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Curing Cancer, with 2018 Nobel Laureate Jim Allison

2018-10-26 | 🔗

Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice answer fan-submitted Cosmic Queries on cancer research with freshly-minted 2018 Nobel laureate and immunologist Dr. Jim Allison, who’s at the frontier of finding new cancer immunotherapy treatments. 

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide dartle begin right now to start talks on your hosting the other grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist and I got with me cover checking, I say Hayley always could have you jerk always gonna, be here away: tweeting, Chuck, nice common! Thank you, sir. Yes, I arrived in ever since my twitter handle, I gotta say what he never said: that fine, fine she now, I'm just saying I don't think you have to say it. When the person has like a hundred million people on twitter. You know we have. Well brilliant twitter followers, then, is thirteen million. Nowhere is this: is it
special edition, I'd! Think of it as a special edition of cosmic queries, it's a special edition because we have with us, someone who is not only the world's expert on this topic. He might be the greatest expert in the universe on this topic and is the topic of curing cancer. Ah, yes, it's a big job. It's a big topics on everyone's mine and our special guest help answer these questions on curing cancer has obviously have no. Such expertise is immunology. East doktor, Jim Alison, Jim, welcome to start talk. Thank you very much. Yadda yadda! You come your skyping into us from where so did the cash adheres to the cancer centre in Houston, huge medical complex. Therefore, if I may reserves, and you like we're just like minutes ago. For the two thousand and eighteen Nobel Prize in Physiology,
Edison and your professor and chair at the Department of Immunology at the University of Texas at the empty Anderson Cancer Centre. Did I get all those almost titles correct, escrow our excellent there's. No, so do the call in the middle of the night and said you won the Nobel Prize and you hung up because you thought was a prank call because that's how it happened for me actually spent. The last couple years agenda in our agenda. I've says well, founded yeah, we wake up. The clocks are unfounded, rank soldiers. Next year go catch this year I got up and ass. She said the phone
I guess next year, YO founded ring a guess: we're gonna, measured in the phone rang it. That is that it was my son. I just saw tv it you're the Nobel Prize and as it really quite so, and then us looked at my phone boasted TAT was called Sweden on it what is basically soldier, remover myself, better you found out like through the news, is not from the No ground in the member states have a right to remember something. I don't know better see. I've never got a Nobel Prize because my phone numbers unlisted fix that. So again, I know you must be swamped with media,
curries and and and the like, some delighted that you gave this programme this this hour of your times of thanks for that. So if you could just led off by telling us what is it that you were recognised for doing I was really does for developing a way to get the immune system to attack cancer cells, which is something a little bit for a long time in it than it, sir, potentially curative in many kinds of cancer. So instead of attacking the tumor, which would be the natural first thought, condemns that's bad. Let's get rid of it. Lets attack it. You, you came in the back door. What we did was but three decades have been involved in trying to understand how they sell Scotty cells. The warriors immune system and all of your body like a trick Mars infected
where a tumor something and deal with it. When they sit use about killing anyway, we know they could attack doing. The Iraqi does tumor cells, but give you do it effectively was easy in Lahti: tries fail to China in the arm to go, attacked a cancer or Gary time about better a molecule. It's got city allay for that matter. What stance orbit is a must. You're sure the brakes on the immune system after teachers get going. We use. This is a negative regulator, turn themselves obsolete. I urge you, I just couldn't continuing to divide, divide, divide, surely all up with technicalities, so I the idea that maybe yeah I normally that knowledge the brakes coming onto earlier? Stopping? teachers for limiting the cancer as well as justice, disable the brakes temporarily sure enough. It works, but Jimmy
just for a reason. You said a lot of people have real trouble with excessive. Now, how can you she cancer by ignoring the gas you're, not even trying to catch you cheating, not my Lord way, while another, we started your answer. He said I found a molecule I wish you all the time just that grain smaller and smaller there. Well, you look so when we see these commercials, the on television. That say this is not a video game, and this is not us. Green savour. This is an actual cancer cell being attacked by your Immune system is that your research that there's referring to wow that is really improved. Now now you only impress cos
in a commercial, because everybody do not just want to know about my body can win a prize, but not everybody can give a commercial. That's true, you're interested, because I am familiar with your work, be because my mother was lost to cancer last year, but a week the last year I lost my mom to cancer bone cancer, and so, but the immunity therapy was a little too. She was too advanced and two old, they said. So what are the cancers where Europe discoveries are most effective well up to now the most effective or has been melanoma about twenty, metastatic melanoma which, when we started working on this, there was no approve treatment and had been no job. It had ever
improve survival randomize trial, but rather because there was no successful treatment and up so that was where the trials with magic started restarted. My when it things was lucky, it worked all kinds of catch. Butter restarted melanoma and our growing Now that it was approved by the FDA two thousand eleven after a lot of trials. But what we know now, actually that two years ago there was enough data, captain, there's follower data on five thousand people have been treated in Tunisia percent of over twenty percent are alive ten years after a single round of treatment, and so when you add a second drug to add a juggler subsequently discovered by honcho, and his group shares the priority that that response rate goes up to sixty percent. So that's the highest. It there's no reason affected. Those patients will be around it
in Europe, where we have to wait, say we don't know yet. But I am hopeful, but it also has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for lung cancer. Kidney cancer, bladder cancer, Hotchkiss Lymphoma, Mercosur, cancer, met cancer, few others at fifty medications, spirit, proof for and with varying response rates from from fifty to fifty percent, and so, with the sort of situation that damage the facts prove each any doktor, of course, to prescribe. I just heard you say heading cancer, which I've never heard of until this moment, and that's not brain and throat, that's actually had an ice through its is from either smoking are human papilloma bars. Ah, does Europe people are suitable
go? Where spoke? Cigars? That's, ok, so another quick questions before we go to our fan base and because that through the ones that supplied the foundation of questions that is going to make this show. Procedurally, if you can demonstrate that something you're working on cures, cancer in mice are rats We have to have human trials for to still be approved by the FDA gap. Slowly up when I started on this, a lot of people said we will enable your cash or advice. Honey. I guess graduated out or democratic? Just so you know doctor, we call those haters
I will speak on. They let education better but down if you have to have the trials to private safe in the efficacy yeah. But what something that was revealed in it was a movie that a Dallas buyers club. Doubts wires. Club the FDA was like the enemy and then in the end they said the FDA loose. Some rules to get a drug into use even before trials, are fully completed as if I'm about to die to say oh, this might not be. This drug might not be safe for you, but it could cure me in entirely the f, the efficacy of that feels wrong. It's a complicated subject. Only my brother had metastatic prostate cancer. While we were developing this drug and- and I really wanted to get it to him, but I just couldn't put the reason: is that the other companies,
it helped godly weak? I couldn't developing. I myself had the team up with a biotech companies to actually make the jug itself again they added yet approved. Do these trials but you never could only make so much and if they tried on people outside of a trial and hurt Denmark or killed him, then that's that ruins the drug. You know so the risk of slowing it down the it system these trials. I think what they ve done now, especially since the issues you're talking about they become a lot faster now, so in this class of drugs, do they agrees to re outside our mission have experienced rated in children advocacy, that's good enough, they don't know about that safety, yeah handling. Well, so chuckle good? Our fan base. Ok, Zuni have Kyle Ryan Tote from patriarch, says this, along with
our search procuring cancer once it forms. Are we researching ways to prevent cancer from even developing a yes and that that's that's a great question away here. We are working on that actually there's some vaccines for hpv undue cervical cancer, for example, that just a word wisdom. I think I'll teenage kids, male and female made to get that waxing before they become sexually active. Green completely permit that disease now than normal council cancer that we're talking about here, Bialik, melanoma and stuff, like that, it's just so hard to predict how to respond and they ve got the targets. Are the immune system just attacks you make stuff,
every case stiffer. There are some hereditary catches, though it might be able to back. Today. People are really getting officers. Consideration now that already have some lesions did my predisposed them, and then we can take your that Jim is it? Is it that the We have one word to describe all of these kinds of cancer, so we think of them as one monolithic target to attack, but maybe, We need different words for them all, so that we can think of them as things that will respond to their own unique solutions right and they use debate. It was cancer than when we realise that we are speaking for the few people realise that others skin cancers, breast cancer is catches. They were named after the the tissue that they came from. The next step was
now people, the cancer biology, realized it do mutations tat caused them were, were very different in any sooner they are differentiated by what causative Jean mutation was that gave rise to a classroom that several hundred cats right jurists. Ok, so I did That is the trendline yeah, but when we look at them now it's just sort of a broadening it again wheelers. I just like. I can't see the big. Let me know JANET they provoke remain respond, so they doubt instead of any individual type of cancer and just very quickly before we move because I'm we're almost out of town for the sediment by you. Mention something in a cursory fashion that I think is very important and I just caught the though the way you phrased it every teenager might want to look into HPV now, as that, including men, because you know when you're a guy in eighteen. Oh you hear cervical cancer. You, like I'm good.
I don't have to worry about very good, but the women of the two bit counter not be good later on, because it manner asymptomatic symptom. You get it when you pass it, but you never know you had it Oh, you know, men did you get it is well made out set out. There was much it is that this is something that affects everyone and the vaccine. We know It leads to the direct prevention of cervical cancer in women because it fights the virus that causes it in in women exactly the immune system destroys the bars before it could do anything fantastic. Well, ok, I get it. First break. We are listening to a special cosmic worries addition where we are privileged and honoured have the freshly minted Nobel laureate, thou, hast, thou, so cool man. Presently minted Nobel laureate actually read. They just made you doctor
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We're back, we have Doktor Kemp House, freshly, minted Nobel laureates sweet and took time out of what we know is an over subscribed. It is too, are just share with us. His insights, absolute cancer is and how it works and how we're trying to fight it, and we as cosmic wary so ass, keep it going. Here's the next question. This is from a friend hey doc. What are you gonna do with our money after you realize he's got a split there. Three ways we realise that our words, That's not right! So, whatever the total money is, he gets a fraction of a start there Jim, what you going to do with just one others. Just too is just too
as to whether the government, the governments, the third, when I can wait a minute. Are you telling me the day, tat? You know about prize. That is that's disgraceful, sir graceful. Ok, so he half the price. And then the government s like the other. Had I haven't you? Ok, so what're you gonna do with the forty dollars and eighty nine since private, give it a lot of it to some your cash research organisations, and I I need a new suit. I will let you do that. Wasn't even serious about the circuit around. This was great learn all this stuff about the Nobel Prize. I let's go to a real question. As a matter of fact, this should happen. This question before our patriotic, and this is from now
an Reich on Instagram who says what is cancer authorities that you know a lot of people may not know exactly what cancer is, that jury still no exact cancer is, but a lot of people have referred to the server social decision. Only Lex organisms, less differed cancer cells and I've gotta play nicely with each other in order to grow certain size and stop and be able to be a wounds, but that stop running time stairway not go someplace else it so cancers. This term is so. What is hyperplasia meaning starts. Growing too fast does stop. The debts basically is yourselves losing the normal shows that did make him cooperate, felt herself to make you what you are, and these are the yourselves their NASA, some exterior
alien, not alien in a cosmic sense, but just far far and foreign, such as some foreign thing in your body that you could just remove and all is well, your body is misbehaving At a fair way to characterize it earlier, the cells in your body, some of these says about your misbehaving it and causing. Amateur to the cells around us. Your body has just by getting too big with another case, makes it a great and destroying tissues, cool array artless. We want to have Renee Douglas from Pittsburgh, and she wants to know this. If a curious found would cure all cancers or are there different types of cancers and with each one need a different cure, and just as a follow up is there a means of achieving a universal cure is a problem with the actual question up: it used to be theirs
I personalize therapies, reach patient and Joseph you're out were rather mutation, where's, that was causing myself to be a cancer cell and those turned out not to be getting curing casually. The survey mutations in a lotta cancer cells is that there is not just one cure, because Jessica Mutation is what others drugged and work to the more empty changed it we're gonna beauties of letting them we insist, goes M M m. Only she had to put yourselves to attract. Tourists is lacking, recognize your many many of the mutation, so they can become a multi in a bigger army that gets hit a lot to lot more targets, and since it's not directed at play specific thing, you're. One of the ideas when I thought of this in the mid nineties, tackle this could be a way of treating all catches and
That has not been realised. The other or limitations that have to do with just a number since, at other property said video catches made some like lung cancer, melanoma bladder kid. These can be cured. You know infraction of patients. These can be cured death where we- and we know from EL another minute past experience it over. Twenty percent of people live ten years after a single treatment, and that's, maybe God about sixty percent, but other ones like grip last Omar, which is what they are seldom became data We just have made much progress there and the wearer. You know we're working like my wife, but that's pebbly, Sharma, whose position physician scientist, our a scientist, but we're working together and a group color their platform here too. The Andersson. Our whole goal is to
get cancer cells just from patients get the tumors. And see what's going on in there. You know what kind of t cells are there. What kind of immune cells are in there and what's going on in individual concert cancer, so we can figure out how to make combination, There was very cash. We gas, I think we're eliminate alarm traction many council catches, but I don't think I don't think I say, see a world where there is no cancer, so you you just go. A cancer bank is at the direct characterize that correctly, basically is restored. That's what we're we also studied the rush on patients as well as I that is one bank. I never want to banks, that kind of their hands are banned, and others is that I am unhappy with my money. A chase up we'll try to exert their back. Hopefully this good man, notably Thirdly, let's go to our
Maui, our ARI Modi, who says this cancer be cured through any. The breakthroughs achieve from crisper, the gene, editing and I'll just follow out with our was that in anyway, and your research crisper and Jean editing. Now it was the answer to that fact. Everybody go on Mars, its promise that you, a lot of people thinking about the problem, is you're sure you get rid of those genes that are causing the castle using crisper. Turning back to normal problem is the scattered harder for you, do that, you should have to do the many other. We have to do all one at a time
figure waiter. If people are working on this to change a whole bunch of change whatsoever that might work to this look at you know a lot of thought here yet, but I would rule out so so, so you not ruling out the the notion that it could be the snip out a piece of gene that would because in cancer, whether not crisper is the actual means by which that would happen. Right, ok, color at excellent, excellent, good stuff Data Bailey from Facebook lesson of this. There are a lot of claims out there about different super boots and how they are able to, and he said Sure, but that's the claims that are made or not to take your cancer. However example turmeric, but are there any scientifically validated foods or diet? Second help a person who is battling cancer to aid there immune system in the fight? Thank you, David Bailey, look alike. Questioner aim is also food. Question request
people. Ask me that all the time- and I really can't give you any single answer except to say, do the things your Mama told you when you were a kid you know around to die, it don't smoke, don't let out the sun. Drink too much. Do everything and moderation You ve got to stay healthy. Is you care? You had a good, my mama, you tell me, you won't die house up there. You're gonna die so similar, so I think Ginger said that I can stop eating Caille, that's what he said. I think I heard him say: there's no, that ain't just a little bit Monitoring of origin is littered with care when care was a garners. What happened to our sis? I really just a
here we go Jeff Ferris from Facebook wants to know. This is estimated at about one third of the people who get cancer. Are genetically priest disposed to it Where are we on the ability to do testing to predict the outcome and how reliable is the current state of testing is having a genetic marker of fifty percent positive or semi present positive? good memes of being able to tell ya, I'm not sure it's as hot, as thirty percent of significant number are, but but gases, for example, to some extent ovarian cancer in women can, because by bracken mutations and so and by the way down to just for all of those who are unlike me, that no exact with brandy mutations are what are what are the potential of first found to the just by steadied backwards that women with breast cancer had very often had this Jane? I remember watching
this work is Jack, I'll be RCA breast cancer. I guess. She s breast cancer, but butter we know now that is involved in dna keeping your genes normal and its remit is headed for women. Harrods one copy from her mom in some actually other copy them could be. Danger so unites the solely with that will impress desert but The council gacha urge that quotas definitively prostate cancer We know that your brother, that got it you're about twice ass, likely to get it, but nobody put your finger on. Why that is yet to aunt mean on what part of the genetic
of your genome? Is then responsible, so tat so with the with the bracket? It's a correct me. If I'm wrong is that the first time you have such high level confidence that a person will get cancer that you, people are convinced have prevented if surgery that's happening right and but there's no other cancer prediction, for which that is advice is a correct, not that I am aware this is Denise Cunningham Troika and she says my five year old daughter or granddaughter was diagnosed in May with acute lymphoid plastic leukemia paid since it is generated in the marrow. Is there anything new on the horizon? Sir? Are you familiar with this particular cancer and in any research that might be encouraging? I'm not a soul
that gun disease, but I can tell you that there is There is the activity it saying. If these is the blockers, checkpoint blockers recall working leukemia dolls and they do it. Cases. The works early in only started a few years ago, but restore some hesitation in using them in developing adolescence or younger kids. Because people are somewhat worried about any logic changes while your bodies changing and everything, but I would be surprised if it gets. There Sure, later, Inter well, that's encouraging home lawyer. You go that's very nervous. Therapy called car to salvage does an engineered, canopy sell it put back into leukemia approach might also has promised that it has been used and kids are right. So two things to perhaps look forward to and of course we wish
he's a granddaughter are the best. This is surely squeaker Carter. And she says, is there actually any scientific research being done on cannabis and the effects it has on cancer yeah? I think there's gotta be most of it is directive where we go it's getting Tibet patients more comfortable, less nauseous without getting chemotherapy. I don't think there's any evidence that cannabis of it could be. How to treat cancerous cell. In fact, it has. Some of the same carcinogens did actually spoke about. The tobacco has been much much lower level, so so As far as I know, the only things being used for services helping patients feel better the carcinogenic components does that, though the
smaller. Does it matter how you ingest the cannabis as an and what role could then play in these cancer. Its yeah jail noise, or if you spoke a few good immediately go into lungs, then an element in the bladder. If it's a lot of Agus yet Sir digested aware uptake and objectivity data showing with its has cause cancer other matters, I doubt if it were just cookies, are ok or brownies are browning. Or any number of animals under very cool. I don't know why, but I feel of a need to buy a ticket. The Colorado Chuck one more question: the segment. Ok, we know this is a jack, Daniel, Junius or Julius wants to know. This is a plausible to kill
cancer with creole surgery. Yes, yes, absolutely, and we ve done some experiments with. There must be clear cry, always cold praising areas as a proud, Mr Stone, the clinical optically kid they catch, breast cancer, it's gotta be localised over. What we'd be showed in mice that if you had to tumors on opposite sides of the mouse, you get Cuba, by freezing it leave me alone, but rejecting our drug, just after you froze the first one is that makes a fall apart. It many of them: tribes, the tea cells or go ritually other ones, so that now in clinical trials in kidney cancer and breast cancer Ah, this over a military operation. We will. This side of the enemy S, three deputize them and they become our eyes.
The army has, what did we created a zombie already, let's go kill cancer supercool whoa whoa, I write so general can take a quick break and we'll be back for a final seconds, start wearing back for a final stagnant narcotics, cosmic wearies addition on the Czech NICE asserted. The subject is curing cancer and we got all up in the face of doc.
Jim ourselves, ass. Yes, he is here with us here and now. Just won the Nobel Prize and Human Physiology, one of the categories of the Nobel Prize and we ve been weaving picking his brain about this with our with our Kwairyo queries, again, Jim thanks for being on start talking with continue when you have a right. This is Kyle. Coup comes from Facebook and Kyle is from air jury candidate says: is there chance if we never find a cure for the many types of camps, cancers that humans will one day in a darwinian sense of all out of cancer, so allow awkwardly but what he sang is. Can we evolve if it's killing us if it's
How can we evolved beyond cancer kind of like selective breeding sense, where the small sums are people who do not develop cancer will be naturally pre selected to continue propagating the species. Interesting question, not sure, if that's your expertise, but Well, evolution is driven by survival of the fittest. You know so works on development was spread, his reward. You made your children evolution, don't give a damn about so does not allow evolutionary pressure to nurse childhood, Garrison stop there may be pressure. You read it, but I really think that debt there's gotta, be any selection against people with her bitter old of typical age to get cancer procedure. Snow raised that is
general ripper able to reproduce groggy society could change after that becomes different biologically. I don't think it would have yes we're babies, you know natures done with you right, Reggie propagated, you're you're. Is that really what you know things about where I hope about sending your dna into the future right and what happens you afterwards? Knowing gives a rat ass about? Why boy nature? What A cruel, misery c is carried out there you go. That's there was a great question, then, in the end of a very disturbing it's our economy. So you know the Darwin award given out annually to the person who does something completely stupid and ends up dying for having done so right. Ok, it's called the Darwin a word, but you can only get that a word if you died for doing something stupid and have not yet had kids right, because then you already sent
stupidity for it. Then you would have radically rights so its calling the herd as it has given out every year and abuse ever be a winner of because it means you're dead. Thrill of why I get an stupid there's no way to go through life industry regarding the other, but about a king, Mohammed Amir from Facebook says, make it more rats, sharks and raise have immunity evolve to efficiently resist cancer. How is this possible, and can we use that to our advantage? I know some time ago there was a great deal of extensive research into
promptly enzymes in and shock dna, and we still had a down that path. Darker still, our studies of short do ever immune system, but its break. It's very simple compared to ours, and that is true. They don't get cancer very often but I don't think we really understand why that is only one reason is because it too recently the ocean was bravery of carcinogens and tags, and while we are waiting with changing that, We certainly on top of that work, will allow me to ask a stupid question: How do we know the cause of death of sharks that's a good question! I have no idea who is doing this is because I teach me when you die in the ocean. You are bait and guess who, instantly by everybody else within minutes right,
Should we lay up dead, dead and know that there are no shark mummies? Fitzroy has occasionally some wash up offshore something tanker where they haven't. I want a hundred. Let's move and to add Jes new doll? Oh who says this? I don't know if this would fall under the topic, but I'd like to go down a different direction and ask if we can take advantage of cancer cells at all I've heard of the hella or eighty cells, which may be relevant, but can't say that I am an expert on the subject. Will thank you for explaining yourself, so incredibly detailed hum. Is. Is there a way? Is there any time we're! A cancer cell can be beneficial to the whole Can that mutation do something good in any way cells, but rejects the cancer cells out of patients all the time.
Use of the study, what caused cancer and how they respond to treat much steps up? So that's what those does healer cells He's talking about were used for four years now. There's a So I looked at it and used for research. Ok, let's go to no good to know. Let's go to. Basileus I call on all made a quota midas. Ok with Greek, just Jonah Greek, feel the Greek reveal amateur fear that it would be an economy, this economy, this. You gonna Amelia economy. Let's see what you're going to be when you said it was agreed that the Greek came out. I mean look at that breach sudden nice. I have there been any advancements in stem cell research that connects to or better our understanding. Of cancer. Research on stem cells is an old, renewed time. Huh,
Africa, the re politically charged. Yet again, there is a lot at stake. For music stem cells to to figure out how to put the right to change develop Normally it also again to discover thinks about how you're right as far as ethics you around become cancer cells, but so far is using those to treat cancer someway again. Let's I dont think that maybe do that, but let it be very useful in enlarging and MAC about into work, exert some circles this. To beat. You know to two separate approaches: one is taken these cells and learning, but but dead tree or treating and preventing is, is caught up in a different era, yeah, actually, actually I left out something really big. I was taking due to depart stem cells, but leukemia very often treated Melick,
sure stem cells, the patients, Moreover, there but producing cells are killed with chemicals and radiation, never replace them with stem cells which ground replace all the blood cells. It there's been some thought it in some other conscious that you could do the same thing. We ass at the appropriate that so far, except for leukemia. Is there really has not very popular? breast cancer that was around us its work you took the answer is yes, but in it in a minute limited way. So forget that fact that used to be the only way to cure leukemia. Despite mistook cells loud, and is that because when they with with their really come out resetting the entire immune system because they destroy everything right kind of like a toddler Ross and then them in dim when you inject those stem cells, you're actually kind of like genocide, your jumpstart
starting at last start over replenish, is everything eventually loud lucky. If you're lucky, they got rid about cancer cells before not. It reminds me of the poop transplant that they been doing lately. You know, but by the way that we will have chronic digestive problems, then, and they do take they'd put somebody else's poop inside of em and jumped release, nor the the the fort the flora. But I am gives him a healthy gut biome somebody else. If the UN body obviously has a new star, absolutely let that actually works quite well, but what what the number of troops are found precisely in doktor Jennifer WAR Go here, Emily Anderson and melanoma, you could try to get an idea, whether somebody's going to respond to therapy or not by the kind of bacteria they have in their in their food. But she will
there's some thought and were actually working with her a little bit on this over try to find out what the real good bacteria are giving up the patients, while they're getting the women of their peace, sounds like some crappy raised up. I can help and I now hit me go ahead. I deserve it. I deserve it I deserve it all right. This is serious cross from Twitter and he says, or she says, because it doesn't give a gender. Do. You think, that and this we're both you guys on another it do you think that, with the recent spate of development in quantum computing, we would see. The rise of nanotechnology is a feasible solution to cancer and other elements. Simply sue, that's hard to say recently soon, but
I know what I know and I will be delighted to them defer over over to Jim. I think about it. If you construct anything, I'm going to give it a cosmic perspective on this book. I view construct anything it in the end of the day it has. It will relate to what is the size of the thing that you tool can manipulate okay. So if it's Rick Building, then you had grab bricks and you put bricks and place where I get. But if you want to make something smaller than a brick, then you need it through that smaller than the brick holder you need like tweezers again now, if you want to make something smaller than what tweezers make something than the thing that it is you're making right so if you're gonna, if you're gonna make molecules unique tools that are smaller than the molecule to assemble. To build the molecule? Ok. So there is a quantum tools that have, in fact, one of the Nobel prizes this year in two thousand, a team. If I remember the the the the by
of it, references tools that enable you to manipulate atoms and particles, and if you can do that, if, if this so the cancer research that you know what we need? We need this other molecule in this particular way in this particular figure configuration. Then I bring in the nano tools, the Nedda Tool Box and then Danny's got then he then he could. Then he can bring Tis genius to the problem. Are there a lot of people working on that, just as you said, cuz you can make things to deliver drugs and with a lot of precision and deliver multiple things at the same time so there's no there's a lot activity there too, I whispered promises are able to take home privilege and ask the last question. I just happened to be sitting in front of a book. Written by a colleague of mine is called cosmic discovery. The supposed like thirty forty years ago, but this was very influential on me because as an astrophysicist, I saw a minute. I want to see what he says about discovery and
Ray through it and half the book is a description of how advances in modern astrophysics only came about because of some Vance in another field, in particular physics, the physicist invented some other detector or some other a tool or some other thing. Then it gets applied to our work and then we discoveries, you would describing using radiation therapy to zapped the immune system and jumped started to visit. You got that from physicist. You got an event that we did ok, so Are you sure you need of some new physics advance to help? You do your work, and can you comment on it on the leaps that your feet has taken when engineering or other technological advances shop at your doorstep lagging say, To think that that one is the technological advances and computation
and a lot of analytical machines that we use now other now, allowing us to figure stuff out about cancers and, what's going on asylum with great aid and precision didn't exist for years ago, four years ago and so shoulders just a lot of effort there, but in an imaging too, because we now of it Use will offer to know what sells next to another one. What's going on and then now imaging. We also decision to be able to see that level of detail right, brightening ended. I think that a lot of advances being made in the treatment area really giving more after radiation more focused way. Vigour we got out to matter the really cool just the tumor cells are not surrounding anticipating. We might that might help develop really more effective ways, not not a huge leap, it more effective ways of job training cancer, but
but certainly the analytical kept techniques. It came up with just amazing. There's a they could have us now that we're not so much anymore, but nowadays these immune, terribly drugs timorous, would sometimes get big really fast and salute doctors. Looking animal pathologist like that would say: well, your job is drink, catchwords making them grow faster, but when you take it out, cut it open it before please answer, would avoid tumors way in size about you can't really do that's a new imaging techniques that are allowed to tell the truth. Between the so their metabolic waste have imaging dumb. But to get out here,
erectly divided to sell at a rapid rate about cancer cell. So we need something better there to help us diagnosis and follow disease, so for me that that's a call for funding of research on all frontiers and they across pollinating them, so that all can benefit right. There's! None of this will study this kind of signs now and will pay other kind of science on hold you just have now. Idea at the frontier. What the what that cross benefits might be absolutely absolutely right in what it thinks it. I tried to do whatever it can to point out that what we found out that ended up being the basis of this new therapies. That research had nothing to do with cancer whatsoever. I was doing because I wanted to know how to tell t cells worked,
when I figured that out account scratch my adamant? Hey? Maybe we can do some work. So what was the reason for doing were not those who are only listening to their common? He actually scratched his head on video. Yes, he then he said I scratch my head right, but I think we got it. We got a wrap this up, Doktor Jim. It's been a delight to have you on, and congratulations first on your research, good, that's what matters most the Nobel prizes and, after the fact, recognition of it it's at the end of the day. It's the it's your research that makes a difference in the world, not the fact that you got the Nobel Prize for it, and so it's one of those people, that is to say the prize, really eggs, I guess and I want to thank you and your team and others, and just the whole enterprise of those who have given their lives to just improve the lives of others and so yeah ass, an although its
and my mom could not benefit from the from the work that you ve done, and everybody in your feel matches use of collective. You the beauty of being able to see how the field operates. Is everything? that she went through is going to help somebody else and that's that's the cool thing about what you do. So thank you. Ok, this have been star talk, cosmic queries, cancer, cure addition and Doktor Jim Allison. Again, thanks for being with us, you I've been If my codes, Jackknife Chuck, always good to have you here always going to be here, I and the other grass Thyssen, your personal astrophysicist, As always, I wish you'd listen. The star talk, commercial free joint start talking,
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