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Cosmic Queries: The Random Edition

2016-08-26 | 🔗
It’s time for Cosmic Queries, where your own personal astrophysicist Neil Tyson answers fan-submitted questions, sight unseen. This week, co-host Chuck Nice chooses questions about the periodic table, universal north, Ceres, exploring Europa, and more.

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is start under host meal. Draft hasten your personal astrophysicist. I'm here in studio with Chuck nice sitting across from Jackknife Comedian Hidell do very well, I don't think I've ever seen. You do stand really. Gotta comes over tat definite. Let me right Everything I've ever been invited to see the little holes map from what I hear, I'm very vital. As would people down I'm gonna die We ve got another cosmic queries edition of stock. Guess this isn't like fans and people like Cosmical. You know what I'd read it I can. I prefer to be like interviewing, guest and stuff. You know our thanks
not my sister's beer, be like encyclopedia man for the universe, but I think people enjoy the passion that you bring to the answers that the question of colonel. I know your thing is to empower people to find information on their own or to steer them to other information. That's what you like, there's an educator as an excellent work. People you don't wanna, be the actual resource. Like you know exactly like my mother used to say I was I was that might go. Look it up it s actually, not to say that I think would people enjoy is the fact that you bring the information are very entertaining and very passionate fervent way. Ok, that's what they really did, not just to the fact that you are giving the information.
I will do this. Let's do it. I haven't seen these questions at all. They have not, and these are from and the category no category of citizens left over his low hodgepodge operate the potpourri, that's right, cosmic queries, popery and a mathematical random right rather than Potpourri Hotchpotch Rat Rand rant at cosmic queries random. The random addition, Duquette Cassim Johnson, wants to know this from Facebook and earth because he doesn't tell me where on earth he is from. Yes, you will say, would you say your earth rider, he says: is it possible for stable black hole to exist with in a stable star, yeah, that's kind of a wild question.
I know the black already to start from the inside out o my god. That's amazing here that been asked them would be ugly glee totally ugly. It's it's like that. The asian drawing up dragon eating itself or tell or its tat we re all. Yet now tat. You have a good question and by the way the centre of a star is where it at its hottest, which is the source of the generation of energy. So if your centre became a black hole, you not generate energy for the star any more and that's all she wrote and at its on sky, which is gets yeah yeah yeah, ok value where we now you have to do you. Do your imitation of the supermassive black hole after just eat something If we look at it now know that, wasn't it I'll settle middle school version overnight, your grave Nada
the black hole eating any star the comes near by and is it. If all the while rat black hole, was the loose, I believe adzes her a cosmic smack her rabbit. I believe. Yeah. So black, all that we need to start from the start from would have thank you for the personification. I can't believe I'm just a master. I write Thomas VAT
Collins Whale, I so does rotation of the galaxies give us North and South orientation in the universe, based on something similar to the Coriolanus effect, and if that is the case, could it be used as a reference to measure distances and our position verse the equator of the universe, no network not visit there, some interesting backstory here. Yes, so in physics, we have an unambiguous way of how to define what is north real. Yes, Look at least so. North has meaning only and things that rotate ok right of apes, put a book in front of say what north let alone is not means nothing rotates
Now, take your right hand, curl your fingers in the direction of things, rotating carrot and stick up your thumb. That's north got you! Ok, gotcha, and so that's how we can say if something is rotating upside down right relative to north, because you have the twister curl, an elephant, and now it's rotating imagine value than farmers pointing down splendid down? Ok, so that's how it define rotation. We did not know that the galaxy was a rotating thing until long after we had like named it. Why should call galaxy? Get
factors whose Greek for milk that's the milky way going across the nice. It does look like a streak of white across awestruck, awake and night sky. Not anything was literally milk, but was the poetic reference to write, and so so that's the galaxy and it now. If you learn that it is a flattened system and then you wanna ask: does it have a north south? We astronomers in the early day assigned the north pole of the galaxy to the pole of the galaxy that happened to be in the northern hemisphere of the earth of earth. Sky gotcha all right because we're seeing it from the north or top part of top part of our reference. We would later learn which way the galaxy was rotating editors. I was turning the other way, so we are stuck calling the north pole of the galaxy. The opposite of what our laws that we made for ourselves to define it as such would give us gods yet so, in other words, what we say
the North pole. The galaxy is in the Northern Hemisphere sky, but is actually the cells Algeria without the area. So, yes, we can orient the galaxy, but we the the universe. We ve never found a way to oriented. There's no patch of material in one direction or another and access distribution, Wainwright. None of that stuff is like pretty random. Is for out, as you go, that's cool man. Yes, we could do that here on earth because we have all of those things, measure, location or poor, the solar system, which It's all over the planet turn around the sun, as we see the sun as a centre which ways that Son rotating, so that son of a North pole, a bicycle north pole got. That is cool, and that's because we didn't know it was we didn't know it was rotating which we had to discover the galaxy were in it right very like how do you want? Your mother looks like you're an embryo within our womb that self funding? Don't
So one of the last things we discovered was the galaxy with with what the hell we look like in the galaxy. What a great what? What a great example, how do you know it's mom looks like before your boy, yet you have no idea right. Will you know her voice? You gotta Sofie, stick and put it up what others that there could be a way to do it. That's all I'm saying is that Ok, let's move on two legs and Perkins Alex is coming to us from Earthen Alex's, hey, I just turned thirty, have averted how feasible is in my lifetime to see people land on Europa? Now I suppose you sing musing the average lifespan, because we don't know ours could be hit by a bus next week. You know that's not what what what? What
I don't think that's the life expectancy he's planning for this with ok, you're right if you can hit by but next week. You ain't never seen this happen, so so any average lifespan. Now I'd like to believe that before Alex turns a hundred UK, this positive outlook Alex that we might Edison.
Able to Europe. It would just be very cool that would happen only the day we are like. The solar system is our backyard. It tablet. I don't see that as a destination itself. I see that it is one of the many things were doing in space rights visiting Europe and be very cool. I talk about going to Europe. All the time now go ice fishing on Europe. It's an outer. I see layer upon layer of ice and stress from jupiters gravity heats Europa bodily Europa and Jupiter outside of the Goldilocks zone. Right. So, if you are outside of your water is, is the evaporate cause you to close the frozen, because you too far away Jupiter. Comes energy into Europa because of its gravity and his melted the ice beneath the surface. So it's like an Eminem Eminem Moon. It's not a high candy outside. Yes, as its
I swear lotteries we see inside so you out there and I want to go to actually is many times. I wanna go ice fishing on Europa. There's a movie called the Europa report, which is about the man man's first mission to Europa and so and they then they went to look for life there so yeah. I think that can happen definitely in his lifetime, while without those oceans underneath Europa. How likely is the the possibility of life, because, while water and life go together here and in hand here on earth- and as I have said this before this latest life- every place on earth where there's water, liquid water, even the dead sea, correct now wiser life in a dead sea, wiser call the Dead Sea cause day, ok, you know macroscopic fishes swimming around, but at the time they named the dead sea, they didn't know a microscope. You said they have rights,
finding their world by with their senses, tell them when, in fact, what science is all about, his extending your senses in creating new ways of detection, that your biological form can't even approximate, and then you deduced the nature of the world. Gotcha, sweet great question Alex and hope you live to be a hundred, but if a kangaroo I write James Clever, wants to know this he's from Bangalore Michigan, he says I've been reading your book death by black hole. Thank you move the fan favorite we're by Michael, and you mentioned that scientists knew there were holes in the periodic table well before they were discovered. I'm just wondering how did they know, maybe a brief history of how they were originally organised. So we know these tables. We know that there are gaps heavily in others gaps. Yet so I'd love me some periodic table. I can't get enough periodic table to so you know that's so so so
once. You learn how to organise the elements which is what Mandalay I've figured out came a russian scientists red heat once you do that, if you arrange them by how many protons or in their nucleus, very simple, waited ok dominant, wasn't right. We have also got four than you're over here. You got five go next before you that seven skip one. Do we have She had no night why we did have successes carbon, but we do have eight that's oxygen. I can be a hard one could do have nine right, and if no, we don't have you ever. We got ten. So ten go in your ten slot right! Well, who's, where's, nine, we'll have yet we'll get get off your ass and find me some nine, and so this Liza how we established the gaps in the periodic table. The periodic table is complete from one up two hundred or will we have to in ten or twelve or something so there's not like you can use discover some other element is going to.
Wreckers. There's no nine point. Seven is no nine point, seven correct correct! That's why it's complete gods, yet they would it sums that some aspects of science are complete dratted weak. The town is that's why it's a beautiful thing as a record of discovery, but the centuries- and I love it so now, for example, the element a week, we discovered an element on the sun before we discovered it here on earth, cocaine and we named it after the sun, the sun, God Helio helium, which became helium, which is a lot of that in the sun yeah. It's a temperate about ten percent helium and we're running out of it on earth on earth. That's right! That's right, and so helium is not uncommon in the universe and because we keep fillin like Thanksgiving Day, loons with he'll have not acted in the old days. They would let it escape and regenerate the helium, but now they recapture it. I've been told our day because Macy's is the second biggest consumer of helium and the world get out here.
The, U S, military and human, has very special properties, not all of which I can Diebold get out really here, come on like making you talk, that's too bad, not a secret, not to that's the best one by the great stuff man. So do you have a periodic so now Ok, that's how you know you have a missing on necessary. So now now now has taken one step: further, there's an element there was missing and we did the calculation after Quantum Physics was discovered, and we noticed that that element is unstable. So, even if it was ever in the universe, it would have decayed into some rattles by now, so would be like a when a gap never got anything to say I was not here now, so we said: well, ok, let's just make make the stuff
so we manufacture it an element to fit in the gap, and we named after ourselves, we needed after technology is called technetium, technetium ass. We met and, of course, because we made it it can at last be renamed attack. I mean that moves artificial, ineffective mission, as it is a very active tool, potent tool for radiologist, because if you did, you can set it up and wasted different half lives, that's six hours or ten hours and you can do experiments with you know Europe here, you're circulatory system by tracking the radio activity, and if small amounts are okay, if it can write, Then you can trace it as it moves as it has in mind the half life in a go away, go away. You led the hospital you don't write. Tat is really get. I was once in a hospital with one of my radiation detectors.
Occasionally carry, and only you is almost so set down next in the waiting room and the alarm started going off and I looked to the person I said: ok, what what are you in for, well hurry just Arab: they just did radioactive die test on right and he was still radioactive as he would be for the next few hours. So I could not so who to another where Eric case. We go. We have one more point, one more before we break. This is from rob see what do you think the bright spot on services or serious serious? Oh, yes, so that the largest asteroid is actually has enough gravity to turn it into a round. Shapes was the only round asteroid, Sir we should even call it an asteroid, isn't it would add to our planet that precisely now allow maharajah. Oh I've heard about you get so objects there that are just big enough to be turned into
fear by their own gravity, but they haven't cleared their orbit, cause serious orbiting in the asteroid belt Dwarf planet. I flew down being up to be a sphere, but its orbiting. The keeper belt dwarf planet, the matter so a bright spot on series. I have no idea there other stuff about serious through the first asteroid, discovered back in eighteen, Eighteen o one ran so obviously going to discover the biggest brightest one. First right, we'll go that makes sense, and so they wanted it. They thought they discovered a planet, and so they want and planet to name at the roman gods got, and so they named after a roman roman goddess of harvest, theories. That's the root of the word cereal right whole grain, which were as delivers a delicious plan. So that series he's all right. I guess
thing. It's a highly reflective icy area right of it, of the object, because ice can be very reflective relative to any other kind of rock and doesn't take much to be more reflective than rocketing. Blazing Lee and images you take of an object gaseous. So that's my guess. There you go, Rob gets the ball with a spoon and enjoys series We would get a break chuck. Yes, when we come back more cosmic queries put all that is rather weak. Yeah. Hey. I've got a little secret for you, I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this show. There's just one way to get out a hearing, they're good,
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Like Rebecca Starker tasted here prefers, that's right would we're potpourri together this we are where we are and we smell potpourri together, Popery and ask me questions drawn from our loyal fan base. Yes- and you haven't asked me really crazy, stupid question yet and you gotta be summoned. Every batch I'll can actually very intelligent questioned, but some of the weird ones get there are some interesting answers to the sand, you're choose. I don't know anything you u compiled! Look as is letting you nonsense. You said it.
And maybe I'll change my mind after this. I don't know because guess what I skipped over this question. First segment- and yes, you saw me just take pick this page back ass. You picked out ways out of the trap. It was ended. I'd turn that over a pick it back up has here. It is it's from Anti Amr to stop a motto. Saw: ok, ok, that's what ever you! So! I think I think you actually have no free
As ever in your life, she never had any practice pronouncing other people's names like you got one part of that right, ok, anti, amateur, ok, forget it! If you had superpowers, would you wear span decks a case? If you were superhero, would you go with spandex, if maybe about a cut body and then spend actual show off the body that could help intimidate Krim criminals? You know right- maybe I'm just I mean see out when I will go with three pieces, president I'd sure of anything. I was just a banker and an almost certain, unlike playlist, what would my throwing guys across the relevant Wheeler, Kinsman Walker, with a dapper umbrella, a k and every time I said that we like. Who is this? Who is playing?
keep so went up and kick in our lives. Unlike the banker, remodel like that now you know you're right. Why have spent no there's, no, you know In the early days, Superman was wearing pantyhose, so pretty Matthew the blue penny debt. So yet others no call for that. I know a lot of bankers. Three pieces referred is late hour. I put that back over. You know what I do and I would draw from my supply of ties and each time would have a separate, different superpower that eating it gave
now that's kind of cool, and if you saw my tie, you no more no deal how how I was gonna kick you have that I like it. I forget telegraph there. We data also thank you ain t a right here we go. This is from Nelson saw Nelson says what are some of the most important non space related advances, which came directly or mostly from research at NASA. More NASA is fully focused on space, so maybe the way to answer this is their advances that directly helped space and things we were doing in space and other things that not only helped Spaceboat then help what we,
here on earth. Maybe that's the way to answer this right now is not research and how to make your better cup of coffee, but they do utilise technology and technological advance. It is always with the mission of trying to improve our duration, in time technology in space, but that doesn't mean I can't applied a very cool things on earth, for example, go ahead, some simple ready lately. If you have taken the exit ramp over of most highways and if that eggs around has a pretty tight turn, the payment is groups it is have you noticed. I have noticed that they came from NASA and why exactly would there be? God is the last time I checked. Space is therefore no off rather obvious logo.
As I understood this when it was told to me the you, have a space shuttle coming in for landing, and it's not the spatial data glider coming on his back when we actually put people in space Hussar, ok, so, but in the day way back right as well as bill. My likes to there is he's always put on his old man voice. What is our way back in the day you go back and when we flew space, when you come back to earth and you gonna land, you are landing a glider re write this hardly any control over here. You know you have heirloom flaps and things which were glad now suppose it's raining or those that it's a little when ok, you don't the thing sliding to the left and the right. So you put groups in the pavement which
a lying, the wheels in the direction, the wheelers rotating, which is the direction the road points right there you have it, and so this reduced the possibility of skidding and people realize hey. What do we put that on? All France could look if you're going too fast and you come off the ram you're hitting the embankment right. Ok Now you can ask used here's the fascinating point. You can say why spend millions of dollars whatever took her good? Why not to have somebody invent that right outright? Why ok? Because When did not, however, cheap you think that is right. The fact is: Solution only came about when someone cared about space right and it turns out when you going. I have found you into space people gather around who care about that smart people who care about that Ray and those? problems they want to solve. You know
the smartest person in the room and say: oh, can you help me prevent Carson skating on thin off ramp of interstate ninety? I was. There is also no money in that. What you that last point right. Will you help me stop cars from skinny, yeah what's in it and what must it? I hope you do that and I'm at the top of my class. Why am I going to do that by instead saved prevent the space shuttle after coming out of orbit from skating on its runway? You gotta figure this stuff right, so space exploration has a way of infusing levels and dimensions of creativity in anybody who thinks about it and that's how you these amazing solutions to everyday life. Man at as a great great point, but even calling them spinoffs could spin off what we got this widget in space. Now you use the which it on earth is not even about that now. These are some of these are direct applications just because they as fast as you see with the groups you find use for it,
Where else and is extremely important to have, you can think of how many thousands of lives probably have been saved by people having groups that simple little thing, that a simple and no one writes a story about the life that was not taken. So true, what that was a great question, Nelson and just remember that NASA will continue to suffer budget cuts it those area. That is to say no But let me give you one more just one more example: ok, so the docking algorithms to get the space shuttle to talk with the space station right there too but a collars. They come together and there's a laser stabilizing system that enables that to happen right and software related. To that end, the link- I say
as in I'm sure you're amazing right as in yes, your correct or not, as I already knew that dragline so so. What we found is that the surgery used to cut your cornea parent revealed to adjust your vision, which would Clark Lasik Lasik surgery. Well, it would do no issues. Lasers, ok, passion be so so now that uses lasers. How, Will you do that to someone if there I might jiggle a little bit while you're trying to cut right? That's not what you want to know if you dont want to teach you want to, I added I and adding any circumcision, so so what they ve done was adapted
This laser stabilizing mechanism that allowed the cut to move with the moving eyeball encased in moving eyeball, moved and its from the docking mechanism of the space shuttle into space station. So so this NASA technology enable this lasers lasik surgery. To be conducted safer and more cheaply than ever before, yeah. That's why all of a sudden everybody started getting it absolutely because of it, because it came out of space. I that's it, may not, except for the surgeon now, but just the took us from the surgery came from an accident that guy had caught his eye. Not design at yielding was like. Ok, I don't know why, but I could see better. You know, but less than this
let me try it on. You actually do with a kitchen, my Bacchus better, because I've got my. I should try to crap. I bet I can hear you. That's that's fantastic! So that's an example of that. So to extremes of examples, one where vision has been improved and other you're driving has been improved right and ate. The both of them came out of the space programme. Yes, and has also that's amazing, there's a thousand great question. Man right. This is from Scott and that's all he says this is from Scott Love. It ok. This is on your premier cosmos. You mentioned that the moon was pushed away by title friction. Can you explain at a little bit further
never heard it put like that before yep I pushed is a very visual image, but what really happening is that it's getting flung flung is a more assertive physically accurate thing, so what's going on, is the moon create a title bulge on earth, and so it is the warders its nearest, the moon pulls towards the moon. The moon is pulling on earth. Little less and the water, but on the other side of the room, is pulling on even less so all the oceanic warders form is bulge. If it's in a direct line to the moon, ok, ok, it turns out it's not into direct line to the moon, because earth is
oh tasting rotating faster than the moon is turning around it. So we actually drag this bold ahead of the moon. Ok, ok, ok! So this point is actually trying to slow us down. That's why we occasionally at least seconds to the calendar gotcha and because the boat is ahead of the moon right. The moon, seals gravitational force, I head of it, and so it wants to go faster in its orbit right and by going faster in its orbit. It ascends to hire distances from earth got so it's it's. It's a cosmic beg choreographed by the forces of gravity gas dine. It tat was fantastic, the multimodal spiralling away about five inches a year from earth. Just because of this flinging affair. Right of the leading edge of this title. Balls right, I'm like that is fascinating, because it's like the earth is
container holding this one s, yes correct so, stead of lining up with the with the with the gravity. Pull for right, because the earth is a container holding this water and its spinning ass, the water was to move. We would remind you of what I had of the water ahead of the moon. That cost us our rotational energy to do so that what we Oh, my god, that's that's incredible. What is this its visit? I know but know don't do that, allow! No, I don't believe it because it's a lot about you. You know you, you look like them. What you look like a double rainbow guy, remember: double rainbow! Guy comes round the corner of the mountains on you too, to rainbows, crime due to physics, ok, chill
This is divine is like is white, so so to take away. The beauty of this could be the whether other things that are mysteries, that we don't, granted that are even more beautiful. What I'm saying. Like women where we heard this tango with the moon re ultimate if that, when the moon wins, was second and ultimately the movements of slow us down so much that we rotate at exactly the same rate that the moon, orbits us right and when that's the case, our tables willow line. We will not be fighting the balls and the goals will not be flinging the moon forward and this system will be called. What will be in what is called a double title, lock double title lawyer, which was a wrestling out. I've always wanted to invent that move with the result that troubled title I Russell and I'd know astrophysics. You know I was trying to invent a double title: lock recently hold right yeah, so so what so? What have at that point Earth Day will be cool the lunar month,
I have one side of the earth will only ever face the moon. Just as today, one side of the moon only ever faces the earth. Which is why there is never earth rise on the moon, vies, always in the skies gonna half of the moon. Gotcha That, which is why the famous photo called Earthrise taken by APOLLO eight in December nineteen sixty eight called earthrise, because the earth was rising over the moon, whitewash cause. They were One would want to write their orbits things, move exotic to pull up the Cameron, there's earth rising as high growth rise, but people thought or earth rises on the moon just like the moon rises on earth not now right, that's amaze, not until the moon winds. Unfortunately, I'm still stuck on double title. Lack of trying to figure out like do you put your like legs around the purses net and then you like hanging offer them
and then you grab both. Are you like whip it? I got my show your camera, I never perfected it, but I have had the ideas of one that's pretty cool, and that is what happens you face your poet and then I swing you till you're out of balance in and take you down, while I'm still facing you, because in a double title on both sides, Europe's are facing one and no matter what they do. So the idea is to get the person is still facing you and then. As I swear, swaying him down right, yes, fantasy, maybe get a quick wanting before the break I got here is a good one. Man you will this guy look different if we are all standing on another planet constantly, and since I saw if I'm, if I'm on another planet in this solar system, do I see the aims guy. Yes, what ever witnessed
you said you were so here's it's a simple answer. Ok, so the extent of our solar system is like from like the sun to Neptune, get over her, not look at the planet, so sources, so basically we're like the moon rises on earth. Not now right, that's amaze, not to the moon winds. Unfortunately, I'm still stuck on double title lock, trying to figure out like do you put your like legs around the purses net and then you like hanging offer their back and then you grab both of you like whip it. I got my show your camera, I never perfected it, but I had. I heard you I d as of one there are hundreds of light years away at it. So if you just shift your head, ten like ours started on is that it will mean a damn thing. That is, so you gotta start moving among the stars to change your perspective on the constellations for them to take on others,
not it regularly astrologers with you as we try to keep up with the new shapes night out and tell you how the universe will now affecting because of the random stars oriented in the Galaxy Jacqueline. Break, I will come back and continue yet more questionable. Yes, I do when start or continues more focused, They said.
This is starting with that. Yes, I am. This is causing equerries start talk, radio Cosmic Rays edition in any more we're question. Lemming we're questions have sometimes interesting answered. Ferris is true, but he got ok. Ok, here's one! Jonathan Smith, from LAS Vegas Nevada, and you can pronounced his name no work.
So, tragically, we will go start each time was you know, I don't think I can really be proud of Jonathan Neil yeah. I've heard that the strongest evidence for gravity waves is the spiralling together or to neutron stars grass, the ripples? Yes, yes, how K? However, neutron stars have incredibly strong magnetic pool as well, indeed his possible that the same dynamo, a fact that causes our son, too slow its rotation- could be causing neutron stars to lose their combined angular momentum over time. No, ok, I'll, tell you why go here, because we can look at the ripples that neutron stars send out as they as they draw near one another, and you calculate using Einstein general theory of relativity. At what rate would it lose orbital energy to gravitational waves? Ok, you right down there,
and then you look. We have binary neutron stars in our galaxy. They are losing energy. Exactly that rate, there's no unaccounted for need to then say: here's some other mechanism is even necessary. It works exact. We know where the energy we know where we came from and where there is a lack of sir but re question. That is very and it's how you, how you make these reductions in the universe? You look if something you know, Oh very well, if it accounts for everything, there's no need to keep. You could keep looking, but why? Yeah, I mean maybe it's sharing the cause, but We think I know about were, however, accounted for. It works right. So there's no need you you're done and move on to the next ain't broke, don't fit exactly there. You go right, so Jesse from Vancouver. Canada would like to note this, given that there is an upper limit, for speed limit to the universe being the speed of light at a lower speed, if not just a good idea, if the law
about your love, exec, you never know rocket and there's a lower speed limits by the way the buckling up you only buckle up because the cart, your car changes, speed right, not because it exist at any one speed at all. Like the chains, that's pretty changes. What will kill yet that's why you can be an airplane going six hundred miles an hour at thirty nine thousand feet and you may now and buckle use. Right, for Europe is going to happen. If it's you view maintain your speed, that's not a problem. If you speak changes and that's what your seatbelt its work, so given there's a lower speed limit, which is the absolute zero temperature velocity be considered,
mention like sprays length with in depth, but you have to ask what we wait. We're gonna go with that. What you gonna do with that, because, for example, out you can have a speed and then I can slow you down with breaks right. You change dimension, went right where you gettin with that. Why, and what is the purpose of even having have thinking about it? That way, if you want to buy the way, creative thinking is highly a good thing in this world. Ok, but if you do so ask yourself, is there something? You will now be able to explain that you couldn't before God it because everything we have constructed about velocity and speed, and all this with its as Einstein said or was it his project said space tells matter how to move a matter. Tell space how to curve wow as deep as that's a great we ask is deep. So in that sense, it's not yours!
he'd, but is the gravity that creating the dimensionality of the fabric of space? You can move within that. So we move within the fabric of space policy itself has not there's no cause to think about it. That way. That's at you, sir. I applaud the exercise, outlines very creative thinking and your answer. Jesse is dark matter, Have you never answer one question with some mills wheedle? No one could see that's pelagia it'll. Do people say how can we explain this thing in terms of consciousness? We lower consciences, Israel just back a bright red given space as fighting NED Botsey. You know what that's that's a great little cheat. The debt has achieved its a great change completely where people will also makes a meaningless, because I don't know about this. Well, why don't? We think about it enter
This is something else we don't know. Eggs at continental answer is that lives are very clear on this from Amanda Militant. She says in every document which you from she from earth. She is from earth she's just from earth. In every documentary I have seen lately. Extra terrestrial life is animal. How do you think plant life would evolve outside of our own world, or could there be life that exists that could not be classified as either plant? Nor animal but still life. There is a famous science fiction story and forgive me for I forgot who wrote it could come in here with notes. They dont know these questions. So how could we re so so? There's a science fiction story where the aliens came upon earth and saw that we were there is like muscle tissue and they go back to their home planet.
They are made of meat, because the aliens are made of some spirit, energy right right and we're me. Meat and another thing that we take for granted, but I can imagine an alien life form that would just freak out other than salt other than salt animals have to kill to consume food and other than the consumption of salt. Everything else you It was once alive ready Western are unless you live off of milk and honey that those themselves have another little animal automobile animal byproduct. You have to kill some. Even a vegetarian hesitated was alive, slaughtering carriage, that's right and slice and then Dyson a map ensure adding them So the fact that we have to heal other life forms on our own planet for our own sustenance
could easily be seen as one of the most barbaric things to another civilization where they all absorb energy from their hosts star. Right Yes, sir, you have because their absorbing a not consuming whether an answer and their neighbours and limited are not ingesting their unlimited source of energy from her son, just like planets by plants on earth right, they don't have to eat anything there, some the too, of course, but most don't the Venus. Why trap is carnivorous and with the other one that each flies it signals like picture plan so that one okay, so they are carnivorous, but all the rats, aeroplanes are doing just fine with sunlight and that's that's an awesome way to live. I think if outer evolve, the human into us and another for I'd involved with solar panels and our skin nice skin would be one big solar plan that we're getting sunburn aegis, recharge, you're here energetic. Yes, I believe they call that Africa I'm sorry I heard this. That's why they're black eyes
You said that by their black others. So crazy. I met him. Morrissey says hi, I'm showing for the first time an episode of cars. Most in my high school Earth Sciences Class Europe for the teachers are the world. You girl, one of my students just asked me if a ship that is design like a ship of imagination would actually be able to fly into space. Would that be possible? Love your show and thank you I'm not authorized to say whether it actually on one of these not that the ship and imagination on purpose has mobility through space and time, and that mobility is empowered by my thoughts well so there are no controls, there is no a plus. We have a mini discussion with with Andrew Ian, who specified in the script that the ship would be impossibly minimalist right, so
I would not be wearing a badge which would apply that I'm captain and you're, not because you should be able to fly this as well, so so the ship, no it if it exists completely in my imagination as your tour guide, and so no, there is no attempt to try to get real there you go as they have been with the starship enterprise and other so decipher creations. So so yeah, it's not it's not real or it can even be imagined to be real right. Does it exists in my mind night, as your private org, we weren't. We, you know what time it is it is. It will bear witness about her. Very minor around lightning rare, ok, I got we gotta lighting, we're ok, I'm answering soundbites, because you still have so many. I didn't get to rank ready. Gonna here we go.
Of any bad era, wants to know, as the sun expands gets close to the earth, will the what will happen to the earth besides getting really hot, so the that's the story here, is that it's getting hot kick that's the story, so the How many will be the same will still orbit the sun in the same amount of time, but it's as it gets hot to the oceans will come to a rolling boil and evaporate into the atmosphere. The upper atmosphere will itself evaporate into space as we become engulfed by the expanding son and we become vaporized amber or being deep within earth's surface. Have a nice day from Andrew Lounge Bury who says this is not relevant to science, but where did meal get his celestial?
best, actually our own about six vests and the four different stages of how wide my belly is difficult times, but the one I'm most than the one most seen- and I was the last vest sold at the gift shop of the handsome planetarium in Utah SALT Lake City Utah, before their clothes and reopened in another identity and in fact they had no more left and I bought it off the back of the sales person and I have yet to see anyone else, wearing this vast ever again tat so yeah, that's the one that that person is probably so pissed off their back. Lady agree: I take a steel off the map. Give it a bet.
Hu. I envy T bitch, I'm sorry, nice and that's it we're lightly round. Many K Mart Kayo ease. Swell though thank you says Mars pioneers will be the first true one percent and renewed will the Mars pioneers be the first true one hundred percent renewable energy human community? Ever that's: that's the plan, the Mars one planet. Yes, yes, yes, the plan is ok, initially go get supplies supply chain from earth, but ultimately they are making to stuff themselves. Drank you market quail from Argentina. Next I write Adam you, son of a gun, Halloo VIA says hello. I'm writing from Slovakia and me and my friends would like to know what does kneeled think about pirating
I e illegally downloading or tour rating the silk. What do I think the rapporteur has clearly been doing up here, apparently dinners IP address right now. I don't know how much control there is over that, and my guess is more people pirated then, who would ever even by it in the first place. The exposure is greater than would otherwise be in out. If One pirated there be no money to actually produce the product right, so what I would say is for people who are pirating if you're doing so, let it be because you actually can't afford it right and and then there's a way I'd. Rather, you knew this than do didn't, but the minute you have cash flow then pay. Therefore, do, as rightly you screw up forever yeah so had Ottawa. Can endorse illegal behaviour. But if you
can't afford it and you want to learn it's like Abbe Hoffman wrote a book called steal this book right still that book that he wrote, which is it if you are without means to try to units, would have exploit the system vega until you didn't have to so yeah I'd I'd on. If someone told me they pirated it and then they came and they came to one of my lectures and and bought sought mouth later on a fine, it's an investment there. You go so answer go ahead and do you not. No, that was not a sound bite answer was to give a sound bite answer
one more and will stand by that and would done because away over guy begun work go here. We go with iron and low gravity would Mars, be an ideal place to build larger, interstellar rocket ships and space station. Yes, if you, if you build a ship and you can watch from a low Grammy place, that's what you want to do, because half of your launch energy leaving earth is just to get the hell on earth into orbit. Rather, heavy energy can take you practically anywhere else in the universe and certainly the solar system, so so yes launched from the lightest place. You possibly can, and you know that is it might be empty space itself. Woe. There you go check without a time. Yes, that was popularly edition of sarcasm. Yes, I check all agree on tv, untrue, tv guess, you're always make me laugh at her being part of the third. It's a pleasure value in listening to you start your radio deal the gas station,
Lockdown lay I'll drop the organs which you can listen, the star talk, Commercial free joint start talk on Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk: radio
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