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COVID-19 and Mental Health

2020-05-25 | 🔗

Neil deGrasse Tyson explores how the COVID-19 pandemic impacts mental health alongside comic co-host Chuck Nice, neuroscientist Heather Berlin, PhD, and StarTalk Sports Edition co-host Gary O’Reilly.

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the human condition during pandemic and church at nice. My covers Don't do this without you, you know you know, as a young man, I'm I'm have had something to do with a slippery, and today we are focusing on mental health. Previously we I got the virus specifically now we're talking about how we are dealing with it. And you know, there's only one person we can reach out for you only I weren't had earlier can be welcome back to start off some guy to be here pressure is, I hope, is to have the weight of the universe on my shoulders. We did. We didn't find you wandering in the streets, you are a narrow scientist, your professional surface and your base dead,
lots of hospital upper, a pretty sight of New York City of Manhattan, and so we we ve cut you for so many faint hoo hoo. Would you be very useful to us in everyday life in mental health is an issue, but now suddenly, but it goes and so on the landscape. Those like the weaker moment where it went from just to know to a pandemic and then must have had emotional cost and then there's everybody's leg on lockdown. If you live, Big house? Maybe that's not a problem, but do you know New York City and departments are small. So I've read articles about this working out a lot of high level you know and so looking anything missing and that list for what we should you thinking about you re so in a way sort of the perfect storm in that
Initially we had have. We call the fight or flight response right. The panic, the fear, is real. Is your logic response to read some people National on stages of this were looking to flee right, like I gotta get out of here, but there is really in some ways nowhere to go right. It's it's a global problem, and then his people start upon a gang panic buying reaching for safety right. You don't toilet paper for some reason became the safety resource. Makes me feel so. Never gonna Colleen, like oh, my god, we're all gonna die, but I'll do it with a very strange exactly so this is progress, bonds and then, and that kind of, as we were in this for longer and longer resolves a bit, but then these new issues arise right. One person I never get. This treaty said like this is either and for people who are married in murder or divorce rate is
yeah like people. If you already had issues they become exacerbated now, if you take it already had mental health issues, whether it was anxiety order, and now you're throwing in isolation used to be an outlet for people right away to maybe get away soon play from bad relationships, but now you're all stuck in a house together. So any, that was already there is exacerbated and then, in addition, people who work dealing with me health issues, but perhaps they had a boner ability. Suddenly, these mental health issues start to arise, I'm just what is it you want to mention, which is a really interesting phenomenon that I've talked about and ran about of. It is that I have some patience and sort of my colleagues who previously had a city or excessive combined This order are afraid of contamination and ending, and so anxiety and end. Just a subset of them actually have gotten better during the present a bit better
Suddenly there not alone, so the way you know they're, not the odd person out, they are already were engaging in these behaviors of washing hands and being very conscientious about terms, and now everybody else is doing it with set an not alone, you mean their behaviour, It is no longer odd. Because others have joined in in their peculiarities and so now it's a normalizing force on their conduct exactly. I think, I think, really what there very uncertainty. Is there looking at everybody go on at its evaluation validation the people at social anxiety. I mean this is great. There's no pressure I have to go out you they have a perfect excuse. Tonight, engage sulphur, interestingly, some people, its particular anxiety disorders. I actually been more relaxed during the pandemic. Nor does it affect everybody in this way,
why so there's another dimension here, which is the people who have been. I think it especially affects people whose livelihoods from outlawed during the pandemic of restaurant owners in breast, her of workers from the top of the list. There's the list, is long and they is a huge industry there and Some of them in some states have now rebelled. Is that would you say, that's a psychological state or is it just a normal course? You gonna Ribeiro cause you're the somebody took up. The government took away you're livelihood, their few issues, aquifers. Obviously the economic stress is an added factor for people. There is also as one so
people react with denial. You know it's so overwhelming and also the uncertainty in a when. Is it going to end what if we don't have a vaccine? You know that I'm so should be happy psychological defence mechanisms. One of them is that I'll tell you know why is not even a bit of a problem? It's just like the fleet, like I just go back to it is normal and almost it's kind of denial. It's obviously motivated by these very good reasons in other in economic hardship index use- all that's rationalize, but a lot of it is. You have to be in order do that and remains without having spoken. Conquered dissidents you have to downplay the threat, always that's about it, and that will last year by year, justify your behavior is going to be a miracle So how do you erase it fascinating point? What you're saying is, since we are thinking creatures, emotional thinking, creed but the juxtaposition of those two
dimensions of what it is to be human, have fascinated sequences. What you're saying If I understand correctly, is you can't just up and say we need to go back to work and I gotta make money. You have to distort evidence or distort statements made by scientists so that when you said it, doesnt conflict within you, and You got it simultaneously sake. It's not so bad and be in denial that that's that's, that's a peculiar manifestation of human thought tat. He left the human condition because we believe We have this self protective mechanisms of our eagle right. We don't want to Oh I'm, a bad person like me going out and say without amassed, I'm gonna kill somebody's got right. Nobody wants to say I'm so in order to get away from that thinking, you're a bad person. You have to change the narrative to justify your behaviour, to protect your ego
you think I'm a good person, because actually there is no real threat and I'm not threatening the lives of other people. I ask you not to say you're a bad person, but the eagle protects against that. How much of this is cultural? What you guys just discussed, because in some cultures it seem as a responsibility like I gotta, wear masks I have to protect the collective, whereas in America were like you'll. Tell me what to do is miracle. I got right stammered about rights, so how much about is cold. I there's a significant part of it that is cultural less. So when it comes to those defence mechanisms like denial and so forth, that's pretty. You know a biological kind of reality across the board, but these between collective society and individualistic society right. The collective is more, is less concerned about their own, let's say rights or privileges and its more about protecting the community, whereas in places like America, its individual,
ray and there's some positive aspects to that. You know we're high achievers it and the rest, but when it comes to something like a public health crisis that could have very dire consequences as we're. Oh right, it's it's! Who cares about your help? It's about me and my business get a legitimate concern right. I have economic concerns, but that with the weights between the public buried any in the good of the individual, it sort of a little bit out of balance and scenario, these cultural differences, and that both is becoming apparent. In terms of the number of straight I mean how America's doing compared to some other countries. So so Heather we we went to a fan base to collect questions and they the topic and they know you so I thank them your fan base than our ass follows. Writing ourselves, so check you got
questions. You know the drill, that's right. We always start with a patriotic patron because they give us money and you know, listen I'll. Do anything. That is why we have to have money. I could use a good thing. Listen very alright. Let's start off with John Lydia Does the and Heather? Are there also positive sides during this pandemic for mental health? I can imagine that some people now have more time to do certain things they could not do before, and the result is a sense of accomplishment. So just a preamble that I think I have noted this in my social media Newton in sixteen sixty five escaped
the London actually goes on end, Where's Cambridge University Cambridge closed during the plague, of that year and he went to is, childhood home in Lincolnshire and that's when he made major advances and our understanding of gravity and light. In mathematics. There should be an example productivity going up. Provided you have the right mindset in the first place, I suppose so Heather what what? What can we say about people's? creativity, productivity and the like yeah, I got it varies either. There's no one blanket answer for everyone depends on people's situation on. If we are fortunate enough to be in a situation like myself having to care for three and six are all right now. It might be an opportunity to, for example, I would love to work on my book right now. Bright and some people do have the opportunity
and they are you know using this time. This sort of that was given to them in these productive ways, but than others feel the pain. Right. Oh, I should be doing something productive, and I'm not, and so a double edged sword, but I do think- and I'm finding this again with patience- is that some of them are using this time to reset. You know to take a pause on they're, always on the treadmill rushing through their life and to say you know what actually want to work on my mental health issues. Now I have the time this is a really good opportunity to work on myself now that we're on a sort of Pause before I go back into the rat race, I'm so people are using the time I think, in an important ways. By make, right when they're, not the struggling and other ways, they can use it to work on themselves or to work on a project again. It also depends on how long this time period lasts for even longer goes on and then, when the frustration starts to build, in others,
so much you can do and after while again, where were you almost clean up, went here in the? U S report like I wanna get out. We want to get out, but if you can find a projects were on, I mean where not all Isaac Newton by people no are you working on record you did highlight at the beginning discussion some positive gains. For people who are otherwise didn't. You were an anti social which determine when they have people social anxiety, socialism and how they did I'm at the pressure to have to go out. You don't feel bad about staying in again, he bore the OECD, your validated they're, not alone, so there are these positive effects mental health and people who are our closer to their making their children came home, became home from college or spend more time with their kids, I'm an act be very valuable and rewarding as well. Sophia Curse
George, subject to get another one there. It would go. Let's go back to another patriarch patron, This is Jim Marshal and gems. Hi meal and Heather as a practising mental health counselor, I am deeply certain by the level of anxiety I see around me, do you have any suggestions for people to get the help and support they need to whether this time, emotionally, I'm gonna, say Jim, as a practising mental health counselor. You should already know the answer to that. The fact that asking for, as as a public service to the people who are listening so Well, fortunately, they have lifted the restrictions on how long this is going to last, for
so normally that's your license than the state of New York to practice. You can't see patients of the teller Health in California, but they lifted those state restriction So now a mental health professional can be a teller. Health should be available to anybody across the country so that really opens the floodgates. Many people who normally wouldn't have access to a mental health professional now I've many more options there. Also You know I work at hospital now Sonny. You know it is in the heart of the pandemic and alive line workers are experiencing severe mental health issues given with their exposed to every day, so they ve, provided all these new services for providing mental health professionals to frontline workers in others.
Where they can call. So people are aware of this issue and are making changes to make mental health professionals more available together, for due by the greens, were possibilities and this question, but I mean how much training do you and others real Of rigour, pandemic is not in every way of this it is not all that nobody loves me, everybody hates me or some other depressed state. This is this. This doesn't really have precedent in the current generation, so whereas what what are you draw upon in your own professional expertise to redress this cell nights? Not everybody has the tool kit to deal with these psychological issues, but at one Anxiety is anxiety. You no fear uncertainty, fear of a potential threat, whether it's because the pandemic or
because you know you just lost your job or whatever. It may be the same tools to apply. But that being said, you know somebody who is who specialised sand schizophrenia they might be the best bomb therapists to treat the depression and social isolation and anxiety I'm so it does. There are various options in terms of their best but eight, but when there is a crisis it sort of its all hands on deck, you know, so anybody has some sort of training they it's better to have the thing men nothing right and that, ideally you have a specialist like. I wanna, buy specialities his anxiety, so that you know comes in hand right now, but again is better to have something that now and the rules be even terms of ethics. You who you are and aren't allowed to treat in in non emerging times, changes now when there is an emergency and are simply does not have health care available or mental health care available. You are
legally allowed to treat them because the whole concept- something is better than nothing just check me. Another one before we go to break right here we go. This is then to the gym That's the handle, ok bend to the Duke about a lot of us best. I, where do you live there? All that figure is from its grab a bend to the gym. Sir, is what is it that people like myself although feeling for those having had hard times who are enjoying choir teen, while others are having a breakdown. Is it Is it purely an environmental bearing growing upward? Does our biochemistry lay a role so bent to the jail,
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I'm leavin lovely coronets quarantines is like Mcdonald. Loving these heap at so Heather he raises a very important point about nurture nature question: is he loving quarantine, holding loss or a jobs aside for the moment, is his the reaction to quarantine, something biochemical or is a genetic learned that? Where does he feared The spectrum of people's reactions- I am it, is partially biological, so that we ve done in studies on resilience on looking out, for example, is released. Voters who have experienced the same combat situation, some of which go on to develop PTSD and others, are fine and there is, there are some genetic differences that actually mean, people more resilient to Hardship- and always you of those people who find that the cups half full right, that kind of outlook on
and we find that, even when on something really bad happens to person, let's say they get into a terrible car accident lose their lives. If the person Was a sort of resilience, sort of happy go lucky person before the accident, the hovel little bit of a down trade and local re back up to where they were before same thing is a person who tend to be more depressed. Less resilient. They, when the lottery right they'll have a little black of of happiness and then the ends up going right back to where they were before so you're you're pre exist personality, and that is by a and genetic will respond to the environmental circumstances in a very predictable I'm. So I am sure that this person has probably had hardships previously unknown. And I will, if I would imagine They also responded in a resilient way. I'm. So there are these biochemical differences, which is why those people who have a Frida vulnerability are predispositions. It's about psychiatric illness. This event will trigger that in that
David. You mentioned earlier that, if you're, just just like, on the threshold of that it could be a precipitating force in, In the same tonight, wow that's funny All our business people already were experiencing depression anxiety again. This can exacerbate that Saddam this situation, not the actual virus, but the the quarantine and the results of the vote, There is, however, handling can expose what's already they're kind of pull the other covers back. You know like sand like in it too. You know how the silicon be nowhere. Atossa, rightly when you drink, usually exacerbates whenever emotion was already there before us. If you drink when you're depressed you'll get more depressed, if you drink, when you're celebrating you'll be more, you now is your aunt, and so this is kind of like that is enhancing. What was there before? yeah right before the quarantine. I was working approaching them a cup,
and he s been four eight weeks, I M a full, because these are corona booth. Man, man, boobs, yes, Corona, Boobs as a member the other interesting when I finished my prediction is that as things start opening up gradually Can I do in Europe little by little. It might, actually increase people's anxiety, because the uncertain like right. Now are sort of inner bubbles were kind of protected were allowed to stand our homes, as we saw actually go out and said: maybe send our kids school in a kind of in a socially distance way. The uncertainty is green, increasing. Society, I think, will increase in people and their a more even more mental health issues in in that new world because when your home, you know you know- and everyone has been with you for three weeks- you know you're not gonna catch it, but one Society begins to open doors at risk.
That you know absorb just rejoining society and unjust, for those who are not latin? Fluent I'm data to say that others phrase in Vienna very us is specific translates to in wine. There is true so Heather specifically to talk about wine, not here or Jan her whisky life. Never just. Why not look as if it doesn't work, for example, then, never drink, Jack, Daniels, absolutely body had services they clarify what you said when you drink is when you drink wine, a little gasp, or on my mark it says, verifies. Maybe that's why I thought of it. The truth
She has also be the motto of Harvard University I come about because that seemed a little bit of noxious, but you always a hurried back in his arms back it s funny Let me get mumbled from Philadelphia committed abroad away, just a quick aside, because you ve been oversized, which of course means you know. What we just talked about, I think, is incorrect. I believe that alcohol can affect your brain to why were you would do things that you otherwise would never do or say you're, not telling the truth. As a matter of fact, your brain has been altered by a substance that actually alters your reality at the same time, and so you can get drunk enough where you'll tell somebody that you hey
and you don't hate them? You know I've got differ before guy down. We couldn't have very moved by the way we before you go Heather Richard thanks. Dad for that is what did you become a day? What I would say to that is that we do have these unconscious impulses and desires, and things that are different upward sex is normally suppressing. When you drink it decreases activation of it? more attacks, it lowers your suppression. So what was act? hey there under the service, you might not even of yourself, have been aware of its lingering under the surface that comes out, ok dreams. He doesn't have to have this we're doing What else did you buy the person? I don't really like that, but maybe somewhere inside of you, you do like them. So I think that Europe is even being the truth, see yourself, but you didn't know about that's. Normally
I see and I'm still gonna say- per capita push Blackwood that other, but we don't have time, ok, I think so check your saying. You don't have time for you to come into argue, with the mental health professional about why she's wrong that is wrong. I'm just sense is not considering the whole picture, even though she went to while I was there as you probably behaviors that you and gauge- and you wouldn't do in your normal life, normally you would not. There are some things you do that you normally would do because their suppressed, but when you release that innovation that they do The arab drinking expose your lizard brain machine. I just I just Maria, which again but yeah, how I'm going to look at different sand at young that you can. You can
Frank enough where you would do something that you would just never. Even comes right right, diver, thereby high levels of alcohol, that most people never get and see. I'm sneaking from experience at all. I'll get it. We got illegal next question. That's requested, that's crescent! This is from oh by the way. The last question that you made in Europe as description, and you talked about people becoming more anxious. That was. Let me just acknowledged that empty art from patriotic had an upcoming question that says I just want to know will be seeing a wave of a girl phobia once we are re introduced society. So you actually answered this question. In the last statement that you made just right of way not so remind us what agoraphobia is better
Serbia, is a fear of leaving the house, and I too think that that will be an issue for a lot of people going forward because of the answer. So even when things to open up is that people are suddenly walked, maybe places they will flood. You know the rest. Bars There'll be allowed a segment of people who still will self icily because of that uncertainty in the fear, because there the not treatment or vaccine? So I think there will be an increase in the bar phobia. And if I remember correctly, a Goro isn't open space in ancient Rome. Young people gathered and if you fear, the open space and people. You are a a word on Iraqi and that's like some people who are afraid of being an malls or like big open spaces where it originates, because they would have a panic attack in the middle of it? just stayed home, then the opposite, of course, for
don't worry about that, nothing to talk about nowadays of its very reactor of its terrible. Yes, I here we go Frankie's twenty from Facebook, as this alone, the Owen Doktor Berlin I'm coming tee for some advice when down began, I was going through a break up. My friends were tell him I need to get the hell out of my apartment, but now that's impossible. What are some good ice to maintain a healthy state of mind during all of this Yes, I use star talk as a mental stimulation. You guys are great. Well, actually,
Answered the question himself actually on all this is a problem, so part of the treatment, birds of pressure or like us, you're getting over break up is what we call behavioral activation its books of gold standard treatment, so somebody's depressing their lack motivation. You actually like push them to go out and you acted at ease to break the cycle. Now we're all stuck in the house, so our girls have shrank, but we can still create these kind. Many worlds within them, so you can create novelty with the things you have around you right. So we can and should like I used or talk for my mental stimulation right. If you normally always player crossword puzzle like switched her, you know some other mental activity learn to play chess. The brain likes novelty. Change in that releases. Dopamine, which is I feel good chemical so If our worlds or small, you know you can't just sit around the world now and go to fund parties, but you can find activities within our
are our smaller worlds, better novel that will give you that bit of doping means that is like a behavioral activation to be more creative, in that in that endeavour, is not as easy as you know, it's not all provided for us. The instrument in terms of entertainment, so that would be my bit of advice and connect with people were hitherto professional practice. Did you just say you gonna start recommending start off just said it should say. I think that's what I heard her say. Listen to start, I feel the same about aside and number on and what we like. We ve got quite a battle or too so we ve been others. While my episodes about their everything, absolutely Should we get everyone more? I think our idea is she LAR Fatah from Facebook and Popular says this. I am a big fan of timing and from Spain
in Estonia as spam yeah, do you think that the lack of sunlight and being in doors, will result in some mental health issues. I definitely feel it so to be clear in New York City, where the lot of tall buildings and is not much sunlight vector. Into your place, because outside your windows, another building you can the in broad daylight, but still be in darkness. And I presume if you live in a private homes somewhere in the suburbs, when a rural place daytime hostile daytime to you so really were talking about, people who live in small confined faces with not much winnowing right, so Tell us about the role of the sunlight. Absolutely I mean sunlight, can affect your mental health. We know that actually, one of the treatments for depression is to the people,
are not getting enough sunlight or vitamins used to get one of those son lamps just to provide that they paid they sell them. Where are you can put it by your desk and just to have that natural light that affects our? Nor can the ship will it just to be clear that life is not just another light or to waste the spectrum that matches that of the sun, that's right. So that wave use Youtube. Cramped, you're here duping your body into thinking that its my dad's expose you and not just some incandescent were fluorescent, bulb exam. Because we have abolished with those that spectrum of light over many years, and so that affects our sleep weak cycle on severe had jet lag. You know that can really monsieur interconnection, making work more irritable and an anxious right. So it's affecting our sleeps. All is well, so you want to make sure you have that national Lightwood sends a signal to the brain like ok, it's daytime now should be awake
because that's another issue is that like, even though we're all inside that to keep a regular schedule the half times, you know we you you're up during the daytime and sleep at night, unless of course, you have a job that is doesn't allow. That is important for mental health to having national sleep cycles. But I want to mention: is that being endorse your lack of stimulation, say habituated to the walls, accuracy them day after day cause it's not novel, and so with the brain does we know this from centuries? Approbation studies is that it will begin to stimulate itself when it lacks stimulation of starting loosening, and then people also reporting having more vivid dreams at night and not just that there, also their anxiety seats into their dream, so people having corona type dreams, since I've had a dream where I I mean a mall in doing something, then I rose way I should be around all these people I gotta get out of here. What am I doing here get away from me and I start running the more you know that your brains, but only realises you, no wait. I should be-
That's it that's! A separate podcast betters has library being John Malkovich so we go take a break before we go to a third and final segment. This is our talk. A little out of the little help we'd like to give a patriotic shut out the following patriarch patrons Brian Pool and Dominic Wells guys. Thank you so much for your gravity assist as we make an across the board. I suppose we couldn't do without you and for anyone listening who would like their very own patriotic shout out. Please go to patriarch dotcom slashed star, talk, radio and support us. We're back start on cars with where's corona virus mental health issues,
and I ve got with me, but jackknife as always to any tweeting just check nice comic. Thank you. Certainly and Heather Berlin, neuroscientist friend of start a therapist herself, statements, Sinai Heather, always good to have you. And you can you ve got a social media footprint well you're you're handle is what underscore onto about extra rooms. Are you there? I am indeed, and I believe it's the same other underscore. Berlin you believe it. I do not think it is quite another to the heroes, were belief, systems not worth the same, and that other Underscore Brill
on Instagram, starting with at least tell me what I need to do to feel better during this pandemic furniture, some woman in the city or Berlin, Germany, my God, would that be great, like as the Americans, they keep asking me, so we got another face in the mixed here. We ve got Garry Riley Gary NEA I'm alone. Welcome you just crossed over you're you're. My co host along with shock for starters, ports addition yeah just little blind side run just lucky behind came around back door, and we thought we might devote this segment too. Mental health in the corona virus in the corona, very yes, but as it might affect athletes and their aware we're not seeing athletic, at this point not because seasons have been cancelled or delayed, and so
but we might want to know what effect that, as we give a question for high, do and thank you, write. Wild athletes can exercise taking due star jumps and perceptive pushups The latter way way way way. When I listen to reform, we didn't just put the british action on here for the there's a reason why you are my co host on sports addition, Gary you're, a former professional athletes profession soccer star in the UK. Thank you. I was and if you were to look me up in the Koran, verse would probably be Talking to someone like had the Berlin Europe operating lessened into these shops and step up in their own lounge, they can't be competitive
how our athletes Heather, please particularly those that are involved in both games, retain next super fast mental processing. Spade them. Them on occasion just phenomenal and locked out of your support for this amount of time, are you gonna look at a degradation of that kind of mental spade o actually, does it stick with you or does it? How long does it take right? So I looked at it. A lot of you especially play competitive sports, the not having colleagues with you to kind of help, motivate you re and which speeds up are either way. Gives us the convening a goal to speed up. You know your mental capacity. However, there are other ways that you can keep that knife sharp so to speak right. So it's not just the physical activity, but if you can engage and compelling mental task. I mean as something as simple. As you know, video games that involve costs,
Titian. Either they have these river, where headset and talk to other people, we are playing with right. So, let's say video inner soccer game, but you can play with other people because to the brain there isn't that much difference between, say, virtual reality, space and real space. You can very easily trick the brain, so I would recommend if you want to keep shore- play these serve competitive sports briskly and that all engage the same sort of mental circuits. Then you wouldn't each of you actually physically play that's interesting. You know Heather. I once hosted a spin off of Nova PBS nautical Nova I am now and one of our. Episodes was on the of retaining mental acuity, and I was trained on a test it was some kind over arcade game. And there I was, and I got better while I kept doing it, but I did it
long enough so is really kind of in my head, then I took a break we took a nap and then I came back and I was better that at any time than I had left off? and the analysis was that my brain kept at that exercise because I so embedded in it that I ended up improve. Tell my speech, my reflexes and my acuity. So this is an interesting world. The brain did you study as cop It's called the consolidation, and so that's why? Actually?
but for an exam were practising a physical activity. Sleep is so important. Breaks are so important because you have the period of time when your brain is from in taking the information at learning and learning learning from acquiring the information. But then you need, during the rest periods are just as important as are other neural processes that consolidated and- and we do find this after people sleep there's a spike in on performance. They do better and then, after all, in a fatigues accepted and there s any concerted train drain off so learning it's the best for example, area, for example, is not great. You want a space it out. You'll do better on the exam, because Europe is proof of Consolidation but let me get back to Gary's point because he was Fifthly, referencing? What role a competitor has on your own urge to excel rather than people urging cheering you on rights and has a different saying it's why anyone would set a world record. They just ran or performed better.
Ever having their life better than anyone ever has in at moment. How many records are ever set by someone doing something on their own near zero. So I'm in Gary's Kay so Gary. What I wonder is if you train, the mind to have a mental acuity hitherto, that really translate into Bio, kinetic, acuity, ores It's just training the mind betrayed, I can make your body faster. That's that it carries out of firing Mahina what we would sorry have, because now I'm taking your role in this. In this conversation I would I would put that under the file confidence, if Bible, leave that I have this confidence that I'm shop mentally my business. Sling term get ahead in the body will follow near. Remember that what can be said that this is another example of that comes down also it's a motorway
and its motivation and then only afraid so you're we took that self. Fulfilling prophecy is right. If you think- you're going to fail you'll be more likely to fairly out of sight yourself out right if you think you're gonna sixty. That's why the visualization, especially for athletes, is so important. Like I'm gonna make back all I can see it, I'm gonna do it. So it's that the body will follow as long as it's trains. And it actually knows what to do so. A lot of it is getting yourself out of the way getting your doubts and and in itself, out of the way to allow your body to do what it was trained to do, but if it's not physically trained to do that or so you ve been importance even haven't actually practised for a while. You know you still won't, even though you can have all the mental motivation in the world. You won't be other, actually an ax that if your muscles haven't, you know, stayed up to part. Let's say so. I think you do We need both its one or the other. But the point is that if Europe
All in your happy and your practising your physical, you don't keeping up with your physical activities, it's just as important to also keep up with that mental activity. With the competitive sports, the competitive game. Let's say, ended and the drive in the motivation that comes from many different places. Some people have internal motivation for reason. Some people need the competitor to have that level of motivations about will very shortly. We have more questions for fur. However, I have a mindful of questions, but we do not think this is just one foot for Heather now that certain leagues are coming back with a mid may here and there the German circulate abundantly get is the first out of the gates with game, starting an empty stadium. How will return later this month in my mind and have a place? because this is an interesting one for me will end Its react differently. I within the rice is drivers, but for instance, Sakharov basketball. Alan
going to react to being in an empty stadium and having no react some from the crowds. Imagine I do the most incredible trick or move. And a normally I get an instantaneous. Wow. This rush of energy comes to picking personally to me, that's no longer there, how our athletes going to react. The emptiness. And had a before. We begin chuck the same question applies to you. What's it like being in a nightclub. Not that this will happen budgets, you can imagine it. You got it and it routine and a nightclub nobody's at any. The cocktail tables does that work free familiar worth because nobody's laughin when there are four anyway, as I was saying, Ireland is an island.
The silence earlier, not I'm still do comedy shows you build, examines zoom mountain and you know we get like a hundred. Two hundred people were at that time. In today's comedy shows to check out comedian. Just trying out material in doing stuff and you know it's for me personally. My children and people say this to their life. Oh, you laugh at your own jokes. I'm like get up that's cause. I'm Ok, how about just socket? Ok, because I dont care the comedians arts was left their jobs. I do most of my Carmody for me believe up yet again similar phenomena. I'm thinking about these led by torture, was better during these monologues without the audience feedback, and even somebody is observing at watching. It feels a little awkward right because of the timing, so there we often go through this process.
It's very kind of darwinian, of like performance, feedback, revision, right and so were performing and their roots. Or for that feedback, whether positive or negative. That then helps this kind of revise our performance and you're gonna from the players that were playing where but a lot of the islands of it helps the gutter you're running down the field to get a goal, and now the audience is cheering ensuring ensuring you on that's gonna, make you weren't even faster and that we call that, in psychological terms, social facilitation. So we find that certain peoples performance is enhanced simply by being observed by people that the pencil that the task is so that if it's a simple task like running up as the task, it's war complex, then you get the opposite effect. You get will because social innovation, which is that your performance can get worse if you're being observed depending on the complete they get. A task is very complex. So it's it's a mixed bag, but I think in general, with sports the audience feedback.
Julie, facilitates right. It gives you more motivation to keep running or go the extra mile and we are going to lose, that I've got the sports are gonna, be slightly less aggressive. Perhaps slightly less competitive cuz there's not that motivational factor of the live audience feeling it so that the truly competitive player is going to flourish. In that scenario, somebody like a Tom Brady who doesn't it doesn't care who's watching. I just need to kill you. I need to beat you at awesome, Michael Jordan type like I don't I'll, never forget. I just heard a story of Michael Jordan in practice. What a player on his team blocked his shot and then for the rest of the practice Michael,
Jordan actually dribbled around people to go to that player in practice to embarrass him. Ok, flash player like a pleasure like that, will flourish under the circumstances. You two also. Actually, there are certain players who are usually having people who professional Sports Blair's have figured out ways to overcome this, but sent players have a bit of socialism he so actually performing in front of, audience is harder for them. They have to learn how to block it out and focused so they might also do better without the audience there, as it distract so so it is. It is a mixed bag to playing on the player how internally motivated there and how much there impacted by the the audience. So we got a call with quits their serve other jerry, we're gonna gonna pick you up over in sports edition and in the meantime I just say goodbye to the three of you in this cosmic queries darker in the corona verse, mental
Extradition and, like I said, Heather's always great to have you nothing all right. I'm Neil the grass in your personal astrophysicist physicist as always, getting you to keep looking up
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