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Cosmic Queries – Physics All Around Us

2019-04-12 | 🔗

Did you know there are physics at work all around us? Join your personal astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice as they answer fan-submitted questions on the physics of life, big and small.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode. Commercial free from the American Museum of Natural history in New York, city and beaming. All is based and start with. Science This is starting to feel the rest ice in your personal astrophysicist. I, from the American Museum of Natural history right here in New York City, where I serve as director of the hidden planetarium and today we ve got a cosmic queries edition of Start
with my co host Jackknife Neil Jacques always gonna be here. Reading a czech nice comic. Yes, and I am the director of parts of my home on certain days at the weak. Even then only pretend Our certain hours of, certainly as all I get so I think today is the topic is the physics of everyday life? Yes, love. Love me some physics of everyday. I know you do may have been around on the mothers is everywhere. You speak on the visits of everyday life, whether I want you to or not It was good about learning physics. Yes, it's not a satchel of fact. That's right to be regarded hated. It is an understanding of the operations of nature. That's great. I was about to say it is actually the understanding of your own experiences. Yes, that or even things that are not your experience, things that transcend your experience
visited. Is there waiting for you yeah? That's what makes it so cool. I mean. There's a border means, as you don't have to learn every single example of how physics manifest in the universe you don't mind, you can learn the conditional things and then apply that knowledge to what you say. So that's that's the beauty of it and that that's why physics, books or not the fattest books on the shelf, accounting books or fatter than the complete works of physics right could work as they would take it to change account, Canada and change first press, because this is what it is that what it is, what it is and what it be languages like is what it looks like you to change it. Anything. You want aids is so many other fields where the books are just so fat and thick books on human physiology, gotta, learn every level. Of course. There's some systems that you weren't about circulatory system in the endocrine system, in the sort of thing and that's very helpful for a new situation,
his back physics is, is a good example of learning the basics right that then apply to every stuff. You ve, never and seemed even all over those different systems actually have some applied physics at work of. Ok, let me take you re ready, alchemists, so biology, yes, is the extreme representation of chemistry, interesting ITALY, one second biology. His chemistry come alive. Ok, now that I'm just glad that you gave me a little light brown when I got it. That makes sense right right. Yes, yes, you can have complex chemistry, but when you talk about life right, that's what I always by its we, it's good earned its own you're absolutely ok. Life is really a collection of chemical reacts. Correct. Have you ever seen the physics desk reference physicians described? The media I know I have now is a zillion pages. Is every single medicine prescriber in the world but we still have really ass. Well, yes,
and so in every one of our doctored looked back and you'll see, would but pages eternity. We recommend a pediatric simply the eyes, so so it's every companies, medicine that gives what you know what it is supposed to heal right. What the in what the country indications are the side effects all of it. It's in this book? So all I'm saying is it's a reminder that we are basically sexual chemistry? Yes, but the point where I am getting at is which it sounds so derogatory when you say it like that you're best. My vitamin, please let me hear you chemistry we all take vitamins or some pills for some purpose ranks to us. When we eat certain food Why have the chemistry Emma Food at all? You know you drink. The couple if we right now as I am, which was why, having its having a chemical reactions of my brain, correct right of iter,
a little tiny part of your brain that says, go to sleep, so there is no understanding of biology without chemistry gear and there is no understanding of chemistry without physics, eyes and end. There is a kind of audacious statement which is really nasty but kind of true, ok, after the laws of physics. Everything else is opinion. Oh yes, I dropped the might that I dropped my address it We also made that state of affairs is literally your opinion. I shall give it to me. We solicited these from our fan base, I haven't seen the questions yet as usual. Somebody Havel and, of course, we always start with a patriotic patron Patria, because if you support us on patriarch financially, we give you
preference to trying to get more than that as much as they get their question answered this like a long list of stuff there s a man, you nobody, one level they get invited to our holiday part. That is correct, you, if you give a night right of verifying yet give enough money, you get invited to the to the start. Talking about zillion dollars, right, Kabila's, Kabila, Virgilius, but Gillian is the greatest number ever. That's a big deal. You Virginia if your eight, they re just another half I'm really is like a it's like you know, there's their sixteen of a breath. Like that's your kid. It's like my son, I told my son. I was thirty use that you're gonna die soon reminds you. I would like much order Why am I line than my son about my age? I dont. Don't trust anyone insert that's it, that's where you go I saw a renewed Douglas from patriarch, says this wise, the periodic table of elements, not an exact rectangle, my,
we will now is missing. Element was who cares. Is it really a rectangle oversight, ideas centre like Jerry sign? What's the deal with them? ok, that we should call it the periodic irregular tabled and rounded so I am I'm with her on this. There's the urge to want nature to be symmetric in its beauty and beauty in its symmetry LAO. Sentences symmetric there. It is yes, yes, it is the metric end and in a mirror, the way ok saw giving apple when we were filming cosmos. One of the scenes wasn't a forced more than California night and I'm looking at the tree up from the northeast, and we don't have California trees here. Looking our trees or Canada, raggedy Ann orally raggedy Ann exert compared to the mighty redwoods
other up that they don't see the troubled that our trees see a great deal of trouble, you either. Trees are dives, resolve these issues right there, grizzled veterans of lorries, actors and hurricanes and lighted harsh winters. You talk to a tree, the northeast, going to tell you what I see the algerian affront broadcast in IRAN. Trees are like the two trees in the two towers of Lord of the rings. You know, just like remit we're dived down into sport. They taught him to be a suitable. Does anyone it's raised here: redwoods, trees and regulated. This is bad up here. Nobody mess with because they get to grow. Unfettered by anything, was their fireproof bark. Why try to burn it, redwood They go. That's we go around. You know, as you keep going
in writing. Nothing to see here a minute fireproof, maybe Darnay, all of California, out of redwood every regular bark. So here's my point, some of the trees and I'm not I'm not a botanist can identify what treated the bark had. Striations. That spiraled in one direction around the tree cool and I'm thinking if nature itself were symmetric. That could never happen. These things are twisting run away as they grow right in one, direction and not the other direction, and nothing else was twisting in the other direction with means at them. Like your level, you have asymmetries in the foundations of nature nice to hear something I read, but not a chemist. I've read this and cooking.
The molecule that you taste as spearmint. Our right. If you took, I believe their image as the government molecules look. If you take the mirror image of that molecule, make that molecule right. If you write down the, We therefore need to be the same. Good chemical formula doesn't tell you how to build it right this this spirals engage with the same number carbon same number: Hydrogen Saint Mary. If you build them, the image of it and taste that taste like poop, like caraway caraway and oh, this isn't asymmetry, nature. You don't take the same thing right, because the mirror image of one molecule versus not so the universe, is full of asymmetries. No, our amino acids heavy handedness to them. These are the building blocks of a protein,
So what are the left hand and right amino acids? All life on earth is one handedness right. Ok, there's no life, that's Yoda, but there's no reason in principle by you could not make its right because it's all do just be we're right hand to be left handed just the wave spirals in a mirror. Ok, wait spirals verses. What are you doing here? so so this its intriguing, because if you find life on another planet- and it has the other is called karate, Then you know it didn't come from us. We're not gonna. Do have admitted that noise is a different hand, is a different heading. This right, well. So what does this? Not sure about is whether, if you eat the other life right, because that's what we do with eight other life, of course, ok network. If they have not alive in your eaten it then now you're, probably gonna have little trip to the hospital.
Not everything we there was never lie, result through everything was once a laboratory for strength. So pepper comes you ve, never was implicit running right, So if I saw pepper, not really equal partner, not right now saw this cheated. Company was a pebble, David Life. TAT are not very bright rewrite slots is soda. Issues has showed up for that and just like white. So now I'm sure there's. So why does thought actually blacks? Why black sort of like so I'm ready this pinks isolated, come away in salted and there's hawaiian salt niceties pink salt in yeah, wait a bit of it
how raises? Are you? That's your soul is black seriously on all sides. There is another asymmetry in physics: ok, ok, do you realize an electron is a positive charge. Yes, there's our negative inedible genetics right, ok! Can I watch. I can draw field lines coming off. The electron and they'll be straight lines coming up because of electric viewpoint, and that's why I've been formulated describes that ok, electricity magnetism are two sides of the same coin. Right, that's what we had this word electro magnetic electromotive! That's why we have that word! Okay! So if things were symmetric, I should be able to find just a negative. Hey of amendment just the same, I have a negative charge on an electron, but can't can't mom. You have a man like you that have to pull exactly so get get yourself a magnet bar.
Worse, you made it out. Ok, there's a plus side and a negative side cut it and has no you have to bang. It was a pleasant of mine. Aside cut them, it have you have four magnets each with a pleasant minded site. You can not cut off the negative from the positive in a magnet, but you can in electricity right that shows up in the formulas as an asymmetry and what's called Maxwell's equations not symmetric, that's awesome, and as a physicist, you get over that when you first learn his equations are getting back to the women's point. The periodic table donors has a remarkable and profound level of symmetry, the reason why wrapped around to another row- yes and certain women's line up ray in columns is because the onus of minor been count have this, aim mating properties with other elements right Ok, if you're can combine them right? So take carbon, for example? We are carbon based life, you if your science fiction fan you'd, think about a silicon bay,
life ever hereabouts right yesterday, just pull that out of their the ether? No, so sit below carbon on the periodic table directly below it. It makes them same families. Molecules are carbon. Does so the saying if we're carbon based life, why not swap a silicon Adam in with the carbon to make all the same molecules life, and then you have life based on silicon, rather than the periodic table elements captures this fact in its structure and in its form. As you get to heavier and heavier elements, things get more complex legal, and so you have entire groups of elements that, behave in the same way, so how weak you gotta shoehorn them into one colony can't because another next to each other. So you have these things spread out, underneath it is that the two so the lengthening theories and then so just go back to your periodic table. You'll see these two rows of elements not sitting and with the other
those around it and was still discovering elements and sometimes creating elements of sorry and we're to creating your better, creating elements. The natures right, yes, says why, so we ve got like twenty, where we have to know about thirty artificial elements will now look at that and their real, the main electrons protons neutrons. So there look at our meeting. God now what I was a great answer to a really close, well yeah institutional care, as it was fascinating. That's all know. Yes, I'm saying about quality, not quantity sought, so so it's if you have issues with asymmetries in nature, right then you're in the wrong. You know reverse right, but I'm sure that there is a someplace in that is just right Are you Renee, Douglas, oh, by the way, just a quick think I. Newton was a big fan of God, as everyone was in. The Dallas course would not isolate.
Him in particular in this regard, but everybody was a God fan back then, so he did such a fan. With such a love, your work, friendly, so you'll have you weren't, so a lot of in newtons writings he's extolling the beauty of nature as the handiwork of God and in one place he comments about the beautiful symmetry that the huge if one takes right left and right yeah, but he has to say but we only did I right back to the science. I really my master robot yeah there's got its there's some things that are symmetric, Bernard, rarely, your heart, where one side is bigger than one sided, louder, gray, others you, you only have one liver and they're getting inside of your body kind of looks like Jeff beetles eyes. In our country
when I went below organs are so mildly symmetric. There's a lot of his answers and we're not fifty percent weapon. There are fifty percent right here. Then I went off right. So there's, from a symmetry is gonna swarms ain't we so he had to sort of, except that from his praise of God right, because he assumed that God This is therefore a plan and got plan and reclaim would be symmetry same with the retrieving man that that's right, and it is our shared with the divinity eventually right right with a man with his hands, sticking out right, left and right centred on a circle. So. The idea was your belly button. It would, if we're divine then are form, would be geometric. So your Bali, but will be the centre of a circle that you can trace with a compass your arms extended, your legs out, would further traced the circle, and this was the perfect human form had. Then she ever met a human because it there's no way
as is the he drew a breed come up with it. The right would prolong predating I'll come so from what I've read. It won't predate him, but so my point is when you actually do that with actual people belly buttons or not in the same place, people have longer arm shorter, aren't absolutely relative urge high nature, so you symmetric, imperfect yet and be perfect because you have a philosophical urge for nature to be symmetric. So yeah and if that's, what driving you history tells us is gonna, get the wrong answer so get over it. So, in physics, we get over it early when we first learn actual equations. Swayed men of the Hague with other one long where they re, but that's not so good. They re. Looking wicked, my husband queries were ever what you could do. Call one answer
One leg you for what you ve been with a dose of glad. You think we could rise not of women when we come back more cosmic. Where he's the physics of everyday have got no secret for you, I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one. And where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and sub where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria Dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying
Unlocking the secrets of U world and everything orbiting around it, systematized we're back on startup cosmic queries in this addition: it is the physics of everyday life Chuck I let me some physics of everyday life. I am mad, so ah tat is really good stuff. Ok, what you have less jump right, you're right about- and this is rough Al Qaeda back from Facebook and in practice in shock brute. Not if you know what he had made, it probably said Psmith there as far as both anyway, if we were visited by a more advanced alien race, what do you think they will admire most about humans and with regard?
So our current scientific knowledge and understanding what particular theory or law do you think they might disprove That is a very light at a great question. I'd like that. So It would have. If I may be cynical, cynical man, it was only with your permission. Go please all about this rare that I see you actually admit to being cynical, I fig aliens more advanced than us would be impressed how far we have come from being set dumb ass. It's that are being set up got eyes, as you were, trying to find out a very dramatic way bar we ve come in spite of our exactly. That's what I say they would have said we never thought you'd get there. It's hilarious, your bid on earth for thousands of you had what you call civilization for thousands of years. Why added took you ten thousand years civilization before you even visited the moon?
but I've been there long time ago. But but let me just behind with what you did achieve, my god, my work. Imagine if we lay down its eyes and ears. I don't know I'm imagining right now. Maybe the Romans had rocket yeah, but I don't know I'm imagining right now, just where we gypsies said: let's leave earth, they did. They were able. If we were to write it was out of the starting date, you got right actually they'd, they had a worm, so we cannot really replay anyway, no think about it. Look at all the technology that we have right now and if we were to take all of the energy that we put into trying to destroy, wanted, and keep one another from advancing. What if we were to take all of that energy and just pour it to humanity, envisage energy, not of Europe's electoral intellectual. You know the political energy that we split. We expand on cultural, political and financial capital.
There were even aims to destroy what exactly imagine it will just take the IMF. And it was all pointed at the proper of the human race. In a positive direction, wanted to quantify this all rap erratic. You can think about this. If we re going to get it raised, origin or the cost to go to the moon in total, neither hundred billion Who are you doctor, evil one? When you look at it, so we went to the moon or a hundred billion dollars, the entire? U S. Interstate system is a hundred billion dollars. Ok hundred billion is once six, a single years allocation of the military budget in Iceland, I've that's disgusting, it just is
It just use it and therefore I used to do that, but I stopped judging. How could you not touched on what are you walk out? You please? Would you please you simply jumps into. I would tell you, how can you tell me because I'm telling that's deserving of judgment, I'm telling you ok, ok, sixth grade, I suppose. So what is the budget come from? It comes from Congress. Where does copyright Africa, so so But what does it mean very fond of saying, as an educator high God. I gotta stop, doesn't it they say we as elected representatives of the electorate. Our case this money money- all Greenaway Raphael. You sent us demon, The pressing question ever whether by an unfinished answer, be happy here, we would have been on the moon forth
in two years ago right. It would be like Caveman next right charges we want a bit on just go fire. Rock. Ok, that's a b. I think they would be impressed with our engineering. Ingenuity is ok so cause that's, not the laws of physics. Now could they wouldn't? They would know all the laws of physics that we have an end, then some, oh by the way it was a physic, has not later shown to be false. When we demonstrate a new theory of the universe, it's because it has been experimentally, verify I'd multiple times by competing factions- and we say this is how it is. We move on from here can happen if you have a deeper understanding of the world that a compass Is this smaller understanding that you have that works that can have It happens all the time right it all of newtonian physics. Subsumed into einsteinian physics,
but Newton is was wrong and other regimes it would in which was tested. So I think they'll say not it's wrong. Oh you think This is the full story. There's a bigger story. You got the big bang starting the universe? No, we got multiple bangs rib higher dimensions, and when we got this week, that you're just one little cog in as much larger will there be highly enlightening for a site. And on a scale of learning in this is an unheralded point of discovering the history of my field and in eighteen, twenty nineteen twenty. The year can only into nineteen twenty one. We did not know where the spiral, fuzzy things in the night sky. We just spiral funny things in our galaxy, or entire others, spiral galaxies in the universe, while their people alive today who
we're alive before we knew that our galaxy was one of only a hundred billion in the universe. So the idea that you're not alone in some a concept we ve been hit with that multiple times before us, the astrophysics will we be ready for it, we'd love to death, but there's some people who are happy with their contain knowledge and what isn't exactly but doesn't have to get over. Don't don't make me think about something other than what already what I already can think about an already vetting raw tar. I've actually have actually accepted this. This correct excellent solution, Old, Sue, ok, hurry this anyway cover Miller from Facebook once notice, assuming the earth is flat, it's a curse and have a lovely quest. Let's start off with a sigh, I was gonna. Do this as a slaughter, but I know you're: Thou must follow the rules,
one of the things I like about. You is that you'll will take these and do something with it when the ice melts at the polls, whereas all the water going to go. I have no idea what I could fly. It seemed to me was spill off the Hedges Rio. Seriously if the earth were glad to be like a table. You know so logical my table goes with lots of the earth build a damn Ah now the earth is not flat. It's more like a pie dish. We hear that registers. Edges and beyond their be demons Why do I feel like Jack Sparrow right now? I am aware that bar limits to you,
Kevin there that is applied. Byplay brow, that's that's! That's all we can do for you. Let's move on two meters, nineteen, seventy two from Instagram how far away what a black hole have to be in therefore our solar system to fall into it. I also have another question: why are you so awesome? I love star talk and you are just one of my. Rose death. He no doubt about that. Last point was from. Maybe you didn't really really think I'm serious. Does that use talking to you? yes eyes is saying. You are one of my heroes and I really love start up. Ok, we appreciate that and let the record that you're reading the question whether or not he appended it with essence well, you didn't write me. Thank you. Don't know the questions we put questions just cause. You now
I think that we do, of course, is out of you say a nice things about Chuck nice profoundly, reiterate, Andrew S, news girl, but thank you for those kind words the which would allow the question after the kind or actually preceding the kind words was how far away what a black hole have to be in order for our solar system to fall into we means is that of how far how close here yet so they have to be highly valued. The same same thing might be same thing so this or how black holes work right. Black holes, not some giant sucking machine we're gonna like my career sorry, we love you Johnny, Chuck, you're, here, on our highly has no matter what else is happening to you, no matter how far the toilet, your career, maybe get boot office comedies raise last night. No actually really gets very nice.
So anyway doesn't work area, be the one who judges whether the comedian has a good show. Yes, the comedian, is always wanted choices which has led here's the great thing about being a stand of culture. You always on now, and you can you can run. I love young comedians because they get off the stays and they immediately lie to themselves. You know get up the stairs and they look at you mega. Yes, that's right and I'm by why you ask me it all began about good ol. You owe me a mob permissible to build new, valued sloppy you'll, never used up. What is your problem? the mentor one another, because that is our anyway. So maybe one night seventh black holes are not some giant sucking machine. Ok, so they have a gravity commensurate with their mass. Like anything, you have gravity. Yes, I do. The moon has grabbing earth has girls. What has anything with mass anything with mass or energy has gravity, because energy mass or the same
I saw you, Ask how many masters, how much masters the black hole have and if it has a plan, it's worth of mass it could just hang out, and our solar system like another planet, if it has a stars worth amass, might create planets to orbit it. If it has received so so, it could even have a galaxies wear them galaxies we have a supermassive black hole in the centre of our Galaxy So you don't want to get too close to it. As there are places where there no longer stable orbits than you follow naval, but you can calculate what that distances, and it's not too hard to stay away way. It's it's not that hard right. If we turn earth into a black hole it be like the size of a plum west I calculated so
and what's in it and the moon was still orbit it alone. Would Woody Allen wouldn't care? It's only responding to the mass in the gravity that it thinks so that what makes black holes interesting is that you can get really close to them and get ripped apart and spaghetti fide. Ok, you can get closer than earth's surface to earth centre of gravity. Ok, you have to shrink earth right to get closer to it should get down to a plum. Now you been spaghetti Why so always interesting stuff that happens with black hole is because you can get really close otherwise you hang out, we always been. You are perfectly safe. Don't have nightmares about, doesn't do anything like another Now now, if now, if I had earth, has a plum, if I took another planet to Venus, made a black hole embroidered here Ray than let go It would fall through the earth and eat earth, swiss cheese style as bounced back and forth and was systematically dine upon all the physical contents of the earth until earth plus Venus became one a big right.
So you have the merging of those two. Yes, ETA become like the size of an orange or something so that black hole would actually increase in size itself. Physical, physically, the physical black hole would increase inside. If you would emerge to black hole, it turned out to be linear with mass, so a blacklist twice, the mass will have twice that The diameter, why do you do the math cool and the diners that amateur of the event of their right to say that as our school, where the time for that saying? Ok, Once again, when we come back more cosmic, whereas on the physics of everyday life story, the future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal star die.
We're back starting varies the physics of everyday like Twitter, let's move on This is terrible, nerd, fifty to love Tony Total neurotic yes, as opposed to the partial, nor are we and I want to total twenty four international donor not acquire thy nerd. Here we go. What degree can you do more with of physics, degree or a mathematics? Degree: fixer? Will you now you are you biased? Some things objectively, true and were said another way in spite of what it might seem like to your parents? If you choose to major in physics or math, both of them are highly employable.
By people who know and understand the brain wiring that emerges for having done so absolutely guy. Yes, mathematicians and physicists are problem. Solvers now engineers are problems. They can see problems and ways, others have not, and it just that physics has more places to plug into my admiration of society. Then does a mathematician, that's all, but in either case you don't see either mathematicians or physicist, as on the street Better back right, right, exact, you'll, find artist. You find musician, we'll calculate for fully respected, recite digits apart not so, thereby all I get so so
it's a reminder that there's certain professions that fundamentally plug in to civilization and others that become a part of civilization, because we choose it too. So we embrace music for the embrace are the kind of art that is not otherwise self sufficient. So I'm not to talk about pop. What music and talked about Europe orchestral music. That generally is performed in institutions that require funding funding funding normally comes from someone who gives a great deal of money to make that happen. Correct! Because, again, sustained, it does also seen through the appetite of the public. Yet the city in which you find those offerings of art boast that they have those offerings of art.
It's in the cattle is, and we have this fill our Monica halls and we have also feel how about and we have this art museum and we have all these institutional. That's what makes us a cosmopolitan destiny correct. So it's an interesting difference. There we have art and science in the same phrase, I went to the college, arts and sciences at the university of whatever we really are to scientists go way back, as appeared thing, we're Leonardo as the epitome right actually combining the two will be combined to its is one of the greatest examples of that. So I'm just saying a society has to want to embrace its artists in order for them to manifest as a fully expressed employed community, whereas financial forces can drive your interest in having an engineer or a physicist on staff. Absolutely, for example, Mayor Bloomberg, former Mayor Bloomberg
Ok, successful business, very myself, very much billionaire multibillion, like a real billion. They are not like other people that some people you earn, very rich nor one when people tell you there very rigs there. Maybe they ate their me like. I don't look at that, I'm very rich! So here's the thing he when he built his company right, he could a hired MBA is who know their business, but if not, we hired he majored in physics and engineering at Johns Hopkins University. Ok, he hired mathematic physicist engineers well and would teach them the business side of the world, but he made a people who pay would go with gnashed teeth right that attack a problem they ve never seen before right and my wife was one of those earliest employees,
he has a phd in mathematical. I knew that I didn't know. Yes, you work for Bloomberg of your early, but she was there. Bloomer had one hundred employees, oh my god. She got more money than you not back now, So she was early in on that. We recognise what she could bring to the table interests as others that that she worked with so Cougar arrived, so doesn't go, go, go, go either, do either do if you to pick one of Pinamonte love and do it do it and you ll be better rather than others, and the past year door Gimme some more ok here without? Why has there been a greater number of advancement on solar energy, given its literally a constant source of energy? The source of the energy is free, but the devices to converted into useful forms right given
The economics of what is going on right now has not yet reached that tipping point. So right now so to the wealthy class. That has the Luxury of being green without regard to its impact on your pocket book there, the first two doctors of electric cars and the electric this in the solar panels and the like what is missing from the equation- is how much our tax money throughout the last century has subs. The dies, the oil and gas in his ear. You ok, we built the roads, but the car that now we put their gas in the date and build roads, okay, so The question is: what can and should society subsidize the solar Energy Universe. In the way we have subsidized though the rest feels it fossil fuels industry and doing so. Would that Tipp the economics in the favor of solar panels and solar energy sets great point man about it without was George zero, Fantasy Wesley
What else is there well, you can't get Matanzas free, solar power is not up your sons. Energy is basically limitless river, the also the transport energy removed from where it is are you need it and solar power exist when the sun is out and its daytime out, so we get energy at night you, while you have to go a little out of energy yet so battery technology is so, is it century behind? technology. So is this still some but when you see a proliferation of new battery, I am an improvement in battery life. If you were to see The same a burgeoning of of of solar power. One would drive the other, possibly exe We already have a huge demand for that reason. We're batteries today than ever before this issue it used to be. I need a battery for my motorcar and so you
by the battery and then Betty would leak or run out. Are you leave it, but leave it on the buying of batteries was a major thing in the day now but this house has thirty batteries later, ok and at the very last longer than ever, and our machines are our devices that use batteries, use them. These are more efficiently were exactly so with sub batteries we think batteries. Proving at a higher rate than they actually Arbela has the demand that Energy demand is our man. If women are flashlights are everyday, exactly which means that their using less less juice exactly clouded longer will listen man. I can only hope that George, the girl with which you want to see happens, yeah yeah and, if so, like, I said it's it's an economic thing right so the day that economics tips everybody I've, solar panels in every horizontal surface, in their life, if it'll happen practically overnight, That's how these things work and in a free society it does a limit to how much you can beat someone on the head to get them to
to spend more money for something that almost is good not quite as good as what they already have right. Even if a little better, but if they can do a cheaper. So most people want to save the buck. That's real! Let's get That's why I don't mind that right now, right are you can't give away in a canvas and bob? No, you can't you can't, because they they costume, Monday becoming if you're smart enough to know what you have said so incandescent Bob's note that they were, I think, are cheaper anything. But if you don't ask someone by they, ultimately caution, we're not exactly gonna throw away, and I may get hot everything. Is there really HEAT source, not alights were right. You have more infrared than they do Isabel light. That's correct! I think I learned from you. I'm sure. That's how long we will work in other areas is right, merrily at each sort. Yet a profoundly resources. Are we go market Blackwell from Facebook once and others with the abandonment of science? Has there been any attempt?
to change any of the established rules, laws of physics, laws of motion, thermodynamics, etc or once that it's a law and its established that it just cannot be changed, so, in other words, like ten percent captain that one. I know trips just cannot tell me as part of what is it with the odds are terrible time once once again, the old days reached a common laws right in the nineteenth century, classical that did the pinnacle. Of classical physics units laws of motion laws within an thermodynamics twentyth century we ve loosen the word law. We use the word law anymore, not because they, Current laws ran just because we did Lamar candid about the fact that what we say is a fundamental property of the universe may be a small part of a bigger understanding of the euro.
Where's law implies there we go and went, but what we are discovering, that is, experimentally, verified later shown to be false right, and this is a mistake that so many people have. They say is the theory of your quantum theory them Indeed, we want under by different now it is work and baby right. We got this. Ok, there's still some other things we can understand about it, this wholesome frontier. It may plug into a larger understanding, but the quantum theory that we have established experimenting on and works it. We are good to go so no, it does not change in only expands. Ah there is this: there is the rub, get exactly span. Our understanding can expand on that understanding, but it doesnt swap out that understanding once it has been experimentally, verified and that's and so ended. At that point, it elevates to the level of theory
So that's why I'm trying up? I may lose this battle, but I am trying to get people to not say when they take, and I have a theory about know you have a hypothesis right. Ok, and is probably not even the hypotheses. If you ever feel right, adversary, don't lie started at a later date. Is a hypothesis? Did they give you a feeling, this and other at another level guy or feel got a feeling a little black people say I have a hypothesis and, unlike really is an educated, have you really thought I'd really rather through, because that yeah ok, we're two minutes left? What? How many would you get? I here's one This is happening in advance of the question. This embarrassing for the person who asked the question laughing at the cluster bombs is laughing the bed Alcan Leavenworth Hany large says this somewhere from Instagram. What causes thunder thunder very good, but so weird to ask me to grasp.
Is that why? Because we're in astrophysicist leaders is actually do, it is physics, but I'm just saying you like there's so much that you are associated with in terms of your expertise. Maybe this person knows everything else. That is the only gap left in an hour, or so I saw the gay rights in all now rest shifting, but they don't know thunder. Ok, ok, oh by the way, I am trying to disparage you learn at all. Ok I mean Hany. That's is in some ways than here you go get so during a thunderstorm. Yes, a rainstorm, a vigorous, rainstorm water. Falls out of the clubs, and generally those water droplets have a net charge associated with a net negative charge. So it is separating negative charges out of the cloud and putting it in the ground. Alright, there's a limit. How much of that you can get away with this.
The charges say we want to rebalance. We need more charts now we want to, and I would like to answer on char right. Ok, you are strong Being negatives from positive that's not how they want to be right. Ok, when we bow and they want to be balanced. So this builds up enough imbalance, and it says I'll come back to Elizabeth? My camera ok, so those charges rise up right. And they come out of the ground and they create a visible arc of light that we call lightning back up to the cloud. Okay, so, All lightning got out of the ground loud to cloud or ground to clap, right, cartography, visible, lightning. Fifa. So up comes this, this very hot, extremely hot arc of LA arc of light. Ok, it is so hot that when you open and
into your faith in our group made Now we are settler. Monsieur said, radars, nerve here, ok, so so it's so how is so hot that the air, the air catastrophically expands? Interesting, that's what happens in the cartridge of a bullet right. It gets hearts. Why makes it and so at it expands catastrophically. The Balkans decided shall drops to the ground. Okay. So any time you rapidly expanding, rapidly heat air as all bomb works, rapidly heats air, that's how their nuclear. Bonds work rapidly heat the air. The air knows only to expand catastrophically at that point and it's a shockwave, a shockwave,
so it's not just getting louder. No, it right, and it's that expanding air that you then here as Hatter after the lightning after the lighting right at me, at the speed of sound, which means the lightning you always C4. Okay, so I forgot visit seven seconds and Maya. Something is some some number of second per mile, so you can how far away the lightning How far away that thunderclap was from you and analysed How close the storm via the time delays. I saw documentary once and is very concerned about the accuracy of the thing and he had a thunderstorm out in the distance, and you heard the lightning exactly with the thunder. So at the end that filmmaker was there in the room. I said why did I hear the thunder exactly time with a lightning? I first said you care about accuracy in your document. Ports, ports and accuracy is everything,
So why did the like? Oh well? We shifted the second because it was too weird. I simply want at em right once like it's out of sync deliveries as it is. It is out of his happiness and nature made it out. I think he knows really cool. If you go see a shuttle launch right up, go back in time. I was gonna watch any launch very little if any wash the that's a catastrophic heating of the air, its thunderous and the quota shouldn't get if your civilians like three miles away. So you see this thing take off. In total silence, its total silence and you see the shockwave the front wave of the sound move, this is far too so there's a lot of, water around here right. So you see the Ripple Movie
towards you and birds coming up. You still don't hear anything is decided, then you here as a country, so it is fun to watch the sound come to you. Nice is a fun thing to do that, but anyhow, so that's what thunderous and because the Ark is not stray a straight line way it can bend it'll take the most electrically expedient way back to the cloud makes that is not always a straight line. It can because its wetter here and water absorbs- electricity better than drier does okay. So so what we have here is you if there's angles to the lightning strike, is possible for you to be at the focus of two of those angles. So in other words, if there's a straits, went off to your right and a straight segment off to your left. Then you have sound coming to from two different directions.
And if they hit you at the same time, you get the snap that the crack of the fund like sounds. I got to paper tearing or does it? I guess it's an extra air MAX vocation sound favorite as you get money, all sound paths coming to you. At the same time, rather than just one one, and if this that that all these different angles coming to a different times, some of them hitting you at the same time chuck we got it. There are, I was a girl or we could have immense. We're gonna, be man. Levity manager. Have you been listen. To possibly even watching start off. I'm near the grass tasting your personal astrophysicist, and this brings an end to our physics of everyday life, cosmic rays,
As always. I did you wish you up. Listen the star talk commercial, free joy, star talk on Patriot for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriotic dot com. Last star talk, radio
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