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2017-02-10 | 🔗
Neil Tyson and Eugene Mirman turn a speculative, scientific eye towards Unidentified Flying Objects. Featuring UFO investigator James McGaha and SETI Senior Astronomer Seth Shostak. Now extended with Neil and Eugene answering Cosmic Queries about UFOs.NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can listen to this entire episode commercial-free. Find out more at https://www.startalkradio.net/startalk-all-access/

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free. Secrets in industries leaving us with many questions to be answered. We find ourselves searching for those answers as the very fabric of space science and society are converging here for the first time. What what when you see the domain the brakes that bring us into Grandma South Ass do when they get lab applying pressure.
Welcome back to start talk, radio on your hosts, Neil, the grass Thyssen, I'm an astrophysicist and the director Cities Hayden Planetarium join this week by comedian Eugene Merriman Eugene. Welcome to start talk, radio, hello, it's good to be here, sounded pretty can help was put upon the welcome switch allies, good Tiberius life. I've already been I'm here I know it's great to being. Is that better? That lesson is that more sincere, it is a true honor to be finally part of CBS radio family. Oh there I will this week. Our topic is ufos, unidentified flying objects, about which so much is written and so many people think about them in care about them, and I thought we should bring some sort physics to the subject: yeah some kind of analysis, no more speculation in others thousands of sightings of Ufos every year and of course most of them can be explained away as the consequence of natural phenomena
like unusual cloud formations or bright planets, lightning and especially meteorological or astronomical observation some are just spaceships from other world because it aims at repairing to take its over you're. Ok, there's some would be that one explanation along with your gas cloud thing, but what you? What happens is when you see something unfamiliar in the sky, the brain tries to understand it and come to terms with, it'll go overboard in doing so empty, it doesn't understand, it connects the dots and invent missing pieces, and so when you try to judge what an object is or just judge how big it your brain fills in the gaps in it. Say breeze of the George Lopez shows. The lovely have cut back it builds the gaps and making it makes them. So What happens is up our perception about which the stole out of research going on in the north. Science community, the depth of our
Corruption is still being understood and how it can less and how we can think it's giving us correct information when in fact it's not, and so what happens when we find that we're We need a doubt what we see the brain, just figures it out for you whether or not what we see the brain, just figures in our food- as a building block still have you ever seen a UFO. Maybe you simply means unidentified. No, yes, but its body could survive because party wants a gothic? No, not really, but what I mean is, say that I'm like I can identify everything in the sky expect. So in that sense I can't, but I think I have rules and we have seen you evolves if you can identify everything you ve ever seen yeah, but I do think I ever saw thing moving and was Lego. That's coming for me. I should get ready you what's my welcome speech, I I feel, like I haven't seen anything that was so an identifiable I wanted to blog about it. Let's just say that
so that means youve encountered some objects in the sky, the zone of quite know what that is, but it's not so weird that I'm gonna freak out about it. I think it's like a bright planet or something or a shooting stars like about it. No but shooting stars are definitely be more scared. Also you some sort of. Foundation for your observations, that did you have astronomy, wanna, one in college. I went to school decide euro Major and I didn't include a stroke. Just one of those kind of cool yeah, but I learned everything I need from tv shows about outer space. So don't worry. I know plenty of science So what would you have to see for use it to scare? You can have your blog and tweet about it. I would have to have being fly up to me, maybe make a sound ass. These questions flyaway. That's definitely that's at the top of the list that would work and then something sort of just floating in glowing too much yeah well making a floating and glowing too much at one of the most taken objects for a? U F, not mistake, If you know what it is, you simply don't know what it is one of the most report
objects ass, you a file, is the planet Venus young? This guy It's so bright, it is so bright. Venus is punter per percent white cloud cover, so highly reflective. First of all, so it has brought it's like is bright as it can be, as a planet, but it doesnt dart around just sort of sits there watching. You will watch if you happen to live near an airport manual accustomed to seeing airplane lights coming in a twilight or at night, and this would be Venus, and if you know it was a planet, it would just be an airplane hovering. So that's the thing the fact it is not darting around leaves people curious as to what it is, because anything else would have come in for a landing a long time ago, of the use of UFO sightings. How many happen near airports is that would the slightly looted the answer I dont know that in that statistic, but another thing Venus years we orbit the sun farther away. Then Venus does
and so, if we ever gonna find Venus in the sky. It's not going to be all that far from the sun, you'll see it just before sunrise. In fact, these days It brought a night. I was out there it's up just before sunrise and its is bright, as can be and it's quite visible just after sunset, here's what incentives in the twilight Sky and its bright as it gets low in the sky, you could take on sunset colors the way the sun does. So now you have a bright hovering light that has at that a bright hovering object, let his lights that resemble sunset, colors, so you'd. The orange and read, and this sort of thing you combine all this together and you get no limit of reported recordings of just be so aliens from Venus came here. It would be particularly confusing cause we be explaining this phenomenon to them and they would be explaining where they are and that we will keep it will give us social chapter on the way forward for when venetians visit exactly the most confusing type of alien to
Above all, you know the word Venetian is. We can have invented that after the fact and after which back you vague, it's out after the fact that if you are a Venus, the correct word for being of Venus is venereal. Really gonna doctors got that word for these farmers. Right, I don't mind saying of inherently good: ok, I'm just satellite, but what will wait and if a marsh, wait. Five. Why venereal I mean that's the proper generative form of the Worry Venetian bf be very everyone. I dialed wait. Two arrogantly say that two people, as I talked to them at party, because I dont really venereal doctors had identified a disease common to love me. Venus is the goddess of love and beauty of it goes along with it so Slovenia is a number one cosmic took before misidentified Lophiodia Ufos, that's right and then the moon, the moon, by delay cosmic target
their name. Those arrival. Can you keep track of ways? Be sorry, I'm saying you're coming up with things faster than you have enough that I'll take the compliment and the moon has been tight. We, of course we all know what the moon looks like, but suppose the moon is a crescent and only a little piece of the crescent sticks out from behind a cloud. So young the whole thing- and you don't know the moon is supposed to be there, and this will cloud areas growing around it. It can freak you out yet, and in fact that happened to me, I was on a beach, but are you listening? flow on a beach the boots speaks up. Ideas I don't listen to record albums that don't get their physics right, the dark side and when there is no dark side of the moon right. So you know you only listen to accurate physical, that's recollect, Jethro, don't think it's a brick. You're, a rock albums, so I'd use this as an example I was launched on the beach I was, I saw, glowing object on the horizon and it didn't I couldn't associated with any terrestrial object. Of course it was at night because then you, you see less well at night.
When you have that we most of you UFO sightings or at night, when you can least identify what cuz you're. Looking at and I saw something- and I could not identify it- and I was intrigue pulled out- my binoculars I never more than arms reach. For me there was, it was the moon, and so am I just we saying there objects that can be out there, even if you're familiar with the sky. They can stump you at least right will you continue to observe, but not only at cosmic objects? You also yet sort of meteorological objects. Clouds cloud fearsome beautiful cloud formations up there, not just the puffy ones that make rain Some particular feelings for weeks, as I figured out that other boys want make rain, is at the party won the puppy. What all Craig I got it move on. You got the ordinary puffy ones. But then you have the clouds there or graphic clouds were good. Closet elites of the tour, puffy or graphics threatened, and then weirdo clamoured o clock and forth, and so
There was a guy who put clouds shapes on a scale and and the big puffy cumulus clouds was cloud nine that was- and that's where you say, you're on cloud nine you're on a big. Do that why? That is why we called if you're on Cloud nine, it's a cumulus cloud. But you Nimbus members, then you'd go well beyond any, would ever assume that so So the Org graphic cloud and you have lenticular clouds these clouds that look like flying saucers. You find them near mountains and their very high up are they slid take on this cylindrical shape and their isolated and so watchword. The sun sets for you, but if your high up the sunset later for someone on a mountain top. Then it would facilitate the basic Moses, its them. This we have better explanation than out one, but
So what happens? Is the sun sets for you? Your sky begins to darken. This cloud is still lit up by sunlight. It is still lit up, and so it looks like its glowing against the background sky takes on the colors of sunset, bought a being you ve gotta, you ve got us. Does it make that sound, I have the record it next time he had on one of my favorite kinds of clouds are not to loosen clouds, which translates from the Latin to being nighttime Glinda. Ok, I'm just was latin one of the subjects you elective we took in cars exactly I know latin comedy so the closet are so high up. They can still be it by the sun an hour after sunset and occasionally spaceships and missiles can leave a country that is so high that they become these. Not to loosen cloud and people can identify and they say. Oh, I saw this glowing thing in the sky when they knew nothing supposed to glow. There
you know about these objecting ever ready explanation for them. I can't wait to see that and then bill ignorance spaceship. Its light like by like by cuban speech, as also lightning lightning can do weird things lightning is: is electrical charges going from cloud to ground cloud to cloud by their most lightning goes from the ground up to a cloud? what I don't know I just put just so opposite of what I was told earlier by school features for so much of reality is the opposite of what we're all told, but so lightning actually create a plasma around that, basically a charge gas, the glows metals glow things you fine Spencer, if you're gonna do I ever? I wanted one too low sorted, I thirty thirty solely five six years ago. Those like me, and then there are other things. For example, you have weird airplane designed if you happen near and AIR Force base testing.
Usual craft related triangle shaped spaceship, so If there are secret for experiments going on and you look up into something you don't recognize, you could say that must be an air experiment with a new airfoil know. If your problem, imagination, as so many of us are you say: oh it's alien spaceship, rather than the more terrestrial accounting for what it is that you see So for daily and wanted to come here, if they just wrote: U S government on their ship, nobody would bother make its rice. Is that the points that wages cover themselves in a weird cloud is goes out at the speed of light, if you're, giving them ideas and Where's do interesting thing daytime it just to fly at night. Is this going thing in the sky and there's a famous citing for in Phoenix Arizona March Thirteenth, ninety ninety seven there was the
Red Squadron from the Maryland AIR National Guard, they dropped illumination flares up to part of an exercise at eight hundred and thirty p dot m. Just after sunset, okay and hundreds of people reported seeing a v shaped UFO formation of lights over the city and surrounding mountains. What your brain, what their brains was, connect them into a to a single, coherent object, and so, rather than just say, I saw these lights they so they saw of these shaped UFO right, and so the urge to do that. The balloons now for me, the most hilarious UFO, citing, was in Manhattan. Just recently told her two thousand and ten people saw glowing objects in the sky above Manhattan. They hit for me. Furthermore, I live in Manhattan. Nobody ever looked up so when they do, they have no experience to identify anything in the sky. I have you. It was that of this. Just the moon right, this little notice it they don't see it so new, Yorkers or can be easily,
chanted by balloons that are in the sky. No, these were these were shining mylar, surfaced balloons and so that account for some extra glow that they had in the sky, but that this is a better way. Balloons also yeah. That's to me everything you said so far sounds like you're part of a cover up just so you know anyone who, like a waiting for you to say that they are definitely aliens, is getting more and more mad with each excuse. You give him I'm just given you all the ways the the sky can give you information that you might then, MRS Misery Turpin. Yes right become back. We'll talk a little bit about Roswell and blimp symbol. Talk about how we see in the sky has looked different over generations because our expectations have changed as as has our culture? Oh yes, he after the war more dragons hey. I've got no secret for you,
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Four years ago, the end from fell away back in the early introduction. You know that I did not know that. Yes, it was raging. Merman visiting me he's a comedian, Brooklyn Brooklyn in the house? Yes, so welcome too our talk really welcome back everyone, Eugene murmuring before the break said that the way the aliens can infiltrate us is if they paint U S air force on there, space patience and then will just say that they were and then only like, obviously the: U S, airforce spit fish, it is the new, and I worry since this is a broadcast show. That signal is now going out of the speed of light and you ve given away our last the hope of defence against galleys invasion. Yes, it was the last.
Peace is like all that's a great idea, we'll put on wigs and dress like human- the thought they were missing so. Their things that can be mistaken, whether balloons you dont whether balloons are not commonly launch near urban areas or near airports, because they would tangle up your airplanes. Only in very secluded areas and occasionally unexpected air gusts Harry into populated areas and no one has any experience Looking at a weather balloon, why was it is look saying. You know it's just not something you ve ever seen unless you are like a weather balloon person. Rather, you live where they do this sort of thing all the time you have the money to google the word, whether its and so the Roswell into Roswell throughout the entire economy. Down there is alien based ever visited the town, in their couple times, actually went all the museums Alien economy in the street lamps have alien. Bases on and things, and so that was later reported as that crash, it reported as whether balloon and when combined with some other expiring
that had been done with sort of dummies, people now sort of remember that is of aliens and other motives of the actual, whether balloon I've fragments of it. Yes, oh yeah by other the payload that was part of the weather balloon? Whether balloon exploded? Is that I don't know, I don't know what what what was the consequences I can tell you this that if an alien really did come that far and crashed here on earth, that's not the only. I want to meet that's like the only one who can navigate RO can be why don't wanna meet the alien they came here. Do you think that there are also liberal aliens who had tried to stop the mean meaner aliens and taking over the the goal of islands of aliens yeah. You know we have on the line. We have a good friend and colleague, Seth Shasta. He works at the city. He constitutes the city, is the acronym for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Let's see what safe ass they set out. Our man, just Neil thanks for call it into star talk. Radio are subject to night, is sort of the physics of Ufos sightings notice. I say
physical, ufos, not physics of aliens, because there, all kinds of accounting for things we see in the sky, but you're sitting it like that you have four central their cause, your advertising, what it is you're interested in. So what's life like in your job? Well, next time with you about what life like I mean you know, we don't have enough time to really go into that deal. But let me tell you something relevance to the subject at hand, and that is that I get please try phone calls and emails a day from people who are having difficulties with aliens in their personal lives. And the photos they sent me videos of ufos. They happen Think that we're doing the wrong experiment trying to eat drop on alien broadcast because after all day, like one third of the population of this country, believe that the aim Sir here well so, but what you tell them do say was no evidence or how do you handle this? These encounters? Well,
you know I listen to what they have to say, or I read what they have to say because, let's face it, it doesn't violate physic I go from one star system to another: it seems a little improbable that they would come all this way just for fallacious experiments, your mom wooden approve of them in open. On the other hand, you could say that Leon, Souci Ology and we don't have a whole lot of data when it comes to alienate the ology. So nobody knows what they really be interested, but that the fundamental fact is that it is truly an extraordinary clay to say that aliens had come. You know hundreds of light years, division, earth with better on her mind, and these unfortunate experiments. If you're gonna make that claimed, and what I want to see is the good evidence. I look at what they have to say and I look at the pictures and I try and decide whether does this disease suggests that we actually have visitors here
So what have you concluded? I can guess, but I'm just wondering I think you know the answer. I am not convinced. Look, you know their their whole bunch of arguments. It could be made to suggest that this is the pit unlikely. One thing you could ask is: why are they here now? Why now and I if people who think that these Amiens are that were so fortunate that they come to earth just while we're alive to improve our social lives, who whatever will you realise that their their references to aliens or at least unexplained sky phenomena, as the goes far back as the Bible as ECHO, had a vision of wheels in the sky that had no other real account. A real alien fan would suggest that maybe he was bearing witness to that and, as you know five thousand years ago, that the part that years ago is now what one one millions of the. To the earth so that
now. I love the cosmic perspective on the timeline for that doesn't convincing, because what it requires is either one of two things either the aliens are always visiting me or soberly, doesn't matter when your boy, you'll have the opportunity to have a in an unpleasant encounter this man in black scenario that just been around us all the time, the others that part in which case, I would think that the evidence would wouldn't be so. Equivocal that you know that I would occasionally go down to the airport, and you know then the captain would come on if it were folks were gonna stay at the gate here for the next twenty minutes, because their them on a den of five craft in the area they haven't, found a flight plan with the kind of behaviour that doesn't happen to me I think that the airlines will really here would be like asking the north american native. You know,
fifty years after Columbus arrived. Do you think you're being visited by Spaniards? If it wasn't something just for late Might radio it was they knew They absolutely knew so. I can't believe it I've always been here so the other possibilities that are here now because they have some in rest in one of our contemporary problem, single, like faculty of nuclear war. So they don't like what we're doing to the environment, as the plot of the daily earth stood still well yeah, exactly that it doesn't make any sense because don't know any of that stuff right. The only way they could know that, almost baby enters creeping in crawling across this mortal coil is the high frequency high powered broadcast we ve been sending in space The second World war were sending to space at this moment exactly those things are only had all seventy light years out at most, which means you. You can only expect a visit
but aliens that are no more than thirty five. Like yours outcomes, they need time. To get I love, Lucy, decide they dont like the jobs and get into their spacecraft, which are limited to the speed of light and get back here. Just a hall your bedroom. Others are notably squares with your event that, where, because of the number of stars within thirty five like yours is a few thousand that small number in autumn, I don't think any aid Nowhere here show I really stumble across this problem of. Why are they here now, Ok, so anyone actually finds inalienable taken to your office, and then you could you have another argument, security. I mean well said: We're going to start talk. Radio, like we call at another time when, if we have an urgent need, oh of course, ok, everybody virtually visited accurately double will blow haven't champagne with
seldom even f, o B. Thank you. That was just ass, a friend and colleague at the City Institute in where else could it be? But California so Eugene, have you seen? Any movies that have you? A thousand. Did you like that but she could, as a broader question, yeah lots of movies from in black to the STAR Trek seriously, the last hour fighter? I still want to fight someone else's wars. Far far away and protects the earth an eventual, but not that great otherwise the Euro. I would observe you have observed. I interviewed there You have all Skype a J J, Magog directorate. Grasslands was ever Torreon Arizona, and I asked him about UFO investigations and
how he got involved in it. That's what he's gotta tell us. I got involved originally because doesn't immature astronomer is growing up. You mentioned I'm on your address in astronomy, always ask you two questions. What's your sign and do you believe in you are foes, and it got me interested in astrology in your photos in and study in realising that there is simply no evidence for that was really a belief system. A lot of people had and, as a result, I started investigating and critiquing and analyzing UFO reports over the years, and so what because it's tons of right. I mean it's, there's no shortage, weathers tons of reports, of course, but I found it there's no evidence. Almost everyone thinks
the term you applause is being a spacecraft from another world, and that's what I mean if you referring to something that somebody sees its own agenda flight, they that's a different issue. What you have to do is most people see something in the sky and they interpret it as an alien spacecraft. When there's no evidence that their areas, spacecraft lying around in the earth happens so that belief. System comes in where the brain takes over the interpretation right- and you know it's a very strong desire for humans to believe in things. In the sky, this is nothing new. This is been around for thousands of years and it's related to the hulk. Instead of humans wanting to find meaning and purpose in this revolves around superstition, magic hope, salvation and doom, and you oppose fit this bill perfect
when we come back from a break check with chicken with my co host eating mermands, see what he thought of more about the movies you for trade. You can't decide about movie aliens in behind made me we got it will see you after the break, advertising for avoiding start on. New weapons actually starts mercury followers on twitter stream. At our talk, radio and my co host, where this programme on the physics of you opposes Eugene murmured. Yes, I am Inuits, we too, under I do under the name Eugene murmured, Jean Merman, yeah, very good, as do I M just simply Neil Thyssen, Vienna, so richest before the break, we talked about some things
a sort of alien movies yeah. One of that I think one of the classic ones now is close encounters a third kind, because most of that movie was actually about ufos. People were so it's in the sky and the and understand what was going on and there are also making a lot amount is at the centre of Highbury. I blame someone with a flute flying in from venereal living. There. I was coming in Vienna is so, you're. My big ripe about closing counters was what there was factually inaccurate up there, they do. If your member, the movie, they were decoding on a teletype back when Teletyped, where the coolest thing, this string of numbers yellow, constantly get repeated from space and one person has. I know what those are its longitude Latitude We were, the aliens are going to land and I thought to myself longitude managers at the best. You can come up with its a complete Lee human Construction, the cordon system of our earth. It's not even in based ten earnest and base sixty,
So what is this that the alias knew enough about our culture too? To give us longitude latitude, they would know enough to like learning languages, just say: hey we're. Coming now, I'm going to land to the left of you. Of what you call Spain and yes, so I'm just plus Ship comes down, it flew across the galaxy. It's a flying saucer. What are they have? They have runway lights? What's that about? If you want a flying saucer, you don't need runway light. Hearing this. I both think that you're one hundred percent right and also with the unpleasant to see us I find movie with where you'd be linked dance. How beaming would work time travels sort of not real. So you know all the data from crossing nation over the decades has been collected and investigated by the. U S: government did you know about it.
I would hope so. This was a protecting us against. This was called project. Bluebook very famous project ran for twenty eight years right from the depth of the cold war, and I can fifty two up through nineteen seventy and they can they collect. Twelve faggot, the exact number, twelve thousand six hundred and eighteen reports of ufos and the people who are giving them this information there thinking. Oh, the government wants to know we're being visited by aliens. That's not what drove profit but allow me through is like what are the commies coming up to, and now you have a hundred million observers in our country. Looking up. Morning on what it is they see, and this became this huge data data gathering project and so other governments across the world are doing this as well and but fairly back. Then there is like the u to spy. Plane is very different proportions from a normal plain, very big wingspan
fly in the rarefied atmosphere at sixty thousand feet. Where the thing so high up, it would be very hard to shoot down another famous places area, fifty one You heard about every fifty year, their heads and at a restaurant I'm not authorized to take what a graveyard We were interviewing earlier James, Mc Guy was directive, the Grasslands Observatory in Arizona and, as you heard, he's a former military pilot who knows all about what the or force might have been doing, and so, let's see what he has to say about area. Fifty one. Let's go area. Fifty one is never been called area. Fifty one by the air force there. An area near Groom Lake and Nevada that people call area fifty one. This comes out of the old atomic energy. Areas when they divided up Nevada for nuclear testing, the rays of the sun, Hey there by the? U S AIR force's highly classified it, does a number of flight operations and other operations
I have flown in and around the area as an air force pilot the best of my knowledge there are no aliens are no spacecraft there. It's all yours technology, the governor, but that's about all I can say about is somewhat she response to people who certain as a cover up could surely occasionally. If not often, the government would find reason to cover something up if they judged to be in the interest of security or public safety. So how'd, you replied that the government generally doesn't cover things up, because if it ever comes out their embarrassed by the cover up now, occasionally some individuals or say things do you think
so they shouldn't do the proper thing for the military to do when dealing with classified and after all, there are reasons to keep secrets, because a lot of classified information is will stop. It is very dangerous and we don't want to get in the hands of our enemies. The term I will neither confirm or deny that that's occurring in tee it simply not talking about it so there people, though, who will then the lie on the fact that do not told what's going on their debts were in their own mind, they can place everything for which they don't have evidence. Right. This goes right to the heart of conspiracy theories. You those are wrapped in conspiracy theories and conspiracy theories, very attractive because they can explain complex social structures and problems, and they can simplify it and put a face on something why? That's very in none other interests.
In fact, about conspiracy theories. Is that the to assert that there's a conspiracy? That's the battle cry for having insufficient date. Right to actually so whether you missing daddy, say, oh that's been covered up. I actually find conspiracy, conspiracy, theory slightly infuriating because they answer things. People don't really understand by they can start by saying that I too claiming a bunch of random connection right to end the connect, connectivity comes about because they're saying the of the actual information that would connected is hidden or under wraps. Do there is something funny about playing a pilot being like there's no secrets there I mean I'm sure, he's telling the truth, but also its the same thing. He would say if he was like that's what it needs to cover something It's about the radio be like no way. I flew all around that area, no alien, and I were no otherwise. I totally was led into all the secret roof, the alien ones. Another interesting thing about how much credence we given to one to the
given by one observer or another. We tend to believe someone who's in uniform more than somewhere was not there's, always a pilot or is an astronaut dressed up as a doctor, just so that people do exactly. What I say is yes James Mc Guire has actually some comments on what it is to be a trained observer. Let's go back to my interview with him. I've got over forty thousand hours, looking at the night sky and thousands of hours flying airplanes. I was in the air force for a career, airforce pilot and after doing all of their had I've. Never seen anything that I couldn't explain. But the point is, I have a background in working atmosphere. Phenomena looking at astronomical objects and being able to act what they are and interpret them correctly, and I've seen all kinds
phenomena all away from saying: amals fired a ball lightning. Cinemas fire that said glow just before lightning strike. Is that right well static electrical charge that can build up on something moving and making an airplane, and it can be quite beautiful, better also somewhat dangerous. Something is often talked about. This is, I believe, a trained observer. Somehow the public believes that pilots and police officers or train drivers, but of course we are not trying to look at the night sky there trying to do other things, and pilots and police officers make mistakes all the time and the way they look it objects in the sky.
Bout astronauts. There's some one or two notable astronaut reach the same sort of thing, with astronaut they're trying to fly a spacecraft, maybe trained at their submission specialists, to do some tat the night train to look at the sky there not trying to locate the reflection of dust particles and be able to realise that what you see that's coming off the spacecraft, they're, not trained so even mean to imply that all you have to do is trained people nowhere to looking at and then that you are for sightings will go away in large measure. I think they would sightings. We gave the barring the hoaxes. Of course, if you, think about. In recent years, the most prominent been what I call a light in the sky, the Phoenix lights and the Stevens, but light, and it's incredible that people see these individual points of light in the sky, which were very bright.
And then connect come together to make a larger object, connecting the dots in the sky worse than this happened at night. When you have the least able to to see things right and they believe it to your phone. They sincerely believe this, but there simply incorrect in their interpretation of what the. Yeah, so I can tell you this as women as a kid Eugene, I was an amateur astronomer and we look up all the time and I care when their clouds, in my way so I'd But he'd meteorology, just to help me find out when I can make, best, observing I can tell you this, that, among in the community of amateur astronomers, who are always looking up and among meteorologist, who are always looking up the sittings of things in the sky that they cannot explain, is lower than that in the general public and feel nothing to do with who wearing a uniform right. It's just based on who has What's the matter amount of information and probably the most famous case of a person in uniform or with some kind of cultural authority who is?
big fan of Ufos or that we ve, actually that there actually aliens is EDGAR Mitchell was up and APOLLO and he was a little module pilot for power. Fourteen sixty per The work on the money spent nine hours on the lunar surface believe that you are foes are visitors from other plants, and with some of them. Some one is enough. If he believes its, what exactly is? Certainly the questions are there fifty ufos right and one which would work would work pretty sure that the Roswell is to involve the real alien spacecraft now he's, has not claim that NASA is involved with ufos, but NASA felt compelled to issue a stir. That they do not track ufos and don't share his opinions on this, and so that we ve got people out there who who would otherwise be respectable and with and would have this as part of their
I doubt it, but he does believe in the future. Is space and the secrets of our planet reveal star die, Mary Sue, Eugene murmured with me in studio the topic Eugene. It is
Where foe you oppose unidentified fly, I object, which could be anything any issues that apparently a stake. Foolish really is becoming a stake. You ve got questions call from the internet from all of our social media presents yet, but they were solicited and people participate in its great service to the fan base of the shop so bring it ok, so Joseph Devereaux asks Devereaux to study into the name I now Devereux. Thank you sergeant. I listened to thirty, assuming to offer, was approaching earth and posing a threat towards the future of mankind. What sort of information will we be able to obtain about this? You, a foe from earth and how we collect. This information information can be size, shaped density, chemical, make up a general physical properties for you up
Comes here wants to destroy us. We we can hide, but it's not. It doesn't bode. Well, that's an interesting so to socio logical question yet, but yet I think the answer is obvious. If they can travel, the huge gaps of interstellar space right could clear. We can't because lately, what have we been doing just driving around the block? Yeah? That's all the space shuttle did, and now we don't even do that yet, where aliens are barely watching us from from far away lad, laughing laugh at our space programme, letting getting quotes and airports around our space programme in Kigali,
wondering when will finally rise to the trail. I just picture that an alien doing like air quotes face further human space per day and sing round. Will you know that due to jumped out of the balloon, but with no but it sounds like a bad idea, not the guy with the with the Red Ball: ok, yeah jump from space, and yet at the Vienna Summit, the marketing said he jumped from space. When I get a math on that and you gonna like a schoolroom globe and ask your high, was the above, the schoolroom glow the sixteenth of an inch, so the human definition of space is really lame. I write railings were totally profundities so once they saw we just driving around the block and they decided they wanted to destroy humankind, I'm sorry, there's! No! If they manage to get a chance that if they can well now, I guess they leave. If we have infrared they do to you may if they gap the deaths,
space to get here and there hostile data. I'm sorry wit. That's the end right. The end
probably why we haven't captured aliens right. You know how there's all the theories of our there's areas of doing stuff is very unlikely, because if they could get here, there's no way they can't land plus if they crashed, I'm not interested in those aliens anyway. Galea wanted we're not a fly, but the alias. If they can get here from far away and then what they can't, we was just lay and are they just can't land? It's like excuse me, yeah, like what's up with that, that's very unlikely! So if they are there, I could seems to me the best information we be able to glean from it is. We can see it its shape. What its air dynamic form is, if it is, if there's any air dynamics going on in it at all. Presumably there is because its within our atmosphere in moving around so here in an annex matters, but they would surely know this if they can be added, destroy us and what we could do it might want to enslave us, but not wait us what we do is get over telescopes out and monitor it in the entire breadth of the electromagnetic spectrum. So we think of spectrum
just rainbows and unlike that is visible light NEA there's a butterfly as they have nineteen senses of lighter, so we have received so other insects do this, to which some narrow portion of a huge range, and so it is ultra violet and x, rays and galleries and radio waves. Here we we exploit each one of these in there alone for different reasons, microwave ovens, infrared lamps, radio communication, this sort of thing all these things are used to make us sexier. All of these are one continuum of light, some visible, some not and if its communicating we may presume that is using some form of electromagnetic electromagnetic spectrum, so without all right detectors to see which which are these? Is it lit up and Cosette, then be trying to communicate and is radio waves it but whatever? And so it's probably not using gamma rays, because they don't move through the atmosphere efficiently, they get blocked radio waves. We know moves through air on an hindered, that's
are you you can receive radio transmissions, even microwave transmissions indoors re write a site. It's why it's why? cell phone can work in places, even though your enclose way out of sight line to the tower. So what I would do, if I were confronting this, and we knew we were all going to die, we might do some fun science experiments on it is just let you in a totally so you'd, so you come out and just measure whether its emanating and ended in any of these bands of light. Beyond that, there's not much else, we can measure at a distance. We might check to see if its emanating neutrinos markel a very illusion of Turkey on particles. Something different arrows electromagnetic radiation. That's how we gleaned, essentially all the nearly all the information we have about the Euro comes to us somewhere along the electromagnetic spectrum, so we bring out our primitive detectors to see if they try to talk to us, we're asked
to take us to its year, asking us to take them to Aramis. I like that if the world was gonna be destroyed, you would in last moments try to learn one more thing spread. It is to be a scientist. I love this star talk radio and when we come back weakening round storytellers we're back star talk near the grass Thyssen. Here, I'm an astrophysicist and I'm with you he murmured Eugene. Thank you. Usually, I did remember you're now. I know you doing this.
First time being part of the last segment yeah of cosmic queries. Where gets the lightning round, I we spend too much luxurious time. Answering all the other questions we have a backlog behind and we gotta get will just below do it. Let's, just an hour ago in sound bite, move nice sound bit mode. Are you ready, I prepared for sound bit mode, and I will ask only the briefest follow up mechanisms. Has the bell we already Eugene shoot. John Randal asks: is it possible that you efforts are actually time travelling tourists from the future from a future earth? This explain why so many have witnessed UFO phenomena. Yet contact is rarely if ever made yes last week is possible. There are few vague, travel back in time that someone from the past feature is coming here. The past yeah I'd, however, is travelling through time generally. If you really really good at it, you wouldn't Spaceship cause you're travelling through time rather than space right, and if you travel back in time, you have to watch out
because we want to travel to yesterday, yeah and here in that seat, yeah. Earth was in a different place in its orbit. Do you know what you need? A lot of people probably fall in the Pacific. Is it so that it that's what you're going to have you back loading and space yacht back? Yes, you do have to care about where you, land and United Syria lies in our hallway, in the middle of a war or in the middle of a wall. Cement peer go. What if other civilizations exist in dimensions that we can't perceive with existing technology? Could we be visited by? You? Are foes? And even know it yes great significance about paralleled other dimensions, yeah, it's like a flat surface. Yes, two dimensions. If you put an ant on that surface,
if you say, ok, you're a prisoner of this sheet of paper yeah, you could hover over it and look at it and pocket and it wouldn't have. It would not be nicer whiskey and it would be like I don't even know it's have. I don't know where it came in because you're coming out from its a higher road dimension, you come at us at a higher fourth spatial dimension or physically rightly eight dimensional beings watching us right now laughing at this Lenny at we being prisoners of our three dimensional Kiev's and a little bit of it. I'm ok go what, if others, so that is the one. Ok,
I've had a thought for many years now. Is it possible possible that what we call ufos are actually natural creatures who live in the atmosphere critters with a different evolution in dna, but earth creatures, nonetheless possible? I'm gonna, say highly unlikely, I'm even indigo no possible the icrc. I mean we look at how much of the airspace is sliced each day by aviation. There are thousands of planes going back and forth. You think we would have run into them every now, and then pilots would have a really good view of them. Were people would have photograph from out the side window? We have evidence. We have good enough.
Evidence of absence. What? If this person doesn't know about birds, how impressed with they be if they find out about birds and are like no deal there's bird is awesome necks. What technology would you expect to find on an alien ship? I jukes Butler Thermos. I would love to explore new materials. Maybe they went higher up on the periodic table of elements than we have opened yet to be discovered. Every element we discovered has awesome different properties from every other element. Right am, I recently, for example, named after America very high up there, that's what That's one of the EC and one of them happen. If you put it in your soup, you in the eyes and radioactive, as you have said, but a tiny amount goes in
smoke detectors and is what enables modern smoked it at all really and we would have had no concept of that without the existence of the element. I just I the Abbe PET feeling, all the stuff on the ship and see if we had some new kind of material properties that we have that our material science engineering has yet to discover right. I just realized. Basically, you said: don't eat smoke, detectors there a little radioactive. Yes, exactly one other thing, maybe they're using manner antimatter drives. I want to know how they contain their anti matter. I want to know what piece of luggage they use we have arrested in time. We went along with me. Can you just can't carried around with that and stupid, because what your vessel would annihilate with it Democrat you, unless you travel to travelled in an anti matter, ship rice, preventing any matter, mature atmosphere, and then it annihilates, it's really tough and what we make it all the time. What do we do with all the entire matter? We make it annihilate pretty quickly with matter in its vast in an article in a great. Is it legal to shoot one down? I am assuming you a foe, so there are no laws against shooting an alien from another planet
All of our laws are human to human rights. There it's theirs the basic law frontier yeah, there is trying to think about the laws of that next right here and so that there is looks like you're feeling is more intelligence in do it's a crime if its, if they're not, then there food very straightforward. If they're, just dopey mother, Truth is most likely have you shot at an alien or any idea. Foe you'd probably be to shoot at a plane or a cloud or Iraq is right, like shooting the deer and as someone on your front door step, so I would say, shoot guns in the sky rushed through our lives and our best respond. So I would say that the? U S foe, if you I would say it would be. If you have the opportunity to interact with the? U S, oh don't shoot at it max.
Even though we're pretty sure they would have us Thou intelligence unless there's similar advantage. I want more respect broken about thirty zero. Any type of plant responds to intercepting any type of alien aircraft, craft or object than has the outward appearance of manufacture by intelligent life now is there? You been listening to start on radio. The cosmic queries additions on ufos, using thanks for being with me, Rwanda, and, as always, I bid you too can keep looking about like Galileo job the organs we should. Listen. The star talk: Commercial free, joint star talk on patriarch for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio
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