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Cosmic Queries: Superheroes

2014-10-26 | 🔗
Neil deGrasse Tyson and co-host Colin Jost (Saturday Night Live) get their geek on answering questions about Thor, Captain America, Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Magneto and more.Read more and listen to the full episode at: http://www.startalkradio.net/show/cosmic-queries-superheroes

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free The universe is filled with secrets in industries, leaving us with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. What what do you play? Recently we mean the brakes daddy Glinda. Did you grandma ass, the brain they get lab.
Like, in order to start or radio, I'm your host, kneeled Grass Thyssen, ermine astrophysicist with the American Museum of Natural history in New York City, were also serve as the Frederick p rose director of the hidden planetary. And here we are entering the cosmic queries portion of STAR talk, radio, the cosmic query section: I don't do that alone. We get questions, come from every every conduit to through the internet from Facebook, from the tweets on our website, and I troll the streets and found calling just walking among them a call and welcome,
Last summer hadron, I called you Colin yeah. I know I remember, Socrates, I like how little favor you haven't my mom. You admire me after life at least appealing part of a body, and you were so polite to nod to correctly onto certainly go to college, a New Europe, I've time guy in the world of comedy right here. Doing it yeah I've been abandoned. Ass, an old friend Bindon stand up to me, but you not that all so you have quite a resume in these years. Now, maybe too may be time traveller leaving. You know, I'm old enough to remember the first episodes of Saturday night light back before it was considered. This is like forties, actually figure just called Saturday night. Which is why they begin lie from New York. It's Saturday night. Any pre dates that day Week, rather wasn't even that day the week that we accept new in this whole day, sadder, that should be the same
these are placed to air I very ago. So thanks for joining me for it. Let's start talking cosmic queries too delighted me so now I dont claim any personal expertise on superheroes, but I do know physics and astrophysical. Let's see what we can offer yeah this paid a question: there are just two reasons. I was alluding years wrath. Bat, here's one from Google plus from the family Doorn, I'm a big x men guy, I am very curious about this. If you were me NATO what would be the coolest, thing you would do with your power over magnetism, This is really more wish for filming astern. For you, rather than a science question magnetism power of magnitude, you know what I would do I would call myself and put one of each of me on the interplanetary voyages of the astronauts and create a magnetic field around the spaceship to shielded from harmful solar particles now but see bad presupposes. You can also cloning
a whole other step for also the magnetic control over magnetic fields. That's the easy to accept, but not the one that I can give you every hour. You know even even crew magic has its limits filled. The big challenge today is when you leave the magnetic blanket of the earth. The earth has its magneto sphere, which stands not quite to the moon, and so, if you're in earth orbit your protected from it, but are you you're within the protective blanket of earths magnetic field and charged particles from the sun, which would otherwise harm your dna? Get channel to the polls away from you and dinner, it collides with molecules in earth's atmosphere and renders the atmosphere glow. Coming the Aurora Borealis ran the North
lights, and they were all stress, the southern lights. I dunno scholar, austrian, I'm gonna, call the boreal us in the austrian following them like an ant activists. Oh ok, to be a roar article, article, no, that was a guy from Rome automobile articles as a fat man where my subjects? Yes? So it's about someone brought up to that magneto as the controller of all things magnetic could, theoretically just tear the universe. Apart is an accurate, no match, for your words, have not magnetic I'm sorry, what's the most damage leg in our long term, why reaching damage they could do ok, the way they ve written his character, India than the comic books is that he's controlling metal has metal, is the obvious magnetic, of course, but if I remember my chemistry there, if you supercool certain gases down into liquefied state, You can have liquefied magnetic materials, Sir
he combined with Iceman rode out, would become. I would be a good or why we have not. Only that- and I get plot lie Laszlo Plasma, which is what the sun is made of, which is that centrally the contents of flame but son, makes a better example of what I am about to describe. The plasma is a gas. So hot that the electrons in the outer layers of the atoms have escaped and their running the roaming free in the gas, and that means that the gas can respond to magnetic field so the Son has a very powerful magnetic field and its plasma here's this gas trying to rotate with the sun and the magnetic field gets trapped in The rotating gas and gets wound up on itself and a bus through that Son Sunset every now and then factors on a cycle of eleven years and you get solar storm,
John spots in solar, airs and prominences. All of this is magnetic activity, so magneto would not be limited to metal, NATO could totally tear a new one in a star because he can interact with the magnetic fields that control where those gases appear and what they do? You just run they land next twelve issues. Magneto them. Ok, here's the next question from twitter from it may be. An age any be could Superman survive the spaghetti, suffocation of a black hole and the force required to escape it Jerry. We obviously that he is known to be travelling faster than speed player, so ok well about with Superman in Superman one. What's the one where he went back in time to save lives
Our yea travel because I remember it is one we superman one. He in orders fly around the earth. There fast he's going faster than light survey. It establishes that so it starts real. So it's real makes it logic yeah. Actually, if you can actually travel faster than light, you can just climb out of a black hole. Nothing to stop you, however, the journey down to the to the singularity, would as sure as follows day, would spaghetti fi him he would be ripped apart had to tell yes made of denser matter and can stop bullets unease? Yes, but if his material is of this universe, it did. He is not resistant to the power of gravity on that scale and you'd have totally spaghetti fide superman. While we end just to go over what speedy ratification is. Oh wheeling
twenty seconds left him. So he needs a wolf. He needs apparel marine. Who has a healing powers. If he got out of it he could re unite his pardon. We'll find out when we come back in the next segment STAR talk, radio, the cosmic query sanction seen a moment This is a. This star talk radio, I'm your host, astrophysicist kneeled
Thyssen and we are in the cosmic queries section. Helping me is calling Joost common welcome to start already. Thank you very much. We left on the last segment talking about space beget efficacious speeches. We get a firing Superman which is a real sounds like a classic italian? What is modification is when you're being sucked in Europe, the particles being ripped apart. So what happens is that you get closer to the centre of a black hole? The field of gravity at your feet becomes insanely. Higher than the field grabbing at your head. This is a feet first, dive into the black hole and in in the consequence of this is that your feet will accelerate towards the black hole.
Faster than your head will, while an initially that you know you just stretching and made, might even feel good when there is a point where that stretching force its officially the title forests that same force that makes the tides on earth is what ripped you apart as you fall into a black hole that tunnel force eventually exceeds the binding force of the molecules of your flesh, The point which sounds better because it is back and when that happens, you snap into two pieces on your way down, and this difference in force continues. Your upper half and your lower half each feel this difference in force and they then rip into a pair of pieces each year for segments and then and he exactly thirty two and you run the series down. There will be a point where you we'll be a stream of atoms descending and possibly towards the centre of this abyss.
If Superman is made of materials of this universe grant, whether or not he is of this earth, it is if it is of this university, where he is subjected to those same laws of physics, and he will be spaghetti. Five just as day follows night, but then what if he were basin? We took on the powers of a worm whose able to you know you could segment them. It still live different pieces. Would there be a bunch of Superman here's the problem when you cut up a worm, each segment of the warm still has a full genetic code for what a worm was when you spoke edify, you are just Adams, not even the other hydrogen Adam. They got yanked. Also your dna molecules does not member of the dna molecules from which it came hockey. Your and if so, what about MR fantastic, the rubber guy? Do his Dan aware? How are you going in a fantastic fool, our who, or whose the woman and the incredible Oh yeah right was: it lasted movement
I think, the colonel elastic so, alas, to grow. Anybody who struggle in principle might be immune to this, the crowded after then travel per faster than speed of lights, and they want to get out if they want to get out you gotta travel faster. The lights we ve established Superman can do that, so we would. Send Superman into a black hole. Until he was ready to snap into two pieces, then he flies is way back out again. Gotcha. Can there be cool or Superman has a baby with Miss elastic girl, right, Wooes XO? which we all then fantasizing. Why You ve been fantasizing about being with electrical or fantasizing with I just wanna watch. I just I don't even know how old last a girl is. Maybe that's an appropriate means of what see this as a next question. This is from a Jeffrey Williams on Facebook and it says the character of Captain America seems to be the closest to reality. That means, but I guess of the event or say no Batman,
but you have them as a regular guy. He's ready someone that has superhuman powers. Do you believe there currently experiments happening that are trying to increase the capacity of the human genome example, human strength as serious, increased visual acuity, heighten stamina et Cetera, and he also wants to know if these experiments are going on. Are they morally correct arm not authorized to comment on the next question now, so I can say a couple of things: first, you can't take a guy that has normal looking muscles and make him ten times stronger. If the most oh, sir, if it's made of muscle tissue, because the physics of strength correlate with the cross sectional area of Europe, so in other words, the reason why, when you work out your muscles get bigger is because they're getting stronger right. It's a direct correspondence between the strength of your muscle and how big it, Is this some variation in their like in it? Are you in good shape? So you can be
lender and still be stronger than someone also slender, but who's not in shape, given, as aren't their varying muscle densities, the people have sure, but not so why not so we're all human rights and of the direct? Ok we're all human and so, muscle size correlates with muscle strength, so you can have a captain, America who had he had a good body. No, you know BP turn heads in a fitness centre by the strength of those muscles are not such that he would have the strength exhibited by any genetic. Population at all? It's just not there now are you kidding genetically altered, the say, density or efficiency of must not inhabit, still be biological matter. You'd have to, in fact, just replace the muscle with them, but with some other material make it more cyborg judges cyborg him out and that then oh yeah, you're good to go, then so warrior to rely on our feeble biology to improve and strength. I think, is not the right way to go. Join it. If you want to make a better human, not only that too and try to improve your site,
there is a limit to how dim you can see, because of how how because size of the iris in your eyeball right as like. We were talking about, back in the telescope? Show I had you on on the studio for the telescope. Show bigger telescopes, see dimmer things. It's that simple tackled and The peoples at all can can see in the dark. How big is their eyeball it is not bigger than your eyeballs. We all have written in the back. As detectors know. They're, not you know, might do a little better, but they're not gonna, do much better than right, so unless they had huge Balls are no owls right exactly and this another question here from shine. Carp on Facebook is, would it be possible to do and embedded metal skeleton?
with optional deployable weapon, allow Wolverine. Could you do that now? Here's the problem. So if we replace your bones, which already pretty strong with some kind of metal, Adam Antium, Adam Anti Adamant, I'm gonna Hooker axes Wemyss. So if you replace it with with some kind of super alloy metal crack, you still susceptible to tissue damage right. What you're describing is the terminator right? That's the terminator! You can still stabber many still bleeding, and so you still suffer tissue damage, but you're not knock em down rank or cause he's got that super our metal for bone sure. I don't see why we couldn't work that you have a thing you still can t. If you dont have a heel
factor, the healing power than you're. Just because somebody mess examined the dead, you be alive and bloody like when he was preparing himself in the hotel room and terminate exactly when you're the guy knock on the door and asked for a response, and he says, go away except a little more colorful if you're so he's got flies and stuff. The cause he's got biological tissue, keep in mind that for the human body to work lands at the tumor and cures the tour, I fear you do I'll do that, but I'm I'm I'm of bought, fan from way back so dense here. So you won't. You won't stop me if I'm right away, obviously, in order to get foreign material and there are even if the attached or some other kind of way and what about notices. I read articles two about the rise. Nanotechnology, wherefore radically one day will have tiny robots and our bloodstream that will just sort of rebuild cells. Is there any the ever think that Debbie cool I mean a nobody, would be?
smaller than what a cell would identify. I as being a far hostile invader and Russia would just be able to do anything. It needs to I don't see why we can manage that, but I'd rather do it from me. Why get all fantastic voyage on us can just have some kind of device that beams through your skin, and lands at the tumor and cares the tumor? Meanwhile, the fair I'll. Do it I'll do that, but I'm I'm I'm of bought, fan from way back so dense here. So you won't. You won't stop me if I'm right away for yeah to lift the nuclear matter, that is his hammer yeah he's an alien, so aliens in at the holidays have another thing: grants are different who do have cast? You have a favorite, so bigger or one that your most impressed by their construction or what the fish so then I like Batman, cause he's a reg. I can be bad man he's a regular dialogue can be Batman right,
Anne who doesn't like the gadgets and who doesn't like the car he's got the best car of any of its because they can fly. They don't need a car, but you gotta like the car yeah right. I'm scared Fallacies Southwick as it is nonetheless, he's got cool things that the car can do that and so the car is an extension of its utility, both in terms of its coolness factor. So for me, I ve I'd have to be banned, but as a kid died, if I told you this directly, I wanted to be mighty mouse really in a wide. Just because I wanted to save women, who were we're mean people were trying to harm them? and I want to sing opera well, let's go yeah. I just I somehow resonated without Eric. I dont know why. That is a great accommodation I nodded
partners, saving women and seeing Apprehend could fly and other things are bigger than in both. He had strength beyond what you would expect. So I just virgin good about people. You wrestled right, you're, just a rustle back to that we're in cosmic queries. Part of star talk, radio meals, the grass join us again for, signal coming right. Here I come to save that means that by the masses, secret, for you when I consider singing all of the ads on this shell. There just one way to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last startled and support, Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
I hear another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at patriarch dot coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just say breathing space inside it down to earth you're. Listening to start. We're in the cosmic queries, Parker STAR, talk, radio, I'm kneeled Grass Thyssen, your resident astrophysicist here with calling just a resident comic. Welcome. Yes, and I thank you for having with these are cosmic worries on
superhero show us he's got an exciting. I thought I knew just before the break you that one of the question was what superhero, what I do. I must resonate rang with, and I said I think, Batman just cause he's real, rang, and his toys or fantasy like but there's therein reach curiouser, very justifiable with technology and justifiable extrapolation. Yes, what we know today- and I confess that control who'd- I totally- was digging mighty mouse yeah I was asking: is that part of what guy you directly with might and how I did request school college and a little bit of graduates knock em when I'm wrestling and I'm not thinking, I'm doing it too, when the heart of a glimmer of just do it just to do it. I mean it's a very personal thing actually, because if you lose, you just got beat
nobody to bland there's, no, no team, there's no end it and it does not some apparatus. It's you, your muscles, your quickness, your smarts at it. So for me, is the purest form of athletic contest. So dear, so what are the question? I agree when we're going to ask you a superhero: do you ran a mean Wolverine for me as my time I don T just his style attitude, he's attitudinal its greatest pretty often get shot had and then just like kind of shake it off, see the bullet come out your hand and drink beer in the foot. Be unshaven another approximating look as much as I can his hair and nodded shavings. Is he the only superhero that drink beer and goes unshaven I'm sure there are others in binges, but he seems like the most regular easier. His is a reliable form of his character and Roma would
more comfortable running a motorcycle. If I had a feeling power and demanding skeleton send my mom might allow, rather than Billy Organ Donor the semester than ever. So this businessperson from Facebook from Eric Schmidt is it Superman needs the sun's rays for his strength? How does he still have powers at night? What for us, I didn't we needed the sun's rays hope because he comes nearer to the Yellow star. Exactly as with, of course, the sun is actually white, but that's a separate. Conversely and so you can correct for another show that this the sun is yell. When it's on the horizon, when its dim enough for you to notice and look at it without protection, so sons, So these beautiful, yellow army colours in the middle of day when the sun is not crawling its way. The mark and mire of of the super thick. A rise in death atmosphere. The sun is not yellow it right. That's the color the sun period. If the sun were actually yellow than white things would look yellow bird,
If you put yellow light on a white sheet of paper, it looks the White Paper's yellow The sun, we're yellow, then snow would look yellow bout, that's only near fire. Hydrants last, I checks, but so I don't see why just doesn't have storage batteries to store up the energy from his daytime in the zone, maybe one on maybe he'd. Maybe he has no powers by at least the electric car he has. He can still like putter round in which Superman so yeah, maybe he's going to solar power, car and the level of our car that he gets. You see him and ideas costs. That's where you swear kicks. Reach argues that mobile, so it means which, Man, if you send him to the Arctic, where the six months of darkness he be pretty. In effect, and is now his eyes like heave that he goes to isn't that sort of knowledge what worries me for it rang the North pole for six months or a year has no sunlight seems like why go there
a place should be, should be an equator cave that he should be an equator cave yes, so if it's only proximity to the sun, whether not his receiving sunlight. Then he stole in earth distance from the sun s rays. The getting he still getting some getting whatever is the magic ray he's from us and whether or not it's the light. Ok see you can be a single block, we're not wherever they. So this is closer from Stephen king on Facebook? I soon I hope I have observed in the is: what is the likely and of creating a real world arc reactor and like an iron man, the kind of artificial arc reactor heart than he has what, if any negative effects would be present. If you had a house something like that within the human chest cavity- yes, I like that question. So so that's a huge about right. So so I risen a more with Batman than with iron man,
because the energy source for iron man is too too remote from me to embrace that right. But if you, the energy dependent, how you store it, if it sort thoroughly, would be very, very hot rank if you store and Electro mechanically you'd have a lot of what are effectively a wound. Springs right. Multiple many ways you can store energy consort chemically. That's what you have in the form of gunpowder it sitting there. Ready to explode, but it's not so its energy builtin chemically that you can think of mechanically think of thought, and so, if you, if it was thoroughly it would eventually he'd him up. My you wouldn't elder insulated perfectly and so that there would be no bad for him to be bad chemical waiting,
it have in the way of a gun powder where you would have a store of it. Anyone would have small. I think the best gradual reactions that parts of the best way to do that is to have a repository of anti matter, keep separate from the matter with some kind of magnetic bottle and put it in a regular bottle and was writing a thousand? I do it later go back to your lab where's. My aunt I mentally and then you'd leak out little bits of it to merge with the matter and then you'd have energy at your disposal and would be no bad side effects. Nor have they matter. When we come back to the cosmic queries. Part of star took radio, the subject superheroes scene, moment:
marking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it. This is. This is star talk, radio on your host kneeled. Station astrophysicist based in New York City. Are we do most of our broken? stand here and studio with common Joseph comedian extraordinary. The grandeur Is that, on your resume, an extraordinary that's, very sincere and verifiable too? I was before that. I was a journalist extraordinarily before that I was you know. Lifeguard extra life got an inward you major in college. I relation in history and litter
to have Russia and Britain. So I ran lived in Russia for an earlier date, not that I read some books and he's got a lot of comedic repository and british yeah Russia in Britain are two different ways to go. That came out of the one one a lot darker than they are at one of our favorite friends of STAR talk is Eugene, Merman Gorky who's, who has total percent russian now I've to talk to you and russian. Sometimes I don't you stole flow into back. We can probably both, two lions and then and the conversation We're questioning what lessons about superheroes right now, here's one this is from a Christian de Maria on Facebook and the question is: would it be possible for a sufficiently advanced, really erase to divide controlled wormholes as a means of transportation similar to the right
whoa Bridge that Thor use yes entirely. We dont wheeled enough power over energy in the universe, to just create wormholes on a whim. If we do and the kind of power that would require if we harnessed all the energy produced in all the stars, all that several hundred billion stars of the milky way galaxy that be enough to kind of do what we want. A cup- to what two players. What you do is you you use that much energy, because Energy Mass or the same thing, sir, if you we'll damage energy. You can you can you can compressed energy to some? or volumes, then you can solid matter, but they both will have the same effect on the fabric of space time, because mass and energy are the same and relativity and in this universe, do the same in terms of their effect on the unit scattered and the unknown the gravitational fields of the universe, so you'd we'll this you'd, pull it out in your pocket, open me a whole right here and there and open
then you dial up, coordinates in time and in place and you go through the worm. Come out the other side. He could be anywhere in principle in the universe instantly. I want favorite scenes in the movie. What's the one where the monsters ink were discussed, Reviews of this movie is that that movie tat the fourth dimension That movie was all about wormholes those doors were the wormholes, they would go through the door in the factory and end up in a kids closet. No, No one talks about this by the way here, not a little extra little extra physics there. This is an awesome feature of monsters ink because you know they didn't come in your front or to get in your closet. There must have been some other way. It's a wormhole connecting the factory to everybody's closet, awesome, yeah
it's so possible. You only need to be a god like Thor to potentially dandelion we'll get the floor, wasn't a God, Thorpe regular guy in his own place, they just call them a god. Course Legend, because your powers above anybody here on earth right evident some legends he's a random in something. You know he's got on earth were then, is wholly honey, just flow and asked already. I just need just as do you just some these system blonde hair and attain and write us all is just another guy right, That's crazy. Vendors is that you just did the people operating on different levels, there's a guy that people think as a God. There's a guy made me nor an iron man Captain America's just kind of like stronger right rock. I can shoot allowing greater scale. Johannsen can kick it's a good two excellent, but mixture. He asked this question Could Superman use a large telescope to view krypton from afar see in his long lost family and race before the planet was destroyed
Encroach on its further away and light years than Superman is old and human years question rival they love they did that and could even flight time and armed with his knowledge of krypton past, reverse time like in Superman, the movie in number one and therefore prevent crypt ons destruction. Nobody would have never come to earth to then observed the destruction to go back and prevent the destruction, so it would. It would require some sort of being here, but then a time travel element, not just saying if he came here, sought, Cretonne being destroyed but didn't want it to be destroyed and went back in time prevented from being destroyed, and he would have never been cast adrift to her eyes in their earth. For then, if he were goes back our verses in what it stop, but then he would have known remembrance of what happened. Then he would have never come here on earth to have stopped the explosion. So it's just wait just a Dietz itself. It's like you. Look picked it up.
After the break this to figure the steam coming out of your star talk, radio back in a minute. The future of space and the secrets of our planet revealed is start. I. We are back in the cosmic queries, part star, talk, radio, I'm your hosting yield addressed, hasten common astrophysicist and it's my job each week to bring the universe down to earth for you and helping me account,
This are people bring different lens, is their walk of life. Today, I've got Congo's with me comedian by none, and definitely not that's. Terrific in Africa, the outgoing challenges not an after a visit. You really mean these questions I've never seen him before these moments, but they come to us in all of our media Let's Facebook, actually, on Facebook, we're star talk. Radio when they come via twitter. Star talk, radios are twitter, handle and so they come also on on our website. Star talk, radio dot net, so here's one at that said pretty great from I did I finish in answering the other question. I don't think I know so I didn't quite understand it is because it Superman he goes back. He finds out. He sees through telescope krypton is being destroyed. You know it in the past as you,
no traces of it, because that light issues coming to reject news reaching us now, so he flies out there. Does it I'm Travel Worley gag around the planet, spins it back, saves krypton, but the man and he never travelled earth. That's correct! What is where does that leave him physically means it? Doesn't it can't have right right? I mean there, it's it's, it's a it's, not simply paradox, it's a contradiction of what is even possible. So here here's consider this work here with the telescope. He can go, look and see. Krypton in the past. Right, yes, that's true was crazy. How clever, ok, as he travels to Krypton Krypton, still advancing into the future, while he's travelling he'd have to travel faster than light in order to go back in time to then. What can you do? I can he be Superman and we demonstrated earlier you can travel faster, the light so
said that already Superman one I had so you say you can do that? Ok, so so, yes, so he sees it destroy than he travels faster than light gets their beef for the star explodes, but he can't save he. Wouldn't they always the all powerful folks back there somebody would save the star they knew the star was gonna, die right and pushed back. Then he was a baby. So what what's? He gonna do and are now? Don't you think somebody. There would have figured out how to save Krypton or think anyone would have done time travelling around the spinning thing. No, but tangible doesn't stop the star primary, they would have figures started more physical, what they wouldn't. I was moved to another star right. I just just do what Does anyone here away just then I gotta get right just all just title: they go find a stereo gets which would hermit crabs. Do this became a question for Superman's parents? What are you doing exactly? What were you thinking?
but they do have to get that. Moses thing go, and you know random Florian say makes it makes a better story, makes a better story. There are martyrs for the sake of fiction. This is question from Google plus from Stephen Burke Heart, and he asks he says, fun question so he's already say: it will be the judge of that very cocky, great question here. What element based life form other than carbon? Would you be most interested in finding silicon, tungsten, potassium, etc, got sorghum coarse and why why's that can but well, because if you remember your periodic table of elements of your chemistry class, you mean ass. I that's that mistake. Is charter boxes on the wall. You might remember that columns of elements have the same configuration of electrons in their outer shells, which means they, combined with the same other, So every way you can make a molecule with carbon, you can make that same molecule with silicon, so car
monoxide say: oh, you can make silicon monoxide, carbon dioxide. You can make silicon dioxide wherever you find carbon in the human body, you can see, robbing a silicon Adam for it. So in principle you can make life based on silicon and silicon is kind of abundant and, although not as abundant is carbon, its planning a silicon out there and if you are trying to invent the kind of life based on a model that we now have a silicon base life would be, would be cool. Could we somehow could we somehow create beings that are? you now genetically the same. By replacing silicon again today we have tools to manipulate Adams. There's been a reason why we couldn't swap one item at a time: it just so happens and have those you got those no tools. So it would be interesting, as agreed.
Maybe a silicon based lifeforms superhero that become interesting, who know they'll be like what kind of powers it would have? A yes to the molecules are the same, but the properties would be different. They might have different strengths, different capacity to think different acuity. Vision of this would be interesting to explore something I've never done. The problem is that the heavy you get on the periodic table rapidly, they become more Rare and rare right, so if you want any chance of life, have any spot a Muslim, it's gotta be just hang out doing nothing. Carbon fits that bill. Marvellously brand I think we ve run out of time really fast question. Let's see favorite adventures, favorite, avenger I'd have to say for thrown a hammer. So primal right, isn't it
its low tech, everyone gets if you are baby, and that was as rattle that's what you just did is so it's he is well how you feel you know, I don't like you use national authorities or five. That's what ban ban was in in the french stones? We gotta. We got a rapid. This is the end of the Super Euro, show a dream: cosmic queries Cohen. Thanks for coming on to start talks, we have some other listening to start radio. I've been your host, yielding Thyssen and, as always I beg you not only farewell, but I can tell you to keep looking. Wake up as the lay our job the organs wish. You could listen. The star talk commercial free joy
start talking on patriarch for as little as five dollars per month, and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio.
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