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Cosmic Queries: Time Travel

2014-03-02 | 🔗
In this Cosmic Queries episode, Neil deGrasse Tyson gets all wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey as he answers fan questions about time travel with Colin Jost, Saturday Night Live’s new Weekend Update anchor. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Credit: aussiegall from Sydney, Australia.

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welcome back to start or radio on your host NEO, the grass Thyssen astrophysicist with the American Museum of Natural history in New York, city we're going straight into time. Travel questions, time travel quit. I need help for because these questions come to us from the intern, from Facebook and Twitter and on the phone and Google Plus, and so I combed the neighbourhood, and I found common Jos wandering call and welcome
don't talk. Radio! Thank you very much is going to be here, so you been like a comedian, your whole life. When you're a kid that did you parents say what are you a comedian? Hey? Are you one of those I totally was? I was in grade school. I was in China in person, so I brought you into just some kind of call these questions. I haven't actually seen the questions yet, but you have been so just fire fire men viral I M sitting in ready, for you is greatly look really good to me. So the first one is just too pretty great question to start off time: travel, which is its it's a great personal, I'm not that I'm here. I guess that's what welcome welcome your view. Come quite pet agreed you're, a writer for a set of guidelines I am in such that you not satisfied with just not satisfy the does, not see other the paragraph here. So he's not satisfied with anything. Look, let's go out. So what is time- and he says in a sound of thunder by re bribery. He speaks of time as a linear thing, which can be altered
strange yet, but you have, and so just fine, firemen viral aims. Citizen ready for you is greatly look really get me so the first one is just too pretty great question a start off time travel, which is its coming from Facebook from a guy named Sean CARP on Facebook, Sean CARP, sharp and the question starts. What is time really nice entrap and here's what his time in order to actually not satisfy withdraws, not ratify. This is not a single paragraph here. So he's not satisfied with anything. Ok, let's go! So what is time- and he says in a sound of thereby re bribery. He speaks of time as a linear thing which can be altered. However, in STAR Trek, the two thousand nine he points out STAR Trek time is also linear, but can be diverted into parallel streams like a river or highway. The doktor refers to time, like this people a singularly doctors in
doctor who I shall doktor assuming the understanding lessons just his own personal position, launching into into the metaphysics or talk today about time. You know in the, other priorities. Let's talk about time, raising the doktor refers to time like this people assume the time is a strict progression of cause to effect. But actually from a non linear, non subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of will The wobbly tie me. Why me stuff- and he says- are any of these explanations or true are not even close other thoughts, ok, excellent and the beautiful references with three sources of science fiction, including the late re, bribery matrona in fact, at so so time, or we can tell your time, is how we measure it and what consequences different
Amazon and behaviour of the universe have upon it. So here we are sort of progressing through time, second, after second, and were prisoners of the present forever moving between the past and the future. That's how we think of it. However, if I said she went emotion, the very clearly identified and well, tested laws of relativity. Tell you that I can slow down or speed up your time relative to other things around you so time in that sense is not linear. It can be stretched or shrunk relative to things at around it, and not only that didn't leave
Kennedy urged supermassive black holes that distort the fabric of space and time, because the fabric of the universe is not just what it does structurally to the space. It's the fabric of what the time is doing as well. So imagine two black holes ready decline, that's an awesome servants in the fabric of space time and so black hole, buckles area where there the light the energy and is travelling times faster than the speed of light one. So once you fall into a black hole, you never come out not even if you are a beam of light, sir. So that's what's black and that's. Why sensibly! Call it a whole. So if you think I'm like a beam of light struggling again of a drain, it's not even getting. It is not even getting out, therefore, its black
the consequence of this it. It's not just simply the like can't get out space curs back upon itself, so that the lightest trying to get out, but there is no pathway for it to occupy, and that is a severe curvature space and time and so of these three definitions here as represent. It in science fiction. I'd have to go with the doktor and the series doctor who tourism with with women, get Irena women. Wiggly wobbly Why me yet glibly wobbly, timey wine staff yeah, it's it's now about whether time can split the weeds simply don't know. Is there some other universe where you are left handed and not right. Handed that split at some point in your I met we just oh no threat. We just got out the one we have
no time trying to understand our one uniform, yak, much less rivers that might flow from it. People have that. I think that you have that fantasy you. What if I had another life, I would do this and if I had another and their hoping that their life is actually going on somewhere here in another universe, psycho the doktor who on the dagger and wait when our we're talking about black holes, though, is it. Maybe this is immoral and entry question, but where does all the stuff go? That's getting sucked in yeah? That's it! It's an element tree. An extraordinarily good question can be both ok, saying to have started and in parallel world governments must every law, physics that we know says that, once you fall into a black hole, you will collapse down to what we call singularity the by the way. That was our word first who's. This guy's been using it for made cellphones. Let singularity like the audits so Ray Kurzweil
and using Thou reached stole that from us ask, does lead to some telling you right now that he's saying that the day in the future, where computers get faster and computationally than the human brain, then Distinguish the to upload your mind and tat, you re, I live forever, it's our word. He singularity. So this of a black hole. All matter and energy collapsed to that infinitesimal point, and we don't know what happened to that point, our physics and well at that point, in We need new laws of physics like string theory and other things it, but they work on pay to get tat people working on that. Is that what is there? A black hole is anywhere near enough that even in centuries now will send something into it to find out or wealth is hard. You want to know if you want to go,
so I thought we'd star, like the traditional way monkey banana at hamster. First, exactly where we had a close out this segment, we'll see you after the break free space inside it down to earth you're. Listening to start,
this is STAR talk, radio and we're in the cosmic queries, part of the shoe and your host Neil De Grass Thyssen and I'm with calling just go and welcome to start talk. They live pronounce your name right, ups column, but collars get your Alan Jos. Most people get just wrong, so you're, you're, already ahead of the game normally have because I d better than others in that, and we know that makes me dead. Even I think here I got you aren't you just ask me these questions you're going to be but the every man person out there we get questions and in for this particular show. We ve called together all the questions on time travel because that's what this shows been about- and I have not seen these questions in advance, but you
review them from Facebook and twitter in every other way. Yet live access to us so fire on. I ask: is this one this next one is from Google Plus, like that. I never met go places even better than you know: it's not a little at a better, so that MR plus a little more charge a little more charge. You this question comes from Frazier Kane website Universe today and is a question. I have also wondered many times doesnt. The fact there oh time, travellers now prove the time. Travel we'll never be invented in future. The arts and excellent point I've always thought about that, because I said to myself, in fact, if you watch the tv, the CBS Succumb, the Big bang theory in the room contract
you, gotta, be totally in the children are not in the room contract that stipulated that if I'm getting the details of it wrong, the sense of it is right to funding or study very excited if any one of them invent a time machine in the future. They have to go back to that moment that their reading that phrase in the room contract to show up in the room, and so after going through the contracts either they paused for a moment now. Ok, we have you not the one who events the time machine in the future. Has an alderman like, let's agreed in me back here ten years from now credits at the same time off exactly, and so I think that's that's a pretty good argument and I dont have a rebuttal to that. But I would if people are hiding it, what if people have come back but telling people for some reason. I want to give something what there's a quote. I think it was from road doll, but others perhaps have said that the only secret they can be kept between two people is when one of them is dead.
Let me assure you that every time machine were out there, people would have figured that went out. It's been rumoured that the reason why the titanic sank is because, in the future they invented a time machine and everyone wants to go back to the Titanic to see. The iceberg when heads a lot of the titanic sake, while now convinced so seriously How do you want it for evidence regarding our hard hard core evidence? So that's a pretty good one. Yes and it made it might be that your time travel machine can only take him to the future. And then you don't have these paradoxes of killing your grandmother and then you're never born yeah go back, and I was in a future starting the out exactly because there's a movie to call loophole loopholes that withdrew swells and he goes back in time he's like an assassin that goes back in time and he goes back any scheduled to kill himself science like figure out what to do.
You know it's interesting. All these tv shows they have people going back and killing people. All you have to do with. All you have to do is pick a time where two of your end, testers, who made it produced one of your ancestors and we have to prevent them from making enough to kill anybody. Just just judge your great great, great, great, great grandparents preventive for meeting the you would never been more than ever. The killing right forget the blood and Gatt, and so it doesn't take much to completely alter the path of whose alive and who was never born or who has never conceived in this world yeah. I next question here comes or Facebook Gerais, Pringle or Dairy Pringle, and the question is: if I had a time machine like HD wells,
traveled back in time, six months when I not find myself floating in space with the earth on the other side of the sun, and if I was now lay in travel back in time three hours would my find myself roughly in New York and a few feet off the ground hook. So what's going on, there, of course, is presumes that the time machine is only working in the time coordinate, but to quote who was? It was Einstein. I think it was finally come to mean a moment. One of the great physicist of the early twentieth century, upon realising the implications of relativity noted that no one has ever been at a place without there having been time attached to it and no one has existed in time without being at a place and so forever space and time
now in our new understanding of the fabric of the universe. Space and time are part of the same coordinate system so and intelligently render time machine, and this is a very clever and perceptive government of Mr Pringle Club. A properly conceive time machine would recognise. Maybe a setting in the settings function tack, but it's like includes put me back in time and the same place that I am relative to everything else, but all of them eyes. If you only moving back in time, you are you're a correct. You go back in time. Six months you are floating in space and earth is on the other side of the sun, and you will decide if you not facing the sun, will freeze undecided view facing your sunburn wow. That's what happens when you're in space. So what lashly specified
you can rotate rotisserie style to stay warm but then you'll, just suffocate SAM. You gotta specify location as well as time, otherwise you're your host is that when you talk about might when we're not even when one talks about time as a dimension, is that the way to think about a two that it's on like on an access, younger and they're all data on totally and access, it's totally and access, and so you want to choose the axis the movement in time back in time, so that space carries you with the object that you care about, be it the planetary. Surface or whatever else you're doing by the sun is an orbit around the center of the galaxy? If you go back in time, a million years you make sure you are not only on earth, but the earth was still part of the sun in the sun's orbit around the center of the galaxy. Not only does birth and the moon orbit other earth in the sun or of each other, and the sun and the Senator Galaxy do their dances. Well, so quite the ballet
This is a related question from Twitter for my shot, Sandford and says when times everything. Would one need to travel and exact one year increments to show up at the same location on ya? So if you only had the capacity of travelling time here, you'd have to sort out. Do the one you're increment but, like I said the sun in that near, has moved mightily in its orbit around the centre. It out and other things change obvious relative to where you were exactly so. You have to be. We have to think about them where people are concerning from another similarities, with a very high level of concern, examine how you two very deep, it's a much deeper than like to do. I get a toothbrush. What about? What's the situation there in his act very high level concerns this next one is on Twitter, it's from Adrian Jones, and the question is if we could fooled two points of space time together. What would happen to the matter that was between them
Two points full two points in space out. So, oh such a well. You can't because the two points in time will not correspond the two different places on the time access, so you can have time Tiggle zero in the same places, timetables five, because their different play. On the exit, if you follow them round your folding them in a higher dimension and so they're kind of near each other if you stepped above them higher dimension. It are not exactly the same. There are not actually in the same place and so just to make that clearer. If you took a sheet of paper and I've got one right here, you ve not radio, you can you can listen to it, I've got a sheet of paper have by eleven and uncurling the two edges, and I have to I just sort of touching each other. Now, yes- and I can say that in the same place, but no they are not. Actually they are not actually now what I'll do as a punch, a hole through one to get to the other little wormhole, not just warped the fabric of space travel through a wormhole,
landed on the other side, no unfold. A sheet of paper- and I just cross the sheet of paper instantly and what might have otherwise taking me some some unacceptably long period of time, such as what they do and STAR Trek, invoke the what drives they take their destination warp, their location close to it. They travel through this work in the fabric of space and time they unfolded and they crossed the guy. During the tv commercial, that's how that works, that's out of the great any in what would have otherwise taken, of course, the Galaxy hundreds of thousands of years, even at the speed of light. So it's a legitimate way to cheat the laws of relativity. So they d train during our town, is like the exact opposite of that somehow manages to suit like, for example,
wow. That's that's thousands of New York City reference that yeah there's a train them tat. Our next question here is from a website it's from drew Mcdowell. I've heard STAR trek the voyage home used as a reference on the show. Four and actually had a burning question. In my mind, you're talking about he's in certain velocities to use the sun's pull to time travel with. My question is whether we To be enough, safe distance were the sun's. Pull could be used to gather enough speed, or would it just pull you in so its arguments STAR Trek episode moves using what the gravity of your location with the sun to to increase the velocity so colony. What will do as will get back to that after this?
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This is starter the richest, are taught radio on your hosting Neil digress. Thyssen astrophysicist, where the cosmic queries part of the time travel, show and I found a wandering the streets call Ngos skull and welcome the star talk. Thank you read where he's going to be reading, questions submitted by all means of communication back to start talk and by the collar going to find your common just that's right and twitter yeah. So it's like and I ve been enjoying all your tweets. All thank you for your so you'd, so it's really cool. Thank you. Thank you. Not a great Mars facts enough. So before the break you left off with her question, who is it from this
question from drew Mcdowell drew me down so he'd asked about the STAR Trek, the voyage home trick for which has been dub, save the whales right, as the subtitle of that show us where they go back in time to the present day of the time of the film. So is nineteen. Eighty four, I think it was or eighty five. And so he wants to know. Is there an actual speed with which you can swing by slingshot pass the sun, such as what they did in that show rank in the movie in order to go back in time,
right and it's it's is: can you use the sun's Paul, but who is our safe enough distance that it wouldn't just pull you and yet so? First of all, you cannot do what they did in the show and then the moving regardless and regard so just with nip that one about gas, okay, so and the only what you could do something like that is if you have vastly more powerful gravity than the sun and you needed a that. The fabric of space and time has to be so warped that effect as a colleague of mine who studied this, whose name is rich, got in fact he's been on startup before he wrote a book called time, travel in Einstein's universe and he found a solution to Einstein's equate that allows backwards. Time travel with a kind of a slingshot trajectory, but not around the sun. That son does not disturb the fabric of space and time nearly enough, while the boy was kind of thing there were two black holes
lab at around each other, and so you have to do a kind of a wiggly path around these black holes in you can end up in the past of your own world line before you had left to go on their trip, while the ads it's a very well moment and so start track? It was more exciting to do it around the edge of the Son of God visually ravages, two black things. Yet base which is already black, but in principle that, but I don't know this equation had been discovered at the time the movie was conceived. They surely would have tapped it. They ve got very good writers, firstly at four star Trek, so so yeah and out an interview how close you get to the sun, the the ship, unless it had deflector shields working against thermal energy, the ship would it just vaporized, yeah, yeah and waiting so like when you with that that process is heightened by with a black holes. They have waymore gravity. Obviously, yes, girls molecular determines what determines the gravity of an object or a like. How do you get more grandma young? We want more grabbing.
You don't worry, I'm not a minor opposite Diane Sawyer, two ways to gain weight. One of them is to eat more another. One is too more mass to the earth, but keep it say size? So here's what happens even if it's just got bigger the here's. The problem in what ways makes you weigh more is how close you are to the centre of gravity. The centre of mass of an object, tat close you are to it the more you away the farther away. Far from it bless you away, write another thing. That matters is what is the mass of the object you attracted to so you combine these together in an equation that Isaac Newton came up with and you have to two factors operating opposite each other, ok, so so so watch what happens? The if I take earth and just make it bigger without increasing its mass, you grab
Actually, that's tat gravity. Can it be less gravity? Is gonna be less until on the moon? Are gravity is through? It is less gravity. Is that because the mass of small, also them the moon, is one eighty first as men, as the earth such one eighty once as massive. So you think The only way, one eighty once of what you do now, if you a hundred sixty pounds, you think I wait two pounds on the moon. No, you weigh one sixth of what you do here. You were much more or then you would otherwise way on the meaning, if you just uncertainty, creature closer to the centre of them actually, nice exactly so. The moon has one sixth earth gravity, even though it is one eighty first, the mass of the earth dad that that's how it it problems off effect when people undergo weight loss programmes about what you could go to a mountain top and your farther away from her that's one way
that's the easiest way, that's one way to lose weight, but you really getting up there. You, my listen you're. So what real people usually means that it's a mass loss problem they want to lose mass? Yes, not just wait. Quibus! You gonna Orban, way nothing, but you still be chubby. If you, when it started to expand its more, that's right of way more expensive than gin, Craig, her yeah, that's a Richard grants are right and then so. The next question here is from Peter Baxter from Google plus it says if you took one year to get to the largest black hole in the universe, then you orbit it for one year, measured by a clock on board the station at the closest safe orbit you could, which is kind of what we're talking almost then afterwards, it took you one year to get back to earth. How much time would have elapsed on earth during the three years. The astronaut experience overall is the astronaut travelling backward in time from the perspective of earth? Ok, what's it like an intergalactic
trains travelling there yoga. Yet the triangle infringe the cargo I'd better, yet they were problem from hell facet of great I'll start the answer to that, but will have to get back to the final part of it answer after this break. But let me begin by saying that it depends on how fast he travelled on route to the black hole and how fast he travelled on route back and so will address that in just a moment when we come back to start work, radio by the way you can find us on the web. Star talk, radio dot net, see you after the break. Unlocking the secrets of your world and everything orbiting around it? Stereotypes
This is not talk, radio, where we bring. The universe down to earth I've near the grass Thyssen here with calling Jos Cowan welcomes wherein the cosmic queries time travel, show you bring in questions cold from the cosmos right right here into the studio and mostly from our itself are so far. And so we left off with someone wanted some numerical. Yet, they want. They want fully solve a math problem. It was basically a year to get to a giant black hole. You spend a year orbiting it and then a year back to earth so three years total. Are you actually travelling backward in time? How much time has really elapsed? For the traveller? Ok, sir. I'm sorry about tat time lapse on earth. Fortunately, we just came out of a break.
Some say that argues: woolly sound. As I read a great alot dust off my back my relativity equations, so here's the thing than a nearby black hole is is in the constitution, sickness and it was the very first black hole ever discovered and confirm its course sickness Ex one, and it is called ex because it comes from an x, Ray Catalogue of objects, and we came to learn that when a star is getting laid by a black hole, a star, that's in orbit around the black hole that the descending material can in its attempt to
spiral down. The toilet ball can be heated to very extreme to extreme temperatures, so hot that it not only radiates red, hot and white hot and blue hot blue. How does the hottest among the temperature up among the colors that you can radio and actually radiates and x rays? You can do the calculation and show that that's how hot the material is, and so the first x ray telescope in the nineteen sixties and early seventies were essentially discovering black holes in our midst. They picked up something and they discovered it was that math yachting operating so far and ordinary star doesn't give us X rays of that level. And then you look carefully and swords orbiting somethin. You can't even see: what's there, there's your black hole LAO and if that is its speed and making it a building, he exactly so, as the material spirals down its beat fast.
Faster and faster and his friction as it spirals down friction with itself as it tries to get into this tiny little hole and that heated up that heated up ferociously and you get lots of ultra violet light lots of x rays and occasionally gamma rays see if they can sell tickets to watch that I would so maybe we could be like an even better suited to watch a stark flayed by a black hole. That's so a single sex. One is six thousand light years away right, so a beam of light. If you watched it knew what you have to wait six thousand years for it to get there, so you wanna get there in one year yeah. Ok! Well, I'd love to you want to get there in one year, okay, so by by your own time. So we get brain the equations of relativity. If you must know you comparing two times the time you on earth would measure of the time the personnel.
Going experience Louis would experience and in their there is a factor of the square root of one minus of disquiet, Oversee squared, and these words you're velocity, cease where it is, of course, the speed of light. Yes there. It is due to start up to draft a saying else, I wasn't, I wasn't thinking you can work are so what happens? Is the first to you go the slower time to explore you and we're going to slow down your time so much so that only One year passes by, Meanwhile, six thousand years passes by four people on earth
at speed. Is ninety nine point: nine, nine, nine, nine nine eight six per cent of the speed of light ass going together so that damage the speed of light. The point is you going to speak, essentially the speed of light, but not quite but close enough, so that we watching you it'll? Take you six thousand years together you, however, your clock. Your watch, your metabolism, your brow, thoughts, the timer on your microwave ovens. Everything in your ship has slowed down as far as we can tell looking at you, ok, so there they are experiencing. Will you think it's a year, but we would say six thousand years from here. That's correct your I'd! Think taking six thousand years and you just move and really slow wow. That's right! That's six thousand years there! So so, if I'm somebody's perennially late and I'm trying to find a time find new excuses? I began
This might be one I am. I want to make it will find you a black hole to do. This was six thousand years there that we just add a year you're in orbit around the black hole. Six thousand years back, you would have gone into our future. I twelve thousand in one years, and you would have aged only three years. There is, but one would have forgotten about. You people wouldn't even be able to say. Oh, you look so good cause. They be like anyone who would have said that we have been long decomposing us in the earth when we come back. Our final segment here and cosmic queries will see in a moment wait. A minute.
The future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal star, die we're back the cosmic queries portion of STAR talk, radio by way we're on being the Twitter verse Headstart talk, radio like us on Facebook guess what recalled recalled Start talk radio and, of course you can get any, kind of shows and red blogs in and get engaged in our website, STAR talk, radio dot net and as always, I've got a comedian with me here in the studio was reading me the questions common journals whose a lifetime comedians ever since you were kid in elementary size. I remember, I think, we're teachers
about you, get me worth there to pricing. We support, and I would say I really look back, I'm like. Why would they letting me did ok sue them at United, disruptive comedian? You just now, I like somehow managed, I guess convince them that it was good for your own good, natural, excellent excellent. So with doing the cosmic worries, the certain travel show and people wrote in Sir what again and what we have here is one that I then I think really interested by the way we left off with this guy asking he wants to go to the nearest black hole together, hang out for a year and comes out- and I said, You know he ages three years and we aged twelve thousand in one I'm just trying to back reverse that and say supposed Chrome, magnet man twelve thousand years ago figure this out, and they just showed up today that my explained Geico
created a scientific explanation for the guy gonna come. I was wondering how we would finally resolve. How do you get to had already figured out time? Travel back then showed up. So what else you get? This is a question from me. Looked at from Daniel Owens and he right What would be the most surprising thing to not find if you travel a hundred years into the future as in they haven't, figured out that yet? So this is more a speculative. I think question on your part of freedom. For you dance, I'm surprised at stuff. We haven't figured up to
I don't have to go. Do you want me to send me a hundred years, as you know, is an alien visited us today. I'd be embarrassed. I look we're still Poland energy out of the ground and we still fight each other. We fight wars over this like oil. Will we be the laughing stock of intelligent species in the galaxy, and if so, what do you do with volcanoes? We run. Would you do with her hurricanes we run would you do with twenty two we run. Haven't you solve it? Now, I'm embarrassed yeah. This is the twenty first century We should be in charge of the earth and not have the earth be in charge of US man, they came in the area of came back and they just found like a Spencer's gifts and they thought that that was like their leading it instead of the museum, but even worse yeah. You know you don't know who they meet. First right, they land and so you just colony or something. You know where I was wondering wonder if they ever Maybe they ve already landed like in Times square, but nobody
could you just sit regional so much going on a high? I really want to go with the lead in Hollywood. They doesn't fit in. You know, you know if they landed tweeted this with some very attractive, alien and full guard. Oh yeah, but I just tweeted. I started my only only real area, but I accidently landed in COMECON by now, and I would be the worst plans for an alien of total workplace total words. Absolutely probably that at least the beginning of a moving of any I'm coming are exactly gradually opening seem. So this question was what it was kind of. What are you thinking if, in a hundred years now, you're gonna be like you're gonna be shot? Ok, haven't? We still are not in control of earth forces that would otherwise kill us I'd be very disappointed. I wonder I want a tap of all cannot for its energy, court and then some places do you know I mean our moroccan Iceland and seeing some of the consumer, as you have a day of their regime. Thermal energy area- I mean it's: maybe we have to put beer in the volcano
we're not attack tat kegs, just mine, so to somehow to have the psychotic energy of hurricanes yeah. I be surprised if we haven't sort of figured that we now have you seen how they have. You know people proposed things out in the ocean that are loading that are circulating the water temperature, so it never gets that hot and cold or go says what you're trying to do is prevent the hurricane happening. Suppose I don't mind a hurricane if it's a source of energy for us to have our say so the hurricanes ready to strike the coast, then you put some device in them sucks all the energy, then you power the city that the hurricane would otherwise love. That's a pretty get right, let's come up, and so the hurricane exactly, but in fact, what's really going on there is that your tapping solar power, the sun, is which driving the hurricane. So in fact there is a lot of wasted solar energy first that just hitting rooftops that don't have solar panel, but also solar energy, that is otherwise creating things that would destroy us
so just earthquake see the amount of energy in an earthquake. So I want to be in command of earth sources hundred years from now and I'll be disappointed if we weren't grants a really good a neutral we're running at home, I got my lasting last curious cause. It's all over the place now is with the Higgs both in particle it. How does that affect time travel? I know any thoughts about how that can explore their explain or help yeah. It's not the aesthetic could affect time travel. But if you get really signs of anger, really science fiction on your yap, we write expose our controls. The mass of particles imaginary, go into a Higgs both on spar changes, your ass, just by walkin in walking back out. That would be total commander particle physics. There would be awesome weight loss programme, yet I am sure that will be the first think. Someone commerce eyes? What to look ten pounds going to not to advance our results standard set of your billion, but we gotta call it a day
thanks how to be a non starter? Radio letter? Thank you for having you been listening to start toward radio Neil digress tasting signing off as always bidding you to keep looking up dial up, science like Galileo job the organs wish. You could listen. The star talk: commercial, free, joint stock, talk on Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio
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