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COVID-19 and the Future of Us

2020-11-30 | 🔗

How does COVID-19 impact children? Neil deGrasse Tyson, co-host Paul Mecurio, and Dr. Irwin Redlener, MD, co-founder of the Children’s Health Fund and Director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness, investigate the impact of the pandemic on our youth.

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Illustration Credit: The Centers for Disease Control.

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Welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide startup begin right now. This is start off and this gonna be a covert nineteen edition. we're going to explore the future of us and just to be clear. Since we're talking about covert nineteen, we have to sort of put a date stamp what's going on. So we are recording this on twenty eighth. So whatever we say, that's true on October, twenty Eightth rediscover things after this. That could affect the information that we share with you. So that's my that's my entry claimer on what's going on, or rather my entry, claimer so my cause for this episode: poor Mercurial Pa Amy
how I feel just your special for this cause. You actually had covered yeah. are you. You asked me to get it for the episode yes you're you're such or such a oh player. We know they are permitted committed. You do you have to be the virus visa balls, real Vienna virus, your hosted, the Puma Curio Show, which I will never forgive you for just not being inventive there. The point was tried, other things I try to chairs and a microphone. It's two three four, earns in Xenia, applying them to work kidneys. I write. I tried everything I get to work Jackie Workin, on helping to like covenant with new new names of things, but today, which I went too few
of humanity in the wake of covert and and also we're, gonna focus on that who are most vulnerable in society away, which are the children right, children they sort of get it, but it's not to serious and they bounce back society that is trying to take care of them. and the society they will inherit has been indelibly touched by this virus and since neither you nor I other than that you have become the virus. For this episode have special expertise. We go back to our man who's, not only as a specialist. In diseases he's a specialist in children who get disease and its urban redline a doctor and river bottom back to sort out thanks, I'm so happy to be with you in ports, Let me get tourism resume just out there. Just so people know your pediatrician, Kofi Annan, the children's health fund, and this international thing. We were you just
up and children, no matter where they are and no matter their capacity to afford, and your founding director of Colombia so these national centre for disaster preparedness, and we ve had you on for that reason before right. So thanks for having agreed to do that, you can check our archival epoch, for that, and you showed the shall bring. You are from all really depressing yeah. I've been knocked down by radio, democracies he's the offer that other title III carries. That's like when the asteroid comes and takes up the grid and the support and the ability to respond with the first responders so yeah, that's a definitely the doom doomsday dude doomsday doctors and the Ukraine. The pandemic resource and response initiative Columbia University. So he knows that, and when did you create that well Mccrae, this back in April, when I was
apparent that things are really. Gonna help here was, though, in a Europe where we are and the hospitals are completely overloaded. The fatality rates were through the roof. And so leading the world in death and destruction from this are covered, so yes, we created it, and what do you mean the moral because of our we'd? Just didn't? We were ignorant and Well, we are in listen with. We didn't listen in places. Action brought. And we actually perform way more inadequately than other poor countries that we just issued Report I said that if we had done what Japan or South Korea or Canada, Australia or Germany had done we could have saved hundred more. A hundred thousand lives. In fact,
but you're in seventeen thousand fatalities from covered a week ago Friday, what they wish in the report and at that point There were twelve seventeen thousand fatalities. If we had done what Canada had done, in terms of early on aggressive interventions. We could have saved a hundred and thirty thousand wise you of that. So these countries each of these countries, because there they are our sort of technological years, social peer group right exactly and then send someone to compare and economic, especially Russia, and we leading the world and we have the wherewithal. We have the scientific power. If we had done with South Korea and Japan had done, we would have Add two hundred thousand wife says In other words, if we looked at almost all of those who died in almost all and
This is a tragedy of just enormous proportions and it should not have happened in the United States, but it did and still have because this really not much has changed in terms for powers, leadership from the top. So it's a serpent, especially disappointed by that's cause, I'm old enough, I'm older than the both of you guys. I know you I would not like you have adopted you change. Your vipers arrives late now I just remember with all the problems we had, you know them in all their civil rights we Still the model of the world for sign Terrific advances and promptly disasters in an an ice fact that you know we would see these film loops of other countries. Oh look at them, they don't have an infrastructure. There was like now that they would be the benefit of our pity, the right
we send money their way up them, the inner exemplar, and now you know upside down Van about the subsoil, but the fact, because we are now the October twenty Eightth at a higher peak, new covert case or the United States, that it than any previous time correspondence is that correct? It is correct and the trajectory is is now there's no suggestion that it's about a european answer. I'm gonna get this up and we are getting throwing open the sooner it is not even levelling it stresses that level. It is aiming high, aiming I aiming high. And that's the problem and down you don't work, but we ve been talking for a long time about another winter is coming. to borrow the young came from: Fraid ever had already there, and it said, scary is its is no went up inside and there's no way. To create a model or where there is no model, that's enough
instead, it is gonna, slowed down any time soon and sat, and you know it the great case study in Kansas, because the governor was within a mandate mass and the republican legislature. Thence took the power from the governor to do that. I ask that this community soap all about a hundred and two Make me counties, one hundred said no mandate on Mass twenty did and in July. At that point it went like this it's those that mandated mask level off young in those hundred counties didn't spend in there. it is both is, is incontrovertible fact he's a cop compilation of this with regard to actually arrest it blew state compilation for what state leading young cases, whereas others that have levelled off me, City. While our rates have gone up there, still really low compared with most other state. That, frankly, demonstrate very proud of my phony orchestras, we're cramming set of people right
It's like you, don't you feel another tall people in that elevator key quitting the only time you justify a push in old lady, and I have done so. I want to talk to you about your book. Ok, which is the future of us. I would get the full title with reams of children mean and twenty first century America such soap. So early tat can tell us a little bit about this book So what was driving this book? Nea was my observation. Personally, I'd taken care of very different and the children, as as it as a pediatrician for decades, There was one particular situation. and tat stuck with me, was in the early nineties, I was seeing a homeless thousands family was homeless, enlisted actual separate from his family, extremely poor, even forced her home that we were fighting carrots and were using the mobile pediatric
John himself, a long story short nor says this is it found them William. A ten year old in the back examined with a mobile gawayne, I'm chatting with Hermes is very shy and I asked the question that often works. Is what do you want to be when you grow up I was shot up. This was a promo scared, picked up by a foster family being, treated in your ear, free medical care, exact children's health fund truck exactly and he was incredibly, or an faced? Many adversities in his life as somebody wanted to be merely grumpy said I wanna be a paleontologist- really what is it. Really it's analogy some. I want to look for dinosaur bonds and when addressing the, why did you have you learned? then he paused an old yellowed article. Four, the New York Times it about paleontology and he kept the sinners,
always- and this was his lifeline- is beacon of hope that some day. He would get out whenever he is facing and be able to do that and I What did him there- and I was for as long as almost I didn't. I didn't. We lambs just very overwhelmed with sadness pirates because I was realizing the chance this kid becoming appearing in towns were essentially new and it was very distress, to me and I have to be speeded up friend of mine, then Billy shorn started out by Hunger organization. I was telling you about this story I was on his part. Yes, he said to me. Well, a ten year old son. This is blazing wants to be upheld. to this end, we ve got him a dozen box on the subject was taken into the museums and we flew amount. Actually made a very famous billions challenges that I'm saying
Jesus you- and this is this- is the point. There are some children who have the support mechanisms from there away from their parents from the community that allows them to pursue their dreams and there's other children like William, have no chance and the fact is. We have millions of children in America who face future that are uncertain at best as Thirdly, the ability for them to achieve their dreams. Strictly limited years old office, even if your selfish yeah, we say, I don't care about. These are the people I we care about. My people. There is still the loss to the country, terrible ass, the country for the intellectual capital that is not being nurtured, yeah could propel the nation back into leadership status on so many the frontier. is that I grew up for which, if that was right, when you made this point earlier,
is the lead, the world in innovation in science and whenever we cannot afford to have, So many children are any children, do not fulfilling their potential is really really a terrible reality that facing America's future and then the causing pandemic has ignored. Estimated all that, because the kids behind the equal I'm in trouble before the pandemic ever appear are worse trouble. Now exactly currently a pandemic generation. of children, love impossible, catch up, missions down, because your love them that their education interrupted inside The last thing we want to see happen is gives now say: yes, said: the save the children survey in September of twenty five thousand kids in less than one percent the poor children interview had access to the internet, verses, nineteen percent, who are non poor and they missed out on access
to education, health care, food and in the early developmental, gout years of war. So desert advisedly point poor right. So We are creating a situation that we're gonna need something akin to a Marshall plan to try to recover the potential and make up the lost their education. Just remind me, the Marshall Plan was the rebel of Europe after the second exactly yeah. Ok. So this requires like broad cooperation, yes and progressive, visionary thinking and investment and commitment. right. So this is what we need and I think we really needed badly, and so this block the future of us which has been updated to include the dishes. About the pandemic, specifically by it just came out in paper back now react as it came out. Yes, in our data nerves in paper, you write. It looks like this, I just happened to have one
What do you want does the point here. I think we're gonna need a lot of work, a lot of commitment, but, like you point out in the open is not just about a focus on our own. That's easy for people I gotta say we got the women's all we can do. It is be understanding with empathy there are many. Many truly don't have what were able to give our children and is in our interests as well as theirs that we re we need to help them redress, the even if you're feeling selfish said so, I use the term that the children are the Bell weathers of young society. Could you just give? you were more detail about the the so what mean by that is that it the chill only by the way, because we have a comedian with us, oh I've, always thought of comedians as the bellwether of society could you guys see cease I've come in there,
that's what I'm talking about. Is that with that's how I believe- and I didn't know why- why do you think society is in the shattering because of us, because radio, so so how to children poured into this? So here's the points of view of humanity that where children are doing well, the majority of children going to school. They gave the health care, they need everything's, fine, that pretends well for the future. That's a society and a community that is true I too make sure that the next generation has the ability to take care of the problems the charge that will certainly be facing us from climate change to dealing with it and so on, but if you have on the other hand, a community. where children are not doing well, where this failed. School where the skills are not getting healthcare. That is a very and sign in
why I'm saying that children are the Bell weathers, you can make success. society by how well I children to arguing that they do poorly watch out because we are not going to be in the same position. Twenty years from now we're already tumbling in terms international leadership and inspiration and issue it's gonna get a whole lot worse and I, but I think I have to apologise and multiple times to young people, for the mess that we're leaving attack everywhere, the person, as you sure he shuddered, when your father, it's all use all your existence of family planning, guess somebody is the language used in France is four hundred young people, but I, apart As for the mess that will that we limit its true. When I first started carriers is nineteen. Seventy one. Seventy two world art and saw a running a government funding clinic. I was potatoes, it I'm a travel
the Kennedy I am Johnson areas, I thought ten or fifteen years, nineteen seventy two we would have ended child poverty. We would have ended racism. We would have that and a lack of access to healthcare in ten or fifteen years, is all be history. It we aren't. I haven't, century waiter neo end and coins. How do we do or didn't due to leave the much as I was back to repose right, it's it's just your fault. It is my default vanderdyke spend less time. How is your blog, unless I will use my vote to spread can we get it? You have a book and work for you. I can. I can I just say something like that. This goes back towards over earlier. The problem with this thing is the elephant in the room and it's not even the someone's over it's the politics.
I hear these goals and politics is gonna. Get can you get in the way way way way way way? However, however, I'm I'm going to quote my Father, my late father, who said is not good enough to be right. You also have to be effective. So if you know the politics we're gonna get in the way, then you navigate that. Ok, you! So it's not like you. Policies in the way and you're in a prison. I we lived. We see kind of live in a free society, especially modern times with Ex, so the internet and podcast everything or where you are now, We are not powerless yourself, but let me, as you did your book, have you have other anecdotes about you encounters with children sure so there's another one of a young. a kid, I saw a waiting room, the South Bronx, I'm just actually waiting for my wife and I sat down in the way you have kids families- and I see this little kid
a girl playing with a little toy shark, observed his bird flu and I said what what carver fishes that says: it's a shark and they where did you get? This was the skiff was maybe twelve As you went into this long as raised about deficit, this is of sharks, and it was in the South Bronx in the ports urban Zip code in America, and this kid was clear in love with the science of marine biology and Well, you know these really saying he said so with those two exam We need more movies, like jaw
an Erasmus Hark guys, or do you just happen to have right he's just happened. I've written script for bikers proceed very old and authorities, didn't you would think of their debts. But you know this. Kid had never been to an aquarium. In fact, most of the kids that I've talked about that have never been to one of Newark museums, which are the envy of the world energy. incredible how much we are blockading children from The experiences in the obduracy to pursue there lies like, like our children are able to do, and it's a pathetic died meant really of our solar and then than those it Yet it was a phenomenal graphic artist and I saw him in a homeless, shelter was Raymond any of this big old, backpack rosiak. Whenever top and I said, what's in there, he said: oh just my artwork,
He started showing me drawing. drawing me, then he carries around with them, because wherever you almost got ya, gotta move around with it. Yeah he's gonna take you didn't trust, leaving, let me place and was, unbelievable, and this guy, was image. I saw many shelter in Brooklyn and he had I've never been to an art museum in New York City is astounding, though this is that this is the problem. when I was looking at a micro level and then the boxes into what was the big picture here and it's so but I also would say: there's this optimism to be had here, and here I think we can fix. It This is not our inevitable fate. I am Take a break and, let's find out what is your recipe for fixing it before all just rails on you one more time. I'd say you think you could there I'll take a quick break and when we come back more where's Erwin breadwinner. Just telling us about
our dinner survive this covered pandemic and what our kids role. They will need to play going forward. Hey it's time to give a patreon shout out to the following: Patreon featuring Ryan, Bariteau, Dan, Schneider and Sheila. Hudson guys you are the solid rocket fuel that propels us to the stars. Thank you so much for your support. We can do the show without you and for those of you who'd, like your very own patreon, shout out he's, got a patriarchal last star, talk, radio and support us relaxed, artwork or material You too, have you man now great to be here,
You looking healthier than the last time we had you on your your rising up out of covert. Do you have your taste buds back yet now, I know I mean I do sundays and sometimes in the middle of a meal of tasted and then all of a sudden I can't a synonym for ready finer. Oh, I thought it worth a pizza, but I'm eating cardboard. Furnaces baby was really helping. My budget arboreal cheaper, also for some reason, soda right now, co, ginger ale, can't can't drink it. It has this horrible taste and there's a chemical, and there are some very soon to ask an excerpt from urban. We would be talking about your book. Their future of us and so you you're telling us is that it has so the gut wrenching store. These children who will never realise their potential. So You have any positive allow me to make light of that fact, but Generally, this is America. We like happy endings, two things
so are you doing something? Is the country doing something is the word doing something how we not going to lose people. I I think about you were often here, because you are the purveyor of the most effective articulation of the need for people. Billing and science and what that means was, and we had a very bad spot right now. and the solution is not just you continue to talk, but we gotta get people who listen and people all the, first rings and are able to change policies, and this is why the pause point. Answer? Unfortunately, an unfortunate for a lot of science is a lot of public health experts who keep taking it right. One more paper is somehow gum. Bigger magic than do the right thing. It's just bullshit, and why he's going to matter is the right recipients of the information that are controlling our dollars, our policies, that's what I mean. That's what it's boiled down for me and I'm looking the answer, is that we need
something that I mentioned before. There were like a Marshall plan for children, which is the Marshall Plan, referring, as you pointed out today, The incredible investment we made in Europe to recover after world war too. We need a similar investment, a moon shop that will make us Here too, a national vision for what we can do anything I swear to me, for that. Oh child goes were inadequate school ever We shall then, after they need and stamina, helped arise out of poverty is well. You know I am her the phrase in so many decades: a national vision, Y yeah here is only just about me and he is not. Yes well, now this word us is in your title of your book yeah each of us So almost let's go let's go too. I think you have some questions that, yes, we got some news to Graham here, go to Instagram. We have something from a monopoly red eleven. How will the pandemic
children whose analytic brain is still developing interesting. Yes and so does the covered get in the brain. Or is it just the disrupting system that educate you, and so now there is a gap in when you could have learned, but you right. It does actually both Neil, because we No, then there can be neurological symptoms. Ah from people ahead over. There was just a report out, their children are where increasingly seeing the problems outside the effect Elinor Logic system, a brain function, children- so very small numbers, but something to worry about. Unfortunately, and that's what we're dealing with, but also we're just a generalised that that notion just to generalise it. So but we're saying here is, if you have a fully formed brain yeah, it's morbid. It's it's more resistant. two assaults on it, whatever those assaults by be relic,
the one that is still taking shape is a very important point, and this is why the focus should be on children, because if you experience trauma and if you get caught, you. You are in a refugee camp. For years. Your suffering and in an agony you will once the situation, the adversities leave. You are feeling better, you weren't better for children who are spent the younger children. His brain is an active development they are affected by all sorts of trauma and all sorts of the absence of the appropriate stimulation, the brain, which is why the problem, if they are interrupted their educational, trajectory so yeah at the children. If a week it is a time when this year, with doing what children need. Versus when adults need and that this has to do but the biology of brain development and its really important Neil exam.
we should point out, and I got for next year and exploited by the way I was there, any chances covered and rigour his brains, anything the kind of keep them from asking. Why not say none of us when they want you I answer greasy. Would you do better those? I hate a witness. The Y know the why you're smarter than I am you're funny: ok numbered leaving, ok now, what kind of a mental effects as being in quarantine having on people, especially teenagers you're here, so it has because some families and children do ok, some don't so what's the difference, so the families are able to become, more resilience, the traumas and weirdness associated with quarantine and and all the other regulations in rules. That way
now in a global world. Is then it offered children be set? schedule. We have that we create plate arms were eating is togethers a family. We taught you think then a bothering us and we entertainer Cells- The best we can. I'm tired comedians just to make a point here for really improve because now the insight that come from good comedy, if there really important, but they also distracting from focusing the downside of doom side of what we're doing it'll be dealing with cold nineteen for another couple years, so we got Several end. We gotta figure out ways to heap ourselves intact play and psychologically and is really important- is about building adaptability, and and resilience in young people and its doable and this one of the things I talk about in the interim because that this notion about comedy I'm a big fan of
I know you want ok, and so am I attempted every now and then not on the stage, but up speckle. What I'm doing with some attempt here trying to be funny, so I tweeted at the beginning of a word: corona virus joke but not having the end of it. I invited people to give me their best ending and I just simply set a corona virus walks into a bar. That's all tell me some help here. I need a punch line, I don't have a punch line and so too, I was in entries Veronica that came came by and was, but anyhow a few, not many, maybe three or four people who said you are making light of a pandemic. We're two hundred thousand people have I expect more serious communication from you and so early in your point that you have to see the humour in the tragedy. Otherwise you no lifeline. I mean I don't want to. I want to second judge how those
People actually felt about it yet, but you you seem to be saying that I was ok you're. Endorsing the fact that at least attempted this exercise? So I was sorry but there was another attempt reported in the concept of an animal don't be silly couple weeks ago, camera were ethically Mention is what I'm talking about. something very serious about a big uptake in causing an ice A call was sent a smile, the consumer is laughing and I realized and my for you all got grandpa Youngest grandson has made a cameo appearance and his appeared on either. Gotta be jumping up and down it. Listen that's clipped over six hundred thousand views and I was, inundated with tax and left it with tweets
people saying they loved it. They laughed at the first big. Why have they ve had in a month, and it was an incredibly causative uniformly positive response and it points out to me What you just said we need If a break, we need a break. And yet this is the kind of humour that people don't get anywhere in the world. Operating rooms and whenever, amongst dogs, you know you you are taking a from the sorrow and the tragedy that human and I'm I'm fine with it. I don't mind anything about the seriousness I'm a major attacker of prompt and all that. But you don't my God, we're off incredible stress incredible, you know, if you don't have a comedy to make a point, then it, like you said it just become yes, sort of more rapid Moreau's. You know it's it's it's glad to hear the biggest necessary
supporting the time for one or two more questions we can implement efficiently over five years are a no no items? No, I'm really loves authorities. Not I was not placing on you hang out one SEC. Alright, the distance This one is similar to the one. I just ask someone skip it. This is from Adam Woloda. How do we become? more educated as citizens. I'm cold nineteen people. Think it's fake. So so gloomy gloomy, reshape the hurry, the very source of education to learn what is not fake is out there. So there's a on ten disregard for what is true by a subset of the people. What do you do with them as automatic. Just oh here's what the truth is. I never knew that it would hold hands right. So let me just harking back to the entire backs movement that existed for decades long before colleague, king did,
respect the somebody was opposed, the vaccines. It's you, you can add this item now at least what did tell people about the truth that call there does the most measles rebelled vaccine that it does not cause autism is bent upon as as they say, you can't use reason to argue someone out of a point that they didn't use. Reason to get into these are the same people who will educate themselves on a regular basis, you're not going to be able to convince them on these people said to me as fake in Florida hoax. I looked in their eyes, they weren't I believe that in their software programs Florida we know that there was a headline news, a headline. I have this headline Florida Sheriff urged residents not to, their guns into the hurricane, this was a piece of work large sums
florid another. There are now a liar we also saw you haven't done if you have your sleeve urban further talks that you can't otherwise convince yeah is very, very difficult, and this in a certain way is your core business. You know Neil in in July to help people understand how important knowledge and truth is, and I an angel sure what the ticket is to make this happen and right now, if anything, softens people, it's how things affect their children Children in their studies, it save the children, did a study regarding the effects of of what's going on in its. But you know eighty three percent His report is negative feelings and their violence was violence up, taken the home ends and so dropping domestic violence domestic so that those facts or fax, and when you, better find people even whore skeptical is is, maybe
Should there be a greater emphasis on studies like that and in what and the information that they reach their emotional? Even the other then failure. Those stories are good, but I see the Almighty confirmed. information does not necessarily convince someone who has deep idea logical. Religious whenever it is, is there is no competition. Science and faxes unfortunately turn out to be not a strong competitor, and I know it the two people were ill. Well, you need, and our way. Carl Sagan Crossing spent wise and careers, I'm trying to get people to understand them. beauty and the importers of learning through the absurd it's a big process or whatever you want to call it, but really We ve been curious about how the world works and
curiosity plays out We learn more and we learn more through science in evidence, so we're gonna have to leave it at that. Their debts? Elisa mildly, uplifting, thought relative to everything else. It came your mouth and the less? I thought this is there's no way, but I take it. I could take a lot. I got your jacket utopian park, you getting better. Thank you put on that cardboard is not a pepperoni pizza and I always say this, and I want to say it again. If I had Neil, as my science teacher, I would be a scientist today, he makes it accessible. And will you make? Your sister is always just revealing the fact that it was always don't disagree with me when I know how many new it is, whether you want our eyes reserve thanks for having agreed to be out in rates of being the doktor excellent was the wilder and regulators book the future of us, an exploration
our children will inherit an earth and what kind of earth do we want to hand over to them, and so urban always get it? see you until I placed the thank you. A nice dinner report really get better quick baby arose in near the grass Thyssen here, your personal astrophysicist, as always believed,
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