here. If you, turn on an axis. You are rotating
If you move around another object, you are revolving. So earth revolves around the sun and we rotate on our access to justice a separate. The use of those two words. That's all so they say we rotate around the sun. No, we voted on our own axis revolve around the sun, ok and the revolver handgun they think. Bullets. Actually revolve reacts. So that's why they call, rotate her, but the gun eventually, I really do have the gun revolves around the internet, just greater actually revolves around one of the amendments of the constitutional right, so so, just as separate that out now, was the person came again. This is our Alex em out and her is gonna rack from now on and it is correct if everything is moving the hell, you have a coordinate system so here
What we do we of the night sky and there's a coordinates system on the night sky. Basically, a projection of earth. Longitudinal attitude, as we said earlier in the show by the way earth as we rotate we also wobble like a top. We want it wants a day. We rob we wobble once every twenty six thousand years, pivotal Plymouth, not anymore. But you don't owe me by wobble spending that Macedonia had a kind of bobbing right like that, and. That means the north pole. Of the earth is not always pointing to the same spot on the sky, which means it wasn't always pointing to the North star effect Billy, calls in in modern times there. Always do other stars, Edward in the north had a different Northstar. Five thousand years ago. That's a big number! due to the twenty six thousand year period of the wobble pair,
so so not only do not keep your Northstar not only that you have to tell people what knit system you're using when you give them the coordinator star. So I say you say me away What started you look? I witness it is this already? I want to look at it to what are its quarters. I give you the coordinates. I have to tell you. So the court system agreed for the year two thousand gadget and that's the court it had in two thousand and eight you'll put that in your computer. The computer will up dated two when you observe tonight and it'll, be in the right place, so we approve the hidden secret in my field? All Urban programmes are calibrated Have computing systems in them? to make sure we all look the same spot in the same sky? No matter when you reported what it was you saw, so it is. Big problem, but solve problems like distances in New York
say, you're a mile from Brooklyn, but it's an hour the fact that people have to tell you in a relatively nine miles or completely useless in New York, Red some have already live an hour. There be half a mile. That could be four miles, but, as you know, I'm an n and distance space and time we and they ve been inter inextricably woven together ever since Einstein answered before that we didn't realize it gaelic time ass a slower on Staten Island but has a higher gravitational field, the executive. As interim Russian and Norway are right this guy is oh, this is Mister Finn, Dal Uninstall, from Omaha Nebraska Minorities, I'm currently dating a girl from Nebraska, which is the fund sentenced to sake as different parts of it are surprising to each of you. Data and girl Nebraska relative, rare blood, sweat of the law, Amazon. My movies,
so Mr Verde I've ever she jewish on her way out, and I presume that there might be the only I don't know how many Jews or in the basket I went. We visited her family for the holidays and I wanted to get her family. A manoeuvre does I'm jewish and she's Nebraska and so We went to the target and I was like, whereas the Hanukkah section and the guy was like take you and because the second like half the store and they went to the toy store the toy actually in the close action, and then he led me out the exit you don't you have to go as I do from the stories like from the state was fixing stick erect the door is the border. Genetically modified work remains a goddamn. When I left home, how did the jewish population decrease by a hundred percent? Are you go Mr Van who doesn't have a first name he's just Mister Finn down, but he wrote what was the gun? men's role and the creation of GPS and did they help the frontier on that. Oh, How should I just pull here and say: read my friend:
I want a whole book without a co author, because with a huge six hundred page book called, accessory to war. The unspoken alliance between astrophysics and them military and your damn straight. The there is no navigation without an understanding of what's going on in the night sky does not There is no navigation without an understanding of space. There is enough, and oh there's been an astronomer sitting right next to the generals the conquerors and the hegemony lists and all the rest throughout the history of civilization on this earth at move that into modern times, throw away the sextant deaf, throw away your damn compass, give you coordinate, systems Give it to you via satellite and military put up a system of global positioning satellites. Multiple satellites therein,
It earth orbit nothing to do with Lord of the rings, their meal, MID, Earthward, Sort LEO, lowers orbit me, oh middle with orbit and GEO Jeer, synchronous orbit, so their sort out there and their orbiting yours Your device Any time sees at least three of them They will triangulate on you and tell you exactly where you are and where you want to go that that's portal. Tell you where you want to go using the information about where you are. That was so that you can guide a missile with very high precision you know exactly where ships are. You know exactly coastlines. Are you going actually where things you have to watch out for that you'd want to crash into are ok, it was com Lately, a military project, not the First Gulf WAR the second Gulf war. The one number to revenge, the Gulf region range of the Gulf.
Yeah. That was completely we conducted using space born assets eleven. Worth, because now you can track where your pizza S or you swipe left or right? And after this all industries. Derive, the functionality based on exploiting this corner system that was invented by the military, and so I guess it is all military It's basically now gifted to international commerce, They would there's no goober without GPS, for example. Every time you order, neuber your technically responsible for death by missile. I know you are no cause. The devil will happen. First, they didn't fit. Is a one day will have goober with its less invented, able also blow somebody Africa. The goal was to target a missile and buy them
that's. Why not to get all you know deep into this, but whole on this, the wheel. Think of where power, because we have nuclear weapons, is like what you want like blow up a whole city like and then do what, with what remains vague, which, with its illegal? It's like it is the greatest act. Imprecise war, there ever was rights are when you have a guided missile, you have a target right. You take out the target you done you gotta take over you take out the tank. Take it. We know exactly. What is what, sadly, where do I am dealing with heckler? I want to shut down that had where were you only their words, pulling the fire alarm and is getting the whole lot just take out the headquarters Oh precision, warfare, as practically rendered nuclear? weapons obsolete as tactically opted obsolete, You may still want them strategically, because you
Fletcher muscle there, you have nuclear weapons, we can completely obliterate you, even though not really solving anything you're killing innocent people. People have just been their farmers or whatever they just want to be. I just want to live like anybody does, so I've been rascal. As far as to say so. Yes, it's all up in the military and at the beginning of a long list, that we take for granted in our lives that were first used by the military and enable in part by the intellectual capital of astrophysicist physicist you just amazing our. It was a great question with say I got say that we, as a community are overwhelmingly liberal, leaning, anti war, certain or word the relationship between being that culturally apply knowing that your stuff, knowing that is it
way. Street rule makes we can use and we think up stuff that they can use and weak it's an unspoken alliance, that's the Subtitles Einstein and had a project for example, but he What are you gonna wanna to your gun, late cats out on think vehicles where it's gonna take a break? we cosmic queries on navigation, Onstar, navigation. It's time stand to give a patriotic shot out to the following Patreon patrons Derek Pavan Travis done an especial shot out to perhaps our youngest patriarch patron three year old, Stella, Burgee, Hey Stella, and thank you to all three of you for being patriarch patrons. If you would like your own special, shall make sure you gotta
Adrian darkens last our talk, radio and support us we're back startup, cosmic queries, navigation, you, your hair questions about navigation and I'm here with Harrison Agreement. To help me answer. You navigated, your way to Omaha Nebraska. I did I made and using what tools using my dealt ass, I never gave it to me. I think those in Missouri and they missouri- it was an indirect flight. It was very weird where it isn't there isn't there tender for Jews, Jason chase. Why is it like regular tender buggy, both my right? You get half of our fathers business. You dont, upload, photographic, he's gonna, Lister. Allergies is easier, compatible, ok, so the jury for it. Was warning you that there were no Jews. I orange insight that my phone exploded,
Yet I do not cross border. They have we set so appetite. So The next question is from West Tax City boy, West text city boy at Instagram and he asked I can't even I gave my way to my truck in the grocery store parking lot. What do you have any risk button and see me? Ok, Next time you by truck, get one in the car pink. Then you see it. For, as you know, the easiest color to see from the distant. No, it's that North Korea, others besides having other red drugs, no do not try to find a card car. I ve never seen before. Ok, but it's from Texas and it's a truck pink, probably not the color, probably you telling me, got out his truck
a lot of men with the gun racket every year, It is an interesting point and but that's been solved there apps now that will follow where you got out of a parking lot, that they'll tell you where it is. If we bring up the map so their parking apps, I assume he's got a smartphone yeah I'm assuming the hopefully it just use the party he uses smartphone to type, not question question Gatwick. So but here's an interesting point. Precision matters suppose did. She PS was only. Accurate to four hundred yards. Your cars in the barking able does not in this foursquare blocks gear and is not useful to you right, But it is useful to know where the more was yeah. Ok as Ask GPS gets more and more precise. You can
it empowers you in more more precise ways. Right now proceed, sent up to locate your car located on level, if there's a multilevel parking, because GPS is not only the two dimensions of surface but so the third dimension vertically, if you can get by so yeah we got out with, isn't afridun. May that idea let's get to the pitcher on question. It is and dynamic preacher on you suppose the nursed! Yes, you said The laptop you saved the devil. Africa has gotta Lulli when see Mars in the night sky or actually seeing the light reflecting off of Mars where it was about three minutes ago. How does the phenomenon of observed verses, actual position come into play for atrophies, like communication with deep space probes or in performing deep space astronomy thanks happens all the time
Mars is way more than three minutes away. Yeah, just why ok way thought. While I mean it's like two on average twenty minutes, but sometimes on the same side of the sun is Mars and then it quicker and sometimes when the opposite side of the sun is Mars and its much longer. In her travelling to it? If I get these two hundred days, I have to calculate the truth to through you're here did about nine months must be made to by three hundred days so well surely you can get there and arbitrarily short amount of time just how much fully want to burn to do it? Well, Do it the cheap and easy way it just takes longer? Will you burn your all your fuel and then you coast? The rest of the way ok, I'll, give you a speed to start out. Don't you u coast to have just enough speed, cross over from earth tug into Mars's tug, you fall towards Mars right
so that reduces how much feel you need to get your destination youtube sporting gravity the competing gravity of the two objects, and why not just fall towards it? If it's gonna get you for free. When you want to make sure he had enough fuel to cross the border, oblige it to fall back to earth, and you know what that so yeah. First of all, when you controlling rovers on Mars, anything watch out for the cliff too late. It already sunlight, so you had to build rovers on Mars to have some kind of a. I am always date. Our modern conversations of ay it had some sense of where it is It should not do based on. What it reads in the terrain and and the not just a cliff but should shut up a hill and accidently flip over there's a rock there don't go into the rock this sort of thing, so we ve been doing it yeah. You have to build into the light travel delay of the time travel delay from the speed of light or speed of any electromagnet
ways which includes radio waves communication we build at him to the community. Because we see the universe, not That is what has it once was? like watching a scary movie. You can yell at it, but it's too late. It's already done. You already made up the fisheries. Not only can no one here, you scream beautifully It's too late, so yeah Regrettably, this one of the interesting wine from day with Chris his lot of aid. Then his name and Chris program. If you are a pirate in the seventeen hundreds Would you rather have a modern, GPS or Jack's MAGIC Compass, Prior to the Caribbean that points to what you desire most and why magic wins every time you shouldn't with a modern gps on the pirate ship, they would murder you for your witchcraft Norbert see say no I'd, have a full up. Smartphone we had.
Patch of blue Imo Emmy mean that just they could that be, I would be strung up first sorcery yeah, we're sure. So I think match winds every time, but let me make a philosophical point. I would always prefer the magic to reality, but all magic ever declared historically Has been revealed to someone's knowledge of the laws of physics, tat the exploited over others who knew nothing of it, so in fact the magic we praise. Is just the deeper understanding of the operations of nature Why I'm a scientist? I want wield the magic. There was only dreamt of and generations before nets. I do contracts. I said last time we talked about yeah yeah, I was just in London. I got to see one of the earliest copies of the discovery. Witchcraft, which was people were burning people at the stake,
He came out the book to be like these are magic tricks, their availability tricks. Scientific and technological prince bright and either the person performed them didn't know that or they did know it and we're fully exploiting their audience right. So my kids, when grown up to now, like nineteen and twenty three but by the time they each turned about thirteen or twelve, can I buy is also a scientist and we just a Phd mathematical signs, a mathematical physics, so one of the goals we had was to make sure they be scientifically literate, no matter what else we achieved through us, if we, our kids, and they were that by age. Thirteen! Ok! So if you ask them a question You said: if you, if we're a cocktail party there, there are huge anyone adult a full grown adult, and you say something: that's not quite fully supported by objective through the bill. Ask you the same. Why do you think you are? Gemini,
because I'm this, why have you consider it will ask you questions lightly, but they did. I say they got receive. That point has done with him the day they are now and not violated against any future charlatan whom try to exploit the laws of physics to their loss, actually figured out why the hot girls on Instagram love Astrology, like figured it out, if things go there way so often that on the right occasion they dont, they decided to blame outer space interesting, They are talking about legal. I get it there. Looking back and bought me right now is the universe. So it is, it is an excuse for failure yeah, I mean all of your in your own accountability before Simon lovers itself. If I got rejected by her honest, I get it to, but I never organ or retrograde something area and poor Shakespeare had this figure of the strategy. The fault don't worry us.
Lies not in the stars but in ourselves. Here I thought that was just like a movie. Goodbye by it goes, as I do not know, is one of the brothers, the John on Green you're, one of the greens yeah. I can do Will you tell it was science and we make em air very site that guarantee every little air pair brothers right there glad they're out there they had their very good for them. Positive force in civilization spreading alone. Of what it is to think rationally about another sign. That means as an equal, negative force of two brothers who are not scientific illiterate, o O. Yeah just make sure the Nautilus Galaxy we'll be fine, Did you only have one picture in question for me actually a bonus. Second. Why and secondly, to give it to me what he hastily Frank came He rode had an early spacecraft like wager, navigate soap, hastily over large distances without the benefit of digital computers or high
resolution digital cameras, good question: could origin was launched way back in the seventies How does a disposable cameras on board what they like wind after even exec middle little clicks? Yet things that make any flashbulbs item they needed a flash they to hold in town for his leg. So so, first of all, celestial mechanics, which the mathematics of getting where you want to go. And my bandit very nice. Is invoking the therefore gravity among all the players in the on the terrain over which were traveling. You leave Earth is worse gravity. Your deal going further on the solar system, the sun's rays, you gotta go around the moon, make sure the moon doesn't return. You you might. The gravitational assist from the planet Jupiter to go in another direct, All of this. You calculate ok. Now they could stuff, you dont know could go wrong. Space probes
have a little extra fuel. It was eight now you're off track a little bit less to admit course, correction and get a little pulse of it. A jet, a jet Paul. In one direction or another, and you have jets nozzles pointing in all three coordinates so that you can precisely fix what might have been drifting in a direction you didn't want, sir. It's not like finding a way around a city. Would you do I ll? Let you drive all right we're? Where am I? Oh, my god is a one way street, but the streets close resist. That's not was going on in the solar system. We know where stuff is By the way, when you are launching a probe to a planet. You dont send it to where it is you send it to where will be when it gets there but my life. I was on a space of lobbies that behind a garbage track of furniture, first, her there be a space garbage track, making a real slow for me to get ready. So that's just part of the the bad attitude
it goes on, and people who calculate these orbits- just you going to not where Mars is, but where it will be a nine months, and that's where you gonna intersected and removing platform as well. If you are talking about one more question? Oh no, you got a good when they have a good wandered on her. This one's from Twitter, which is known for its complexity. As deep reflective jerry you knowing you will give us more things. You go right to Twitter. Do they double the character came from her and forty to eighty. So now it's twice as stupid in ways as much stronger, fair Jas arise, La Bay A b b I sent over the E. U that Lomas Pew you're with everything in the universe, inconstant motion what landmarks could be used to share our location with extra terrestrial brilliant question? I love it. I love it.
Given notice. That way. If you in an airplane to most people had been an airplanes by now, but if not you can you can picture what I'm saying When you're on the runway and you're taking off the the airport is like flying past you quickly yeah, ok, the Verona runway and then the railways, not there anymore. Meanwhile, the here farther away is still there in view, and The city buildings on the horizon, they're just stood there, so you're, actually passing them just as fast but You're far away, it does manifest as note sadly in front of you: ok, so this is started the old thing. Mommy daddy. How come ooh follows me, you want
down the street. How come the moon? You don't leave the moon behind them. There's a quarter million miles away and you just one One block rehash her forget it and I don't like it because you did something bad and it's gonna try to do something. That's why I dont have children. An incursion, apparently prophetic, that your unborn children are putting them involving Ngos. What you did it? That's why so few? would indeed leave the moon behind. If you walked. A quarter million miles in a straight line. Then the moon or be like way behind you a blog and amended accordingly miles. Why so, are you Like a quarter million miles, you get it put on Instagram, because people love hosting their long distance drivers there that that's a blogger, pursuing calories right there on the on the health, app rhetoric, your warning, so so here's here's was interesting. If you want to coordinate system.
You could use stars, they know they'll follow you like. The moon was ok, I will always be there as you walk stars themselves are moving in space, so it would only work for until they moved to a completely in accordance systems. So here's what you do you something farther away. Whole galaxies, ok whole galaxies, that'll ankle Your coordinate system for longer accept guarantees are big, fuzzy things. How do you get a precise reed and what part of you saying is the spot on the coordinate. We have things in the universe, call Quasar, really bright, very tiny sources. Of electromagnetic energy and other farthest things in the universe,
if you set up a coordinate system with quays hours, you are better, go because you will never walk past them because there, at the edge of friction universe, if you walk past them, you don't need the quays hours. You have the power our beyond local navigation, sir. Oh yes, you'd want accorded system that that is so far away, You are moving and their movements are irrelevant to each other and they will press of them as something you can reference now and ever more quasar. That's amazing! How could I forget how fund it is to do shows with another system, as they do this more absolutely and for those who do not want he's wearing apparel eleven patch t shirt. Absolute AIDS is one cosmic. Nutriment on I've, been gathering all the space that excellence where you're from backwards from different next seventeen pairs of NASA socks. Really I acquired the for Christmas hook. That's cause your Hanukkah, your socks, forgives right, you don't get the big flights.
Penalty really read it. I re give day one when you get all the accessories overtime. They end up like the batteries for the game. Boy running I'm getting on flat. I guess, debating within its own the last day we support for the work of our right corporate. So here's a good to have you thanks, joining us on this episode start talks cosmic queries navigation? On the other s? Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist, as always reading, what are ya.
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