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2020-06-15 | 🔗

Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice answer fan-submitted Cosmic Queries on the educational system, conspiracy theories, the cosmic perspective, and more, in collaboration with PocketLab.

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welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide knocked off begin right now. This is start talk and your host Neil digress station, your personal astrophysicist, and for this episode, its especial cosmic queries addition done in partnership with the pocket lab. These are people who have deep interest in access to the world. Science teachers and they conducted a seminar, a virtual seminar over zoom we're eleven thousand teachers showed up eleven thousand. The theme of the conference's science is cool. Well, we already know that kid, but we're just just reaffirming that fact, and perhaps
telling some people for the first time. So now I bring you start a cosmic wearies with the bucket so for those unfamiliar with this, for a start, talk is a is a cast and one a very popular. Incarnation of their pack, its own cosmic queries where we solicit questions from the public and of its own accord outside of my expertise than we bring in an expert, and then I can be silent for a whole show and they get they answer. The questions This particular case it just chuck me so I would quite were questions- were salutes the check that you didn't tell me you don't you're gonna have to be you're gonna have to be the expert for everything here now ourselves who has won the battle? No measures are all my brother. If I don't know I'll just say. I don't know next question see that's the difference between the two of us. When I don't
an answer I give an answer. I so Pocket LAB Apsley solicited this from all across their social channels, and I have just a couple of pages of them here without over one thousand that they only have like maybe twenty both time, and that I think we need to do something it quickly and then will actually get some from the chat room as well. So what are we just jump into debt and, let's just say, a quaint older, be says this? What would you say to encourage a kid believe science last school is important, useful to them, what a great way to start this off, no pressure how do you save a kid and at risk to drive away but science or school, it's good for you
what I would say is you can think of is topically right. What is what might take the interested and bring it to them. That's what any good teacher would do, but I wanted to go what Cuba back loading, one level deeper because you, dont know necessarily what interest a kid. In the interest of the kid my change and we have a lot of kids. It's gonna be really hard to keep up with nuances of what excites them from one day or one week to the next so much How to do tat is instead stimulate a baseline of curiosity. If it doesn't see and understand why school matters for later in life. Ok, I get that, but This is something that all kids have and we know this and it's called curiosity and I've never met a kid who was not curious and so dependent what level,
kid you're. Talking about that. Let me each kid you're talking about I'm told a basic k through six, the all curious everything one of them later wanted to knock curious. Is Chris some? beat it out of them. Some say No! You must study this and not be curious about the world. Exploratorium in San Francisco Museum concede designed and built on a concept of curiosity- and you know curiosity is- in front of a kid don't even tell em anything about it. Just makes something happened in it and then it triggers their curiosity. So I think the challenge is to put things in to the range of her senses site sound touch that are inherently cool, unusual and interesting, and then no start playing with it
and, by the way, my day we get a sexual magnets interest are playing with magnets. You gotta satchel of a gyroscopes of anything that does cool things. Then you say well that curiosity can then be applied to other things, doesn't get them to get aids and all classes. I don't know that's not a realistic objective, but to get him back in the game. That's what you need baseline of curiosity and then all the rest of that comes. You have to be without the here we do not learn anything at excellent. I love it and you are absolutely right and Jennifer Davis popped in on the chair and said the velcro spite every kid has a place where you can get science to stick, so I occurs very nice and that kind of backs up everything you just said cool. I love letters on the old. This is from right.
Westbury in Naples. He says: well, wait: Naples, ITALY or Naples Florida. You know, I'm gonna tell you Ryan, didn't tell US but the name like Ryan Westbury, I'm gonna to Naples. Lord run out on a live if it was it was Ryan Jacko then every like, maybe Natalie, ok, hate me all. How can we ran in our students in this country into the EU science over conspiracies only reason I read this question is not just students. I think science teachers have a responsible of aid to be the rational mind of the country in the world and the world. It's not just students. How do we talk to anybody to get them to understand? You know what is empirical over
spirits, nonsense, the ITA Griffin, excellent question, and not only that any good. Science teacher knows I am repeating what you just said, but it is in a different way knows if it got theirs during the day and in the rest of the world, when there now class where's the rest of the world. Gonna get their science, if not from the body of people who are scientifically litter, walking among us. So it's my first. I second oh science, day workers, up where science day walkers you go ahead, you want me to carry. You want to be like friendly, so here's the thing- and I thought about this recently. If you look at any conspiracy theory any I don't care what it is again. You want to get to the bottom level here otherwise you're chasing it. It's like Wakeham, all right, you're, chasing one,
verses, another debug wanted one and another one shows a biscuit deeper into. What's going on in a conspiracy theory, but they all have in common, which conspiracy theories are not even vaguely actively aware of is that they will pose an argument and in order yet from one part of their argument to another, because there is a gap in the actual data. They invoke a conspiracy, The conspiracy is to enable them to believe something that they want to believe, even in the since of evidence, so decide all these other stuff as evidence, but then to arrive their conclusion. They have to cross a gap. They all have gaps, we're, ok and so just find the guy.
And say, I'm not going with you why you can. So much about evidence over here and evidence over here now we're there's, no evidence. You invoke a conspiracy for which you have no evidence, lessons from that that an idle, little kids into conspiracy theories as much as more grown up people beginning, perhaps late middle school highschool? Definitely college and grownups, so it arguments can give quick example. There was a friend I forgot, the sort the husband of a friend who met me loose and I'd? Never, madam, he was a fan. Is now love your work? I love you, but I, believe we landed on the moon and so eyes. Oh so, rather than try to argue him out of it, I just want to find out what what's going on in his own head, and I said what would count as evidence for you that we did anything now? Ok, yeah, I saw photos
of the landing site on the moon? It true that you can't get those from because the resolution of the telescope, the turbulence in the atmosphere, earth's atmosphere, prevent you from seeing that level detail she said TAT would convince me that's what he said. So I said: ok here's a website where there was a satellite that went to the moon orbit of the moon and took a picture, the landing site so really great. So he goes home. Looks at those pictures looks at the pictures comes back and said: do you? I saw the pictures, but I noticed that NASA was part of part of the organization to host the website and that all can be faked, gave him the evidence he wanted and then he rejected it citing a grand conspiracy, and so it is my favorite watch me see I know where I was his. Do I want to just punched the guy the moment he said. I don't,
I got it so I just there's two days ago, ready. Ok, NASA wanted to fit. The moon. Landing and so Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin said: okay, we don't mind doing that, but but we want it to be as authentic looking as possible. So we want to do it on location at at at at at at at at at, at that so NASA every morning. The moon, landing rights must be that's great. I love that. Yes, the whole conspiracy as we went to the moon to fake the moon landing yes I gotta, I call man I'd, let some let's put one other thing: what what else it would take to sustain the conspiracy that they are expecting
we're thinking that were stockpiling aliens in area fifty one just thinking what that involves. It me ray body in the area of fifty one is appears on lockdown, ok, right and no one can afford format with a phone. The current a billion photos or uplifted to the internet. Every day you dont think someone sneak a photo of of aliens walkin at a coffee on the coffee break from area for anyone soaked soldiers. Just just to the point- is some conspiracy theories I have found to be unchangeable because they want to believe what they want to believe and in a freak Three. You got allow that you just don't put people like that in charge of things. Is there not open to evidence counter to what they want to be true instead of that mail, is too late.
Too late. Ok here we gotta love. This question from this is LISA, Joe was well aware of damage LISA Day, hey, listen, just as we are Motivation right now, can you put today's situation into the cosmic perspective, so now. We just like you re, seeing a crap mode of challenges right now. What way where? Where does the cosmic sped prospective fitted to islands but with cosmic perspective is not always uplifting? What it always is is, oh, my gosh. I never thought about it. That way. That's kind of cool were that's correct me out,
don't look out the cosmic perspective right now with the herb now torpedo guests, demote becomes you dont PLUTO cigarettes, just to be clear, since we have school teachers or more, backward PLUTO got demoted, and I was like public enemy number one for my role in that I can't begin to tell you Eight may I got from elementary school children, but organ is by their size. Teachers and you know who you are out there outside Europe Recover letter right exactly first greater dear Doktor Thyssen. I am absolutely crestfallen by your recent proclamation, signed Timmy, Brace grade a timid, looked so here's a
They we're here on earth, finding ways in any. Been year at any given time we on earth human being. A finding ways to tribal eyes and have conflict beard skin color What line in the sand divides one country or region from another. Could be who we worship, who you what your cultural habits we find reasons too. Besides and fight ok, the cosmic perspective here is the vote. This doesn't give a rat's ass about any of the other things we fight about. The virus is in the script that's exactly what an alien invader would be innovating, would see humans and then say
We're gonna attack all humans, just as has been, we told in many a science fiction story. So for me, the cosmic perspective here is that the virus, though it be up this earth is invading us in the way the aliens wood, and so this is a practice run. Do we have our? Do? We have our act together? Can we can we drop, our swords and guns. Can we drop our political, differences around the world and get together and coordinate a plan of attack to save us all here on earth, it's a practice run and would ever be. Takes were making. Let's make a note of that. So the next time and this happens either by another virus, more likely or aliens, less likely
fact is. We will know how to work together and so for me, it's a shot across our bow wow. That's my cosmic perspective. Well. I think it was by the way that way. It's also a lesson for climate change. Yes, why If you paid to water here, the water molecules keep going around the world. If you put the air here, the warm bed, the air molecules go around the world, as Carl Sagan famously said What are your molecules? Don't carry passwords, they don't have to go through passport control. They will spread around the globe We are on this one ecosystem called earth and you'll end by algae teachers, oh, that they need to say it even louder and get other.
Teachers to say that there are signs class and this one ecosystem requires a coherent plan to stop what could ultimately rapid, destroy civilization as we know it, and as we have come to build it, So that's the absorb the spill it all out. He said I feel about that's good and what I take away from that is. We are doomed, ok, fantastic, have a nice day listen, you know, you won't stop working until you reach our goals and neither will w g you it's why they ve created an online university for people whose ambition never rest W G use, innovative competency based learning model was designed specifically to fit in the lives of busy adults,
w g use a nonprofit offering online bachelors and masters degrees in business. I t education and nursing. You move through the material you already know and spend time learning what you don't, which means the faster. You demonstrate what you know the faster you finish its also about her. The cost of most other online universities. So you congratulate with far less death or none at all get your sixty five dollar application fee waved a w EU that eighty use last start talk. That's w g! You dad! d you slash star, talk. welcome back to start talks in the middle of alive cosmic queries with pocket, laugh. So, let's jump right back
I love this from Jack. Docile a jack says what role can planetarium have if any further education outreach if people can visit them in Paris is. Is there still a role for Europe thing either that your voice in a dark and theatre as people are affected. Planetarium, it's your thing, man might know. Is there still something that can happen there is there? Is there? Is there some use that could be made a planetarium and poured out I'll go broader asked for oh visits in the UN and envy larger scale scheme. Yet so because planetarium exist, it means you can be exposed. Frontier of our field from a very early age and in some ways they ve called astronomy, the gate way: science,
because you can look up when you're very young said she. I wonder what that is, look the binoculars to a simple telescope and it connects to other subjects. I what makes that was the case Three of the clouds and there's the physics over this in the engineering of the spacecraft, and we want to people alive, so there's the biology gateway science, and so so it hold a special place in in that in the landscape of of educational trajectories, now that being said now, if you can't get together and sit together in any clothes room, no, you can't do it, but What are we all doing now is ten thousand of us kind of in a closed closed, a virtual room. I feel you we see that there the run of Chad. Coming by Sir, what my institution I at the American Museum of Natural history, which has the Hayden monitored at most.
Zooms. I've checked out over the corona avert in the Moreover, I am arguing live session such as this, where they have educational content with Serbia. That's what that's the Well, you can do it, and now we can show you the night sky, but the stuff to learn, even without looking up. Ok, just up to now We actually picture the moon tat stuff about the moon. This pressure Mars. Was. I tell you about that. Beetle juice. The name of an actual star which had doomed mysteriously elastic moreover, you show your picture than that. Look. I did we don't know, maybe go blow up. I don't know you just have to always. The UN besetting just get inventive, and so yes, we still brain up just one. Erection, I'm his real name is impeding juice. It's Michael Keaton just to let you know, for those who saw only as adequate and by the way you know has drowned
It was my my gateway science in their own. Now, I'm gonna onto you know all kinds of things so intelligence in every once in a while. I liked her apple in a little, you know astrophysics in just when I want to relax and just get really high. You now to stir Afro biology, yeah as all surrounded with that gateway by the word yet. Evidence that is gateway. Is there so many other terms now that have Astro in front of it right? Ok, these just astronomy than is Astrophysics Astro Biology, disastrous chemistry. So that's evidence of the ok. I very courts yeah. I saw no for what is education? Ok, wait a minute site just Joshua. Your name is just problem and just one You know what has education got right and wrong in the last thirty years, and where do you think I should go So let me we're talking to educators, that's
really that's a weighty question, my friend, as everyone on this call knows the rest of society wants to blame the educational system in the school systems for all the woes that everyone else's experiencing, and that is a very heavy burden to carry ok. Teachers are underpaid, You know I worry at this critical point in the end, the growth and enlightenment of they who will inherit what the rest of us are destroying up there. So so so, we can say is that my cursory review of all this tells me that science, too often is taught as a pilot information. Too often, you gotta get to do to see a base and if so, what is it? You have to learn this and what is the euro?
houses and what it is and what is it you did, it ended a vocabulary. Eighty got dad and, and then you tested on it and then you get the exam back and ok I get there you need to know a body of knowledge, but for a person to finish the science class thinking that's what science is. We have failed. Somewhere in their some fraction of every sign syllabus. I, in my opinion, needs to contain content that communicate size is and how and why it works, and that is not about vocabulary. That is not about memorizing or leave. The five chapters and tested on the glossary at the end of those chapters it's about here is why we conduct experiment here is how you can be biased if you dont conduct experiment, here's the cost of bias, here's some extra,
Governments. They went the wrong way because people were biased. Here's where we thought the data were good enough, but it wasn't. The statistics justify it, but we wanted an answer to be this way instead of the other way. This is why Science was invented to replace your senses, because centres are biologically limited and neurologically flawed. So we an apparatus to make me the measurement just as we now know it and think about it. As its conducted is basically traceable. The invention of the microscope in telescope, basically around the year. Sixteen hundred and the formulation, the governor processes, that you have to test you will have a good reason for believing that a purposes other than to display what bias you might have in this world. Where is that taught and that on anybody syllabus, because some where's. Somehow somebody said if you gonna teach.
That's right, you gotta, learn. This spend some time teaching what science is, and I think when you come out of that, people are no longer there. So I choose to believe this and not that and how do I the science is right anyway. I rather believe this. How do we have people like this in the world. How do we haven't lesions on people who think earth is flat you don't understand what evidence is or what data are okay, and I think that has to happen in the science verity did. That was very impassioned and well well thought out: and conveyed? I am I really appreciate that answer from you. Let me just say this to you: were digging web more. Who says? Well, that's our next question, but in the chat room
Martin came in and said, stop pushing syllabus and pacing guide, and I don't think that's meal was doing that. That's actually meals. Experience with right. Am I right where you, when you talk about syllabus you're, not saying that we should have pace and guidance syllabuses. I don't know what he meant by them, but I'm sure you weren't pushing any agenda with that right, but not I thought I was saying in fact the opposite. That is, we had just or syllabuses out there. That goes to check by check point of what what a lesson plans should be to learn a subject right within science or end, and I am saying some part of the service needs to blight just about science as it. The price they to it right I'd, be surprised if that were controversial behind.
I think it is a big to set ok, how about every science class devote time to that that's excellent night. Let's go to dig in bed more Do you believe the moon was created by an impact, and then he gets a little controversial Europe has added notice was a case, even though this is. This has been many times. Ok, I so if it's never really, What I believe in a belief is something you have when there is no evidence for her gay aside that married, you believe so evidence shows that the origin of the moon is consistent with earth having been side swiped by a Mars size, the protoplasm its white. Ok, not I had on collision sites like that.
Earth had already form. So if your sites wipe your scooping up mostly earth's crust and mantle right and if you're doing that most of the head the elements wouldn't net natively big tank within a body forming in the solar system would not then be part of the moon. Because the moon is being formed by police, shifted elements when earth was Martin, if you start goes to the mill life stuff floats so What kind of quota we have is made of mostly what jack we all know. This is not a rock its I it's it's metals. I'll sire, I know so my point is the heavy, so I'm having I felt it a bit. Rock is actually light compared to iron. It floated to the top right. So point is yes: there's some iron: that's there,
no wind in the grass, nowhere near the amount of iron you find in the core. So what happens you you now make a new object out of. What's in the crust, when you look at the crust composition of the earth, they you look, the composition of the moon. They match one for one. So this is why this idea has good tap routes in our thinking about the origin of them. I have yet seen anything quote: disprove it. So So I'm going with the with the plausible scenario is consistent with the evidence and I go. We're not gonna, believe it, because I'm following the oven and that's all reason. I asked questions because I wanted to get to the data driven process at that you have just referred to previous. We have a deal
I would like to give a patriotic shut out to the following patriarch patrons song, your lover and Christopher lean that lower guys. Thank you so much for your support of star talk in helping us make our way across the cosmos. Without you, we couldn't do the shelf and for any one else listening who would like their very own patriotic shout out, go to pity on doc, arms a star talk, radio and support us regret. Bernstein and when the middle of alive cosmic queries with pocket lad and for this next, I'm a segment we're bringing on Dave Baker. One of the founders of pocket lab to bring questions directly from their livelihoods,
we can get a transition over to you and I, with the audience. Oh really, ok, great. I think this time I think we should do that. So the answer we bring em, maybe Dave because they were Dave. Dave here goes Baker, I'm here so they would have live, asking questions. We have at a questions, but a brief question for you check. Yeah You ever find a question that just stumps Neil I just gotta, now I gotta be honest. We ve been doing this for be eleven years soon, if it's so far out of the his purview where he just because a man ass, I don't. I don't know anything about that. That's happening just maybe twice.
But for the most part for the most part- and I say this because meal is just sitting right here- he gets enough pray, You got the night provision, article aids without me having say anything about them, but in the almost eleven years that we have worked together? I have found him to be the most intellectually curious person I've ever encountered in my life and he wants to know everything his secret, with which he never told me, but I know this is his secret wish? If he could not all there is to know, he would so gladly have that over any if he could just now, all there are no, he would have that over anything.
And we ve never had a conversation, and if he tells you that's not how he feels, then he needs to guess the exact causes, because he's lying to himself. Because only years that I've known him, that's what I'm going to be. So he knows me about anything and most things than most people will ever know because he wants to know everything. So I cannot accept some new ones on that, but it occurred to me I just we only introduce them is Dave, Dave Baker, cofounder daybreak, your proper interest, good co, founder of Pocket popular pocket led very good, very good, I've been to your website it. I just want to hang up I will send you one ibexes. You check it out. It's a lot of fun. Definitely there. Some new ones on their answer. If no one answer to something. I'd like a lot of things and learning. I might no one aspect of what the question is. Even if not all have the direct answer, then I'll say I don't know,
but here is what I do know about that, and then I share that. So that can happen. Maybe as many as a third of the Times truck you sound like I'm just then nor the Amsterdam abstinence else that I happen to know more about. That's all. That's always going you ain't freaking me out as time is, would stay you're a drunken. We oughta star so, Anyway day I e the day, would you have yeah? I do have some other questions for you. I have one for the popular Dear Missus can about a special question for you. So we have thousands. Of teachers online right now. Listening to this, which is fantastic and I'm sure, We can all agree. They deserve to be reminded how important they are so in your education was their teacher, who just stood out is contrary to mind, as some goods acquired EU ignite
your passion for learning, no answers, I know, but I think I know why it can accept are they? I think I know ok, so let me back up. There is a sixth grade school teacher who noticed that I was disruptive in class from access social energy. She also noticed at the book. Reports that we were handing in mind were all based on astronomy, subjects and so Put two and two together. It's called three and three together and got six and said Maybe we should send this child to take advanced classes Hidden planetarium in New York, where I live, and that would be my social energy in the evening and satisfy my curiosity and it's exactly what came to pass, and so I was I classes there.
Fuck that energy out of me, I became more enlightened and from age nine ten eleven onwards? I was hooked on the universe. Now, that's in a way, in exception to my life experience, my life experience is, I am getting at. Bridge grades, throw my entire time in college. I mean an inter from kindergarten through college, I'm getting average grades who do teachers like to reckon The high grade people, the kids, who get aids and they're the ones you get the attention? They are the ones who get the award they're, the ones who get praised graduation Day and the rest of the students get ACT Damocles ignored by the system, because that's not where all the I urge the praise energy get directed so There is no teacher at any time, my tire life who, during class
later would have said that Guy Thyssen he'll go far. Because they're measured their metrics were limited to well, I did on their exam. Meanwhile, I had a telescope was head of my astronomy club, which, in my neighborhood and I dogs and earn money. They lived in an apartment, a lot of dogs what dogs earn. My bought bought my next telescope in a camera, and I, and photography lab- and I did all these things and none of them showed up as agreed on an exam and so so the answer is no there's not for long during a teacher. That's always great. Let's keep pushing tomorrow because I dont see them pushing the students who they think are not worthy of their investment. Maybe teachers have changed since then, but from the ones I've seen. That is not the case. I've
teachers call me I'm doctor tastes and I have this straight. I do not want to bring to isolate amount. You said in your strategy. Students already getting stray days, bring about You getting aid, not because of you, but regardless of you, that's what strayed AIDS mean It doesn't matter how good a teacher, your destiny, still getting ays. Therefore you don't matter to them. They'll get AIDS weather, a good teacher or bad teacher right show me you're. A good teacher bring me the beast student, because of your intervention is getting aid really. The stool who was gonna flung out of school is now getting low bees. That's that's progress. That's an improvement that's evidence that you are making a difference in their students life, those with us I want to see how I see it it offers. You said you had your office Neil I'll, be at your office. Tomorrow meal,
by the way you're right, let me tell you you are absolutely right. I was, of course, stand up comedian who know this. I was disruptive. I had talked a lot and a lot of energy. I had a ditch, I just didn't respect authority and it was several teachers in my career who, as I was getting these and about the flu who would like came to me and would like your man. You are really smart, you're, a smart kid and I'm like. Why would you say I'm smart and say anybody who goes into the office and says they have to use the phone to call their parents and could they have some privacy and then orders one hundred pieces to the school? Is there that This right
and they started working with me and turn me from a d student, almost flunking into a plus student and so you're. Absolutely right, that's the power of teaching. Our teeth. So I think the system silk overvalued high, great just my opinion there, and this too. I was going on in the rest of whose in school and of course, more efforts it gives you. Then I got to know what the velcro hope. I love that analogy that there's the theme the Valkyrie virus bought for four curiosity. The velcro spot for energy to be focused, Tor a goal that will accrue to your later life as an adult and I'm so yeah I'm sorry, I don't have a long list of teachers they're not out their source.
You know you guys you're, making me feel eyebrows and travel time till you have allowed under the sailor jeez. You know a good company that's an easier, that's amazing so but you know it's interesting. Nobody did you both said the same thing. That was a teacher who noticed that there is and how to potential That's the way to say, unfocused and unfolded, unfocused it did take a teacher who stood out in and for both. Do you guys sounds like would help you in your point you somewhere they earn off That energy, the otherwise would probably be a real nuisance. You I think that the difference between being shocked is Chuck might have continued to have been a truant. This life, I dont, know get him to answer that. I was not headed off the cliff and what I was doing, I just
I was being disruptive to her class, so part of the motivation has to get me to be less disruptive to her class, not for me to get higher grades in her class, so the motivation was a little different and so that that that's how I see that I was disrupt in every class and but it, but I will say that that teacher who put me up I I was in junior high and I ended up going to a college prep school for in high school and academic prep school for high school that the only purpose of going the school year ago, for you too then go to college and everyone there was selected. You did you had to apply like a college. It was treated like college.
And once I got there, what I discovered in myself, with competition and so being being competitive with these other, who were clearly smart. All these other kids that that kept me from going off the rails, so I think petition helps to in apparent kids against one accessible high school, was kids being against one another. That was my whole. It was up under dome of learning age match. I can't give you just one last exley, yeah yeah, we're gonna, do Europe whenever you gotta wrap it up. It takes time to give me your hand, ok, yeah. Ok, you ready for this ok, so I said I get average grades and everything ok, I mean, through some higher some lower that average to the middle in a way
No one would take note, not no one eyed, so it happened. I take the USA. Tease you not. Might verbal is just kind of average ok, maybe a little higher than average, but nowhere where somebody, hey, ok, can I watch. I'm still, nonetheless, a lifelong learner, ok as Chuck, I think, accurately captured. I am curious about whatever it is, I don't know about a gang I don't care. What did it? I if you, if you collect garbage from the streets? Okay, I will have question for you, because when I pass garbage shot, I wondered things. Ok, fact rather kid it was like we do, want a garbage. Go I've, never seen a garbage truck emptying is your black hole image as a basic soda kid questions about the garbage struck again.
So slowly you would come with an inner dimensional grounded, can be the best garbage track it to blow. It failed to comes up with them. Dimensional garbage struck by you: dump the door opened the door progress through closer to look on the other side, there's nothing there. It went into it, Fourth dimension is not spell me. I totally agree with you at the lifelong learning, but you know what you have a gift to keep the stuff in your head. A little more. I put in the comes at the other end. Mmmmm. It's you put in the world. Stuff in your head. I'm sorry lack about what I remember, because I remember the queen was stuff Then? I learned in that's much easier to remember cool stuff than just the full syllabus. Ok here let me first the store so the I get out of college. I gonna graduate school
and I start for a magazine and had a question and answer column called Merlin, and so I wrote a question and answer Merlin and I'd like Reading, good writing and I'd like China my dad and strike I worked on. I worked on and then Surely enough of these key? When I came to you it became my very first book We told Marilyn's tour of the universe and then I said what is running can interesting is hard to do it well You ve just write a Wikipedia article if you wanted to cycle, but if you wanted like each in an interesting way that takes effort, so I kept looking. At better and better writing, so I could get better and better and she can Warner after school and I wrote the abbess safer natural history magazine after ten years. Ok, and so five hundred of these, and I put it together is a book and I became another book and so so what happens?
I get a letter in the mail from the educational testing service or they, the purveyors of the OECD. Ok just how much of a grip they have on this is that we could provoke megacities courts I am opening this envelope and I'm feelin what'd you do happen, dairy market wrong. Twenty twenty years ago, and in that letter it says your Doktor Thyssen, we're reading one of your essays recently. We want to use it as an example. An essay in the next as they were. I say to you that we are composing right now. Will you give permission for this no, I didn't know whether to kiss him or burn the latter. What I do know is for me to come out of the system with a score on their exam, that no one will notice and no one will promote. No one will say a you'll go far. I keep learning. Then I write something
that they now water put in their example here in the assessments. Scream you gonna be all right. Is missing in the past following the Earl of what we invoke to assess the promise and performance of students? and what would happen later? I write a book. There will become an international best seller. That's the one called God, I'm astrophysics for people in a hurry, the internationally! Ok, now, if you'll perverts, where's your verbal essay tee maybe you also can write books. I don't know. All I know is that I didn't get the perfect scores. And I landed on the New York Times best seller list at number. One showed something Something is wrong there, ok,
Something is wrong. I don't know how many students got lots in the system. Gazeta haven't of teachers paying attention to what they could do it weighs not measured by war? or they got on the eggs and they just gave. At a memorize glossary jar, I have the title for your next book. It's called when nine sixty equals number so day. That's it! You got me round up. Here I will, I tell you, I am watching the Chad and you're getting. If there is about five hundred amen that went ass, they will aim at the dates and heavily ass in all kinds of exploitative. Yes, my my favorite, my favorite, just comes by and somebody's gonna play: As I see you how big with iraqi Judge a United
You struck an earth is really. There is a lot of truth. That is clearly a lot of people who agree. We want to eliminate erased. Us is pretty good. Guys we do today. This is fantastic. Let's do this again is all I can say this was a lot of fun. I bet that teaches you would love Dear. You again, so thank you very much darker near the gas station and MR check, nice, european artistic and start up and will see you're gonna out goodbye world of science teachers. Yes, and thank you, science teachers. I mean you are the intellectual life blood of club, so thank you of civilization itself, absolutely well that about desert thanks for tuning in to this special edition of Start, cosmic queries in collaboration with pocket. When I want to thank the pocket lab folks for
organizing this and bringing eleven thousand signs teachers together from hadn't twenty countries for the special as always, until next time, I bid you
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