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Expanding Our Perspectives, with Susan Sarandon

2015-12-11 | 🔗
Ready to have your perspectives expanded, cosmically and otherwise? Neil deGrasse Tyson welcomes actress and activist Susan Sarandon, exoplanetary scientist Dr. Rebecca Oppenheimer, astrophysicist Dr. Emily Rice, Bill Nye and co-host Maeve Higgins.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, Commercial free from the American Museum of Natural history in New York City and aiming at all space and start up we're science and pop culture collect all the unity of the American Museum of Natural history. On your personal astrophysicist, neither Grass Thyssen and tonight on start talk. We are featuring my interview with Susan Surrender on our because she's an academy award winning actress. She is a humanitarian and she's. An all around Freethinker, whose deeply invested in the big picture
Oh, let's do this with me. My clothes made Higgins welcome back always going to have you profession comedian. Yet and as always, we bring on an expert guests to help carry the content, and I have with me a friend, a colleague, Emily Rice. Thank you thought I was geeky with my ties. There's a word. She got like planetary nebula on her shirt, reasonable I recall refer your mobility for this. I wore this for you. This is the helix nebula monetary brand, the cosmos nebula. Where we can we can it can I get more new, which nebula that is
I know my maid velocity tracker I might about do you know what they're rocketed you mean the special why you gotta is on your neck, lame, Basileus believe it or not. I'm not the gps of my community of fellow astrophysicist Emily, I'm gonna drawn your perspectives. During this programme. As we feature my interview with Susan Surrender, my high point memory of her is as we can leave now. Rocky horror, Patricia Mckenna in regular features, dammit JANET she's, also an activist and humanitarian,
and she was appointed in Eighteen- ninety nine to be UNICEF's goodwill, ambassadors and so she's also active in algae BT issues. I guess we ever q on their now algae, BT, Q and Cheese also an advocate for marijuana legalization. But if you added altogether? This is it. This is a a broadening of people's acceptance and understanding of who in what we are as people and some years ago. She actually came to this institution, the American Museum of Natural history, because her son had her his birthday party. Here was a child and you can, if your kid you coming and have a birthday party school, it's got so she came, and I met her for the first time then, and
I brought to that party media have meteorites in my office. I brought one jungle drag me must show already very and did they just land. Their eyes is email I put it in order for where they were led, guided them, Jack found my office, and so when she came to my office it was one of the first things she remembered was that I produced this meteorite. Let's check it out. This is what I brought to your son Birthday party, because when you have a birthday party at the museum we gotta do and take you places you have been before. I do feel that such diseases
having a then they can you give me because I'm with you compare so we may have started ass dry and yes, I said this, so this is part of me this forged in the heart of a dying star. Yes- and this is this- is mostly iron, and so it is likely that the very same star that created this iron created the idea that, in this, as well as the iron in your blood,
so I want rural currency, have a kinship ones or hospitals on its deepest well, so meteorites a reminder first, that early moves in a shooting gallery. It s. My first thought, when I think of media rights because we get it by them, but also others, a colleague of mine who did a calculation, and it turns out that if you add up all the iron in the humor globe and of all the residents of the New York metropolitan area, it's about the same amount of iron as we have meteorite so just even thought to calculate that was cool, and so it's a little reminder, a scientific reminder that we are start us and that we ve come from the same points of origins. So I'm impressed that she was impressed by that cows. She prompted that memory within me for me to bring up a meteorite and Emily. Would you would you agree that this up.
Our food is a powerful stuff too, to behold a meteorite and know that that came from outer space. I mean it's one thing to tell people, you know we're star stuff. I see somebody said that right medicine Carl Sagan made this famous. We are star stuff to think about. It is one thing, but a holder and sheep like went down, but you can see that on the cliff because it so he went more than America or have you in many respects, because it where it were used to earth rocks, which also have magnesium and silicate and things, and then but this is iron, that sanctions, middle of an asteroid, away back in the day, and so it's way heavier than we would expect for an earth rock, and so people take it and like don't expect it to be so have into full, without and today you look who like way a bit more than they if you think you ve got big bone, this Madeira has but it's a big bound so, but.
It's one thing to hold a meteorite, any say this is from space, but you have to be told that you're connected to it. That's! It is not an obvious fact, because it clearly, other worldly an alien so to appreciate the fact that a lot of sweat equity that went into that discovery so as an educator, no one feels that sense of spiritual connection to the cops until their taught that right must we what you phone you in your classes, even the like, even though one of them most recent meteorite impacts right, the meteor crater in Arizona that was created recent financing thousand years of recent impact. Cosmic, that's remember: we got an extra physicist, announce recalibrate, look at the recent impact of fifty thousand years. In fact, we remember I thought you were talking about like twenty painting. I didn't care about that. If she told him to anyone
when we didn't know for a long time whether it was actually made by a meteorite impact. There was debate among the geologist for a little while whether it was some kind of volcanic activity, something under the crust something it was only relatively recently, maybe a hundred years ago that they, you know, started to find enough of the of the pieces left off to prove that it was from a meteorite impact and- You have also taken towards the nineteen sixty before everyone just agreed that what it was it was meeting and until it within officially of on call the meteor crater yeah now than before. Then, berringer, greater still bearing is even greater but nationally by media are created to you and your group. So Susan surrendered already in this sort of conversational baptism in my office she's, I know she's already sinking deeper, broader thoughts and she's got a passion for space, and
what I didn't notice, but she actually recently linked up in a live video call with the italian astronaut Samantha Christophe Furniture day I gotta put in it can help me then, the timings outdoors maximum crystal burgundy, they got, who is the first female astronaut from ITALY and its had a conversation on board the International space station feeling this demands and in saying to Samantha left a strong impression on with regular when she described will now finally getting up there and looking down on earth and she took, I could see earth who, through their hope here,
we are relatively recent edition of Dallas changes there, but what he said well, this is what is interesting. Is that because we have technology dish, to kind of show where we are in the scheme of things casually perspective could say better cosmic perspective. She said it made it so clear to her that how important our tending of the earth environmentally was that for her. That was such a huge, huge thing to be able to look down and understand that we have to do, forces and we have to all be aware and the interconnectedness of everything, and I think that what science can do is just see all the water and to see how insignificant we
Oh, how significant the future, all the so it's it's the think the psychologist Cosy overview effect and it should be, can change, does a change they asked enough permanently, but basically yes, Phil.
He comes back to earth. She's like it doesn't matter that he did and take me back like a three days later. This year is not going to be like where's, the half and half way how manifest everyday social, but its can definitely put your brain and a new place. That's what I try to convey to my students is this sense of wonder, and I hope we don't have to put everybody in space to get this prevents there's the extraordinary for being in space and then there's the ordinary that, when juxtaposed with the extraordinary can make some indelible memories, first virtual, just let me make it clear: Samantha is holding the page the record for the longest single space flight.
I wouldn't, which was a hundred and ninety nine. The hundred ninety nine days- thank you here, is on it what's a three year on a different planet and ask what on earth is on earth is very little lesson two thirds every year. So here's a woman first italian woman in Space- and this is a topic that came up in my conversations with Susan, just the challenges facing women in science, yeah yeah people of hypothesized discrimination- is it just old man urges you know where the dessert stereotype I mean. I don't know that always has been resolved, but we know it's a problem in need of attention and then I'm happy wonder, may be. Is there any value incompletely freeing ourselves from thinking of gender in that way at all? I just wonder that sometimes gender shapes the conversation, and maybe gender is not what we
coming up, we'll discuss redefining our entire perception of gender at all start startalk hey! I've got no secret for you. When I consider singing all of the ads on this shell, there's just one way to get out a hearing, they're good, patriarch arms last started tall and supporters at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite parkers player and never hear another commercial on star talk ever again. You will deaf
I do not have to hear me saying if you support us at patriarch dot com last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thing, and I mean just saying. The future of space and the secrets of our planet reveal star die.
Over a year beneath the hidden planetary, New York City and we're featuring my interview with Susan Saran Maiden and she's, a humanitarian as you know, she's an actress and we're talking about expanding our perspective. Something she's good at in many ways and in many dimensions, and one way is from outer space and other ways to try to do that. Right here on earth and other way is to think about gender in ways that have not been traditional, historically booze men and women, and that kind of it but she's a card carrying geek herself and she wants to share science with everyone regardless of gender regardless, and so I asked her about blurring the lines so that
Gender may no longer be a barrier to participating in science the front on how she reacted to this idea. I do hope that the difference between men and women as well will grow on terms of problem sovereign, the name or empathy or any of those things to have both gender Now we're getting boy every four that our trans done right right right right right. I am boxes even ten years now around that either line everywhere with many melted down version of the two, but I think signal in school. I mean I'm old enough to say this right to open up the creole, a box and lose a crown. Flash in a dead man on earth. So I'm here I'm wondering this is
They didn't have me a mine time. So then, if you were a kid, that's in the wrong body. Imagine why you're feeling, when you look in the mirror lad? Why are they call me that when that's not what I feel such a Hey frontier you better than anybody people to keep that go and keep the freedoms well, but also freedom? It so opens up everybody's definition of who they are and what they can be. If, if you like, Aprons Europe, it opens up if you're, not if you're, not described by your genitals, you now than it that's a much bigger definition right, though, how fabulous a man can embrace the female side mourn.
And with women can you know embrace them ass inside that can only make things. That's just a bigger story. Why be constrained by anything at all, even nationality or religion or anything? So often we try to contain. Oh you that, therefore you can. I can't do this. And maybe you ve been contained in any way well original, like categorizing everything, since I was tiny Phil. Oh it's in us. Well, I Think, though I mean I'm real learning things now, as I get older like about, about transgender, like I was one of the people that, like em in general, I was like, oh like I didn't think, but much about that before, like it took back for me to see that interview where she talked about her transgender experience, right can refer. When I was a baby, I was like boy, red blue. You know I mean they probably
even say that are liars. I do not think clumsily is like that. I shall we learn a little short whom we have to simplify things like. That is the way that we under the world is so complex and so much going on there from a very a young age. That's how we have to be that's all we have to Understandably, Emily simplify things and simplify because they don't come simplified. We that there is a whole range of height that people have. We don't put that into two categories. Raised there, there's a range of wait. There's there's a lot of things that common ranges, and so it's I don't think it's hard to think about a spectrum and Emily, and I have a colleague who may have a unique perspective on this topic and its Rebecca Oppenheimer. Who is the department chair of astrophysics here at the museum, and we have our standing by live on video call right now you guys you can put, but that up
what the hell are you, how do things for a state of late? For this?
I'm always late Veronica you're, so stupid commented mine. Yet we were the night time as it is is is, is our friend is our placed its when we get our best ideas and our best innovation? Exactly it's. So what, from your point of view, what is gender mean today? This word is really complicated. Questions you ask, are you know you can ask one person and get a different answer, but let me give you my perspective. Gender and sex are not the same thing. Gender is a sense of who you are, whereas sex is perhaps what your birth certificate says. Perhaps something else it's very complicated and I don't think it can be summed up very quickly in such a short conversation. But what I will say this, those of us who identify a book
along a certain by Narrabee of gender, say, for example, identify as a woman. I am a woman experience life differently than they would as a man, and I spent a large fraction of my life putting on an act pretending to be a man which was interesting but rather unpleasant. I did say: did we did we hire into the department for ten years ago? Benjamin Oppenheimer, where did we hire Rebecca Oppenheimer? You hired well, my legal name at the time was Ben Oppenheimer, but I was a woman, We heard a woman, we didn't I only when I knew it. We didn't know it yet, but you knew it. I knew it when I was six or seven
and you may name back. Then I knew everything about it, but I had no sense of how to articulate it. No one talked about this in the seventies. It just wasn't something that came up except with Jerry Springer, and then it was you know, parity and really rather nasty stuff that he put on his screen is also so does so what so as not to put words in your mouth, but what you're suggesting is that there is a fluidity, they're not recognised by people who have the urge to being things into into district, discreet categories. And, if that's the case, then its meaningless to pick of one gender or another, and maybe we should abandon the entire idea. Yes and no, I always had a sense of who I was. However, I'm just one of many Billy
is on this planet, and many many others feel quite differently from me and what I am finding. Actually it's a very interesting thing ties into. Mobile Emily was saying earlier that science actually may not be simply about classifications and Emily, you and I have published on this subject. Ups, Well, yes, not about people but objects that we observe somebody neither noted that there is a greater diversity than we ever imagined out there before. I just want to emphasise you just said it briefly, but I have to say that in our field and astrophysical, by the way, we have a conversation that includes three. Four physicist in this moment. I don't know that money is not gender. Has it ever happen in history, a television but but that we are big part of our field is understanding the categories of objects we observe through a telescope and if only observed a few, you have an urgent just make two:
three categories, you observe many more to wait a minute. There are nuances. I need six categories, ten categories when you realise that a glorious is a continuing, exactly As you know, the veiled were finding refining with planets the words have almost no meaning and in fact, as you look at the parameters that they exhibit, how how their different, what their atmospheres are and as we move on to new types of planets. Over and over again, they don't fall into normal categories, and this is the Exciting thing I don't, I don't find it threatening. I find it really exciting we're we're in those who are working on. It just needs to be clear that there may be other sub classifications of corporate belt objects.
So be it? Let's have fun with it and see what's out there, and I think the same is true of human exploration in social science with gender comes deep questions about a person's most innate sense of who they are so basically We have to broaden our understanding of the range of how the world manifests not only act in the rest of nature, but in humanity itself and to me, scientific thought is one of the best ways to do that, because we are trained scientists to question everything yet at the same time, we also have to admit when we are simply wrong and when were wrong. That's a fact. We can't this
We can't prove anything, but we can't disprove things. Will the beggar thanks for taken time catcher in the corridors VP wall in line with budget is chair. The department right say thanks Rebecca for four pipe it into star. Thank you in your car right up next more on the expanded perspective that derives from my conversation with Susan Surrender in and why she thinks Carl Sagan had his view of the world expanded in more ways than just looking through telescopes, with we'll find out when STAR talkative
whose is stored on working from home and hold the universe or the American Museum natural history, I got may Higgins MIKE Median CO host,
and I ve Emily Rice friend and colleague, and we thanks for being an excellent, and so in my conversations with Susan Susan Surrender, and it was clear that she likes opening doors of opportunity. She likes getting gaining a cosmic perspective in whatever way that can be provided, and that's what I learned that she's a strong supporter of the legalization of marijuana, and so she argues the world would be a better place. People smoked we'd, instead of drink. So this is a completely defensible point and came up been the conversation. And again this show is about how my conversation with her comes to stimulate perspectives.
Not have had before and so in this she reflects on the relationship between Carl Sagan and marijuana out may have helped him achieve. The cosmic perspective must check it out on the bottle and desire that Cloud Carl Sagan who wrote a book not his name where he goes on and on there's one chap episode, one chapter in that book that talks about the fact that all of these plans exist noise at an animal's do them. Why are they therefore us any kind of plant that gives you some kind of psychedelic experience, but he talks about. How marijuana specifically, because we have so much distraction, and so much coming in sight, smells right now. Talking to you Bob above that, what marijuana does help you be present, these days with everybody on their various, I mean you can,
we no longer allow us straight is holding a device razor or devices that people were having a harder and harder time being present, and so I thought it was interesting as a scientist that he felt this need for us to be able to focus. To get rid of some of the stuff that was coming and every now and then obviously Carl Sagan. Wasn't I all his life prepaid? extol the virtues of it and is becoming more and more legalised in the country. I was too late count. Here. I was twenty three states. It was it and put Washington DC. So this is this? This is going on and on, and it looks like it's not going back to national round and just told me to speak, as I say, the pound.
Barium right. I think it was her it's making and those who enter it. So I really have any reflections on this really, actually, because my parents might be watching by legal and they are not. Yet No, they don't enforce it. It's kind of it's not legal yeah, but they also have said that I think the police have said that they won't ticket or something like that. Decriminalize remembering was what was the not officially openly, but they like the unofficial policy, is my my getting laid his life on earth, they covered under. Haven't we note you keep talking. I welcome my normal the universe. Is my drugs, like that's that unites? I want the same thing kind of like. I want a different perspective, like a broader perspective, changed perspective, but that's the youth verse. For me as an astrophysicist physicist riches kind of amazing like just to think about
I have my own little research area has that's honestly the hardest thing to think about what, when, when I talk to my colleagues about the research on black holes, galaxies are on these nearby stars is just like what year did these objects are thousands millions of light years away. They don't exist anymore, some of them because the light has taken so much time to reach us We know all of these amazing things as if these things were right next to us, and we could like them in a lab like sometimes that we- and you know, if I have a drink of my car maybe we were like Ino cleaning, my work Maybe we complain about our budgets and then we're like we're due hysterectomy for a living like we're magicians, practically at four zero people studying universe like this to thank recurrent dragon. Is that true about Kalsaken? And now you have gotten me, I don't know I have first hand knowledge of this. All I know is from what she told me yeah another and what an eye for this time of year,
and his biographers have said this. So so I mean I don't the times I met him. I don't think he was high if he was channeling, the universe is good, educators will do, and so, if that was the consequence of a marijuana induced perspective, I would not have known it at the time because you kind of get that for free anyway, said from the universe yet Alpha now we get it from Karl. Maybe he was I could. I think she was saying that he concentrate it made him concentrate more like be left distracted, not necessarily be like all just be like Ok,
to my mind, this shows about expanding perspectives and what we did was we went out to our fan base to ask if they had any questions regarding expanding perspectives and they sent in questions to us through our various social media sources. And maybe you have these questions yet. You gonna ask them of me the directed to me. It turns out, you don't know they. You don't know me. I do not know what they are and if I don't have an answer to say I have no idea. Are you hide not so this is what we call a start. Talks cosmic queries, so welcome these, and these are people from all around the world. Can we have quite a broad base and I am happy to learn every time we get a question from yet another distant land? Yes, this distant land is old glens, veiled, England or Cry Enemy, known,
maybe a native of Ireland and there s no. What we want in England, everyone's enemy, told yeah, of course? Yes, ok, that this question comes from mad Eli. In London, England he asks, is there a moment sticks out in your memory of when you have witnessed someone else's cosmic perspective expanded when they weren't thinking it, but it happens. It happened to MIKE Mike and he described it on talk. You probably described it at other times, but I got him to tell me on startup MIKE misdemeanor, the astronaut he's an engineer and astronaut, and he was one of the people who went to fix the Hubble telescope, but while he was in space space walking fixing the Hubble telescope looks down to earth he's stupefy. By that view as earth
rotate past and he says to himself am I in Heaven and is that earth, and then he remembered and came from her and then said to himself. That's heaven and he teared up in the retelling of this revelation. He had that his home planet is what he and the rest of us need to think of as Heaven. That was a mind broadening cosmic perspective that I saw unfold right in front of me. Because at the end of that explanation, he wasn't here all that no coming up we're going to ask Susan surrender in about the movie roles that might have shape her cosmic perspective
when start start. I don't tell me to Canada, But one thing to say and less damage JANET you need the hidden planetary in New York City, for which I serve as director kind of cool. You are the keys to the Oh, my god, that's cool! I think, if the cleaner in here
embassies to that's what I was very so tonight. We're featuring my interview with Susan surrendering and she's open minded she's broadly perspective. Is that a phrase that work and she tried it said she tries to contribute to society and meaningful humanitarian way, she's in fact, she's a United Nations humanitarian and an activist for women. In science and, of course, she's an academy award winning actress. All of the above leaves them for the rest of us are not great combination. Whatever field we got to talk about our films, one of which was the rocky harder picture which she start in as the unfamiliar forgettable character, JANET dammit damage, and so If you don't remember the rocky her show, we actually have a clip.
From the movie, I don't know how much we get to show this legal, but whatever it is, people said it's. Ok, let's did less remind us what iraqi horror looks like check it out. Susan surrounded there. She is ass, JANET that was towards the end of the film and that's a film that challenged. It was nineteen mid Seventys when it came, I think, making seventy five. Perhaps seventy six around there
and it was each it it. It was a little early for how much he packed into one cinematic expression of transvestite, transgender homosexuality, all this spectrum of sex engender that now it with everybody, is talking about in the news that all got covered its about being yourself being what you want to be without the judgment of others. Now, while you're not supposed to be in judgment of others, I will stand in judgment of you at the moment, may for wearing nothing cosmic, only nine, flanked by the who, looks nebula. I can help you up and I've got rainbows. Might I so you now? You said you can help you had me. I have a fashion blog a strong ass in astronomy, sanction board, there's a universe filibuster. We out there is really really it's. It's
why don't you like? I can buy it on. You can hear the stuff, that's our yeah yeah Edward aims. We ships donations, samples to Valentino US driving gap will do reviews you will remember the yeah so empty. My honor, you, there you have it with my cosmical converse, you're jealous because they can I'm on your side, your covers Esther speakers, the gas white that had been painted, but that are being there. They made by the company may the end its an image. Images and Jesse six to be valid. The new General catalogue. Six or to fuzzy object is via gout aim by things. It's in a small by genetic author. Yet so ok, what it s like during the talks between African so's. So this is gone to extreme limit. My co executive producer of startle wore a dress at the Emmi celebrate
in LOS Angeles design, by Valentine Tina, yeah, a whole action that was hewn from the cosmos, itself, which accurately drawn constellations, and lay as such does the big dipper there's Cassiopeia these or fucus. We have. Sadly, we have the big dipper. We have galaxies. We have pattern to give it up for statutory he's, always the one Yemen in my ear from behind schedule or through the one, anyhow when we return to start or we'll pick up. My interview with Susan surrendered in when we chat about or in the digital age is still possible or has the progress of science ruined it
for us all. I started this star time, we're back the American Museum of Natural history, radio Central Park, Westley Yorks, which contains the hidden plant there, which is sitting above our heads as we speak. That is why I welcome back, may make Higgins. Thank you and how are you been in states now from Fairylike, almost too a year and a half units from from Venezuela, I think a lot of technology has robbed us of our are actually regional. Yet because you look at a picture now that amazing you do you have that and never hear from upstate that doesn't
Sorry, I thought I did. I ask so just evidence that I'm not the GPS one out there she's wearing a nebula in space. Just so you know, I didn't geeky, always think geeks Sheikh Jansky Cheek for sure we're future my interview with Susan Surrender and we got to talk and she came to my office. In the conversation we just go organically, and I never know in advance where it's gonna go, and so that's what we do it. I had a time we get the best parts and we see slot them in, and in this part we talk about the state of law in modern times. Is it there at? What has science done too? It has increased, it has decreased it because I think it is increased.
But that's what I brought it to the companies. This is find out. Ok, see where it goes. There is a saying one of the Eads from Arthur. She Clark that any sufficiently advanced technology, his indistinguishable from magic clamp down so that statue on all levels right. So I think a lot of technology robbed us of our are actually revision yet because you look at a picture now, that's amazing, it oh yeah, but that was Photoshop. It maybe even think. The pictures on the moon and the astronauts for Photoshop they have. Some sceptics won't show You can be Photoshop right now and you might not even be talked into. Who knows the older divulge, whether or not there are tat his hands to save their neighbours. A comedian. Do guys joke about any this, just as
AM person. I'm really easily odds everything saying that I was thinking I get get I'm impressed by like vending machines that looking That's what I mean is it you're, the one who doesn't know the ones like those barriers like hot things, and then did you ever see? One of those I do we see. You think, I'm in a cheeseburger. Ok, you don't use an uncommonly vending machines more time in America to know where to get your hamburgers. Ok, what do you impressed that food can come out of a machine, hot hot foods? Can you press the button you just like your real vending machine that you get tipped fun, but instead it like
all these burgers there. They taste disgusting, but the novelty value, its truly all them. You just press about its place. You have to see one of the institutions may Emily and I study the birth life and death of the union, Can I ask you a question about me, a machine that he's a nasty hamburger If you, in a state of all you talk about simplification, used to see me standing in front of one of those machine, crested all it's like this, the toy you can gettysburg regular Highbury, I think I'll know think, are leaving Edith pudding. You just put in your there's. So cheap is another dollar. And then you just press the button and it what it which everyone, often they just get jammed at the end. But you keep going
and eventually you get a kind of a flattens burger out of a machine. Just talk to anyone know needs no you're using a burger you'll kill for second lunch after I'm a little older than you, but when I was growing up, yeah people were awed by the fact that we walked on the moon Yeah yeah, then, so I heard a text asking her, but I mean and the grand jury again, that's so do this. Are you pose a power of proposed APOLLO payable to follow and that's a thing like we we have or why should we believe it frankly, dude again, that's what I want to do it again. I want to look at the moon. While people are walking on the moon, people not just not just why deeds, but people
I'm not there. I want my favorite things right now to do and you need technology to do. This is to know when the space station is going overhead like an app on your phone, whereas the space station we're lookin guns, you know NASA Webs idea. It's amazing, you see a little, you know it's hard, you sit there. We should be clear this not where this precision is overhead, it's when it's over and a visible again. It's gotta be overhead. During twilight, yeah we're U r in darkness, but it is high up enough so that it is still receiving sunlight, reflecting it down to you and intentions different places on earth, so I this the other day and we want to know if you're sitting there in your like. Oh, I feel kind of like an idiot like I'm on my friend stoop. You know like snow. Bring there waiting for you, know something Santa Claus or something like that. But then you see it is a really bright thing and it starts to move and you're like there's people up there right now
Coffee is amazing in this one in particular, was maybe one thousand and thirty at night or so, and it went away, it went like it went high up above and then it was a it was bright and then was just gone about yeah I was like that was sunset. I was just waving it at astronauts on the space station as they were experiencing sunset. It was. It was so, and we should do this. Maybe that's why I'm talking to you Emily Furs, commercial. But when we come back of course, I'm going to find out where, in the universe, Bill Nye the science guy is, and he will send us his next dispatch on his understanding of how science can expand all of our prospective
next on start, the future is space and the secrets of our planet reveal star, die and frequent. I interviewed season saran, then I'm talking about opening our minds in opening our sense of how we see the perceived the world any time we have any subject running down on our show. I've gotta catch up with my friend bill, nigh the science guy, let's find out what his take is on broadening.
Once perspective check it out. Science is the best idea. Humans have ever had just look at that skyline. Although shapes came somebody's head and the people designed all that they didn't science, this bridge in these cables like a series of elegant spiderwebs, but with all due respect to my spider friends, I will have any friends or spiders nevertheless, this is more complicated than anything that comes out of a rat, NED Reptilian, nor serpentine brain now. This has got stones. Cables and air. Oh, my very often, wonder how the world would be different if our leaders and politicians could get a purse. Above all this from way up. There are better yet up up there in outer space. Think looking down at the world from above makes you think very differently about, all place in all the creatures they live on, because one is
all said done, because most rules back to your From the Brooklyn Bridge, I think he just being a Tory practices is new to New York, so this this notion of thinking more broadly about life, the universe and everything. Of course, Susan surrounding this kind have been all about that her professional life in many different ways, not purely astronomically. Of course, cheap she's been a? U and ambassador and she's a big fan of using science to inform perspectives just in general and it's nice to have that kind of advocate in someone that influential. So let me just introduce you to my final clip with her, where we talk about bringing a cosmic perspective down to earth. So a cosmic perspective as a point of view, Europe otherwise get.
Handed to buy the universe. But of course there many people who would assert whole other experiences by other means right, while the cutting the idea of having something that takes you out of your narrow self involved, Eagle based experience and encourage you to lead of all the things are worrying about, because you now see it doesn't really matter, because the cosmos is so much bigger and you have no control over. It said to be able to access a different perspective. However, if you can do that by being able to be up in space and looked down and get this rush, I mean just about everybody. They get shot up. There comes back with a different changed. This is another way to think about where you came from mother earth. Will you which further out here- and I can say that essentially every.
One of my colleagues in astrophysics thinks this way and feels this way. More importantly feels that none of us are ever gonna led legions of armies into battle to fight over a line in the sand. It is not within us to do that now If you get there, we should take the hollow you well and just shoot them up and a space another and have them soon will command them love. Oh my gosh, I will come back and party they'll come seriously That's not now be an interesting movie plot light. When the General Assembly's meeting you just launch the United Nations the entire block into space. So so this perspective, not enough people have that point of. I think it's clear. I am not sure that all astronomers do we squabble over data and things like that. I've heard story that much
each other not shoot and not a threatening, and we do not a party so tall then there's a laser Miss Wilson. Let people know that the rights of recruiting to all. Frankly, I think more people to be scientists, we party as much as we science, but we care party like there's no tomorrow. Because we know there's another. Several billion years new University and Romantic Alex he's gonna collide with our galaxy and four billion years. There's a lot of that kind of put things in perspective. So if I can offer some formative reflections, this cosmic perspective, which we associate with being in Spain Yes, the changes you and you have committees in the United Nations discussing the peaceful uses of outer space there outer space treaties that discuss. If we're in space, we need to treat one another kind
and I think this is a noble exercise and it may even be a successful one. However, I actually have very low confidence but that would succeed because honour people kill each other over nothing and who to sell. But his face was. Nice to each other, how about this? Let us not have wars on the surface of the earth first, but there is no doubt about it. Once you get to space with is unlimited resources. Unlimited energy space has the potential to be the most peaceful place in the union, and that is the hope with which I and this episode of startup and, as always,
Neil Rastus in your personal physicist bid you to keep looking down on my old job the organs. Which you can listen. The star talk commercial, free, Joe star talk on Patriot on for as little as five dollars per month, and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio,
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