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Cosmic Queries: Spacetime

2017-03-03 | 🔗
Unravel the fabric of spacetime when astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Godfrey dive into fan-submitted questions about Einstein's theory of relativity, dark matter, the Fermi paradox, black holes, quantum physics, and more.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free secrets in industries, leaving us with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time what what recently the domain. The brain tat goes into Grandma South Ass do when they get lab
This star talk and I'm your host the underground station, your personal businesses I serve as director of New York City, had eaten planetary right here in New York City and today's edition these fanfare cosmic queries. I've got with me Godfrey Don T, my Godfrey welcome back beg you haven't we, and she Martha Nigerian antivirus
es its entire Tokyo. It's at all, they are the two main supplier. Can I tell you something was at the japanese policies are the same as african pronunciations like for example, for me is a japanese name for me is also a nigerian same spelling could be, if I understand correctly, that Swahili every syllable is pronounced, just as is the case and in Japanese or case and others, and everything is their users. Will you just plough through the word? Airs it right and action. The bodies African yeah, I don't know I ve made up- is it that is there for two years you're using where the people pronounced words the same as reason for all being Africa. That would exclude the French yes, because everything silent, everything's favorite infringes the word for water. There's this oh, so that's like airing lameness word there ever get put a concepts
In other words, the message is this Thursday night, that's french thirst it's either still so, Reggie boring you thirsty, please. I dont want to sell so aggressively, so topic. Is it systems based on very nice a lifetime? And here we go some. My best friends live in the fabric of space time. If it is a realist, I'm seeing any these and a cold from our social media and resolve it. Ok, Kyle Yoke. Spell the sea, but it's they'll pronounced Kyle from Tennessee whenever the name of worry is one of our patriarchy. He is your patriot.
Hatred of yet size, or he bought his way to the top of this. Oh yeah knows that he's not plan a lot of space time. I put money in a lot of money in a space. Better review supports to show their perks. You get We are on up the ladder, and this is one of em, but there's other great. I think he deserves. It is always at the top Yoko. My lot last name yoga, ok, ready remind me some yoke and his eyes, like Newton we're alive again. Today, which of our more real, wouldn't be able to hold my plea yet right be canonize. We gripping them like us, an boy and I were totally yet. Would you light touch his wig? Did they really? I would touch his wig, probably I wouldn't touch Y y. You get me to say that I would know what do you need a lot of inertia baby, no, not provide some thought that knows about. Do you like
not touching his wig organisers. Wig, sir David came forward into the prosecuting. Can I touch your fro? No true. She was slap you silly. He was lavish. Ok, even today, right if Isaac Newton, we're alive again today, which of our more recent understandings about the universe. Do you think he might find most exciting if you were to get to work with him on a particular project of your choice? What would that be in why he was so brilliant out just? I would present all the world's problems to him, no matter whether or not they were in physics and just to get his brilliant mind to apply to it really. I've just of I've read his writings and you can't the hare stands up
on the back. I'll have your there. But if I add here it was stand up on the back of my neck because he was so plugged into the operations of nature. He had an understanding. He had sensitivity to what we knew and did not know and where the frontier was to ask questions is all section of one of his books, one of his books, optics written seventh written in seventeen o four understood. The only they talk differently out there. I don't know I'm just also. You learn how to read. You know you have so language was a little more classical yeah for ITALY, at the time- you're, not quite Shakespeare, right a hundred years earlier, but its transitioning, even the writing, with the independence of capital, dvr penmanship, is different and even the printed words are different right. Some words or capitalized and others are not. I do that in my twitter stream by the capital I certain nouns. Ok, I'm gonna bring attention to like that. These would be like use, although this difference
that without about that would be. The use would be like these that you and the refugees are what I've been Roman times with the. It's annoying whether you was fully developed as a letter is it is it took somebody to go for a vote on it, the evolution of language? So I would, I would learn how to communicate with them. That would be too hard because they still speaking English, ok and so we'll be speaking, recognisable, English. So so I would just show em all the problems. We have a famine issue. We got this issue, but the problem is, and I ve gone through this mental exercise. Many times you set him down, ok and he hears some car noises outsize. What's that I set a car and it says what a car? Oh, it's a horse, drawing carriage without the horse. So then he says will what draws it- and I said, oh an engine
what's an engine. Well, it uses fuel or what's fuel rods, Gasolene or what's gasoline? Well, it's fossilized ancient dead extinct. What's next These are not of these ideas existed in his day, but Ebay annoying work. My way I ate your kid was asking questions I will share our basic law of inertia. Push him. I say we use energy issues. What is chemical energy and what is energy, because energy was not a fully developed idea? In his day there were taken a hundred years, so so conversation would be really but he's a quick studies. I think ok, human afternoon has kept ass. You question, although it would be like what we decide. What is that
about what is he will emerge, the most brilliant persons Zack I at once, you got me said the Trump his tribe, scientists are very low stories in the world, so I think he would be very entry by Einstein's relativity general theory, because those were extensions of his theories of this is laws of motion and gravity. So I just specialty relativity is the continuation of Newton laws of motion eyesight general theory. Relative ease the continuation of newtons laws of gravity, so he would, he would be entreated how he is
ideas failed and then I think I am, and I get these major you. I write these ideas failed and annexed. Einstein's picked up to take to regimes that he never even dreamt tat. You think there is a new would be a hater. Who would you be like this? Young man is a young. You know the stuff you're talking about what this guy took it to the next. And not be thinking, we like math, get that do not you know, and I don't Calculus was basically a dare reference it. Why do the planet's orbit the sun any in the shape and not this lips, and not some other shy, I can't believe we actually took my theories roughly no name, you took my publishing ruffian Europe ruffian. He was in dispute with leibnitz german philosopher right mathematician, who they wake. There's a contention, between the two who invented calculus. By the way, Newton is not even better
Oh for having invented calculus. That's a brilliantly was at how bright disagree. Access calculus was basically on a dare reference. It why do the planet's orbit, the sun any in the shape and not little lips and not some other shoe? these, I don't get back to you on the back of your beggary, come back later monthly, here's. Why did you figured out outside to invent integral differential calculus answer your question? I couldn't pass Isaac what you read is only that you couldn't learn for over him see that to see that if he would see Einstein's whatever you call it, I mean nobody would feel like a failure, though no you know cause he was a foundation of it all. There was no industrial revolution without the intellectual. Muscle of Isaac Newton, so none of the man was never any so you said you talked about the german philosopher soda you up to date with did they did this
each outrageous, muted and its clear. They came out with it independently of one another around the same time. That's just like Einstein around the time, boars and all those guys, Madame Cute, Well, I'm hanging against other right. In fact, if Einstein's word, Heisenberg, Heisenberg, satellite, so Werner VON Heisenberg, I have one more dialogue has evolved in there, but what a vitally important figures just highs, and suddenly you needed a report on the Big AIDS water. Whatever any those me you know my name, my name is in Germany got reads: Godfrey it's ok, Godfrey is means God's gift to peace. Gottfried really wants yeah doesn't know that digital sitting near the grass ties from nine. No nine.
But they had. I thought they because I know when I read. I actually wet Red Walter Isaac since biography on landmines and saw one of many great biographies written that things do jobs is amazing. I saw the picture they. All turkey was bores high. Remember all all those guys, hitters Adam Curie peered at all. I think we all must always hunger and they discovered the modern Physics, Bertha Quantum Mechanics unbelievers relative. They believe that they were all haters. A little bit aided going on, I noted, is its friendly competition. That's true! That's true! That's all it'll get next our exports that was asked by two warring football teams. Overly hey, another really feel Meda. Afterwards data there have to be sure they haven't a beer. Are we doing about our guy? It's ok. We got
That's one Steve laid them. Facebook, Steve, Staffordshire England if the shape of the universe is hyperbolic or hyperbolic, hyperbolic, hyperbolic the Arab Lloyd, then why doesn't the universe expand evenly is As we know, the universe is expanding evenly uniformly is the right word. Wherever you are, you will measure the same expansion rate of the universe. Ok, no matter what, and so that would mean its expanding,
Uniformly and so yeah, I don't, I don't know why he thinks there's a problem. There is a sheep about the two dimensional version is a sheep and we all pull on edge of the sea. We all start Poland, right, gay and dots on the sheet was started, moving away from one another, all at a uniform rate, and so that's how we measure this. We see this so yet, no one, that's not a problem. You think that it was just a bad question: There are no bad questioner. Arnold, ok, all right! What is this a serious question, though? Not people, doo doo, Doo, Doo Series, Homeward symbolic, Arab, Lloyd, wow, nice sounds like a problem like your bladder you're not
writer hyperbolic parabola: do you have a bug pair words? We got a new Sal for you. It sounded like a deposit already authorised or no more have about pale blue. Ok! Here we go next. What is this fills Sassy SAS might be feel says, I don't mean to pronounce mispronouncing last name fills us from Georgia. Usa right if we decided to launch a man exploration spacecraft? How long would it take for it to explore the entire galaxy and how could we prep prepared for such an undertaking detrimental how fast your going. If they manage to go the speed of light, they won't age, but we will
So, at the speed of light, who take a hundred thousand years to cross the Galaxy World dead- and none of us will remember that we ever launched you anywhere, so that's it I'll beat of light speed like two sub his feet of life, yeah! Ok! For now, let me reshape the question a little bit, because there is an interesting there's, a fascinating avenue that comes out of this. It turns out that if you created a robot that could use resources on planet lands on to replicate itself, so they make to robots and then send one robot off to another planet that ok, it was three robots sent off to one states so that they can then make to robots. Ok, if you keep this up, you can populate the galaxy.
Over and at what we call an evolutionary lifetime so over much less than the age of a star, so over hundreds thousands millions of years, you can significantly populate the galaxy right and this led to what was at the time known as the Fermi paradox, because any alien, could do that would have done that by now and easily have populated the entire galaxy in time. The universe has been around right, so he asked. Where are they now right outcome? Not among us? So I have two responses. One of them is: maybe we are they all night like that or either one? I just say all the time, because it's like this: a cheap and easy racket, our species, so maybe they did come and take a look.
And conclude there's no sign of intelligent life on Earth S so meet today's dummies. We're out! I don't worry. I went out to China now we out two minutes left on this segment. Ok, ok! How many physicists does it take to change a label? That's Hunter G ornate raised were company physicists have a physicist? Does it take to change a light bulb? Yes, since its physicists, who invented the lady right going forward, the physicist will We have to change the light bulb. It will burn longer than their lifespan. Knacks get smart, LU, LU myself just did over so to know
prizes ago or one Nobel Prize ago, the Nobel Prize in Physics, was to a team of his assist, who invented the blue light emitting diode. We had had a green. We had the Red K. Ok, we never didn't have a blue. Now that we have the blue, we have our gb. You can make any color at all using a lady's, as that will open the entire lighting market. That's you got you can't even get a light bulb that you need to change Oh yeah hardware store right. Am I right you're out, as it gives you a physicist? to take the clever enough to remove the meaning of the question itself. Ah, man love that this cosmic way of destroy an ado, as is awesome hunter where, your name is your slick, which it'll jokes lesson. We twenty alone. Ok, ok, ok, ok, go very well. Do it. This way
this time have limit, or is it it we're on a spaceship going faster than light? Would we see but eventually because we reached the edge and there is no more space nor time this is guy- is a psycho Exo Instagram! Woe well there's no time to answer again sorry, that's it that's why I've Godfrey Godfrey just Godfrey S, she might use their achievement general. All about money on bingo, remember nine hundred billion galaxies is it meant GMO hey. I've got no secret for you. I'm gonna considers consider singing all of the ads on this show. There's just one way to get out a hearing, they're good,
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Those it was made of. Sorry, that's that's why I'm Godfrey Godfrey just Godfrey S, she might use energy in general about not being a member nine hundred billion galaxies it mentioned, will actually now ready. So we we let loose cliffhanger their living or you want to know, was there an edge to the universe just kept travelling? So so here's the thing we do not know how big the actual universe. Is there is the size of the universe. We see an light from the just that universe has been travelling for thirteen point, eight billion years to reach us now. Of course, over that time the universe has expanded, so the actual universe is bigger than that. Today, it's big, prison that, but you have to ask beyond that horizon? Is there more
universe to be found. We can only assume yes, but we don't know for sure, but is that these? it could be infinite, they can end here. Why say if it every time I say ever because infinity makes people uncomfortable yet the biblical version of infinity is eternity right. I think, there's a new cars are worth Turning now to the fragrant of rigorous, furthermore, science, whereas they take the event horizon once you get close
Yes, you you're getting people want to grow, that's the second, an immortal, Dekom fangs cosmic were entity. Yes, yes so, and they want to big cause, there's also infinitesimal, but nobody is always name anything that infinitesimal yeah nobody's, namely that size. So so the infinite says. So you go out there and we don't know we say infinity, because we don't have any reason to give any other value, one of their say. It's a hundred and thirty eight billion light years garden. We have no reason to we'll just have to say no reason to assign one number versus another, so we just say infinite until you till we have better reason to say infinite cause. You can't go over there. You can't you doing, think from earth. Uk maybe one day not usually such unripe.
You try to go to Mars mad. We been Nemours many times now. Personal, robotic emissaries have yeah. Ok, you got a robot over the ok. Hu Jia, Joe whatever over there. That's right, you're gonna, say, but you can't that's a smart thing. That astronomer say it all. You guys say because I would say two ago, its infinite. Not what I say, if only because I can justify giving any other value to it and was so we just say until we have about saving your own ass. I say that Ok, you, like yours, infinite did. If you said, listen is one of three billion there now care way to go. You lied to me because I didn't say it is infinite. I said we have no reason to think it isn't. Ok, that's different links with a little Elvis thing. Just did too big data, if we really want to forget observable next question, I think this
this guy David habited. I think this is one of the Others things rub my head around when we talk about. Is curving or warping talking about something permeating everything we see that beds and warps. Yes, so what it made of. Does that mean on some level? Space is truly a vacuum he's from Mars. My yeah where's wet Oracle outweighed by the legal obstacle the world's largest radio telescope was importer. Rico why what part irish people are a civil as creatively reliable, but ask who's. Gonna know who's got the biggest go who has visited China? What so? If he's gonna talk to us and we then need the most sensitive radio telescope journey
you gonna hear the aliens first of Chinese here for that's right? Reservoir alienated chinese dinner. No Friday night is hard. How and in his seat outhouse, although it has well, go back to what we go I'll just say a large variety of Harry debates the hardest language ever, even though more people know that language than any of you know. So how hard could it be it? to be able to save you the Chinese and three, but you gotta be just one point: three billion people screaming whenever the eight hundred million, whatever the number- and that is I'm trying to learn how anyhow homer Bahama you say had how crazy shit that poor catchy you said. Thank you. I said you
welcome, ok watched it wash, you may go for. I am american. I just sit at work sure make Warren while she'll be born. You go are you sure you do know you put me in a middle Chinatown, In order that the point to the food I'm gonna do credible, Friday's japanese effect, but the graves eminent covert. I could sound like Chinese. Can literally sound like I'm speaking chinese cause. It's tonal do total its total, its I've tonal it's five tones and why watch how I sound like. I know chinese washes its alarm to use your Tom Chow, de Gaulle. Until I was gibberish, that's outcome for movies at every single gibberish. There's a video yes of a guy speaking English gibberish, oh yeah, and it is it is mine blowing. So it is what English sounds. Like to a non native speed,
I love that. So how do you know what it's like? I should understand this, but not really. Nothing makes any sense. At all act like there's no accident, you don't hear usually there's an accent trying to figure out what you can't understand them. It is, It is a perfect american accent, but nothing is coming at nothing. Meaningful, come out, speakin tromp, yet so These figures wrapper no real run now. Total disaster wrong, but brains out there Can I answer the question as you did answer a question, a question. I asked the question. It was said that that is about the space All current currently known, I didn't answer the question who so no space, so the idea of spaces curve is hard for us to see because we imbedded in the space right so
of course it hard to see in the same way, it's hard to know that earth is round because we're kind of innocence embedded in the surface of that curve, and we are small relative to it if we stepped out of the dimensionality and look back yeah there's the round earth as we did. When we went to the moon, there's the rounder you stepped out of the surface of the earth. We stepped out the dimensionality of our universe. You would see all the curvature manifested by all the mass and the total curvature represented in diverse itself. It is all a matter of Europe. Your point of view was like a crappy relationship you had to step out of. Instead what the hell was adorned with an sometimes unified wasted. I don't even know till east when you some distance right you think it's normal until you dont that's right right exactly now, right that there was do it removed all right here we go this Lucas measure, Nova Instagram from
Colombia or Norma would not call. It said now, Colombia, Corleone and I got it. I know how to pronounce on the unsteady right. There's gonna make sure like it's called. Omby are not Colombia, whatever ready, even though I think it's named after Columbus I believe that some theory say that our universe is a three day, a gram of another universe with more defence, more dimensions. How would this effect space time? Is there a proof of this, though? There is no proof but there's a very cogent argument to support it and so that the idea is that these surface of an event horizon is the complete record of anything that ever have pat having passed through. It
so that is the sort of the ghost of all things, and so you can ask. Have we pass through some other event horizon the horizon of the universe can be thought of as kind of like an event horizon of the universe itself, and so, if that's the case, then we could be shadows to hire dimension on the edge of the event horizon, that they observe and towards me call the hollow graphic, principally at oh yeah. It's been suggested that that we might as the catapez yes. So that means this very play. Tonic Plato imagined a world where you're in a cave and there's a campfire. And all you can do is look in the adjacent wall and you see shadows your own shadow in the shadows of others. So if you only see the shadows- and that is your reality- then look at how much you're missing
When someone else comes into say awaited me: there's a campfire there in their people with calling on this when all you see and knows that wall. That is your entire existence. So could it be that everything we see and think is real is just a project of a much more textured higher dimensional reality and in fact we are. We are blind, deaf and dumb to it all interesting. Fantastic stick is another one that was go. You answered, it is amazing by Ricardo Montalban would be much not be proud buyers. Everyone smiles only leave you have put in your letter down the mantle by us pull out. The mantle of turning back in law stipulates plan
the cosmic over their other ready go. This guy is interesting, lasting Jeff! saw a starts sauce. The wreck it might cause it's like getting. Is polish sauce Dereck he's from Bethlehem? Pennsylvania a is there anywhere in the universe where you, find is really yes matter. What follows in question! The answer is probably yes the universe is large, its old and stuff happens. However, you can find a zero state of energy, perhaps where even the key. Big background radiation does not permeate these questions. Are some I was balancing, I would be an absolute zero. We as far as we know the vacuum of space is
seething ocean? What we call virtual particles that are that are predicted by quantum physics and quantified has been right in every other way. Its ever made a prediction, so we have high confidence that what it saying is true, but as long as you have part even in the vacuum. There's going to be an energy level there and you never actually get to perfect zero energy because of the quantum, and so the quantum prevents it. We would need some higher theory of understanding of the universe that might enclose. Quantum physics will enable us to get to places that are current understanding does not, but right now, there's no way to get to a perfect zero energy, because every state, even zero energy state has a probability of having real energy,
quantum physics requires it. Yeah there you're quantifies everything vows to quantum physics, always at the end of the day, invisible math man. In this way you get this from a critical mass These mass, I can describe invisible things, that's what I've met, but the math itself is not envisage like guys like you can lose that it's all not accessible man, not accepting Montague. They envisage opulent Billy Leah that they dad did not know. Not I'm not going there are you like all invisible? I'll call you because you don't understand, I don't mean nothin like call its invisible to me, because I don't want to see it crucially. Look the other way. That's what As a farmer, I thought that we observe weird stuff happening in the lab and for people. Hate math is most freak them out. So we have scientists of the day say: let's attach master this, to make it easy,
so we could bring bring some understanding so the mathematics of Quantum Physics, extraordinary achievement of the human mind. That's that's another brain that you did something. I don't have that! No, but maybe you do you'd, and it still has to be found. Who think that I can bring that out. I can get good quantum physics. I think Math is all always get better known. I or not. We can become great it's anything. We can always become better at your naturally good math. I don't think I think it's a natural knack. It is there's people I knew in grade school, like some good, some guys, I knew a girls. We just do they re must study. They even steady idea use teachers example flip the page over to do for example, in the back of our minds, we just certain that they will just naturally good at it. You know that actually good at bath, I spent a lot of time at home reading books, which your man
yeah, I mean I'm naturally good doesn't mean. I'm naturally curious and I haven't apply their curiosity to map and therefore get higher grades and math. Then you did, what will you do. When you went home after school. I was confused. I just kept The cartoons man me and this stuff that you are reading you I read us we're out marine radical stuff about Mathematically magyars. We naturally have an inclination for that cause. You were naturally gifted for math. I had what to do. I reacted in childhood. I that never left me where I was watch comedies man I'd so do I look like Rachel, you, forty guy, but I continued my foreigners in that way can mediate you when he got but astrophysical, because you're amazing man and invisible man, because you see that ability. You ok, you major case. Are you ready? No internet question Nicholas Lambert Eyes book. Why is dark matter
to exist when modified Newtonian Dynamics is able to count for most. Missing mass, have physicists forgotten the principle of all cams razor. Raising comes up, sorrow comes razor when we come back to the universe, This is starting to welcome back to start on Godfrey over the media. Tweeting Godfrey comedian, s excellent actual due to incidents I'm gonna cut, you have you got a comedian, I'm comedian, Godfrey Instagram
what someone else was Godfrey comedian. If I die, did that and I dont know how to get into that mess myself I don't know I don't know how to get into their old account, so I had to go comedian a flower, I'm stupid array median Godfrey Instagram, Geiger Instagram, but I'm not yet live on it. Gonna, be I got a whole lot is done they want, but I'm sure you're not worry about gotta go I'll. Put you out my grandma awry We got questions here. Someone ask about yes dogma. And modify newtonian gravity, solution and arms, race archives, razor. Those, I I think was of autumn. Ok, british fellow, I think it was Britain. Who uttered the following words. Multiplicity ought not be posited without simplicity Ok, which is what it means is, I think I got. I quote right. What it means is, if you have an explanation
Something is long and complicated right is. Someone else has a really simple explanation: the simplest export It was probably the correct one guy, that's all ok, so, for example, let's take the legacy for we understood epilepsy there you are arriving on the ground and so with people had an argument for, while the creator of the universe in the judeo crew tradition has a nemesis called the devil and that devil has occupied the body of this particular person. Because of the things that person is done, racket, ok, or the brain is misfiring in its neurosciences okay. So this this is what we're contending with right. So there you have, So in the movie the exorcist since the twenty first century. I don't twentieth century, I think got this one. So
The notion there is there is a model for you. If you modify newtons equations of gravity, then you don't need to posit dark matter to explain things and the universe, and would mean that our understanding of gravity was flawed, this way we are when we could. Did it. We wouldn't need to invoke this magical. Mystical thing called dark matter and oh it turns out. You can modify Newton's laws, gravity to explain, some of the place where dark matter was otherwise invoked. There are other places where it fails completely, and we have no way around that we dealt with the matter but you can't modify newtons gravity the same way to account for it, and so that's why we,
I haven't, jumped on the bandwagon, adding terms to newtons equations gravity. That's why awesome awesome? A guy like that, for it and we go Adrian Gray, marred sin from California, California, we currently can go. We complete levels are weaker. We can only go forward in time with the guards to black hole, trick knowledge given threatened, Ology for acknowledging Zeman. But little we know about dark matter, dark energy. Being our physics opposite, do you think our future insight in education and all things dark will grant the To move backwards in time, all things die array and black hawk techno. What does it look like text. Is black hole trick knowledge technology? Ok, so it turns out. If you
you can warp the fabric of space and time. By the way I have been told this. I have not double check the math. These are people who is math in other cases. I trust implicitly so that there is a configuration of curved space time we You go around a black hole in a particular trajectory. I come back around another one. You can actually go back, in your own space time and so effectively go backwards in time. It's still a little bit missed mysterious to me. Ok, I got people who do this. I'm not the one who doesn't right, ok, as a colleague of mine, J Richard got, the third were actually co author on it, but there was just released at Princeton. Universally breast was the title
welcome to the Universe year, astrophysical tour just add, and local bookstore near you getting. So, no so in there. He talks about these solutions to Einstein's equations, where you go back in time, but they are very exotic trajectories. The pointed the bigger point of the of the question is we ve got dark matter. We don't do anything bout. It dark energy, we don't know anything about it and who knows what else we don't know anything about. That's kind of fun part. Not known about some, not even knowing that you don't know about something right. Ok, so with all of this could be that, once all that's figured out, we can have access to the past. I can't rule that out. I will not rule that out. Almost every thing we discover that came about from profound ignorance, has transformed civilization, think about the discovery of electricity who what it has done. Yes, it's the probably the greatest thing that ever happened to civilization,
even imagined have matches? I can't even imagine not plugin stuff. Stuff inflicting a sweat sweats right, don't know how works don't care. It's here is not even any end. We ve made it into something, does not even only about light movies and Movies GIS, every everything, ok, so this is harnessing something that pre Fifthly, we ran away from we didn't understand so so I look forward to a future where dark matter and dark energy come to be understood, but then that only puts us in a new place to stand possibly observing new unknowns. That today are yet to be dreamt of. I I tat. Maybe access to our past now lurks among those on me like that,
next there we go. I like deciding Gonzalez, got Gonzalo Martin Facebook from Chile, land of the stars rubbing Gonzalo. Yes, yes You know, you know not a Marquis. Recent Martin partners with Martin we're itself about a garden. I ain't gonna, be American Martin. Why d and e society? This is land of the stars. He said and of the star and I entirely eyes all the data that went into my Phd thesis was obtained in the end, these mountains of Chile wow deep set too low Inter American, outside of the town of Lhasa, Rina factor thought.
I would like to say that, as you said that you got money, matters was my eyes. They caught fantastical Not if you have the matter. I can't do it. I can't even do the whole universe. Things move like do you? Do Europe tile your book? I welcome too see what I'm saying like I don't know yet. None, ok, the dusty I go if sound won't travelled space, Does this sound of celestial bodies? Well well? Well, is sound, won't travelled through sprays. How does this sound? A celestial bodies can be listened to the issue. Guess Ladys said we not because we are not. Consistent with our vocabulary we're weep. Lucy Goosey without words, So when we say let's listen for aliens,
who are send us radio waves. It means we're pulling out a radio telescope trying to detect elect. A magnetic waved, light sent by them from another play in the galaxy that has now trap, and this signal has travelled through the vacuum space we can then turn that electromagnetic signal into sound. If you want that doesn't mean they're making sounds through making electromagnetic energy, and so we have the unfortunate word radio, because radio became known, the name for the light ways it became. The name of the object. Tat brought you radio waves turned into sounds so we out through we hear the word radio and we think sound the here you here's the word radio ways and we think radio waves light so so we ve been sloppy. I feel I feel bad we're sloppy. No sound moves through space in the vacuum a space period, a
even if we say that we listening so where was sound waves sound can't travel through sounded a medium to vibrate right too, made itself from one place to another. The training so so like, for example, was the economy Club Unita up a particular ticketed building furs sound to travel right is how microphones work. I don't know what you're doin, I thought I had to save your sound needs. A medium to travel through The air is a medium, attracting the air right, vibrates, ok, So what did you just say? I just got view, I said air propagate sound, right, ok, but light does not need a medium, to propagate through one of the great discoveries of the twentieth century. This is not necessary. They can travel through the vacuum of space, which is why
this the sign on every brought, ass door. That says on the air on a year round there, on space, ok, Railways, don't need air It is technically on the urban ears like carrying it if you in the moon, it could still you could still broadcast your tv and radio and and there's no heir. You have to say on the vacuum of space. Ok, I guess I was confused we're think, but where they re putting calmly club, you speak, it goes to the microphone it comes it converting to electrical signals, comes out through speakers, random people here you directly through the air other people here you through the speakers through the air. Ok, there. It is what we get it right around o freedom, left, ok is ok. Ok, we go! Oh! If we, by the time. She was the best way to long time. The same is earth years. If you have access to your timeline, there is no logging of time because time
a permanent fixture in your life. Ok, I would Why were you looking at a map? Yeah you're, not logging distance, because the whole map is just right there for you to see New York to California, it's just all their rights, logging distance from your together. Why you're, looking at a map any more than you, would need to log time? Looking at your entire time line of your life? Oh it Peter Smith! would you ways, besides what non scientists or anatomist who is generally bad, but fascinated by. I would say, Sir, that it is sir, yes wasn't. What's his name theatre, Psmith Eater, Teddy Psmith Teddy. If. Daddy, you have never been at a place unless it was at a time- and you know Bennett at a time unless you are at a place recognising their
you will understand that space and time or for every intertwined with one another never said I'll meet you at ten o clock tomorrow, where I'll meet you at the corner of. Hollywood, invite when We know intuitively that space and time or conjoined, even if you don't think actively about it Recent time were always together, like beans and rice It just took Einstein to show us hey it's a fundamental property of the cosmos Stew, it ok, czar, This is a Kyle Sukhi. I'll Cecile Where, in the new universe, would you experienced extreme time dilation hoo hoo, several places near the surface of a black near the event horizon of a black hole extra. In time dilation there near the surface of a black hole. You time will go so slowly for you that
the entire future history of the universe unfolds before your eyes. That is perhaps them. Serious time, dilation that exists so avoid black hole, more than what we have done. Our work can cause doubles. We go Lord couple, couples, twitter com gravitational bleeding from other dimensions be what we call dark matter. That is, favorite explanation for why dark matter could be, but I'm told, had this conversation folks, its online We only because would have to believe in a hurry. Air dimension out of the other universe? If you please a higher dimension. It drops off much faster than one over our square drafted granted drops off is one of our squared who job is one of our cute. So let me I feel it in another universe. It would have a real. Really really really strongly in the adjacent universe. For why, dropping off his one over the distance cube for you to feel it in the adjacent universe. So if that were the case, then dark matter would just be ordinary matter.
Harassing matter in our universe. The ordinary matter in a parallel universe. Harassing us rasselas I'd have no other way to account. For that too. Classing hits harassing with harassing is father is bothering. Is I got my planet? I got my star. I got my gravity any day. Now, there's more gravity I gotta mess with unawares. Come from what is about why you must come with me now you ass, you miss women wishing to face harassing me. Man finds you reflect every we gotta cause we gotta through land. This plane, you ve us everything should be a non starter
you are about to get glad you slip dozen years carrier if you're on your way to California, why we went to galvanise some gigs that you talk about in another time arrived. They had another space time, thus festival, but you go. I meal the grass roots- and this has been and is always I'd, be keeping like Galileo job. The organs We should listen. The star talk, commercial, free, Joe, Star talk on Patriot on for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio,
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