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Decoding Science and Politics with Bill Clinton

2015-11-06 | 🔗
Neil Tyson explores science and politics with former President Bill Clinton, from the human genome to the Higgs boson to the Hubble Space Telescope. Chuck Nice and futurist Juan Enriquez join Neil in studio, Richard A. Muller calls into the show, and Bill Nye hails our “scientists in chief.”

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now from the American Museum of Natural history in New York, city and beaming out across all space and time. This is star talk, we're science and pop culture. Well, I hope the other states in your personal life programme and for night with me for my interview with President Bill Clinton, he's honorary member of the geek club- and I have evidence for that in this show.
Among many other interests of his. Let me talk to you about Einstein, about artificial intelligence, about the impact of science and society, and the cosmic perspective so Let's do this with me. Can I make a meeting called jerk nice? I do mean I'm doing well, you know and we have, as are in House special guest one and reaches one welcome to start off one of the world's leading authorities on the economic and political impact of life sciences, and so that's a wholesome
Sri of new ways of thinking about the role of science in our lives. If the twentyth century were physics, twenty four centuries life sciences, would you agree with an eye to create them? That's a place where a lot of very smart physicists are plain you now. Smart businesses is kind of redundant, what we're gonna bring his credentials into play in this interview, because one of the proudest achievements in the Clinton administration was being in charge when they cracked the genome and when you president, you get to sort. It basically take credit for that an hour promoting that's right. What's so, he under his watch spending for the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy and the national Institutes of how these are the main. Funding agencies that enable scientists to conduct their research all had banner years of funding over their time and so on
is what I wanted to know we're in. When did the president get this deep appreciation for science? I just wanted to know so I caught up with him at his midtown office and a man was looking However, they are that we always do. He always looks good. So, let's find out just how this interest in science began in your child. In case you twelve did that leave a good or bad taste in your mouth. With regard to math and science, good good. Let me get some good teachers. I did have some good teachers. I like chemistry, chemistry teacher in high school, but I figured out sometime My life teams that an enormous part of the future. Even the last, the ordinary Americans gonna shape bodies beast breathtaking advance science and technology and that would have enormous practical implications, Not everybody here thinks that way and I'm trying to figure out. Why not
Well, I don't know why not, because I don't think you can. I do fell back up me backup inside with a time I have been a governor twelve years. When I got elected president, I felt that were basically three components: tat a job like that he had ever vision for where he wanted to go, lay out a strategy and try to execute that. That's what they said. You have to deal with the incoming fire when George Bush and Al Gore go for president. They had three debates. Nobody said: what are you gonna do when a twin hours come down from the Pentagon's bomb, Then the third thing you have to do is try to look down treating around the corner. To imagine what's gonna happen in ten years, what's gonna every twenty years and try to nourish and For me, that was mostly trying to put money in the pockets of science and technology that I thought would matter,
the genome, would matter nurses, investment, you just have to do it and I figured we were trying to create a holding. Future that would Maximov not only the length but the quality of life and the options we would have to know things. So I would say for me and my friend my bias, the three big sort of science advances under the continent, racial one of them- is the rise of the world wide web. Another the human genome product at the project of which you have written at length and also that was when we launched the Hubble space telescope I completely agree and there's one other underlying a thing. We shall see fundamental respect for plans for the questions answered by science and for curiosity so are you saying that it is incumbent upon leaders to be intellectually curious, because that is a top down. That's the true trickled down.
That we should have is that when our curiosity- extremely I'm curiosity, I like it- I saw the president- I mean he clearly newest stuff, And even knew his stuff about my stuff does have the inner on. Is that this thing, and so my conversations in astrophysics came up and that's my stuff. They came and the man was with me chapter and verse for check it out? I just wanted to know. I never read anything about astrophysics till ad gotta, the water out, and I met a couple of people who wrote books Besides you, I met you, Read the books as As you know, before I die, I really want to understand this. I really really want you view retained a childhood curiosity, but that is when PLUTO
the class, but I realized what little I learn is thrown out the window. The term attic experience more than that fact that around their time they did they reclassified the brought a source. So there nobody, sources anymore. We all grew up with brown if they found out that the head that had been assigned to the body was a mismatch or species in had to throw away the entire category am I gonna, lose children's books and expect so the PLUTO incident and brontosaurus into to happen within a few years of one another. There is no final decision. My goodness that was awesome My boy was shocked when I can't believe you stupid. That was vans, as so, the president ended with the with the with the line there. No final victories and no final defeats in politics. This
there's a lot of a lot of tit for tat. You know- and you give me that I give you that, and you path vote for this all vote for that. And scientists like does not operate that way at all and effect when some of that works its way into the equation, we all get pissed off because it means we have to go through some political barrier to achieve the aims that we seek and it's interesting because in Washington, that is how they function. So I too, bill. What's what was his strategy in Washington for trying to events? Science, let's check it out. My name role as the governor with Bated they just trying to get physics and chemistry and other basic science offered all the kids. Could we had so many kids and rural schools that we are ready to standards, study universal as acts pesticides, and then when I became president, of course it was really important that
at a time when we are trying to get the deaf sit down a balanced budget. As importantly, we increased investment in the National Science Foundation that we we traveled first mooted on an annual basis to finish the sequencing of the human genome. I got didn't particle physics because we had to give up the Super darting, super Gladder and ninety. Ninety three and the political that the basic We members of my own already said: if you want this budget you gotta get rid of that we will vote for it so I gave it up and I followed carefully you know we continue to contribute when they move to CERN Switzerland. I followed the search for the Higgs both on and. And I have always regretted in half an hour America, but I feel good about the international nature of the science. As a scientist, I don't care who does the experiment just move the science forward, but as an American, I wanted it here on our soil. In the night,
We want to discover the expose on back in the nineteen nineties, I mean it would have been, although this is where I would have had done, all we would have done and in fact the superconducting super collider was three or four times more powerful than even the large hadron collider, as currently bill so we were there and it was analysed right and in the red. Would you can explain to anybody? That's the time I'll be sweeter, the intersection of science and politics. It comes out the money, it's all about the money, so somebody's got to pay for it. Taxpayers going to pay for it, and maybe you had an easier case than the physicists did, because you get to say at the end: it improves life. The physicists has in the end we will discover the Higgs. Both these have different impacts on the listener. So, after the break bill. Clinton explains how one particular scientific advance
changing the way we see itself. We'll be back. You startled me, through my interview with President Bill Clinton and I'm talking about science. How do you advance science in America? He's a science geek? We need but what I wanted to know from him was the catches get stuff done unless you trade avers or use, spend political capital on something you want and sewed your your new political capital bank account has now been drawn down upon, and so I asked him. This balance between the two and how do you get stuff done when that's the the
The barrier that stands in your way to check it out. The longer I was an error, M positions, a public responsibility, The more I realise it is with not just curious Saturday that these things, knowing these things, can make a huge difference. I mean Look at the genome, for example. So who had caused us about three billion dollars, most over whispered. When I was president- and we, as I said, our trouble, they annual funding- and What have we learned already think about it. We ve learned that all people who are not a hundred percent ascendant completely, descended from sub Saharan? Africans. Between one in four percent in the that great discovery did not surprise
everyone said to me. I gotta go to your report the end, but it surprised to learn that she was to find one another. We learn that we're all non age related differences, including gender, are rooted in only a half of one percent of our genome. It's very important for political and social reasons, psychological reasons. For changing the way we think about whether our differences are more important than what we have in common. A big part of science is there. Kinds of the two ways to think about the world. Where you take two objects, There are people who want to know what's the same about two different object: and then the people want to know what is different about two different larger here and take the greatest advances of science are typically when you find similarities and things you thought were
wise differently, because that gives in organizing understood principles and understandings of the fabric of nature and that's exactly what the genome is telling us yeah it's interesting because most of us, this Not a political statement you think about most of spend nine and a half per cent of our time, thinking, the half a percent of us that's different often we must start to wear a destructive consequences. If you see it all over the world, they so, I think, If the average person, New more about science, if they could just said the sides, even they can't do if they can never draw the camel symbols on there right up the math formula or any of that they just stood that it would matter, and I think I think Juno stuff, is bent on believe what I what I wouldn't surprise us dinner.
Cancer stood another day, you're running his big longitudinal study on the wisdom of treating cancers basal what's in the genome, rather word is the body. And their love lot go on now. Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if without a matter of just a few years, the survival rate of virtually every cancer diagnose anywhere near critical juncture rises above eighty five percent is because of the work is being done now. Oliver America, by soon shown by all these Sloan, Catering and Barbara. Institutions already their automatic deputy. I'm in the way that is necessary, I we now. Can you know that what you can do with that is done? and then I think You know, there's all this discussion about whether nanotechnology can be turned into instruments of care.
The killer, that they would be better if it can be done biology. If you could figure out chill or sell its indigenous body, or at least can be read in, but anyway, I will see what happens now. I've got a science Paul Takes question and I ve never been able to understand or even reach for so there is a tendency in Congress for when a problem is presented. People say? Oh well, I saw that problem in putting this money in this force to operate on that problem. So we want better sign students. Let's make better science teachers from we got that when aid goes to be We need better science teacher, make a teacher training programmes and, and then so, there's this simplified view of cause and effect and to people say this is the area where we want to live longer and live healthier. So, let's fun the National Institutes of Health because that's where health comes from, but I look at a hospital for
every single machine with an off switch brought into service of diagnosing your body is based on a principle of physics, discover by a physicist. Who had no interest in medicine. Happen as you have these tandem fields, making coverage, and then you have clever technology. Still engineers and hey. I can apply that this and hold branches mid medical discovery unfold because of the machines made avail Then, how do you get people understand the leave me tied dimensionality of the causes and effects. Well, that's parlay! What's your problem should be about. Then, as you know, I believe, the Sunday, What I just said took more than an elevator right to describe yeah no have what you gonna do in Congress about it, but
I think there should be: Airbus was that of the national state of health. And Republicans win the Congress and ninety. Ninety four many of whom thought China. Government did would mess up a two car. Brought them out, numbers to their age. Took them in their rooms, hospital rooms The more elevated Abed showed the movies of what was going on here and try to explain that, and it had a huge impact on ability to continue to get funding for these things and The connections are important. Every new, advanced it to reinforce the point you dismayed that there is there still somewhere Why on earth is a unifying fear, there will merge. First, chemistry and biology.
From the beginning of single fell organisms. I'm convinced of it, and I think that. You just pick the peace, it seems like the I was hanging fruit at the moment. They would do the largest amount of good and try to down that's what most people do in procreating pact. Let's just turns out to be politics. Withheld health, especially just depends on who well organised and whose not so on. This is your domain. This is your just what you do this. Such a cool stuff, just as we clear Fourchan Managing magazine called you, Mr Jean right and a new car through the first map of global nucleotides data flow yeah, I'm honored, ok, Carter? These many admits it so so tell me about the human genome project business is it? Is it all that you know it goes
go far beyond it did doing today, which is just so important, is we're changing for speaking in twenty its letters way basis, speaking in ones and zeros and collapsing all the words, all music, all images and now things were beginning to speak in the language of life. So if you take an orange and drops off a tree, it goes her and Doesn t words, it doesnt talk digits talks in DNA, and it says AA the age in which means make a little route? Did you make a little stem juicier make some leaves, and eighty synergy makes some orange. Not if it's a seamless orange Well, if it has a single annual one thousand was letters that Orange becomes a tendering or it becomes a woman or becomes a you one thousand letters them you become me.
I am looking forward to that. I'm not sure about that. So I've been so that the genome is something that we all heard about. Innovative one knows in detail, and so in my interview with president at his midtown office. I wanted to explore what thought he had about sharing the impact of science on our lives stricken. If you look at the popularity of this problem, you're doing any reprisals Carl Sagan Famous Cosmo, sir. You know you look at what he did for understanding space, it's like we're, not naturally curious what we add to do is to help people bring their common sense to bear in the paying there's something can their synthesizing intelligence? That's! Ok! If you,
a breakdown and draw the chemistry sound. It's ok! If you can't do the math equations, we to know enough to be able to put a stop together, feeling for what size technology that supports it can do two open arises, not just Edison Bird, the horizons of the mind- and you know what I think- most, people are naturally curious and most people are intelligent enough to grasp what they need to know to be good citizens and support people who do sites, work and We just need to get it out there. We need institutions, partly because any public? anywhere? Is to the stresses that are imposed by economic downturns. Are external threats and anxieties, tell DR momentary decisions so you have to have some permanent under current
never changes. That is the baseline, Lord for science and technology, soak crossings, Cosmos back in eighteen. Eighty was one of those watched series in any subject ever and I think it remains the most watched sign series ever. So. You ve, given five TED talks, have have millions of views, so did they give you some hope, You don't need things about today is the EU. Can you dont have to have a full time, will you can be somebody who's a great idea. You can get tens of millions of, and you don't have to do it just by showing cats. You can do it. My showing cool science experiments. You can do it by having great ideas. You can do it by talking about new planets, and mostly you do it showing tat older people might even be tired of looking at camp Some did only may start looking at life on our planet, so you might start looking at the latest
so another plan. If that's what you're right chocolate I agree, I don't know, but you go. I, like your hopeful posture here idle. How we make science boring break? How in the world, Do we take the cool stuff in the universe? Where does life come from? How does the brain work? How long she's a universe. How do we make that stuff boring and how we turn kids off this stuff? Who are? Naturally, there is some love to experiment and a lot of that's awful right, because we we learn Communicate my I think things like listen things like TED are important because they allow people to transmit ideas in a way that they get excitedly. So when we come back more of my interview with Bill Clinton, when I asked why do we have more society in animals before you?
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You know how you prioritize, what you spend money on AIDS we know we which nobody wants to die so there's a defence budget? Ok, but also no one wants to die poor, so you want to have some kind of investment to assure that we live in some kind of wealth going forward. I had to ask the President: how does this work? We talked about what it might take to advance science through policy, and if you going to do that, you have to weigh the priorities of science versus defence versus commerce and that's very delicate balance when you're the head of state- and so I just had to ask him what what's up with that? How do you get around this? What are the pathways to achieve these goals was taken? Do you think we're overdue to have Cabinet office of Science, a secretary of science, while I would certainly support it and many other countries, western developed countries, they ve- got their science offers.
Further size is at the same rank as every other simple secretary of state. Secretary of all, the other important things are government. Does science is right there, We just had the announcement of the agreement between you, it states in IRAN over this nuclear issue, one of the things it gives me confidence that it's probably on balance. The right thing to do is Our country made the most possible decision. It could make by setting the sector of energy there, because the actually knows what he's doing understands. What is in answer to this. Well, let me let me turn that around. If you, if you look at the professions, have done this approximately half of all a congress. Art are professionally attorneys. That's the profession before they
for office and attorneys are like expert argue worse. Maybe there should be more business people or scientist engineers, people hard decisions every day that are based on objective truths about the world. I love that It was a professor mower wrote that physics for president Physics visit for future present. He was. He did something that politicians retired terrified though he said you know, Who is one of the global climate change sceptics? the data and the other guys we're right, this is real. Now we can argue about what the best way to deal with it is but it is really no point to nodded anymore. That's the thing that scientists can do cannot because the discipline requires. You. To acknowledge that some of the things users to believe and then this proved have authority. Time by the uncovering, acknowledge, whereas
If you're a politician or lawyer and you change, your position is like you, no convictions. The fact that hey look at what we know now we didn't know there is not its strength it's not a sign of shame. It's a sign of honor, so Richard Moore is professor of physics at the University of California. Berkeley he's the guy who wrote the book that President Clinton mentioned the physics for future presidents, I think, was the title and in that book he explains the science you need to know if you can become a world leader and you need to make decisions and guess what what we actually have. Standing by live on a video call right now, so guys can we put. Can we put richer? Neuron is simply, although it goes a little certain What welcome to start up a pleasure to be here? So do you
We with me that maybe we should have more scientists and engineers in Congress, and if that were the case, then Perhaps you wouldn't have even needed to have written your book in the first place, what I believe The people who run for office Laura like you can learn this material. I think science, is that difficult Is that its rapidly breaking? It's always change, and it's very hard. We're in the middle of an energy revolution and the president, How do we make decisions based on this and its really art, but I think I think the prison I think this man can really learns mature. We as professors Don't make it too difficult to do everything we can to make it to Matthew it's one thing to learn material. It's a very different thing to think. Like a scientist, because as that little clip as the clip ended at the present, was defending the value of Enjoying your mind in the face of new evidence, yet in the political spectrum,
If you change your mind, you're a flip flapper, we can trust you you'll have the courage of our convictions, even if you're wrong, so it there's a cultural difference in what goes on in the mind of a scientist relative the power to the politicians. Can you teach them The problem is that we require our physics. Advisers to be politicians have you endorse everything at the president says. What I would like to see is a Ensigns adviser, who doesn't have to just why, before Congress and doesn't have to give press conferences, but who is talk directly to president or the word or the chief of staff conveys information a high level instead. Everything he wants to say, but is not forced to play the role. The politician that's a wise point, effect ahead, head of method is routinely called in front of Congress to just sort of you know, tat to dance for, for its funding, I know size advisers and others from the past who, under both democratic,
republican President's. Their role was to support the president's policy, even if they disagreed with its strongly and ended that doesn't get if not preclude, if not a crime Let us not be those nominated party needed once that right right right today, a comment here Jack. Could you please write a book called physics for amateurs and congressmen, because, quite frankly, those are the people who have the problem. You have a guy named in half who stands on the floor of the Senate and says that there is no global warming, because I have a snowball that I got from outside. That's a real problem In fact, I have been visit with many of the top politicians, I'm actually very good at convincing The that global warming is real, because I was what it's like a horse anonymous. You want an Ex alcoholic to bring
person around. Someone or introduce clone him. I know you got cloning machine and your lab you weren't supposed to tell him we call put him at every branch of the government and and richer. That's we're going to do with it when ok, with your permission, you have my warmest thanks Richard for come in and into star talk this late at night. Oh, it's been my pleasure. The great honour, maybe we'd, reach back in forty when we need some more moving to another job of of confidence that maybe there's hope in this world. That objective truths established by science can actually have something to do with the politics or the world. I am enormously optimistic the world? I think, if you better year to be born of all three. The year will be twenty fifty aright professional, unfair.
Thanks your brain on start talking when we come back will hear President Clinton's thought on the impact of artificial intelligence on our future. What about you got your host the overdraft one again, we'll be upon, starts on such a budget, As you know, we ve been preaching my interview with President Clinton and we actually got into a subject a subject. This kind of half science fiction, half reality and that's the subject of artificial intelligence. So he actually have some thought about this. Let's check it out, I believe that there will be advance is an artificial intelligence. Swell, like any other technological advance, open up best.
New possibilities for doing good, enriching human life. Pray as with even further threats? technology, eliminating more jobs and it creates, I think, it'll cost. A lot of good things happen in presenting a lot of social challenges, and then it is both extreme manifestation good actually present a threat, what we think of ourselves ass human beings, for how we define what a human being is. We build machines that are faster than the US. We build machines that can fly. We will not build machines, and calculate faster and we but she's? I could beat us in jeopardy. Well, you know we One of the things I was thinking about as I get older, of course many all these friends, Amanda have two new absent these Asian, all, as you know, looks like you, gonna have replacement parts for just about everything.
I didn't they replace your brain. Would you still be EU policy? This is a will there be the equivalent of like a cell. Guard or some sort of hard rather takes everything out of your brain. If you get a new one and puts it back in the library- and all these things are staggering to present a clear some cargo to that peace, talks and I'll be on the beach and we re load them together after leaving me years, my sent guard That's so that we as a good science fiction story right there. So one do people who expect We concerns about ay, I couldn't even musk and bill gates and and Stephen hawking there. You know these are. These are unimpeachable, talented, thoughtful, smart people and they have issues the first time they transplanted a heart. They brought in relatives of the person who donated and ask
those people. Do you love this person do feeling of infants person because for thousands of years we said gave my heart broke, my probiotics, etc interesting experiment, we're gonna, run the next ten years to transplant a mouse, hit a mouse head and then see set mouse remembers the word through the maze. Remember that miles from him. To be afraid of this remembers. If that mouse transpose memories, because if you can transplant memories, then the only question is: do you have to transplant them too, body, or can you download those memories to something else? So Europe transplanting this mouse head onto another mouse, not a human rights as well, as happens with just to clarify this regional. No one quarter. Disneyland has various projects once the more you talk about what you do. Scary elements, someone had to cut you off to show because you're freaking me out
if this were a break in Geneva last that's actually. This is the time to show where we go to cosmic, where Meeks starts HAWK. Cosmic queries is so. Cosmic queries are when we solicit questions from our fan base. Before the show we tell them what the topic is, and they knew it was gonna, be out about artificial intelligence. Yes, and it is going to ask me questions about. I have not seen these, but I have not seen the creative. I don't know. The answer have no idea, and then you, I guess you for another. One ok and that's not gonna happen. I was vital, is our first query is from Mason symptoms from late in Utah. I write and Mason would like to know how could artificial intelligence of that the future of space exploration, who you'll be cool for me,
is like we were talking about with bill, you just download the brain and all your memories and all your capacity to experience put that in some robot and then send the robot off into space. While you wanna Bahama shape in a drink, you get to experience what that is bring it back put it in, and you get to speak first hand about that space about that's patriot and you don't have to then protect the human body logical form, deadly radiation from the absence of oxygen, because it's just a machine from that for me be cool way to invoke artificial intelligence in the future. That makes perfect sense, I like that. I answered, and I thought, if I may, on the beach when you get back see that's the part. I really like to remark that I'm all about that make sense or where we want to go ahead. So. There is already a little bit of a guy in the robots we ve got up there now so, for example, overs on Mars. It takes like many minutes to get right, you know to go.
The distance depending on where Mars is in its orbit relative. It could be up to like twenty minutes a half hour to get the signal there so that if the rovers ready to drop drive off a cliff it be too late. If you drive and if you drive, the vehicle right because they don't go off the cliff twenty minutes later he gets. There is off the clear right, so it has to be able to have some sense of its environment. Like that's a cliff like the heads, a cliff, I'm not driving off, no matter what the humanist, how next interview with President Clinton? He wings. How he makes decisions based on what it calls the grandparents tests on startup.
Welcome back. You start off right here in New York City, the holiday universe, with featuring of course, my interview with President Clinton and part of his his life's mission is to promote science. Policy. In America and they're always roadblocks, and I asked him about the disconnect between progress and politics. Reminds me John Stewart, one said- and I think it's actually traceable to Gallagher said it decades before, Gallagher, you know the comedian smashes food in front of the ok watermelons, primarily ornament water motor. So if pro is the opposite of con, then progress is the opposite of Congress,
That is so trivial, those good and sad. It's like I laughed, and then I went out so I s bill about disconnect between progress in politics and how he ambles that this friend it what it all in my feel, just as a scientist with you politics has a barrier between where we are and where we want to go. But, of course, in Washington, politics is the currency of interaction, and so how do you, as a professional politician, balance what is objectively true about the world with what I want to be true about the world. There is still a surprising number of people. You don't believe in evolution right in the camp against evolution has been politically amazingly successful. Hey, I'm a good red, blooded American and I will say I dont mind that you. Believing evolution you just shouldn't be.
On a science commit he's making decisions that affect the entire country already running. Our textbooks. That's where ninety seven percent of people are. The same thing is true: with climate change: its inconvenient for some people, so they just this about We may be those of us who believe in it may be wrong about how quickly adverse consequences. Would be manifest, but with regard to science, we at least have to Those people who have no interest in it too A port is now my mode of thinking. The grandparent test, that is, How about this false guy wrote one article in what journal and said delighted decision whereas ninety five percent of the experts were here and wonder Firstly, the experts were there any grandparent would stay his or her grandchild future on the five percent,
but there was guy wrote one article in war journal and said you know I've been thinking. But he shall restrained. Seats You know, there's a one. In a million chance, a kid could snapped his neck. Oh, I recommend you still want to kidnap. Actually let him around nine I emphasise reveals that, oh, my god, you can't do. That is our work and look at how much fatalities. Gonna name me, one grandparent, who choose the one percent, so, If we don't adjust to this, it could be the end of story. Nation as we know it, because the issues of science are becoming that much more important for us to make informed decisions about So is this something we have to evolve to become better at? Thank you wrote a whole book called evolving ourselves, not relying, I guess, on natural selection. So we
take it for granted that nature works the same way as it didn't Darwins time, but the corn field is the most unnatural place on the planet, because it's of one plant growing in rows of the sea, time for our purposes and nothing else, loser dies or accept what we want, and that means nay prison sorting were selected and then the other world are plausible. Darwin was genes, would be a casino, so the change gradually change a random and today will during a genius is replying to pick a non controversial phrase, intelligent design and were soon I want. Jeanne here, because I want this plant a girl like that. I want this gene here to cure this disease and so we're taking control of evolution and thus a single day. Power humans, overhead- that really is a superpower. So back to me, Your view with bill, I asked him about the importance of curiosity in driving scientific progress. Let's see where he takes it. Einstein may not have had the highest records
I q of any scientist but he had the greatest synthetic intelligence, he imagined direction of knowledge itself, and I think that was in Some ways is greatest gift. He was just a kid in essence what he came but the very relatively twenty six through imagination, more than mechanics. And then he had to work backward to the room there He imagined new truth and pretty well over the years but what he wanted to do to develop an integrated theory in Africa. To do what I think all of us and negatively. Thank you know. It's probably right. We're just Andrade out appropriate, so others Stumbled along in things will happen, and they will all be good because I d, answering the ball, making life more exciting and more accessible in future changing things I think
It is always been a country about the future and the future for a long time to adjust. Reaching from one country to the other and then was from agriculture to industry and development and was figuring out how to take emigrants and each one required some sort of expansion of, identity and consciousness slavery was a real stretch, we're still living with the aftermath of the world. Rise. Movement was a stretch, we're still living with someone there to that? astonishing pro Firstly, the gay rights movement was stretch, For the the moral order that some people had been brought up to live in an, we keep doing it. We keep pushing against the limits.
It would be a good thing if the public policy necessary to fund size adequately could make the stretch. Just say I want to know. Don't you want to know coming up bill nigh the science guy gives his take on advancing science in America on Doc, Welcome back to start up, I'm your guide through the universe here in the hall of the universe check one thanks for being here. So we're talking about politics
scientific progress? Two things are not always aligned with one another and no matter the subject of start up. I was going to catch up with bill nigh the science guy for his dispatch from wherever he is in the city. Let's see what bill now has to say about nurse bring scientific progress in America. Science leads to innovation and innovation is what keeps United States in the game economically on the world stage. The prey CS in the executive branch is not in the brain of science or something, but perhaps it should be. George Washington was an avid wheat reader, so Maybe some of this work will show up in your next sandwich. Thomas Jefferson, supposed to monopolies, became around the idea of the patent and trademark office, citing it as a spring to invention, see They did. There was spring and invention. No Abraham Lincoln had a patent on a system.
The river boats, unstuck from the money is not some. We need very often these days, but just the thing should you ever swamp your paddle wheel, Teddy Roosevelt was not only the commander in chief We'll call him the scientist in chief because he was such a strong, Conservationists. Andy was an avid burger. Commercial aviation came into its own under his watch. That a coincidence, perhaps, and when it comes to Bill Clinton, he promoted science like Ray he made sure the human genome was sequenced and that's looking in looking up and out you make sure the Hubble space telescope was launched at about the same time, this day he worked very hard to make sure people everywhere are connected to the internet Leaders who advanced science in America Advance America,
put it in perspective. As usual for my final question to bill. In my interview, I asked him how science impact at his perspective during his time in the oval office, you know the most viable thing. I had four perspective in politics in the White House was the moon wrong. I was gonna ask when we celebrated the thirtyth anniversary of the work on the moon and ninety. Ninety nine came in with a vacuum pact. Glass, enclosed known rock, now, take it off the moon in nineteen sixty nine that it's since been carbon at three point: six billion yourself. So I asked as I have supported the space program, so strong as it is borrowed until I leave you can have it back when I go. I know it's not mine, but I bet they didn't say no to that question. So when you see these
collision coverage of the president meeting with foreign later, whatever in the oval office. There too, errors in the nurses to care there's always a table between the cat. I put my work on the table. And for the next two years, When we do have like Republicans, never Democrats have people, two sides of any issue. It's not really really getting out of control. That's why why wait You see the moon Rock, it three point, six, now we're all his passing through her and we don't have much time so, let's just calm down and figure out what the right thing to do is in it. Every single time. Somebody lately they look there are my perspective, say one middle lieutenant logic that exist. At a time they can hardly imagine- and it just gave him little bit of space. In their minds and spirit to try to ok, let's go just one more time and that's what we
how to keep doing. We just had to keep moving around both out there and in here and Now, if you just keep I'm going toward Jerusalem. Good things happen. I may be wrong about over. That's what I think I just you know that give anything to be twenty again. I'd give up have been President I'm gamble on my chances in the future If I could live another, eighty or ninety years seems to have it just the same. Just to see it, it's amazing: what's gonna happen. So what are they but that is imagine how the conversation goes in the oval office, somebody's making some argument, and then they saw this rock is three points billion years old and is from the moon. So your argument is in there whatever it is, it's a valid, because this is from the moon three point: seven billion years all want you have any reflective comments Are we wrap this up? The astronomer royal and Great Britain says the universe as a whole.
Recent malevolent, but only twenty percent effective and thus a space where life connection you're beginning to understand how life is made, how life has transmitted how life is designed. The greatest single challenge, fumes of ever have you ve been watching. As always, I and the other S, taking your proposal to keep looking. I wish you'd listen star, talk, commercial free, joint start talking, Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear? Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio.
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