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Cosmic Queries: Time-Keeping

2013-03-28 | 🔗
It’s time for a new episode of Cosmic Queries, where Neil deGrasse Tyson answers fan questions about photons, tachyons, the speed of light, the physics of the universe and time itself.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now is star talk, I'm your host Neil, the grass Thyssen Merriman astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural history, her right here in New York City! also serve as director of the Hayden planetarium. We are cosmic queries star talk after hours I like to think of it, I would never do cosmic queries alone. I get check nice to join me. Yes, jack. Nice comic
That's nice comic. That's me, how are you going out? They call you a twitter virility, Quitter version that working together in our second put a verse on everything and it is, and we take ownership of it in the universe. Data ass, the Chuck averse that scary, that's aka versus Gary adds, thanks for being on you got a tv show where you D burst in people's homes, that's crazy allotted, even you do that you know data I'd, ask myself the question every I'm on it. I would like it. How did this happen? I guess so. God home strange home and I pretty much invade the homes of unsuspecting people, What would cameras another technical tore, their weird one for you just talk about it and which end seriously at home and garden TV, as my sister's favorite tv show, I love your sister to hurt her favorite tv network network. The actual finds you for sure We got questions about the topic today is on time, time and time keeping time reckoning
So we support from the internet, yet we ve got our website starter greater dot net and the Whereat STAR talk radio on Twitter and when Google plot yet, and so, that questions from all of those places, twitter, Google plus Facebook, bring it and start up ready. Then, if I can answer that is not the point, this is not to stump me, it's just it. If I having answers, I share them In other words, to say I have no clue. Ok, claret good! So now I Have a question an ok! I hears the question. Our aid is time empty, implement. Ok, and so I'm gonna? This is Scott, and this is my lad. These two questions, one is time: infinite
If I might as well ask Scots question along with that, which is what is time and now here's the third part of that. I believe time doesn't exist. So so That's that's! That's! The third part I just want to know if I'm right around the theory, according to Chuck time does not exist. That's my theory that's. My personal theory is that time doesn't exist, but the question is: we have levies and airy theory, quantum theory and trucks they guessed serves. To put this, would you really mean it? You have a hypothesis but I'd purposes, religious turkey, because it's really not a theory, Offices that time does not exist. Einstein describe time as being defined. To make motion, looks simple. Wow Einstein do was come deep, deep. He was deep and in physics, would what we really care about is not. What is true? Yes, that's fund over here, but what we really care about is
How does the universe reveal itself to us in ways that we can calculate and then your stand, what we see and make predictions about what is yet to be tested, and so so, where weird, were dependent on our interaction with the universe, and so, if time is a thing, We can define it in a way to make motion looks simple, would we're all over it right right So time is not infinite time, as we have defined it had a beginning, renounces the big But if you have infinite, it would go to the infinite pass, but it hasn't. There's there's a stopwatch: they got started at the Big Bang, the birth of space and time matter and energy. Now, as far as we know, we're gonna expand forever into the future and if that's the case, time is what we call semi infinite its infinite in one direction, but not the other. Gas is an actual term after semis. Am I infinite? like a number line
remember like remember started, will start at one point in an improved uses, keep Guffey, semi, infinite, half infinitely semicircles half circle, so my infinite, you're, half infinite, couldn't get sound so counter intuitive horses him. I infinite you're, only half an inch in regular half of infinity. It's like that's, that's really cool, and so in that, as far as we know, time will continue going forward for evermore right, and so there you have. It now know that theory right along quite high offices. I give it time. Does not it doesn't exist. So what your evidence for the ok so wet my think of it this way, if there were absolutely nothing there. There would be nothing to measure and therefore time witten exist. That's that's what I'm saying! Ok, so what you say is time is a construct of the places where their things to measure exactly my point, I'll give you that are really
I'm not. One word were ok, I'm going out most principle of nuns. We have got the grass ties with their fathers. This was right, so it's brilliant bloody over here wait to get to a beer tonight right, no sort of either way. You know time doesn't exist right right. Here too, we met. Your time with phenomena that repeat time with phenomena that repeat, The sun on goes round, remove article four we thought so their son would go around the earth. Moon goes around the earth. This sort of thing and you'd keep viewed wreck
time in these ways, and then we found you can track time to a vibrating. Adam something's got to repeat our right to measure time, so you could pose the following comment that we're there. If there exists places where nothing repeats, then you cannot reckon the passage of time right it with any kind of reliability? Not only that getting back to the chuck? I you can imagine a universe or perhaps outside of our universe, where there is no matter There is no space there is no energy, it's just that which is not those three right and if it is that which is not those three and all three of those conspire to allow us to measure time.
Tools, then whither aren't those three time would in fact have no meaning exactly that's exactly what you with it. That's what I'm thinking awesome gunshots we that Jack was that doesn't mean it doesn't a meeting in our universe, but in some metropolitan submit a place. Yes, you got it. I grant you that ok, now we're gonna have to take a break, as I got a tweet that right now, I'd its weaving right now, as we speak meal degree. Thyssen, said them the theory about the non existence of time it into his head. Are you ok? ok, I'm gonna! Do we have quite time, quick when Craig, what that united? How would space, fearing people keep time on its good. Ok, just the recent Look at their watch enough. There's an important do you know you know what time it was on the moon. Now it was Houston.
Rikers talking to use that, so you finally told them when the wake up and go to sleep, I'm like you're, absolutely right, you pick a spot on earth right and that becomes your tie us behind your trade. More on that, when we come back to start talk. Our talk: Radio Cosmic, where even the Children- S taste your personal and private astrophysicist, and I've got him studio with me here in New York City Jackknife gas. Jackie baby how I have Andrew Jackknife Comic you tweet by that's right. That's why so you been dropping actions in my lap and the last one was a good one. I have more to add to it. What would be the question? Really simple was simply was how it is sparing people keep time yeah
and so the good one of my favorite exam that is the by astronauts that went to the moon, who they talking to. Emission control. I used to use two if used in time some stiff hilarious made. It say hello, Pakistan, today, that so they kept time like they kept here, time and the on Mars, like what the parliament right Marge, actually has its own clock. Which is slightly different from earth. Clock Thursday is slightly longer than earth to allocate right, and so that matter because the rover that are their needs sunlight to drive their solar panels and so much professionals who study Mars keeper Wristwatch. That is Mars time and not earth time and they slowly migrate out of face from one another and yeah they don't. If you dont match perfectly you slowly slowly ranges slowly migrate. You drive out of AIDS, you drop out of phase and so astronomers.
Earth studying Mars are on Mars time, sunrise and sunset at the location of the rover that there's dynamic, that's cool it's very cool yeah and on the international space Station, each module is put up by a different supported by a different country, country and nationality. Their time. The time, but from nearly from their home base, so that the russian capsule, if I'd Moscow to New York to this by different time zones on the internet, is Daisy International Space Station and here's the question of all questions. If timezone is separated by sort of degrees of longitude gray. Every fifteen degrees multiply fifteen by twenty four. Would you get? Oh god I couldn't do that with this would not take God to answer it just takes the timetable. So let me see that's two, forty plus five tonnes. Twenty four years. A hundred and twenty five to forty one. Twenty seven
Nice just gets it comes into three sixty ass. All three hundred and sixty degrees of the earth are split it to twenty four times zones, basically at fifteen degrees of with the right. So as you crawl, EAST West. You can change your time zone come near the poles timezone get narrower and narrower and narrower on the pole, every single timezone converges. So what time the Santa keep on his wife. I'm gonna, say pole turn his hammer tat, you have to invent some time there. There is no day sixty There's six months of sunlight six months of dark. The concept of a rotating earth loses me. And on the pool where there are no time zones. That's we re very good at what else you get
Let's move on here. Ok, That's it. This is a good one. We won't. I gotta have one other thing. If you had an actual colony, so Tony. That was nowhere near earth right care about earth, then you're not ended on the rotation of the earth or daylight or nighttime. You can create whenever kind of days you want studies in psychology, showed that if you lock people away and how to set up their own cycles that their day is typically, twenty five hours will revive in here. That's why you never quite feel right the day is always a little bit. You yeah it's because you really want a twenty four hour. You need an extra. You need an extra couple hour and I thought I was just hung over. Ok, long ago wandered earth day was longer than it is today, with women, women slowing down,
ok, because the rotation you'll do it anymore. I started my visit with. We are fast, rasta deck, the Dutch. Ok, we're going! Ok! So now here I dont understand this question and you're gonna have to get take me to school on this one summarize, the time was this of a photon, oh beautiful, that is beautiful. Are you ready? I'm ready are from ready for this. No you're not ready face now might be asked. I don't think you ready for this look at. Are you ready for tell me: are you ready I'm ready? now you know, I'm not ready. Now tell me again. I can read or write you should now. If you study relativity, Einstein's, relativity right that, as you increase your speed time ticks more slowly for you than it does for anyone whose watching you right. Is the relativity of time and it is well known. We ve measure this. This is not it's! It's not just your clock it taking slower your capitalism is unfolding Morse. More
slowly, your brain synapses firing more slowly. Everything about The slowing down, as you travel faster and faster closer to the speed of light you age more and more and more slowly, takes more and more slowly for you. Ok, if you hit the speed of light, which we don't have to do yet very few, ever hit the speed of light, then time stop stops photons, which is the carrier my light right exists at the speed of light it doesnt accelerate from zero to speed of light. In three point four seconds, Chris it exists at the speed of light and because it exists at the speed of light. Any watch its carrying, never ticks which means, if you are a photon, become the photon. If you are
not a proton, now particle in a nuclear seven out of their fellow tat on the part of light. If you're, a photon You are emitted from across the universe we'll will be absorbed you will slam into whatever you are destined to hit as far as who are concerned It is obviously that's correct right, because no time would have no times great cause. You care, because at that speed, where you exist that speed test Has stopped stopped so for you time doesn't exist. Time does not exist. To dismantle time does not exist. Are young man? Ok? Now, here's now no way to make you that Gimme, a settlement absorbed that now there was great men like us and we will finally have we granted everything that was cool and some people would have requested in advance this autumn to Colorado and get away there has actually so so so It's why we knew that.
Neutrino could not be travelling at the speed of light, because the neutrino actually changes, species midway that there is one neutrino, they can become a different kind of loose neutrino species. How would it noted do that unless its key? the throng exactly hidden, but to do this, it does that at a predictable interval, they can only do that if its current caught stopwatch laugh, so we the neutrinos we're not trousers. I probably had speaking if they were. They would never change that they would not have to change. This begs the question: take attachment question no one step further. So if you sir, asked the speed of light. Does time go backwards Yes, now Yes and the we invented a particle that we would call. If we the particle that do that we have a name for the gold tacking ons for from the greek route. Further
amateur comes from at NASA. It's me fast right, ok and these this proposal. Species- a particles they ever exists faster than light. They can travel infinitely fast. They would go backwards in time. If I sent you attacking on signal, you would get it you sent it mattered mission with attacking so spake never mind. I want you to do why you're so Turkey on travel, faster them. And move backwards and time, and it's perfectly consistent with Einstein's relativity we're cool with that. We just never found them before we don't know exists, but it works on paper all right, all right! Ok, one more question before the regular by Mark Swift. Why time been decimal Ized, who it was this analyzed. Just in the french revolution. Did you know they are decimal time in the French ripped. The French did. You know that the metric system
conjoined with the french revolution. Not another French said with lorries were taken stuff up. Let's fix this crap They fractions amidst the stuff that came out of England with the pilots and the courts, and it is in it and the faith and the draftsmen right all this there, so they decimal eyes. Everything and we gotta go carried away because they wanted to decimal eyes time. So they turned a day into. Ten hours and hours four hundred minutes and a minute into a hundred seconds. Correct, so they did so at under that you get a ten. Our two years attend our debts, which they decimal lies time, and if you do it right, if you do you do the math, the numbers seconds in a decimal eyes day is about this
Like within ten percent of the number of seconds and in a normal day right, so you wouldn't have to change, do much to redefine the second. You just have to get people accustomed to decimal ized hours and and minutes and right, and so, but it failed, it failed. The meter stock and other things start, but not decimal time. Look at that. I, like my base. Sixty my sex suggest some all time the Babylonians they would you gotta, get sixty we're start talk radio! When we come back more cosmic query here comes before you. I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one And where to get out of hearing there, go to patriarch arms last star talk and support?
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Google plus, where we have got Google plus aim at Facebook, you name it aim it where there were Pinterest Youtube and we were not taken questions from there, but we're still there what's the work and are right. So what you got for me of this, the we're talking about time reckoning. I guess so. I think here's a funny question. This is from Jeff Sloan and just it's just an insolent thought that I had that. I would like you to explore or completely Dubai if objects moving. Astor than the speed of sound can cause a sonnet boom. Is it at all possible that the big bang was a result of something travelling faster than the speed of light? If I'm correct, please provide where I can pick up my Nobel Peace Prize. First of all, the peace prize has not given for discoveries in physics there would be no our physics pry, aha, just to clarify. Where did you go just sorry, buddy, no peace prize for you, no matter what no matter! What
occasionally scientists can win a peace prize, but it's rare usually goes to a politician and power right for it. A dissident in power who had right so so what So he wants to know if you can get a sonic boom alight boom yes face a light blue somebody's talk. The answer is yes, it's call shrink off radiation. Do you? yes, if you travel, if you travel faster than light there is the light equipped went to a sonic boom where the light pulse gets, gets, builds up on itself and its a flash of light and cultural off radiation. Now, but since you can never travel faster than light ray, you might ask There's one come up with this stuff: exact: here's how it works If you have light travelling through water, transparent water lie, It travels slower through water than through a vacuum metropolis. So, let's start
fast it in a vacuum. When I was a little throb slower going through air right also our growing food water right, Charles, even slower, going through glass Charles? slower going through diamond, ok and that, of course, that is because it is both a wave and a part just trying to get through the mighty and through the media through them and affect the diamond. I remember my number is forty percent. As fast diamond as in a vacuum. Yes, it's a few Jeffrey, that's what makes diamond so cool. So if you put facets and diamond at right angles right at the correct angles, because a right angle would be ninety degrees at the correct angles: the because what we call the index of refraction is so large. A good light travels so slowly in a diamond that it bends back on itself, multiple times within the Ngos that you can create on your ring and then it what's up again in a different direction. So that's why diamond looks like it's sparkle because of whose only like coming from where the light came from you so
just the light. I'm looking at would have come from a new angle. You say hey that diamond sparkling is talking to me right, so I'd so now have like going through all these media. Now you a particle through their faster than that speed. That will create a mini sonic Boom accepted, not sound its light of many light boom and was first I buy the physicist, ensure and coughed anyone to know about price, for this discover look at their trinka, so so totally normal priority. But it's already been sorry Jeff, you Prize has Clayton Book were right, but somebody beats way, but let me go back to the big bang. So the big bang was an expansion of the universe faster than light, but It's not the universe. Expanding faster than light in a medium got married fabric. Space and time itself expanding and you don't get trick of radiation for the from that. No hay racked, as is actually happening in the vacuum, which is Space
I mean all space is the explosion. It's not a vacuum within the space, our case, so to speak. To self. Is the explosions explosion castle? Gotcha? Look at me. I doubt that stupid heard our let's move up. Ok I love this question too. This is Theo Potter. What will actually happen to the plan, if stuff. If super man made the oil spill in the opposite direction like him and nineteen? Seventy eight movie, I'm assuming our gravity, would shift and time witten rewind so? Now? Let's just say, for instance, you care spend the earth backwards. Look. What are the results? I so, while Superman was flying around the earth, the opposite way, and we saw the earth slowdown. Well. Ok. The earth is we have heard the equator you're moving a thousand miles an hour on the rotation path that the earth brings you. If you saw from a thousand miles an hour to zero,
Excuse me if you're not wearing a seatbelt connected to earth you can afford. Over indulge and roll duties to the thousand miles, an hour So do I mean the whole earth? Everything on everything on earth is not bolted, would would call over and roll due east commensurate with the speed that it had going EAST West at the beginning of this Santa would be fine rank as he's upon pole, town, poultry and was nearly Joanna, so so we followed in any like stop the earth and then spot it back at you. A billion roll back. The other way so we'd be completely battered from this process and nothing would have happened to time. And our gravity would remain exactly the same. So basically nothing but I haven't time nothing happens. Tibet gravity we're just huge planetary, auto accident, what or acts of a train wreck of an auto accident? Yes, it so bright at that that now, by the way, your little lighter on the equator because of the centrifugal forces of the road
but not enough, that's gonna matter. Your cup of ounces lighter, so they first stopped. Turning you'd be just a little heavier, but nothing that anyone would notice. We gonna come back to Our talk, cosmic queries with Jackknife Cinema. We're back on startup radio cosmic, where you need the gravitational you're home astrophysicist with Chuck nice, yes, Jackie, maybe tweeting at your place, comic, that's correct! Yes, we were at their at the intermission, we have met with it. We were talking about Superman's feet right at another street, but it just his feet of spreading the earthly, not anatomical feet.
He's funny backwards, reversing time so Theo Potter had said well, you know wanted to know what would happen if the actually went backwards in you answer tat, but Clarissa webinar. Actually says at Theo. I think what That was that Superman didn't reversed the spin, the earth he just going so fast that he himself went back in to time and was able to do whatever he had to do so. Oh ok, so not the earth spun backwards here went backwards into targets for this issue. To now this is clear: so let us all colors is talking to Theo and we ain't even in when I say that they are having their own conversation, that a tax on the way to get your answer fast enough. Other reader jump in it. So I remember what I saw that move that movie, because, like my girlfriend at the time of peoples,
own astrophysicist rights, or I asked me the questions socially, who could have really happened. She asked took I'm else they move. We did. She asked me of what she saw could actually happen. I couldn't and in blue pantyhose fly that question did not come up. Canny blot bullets off his chest requested did not come but can I go back in time that came up, so how could he have been taken himself back in time but why would we watch earth slowdown? Stop in reverse? He can't go back in time, yourself, ok and well. Back in time we're revisiting the earth at that rotational phase. Hey I'm a monolithic about it. Yet I can lead go where we were so. Clarissa has some legs here. He is not turning earth backwards. Right he's going back in time, we winding the clock right. So earth didn't actually stop right. That's what
That's what Clarissa I gotta give her that Clifford those aren't too so you're onto something look dad I'll give you that gets She would do that for Lois Lane. That's a bigger questions as rough sorry, sorry Ok, but there was no. We need lowers it really. On ass, I could I met Superman in the car to you. Do you do not see this common in the comic I was in when the economy and soon they were children, young activists a cool about with Lois Lane was not there at me closely. Maybe I feel only about it. If I got to know as a person, you know I'm just glad that you didn't later, because that would have an awkward yeah I've been hearing a lot about this that this is from a Jordan Navarro. I've been hearing a lot about this theory that if we place a giant mirror twenty two light years away from away and pointed extremely efficient telescope. We would see things happening in
real time in the past asked that's what he said, he'd his so The mere is twenty two light years away. Witness still take that, like twenty two years to travel back to the mirror so, I think what you say is if you were to put a mirror twenty. Light years away from earth point it back on earth. Would you be able to see earth? twenty two years in the past, No, you would see it forty four years in the past rather than gotta go there and come back to the man, you gotta look at it and there is going to come back to your eyes exactly so. You see yourself in a mirror, not as you are, but as you once were to billionth of a second ago, gotcha give if you're a footing. If you have put away light travels a foot every billionth of a second one, foot per nanosecond, Tijuana being weakened, The number twenty two I dont know I'd stick a mirror out there. Let the light go come back you'll, see, however, many light years away doubled.
Because it's the round trip time. That's how far in the past, you Events on earth so you're viewing the events that they're out you're, actually looking at the past in real time. For you yes got. Yes, gotcha, that's exactly what happened, that beam is on its way to the mirror and is on its way back and you catch in it right around. That's all and by the way we see other objects in the past, because their light is just reach that, since this is a magical, think right at my favorite, galaxy that sixty five light years away, sixty five million light years away. It's a gouty call em one hundred and one hundred m one hundred sixty five million light years away and guess what we are seeing on earth right now if they had a telescope big enough? What the extinction of the dinosaur Cosette that so called that beam of light. Conveys. The information that they got slammed is just now these judgments in them, because their sixty five million light years away, and when did the dinosaurs go extinct on earth six five million years,
you got a euro a star talk already. I be back in a moment more with shut I saw him near the grass haitian for cosmic wary we are back star talk, radio, kneeled Grass Thyssen with shut nice; yes check nice Commedia, yes, Sir, yes, sir, but I'd be female, can now be schemes like it, I'm a little boat about like a little country at a little rock and roll right area. Thanks well being- and I couldn't do this without you- re a beard written questions to me from the internet, as our internet presence
and is our last segment we have when we think we hardly got to any these questions. Yes, as you know, we got through a goodly amount, but you know what, because we want to try to get to as many as possible. Now we're gonna call this our lightning round light I know you want to answer fact. Just yeah you know well do get to where we get to our I try. Try so was jump right into it. Here we got a lightning round a lightning Rau. Rented a Bell Stephen Cast says perception of time universal or do we are perceived time differently? wonder if a house fly and other organisms perceive time to be quicker, so shorter life span shorter time span. Oh my g d, you're, not a mainly it's fun, to think about other it, forms that live shorter or longer as perceiving time differently, but two, when we do that we are humanizing their life right. So what dog year- is this:
and inhuman year dogs on care about human, so but the passage of time as measured by the atomic vibrations of atoms within them is the same for everyone. Ok, now So that's it on an atomic level. That's it no, no, no different, seek a slow down speeded up with the relativity, but otherwise we, if you put the frog may fly in the human and the elephant together in a room. This pass at times I got you and that makes great sense were dogs, because that means a dog would be looking its, but for about two months, total out everywhere: human ok. Here we got to go Samir Schuman? What time exist without motion no First of what it could exist, you could never measure it. And not only that you'd have to be measured with motion that repeats. Its motion is not really You have no real way to measure it I'll get my right got it now.
Here is Tom chosen in terms doesn't ask? Is there any evidence now? Next, I would you like me when you're good at that may or may not know, is there any evidence that time is broken into bits now this guy's took he's Goin, also space time continuum, trip now man, so here's what time says is is tat. Can't be broken into little bits. Yes, what? Yes, I said no, but the answer is yes all of our understanding of the nature of reality tell us. The time is Quantum ized on the smallest scales, it is quantity, that time. It does not pass continuously, but there's the smallest. Possible unit of time you can measure and unique quantum. Six to recognize that so yes time
its context, a we don't have time from your follow aggressive next. Ok, here it bring. I gotta ask my closet the lightning round. Go then a lightning around you got here. We go Joey Kaerusson it Joe. He says: if lighter hey Joe Joe. We if, like can't escape a black hole. How would time be a bet did inside the black hole. So now you gotta, force. That is stronger. The grass but you stronger than light itself as you fall into I call time takes more slowly for you and you look out to the rest of the universe and the rest of the universe goes by with glee, in fact, as you descend to that cosmic abyss moments go I for you and trillions of years go by for the universe itself. You will out live there. Diverse in your descend to the centre of a black hole. Next wow did that's awesome
Ok by me round, is no time to comment on whether is also there is no comments enlightening round. Ok, here we go up if you were living in an era without time keeping as we know it, how would you map out tat? I would map out time by asking what happens before, what Oh your baby before you're, an adolescent in you, you can sequence Even if you cannot measure the interval between those events, and that we get some sense of the ordering of life. So whatever is measurable, that's what you used to measure you don't even measures is happen before that. What I've got a messy quince whatever's. Whatever is a sequence? That's what you write her just sequence: it and so yeah. So that's what you do all right. Let's move on now to go dummies men, says is the universe necessary for time to exist. For example, was time present within whatever came before the universe?
time as we have defined it exists only within this universe got if we go outside of our universe, will have to think up someone else, keep track of things. Maybe there's a maritime that we can think of just the way, can think of a write, a word bigger than the word universe itself. Maybe we are longing for that. Word such as me the time that can accommodate our measuring needs when we exit this universe and which were born next see that was good may use is making the stuff we wanted. I gotta, why laugh one I here we gotta there we go and architecture is our place in the universe where you could still see the big bang happening. In other words, can you still see the big bang? Yes, we see it now. You would fall enough away the light from the Big Bang a distance. Thirteen point, seven billion. My ears away is only now just reaching us everybody! Looking in every direction! Look if you look far enough away. You see the birth of the universe and the remnants of that is the cosmic microwave background itself.
The universe. Is a time machine? Look at that writ large to the light. That reaches our telescopes awesome did I do ok, yeah man, you kill it. Our! I emailed worry our starts on radio brought to you by the grand for the National Science Foundation near the grass station. Bidding you once and for ever to keep looking up just thing for me is that we should listen. The star talk, commercial, free joint start compatriots for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio
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