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Extended Classic: Cosmic Queries: General Astrophysics 101

2016-10-07 | 🔗
Curious about general astrophysics? Join us for class this week as Prof. Neil Tyson and assistant Leighann Lord explain some of the basics. Now extended with 12 minutes of Neil, Bill Nye and Steven Soter swapping Carl Sagan stories in the “Cosmic Crib.”

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Skip: the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free, sequencing industries. Many questions to be answered, we find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. Recently, the domain, the brain tat, goes into Grandma South Ass do when they get lab Bryn
Welcome to start talk, radio on your host, kneeled Grass Thyssen astrophysicist with the American Museum of Natural history right here in New York City, where also serve as director of the Hayden Planetarium, buying check out sometime I'll, go with me Leon, Lord comedian, extraordinarily, and welcome back to start off. Thank you now get to be back. I got you for this special needs of this. Our special needs us that income, our own special or your special needs. What do you know what? Also? I think it's come out right, because these questions make me don't berries, but because this is the cosmic queries, part radio questions. These are questions from our listeners army and we got some like seriously knowledgeable listeners out there s very impressed these questions are very challenge
and so what we try to do is spend some time of our star talk, airwaves, just receiving and responding to cosmic questions shared with us on our twitter stream on Facebook page. You can find us on Facebook, unlike us their course or an honest on the way. It's our talk, radio dot net and we have a twitter stream start on radio and all these places you consenting questions and we collect them. In this particular case, we got all ones just about general astrophysics gas. And you're gonna freedom to mean. I haven't seen any these questions in advance, China. I wish you had cause. I need some help. I don't know what I've ever felt this inadequate mentally mentally was the clarifying. Were there so give it to me. What are you? Ok? Our first question is from. I believe this is a genuine Justin tv S. Could the big bang be the destruction of supermassive black holes? Disorder
Bang itself is, would burst all the space time, energy and matter of the universe, death. So once the universe began to expand on the matter. Coalesced numerical, less into objects like stars and galaxies, and every large galaxy we know has a supermassive black hole in its centre. Only one little room for two Is ever to they will soon merge? How can become one Monday, the alpha How long were you, sir? What happens if you can have galaxies? They collide with each other and their black holes sure is night follows day will find each other merge and the new centre of that Mega Galaxy just form could galaxies collide. They go bump in the night may near so. Can I destroy supermassive black holes? No, a black hole is a black hole until it evaporate Using a did, you know of apples and know that I know it come often what I'm saying,
get out more If you got more, you would learn their yesterday's general casual conversation. If they ever van black holes evaporate no vampire pastry very big, so it turns out workers Stephen Hawking showed among many discoveries, are Stephen hawking. We all know Stephen hawking and brilliant physicist at University, Cambridge England, so he proposed he discovered using quantum physics, the laws of quantum physics that sort of particle by particle a black hole, slowly evaporate and a black hole in South Africa. She is large enough. It would take about ten two hundred years of Google years to evaporate. Do you know ten of the hundred there's a google? I had no idea Does Google now that gaining their spell differently? They put the owl in front of the Google
The number ten to the hundred power, a one with a hundred zeros Isabel GEO, o g o o Google, as opposed to be got it yeah, Google Google! So that's way longer than the age of the universe. So there's no. Some asian wait around to watch. Haven't nets that quick cup of tea. And so in. The birth of the universe is no reason to think that if somehow and another universe got born, it would destroy a black hole. There was adjacent to it. Good, bye, was really have their own agendas and it is, you're gone back. I love that debate, their own little coup was gone back around them. They don't care, do supermassive centre gravity and mass at very high density. Some new law of physics would have to rise up that. We would then discover to show how you would would then tear apart a black hole or destroy it, but there's no known force large enough to accomplish this
already there moving on what is right. This is from Macao got a box about the act, sea of the age of the universe and the Hubble constant. How are we able to refine the twelve to fourteen billion? Your estimate to thirteen point: seventy five billion- what that's really rude, You know I gotta tell arranged it doesn't really want you, no one as thirteen point seven five. Could we go back on it for the longest time, in fact, my entire time as an owner, during an in graduate school? We didn't know that each of the universe. By a factor of two, there was some research that indicated I'd be ten billion years old, other research, that indicated we might be twenty billion years old. Lowering camps at every conference that there were. Ten year old people, the twenty billion year old people that fight look like in the lunchroom
they would foodstuff. Did we reached to throw at each other, and this all relates to call the Hubble constant, named in honour of Edwin Hubble, the man there was a human being that created the telescope, whose name was Hubble? What she saw, the here's an interesting case. He had an affected british accent, terrible ass. Yes, he was so fake and war, or these tweedy things. He smoked a pipe, a lover. He was weight than it was a mistake. Dennis Racist, total. Well, if you're gonna be one, you should be the other way going together, offer one they often go together and the good thing about science is that none of the relevant. What matters is how good was his science
in many other walks of life you fold all that together and you say the person is reprehensible right. I want any part of them out. I want them. Speaking to my children and in science, signs distinguishes itself from other activities of the human condition. For that reason, I it's got nothing to do with her. That's right, so he and nineteen twenties discovered that galaxies in the universe were moving away from one in all directions? And so do you like this? We look one direction. They moving away from. Another action is still moving away from me. I want my space. Is that I'm out you need. I need my space, then I coming towards you in wonder. Away from you and another going away from all directions. If you plot this up
The line that is drawn has a slope came slowly. That line is the hobbled constant and if you'd know the slogan that line you know the age of the universe, so the hovel telescope was first designed to get the best most accurate measurement of the Hubble. Constant, so the battle of our customers and ten billion to twenty billion, and then it was like ten billion. Fifteen billion in an hour an hour an hour? And finally, we refine the slogan of the plot and we can say the universe is thirteen point. Seven billion years we gotta think brain. We come back more cosmic questions on start Radio
start hard. Listen to startalk radio, we're back. I'm Neil addressed Hasten Michael those today the an lore. Yes, commedia extraordinary to people cannot do they know your profession. Is they tell me a joke? Yeah yeah just want to hit him all the time, and I have so there's an issue Although this was in resolving cases pending, I can't discuss so I've got you here to read me these questions they came from. There now- and I haven't seen him before, but they're all about modern astrophysics, yes and they came from prisoners and which are trying to get back in this. The cosmic queries part of start up. So what do I have a question from tell me,
pulse and he says regarding a subject brought up on the origins, tv series. Why reserves that I hosted for previous Nova, nice plug from saw before people now just story now, ok go moving on. Why is it even gin. Whether our solar system came from a supernova explosion, I mean how else would have him elements like gold on earth come from what a luxury it is too retrospectively assert that are, of course, are heavy elements came from supernova This was not known for wild. You know what I was a kid and I'm in chemistry and you ask the chemistry teacher, waited these elements come from that sit up there on the periodic table, so we find them in the ground. That was the chemistry teachers answer. You don't get the real answer that
That question until you take Astro Physics ways they waited. These elements come from their cooked in the crucible of high mass stars forged from low for from. Small elements they hydrogen and helium. They are fuse together to make had I mass elements and you right, the way up the periodic table of elements and then that same star explode, scattering of guts into the galaxy out of which you makes subsequent solar systems. Somebody had to discover this. A Nobel Prize was awarded for that discovery. They explained it like that in high school I was at the opening of a movie and their origins. Why I'll go. Science clause was not that interest so, but in a tv series on origins you got you can assume people know in advance and power It was too did Deuce the fact that these heavy omens owe their origins too.
Or is that have given their lives so that we can well? I love that. Do you have it moved off startle, the cosmic recession, lonely and well. I like that. Ok, this next question is from William am saccharine Annie's, as did the Google Next, as commercial with her girl, asked Google Google. How much does the earth way and devise responds with the earth? Has a mass of me mostly mass, and we are not the same measurement. Third, this made me wonder how do you measure the weight of a planet when it's the planet itself? That provides the gravitational forest by which you make the measurement? Well, couple thing: so if you say what is the way to something else? that's a physical objects. We assume you mean what is its mass
we weigh heavily yeah, ok. Hence the answer comes back with a mass number. Not await number earth is in freefall towards the sun with sideways motion. It keeps it in orbit and anything this in freefall towards anywhere is weightless, so you could justifiably say the earth is weightless in space,
because that's true wow earth has no wait any more than an astronaut has weighed in orbit around earth itself, so in other words, for the same reason that astronauts and space stations and spatial is weightless in orbit around earth earth is way was in orbit around the sun. The sun is way was in orbit around the center of the Galaxy sent a minute. We start moving fast enough. If we start moving sideways, then we fought directly towards the sun. If the space shuttle space stations, no more special space station, stops moving sideways it'll for directly down towards earthen crash about fifteen minutes later. So the the earth is spelt. Nothing, it's what you say: ways nothing but has got mass. So when people go on weight loss programmes, what they really doing is trying to lose mass because you want to lose weight just go into orbit and then you you were nothing, but what really trust it
This removes Adams from your body. Yes, that's what trying to do. I really am FAT Adams, yet further molecules Batman, that's? What you try to remove? It has no element on a periodic table calls that is, it is a reality. Tables are a rather complex molecule. Has a lot of stored energy. That's why It is an extraordinary that's where you can go for asian days before you burn off all the fat layer that might have accumulated on your belly or on your, but so getting back to the first question. Earth is weightless because it's in free orbit around the sun, as in anything that's freely, for when towards anything else, so the moon is weightless in orbit around the earth. Just as earth is worthless in orbit around the sun.
I want to measure the mass ok that was done by a fellow name or cavendish and he's a british actually, I think, was a chemist. You know that our british now affected now I was getting confused if you, british, or English or from the UK, I always get I every time I learn it. I never retain it right and so I'll say he's from somewhere in a united,
am I right? But the point is he was the first to measure the mass of the earth and is it's a hefty number is not useful about this. Well chunky. Yes, oh the mass the earth. We have six times ten Tooley twenty seven grams. So if you want this and tonnage that would be, let's see here, that will be six times tend to the twenty one tonnes or six six trillion tonnes, while the earth is a brick ass now, what's what useful about that number is, if want to know what happens to earth if we get hit by asteroid find the master. The Astor was about to say, does not depend lawyer exactly so you look at them ass. The asteroid compared to the mass of the earth is like a mosquito flings full speed ahead into the back of an elephant. That's an image self
or net a gnat is better than mosquito because national kind of their noise- and they fly into you, so so the relative mass, I think, I'd when less than they did their calculation. That was about right. Ok, I so asteroids are bad for life, but they're not gonna harm earth when people say save, earth does not need saving from anybody. She I they may save life on earth life there there. So so so you can buy the so you do it with us with special vote, an experiment. If you leave you, Google Cavendish, you read all about his experiment. Where you can measure was called the gravitational constant, which was first predicted by Isaac Newton can once you know that constant you can calculate the mass of the earth. It rules out of the equation that you just used. Well all right, William, you gotta! Thank you for your question. More moving on, I have a question from CAN Duncan Annie says Doktor Thyssen: where does all the spin in the universe come from planets solar systems galaxies? I'm thinking
Madison Avenue Span for mercenary and I'm the best placed first been there. Is everything spans everything so little kids do it mommy? shouldn't, say: STAR Mommy should never told him to stop doing anything where hole on earth, so everything spends and hears. You say: well, that's odd wise. If there is anything that doesnt Spirit all take a huge gas cloud right, for example, in the galaxy, is used. Movement at all, like one Adams with per year. Indeed, in Turkey, if Everything is moving at it. As the gas cloud collapse is the speed of movement increases. This is why, if you suck a strain of spaghetti through your lips, it is guaranteed the flap you in the face
As regards aid guaranteed, try, I know what I mean for dinner: the riot ok but started the bottom spaghetti. Make sure there's not a loved one. At the other end of the spaghetti on, I would, in this experiment I wouldn't were ok. It's gotta dangle below you suck it up in your mouth. Initially as wiggling, just firstly, as you suck it more and more start wiggling more violently, yes and then eventually slash you in the face, I'm SAM! Yes, ok! So this is a major principle in physics called a conservation, angular momentum, as was called and skater in not called flappings, beginning that we so much every day the flapping spaghetti rules, skaters they pull in their arms and they ve been faster. If you start out with even the slightest speed, you will speed up
You collapse and everything in the editor resuming whose of gravity collapses and whatever speeded had before it speeds up this is why everything in the universe rotate we gotta take a quick break more from cosmic queries. When STAR talk, radio can t, where I've, got no secret for you, when I consider singing all of the ads on this shell? just one way to get out a hearing there go to patriarch arms last started. Talk and Porthos at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free. You can download. All current episodes into your favorite pack has player, and never
I hear another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not happy dear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio I mean I'm just sing it. I mean just SAM. The future is space and the secrets of our planet river. Start we're back on start or radio of course round the website or radio dad, let you can download are archival shows their fun if you just if your new listener to start on radio, we ve been at this too only for couple years, but there's some cool guessed tat. We ve had in the past, check it out and are also, of course, final on Itunes
just find us and start radio landlord you my co host today, I have you laughing you reading me cosmic queries session there. Just general astrophysics is the good the grant bag been of cosmic questions were sent to us by listeners from our facebook. So what do you got? You know who I am feeling richer and smarter. With every question I saw you know, I've done the spaghetti thing. I got all the honors you're coming off the break your eye, such spaghetti, three lives in a flash in your face, and I had no idea. There was a physics principle going on with this fun major law, six operating, getting spaghetti sauce in your face. If I think ass adults we don't do, it is often all right now, because you flap food and your shirt, nor the sort of thing sobered Kinst kid certainly remember this and is a major losses. X, is the conservation of angular momentum laugh and so on.
Seems as if you rotating slowly and you have a big, extend to your physical system and then you start pulling things in two words: you're axis of rotation, something's gonna compensate for that and the way you compensate as you end up, spending faster and thither catarrh equations. Proscribed this with precision, I'm a rollerblade, our cell, yet the union at all it s side I didn't know I should have known it was his exertions. No oh wow faster. I ever question: that's ok! Go I'll, William Jesse Miller, the question and we asked how does of three members another three names or maybe the fuel it with my near the grass toasted italian fishermen with renewed vigour- and I thought I gotta get their entre William Jesse Miller- go. How does the planet have for sons? Wouldn't some stars bs?
did. I thought three or more star system is honest as unstable. How does a planet have or sons? Ok, yeah sure so the universe? If you look up at night, most of the stars you see are not alone, more than half of the stars in the night sky, or multiple double and multiple star systems, okay, and so the solo star like earth like that, like our son, is, is I want to call it rare but it's not the most common case in the galaxy really air and what a surprise that was the first person with the telescope who looked up and saw pay someone star. That's too it must be a chance alike of a star in the foreground in starting the background they said to themselves, the they said wait a minute way too many stars are close to each other thence
then the randomness of stars in the galaxy should allow, if you just randomly for stars upon the sky, how often they are close to one another. They should be rare, yet it was common so that the original research paper did this statistical calculation and concluded. This must be real. There must be actual double stars of their aid is a triple star, is quadruple star. You keep looking well, we have a whole cluster of Sars.
You have a source inspectors and actual cluster called a beehive clusters and all these stars orbiting a common centre of gravity. Yes, occasionally you get any checked his dark as not all orbits are stable and when you have all this action, but there is what we call a parameter space where think this through right, two stars, orbiting close to one another, is a tight orbit right now you pull out a little tiny. Far have that orbit. That pair is warbling so far away. It thinks it orbiting. One star was so that stable ok. Now you get a first one bullet, far away big. If so far away it thinks it's orbiting sort of one gravity field. This glee, the questioners right, Jesse's right
A new orbit really close the path. What path you gonna take that will you next to now some indifferent tomorrow that could beat hugely turbulent, hugely unstable city and today today to the orbits within the system, but you can configure a system where you have a whole set of stable armies and everybody's happy in another set of stay. Lorries appear stars here and a pair of stars there and those pairs orbit. Each other right is an acute like this, so that we can. I will double star had done it better actual stars in the nice guy visible to the naked eye. There are double double ordering symbolizes, the neighbor ass great. So now I'm thinking about it and the question was: how does a planet orbit safely around for sons? That's what the question! That's? What his question actually asked? I'm talking how'd you get for stable sends to begin with. So now, if a planet were among the stars is not stable. Little fly away. The right the planet will flat yet
planets orbiting within the orbit of the stars themselves is gonna fly away facing the planet is commitment, phobic is come, is totally commitment for these one sort of committed feeling. So I can't be big. Laugh. It's gotta he's gotta go in one direction so STAR, wars would have gotten all sunset. Planet stood the double sunset, those who start a close enough to each other, and the planet is far enough away from both sides executes one orbit around both. Ok, ok, that's how you pull this off like for nothing for if you can start moving in and out what you really since, as you get pull to one star verses, another and a re havoc on the planet and you get a jacket, in fact, you know something we think most planets in the universe we rejected in early solar system and a floating free in space and the cold,
I'm sorry vagabonds those planets have internal resources, like geothermal heat, that doesn't require hosts star. Maybe this life on this planet and it might be that life is teeming far away from Sars in this galaxy, now asked the possibility yeah, so we gonna take break star talk. The cosmic queries addition will see in moment. Future in space and the secrets of our planet reveal star die.
This is our talk. Radio, I'm real digressed, hasten here with Leon, Lord media NBA. I should be in here and start talking. You're reading me questions today on the universe submitted by Listeners posted on our Facebook page. I'm ready for them! Well. Are you ready for Ryan Smith, who wants to know of light? Has no mass? Why does the gravity of a black hole? Factor I'm your alleys, breaker breaker, It has no mass but light. Has energy.
All and you need to rethink of what mass mass does it, how to look? Let's move forward into the future thinking about the universe in this way can a mass can reveal itself as either matter or energy? Ok, right, that's no way to think about it. And so therefore light which has energy has a mass equivalent to that energy, and since a mass has gravity,
The gravitational field will pull a beam of light into it, not very well. It turns out, unless you're a black hole, you got a totally tear new ones through the fabric of space, to pull a beam of light into your surface, so lightning coming by earth bends a little bit barely perceptively, like coming by the sun bends perceptibly that got measured in nineteen nineteen, when, after Einstein predicted it, Sir Arthur Headings, international physicists, brilliant dude from England, measured the bending of starlight as it came by the sun during a total solar eclipse. You can't see the stars. You can't see the stars in broad daylight but you want to see a beam of light coming by the sun to see the sun tugs on it in a measurable wait, wait for total solar eclipse. The light of the sun is blotted out. There's
our light behind it. You know where the the image it s star should be you measure it is in a different place, the light bent on its way coming around the edge of the sun. To get to your telescope. You measure how much had been bang on is Einstein's general theory of relativity with gravity feel bending the curvature space and curves the path of light, but I should say that way now I should say it. I should say a deeper voice, I'll say with a deeper voice: gravity, curves, the fabric of space and time and light travels on their fabric. So it's not the gravity. Curves light is the gravity Curs, the very nature of the space time continuum and all light is doing is following them.
Well, yes, it s. Why that's? Why lies following the path of space and a black hole? Curse based like goes in right alongside it so late as along for the ride along for the ride, exactly served in fact wrong to say that the gravity curves, the path of light gravity, curs space lies for this concern is always travelling in straight lines as far as its consent. As far as its concern about the space happens to take him in a curve path that spaces problem not like off. My car. I have no idea what was going to happen. I think about it, a NASCAR. They know your big NASCAR face huge, this as I get him. I hope these beating down about partly huge, so embarrassed car disorders, the joke about nurse car drivers in out Kennedy in real life or the always
turning laughed. They ever know how to turn right. Well, this actually not an accurate joke. That's like a scientifically flawed joke right. The the track is banked in a NASCAR track. Of course, it is it bank, in a wise bank, at Eu Wide Bank. If you are driving at the right speed for that bank. You do not have to turn the steering wheel and the track will turn you so far as the car is concerned, its going in a straight line, he ass. Well, they don't ever have to turn the steering wheel to bank those turns, but they ve gotta be going in the right speed at the right speed, exactly answered bank for a particular speed
and depending on the slope of the of the track, so when their steering this doing just to maneuver in front and behind each other on the track way, so that a car driving a straight line with this space time, continuum of the NASCAR track, curving its path into a. U turn me, I that's so quickly. I feel good for your guess is as good. Ok, I have a question from end Angie swarthy. I love that movie. Regos ways is to listen to me and she also no eyes Rico. We know that. I know it is so sad. We're we're gonna get a lame only we lost our three credit. I could we send a problem of some kind into a black hole. I realize it would be destroyed by couldn't transmit some relevant data, at least for short, I'm on its approach and have we already done this We have not already excellent question. We haven't already done that when I close enough to a black hole,
to even think about that experiment really and other dangerous part is suppose. A black hole comes our way like first how'd. You know it was coming if its black They I won't say, and so what you have to do as you look for the distortion or space around it. Rightly ever star field. If oversight starfleet starts, looking like a funhouse mirror run a pack of the planet of the planet and get the hell out of our solar system is a black hole is on his way, most just as a quick aside most of the black holes. We know we detect from big because they are buying star system, there's another story, Jason to them being laid love. That word ideal, a rare word. It means getting skinned alive, nay, middle ages, and your word person cause you tweet word of the week, the very middle ages, eggs very like the spanish inquisition, so black hole can sway and adjacent star if it becomes a red giant and its outer
else, expand too much. That it'll then remove those outer layers and those layers would descend into the black hawk. Our x Ray telescopes detect material descending into a black hole. They gets heated on its way down because of the friction of the disk that it makes it basically flush, toilet bowl style by an as it descends down it releases, energy that it has from falling and that energy is very high. It's like x, rays, x, Ray telescopes, detect black holes in the galaxy there's, none that we know of that are nearby lesson for us. But if we descend approach here, we could get some fascinating data on the gravitational field.
Creation field and we get it all away until it hit the point of no return the event horizon. Ah, I love that it's a poetic term for the place where you never coming back night because within the event horizon, even if you could travel the speed of light is not fast enough to escape the gravitational feel the black hawk, so there you have, it is there's something I mean it plans to do. This is then, can we really get some knowledge from this? If we didn't Oh it's what I'm saying. There's no plan, we don't know our own solar system, much less trying to poke around in a black hole right is like stay out of it. I don't play, you know we have to choose our play. Pens and our sandboxes don't put their number. I told that day comes out of you to find a black hole. I try to find a way to exploit its gravitational field for the purposes of the production of energy. As we call it is my life,
baby. Did I have a question from Gary rallying and I love this is their dark matter in my bedroom right now, dark energy is an inside of me right now. Dark energy is I guess but dark matter, I'm not sure about. Also if the universe is expand Does that mean that I'm expanding too? This is a dextra question, dark matter in two minutes left and I gotta like. I don't know that I can answer all three in two minutes, but I'll, try, ok, ok, the dark matter. We don't know what it is, but we You know where it week where we can find it, but I can tell you that this in your room. There's not much of it. Ok, dark matter does not interact with our matter. It doesnt interact even with it.
That's assuming that this matter at all, so you don't have a solid dark matter planets and what does it take to make? A planet matter has to interact with itself and make molecules and pulling together and make rocks in molecule and people in places and things dark matter has no such properties. That's wives, diffuse across the Galaxy We have all the dark matter, halo around our galaxy and all the dark matter scattered into this aim. Huge quantities of matter don't even over its matter, but it has gravity and is huge, but it's so dispersed, and so there there's not a meaningful amount of it in any localised place that you're gonna find variant. I social, very antisocial,
dark energy. That's everywhere, you find the vacuum. You have dark energy, the vacuum of the cosmos itself, yeah so and is when universe expands weeks banning with it the molecular forces they keep. Your body together, those molecular forces, are stronger than the forced, its expanding the universe. Thank goodness that, as you know, expands, you don't neither does our glass, they continue. Hitman, illegal or slow down here for nor the solar system, we ve- got a wrap this landlord thanks for coming and thank you for I have so much fun here limbs was and when people will follow you could I follow you on Twitter, so others will follow you to learn a lot level when we come back I'll, be so then you there's not a meaningful amount of it in any localised place that you're gonna find variant. I social very anti social and dark energy. That's everywhere, you find the vacuum
the future, is space and the secrets of our planet star die. Cosmus we're back on startup radio. This is the cosmic created the dishes and in the cosmic crib these conversations that I conducted with friends with colleagues with strangers and takes place, in my fear, the hidden planetarium with America, museum of Natural history, the cosmic crib today I've got the one the
bill, nigh the science guy bill looking to declare this can't be in the Caribbean and the creative, and I also have Steve Soldier, Steve Saunders Curve, writer of the original Cosmos television series and more significant than that. I think Steve soda gave me in a on my paper in astronomy and we'll get there, and then there so stiff solar, also correct the modern, Cosmo's Cosmos space time odyssey along with an dream and is something that all three of us having common. What is that process? Carl Sagan, you ve all been touched in some way by Carl Sagan, so bill yours, the corner. You take a class with girl, yes how'd you do. I get my don't remember, but I think I'll get. It means you didn't it was. I think I've got eight remember that they got a more so I just might come the main thing again, then my paper, ok
What was the horizon in the class? What was the class in astronomy is or system good? I suppose I could guess that took it doesnt elective after I had it, I wish them all. My google ensure what year school we their senior who's. Your guy took a freshman any major dunwoodie mechanical engineers, your Emmy. Oh yes, Emmy. We say: exercise mechanical engineering, Turkey is trying astronomy as an elective a whim and a kind of changed. My life enjoyed by first of all, I got a deep appreciation for this idea that we are all made of star dust stars, I'm horse into dust by the way I know Carl and stuff go together drain and start S, memories. Yes, it's kind of has a romance cities. The dust has Romans. Also, my father,
was quite the amateur astronomer. Interested in astronomy would have ended astronomy when you say amateurs actually a badge of honor. Now I know I know you have to stop myself. This is serious. Amateur astronomers series is a serious. They undertake very different from amateur neurosurgeons. Yes, a mature attorneys! You would not give them business farmers. Amateurs are actually discovering extra solar planets, yeah yeah they as their amateur astronomers around they have now is knowing Carl Sagan, an amateur astronomer found the primary society and an asteroid tweet or do fourteen. So I have tremendous respect for the expression, amateur astronomer, That aside, my father could name you fifty constellations out of eighty eight. There is good and if you were to sit back- and he can tell you that all of them- but you are not visible from the northern sky
and he taught astronomy merit batch in the boy scouts. My father, you were boy, I was a very good boy scout. I was done. The tinker total, all american guy sort of you think boy scouts, whereby the great experience in the boys got a million people that those words right. A great on this thing, if you're stuck in the was get out of the woods So you're on your stuck on the island, your lost we'll get off the island for climate out now. Sympathetic, just misery is, Mr Professor. If Mary Ann is, there might seem be motivated to stay on This'Ll be Marianne going to times, but just in general, like Blair Witch project soaring, I company get out of the woods follows dream down, in other words was wrong to people, because Austria go downhill. Pretty much little streams generally leads bigotry pretty much eventually to the ocean
so Steve you you're, also Coronel? Yes, you, you obviously overlap with cottage overlap with bill. I guess I guess a little bill said you would do. The class was disorder. He gave what any of my paper, but I was helping Carl, sometimes grading papers, first class and giving the Sri Lanka tier when he was travelling here. Long. You are so heavily down with that. I don't know I don't get on people's business self. So you to what I say you you are, but you had enough control over class to assign great well. I think I created the papers when somebody exams- and bill, and I guess I don't remember the paper, but I remember many because he's reminded me many times: no, no useful, total villikins you ain't, a member is an important amendment. You have you remember. I forgot about curly in photography. Obviously pseudoscience they asked yes, and I have
picture of a dime, giving our corona destroyed right. This was, of course, I think that the paper assignment was to investigate some pseudo lots of science or borderline science in and get the source and try to find out. What's really going on here he did it. Uncurling photography did a first class job is, is not implanted memory that go constantly now. Remember now you remember, and did you see, promise in bill? Was he just another student at the time Don't let him personally saudi sitting right, you're lecture at that time. An English. These russian right, dear left, is meaningful idea this. I don't get you too easy Ays, so that was an impressive paper. Ok, excellent civilian had some promise In that one area, ok, so I do not go to corner now in cosmos. We did not complete that story and I didn't even realize weeding completed Thomson back at home as it while nobody knows where actually
to call a lie that have you tell the story? Everybody figures will that's why I went to court girls. I gotta goes buyers in Cosmos in Episode One and we reply some of it in a later episode. I retail stores, when I first met Carl Sagan and those applying to college in and I got accepted the corn outline. What was one of my shock high, not suits, but now firstly, please come and I didn't know they sent my application to Carl Sagan to get him to the buffers to assist ass, whether I'm somebody worthy of his attention. You are worth, there's gotta, be in there somewhere. Avenues was dripping with the universe, because I've knows about nine, and so he them sent me a prop personal letter. Come look conflict and believe it. I still have letters hands down in an egg and exists. Garlic is back the time he's already on Johnny Carson on Johnny Carson wish it would have been toaster the tomato, and
the classroom, breast selling books. They are so so. This is how we all knew Carl. Now I am. I have my best crop Carl story after that, but when you have a cross border control, I went to my ten three, which is for people who are completely not knowing what's going on here. Carl Sagan, a professor of astronomy at Cornell University and who is one of the first scientists, certainly first astronomer, to make a very big deal of bringing Europe Trade, your research fruits to the public, and this was not an embrace activity at the time. The even Steve's odor confided in me actually confided to me. So should I he said when he first heard that crossing was gonna appear on the tonight show
What did you think about that? I was not shocked. Actually shock is it's not a documentary and it's Nothin news and its entertainment, and you shocked. I thought it might hurt him any any who made how many appearances by the journey doesnt dozens and dozens any learnt that the hosted a tonight show. Johnny Carson was an amateur astronomer himself and then up for sure and, of course, waited billions and billions come from. It was turning on assessing, not call the are not not currently never said, billions and billions soldiers, not very precise. Actually really think about Social, a great many hundreds of millions. What Johnny Carson for those you don't remember river, this guy, he what he brought to the table, which was so good about him, was his curious that some we're all China is still in the world. Did you ever excellent crossing story? Well so I might say, tell em like forty five seconds, I went to my tenth reunion and I said Professor Sagan I'm workin on this.
I got this idea and college we turned our now can if it can be work, shrewd and shrewd, with the his assist, are you famous by then No, no mere area ideologist bill work, television in Seattle. I got this idea for a kid show about science and what have you been billboard? you ve been working. Why others think that bridges- and I got this idea about- Of course, he does not know, don't don't do technology. He said focus on pure science. Kids resonate to pure science. That was his sentence. I left his office in a kind of redirected. My life really was a reason. The size guy show stands the test of time, and it was so successful continues to be so successful.
Just because we focused on as it has a major educational element in the school system is because we focused on pure science currently is, and concepts was opposed to technology, which would which would look so dated with that said, we did you, a computer show which focused on switches like the deaths which is ever computer while dip do. Online packaged switches are one thing, but a transitional oftener I makes largest remind everybody, went death. I never knew a dip stood four point. One is still the. Instead of pursuing such a district anyway, transistor transistor logic, Tito, which runs our world
It is based on switches, ok, current controls and other good foundational stuff. There, actually tenured envy changed or to see that what you could call story. I just had an impression comes to mind: car lecturing publication, Cornell Living Auditorium thousand people is walking back and forth on the stage and he's describing the escape of atmospheres from planets and very upper levels, but molecule by molecule and he's impersonating the molecules he's doing it brilliantly with wonderful sound effects, have use personated molecule with sound effects we laid out his own. He made out of his right is what exactly working these obviously have a great time in the audience is having re time and he's got them come
in the past. The pursuit of fine evaporating molecules from planetary atmosphere, yes and is making an exciting and funny- and the audiences is- is hanging on every word, and that was Karl is real master teacher. He could he really convey the excitement and and and make it fast meeting as it really is. For me, I tended his at an there is well his at a Sixtyth birthday celebration Coronel and during dinner. There are all these testimonies from all around the world, letters in an and that a read by the organizers and ice. They were so praise, then so filled with praises. Had nobody could be deserving of this much praise they're not describing a real person? This is some called figure and then
later. He would give a public talk in the main auditorium awareness of the Big Hall and he delivered the most amazing politician I have ever witnessed in my life, so used to say the same kind of thing: it wasn't. Even that talk was a different time and I said to myself: he is beyond the praise that he received during this dinner that I found so people, and I said to myself: if I'm ever, if I'm ever gonna be in a position to give big lecture, I will aspire to be a fraction of what he delivered to us. We gotta run. This has been the cosmic cribs till now, thanks disorder thanks. Thank you. Merely restoration. Wait.
The devil may adopt the organs. Wish you could listen. The scar, talk, commercial, free, joint star talk on Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com, slash star talk, radio,
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