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Cosmic Queries: Star Trek

2015-02-21 | 🔗
Join Neil deGrasse Tyson and Leighann Lord as they boldly go where no one has gone before: answering fan questions about “Star Trek,” from transporter beams and warp drives to Klingons and the Borg.

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Skip the commercials support star, talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide knocked off begin right now. Welcome to start talk, radio, I'm your hosts, astrophysicist, Neil, the grass Thyssen, my Data is as director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural history in New York City, come on by some time. Just come to the front.
Of natural history in New York City. Come on by some time, just come to the front door and say you know Neil digress, patient and still charging that's what they have done that and they still want money so that voice Leon. Lord leave work My job is being assigned Superhero Norman Argentina's astrophysics that, as you know, at night, we work at night. Yes, yes, so you're here, we're dress. I understand I'm eating and you demonstrated this a few times in the past, but we see you ve really got what it takes to Ba she. Who delivered to me cosmic queries fleet. This is start talk, cause we're queries our I love you. I love it. You got some really really interesting question. We are questions from our our Facebook page, which is just fuck. You can find as they are it like us start talk. Radio sometimes get questions on Twitter, Twitter, Street, don't talk radio there,
So sometimes I get questions and among our Macneil, I'm sort of shows laptop pocket, those that round all absolutely brilliant cause requirements. So what you got for me got a bunch of some kind of other. I just looked so people are not seeing these questions here. So there's no they're vans knowledge. Those in question, which will be evidence done how badly I say, some of them we're gonna start an easy one, that's more for me than for you. Do you know the answers easy! You have no idea how I don't mean the answer. I mean just the question this one short: there are eight one which would you rather have a medical try quarter a unit so translator or mobile hollow amateur and Y Y yeah a quarter, universal translator or mobile hollow emitter. So these are people who are huge star. Trek airlines for it. I think I should have progress with this is purely from the sergeant universe. Yet so these are cosmic queries from a star trek,
Yes, oh my gosh, like Van and spun Facebook, amateur its Emily Camille, who asked this question all right. I kind of like the universal translate really know gives me, though, is on earth when we say these universal. They really talk about earth. Like Europe, Miss Universe, you know, and Mr Universe, that's that's earth yeah. We don't have any adjourn women, no car dashi rise, nobody, China, sound as now recognise Zactly and so a universal translator if it truly universal, which translate all languages on earth as well as all languages from earlier in the community. Alien species anywhere else, but you know the first CS, I would listen to with my universal translator. Have the whales
last, I saw really universal universe of what you have dont be dont, be humanoid censure donors to peace species this, don't you want your spleen? That's why we just invest. We invented aware that the record show the MAGIC of England landlord who, in her twitter stream, gives a word of the day. I do I give a word of the day, the hers and occasionally you you have the right to make up a were not that's what I've crossed over its also species IST species species is that it means you care only about human bipedal. Walking yeah and I'm not sure, that's compatible with being a native New Yorker really do some soul searching on. So I wonder what the whales will say. If they are, they doing high level mass in their heads, they have huge fricking brain seats. Here they, their brain is like is the biggest brains on earth that there ever was honours and I didn't actually know that were whose brain do you think? Would
bigger than that of a whale Are we factoring in ego sites? Do not usually are you going with actual mass, so yeah, How do a calculus, maybe they're wondering if the humans can five themselves in nine or maybe they're trying to build the spaceships and get out of here are stewardship of the planet isn't working out exactly. That was, of course the same to start for moving. The subtitle was saved. The whales agree on that one. So yet another I do I know of questions. Ok, let's see if I can get this one. Ok, this is from Scott Scott Harkness. He says as a kid watching STAR Trek next generation. I was often amaze not only by the peaceful nature of mankind in the future, but also by the left technology. Do you think a star trek like
technological level could be a reality in a few hundred years. Well, I think anyone a couple of hundred years ago, looking at our technology today would be as mine blown as we looking today at the technology of STAR Trek centuries to come. Clean energy go back a hundred years, I think I can go back a deck I've often so there you know you don't go Therefore, if you would not only through without a smartphone, they would resurrect the witch burning law allows for the power that you in the palm of her. So I so I think we first pause and reflect on what technology has done for the present I tried never lose sight of that and take note of it for granted. So, but there was a toolbar question. Peaceful humans are peaceful and not wasn't really is question right wasn't, but I dont know that I
guarantee that why should we think that you know they're all these peace treaty, further the fruit space these. Will you suspect, zero when we go to space? Let us be kind to one another. I'm thinking wait a minute but pause if you can't be kind to each other on earth. Why? What confidence? Are you giving me that space is gonna? Make you kind I love it. I don't know what it is and if you succeed in being kind in space, then do this Damn right, I'm not discriminatory laws on all your ear, your Britain, to the words I love that wasn't, even as we hear even polls that we could be peaceful to each other in the future. It was all about the technology it's like. I have given up on now this peaceful, that's a fantasy science fiction. What about that signal acknowledges so I think a lot of his there. One of my favorite bits going from the next generation series that he's referring to Cosette was influenced him as a kid. I loved the remoter spectrum,
visor, that you know that Jordi worthies banana clarity, because, as an astrophysicist one of our greatest challenges over the centuries was how many ways can we look at the universe, the universe, not speaking to us only with visible light that our biological retinas happened to detect. Our biology is not the be all and end all of what the universe is up to. What can we say that again tat? The universe is talking to us, an x rays, galleries, radio, waves, ultraviolet infrared. These are bands of light that the I cannot see but we can, with the methods and tools of science, invent ways to make that happen, and so this is this is how discovered black holes in the beginning, signature of the big Bang in the universe, the cosmic microwave background. So what so we are so there, and so yes, technology can totally transformed life as it has done thus far. This is start our cosmic where
and I ve got you here, because in this hour we're Talkin start trick query I love, I guess, that's you got some start for extra credit. I do well, you know what I try gets can do there in your statement. You watch and start check. So what do you got? Well, I? actually had a question. Based on our last question. Here you were talking about how the human body is built, that we're not perfect and we not seeing everything the universe has to offer. Not only are we not perfect, we interfere with actual information. It is that is out there creating a world that is not objectively truth. Wow, ok, yeah yeah, it's so this is why, for example, you know I'm sure at home you can run still your books and you'll find one on optical illusions: who does love a good optical illusion it as if you usually when one is stating inhabitants, are, looks great rats and anti democratic, and so what actually happening is what we do
we should really call. Those books are brain failures, fuck we readout, I say we sat what is so well with the cell about so we celebrate occasions when our brain fools us and we we Truckle were entertained by and we Truckle, but in fact these are simple line drawings that your brain I system can not corporate unambiguously and that's an exam. Of our our sensory systems, failing to interpret and actual reality. That's out there and science did not admit until we figured out, how to remove our senses from the act of discovering the universe, but now here's my question, Some phenomena bring it back to start to. Allow you to ask a question, even though we got a whole list of an hour, but God it's based on the thing. It's it's based on something I saw em out of character, Georgie's visor, George Vavasor firms tortured next generation. Yes,
and allowed him because he was pointed and see a fuller spectrum. Therefore he wasn't board he doesn't want. You saw not only visible as the rest of us, do but all the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum. So he in essence, is seeing better than everyone else. So then, why I wouldn't everyone on STAR Trek have a visor are well. I just saw the K Mart the Czech visor, please! Thank you. I, let's give that's you, give us the visor. The did then why'd give goodbye devised an unknown flaw in the starch. Again, I don't want you know I like sergeant. I wasn't like crazy, geek, STAR Trek, but so good to see. You know that gets stare me down with silent amateur thing. I wear. This is how the time it's hell, I can't work under these conditions, will see. Ok, I have a question from all. I think it's men knew how many
I'm not sure Patrice is less name on the question is it seems to me that the most implausible thing in STAR Trek, even here think of as transportation. A warped technology is the fact that the cling odds have become space, travelling civilization without having themselves destroyed before your stand on this. So yes, I have our text. Yes, I things such as stands on so a few things first, there are. It's been suggested that if you are warlike, let's say you always get into fights and you're, not peaceful. And you are into land grabbing to your territorial. That you're civilization is at risk
in science self. Limiting in that, so you go out, and you say: oh there's a planet, I want to conquer, so you go conquer it and then it's your planet. And then your relatives who also want to conquer planet, stay conquer and if so, you spread out within you. The point where the nor planets to conquer then you conquer each other like, and so the greek culture begins to implode on itself, because that which got them off their base planet. To begin with, having them kill each other to reacquire land that had been obtained by others. Among their own, their own community, and so there will be a self limiting future for what would be a worrying land grabbing culture looking, but like modern
Yeah, I don't know any species like tat, but I thought so so that the culture of war and is not inconsistent with the culture of technology, in fact wars. Dr science, this it's it's a pain to admit that. But it's true the urge to survive creates extraordinary creative impulsive in people to invent something that will make one person survive better than the other rights and then usually in the form of weaponry. Yes, usually, Yemen Longbow was invented the longbow that the arrow could pierce armor, so it rendered armor completely obsolete. That's. Why does not operate in? although the three hundred I'll take an army of that the demeanor movie. I saw that buff guys after
woman here. Ok, but now you know, but now I understand at war, but you know propels technology, but the once you know to his question: wouldn't they when they have killed themselves before they even got off the planet? they didn't but shouldn't they have well sure. But this is fiction think what does it? These are real people that I'm having on what to do so it is a little harder to believe I agree, but once you get the plan was Robert Land. The universe is vast and vague. Their creative and killing each other will find a way to get off the planet Fisher wound. Note to ok.
If one of the courtyard of the hour I wash in the doctors opinion- and it says, doktor here- is the biggest or most egregious scientific era and STAR Trek, I do they have an equivalent to the castle run in six parsecs of ruddy switch. Forks works, which I believe is actually twelve if are already affect checkers, are correct. My address bar governor forget as the Latin this question. Now we need to IRAN and support the two reports that words uttered by HANS or yes, the original start in the original star wars, film, where he is boasting of the speed of the millennium allegedly again Falcon Falcon. He say it did the castle run and twelve by sex, and when I saw that I, like all my up a parsec as a unit of distance, All right. It's equals three about three and a quarter like years. How we come up with a parsec is up gear and not even worth retailing, but an ashtray
as we have a unit of distance call, the Parsec sounds cool. It dinosaur it's these stable together fragments of two. Different words parallax and second, so it is the distance so so when you- observe and object from ones? the sun versus another as earth orbit. The son. You have a different angle, a view on it. Yeah, because you see it in front of a different background, as you jiggle to the left and the right of the sun. Ok is, I hope, your thumb out at arms distance and your wings left eye to write. I write your funnel up. Your son will align with a different part of the background that angle through sure some swings by can. Your eyes left and right is called the parallax angle, so Oh a parsec, I'm gonna ask my doctor propelled. Infernal acts is acting as a unit of distance and areas boasting of the speed of the millennium falcon top than twelve parsecs this. So this is a talk completely scientifically illiterate statement,
later on DVD Revisionists discussion of that very sentence. By star wars, fans trying to salvage. The illiteracy of that sentence serving all do what he meant was the millennium Falcon went past day warp in space time, making the distant shorter so that in fact the law her distance that it actually was. He was able to do in a shorter distance. I wouldn't have even gone where it is. That is the that is that's. What we have is a revisionist rework, adding that spin, this Britain, that inside of ice fin at its finest so install track, I remembered academics The original series for me, the most unbelievable thing, was that you could walk up to a door. And it would open, seriously. Yes, yes, yes, I can last
We have that now I know, but at the time we didn't, I am actually dating yourselves, so I don't think I'm the one who should say what is the least possible thing in Tokyo, I got that one really wrong. I have another course many questions here. This is a former Sean Game Brown. If the tell a porter and unassuming he means transporter really works, I get it on the show. Wouldn't the process essentially just create a clone of you wherever you are transported to, or would it We the same person, this kind of this, a star trek. When I want him. That's that's actually not now Europe, your big star, trek fish. Have you ever wondered at yourself? No, not really! I just cannot just get me they're good. I am not addressing technology, I'm not bones! I Jim! I hated it now she went to die. That's not me! I got that. Will we get their quick boom gotten you good to go and can organise so here's the thing before this whole
discussion of the singularity, not the black hole, singularity but the other single, every other singularity, weren't still angry. They took our word, don't get me started the singularity propose where computers become so good, so fast, so effective that you can completely upload your entire consciousness into them, because what is your consciousness? If not the Neuro Synaptic snapshot of your brain at any given moment? I also think it's acute outfit. Because I'm so so I it seems to me back when the show was created. It was making just replicas of all your molecules: a fine, any reassemble and fine you're being as it is, as is Gee Beam and then the energy goes back into matter. Fine, but to be you yes, it would be a clone. If that's all it did, you would be your twin lay.
If you duplicated every single neuro synaptic impulse in your brain, not just is the molecule there, not just as the den dry the acts on that not just the assembled parts of your brain but all all of the Neuro Chemical synaptic phenomenon in your brain than whatever gets me, to earth should have exactly the I know that you had on the spaceship that you started from and you'd have all the so, even if it is a copy of you, even if it is a clone of you, it is a calm with every single one of your thoughts, feelings, memories and dreams. So so that's the difference between that copy of you and a twin of you, which is inexact, molecular copy but doesn't have the same neuro Synaptic impulses,
so you're coming down the side that it is a clone when that's what it was it. It is a perfect clown where you could. I can clone you right now and in the personal behave like your twin, so I talk about. We shouldn't have human cloning, cars will harvest their organs. Well, we already clones in society they called identical twins. They are clones of their siblings and doing a part. We all know. So why think we behave differently if we reduce clones. Another way, that's all We already have evidence of how we conduct ourselves in the face of cloned. That is a clone without an identical nurse synaptic map and so very so now we make that map. You don't exist on a ship anymore. You exist on the ground and it is you ve all intents and purposes, SAM I guess I never thought of it, though I never thought of it as being closed I thought they were moving you when you were being Dick,
fuck that we were in retreat it to where you were going yeah, but what we want. You become energy. You you're, not! I mean it's energy. At that point, you could do other things with that. They were no longer becomes you your pay packet of energy moving through space, so I could take it energy heat, my hot dog and that's the we and you know what, to be used for LISA Peace, a state that wait like myself, focus your energy in a different way. I got you know, that's my. You know, he'd up a kind of beans, so Oh, it's got you gotta reassemble it and in the way that matters, and so so don't let it would still be the same person only if you get if you have the proper light electrical info
the brain? When we come back more cosmic queries, restart Startalk radio have a little secret for you. I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there, go to patriarch arms last star talk and support where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free, You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never, we're here, another commercial on star talk ever again, you will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying:
Back then start on radio and the grass tasted around with me, I'm bored so where this is causing inquiries. I gotta think the cosmic queries part of start orders star talk after hours. I think about it. That way, so you got questions that called from are our Facebook or Facebook. So what do you got Rita? I have a question about. These are STAR trek related? What most of these was that we had one that was star wars, non thanks for a time and in their, but may seem to be mostly STAR Trek, which forms the cockles whatever those scientifically are. And I never knew what I don't either. I don't either made nor discoveries to be done. I have a question Nick western Dwarf Nick. I apologize in advance cuz I'm going to mess this up, so I'm going to need a little help if he says here so star. Trek warp drive is pretty awesome of no doubt and some
grace doesn't need the word pretty flying I'm reading it sent a pretty awesome is like it is totally on my MAC like partially also, it doesn't add to the awesomeness of also exemplary. Thank you qualify, while some that phrase we're doin, ok and something along those lines will probably be a necessity. If we want to leave the solar system works some of the most promising warp like technologies and is the in his here's a minute messes up I'll coup, beer or I'll coup beery, DR realistic, I'm regret. Not taking friendship and even now to say that our croupier there's recent discussion about Nasser devoting some funds to warp drive. First, each we ain't goin anywhere, unless we figure out how to work space, because even at the speed of light, if I send your behind on space spaceship to go the nearest star- and I watched you do that for years
the nearest STAR office, ensuring system with where, by the way we just recently, we might have planetary brethren Discover these things the planet hunters among my colleagues found. Planet in orbit in the office insurance system, unless that that one of the very good, very good, so, for years there for years with an eight year mission, so that's a major fraction of the life expectancy of the human species, some of the other human organism rights Oh, you want to be able to get around faster than that and the diameter. The galaxy itself is a hundred thousand light years. So even at the speed of light, we would watch you take hundred thousand years to cross the galaxy and come back relativity would time dilation within your craft, and so you, wouldn't age a hundred thousand years, but we would and so by the time you came out. We would have long forgotten about you, so in order to cross
Galaxy, you gotta have to wharf space and you take the galaxy work. The space. We are and where you're going and in so doing they need the little bridge between those worked edges and then you on and there you got to where you go on fast, fast, without dying on route. I'm running out of well of allowing them. Of old age. Just so So it's an, I dont, see the energy it takes to warp space because gravity and energy, or both create a shark mass and energy, can create a force that will is the gravitational force that will curve the fabric of space and time. So warp drive- would have to harness the energy necessary to accomplish this and back of the envelope
regulations, that's what we say in science. If it's a quick correctly is the scientific version of a quickie active example. Why is that? The version of a kind of sad is that some calculations need load reams of pay. What would you say, women just do a quickie on this. You flip over an envelope and dropped down some quick equation some quick point of allowing what's an envelope there now well well with it Murano Stick with me. I trust me on this point. Let me there's something called an envelope children and so to do that, and you have to wield the energy of like a billion stars? Ok, that amount of energy just to pack into one space to curve the fabric of he's in time to create a wormhole which is essentially is it the consequence. Invoking warp drive, so I think until that happens, we are basically hopelessly stuck here on earth or two around the solar system, so using it
the problem? Is it theoretically folding space? It's what we create in order to false base that caused the problem of the October sprays weakened. That's what I can do that no no don't or on a random Thursday near its eyes and his old. In spite of that, there is no law, physics that prevents folding space. That's that Ok, so we can know what we know now to none of. We know how to the Physics on this basis. Straightforward they'll get there. You got the technology folding space is so far beyond anything that even at the as yet passionately for good.
That was eloquently said, sir. We ve baffled you so then I know I'm just saying I does not. Even so, I just mentioned talk about working on a warp drive and I think it's more fantasy, even in fact right, I'm not gonna. Stop it keep people dream. I absolutely now. You know I think, they're even more practical questions. What about the tall structure? Selecting knows where The revenue for the planet, will hurt here's. The thing tolls are based, the two dimensional barriers, you're on a surface and you're driving you're stuck on the surface, and they put a barrier in front of you. It's really hard to create a three dimensional tall. Think about it. You put up a day. I just go around you. Nine. Ninety two ways I get around you if you put up a barrier in space, so we what's next what's next is. I have a great question for you. This is from a Louise, an prime. Is it theoretically,
possible always that currently only always we know is the columnist right. Yes, Actually, I don't know any elements, as this is my first elevate. Mere me to God is a theme only possible to have a cloaking device as the Klingons and Romeo and Charlie. We completely I miss that on Amazon were disappointed by the federation. The data have cloaking device made us more people, working for Federal Army will, first of all the more reason to invest in its shields, because two hits and it's down. I know right away right, so nobody have good cloaking. I just don't understand why. Why do you click on it and we don't I've, never felt good about their just between you and me maybe the Klingons corner the technology. They helped the patent neighbour. It was copyrighted whatever that is to make a product exclusive. The Klingons beat the federation respect, sir. We ve actual the military's actually been working on cloaking device. You are cannot speak anymore,
next question vote I'll, give you a man when the USA doings I've done nothing wrong with my mother would have done so. I just hit the microphone alone with a sound of my time. I do I just the man on the result of this very angry. Yes, it's so that where was, I was talking about why yes, cloaking device is, why is it possible? So here is that the irregular Botswana have according to lead us. Let us open up to the concept of cloaking in ways you might not have thought of before. I'm ready ok, so that we are surrounded by walls in this recording studio? You cannot see through the walls. Can you if you had eyesight in radio waves, these walls would be completely transparent. You, in fact they be invisible,
back to radio waves. Ready waves are, in effect, cloaking vision to these walls, so another what's up cloaking device it so that you don't even know it's there and you end up seeing through it. Correct yes to all you have to do is find one of many ways to cook something is to find kind of light that passes through something rather think it's blocked by it? Yes, then, the object is cloaked. It's there. You just don't know it's there, that's what windows are windows are transparent to visible light, they have cloaked themselves so that when you look out a window, you don't say to yourself: I'm looking at a window, you say: look at the park and the trees in the in the clouds and the buildings is a different way of looking at a different way of working or not looking at it correct. So it's all about
your means of detection of this object passed through it or not, or does it not reflect off of it So you have no information that is even there. So stealth technology takes the like that, you being to it and never sent it back to you, So as far as you are concerned, the light kept going through came out the other side and never return they'll catch. I know this is this is cool this as yet right so the b to bomber and the other cloaking, the other, a stealth. Aeroplanes that are made by the military. If you send radio waves to it, almost a rate are beginning to see how far ways it lets beam a break. Our signal to it that signal will either get absorbed by the skin, never come back to you or reflect, off the wing pattern in such a way that the reflection never comes back.
Your direction. It goes off in a different direction. So for your concern, even their lives, so an entire airplane can have like the cross section of a bumblebee. That's how much radio come back to you and you have no idea. It's an airplane readied combining that is stealth technology, so our cling on vessel, I I don't know the exact way that they clock their vessel, but if we were to do today, they would take never beams of light. You were sending to just not send it back to you, however, might be able to see and outline were there no stars behind it, because it right. So now you need to have other life from behind you pass through, so that the person is not only that you can't see them. Is that you can't even see their shadow. Why and These are different ways you my cloak, and I'm still disappointed there on twenty fifth for consent for fourth century. Whenever
third century and they will have the federative have a cloaking device. I got my garage well- and I don't even have a garage- maybe they because his cloak and is a dragon in their rhetoric on your browser. Maybe they feel that that's being transparent, they want to be. The federation wants to be transparent, they wanna be opened. They want to be honest, it maybe that's what I didn't. Invest that I'm sure that's exactly that's another way to do what they want to make a car that disappears in this is a feature in a recent James Bond film. So what you can have is you have light that from you hits the car the car says. I know what that light is going to send it around to the other side of the car, pass it out in the direction you are looking so there's a tree behind a car like this, the skin of the car, takes the image of that tree. Brings it to the other side. Car will you're standing and then it sends it on to you. You think the tree is still there and the cars, not even in the way,
another way, so this is a skin the transmits light around its borders and projected off to the other side, and we can do that. Well, that's what that is. One, the woman's jet her invisible jet. I don't know that they put that much thought behind her the undersigned. She had all this before me, but of course it was a woman. How did your club problem more has an inquiry is when we come back. We're back and start hawks cosmic wary Lord. So your meeting requested, I haven't seen these, though what you got another one and these are inspired by STAR Trek. These are indeed I advise touching, and I heard
is this: why let me see ok, this is this is a sweet one. I think This from Kevin Ziegler on Facebook and its regarding port, the signs of STAR Trek any says: consider the vast distance between stars, the speed limits implemented by the laws of physics and the where eighty of intelligent life do you think multi Alien species communities will ever exist or air. And or could currently exist in other parts of the universe, such a brilliant question, because if I could rephrase that's what I'm saying is that intelligent species as we ve come to divide, it can't be all that common, because if it word, It would be plenty of other intelligent species in our own tree of life here on earth. I look at how vast and how diverse lifeforms are on earth and. We define ourselves is essentially the only ones that were italian.
Given the diversity of life that has come about. Of course, that is debatable. Point yes shopping at the vote. If we look at other planets and there's life, if earth is any indication, if it has life, it won't likely, have intelligent life microbial life most. The billions of years of life on earth had its way by the earth was populated by microbial life, though stuff with life they have limbs and eyeballs and hair and fur and legs. That's enough. Asked half a billion years since the Cambrian explosion of life half a billion years ago before them life was not introduced. Right by our standards, are not interesting on earth. It was not interesting. It was pon. Scum, ok, they didn't have Netflix the hook face so so if you saw the notion that there could be a planet with million species cohabiting? I agree that
sounds like a really rare thing. If you give most plants that have life, don't have intelligent life at all. Does it mean to find a planet where all the aliens get together like the efforts that the galactic bar? You know, I can star wars, the canteen about that. I can't that bar scene, where the aliens come to hang out in an if bars or that cool you wouldn't need one so far away from wherever their homes are. You just have one the home base smash. True, that's true! You gonna go the corner. The Gouty just give drink so import. Dear me, heads takes a whole different meaning to expect so so yards a fascinating point with which I agree Martha. You don't think it's possible, nor does it likely yeah. Ok are the motivation and thinkers they're here The problem is new. I do it's. Ok here we go this Marcel Marcel. I apologize dwell straw, I don't know, do you think the knowledge of extra
to trash? Intelligent life will lead to harmonious and prosperous life as such like I'm, not even sure, that's English and it's not Marcel it's me it's my reading of it so dear. So do I think that, Inter Alia in life and tell him you're like that, we discover would have some positive back why won't? We too will we be able to take their knowledge in it and have led to a harmonious and prosperous life? All that's so STAR Trek, yeah, yeah Christophe trick had very hopeful future steps that were portrayed hopeful, moral futures of of life, not only based life but life elsewhere. So If the alien species is more advanced than we are, technologically prison globally. We would use that for good, but of course we know as history damaged it's that every advance or technology comes along
the flip side of that year. Every knife they can cut food can kill a person every the dynamo stick. Their can exert level. A mountain can also blow up a bit So all of and Alfred Nobel who invented dynamite, thanks out was concerned about the evil uses of it and he in and he left his estate to fund the Nobel Prize for science to advance the good causes of, technology and write that down kids? So that's very star trek in principle. So if the text ahead of us. I dont know that we be able to wield it in is that a responsible? Given my read of the history of human conduct enough there, how does advanced as we are, then we would just, of course, dominate them and make them our pets, I got a quick question are I do have a quick question. I like this one. This is from dawn rim,
or rhyme, I hope, unpronounced neck correctly in STAR Trek, the Borgo detected as depicted as evil, but do you see as the pros and cons of a collective consciousness? All Oh, do you see the internet as the precursor to this, given that its global collection of knowledge I think anyone who is opposite. Your sense of morality, you will say, is evil but to the Borg. Does the board think of it offers evil people never think of himself. Coarse and so evil is what side of the fence your on yes in any given war in every and in a given and use of the people who win declared that they were right I'm not just how that is, as you know, is how humans have behaved forever. So that is interesting that the internet might be our entire consciousness. The internet, yes, I have to go without the internet. Is the Borg noise ever? great question from Matt Ruffolo, ah, which ship is better,
did the? U S s enterprise or the ship of the imagination. I now aren't so by you are one of the eyes. Were I mean if anyone listening doesn't know the ship of the imagination, its it's what I got around in the round the causes, in space and time during Cosmo Suit Man. That's that's that's the spaceship imagination version to the original one Carl Sagan road around the universe in back and nineteen? Eighty, so I would say it we have to ask: is there anything the enterprise can do that the spaceship imagination can't do not. Special the magic does not have photon, torpedoes or phases, or anything like that because it doesn't needed,
that wherever it arrives, there is peace and let you know but the answer for that would be really easy, but it's not honour its is, I think, an end, because it emanates from my thoughts, the There is a cool seeing where I'm on they're talking about the extinction of the dinosaurs, and I just walk to the side of the ship, the ship dissolves and I'm in a primordial forest, because that's what I needed the ship to do for me. So if the ship emanates from my thoughts and my thoughts or eternally peaceful fingers crossed, I dont need photon torpedoes, You know I don't need a transporter as as I'm you know remembering when Sagan introduced the concept it, it seems a little bit more democratic and universal, not everybody gets to be on the enterprise but n
but he can be on the ship. The imagination, in fact, that's perceptive review to notice, because originally, when we have this whole, you wouldn't know we spent. Es discussing what am I gonna where on this ship, imagination. Why should I have some little emblem on my my breast pocket? Forget it to be some epilepsy, should there be some chevrons and Andrea in said flat out, if you wore anything, indicating that you are a ship captain, it means No one else is made and that's not. The point of this journey might- and I had no rebuttal today, and so I just just dressed in a black sort of suggested that the black suit, nothing not even a time just because a tie is while I'm doing something more for more than an otherwise do. If I took off the tat night- and we really are in this together so otherwise would thank you. Snappy I've heard that expresses nineteen sixty eight, you look snappy. Sorry, dear
I just hate myself with an arrow, I'm not from our body that living world, you have I've a question from Lars Olsson in this we know what these people from large doesn't soaker? I can make assumptions, but I won't but he's a larger Europe stand a comedian. Usually areas such as you want is from Walnut Grove Little House on the prairie laws. Also in the series start trunk Voyager, they claim to oh, they claim that to travel at work. Ten would be to travel at infinite velocity, meaning that a spacecraft would exist simultaneously at every point in the universe. Does anyone and civic evidence support this. Well, here's here's an interesting fact about light. Are we all know that or war? One is the speed of light here, something
interesting about light. You remember your relativity from Einstein: oh yeah yeah! That's all that easy by for none of the relativity one or one is, as you go faster. Your time takes more slowly away and relative to people who are looking at you so called time, dilation that you were in that way the first three days of relativity and I dropped second day so that explain this exact it's so I sort of time slows down for you and it continues to slow down as your approach the speed of light, then you can ask a legitimate question: what happens at the speed of light? You do run out the equations and you find out the times stop playing, and so we conclude that photons, which are the very manifestation of light since they exist at the speed of light they have no in If you don't have an internal clock, it means whenever or emitted anywhere in the universe, in that very
same instant, you are absorbed by what ever L in the universe you hit, so you can send a photon of light from the edge of the universe, and it travels is for your concern for billions of years. And it ends up in my detector and a telescope and I measured, and I conclude that there's a star at the edge of the universe, but if you're that photons no time elapsed for you, your absorbed in my detector, the very instant you are emitted, so as far as you are concerned, you're going infinitely fast because your time is going infinitely slow and what is speed, if not distance divided. Time so sir.
May like. Ok, I gotta bring this around assistant. Look really here. You ve got a little puzzled puzzled, there's a little before element a little, so worked factor ten to be infinitely fast. I dont know that that's for it to you that it would be by travelling at the speed of light to you. I don't know that that would be different, and but that being said, if you want to travel infinitely fast web If you travel infinitely fast, that is tantamount to having no time lapse on your clock, no matter where you're going. So, in fact, you don't need to go warp ten to have no final lapse between where you left and will you arrived, you can just travel at the speed of light. Self, so they got sold a feature on a starship lady need
I think some extra thing that's how I son roof. They need the sun roof, they need. What is that? What I am hearing sales? Not just made extra commission Ojo Moon, roof, Untitled Moon, heated, see so dear to me, it's a moon, reject one. Said: son Roof to meet a moon, roof the place, everything so yeah yeah. So that's intriguing, but you don't you know, I don't think you need it now Rapid honourable way goes thanks for drinks. For being here when you cosmic Clarice, had lower soon start radio. You ve been listening to start talk. Radio your host Neil digress. Thyssen, you can find us on the web startup radio, dot net, we start are greatly, and you too, I do leaving idly and never again liability and right now I J J m. You got there too at meal Thyssen. If you want to follow my cosmic brain droppings has always I sign off from star to keep looking
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