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Cosmic Queries: Rocket Science Is Hard

2015-02-06 | 🔗
Find out why “rocket science is hard” when Neil deGrasse Tyson answers fan questions about Antares, Rosetta, Philae, SpaceShipTwo, the Space Shuttle and more with the help of Bill Nye and Chuck Nice.

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Welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now. Are your host Neil De Grass tastes in your personal astrophysicist, and this is a start bill my bill thanks for coming on a star draws the great to be on my guard and reacting to call it my favorite thing ever, it's pretty good at jackknife. Yes, I am here thanks for coming away. We are now in cosmic queries, cosmic queries. I wouldn't want to categories after our yes, what we're doing it after hours, and this is of course, where we take enquiries from all quarters.
the entire webs, the entire webs internet help our fan base our family listeners here from everywhere, and they ask you, questions we do share the questions with you today. Of course, we have the initial. bill nigh with us, but seriously. Here's an expert. So the topic today, as were the topic today, is Science is high schreyer right, and so, while I know a little some american time, whatever I know been, nine knows more ok, yet I'm not gonna. Take this alone right, look stupid on the air Will you take that right? I could do it, but you I got you hear that is worth couldn't with that's pressure bill. You work both your engineered arabesques on aeroplanes, which a rocket like vote, but no, but you ve thought about rockets in your life
thought deeply about wrong, although you have launched or I fought lightly about rockets. Ok, it's a czech Austrian and you know between the two of you. We might just get somewhere artless jump right into there's. Our first question is from Paul cure seo or cure chill, other and Paul is coming to us from twitter process. This have any benefits, come from Some of the shuttle disasters we have witnessed recently been to disasters. We say some of them to travel Ok, you're, something every time are you kidding? Yes, we learn things. By the way this is worth the next rockets are not going to have the plane mounted on the side. That's not gonna happening happen again. People we are complicated, mean especial orbit. Is that has the engine under its bell,
and their adjacent to one another. I can't do that again. We learn that put it right, on top put it right on or take off like an airplane from runway. That would be the ultimate, but it takes a very lightweight airframes space frame structure, not saying it's not doable, just not there. Quite yes, it's ok. However. Isn't it true that the Wasn't a good idea even without the accidents absolute looking, so then do what we learn from the accidents. We challenge nineteen eighty, you may be right. Yes, ladies nano, eighty Sarmiento, eighty six, eighty six, they actually was Alias eighty six and then a Colombia, Umbria and today, no one! So I to show you this year and you gotta take the Euro two thousand and Gaza. If ye, I seriously a hole in the insulation, and you got trouble when the ice comes from condensation. That would only happened because there human environment called Florida, you get ice even in New Mexico, you think so. Twenty percent committees,
the ice on things. Your call for I don't take it seriously, normally voices and the problem is when you have had mounted on the side in the ice, falls down on your insulation or now your top of it in the ice falls down to just hit the ball back on rock on drug new fishing over that's no that's what we learned, I guess you I'd heard from my good people that rocket disasters are opportunities rich in the experience so areas the indian Tories blew up which was a drag and then what I mean TAT was orbital Sciences mission to read to reach supply the space they might not manned. run man just full of money blew up and they clearly said, while the they quickly said link the officials quickly announced that the the astronauts on the space shuttle R R Font, even though this was a supply reply.
to them that they do just fine until then, I'm thinking, then, why would you have to send this one of the first point or they ve plan for something going wrong from time to time? I bet you have stuff in your cabinet next time that there's a hurricane and you gotta pull down yard salmon, and can your tuna fish was telling a hard drive somewhere? Ok, took you three days, though, didn't not to change the subject, but you didn't leave right away. I wish I was hit by your hide. Your ended. Your fingers crossed for day that we lost electricity, and that was but that's not exactly Rockets north, not it's not so so what we did learn some things at the design of a special anything else. How serious you have to take very ice is a big deal already got everybody on the crew sat by the crewmen people at the base, people who were the people on the ground, control on the grounds and well think about a one in three hundred chance that it will work and paper launching anyway, it shows you.
Be a lot more reliable than right. Ok says, after the final before them, are. We were all waving, arms and pounding might know my elder and ice professors at you know. Don't ever ever do this, I paraphrase was done anyway for financial reasons, and it was really- and I know we're answering this question. It was during the next UN administration when he decided that, for the sake of votes nest jobs were more important, really the NASA exploration and the other. of this. If you look at Nixon's oval office at one point is earth rise, appall away Isaac. I birthday rising Britain's birthday Eve. Nineteen sixty eight, six months later after he's got the votes in California, he takes that picture down. It puts up another one. While he was not a believer LA who has just been a politician, just politicians are not a a politician.
the hard job, socialism, you couldn't see the hands and we have to go and do it again to narrow what do we need to get the spice set up? The next question is of a mobile as we do, I saw this is from at first my mail. versus may be small man from Twitter. This is cod. His name is caught. His handle is at this man how we balance the burning desire of genetic predisposition to explore with the need to ensure safe passage, I think he's kind of another request? He's gotta talk also about maybe commercial space flight enemy? Let me add some punctuate on this. Going straight to you, this bill you're an engineer, and you will tell the launch people. Look. You shouldn't do that as it should be safer than that that that could go wrong. Don't do that at some point. Somebody's gotta push
but then wants that they should all the engineers get on with production. Sometimes you have to stop listening the engineers and get on I'm sorry. What what? What is that threshold decides it about? That's what we call management, so the managers have to be literate enough to know what the acceptable level of risk is. and the act accordingly, but the knife deny mind would say no risk as acceptable. So now, no, no, that's not true fact. That's a forceful, that's a false fact. Oh, you ve been in automobiles and there is a risk attached and pleasure in driving. Were I'm sure you have a sense that something could go wrong, and these guys fly and rockets have a sense that something could go wrong, very sorry about the virgin GO crash the other day, surprising results, and why
in that they will straighten out, and that I claim is not just part of the process was part of the management process. Where you learn what is acceptable and I think what was going on changing the subject to the station on the previous question. People knew the risk was a lot higher than was advertised. He pressed on anyway, version galactic. It looks like perhaps the risk, was underestimated but is actually more dangerous than over sand. In other words, there wasn't a deliberate deliver, Ignoring of the facts are reserve. Ignorance of the federalists, so we'll see what reasons to arrive further feathering thing: it's a surprising results by that would cause trouble and it could have to do I'm shooting from Europe as an engineer could have to do the matter. those involved. So this is the brakes would put onto early air break the largest too high, Determining molecules in the atmosphere at that level may have you,
wait a little longer. We got a fewer molecules per cubic, something you might have been been just working with the data, we have stay tuned or people who are experts had figuring out. Well, ok, Jack! That's good! You know! Here we go. This is from Carlos and causes C d s on Twitter wants to build this. How easy is rocketry these days, then tough recently do pretty much haven't figured out or Are we just going to play around me shaped that question back to bill? We ve been boldly going we're hundreds, have gone before I end up into low earth orbit. I would think that lower through
which should be zero risk. At this point, given how long we ve been doing it and how many people have done it so that, if we're gonna put lives at risk, it should be by doing something we ve never done before. If I were to think of an acceptable risk, it be doing. Something has never done before, not doing something hundreds have done before you see we just saw in it back in in November, and I told her we sought to disasters to space. There was at the early enough These are disaster, people naughty, go on in orbit. So So I say to you you, maybe mixing the modern verbs, conflicting air traffic at airports. an airliner travel with rocket travel, few hundred is not that many ray
about how many airplanes people tried to build in the early nineteen hundreds and how many crash on any failed and from the films it looks like one hundred percent of the oil ordered the fill, in other words, a hundred or thousand isn't that big, a sample size really and the we're constrained when it comes to the entire is rocket. The Herbal Sciences wrote the book that was an old rocket, being re, purposed being refer Furbished, ok, make yourself. Are you saying that maybe we need to go up into low earth orbit so much that it becomes like all this airline, this is what he is doing. This is what so we just as many as four hundred sounds as many as four hundred white sounds like it's not that many new statistical scheme of things you have dynamic flights take off every day. and went every day on em. It's. I can't stand it. I do it's. I have a video I'll show you. It is some countless scary numbers of thousands of its countless scary number. Your term globally.
there are no doubt there about a hundred thousand passengers in the air at any given time, and she said to the Wright brothers. You know you know in about a hundred years, we're gonna have a hundred thousand people in the air at any given time the day they are thus Roy, say about space travel. We're just to compare the two accidents on terrorism very old rocket being refurbished and it had a leaky fuel line. It sounds like a leaky pomp and then the version black. Rocket, was a brand new rocket, and so it had the brand new problems between ones is what we are all hoping to violently and between we want in between women impetus. So there you have it so, Carlos there's your answer. Rocketry not easy, hopefully, will get to a place where it is that place will be in between imports of gas.
I'm not Goin, Atween old and everyone all right, all right, all right, I'll, sharp smells and every time someone. So this is a brand new thing. Trials were Letterman Sir Sir Branson. Are you gonna go on the first on the first flight? Yes, give him a few, so they I emphasise that rocket smell Wanna get on it Why did you see a couple sandwich stains on the z? That's that's! The rocket one is right: let's go to deep puck prim, deeper prim Astro print, but he wants to know this. He says I can understand that its justified display resources on space exploration, but why risk human life in the name of tourism. He is quite emphatic about that. Do park
You have the option of not buying a ticket, you'll, be ok, you don't have to buy a ticket. You'll have to go. Nobody is thinking in the abstract so stay here and so on. The people who are willing to take the risk world throw down go up any benefit. What's he do everybody who flies and space by all accounts has new appreciation for the earth, When you see the earth from above. Apparently, I've not done at except by the tv It changes your perspective. You realize what a fragile small world we live on the other the bill in the early is there were joy, riding airplane flyers right, yeah right, so they must have known risks and some of them would have died and that workers- and that was the tourists dick risk, so it clearly people will do People get on board posters and take risks, not not if they. If they, if you It was a hard one hundred protection if they were one in a hundred years.
died by a rollercoaster number? Nobody knows what that's right If we say it is what I wanted her to channel died. Cloning Mt Everest people, opportunity arises what they do. Why was the difference? sure we're going someplace new year, going where no one has gone before and Mount Everest is just about Everest, where rollercoaster are pretty much everywhere, like there's only one of those is only one mounted there's only one space to go to another person. People seek thrills for deep and evolutionary reasons. Apparently man, you can't do that. Just like these statements like we're, not people who don't take risks get eliminated theirs. About us, the people that go around the world to look in the valley. We take risks every type of risk eliminated too.
What its deep within the dry, those who survive I've longer than those who never took the results that drives the tribe. That's that's how you got a word that sends guy So now you don't get out of here. A sentiment of restating is long term. You re so short term disaster. Long term benefits may accrue tiered descendants, but only if you have to send its before you go on that risk events right. Otherwise you are wiped from the gene pool or use, or you pull it off. You can't you go over the hill, make the discovering combating right. Ok, do it and never come back and start in the people. Come with you how many ok with super cool man, this is MAC Cannon met. Canada, wait a twitter, he wants to know this. Can we alter the popular notion in the media? a failure means nothing learned, go for it bill. That's all you there was. I was charmed.
By the many many new stories after the entire is rocket, blew up and then, after the version, galactic crash. I mean the end of spray sex. Are you kidding? Those people are going to redouble their efforts. Are gonna go back gathered harder than ever they're going to work as hard as a boss began to solve these problems because they see the great promise right. Are you Jochen me mister quest person and how do you really feel bill for crying out loud now when some goes wrong, you destroy even harder right. Otherwise, you get outcome. By the other guy, who does succeed, try harder, and you know what that doesn't mean that makes it makes no difference what it is across the board that kind of general. It's an approach it like our approach to life. Now you you guys have ancestor Yes, where I imagine people told you couldn't do a lot of things. This is true and look at you both yet ruling the airwaves the as yet I come from that
I lineage. My great grandfather invented the horse diaper, and a lot of people don't realize they were like that's disgusting premise. Why would you ever wanted to know? But if you're going to central park there could be just to think that the air you go so thank Granpop nice for that nice leader, is that true Is that true? Now, Neil you know better than I do not know about what the perennial jokes about space exploration is. How do you evacuate your balls and empty your bladder, and this is the very serious problems to be solved when you're gonna fly in space at zero? gravity alone. You're a horse the owner of a horse and you have had your zero g? Why do you have in your hands you are listening to start talk. Stay too for another. Second,
welcome back to startle. Here is more just what bill, and I have not seen these weapons, You have. I brought him along with their rocket questions. I would not be able to answer that's why I brought him more for backup give the engineering perspective? Yes exactly so what you have forced so here's speaking, engineering wonders. Let's talk about little rosetta feelings, So this from Andy Stance who wants to know what happened. Our civilization, see the comments and asteroids etc with organic material trying to propagate life around the universe is that fees
the boy now he where he's talking about is the fact that we were able to land on a common so he's in a longer version. He says: will we be able to actually do something like that? Take who we are and instead of sending a rocket we put? Who we are on a comment? HU, we are go out and leave our solar system and go for. It is a little problem with that. Ok, ok, the very act of landing on economy means you have given your rocket. The exact orbital trajectory of the comet itself, to start with, and you write another engine and push the rush yeah well, you could do that not so if you matched the the comment or the asteroid, then does it mean later on the aid it you'll meet. Yes, regulators, that's exactly what I now know. No, the Ashraf meal rest from an enduring simple. Yes,
These kids, you want a mine, ass re, I've heard about them proper resources, for example bill all. The kids are trying to do here s a big thing they want a mine is water now mortar and they would want to do is take solar panels to make election Steve from the Sun electoral eyes, the water so that it becomes our age to o, becomes hydrogen and oxygen. Breakin part then put it back together. There is rocket fuel and are very fast fashion and get a joint get it. So this is not a mean its extraordinary, but not completely unreasonable, but So you're saying you would go to the asteroid. That is a source of water at for future rocket fuel. For you, railway station. What's a thrive say, that's all That might be closer recommit, editing, icy, I'm good, I'm good with their energy. There are water rich ass towards that are not comments so right. So no, that's cool! I that these be filling stations and so weak.
I got. I have a lot of time at the quick Maria, furthermore blown, what you look like a sad or five round Every ounce of fuel that you will use your in our journey. You leave with earth to take. I then you run into the rocket equation problem there. You go tell to give us two minutes on the rocket attacks. why everybody, you know how heavy the thing you're gonna try to lift is dear payload. That what you pay for and think about this the moment you light the rocket engine, the rocket ways less with every. moment of time that passes more fuel was burned in the rocket ways less. So the great deep calculus rocket equation. Question is but surely star with great others, does because some of the fuel is to move They feel you haven't burn yet to burn it later. You're trudging related rates, it's gotta get one tulips you're. Yeah. That's your lifting your own by
wait slowly, ass. If you have long arms at you are heavy, it is very difficult to duple, that's true and if you pooped, while you are pulling, I knew every night up would be easy hurt. I knew this is it. This is the point of the rocket equated, can also You can just be gas, guess it of recoil. In fact, you can ways to make the ports easier for you re hungry, but those hard third order effects of combatants I will see how there you have it Andy the answer? Well, it wouldn't one other question is yet we don't. We really need to do it unless it's a filling station. That's the end of the investigations. Are, let's go to jail, Knickerbocker right, not to be confused with the New York, Knickerbockers J says images of the comet show in Tumblr. a high rate of road taken. If that is accurate, how'd it Rosetta match its rotation to the comet Sophia lay.
Make a stable landing regarding the failed harpoon. How are they sure it didn't fire or is it possible any sense, indicating such simply failed and it is in fact, tethered ease I dont know those rotating, although the word fast, when you watch the animation on the electric and read it looks first, But it's a rotation was about once every twelve earth ours that fact that has not really all that was advice as fast as the earth spins and is a difficult, deep space problem to get Europe Rosetta Pro Bro eating at about the same speed? But, however, to the questions point I would say that if they show the rotation on the chief at the actual rate that You're really boring take your. Why take to set their for twelve hours and ways to think turn around. Furthermore, it is tethered by gravity, even though, so very low mass thing. It's still,
they still has gravity, which is why bounced however, we were told me and then came back down not yet none. I got it There you have a man there. You have it next question. its lameter. As far as the sensors, sensing at that from trees, pre reliable and I got a question for bill. Its name rosetta cause is the Rosetta stone which was helped us. ancient languages, in particular the egyptian hieroglyphics and taught me spanish. Was that other name for the same so but the fire I didn't, do my homework and violating wills violate, namely to building a nymph out there really here at sea, that where, if you go towards, did crash into the rocks, should no longer nymph here. I look, that doesn't sound like I want to who wants to know, check our planet, dot arrogant, red Emily locked two hours blog it's in there disclaimer carry can't say that none of them
Oh disclaimer, I'm to see your photographs Thyssen's border adds up. Is very worrying: the blue shark? Here's! What went wrong with that advertising used the word disclaimer when I think he meant disclosure Iraq he's right. Totally call me outdoors schools as a rookie mistake, a writer let's move on this is marked. Tartan mark wants to know this. He says good day. I heard that Turkey apostrophe day. Why would I wasn't good? I gotta every day truck jobs, nice more, reducing arranged. The regional Acta has got a dj. The dj voice. Good day to day I heard a freely bounced off the come before settling back to this several hours later. The long bounce was due extremely low gravity. After seeing the pictures of the solid rock surface, I wonder how
something with such a low gravity, formed rocks, if this and other comments and asteroids were formed from left over dust from formation of a solar system, how did this does compressed? it's a such solid materials with our significant gravity right right, where these are all these people are doing their homework. So the thing it was great good day mark that's her. So when you are in deep space, theirs I've been too slow you down if you're a particle of dust. One of these strange insights, the troubled me as a young man, I still stroke my chin from time to time and you're still young man when you look at the door. On the bookshelf, It is a strange thing that not only is the earth pulling the dust down or towards Xavier the dust, efforts are slightly pulling the earth up. So indeed,
is when you have dust many many kilometres apart and there being attract They actually slam together at a pretty high speed- and this was one of the ideas behind the fish- a probe was to figure out What is the asteroid like? Is it puffy morality or is it rocky sovereignty, and is it a cream puff or a walnut and The comment we know to comment, so does it mostly evaporating ice right right? So so here's the thing bill, which is why there is to me, is quite cool It was not until recently that we had any clue what the structural integrity of commerce or asteroids actual you hang and we ve seen comets go around the sun and just the title four of the sun breaks it apart into twenty, beat it with comet slam into Jupiter. It was one piece at one time and it became twenty four broken pieces afterwards. and no one went to it with a sledgehammer. It was just the gravitational
stress of going by Jupiter. That did that at all, so we don't really know how tightly held together. These things are as part of a measure that part of emission now there's some asteroids that are the fragments of broken planet testicles? Those would be Iraq and get out of their way but comets and some other asteroids they might be rubble piles just rocks had gathered to get their rocks that we asteroids that we now have the density whither met, the material is made of rock, but you calculate the density and it's the density of something almost as light as water, sounds like a must. Well, a reliable exact house about Iraq. Exactly so you it's got rock, but the rock is an all the way through it. Rats got this its poorest or its, which is a part Rubble travelling together pretended like it's one: solid object like a pencil little thugs hey you guys, I worked up feeling the island of time
filet as the island of Taiwan roll out his day and look up the answer I mean we're supposed to materialise. finally, I should know- and it has to do with the Sun God Raw had an island and feel Abe was the hooker they have it. This, this asteroid field sounds a little latin rather than Greek. Think when you get the ph gone, I neer occur so sixty seven cps, sheer men, Copley per, will Bobo Bub exactly that Russia is me. Nobody and John Smith ever discovers a con, sixty seven cp. But be an island of time. Its share man and off an ideal for several days and now under pressure below and go take it what else you got a right so that by the way, was grey answer for mark there's your answer mark this is: this is how oh by the way, just while we're there. If there's an asteroid headed our way, and you want to deflect it yes annually.
and you said something: that's gonna push it and you later learned that is made of rubble, pile Yonah, push! some of the rocks and not the others right So you want to know what this thing is made of and how its held together by or you do any these rescue missions or any kind, We should all like like bill, so that part of the reason why we went there in the first place, and this is a big push it. Senator sightings assessing the near earth objects right dimension Terry DOT Org denied to disclose their position it was the views on the board was the word I use them, so they went disclaimers claims that about disclaiming anything owes disclose. I'm embarrassed, I won't get through. Ok. What am I right? Let's move on now the great question. Here we go here we go here we go here. We go, You know what this is a pretty. This is Chris Burgundy priest, simple, straightforward question: how can we determine the difference between a brown dwarf and a large rogue planet
nor brown ones. You don't like GPS for Brandreth S, Equidistant yeah. We showed age a rogue planet in the cosmos and show that, with infrared filters, it still sort of radiating the heat left over from its formation there, it is hotly debated, still get hot the debate on what is the boundary between a brown dwarf and Anna Planet. Just at what point you say this, planet is not my and now you that, like the beginnings of a star When do you have a star one like Jupiter that so beginning what Jupiter is is Oh wait a little too light to have its a star that never made it, but it's not like it was close. Ok, so jouberts, not mass, and so we have people working on define groundwork, is chemically what's going on in the atmosphere is a temperature, but then,
Temperature changes over the life of the thing a school kids gonna have to realer. Now then, has the temperature changes the chemistry the Amis retain just so what are you going observe about it in order to say what kind of object it is and is the object changing, and so so it is still a hotly discussed topic. Look it up. About three Kelvin three degrees above absolute zero, its hotter than that yeah. Two hundred is at a hundred Kelvin website for the temperature, the stars, round dwarf on an old Kelvin under certain road planet, and our rural planet would be. I mean it could be as much as possible. two degrees celsius I mean several hundred degrees. Several hundred caverns of let me thank all that several hundred celsius, two countries, my own absolute, zero? Sorry, sorry! When let us let us agree on what scale or using for yes, ok, how about Celsius surface of the sun is between five and six thousand degrees celsius. Okay, so
a brown to any Ladson Red Cooler, regiment stars around three thousand two thousand degrees, you started Brown dwarf land when you're one thousand degrees, eight hundred degrees and then hot planets would be in a foreigner degree. I firewood beforehand around their around based on my memory of how old is so great a note? Well, although the server the sun at six thousand degrees Celsius sounds hot. It is hot, but a bolt of lightning. So little hotter. What now? Oh snap, Why is pretty cool occurs at a pot of lightning is harder than the sun, the sort of choosing not to centres on the surface of our occasion. Yet it rightly feel better. Now, This international my mind: is it better than his, let alone Russia than it was like? I got stuck with the surface of the sun. Yes, no see that! Wouldn't that be, I think there a bolt of lightning now you're Talkin, ok,
I don't have to type have one more of its quick. Ok here we go excluded from this. Answer me, excluding the size of the distance from the sun. Does Venus have more in common with the gas giants, then terrestrial planet Rocky rational to appoint the sun or the greenhouse effect as fundamental You are listening to us. Our talk, radio stay to more next welcome back. Here is more startled stateless jump right back into this this is how they excite Jose Javier Galvez heads
launch exotic zoo him, some some some regional accents guys. So this is lost space shuttle was originally estimate, those very low cost, but in the end it will lead to a billion dollars per launch which made a kind of a manageable. Do. You think the same can happen now with private companies as they face the huge challenges and risks of space flight time will tell, and by the way one billion was an estimate for a while. Now, all in people thrown around the word, the number one and a half billion per cent of charter flight, so the thing when you, the spatial, was built by NASA. There are ten NASA centres, and this was a brilliant idea. Nineteen fifty eight that it made the space programme if I may on cancel a ball ten centres across the country across the country and eight states too big fail? Well being aware, others many congressional interests to get shot down right,
and so now everybody? keep in mind when we talk about space exploration, technology Spacex, and we talk about Boeing these companies are taking billions, of dollars to produce rockets for the larger good for the public good. Do boy astronauts from many nations to space but when you visit Spacex, the factory is a big horseshoe the train car show up full of steel and aluminium. They unload the stuff. It goes the factory, the hammer it out to the right shape. They stir welded with the world's largest stir welder machine, which is a fabulous friction thing then it put all the wires in and they pressures that they make. The visionary in these overseas goes around the big horseshoe, the big letter you and it goes back on a different train car and goes to cape. Can ever Orban and Bird AIR Force Base ready to fly? premise of the bit, so it is believed that you be able to lower the costs. Stop making rockets. So we
we'll see are their salaries? Are these her expertise NASA had that these new companies by new I mean more recently developed companies do or do not have time will tell when it comes to Boeing, they ve been building or markets for years disclosure. I worked on that Boeing boy that I'm not either way you work, a jumbo jet worked on some very Everyone knows very cool loyalty to the lot of vertical tail, fabulous, leading its collapse as yet listen, look at us. I can never hate on a man for getting a little vertical to Saddam Hussein GIS. You had me a tale. the aerospace industry, regional data vertical vertical? We call the emperor knowledge impotent
so you're. I see in your hand, you have a pen. Yes, that's from the Latin work Pennifer feather, so we right we used to write with quills correct now airplane. The shaft of an arrow is the fuselage right, the tail feathers the emperor knowledge airplane, seven m panache. My understanding in your experience you have three children there's been there has been quite. Some have been successful. I was gonna wanna taper off, but you're going to school good as worker feud iron. Let's go to Facebook and James FISH and James. Whether I can add something to this guy has so the shuttle would have been less per launch right. Had fifty launches a year, but these are not to be too dangerous and complicated too complicated and the parts were being used and then Wendy replace it. Do you need a new part or one that battle tested, and so a business model is always:
can you re use that the vessel and modern aeroplanes are use multiple times a day? you have a fly in aeroplanes now, our younger than the planes right. If you fluid airplane and each time you threw it away, that's a differ business model we wouldn't be fly. We may find some rational, ok go up there, you go Jose. There is real answer. How do we do it value Logan nor managers out of job. We must be crazy to offer these price. Let's go to Facebook and James fish and here's. What James has James has to say. There's a lot of talk about quantum computers and how they could change the face of predictive modeling. What potential could it have to change artificial intelligence and leads to a rope uprisings? I've got it. Governments and change the pace of space travel, but he went with robot rising everybody I offer the singularity when
computers are as smart as people but computers and of the quantum computing thing electricity, and right now. Someone literally has to shovel the call to keep the robots going. So I'm off or this robot uprising as long as there's an infinite supply of electricity would have their controlling the nuclear power plants that they're gonna be okay, knock yourself out control of the grid? I think it's a long way off or they are building by us. The computer has the quantum they'll control the grid right and then I could wish you to plug them. for them to take over. There lies the who's gonna shovel. To call the day will always event aversion to themselves that they well so anyway, let's change in the subsequent light would push. You speak like that. It's weird that the robots need some special source of energy, so do. We have a clear result: flee he's times a day just just What we know your son, we create us by means
empennage in that area, and so you send a sort of six or one ok. So, by the way changes subject back to me, The little thing about the singularity again in just three clear, there's an astrophysicist the table. If you were singularity, you have to clarify that. I know you are talking about the universe, you not talking about the beginning universe or the senator Black or any other previous use of the word singularity go. I love this forgetting to wear computers. Computers have enough computational power to be like a human brain. and, in my book, undeniable your transgressor was I have. discussion about this, you can go to places in the world where people have not made a phone call not made a cell phone call not made a phone call I'm not saying they won't change in the next little awhile, but it's gonna be just
maybe later than you think, when there's a robot uprising taking over the world the robots in western China, yeah there's no place. Forget man. I'm sorry did and they they're not very productive. let alone take over the world. If I take it you're Europe leave you know now. I just says it's: it's a lot of other things to worry that I agree with bill. This there's nothing about it. That sounds impending to me, though, it be intending to others, which is the perfect set up for like a cot, right, who is going to come into the little change really soon really fast, just joined the ban was right. Send money, then that's not occurred. He's not asking you to send money. I am I gonna get therefore, on the shoulder the big, the exponent of of the thing
I will get tried again amongst our talk, talk out so that he can speak for himself rather than me comedy I what others have said about any may be right. Ok, I write what they have it don't worry about. It is the answer to that. Question Don't worry about your Churchill amount was relax, baby. Ok, let's get a robber, hardly who is also coming to us from Facebook, hello, guys, I'm from Auckland New Zealand, just in case neo. Ask sometimes you wanna know where people are from in regard to the UN. Terry's failed large. How much doubt with the team have to have at the mission would go unsuccessfully before making the decision to abort. So what does the protocol for aborted large? What has to where you go through different things, forget there's cancelling a launch. Ok to lend their support in flight cancelling we're gonna put it off or postponing is probably better verb to place forward to place a head to place later.
Postponing is where people ask themselves. This is gonna work or not abort general, means once the things flying and it's gonna cost troubled, should we blow it up? it's last on Tories launch. It was self up blowing soldiers the self appointed under the herbal. Those design feature So I mean why is that clock taking down yeah exactly what's that sound so anyway, I know what you mean, but this is why you have managers, and this is why you have managers. You want to be literate with respect Think what who want to know what's going on. Can it can make decisions based on learned input from theirs The Borg annually a good manners you're going to manage our school did you have to be an engineer to manage engineers? Well, let me ask you this: so many of the fortune five hundred countries These are run by engineers. So what about the main them a tech companies
So is there a connection? In other words, could such a tech company be run by somebody? Was not engineering, savvy, the answer is, no man comes to rocket launchers. You really want people it will experience services, but just to talk about planetary, so yet again on our borders, Scott Herbert who beat, the Mars Tsar under Inessa yeah. So there was Mars, Esther better cheaper, was the the way of thinking in the modern world people thro. His mantra is wrong new, faster, better, cheaper, but there were some successful missions, but there was Mars climate order which went off into deep base because we interchanged English is with networking went out and he spake instead of arriving at Mars. Yes and then my earth, polar Lander which became Mars power crusher because The landing gear deployed in the software thought that that has been on the surface, but
I mean rather, there was a little shaken. The software thought it was on the surface, but it was still in space and a crash that we brought in. NASA brought in Scott arbored. Who was it manager, he managed to figure out who knew what he was doing and who didn't any made some personnel changes, and then we had the successful landings of reality. the gradual you fire, your gretta, you dont fire, So I didn't make that up there? That's that's an ancient wisdom, Chuck, well bill, wanders its management as well as technical problem right. So there you ask what here right here we go. This is from Mattie lie, and that wants to know this. If life we're on a comet, would No, it also. I heard mentioned that they are trying to see how much up earth water came from com furthermore, there amino acids on these bodies. These are asses with carbon and double bind double bind oxygen oxygen, which are the building blocks of
I've been so exactly so where's the line drawn between amino acid out there in space and you and me I thought you were gonna, try men with some brilliant answer: astrophysical Astro biological insight. While there is some their ideas put forth back in the nineteen Sixtys and Seventys, led by Freddy Oil and has collaborated with grimacing, who suggested that perhaps they were bugs in space and that if the solar system move through, A violence can be Hammond, aided cloud, a big idea that the whole earth would be contaminated all at once, and they put that forth as the reason for the nineteen eighteen flu epidemic AL case and bugs as in the UK presidency as it is. It is a disease, the notion that you can accomplish maltese and space. Why can't you have complex organisers, organisms right so that its really great science fiction material
it doesn't really hold out as on on analysis, because to make complex Michael's, you need high rate of collision with particles and clouds of very low density friends you don't have the experimenting, the chemical experiment They would go on on this planet surface, and so, if there are life on a comment and was microbial, is not anyway. We will not let you land on unless you lad on its ratified, sniff ratified some good so which means we gotta go there. We got you a clash with their way are we alone in the universe, and where did we come from? That's why we explore. I want to know where we're going. thanks for listening to start talk. Radio, I hope you enjoy. This episode Many thanks to our comedian guest experts. I I've been your host, the other grass tiresome until next time. I bid you to keep looking up.
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