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Cosmic Queries: Telescopes

2013-03-28 | 🔗
In this Cosmic Queries episode, Neil deGrasse Tyson answers fan questions about radio and microwave telescopes, from the Hubble to the VLA to the James Webb Space Telescope.

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this star talk radio and on your hosting you'll, the grass I'm an astrophysicist here in New York City and the American Museum of Natural. We are also serve as the Frederick p rose director of the Haven Planetarium and we are entering the cosmic queries part start and to make that happen, I find- the wandering comedian from the streets time. Its call Ngos, Collins Welcome, making our talk we re doing so. Are you for setting that I live some years ago. Do stone Van yeah I've been there seven years now, still, I am still their mother supervising writers. They are now, and I have been granted, has been a good run. Excellent excellent and I did a little bit of homework on you
So you are you a comedian. Do the college as well yeah word for this magazine called the Harvard lampoon. This magazine called magazine called, were in our current o Brien people started out, as I did that, basically way more than I did any of my classes, including my including astronomy. So you want out of schools what you're telling me here. I got it all the great want to frighten yeah three. I gather I didn't. I didn't Matt Damon it and leave early o gotcha. So we're in the cosmic queries part and we just came off and entire our on telescopes, and so we called from internet, always that our centres reach us by telephone by by Facebook by tweets- and so I haven't seen any these questions, but you ve been reviewing them and just firewire bring it off a rather this great. I suggest that this person from Facebook, if from a guy named Dominic Arizona,
and he wants to know aside from the Irish Sea Bo Observatory in Vila in Mexico. Are there any other large scale, operation, radio, telescopes and used today? And if so, what are we looking forward scientist using I'm looking for aside from Seti Data, which I don't even know what city is different university? Ok, so Seti the search for extraterrestrial and I'll I'll? Yes, I guess that's just the acronym. Of course. I knew that this. Of course you would just beer, as I was slow plant, are so just to get people on the same page. The receiver telescope is
Google Dish radio telescope embedded in a natural crater neuron I've seen it is pretty obvious in the island of predatory. Go it's it's it's it's an awesome. It's it's otherworldly! Actually, nothing in that area looks like, and you think it just landed from space. That telescope was had sort of a cameo appearance in the film contact rank rats where Jody Foster and met him economy and establish their love interest in each other. As each sentence gets utter, they get an inch closer to each other and then cut to the next see their undercover together and bad stuff is what happens when you hang out a telescope always
always ended the allay the very large array telescope. That's a set of much smaller radio telescope dishes that are better on tracks, and so this array can be expanded to be fourteen miles across or can be compressed and depending on the size. The penny. The extent of these dishes on those tracks will determine what your resolution
Is of what it is you're looking at and of those combat dinners, combined kind of Voltaire style, ay brilliantly combine in an awesome feat of hardware and software, the signals from all those dishes combined to make a single image of which are looking at the farther apart. They are the more resolution you have for what it is you're looking at you might say. Well, why not always view things with far apart configuration? The problem is not as sensitive when the dishes are far apart. When the close together, you can hear that you can see dim radio signals when their far apart. You need a bright single, but you can get very good detail about what's going on, so those remain too of a few leading radio telescopes in the world. The one is getting all the recent attention, however,
is one called out the attic comma which for the outcome of desert large array. Ok, don't get all my god large millimeter array. Ah my AOL, I may add a camera large millimeter right so Millimeter is a wavelength of light, just short of what we typically call railways, Millimeter, lighters, Microwave Diane, so microwaves are, if you never went, wavelength, would look like I'm drawing the crest and a trough so the height of to the distance between two consecutive crests, that's the wavelength, Frank microwaves have anywhere between a millimeter in a centimeter, typically and beyond a centimeter, your two meters and things: that's radio waves, that's how we have divided the kingdom there, but effected transit,
smoothly from one to the other. But if you, Google, alma you'll, find out an extensive discussion of what it is we're targeting with his brand newly freshly opened a rare as that which does that's in Chile, as the Atacama desert aspect is high altitude, and I think that the ad accommodation is the record for the lowest rainfall of anyone, in the world like an inch a decade or so knowledge, equity, makin, a dispute is very low. I ought to know the exact number, but it is you don't want to live there and that's important, because water in the atmosphere interferes with microwaves, we're trying to get from the universe, and so you want to go to the driest possible place you can. Any Atacama desert is just such a place by the way, the fact that water interferes with microwave we exploit on the other end of
how to make microwave ovens. Water is a major food additives. Of course you have something you want to eat. You want to heat it up, it has water in it. You put it in the microwave cavity, you being powerful microwaves across it, that water absorbs the microwaves and in the heat, and it's not the food, never knew. I just thought it was just that spinning plate, none so fast, may. I think three out of five people surveyed still say these managing to know they ve Newgate, the other headache at something nuclear and it's so not nuclear is its ordinary microwaves. And let us why the holes, if you look at the screen about microbes, pass through glass and all microphones, have a glass door surmount prevents them from coming up rank on the other side of the glass door. You'll see a mesh yeah mean mesh
Prevention check the size of those holes right if they are larger than you know, if you dont want the whole, to be larger than the size of the wavelength doing likewise. Otherwise it will pass run through, but now it is. That is no way of getting. If even if, it's not a can't sneaking somehow high and at the right moment, not anymore than visible light. Can sneak through the wall of a room right, it's just not transparent to microwaves additional, a mesh that you could otherwise see through using visible light with much smaller wavelength microwaves can't make it through its crank. Yet is it so we get smart people figure in smart engineer and where some microwaves? Where can I find some microbes? You want some in the universe, the the one of an earth famous microwaves. Most famous is the birth sack of the universe itself, the cosmic microwave background. It comes to us from every direction and left overs from being.
Well, we got end this segment. This star talk radio and wherein the cosmic queries section see you, the future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal this star die this star talk, radio, welcome back on meal, the grass Thyssen host and I've got it, echoing Jos, please, then, a comedian for the day you do and you to stand up and stuff yell at around us, you get around the country, yeah tour of and on tour, actually doing a bunch of us set Myers whose clear and update Hosea Nano bunch of the northeast the summer of because you're here too, and with the Senate lifeboat exactly right with them.
An excellent, so will accrue name out there, and I soon you announce it on your twitter feed, yeah, there's a business bigger shows you ok, you're, so common just answering. What's with the summit also taken when I did. Maybe me too, I gotta give The programme someone's holding hostage for college, just our common may gather before I did well sir we're in that they were in the cosmic queries. Part of our telescope, show We left off talking about microwave. We how they don't come out of your microwave ovens. Could you ask where, in the universe might fi microwaves, in fact they're everywhere, coming to us from the depths of space, but they also come from regions of the galaxy where stars are being born. So they help us map gas clouds, sort of the birth sack of star of stellar nurseries, and so my cohesion, and
We are they almost like no way there's a big bang. The big bang downloader it over again in different areas. Yes, so the big Bang births or the matter and energy in the universe, but now what he can now would you show from me lately, Russia, the matter and energy? We have gas clouds, condense, inform galaxies and condense, inform stars and planets and went and people right so in their different bands of light, including microwaves, pro different parts of the universe and for the longest, while we thought it was just visible light in a red orange, yellow, green blue violet, and then we realized holders or travelling in X, rays and gamma rays and and radio waves. The universe is trying to talk to us in more ways than our eyes can see. Thus, the birth of these this whole suite of telescopes, and so you have waited. Where do you get microwaves? Just argument on the outcome of large microwave were rank.
In everyday life microwaves or what is used for your cell phone communication most can, we might mention either microwaves exactly and walkie. Talkie are all microwaves if you, if you had sensitivity to microwaves with your eyes, usually contain it lets say if tune into microwaves and look around four should be able see through walls, because, whilst with your cellphone work inside of a room, unless the microwave concerning walking through can get through exactly so, the most that were extremely way not is actually a vision, but should be working on microwave, like revision is just as good as X, ray of adventures. Better. It's better talk after those we'll talk, ass trot, attracts gotta, and so so so microwaves. If you a tune it
and I went by those cellphone towers. They be ablaze with light. They be the brightest things on the horizon. You, when you see the street lights, you be seeing the microwave towers and you see people walking on the phone as they go down the street the whole the phone would be a glow. Now is there is their danger to that. We now their people who would claim there is, but there is no reliable evidence, s ideas. I so are you concerned and are not in the least Al Qaeda vamp dumbstruck. I sleep with all my cell phones. You know all around me out of here and now by choice, couple conversations with people who have bought me we're gonna continue that I was literally. Would you would you you want to get my car regarding YAP or, in my personal account life.
We could get other questions that came in he s now. Here's one from Facebook, it's from TIM Gear and Junior and if you rightly says, if you're on a livable planet near din ebb and an open to that dinner, is one of the stars that traced the constellation sickness the swan. Ok, if you're on a livable planet nears Nab with a telescope looking toward earth, would our son be in a constellation? Can we, with our computer technology visualize what the night sky would look like from that planet totally? Oh, my gosh it we ve got three dimensional coordinates of all the stars in the neighborhood out to you know several thousand light years, and so what we are you can transpose what the night sky would look like on any of the by the way it wouldn't have to be unlivable. Planet frightening, usually from any damage from any point in space. You like apparently, wants to move pray. I guess,
but he wants another view for its where's. He created real estate resign right, yeah he's not looking at one for donor photo, so the night time view so I dont have off the top of my head. What this part of the night sky would look like, but what matters is not what the constellation looks like, because they never really look like what is supposed to anyway, there's like three out of the eighty eight that sort of resemble what their purported to be convened, exact for tat, but you know the consolation Apis, Ap ass, you ever hear of it now not gonna. It's a bird of Paradise has got four stars, like somebody smokin something to call these these five stars a bird, a paradise. I cannot go in there, sir, What we did when we rebuilt the Hayden planetarium I had it in a fit of of I don't know of, of in a fit of irresponsibility
I myself do not want to do how to sneak into the the star ball and date, all the consternation it matters to us today. You know in this guy the previous. You know myself the laptop! It's like two dots are press yard, or you know I mean Jesus. Why not and more just make them box line. Actually there aren't there. This hush electrical triangular em. She's, just a training, we got, you already got real variant, they got so real as to be boring. What's funny about the constellations are the ancients is that they are embedded within their their mythologies and their what mattered in their everyday lives. So so its windows
pass and back then very few people were literate so whose if there was a way it was kind of the library books crap you go out with people who sailors Perseus and he saved and drama to draw all the stories. It's it's quite a bit of storytelling, so I'm thinkin today. What is time up update the constellations yeah? I think I have had the ice cream cone. There's some that have these shapes and I like ice cream.
Of course, major Cronus minor, you know we could like a once. Gift is exactly attend. School constellation knew so who knows what they look like, but they be subject not so much to what they literally look like, but what the cultural imperative is for those who would like a cloud gazing where your exert its reflecting your own personality as much as very Rorschach. Yes, on business question, I am very curious matters. It comes for Facebook from Brandon Fitzpatrick and it he asked, can amateur astronomers by time on space telescopes, who decides how the Hubble get used and by whom? What about terrestrial observatories? Can you go and buy time? We rent time the excellent question and the big ones now the big ones are all four percent.
No use, and even so there quite expensive. I mean they're they're, tens of thousands of dollars, and I even forty run them for universities to rent the universities that owns emanate you paying for the physical plan. They maintenance their engineers there or at all times, is the food services
rattoon living nocturnal early on the mountain top in this entire supports to somebody build the road to get to the mountain tat, so the cost money, and so even if they could afford it, they would not is not available to them unless they applied competitively for time and is something called attack, the telescope allocation Committee, every telescope has it and usually quarterly or semi annually. You apply for time. I want to use their that telescope with this filter and that detector to observe this object for that long. For this reason, ha that's all in your proposal, and so all the proposals get put on the table and the telescope Allocation Committee reviews them figures at how much total time is requested, canopy wedged into the total time available, if not, they Camacho say we're gonna catch in half we're not gonna give you time at all where we like this one better than that one. We think this or be more fertile as a research path, and so this gets
in every time period. Some people get telescope time in others, don't and is it a little bit bidding to like money or is it or no? No, not at all, based on the scientific shots, always scientific letting camp? You like, I want to check out this girl all I'd. She, Vietnam would not work at Rome, ass, red, ass, a convincing, As far as I know, no one is blocked their way onto it because, plus, if you buy, because your stuff, you're researchers and good, we know it will know you're, not. You can't hide You're not good right, and so this is the self the the self checking that goes on in signs as an enterprise right. You can't this limit to how long you can try to pull the wool over someone's eyes because your incompetence,
Ultimately, still I've read what was still, we will soon be prevailed and the fact that it cannot hide so the Hubble. What we talk about is what is the ward rate of your applied time, depending on how competitive one cycle is versus another, as many as two thirds of all proposals won't get aboard a time, and then he tried try to come up with a better idea and that's how that goes. Another other telescopes that are not on the frontier but still exist in storm have time available to them. Have most of the big observatories have some telescopes where they give access to amateur astronomers, and so what you do is call the main office of the various observatories kit peak in Arizona is, is a famous one where the many many telescopes. Then you have to tell them what you are planning to do with it or yet typically going out here, you have a plan b. Don't you can't just now and get married under this may have forgotten what we
back more of our cosmic Cleary section of STAR Talk Rio. We were talking about telescopes on earth in the heavy I'm guilty Thyssen, see, you have done secret, for you gonna, consider singing all of the ads on this show. Just one way to get out a hearing there go to patriarch arms last started talk, and the porters at the five dollar level or higher to listen. The star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite park has player and net I hear another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not happy hear me sing if you support us at Patria, dark coms? Last our talk, radio. I mean I'm just sing it I mean just SAM.
Breathing space inside it down to earth you're. Listening to start, I welcome to start or radio station with calling Jos he's my resident funny do actually you'll be the judge. This resolution hidden right funny do claims when he tells me rights for sat. That is the fact that atropine look we can look out- we can verify that funny, data's waymore nebulous title, so you we're in the cosmic queries part of sorrow, talk, radio for the show on telescopes.
And colony. Just right. You just pull unease off the internet offer twitter. I haven't seen any these questions in advance. What you have for me and who we were just talking about the Hubble, telescope and and brand Fitzpatrick Continuous. Yet another question of the Hubble, which is, is it possible to build a telescope on earth? That's just as good as the Hubble say. In what ways do telescope operators account for atmospheric distortion, and he wants to know? Is that going to be? When is that kind of retired and are there going to be plans for replacing the efforts, while that is an awesome questioned whether the several parts of that? Let me back up for a minute. Data from the Hubble telescope wants obtained by the people who requested they get to study it and analyze it in all the ways they had intended, then the data gets posted and essentially becomes public account point. So while you can't apply typically apply as an amateur to command the hum
telescope. You can actually apply to mine the pre existing data. Maybe there's a question: you could ask of those data that the original people had not considered for them exactly at its core and in fact we had big plans. It, though a little short but we'll be plans of creating something called the national virtual. The international virtual observatory we're all the data from all the telescopes would be in one place and you say, observe this part of the sky.
These wavelength bands and you'd go into the data and send a worm through and fine all the images taken in all the various wavelength banned you cared about and would find them in the repositories of data that hadn't been looked at for years, possibly and bring it back to you, and you would have a chance to discover something that no one even thought to ask laugh and so called data mining. That's what it's called as as procedure natures of hobble. We have telescope far more powerful than hobble. Hubble is only ninety four inches in diameter. Only it's big is ninety four inches in diameter. The cat telescope- that's a pair of them in why does a ten metres across? I was that an inch as its it's? That would be a bad at this war on money nor nations. Eighty now I'm paragraph four
four hundred inches versus ninety ninety four inches. So the cat telescope can see much much dimmer things in the universe. A bigger telescope is the dimmer you can observe the advantage of Hubble being above. The atmosphere is that the atmosphere renders the sharpness of images fuzzy, and so you go above this fuzz layer, and then you see the universe as the universe intended to be viewed over the years. However, we ve invoked special technology borrowed from the military that allows us to compensate for the fuzzy and effects of the atmosphere
and it's called adaptive optics well, it will to form the shape of the mirror in real time with what it reads is going on in a turbulent layers of the atmosphere and exactly compensate for it in a remarkable feat of engineering and software, so that you can get very close to the shortness of the image Hubble like Klondike lands or somebody out of your wrathfully. Updating, constantly updating is an awesome bit of hardware that we now have call adaptive optics and so now is that making telescopes like the ones in Hawaii. Getting to that has great
improved the usability of telescopes were or were given them a new lease of life. There objects that we just to fuzzy to do any work with them. Even though you are you telling it was big enough to detect them, taking just something that fuzzy. Now we can detect them and we have sufficient detail say no more about exactly interesting on this next question is from direct Pringle, Mr Bangemann, who agrees the same guy from, but what was angry it doesn't get. Multi he's gotta lotta topic for Ngos are related, and I won't I dont know girl say he asks you think me. James web telescope will end up getting caught data
shortfalls yeah. Not if I have anything to do with this about kickin some congressional. But let's hope then this is the real Pringle Pringle family and the other James. Was it ship and use that ship in very good, very good professional keep your distance from my professional that fact loud. So the question is surely arose because the budget, the cost overruns on the change will telescope. I mean by a factor for even and whose great worry that Congress we just
fed up with this and cut the budget, and my response here- is the change where telescope, which is gonna. It's gonna. It's not just go in orbit around the earth is cynical. A million miles and the other side of the moon and put in a pocket there far away from far away from any contamination, and it's gonna observe galaxies being born in the early universe. It's a telescope, unlike any other and recurrent extraordinary engineering innovations to make it happen, and I say if you can have a cost overruns on anything, let it not be the highway system, your building for anything else. You ve done a million times before. Why? Why be surprised, if you encounter a costume, on something. You have never even attempted right. It's going to advance human understanding of the universe, threats, and so the cost little more, but At the end of the day, the piss out against the knowledge you glean and our understanding of our place in the universe, I'd say: what's the universe,
the EU and, in the meantime, are also just year, creating something in your employing people when it seems like an hour or All of the above when we get back more of the cosmic query section of start talking, collect right. That's it's like a bucket and trying to collect reign. The person with the bigger bucket collects more ring than the person with the little buckin, because we're passive receivers of light, the comes from the universe. We can't hurry the light along. We can go
robots STAR talk, radio anneal, the grass Thyssen with Poland, just headlong who welcome giving star talk, radio. And I just found you walk in industry and then you happen to be like a like. Oh yeah, Alex actionable client like stars setting out and just so you you wrote for the Harvard Lampoon, that's yeah yeah. It was great, I was and am
a robber Kirshner you know who's the bomb Kirshner area taught they are a colleague of Mine daughter, was no employment. Also, she was there a couple years before me, but I'm so there's a real nice put. I think the universe is fundamentally hilarious, so It's good to hear these other genetic links that exist at about away by commissioners. One of his students is was one of the guys who just won the Nobel Prize really discovering the dark energy that makes the now Ryan Span. Yes, and so so he's he's get links into an ignorant of that's the still Pullman bucks dinner in other ones, like the golden copper, some interesting. How I first started remit. I guess I should
I'll? Take it anywhere about an I'm taking as our international class, but anyway you get so the upside it. I left that is named them. Adam Reese was a student, oh yeah, yeah real exotic, so I gotta questions more on telescopes. Yes, I had a question too is enormously curiosities now on Mars and addressing the rover. Yet the rover, yes and I'm wondering what is there any sort of opportunity there to establish to build either too scope, or is there any sort of telescoping technology they're sending over with that? Does that help aid us in any way? No, not merely advantage. We are. No, I mean Mars, is a little farther out away from the sun, but it's not so much closer to the rest of the universe that that gives us any kind of telescopic advantage. It is so no and plus you might ask what we use a telescope to see our way just on Mars, asthma necessary when you have a role,
you can see the router lazy one corner of the telescope. I think I'm just gonna city until we gonna say now, get off your night, ass travel. All the way here from earth. Give me a second gimme a second, so we just send it there and it's got tools to actually a dig into the rocks and analyze the chemical composition of them. So there's something it tells you can't do so yeah when you're there tell us, maybe just do it in Perth. Forget Sal, you just just just do it in person with own damn rock, yes and so yeah. So why wash pornography when you can have a girlfriend write him in that? that would be the corollary to their fear.
Take it put in a real lay minister. Exactly our answer this this next question is: it comes from Google plus from Paul, Stuart and he's wondering we heap producing larger and larger telescopes. Is there any limit on how large there can be? No, in fact we are, we are taken too. We are weak. That's what we're doing so check out here. What we're about we're about to say: ok, the bigger the telescope, the more light it can collect right. That's it's like a bucket and trying to collect reign. The person with the bigger bucket collects more worrying than the person with the little bucket, because we're passive receivers of light, the comes from the universe. We can't hurry the light along. We can't go grab it before it gets here. We sit here and wait for it to reach us big telescopes gather more light and see dimmer things not only that the wider, the telescope, the more precise the sharper, the resolution will be for what it is observing why's is that,
because you had more information, you have a much your angle of the GDP, so the way it works is the that the wider you're, the diameter of your detector. So by the way it doesn't have to be one solid detector such as the valet. I, u can be spread out, then you have to be clever about how you combine them. Yes, so the wires that field of view, the the smaller is the The angle that you can accurately observed on that object and smaller that angle is the better. Is your resolution? That's all so, for example, if you not giving up, you can't win your glasses, but you should, and you take a look at a lawn it'll. Just look like a green carbon put on your glasses. You see blades of grass, if had even better resolution, you'd see.
Six crawling within and then you can see the cells and then you could see so you can imagine having much better vision than even perfect human vision and you'd see right on down to the threads in the end, the fibres of the grass. So this is the challenge of big telescopes. You wanna be telescoped to accomplish this. The frontier of this is we're. Gonna float tell us in space and have a baseline, its wider than the diameter of the earth while chew on their. How, We use a thought we'd. My maiden would have to have a solid being to hold them, but It's ok. We using multiple one does not have a multiple ones like the relay, but now in space, but we put him on rails, but then we can have a real that's. A thousand miles were so now we can do is call station keeping with laser telemetry. So now have lasers beaming among them and they maintain their distance from each other. Using laser laser technology
with more when we come back on start talk. Radio we're in the cosmic queries tells
marking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it. Stereotypes: welcome back to cosmic query, part star, talk, radio, we're talking about telescopes and I'm your hosting the other grass Thyssen astrophysicist here with comedian calling Joseph comedians sound, so much less impressive. Next, Oh, no, no comedians keepers, culture, yeah yeah, make a smile well with the world be without comedians. Come on now in the court, gesture would come on. You guys have jobs. You know what to tell the truth is what happened
Evil role of gesture was, he was the one and now the king, the truth so now, I thought there to lie because you get killed, if you told the truth well that they probably did ultimately with radical. Theoretically, Mr Waidelich, theoretically italian, I gotcha gotcha, so. This is the first truth to power that the river, what exactly So what are they? Also kind of impressive, so we are talking about telescopes over time about the size of telescope. You know how that affect size, size matters, astrophysics the does matter. No bigger is better. What about material like what its created from the pressure? That is a problem there is a limited. I beg you can make a telescope unearth because it subject to gravity the one g force of gravity struck, surely
that's why the largest radio telescope in the world is sitting in a crater that cradles it. The that you couldn't the size of that tells him so large. You could not hold it up and steer it. In fact, it's an unstable telescope, wait for stuff to drift into its field of view? This is our seeber, radio, telescope in Porto Ego, and to wait for stuff to drift into its field of you just to observe. It is because the materials are having no, it's that the well, not that the material itself is heavy, but the size of the structure is so unwieldy. Gotcha, given the gravity she'll forces that operate that you just wait. Do we have no knowledge of materials that could sustain it? So but what we learned is forget, surface go into orbit. Will you have zero g and when you have zero g, the structural integrity of materials is no longer relevant, not at least with regard to the stress of weight because you're in it still matters in terms of temperature fluctuations in things because it gets here.
Called as it goes in and out of his shadow, but other than that you can make structures that are otherwise unstable. In fact, the Hubble telescope, if brought to earth, would be unusable as a telescope because it has not structurally stable under its own weight while so, and not only that in terms of the detectors and they the material that focuses the light for regular lightwood use glass is very reflective. It's a familiar surface that you put the silver coating on and it reflects radio waves. Don't need me glass, you can use use wire mesh hit the nail. The size of the hole in your surface just has to be smaller than the wavelength of light. That you're trying to reflect thanks. That's all I know, is a hovel with the Hubble built in Finnish in space.
Who is structurally on sound learner, sorry, so it will resist unusable whose unusable natural hasn't. If I saw it apart and as a cost, Europe will tell us go if I don't like a couch, they have to build in the realm of the US. So when it was opened up in the end the solar panels were exposed. Then you have a zero g telescope. The space station itself is and is structurally unstable. Think of the size of a football field with with with booms, hang out and solar panels in pieces glued together, there's no way I could sustain itself in any kind of force of gravity it all. That's a nice idea that everything is this question is from Facebook from Watson, Mikhail and the question is: could there be, can ever be such a thing as a gravity, telescope, a device that could measure not the effects of gravity but gravity itself or dark matter or dark energy telescope? And what would the universe look like through
those devices. Ok. So as an interesting question, yet just to see the gravity field right now we only know gravity by its influence on the movement of other objects. Right. In a sense, all the telescopes and the software and the detectors that have been brought to bear to discover so Planets Vienna way. Those were gravity telescopes. We were observing the response of the host star to thee tugging upon it of the planet in orbit around it. So, where observing the effects of gravity through the light emitted by the host STAR and This is almost asking is: are we show the negative Spain yeah? I don't know where we have no way? No! No! I don't know any waited to show that.
But we do have what are called there's the laser interfere, metric gravity, wave observatory, abbreviated lie, go and that's a telescope debts to observe that's a telescope to observe that tells you to observe ripples in the fabric of space and time half that come our way and the predicted by Einstein, Einstein said this should be something called gravity waves had had it I'm way. Maybe he came from the future into the past. Showed me can pretty cool mentors like I am actually confirming the bears are going to win and eighty five I me and are now bears the cell oh, so what you have
air is give two black holes collide. That's it awesome disturbance in the fabric of space time and that ripple moves through space and it comes across the telescope. Telescope can then measure at the birth of the universe. Itself has a gravitational signature. These gravity wave telescopes would be brought to bear to observe them, but otherwise, just as he gravity sitting there and empty space, I don't know of any way to do that. What about observing, dark energy or dark matter? Oh well, we're again we observing the effects of dark matter, energy and dark man, that's deed, effective when you see the universe, expanding exactly I think that a dark energy forcing an acceleration of expansion dark matter is just some extra gravity. After we don't know. Where comes, We're gonna wrap it up On telescopes colon, thanks for being a start on radio and learn a lot about us, we are brought to you in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation on your hopes wielding grasp. Leaving you have to keep looking
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