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From Puppets to Performance Capture, with Frank Oz and Andy Serkis

2018-11-02 | 🔗

Yoda, Miss Piggy, Cookie Monster, King Kong, Gollum, and more – Neil deGrasse Tyson, comic co-host Adam Conover, astrophysicist Charles Liu, and Bill Nye explore the world of puppeteering and performance capture with Frank Oz and Andy Serkis. Listen you will.

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Skip. The commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial, free, welcome to startle your place in the universe where science and pop culture color dartle, begin right now, working for the whole of the universe of your house meal, the grass ice in your personal astrophysicist and tonight we're feature my interview with filmmaker and property or frank eyes now, if you don't know who he is he's the man behind some a pop cultures, most iconic characters, but Miss piggy cookie monster. YO and joining us, including I'm just a little later, is actor and motion capture Pioneer Andy, Sir
So let's do it. My tonight, comedian. Adam point of view. A creator in both the tv show Louis every very exact, and you just proud that yeah what we try to break down common misconception, some people, the hidden truth about you- know everything that they thought they loved his temper. Let it run for a second, but hopefully we hope that by learning more you know you enjoy that at the end of the year the geek their people don't want to bring to surrender to try to enjoy under jerk. At the cocktail party, you just read an article about and also join my friend and colleague, Ashraf. This is Charles, LIVE City University of the arts that neither you nor our resident spurt geeks did we just invent there, I love you. I just is of knowledge of all things, pop culture and that's why we have you on this, so
preacher my interview tonight with puppeteer frank as many people. I know the care just created better than they know him if they know him at all, so I just had to ask him about this sort of semi anonymity that he might either enjoy or resent, let's find out so how many people know. Who you are because, when I, when I looked at your your resonate with like this guy, everything I ever cared about hook, line from childhood up through adulthood. You know that that's a real joy from it, because the private person I'm not looking for stuff and so on, I I can walk down the street. You just said your private person in front of three cameras and national tell us now faces were taken this through I in past tense. I was a private politically, but I love the fact that I can just have friends, slippery friends I go outside. I love go outside my bike in the city and I ll just by my boy
I'm my laundry and in all the mundane things in life I like to do the people by Yachts- and I hate that stuff. I love a normal often I love the fact that nobody recognize me well, I think been in guy manifest in your work, because your your stuff touches normal people and in fundamental ways, actually, ok I'll, get serious, but that's kind of all at one of the reasons why I do. It would also be to stay put a human race, but the other breezes. If you're, gettin twin lineaments limousines, if you get to meet assistance to help you, then you holding lose touch with Will you wanna touch so trot? You knew who regardless knew who frank eyes? What I too was also Bert Burton Ernie just mystery as well as Grover and cookie monster, and he performed Miss Piggy for nearly thirty years on the muppets. So so, when did you first,
know who he was. I mean I this here his name in connection with these deal with these character, the name guy, saw his name at the end of two movies and real in each of those movies. You played exactly the same character, essentially the same character who he was in training places and in the blue. Brothers movie where who was? I was. You know he was at the boundary between people who are free and people we're in jail or in prison. Just so, when the boudoir I got out of prison, he's they are giving them back their supplies. I think I use condoms was one what they were arrested with. Anne and training places. He was there. He told Winthrop too, you know, take off his clothes and give up his stuff. So this it was like the same role and is like because at the end, but small role, but it was like the same time all these voices. That's what this when you hit me is,
My name is so funny because it really really is. He really is the guy pulling this list? It works do well. It's all. Two. On than with this that in a writer room haven't the guy was pulling the strings is literally name. It's crazy he's up what so you might know the legendary puppeteer Jim Hansen, who goes back to nineteen, fifty five, creating them up. It's that Frank OZ is like burly in that universe, and out of that, you get eventually Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy Beaker, How is it that was? I was one there's a scientist, the area and the guy fuzzy bear, I think, is I say that right and wrong fuzzy. I think fuzzy. Spear F eyes E. Now, then, all right you think fast. He was named after Frank himself, lousy thence, a really good area. I find that very believable call hypothesis.
Theory of evolution, trousers hypothesis, hypothecated hypothesis, fifteen zero, there's one is so I asked Frank just how got involved early on in this pop culture, from the check it out your history with the markets emits you go back basically to the beginning right. Is that where a german Jane started Nostra jealousy due recognition. Not all that german cheers. Amelia, ok, Jim Hansen. Yes, you worked with my. Can you? Ok, you turn your your tough. I know you do I'm scared of say his name Jim outside for Jim, hence engineers and and Jane started in Washington Dc. Local should local show for eight years they moved to New York in nineteen. Sixty
I was nineteen years old and that's when I joined them. So when were the muppets picked up by Sesame Street nineteen sixty nine sixties- and you were there before after that before before that and after ok here so this is. This is puppeteer in, but a different kind of pop then we think of you know who the marionette or yet you know I I started somebody had to was Jim those totally Jim told the giant, because who would have thought that would work with like a stick. And well. Here's the thing out before you There was a proscenium with puppets and, curtain annually in front of it and the tv shot that what he took it pressing him and made the tv screen the presidium. Ok, that's one thing he did. Then he worked for the tight shot. You work with a tight shot that forces you to do it, but a succinct and all the news, the most
just kind of do add stuff so, but he and he also had character if there were not traditional as usual dragon and there's a princess and all that stuff. He just made characters period, so is blue happening art. He was, he was amazing so we launch Johannsen and ninety ninety but of course left behind his legacy. That Frank are kept going. So Charles puppeteer it. What do you know about justice up. A tearing has been going on for at least four thousand years. Ancient Egyptians did Herodotus spoke of the fifth century BC for in ancient Greece, a corporate yeah puppet specifically finger puppets hand, Puppets glove puppet and other around the world Marian nets, little dolls that could move then followed by all the kinds of developments up today, including the very complicated handspring puppet. You can see,
where there is a person standing next to them and they show their re lifelike behaviors animals and other creatures, such as the kind of thing employed in the linking yes right right through many different sort of parts, the captured, exact or at least the Spirit of the animal that they are I'm sure. That's even though you know it's not the real animal. That's a movement evokes. It is so good. You are able to appreciate that up it for its own life in existence without having to think about the puppeteer. Well, he's had decades to hone it from the Muppets incessantly street. It leads me to wonder whether is any place also can go next, where we thought, maybe
let me get everybody says it's like I got: where did you get it? How do you do this? Would I do you put your hand in here? This is this is pretty close to a mayor. Looks like Oh yeah, oh good, very good, very good, very good, very good and very recently so how how how how much of an impact on the landscape of education do you think well well, when I was a child watch sesame Street and I like what eventually although I realise that the puppets themselves were being controlled by people that was actually quite a realization for me in education, cool power, you so good at that.
Where I was this battle. What at the moment, so so you're younger than I think both you got it and I think both me and Charles, I certainly hope Did you learn how to cope with the count on Sesame Street? All absolutely Yes, I mean, as kid you're. It's interesting how much children relate to puppets because so much against selvages puppets puppets. Everywhere. So how about EL thank you. You know that it is not just the man is not just the math, but this also life lessons from big bird and it was
character and- and it was bilingual as well as it's really not array squat, recycle erect. What there's also Oscar the grouch, yeah. I think I am as acute I'm happier than this character. Have you, why are they live in the best situation? That is now no does not even have you two have empathy for folks we haven't rougher than you are out of which your favorite character. Unless the misery of Europe's overall, oh my, have arrived at an age about. Then you have to think about I was I was telly monster, you gotta tell you fancy telly does he really does he had yet electors unviable? problems may yet. Was anxious. That's more reliable to me are Charles Babbage, so I would have.
Say, Grover. Yes, Rover, Grove Gallagher, why I frank ass if he had a favorite character that he performed on That's me street to check it out One has to love ones, characters Ross, you'll, never do a good job, so I love every Carter I do an unreasoning, even piggy, who is a neurotic An animal or characters Adieu, cookie monster, nephew invested in their personality, perhaps slowly you never do it alone, one doesn't work, my did it with writers, with a fellow performers and with Jim. Just cause I'm sitting here. It should to be a writer Jim here in the performers performance here, because one doesn't work alone, you have to create a character with other people, but I guess too, It would be the meat, the character that is either
just for me as more organic is, moreover, gross most like me now and it did miss piggy. My did and so did. Anyone have concern for you psychologically given I how many different personalities manifested in these fictional monster? It's not just me but is also the other performers would do so many other characters, but we're lucky work, our problems out, and you have to see it so so the victims of these social. Did these personality disorder paper therapy? You don't go pay to watch it all now, Coming up. I have property offering us about his most pike
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from the american regime of natural history, my interview with top of tear right cause and his we think best known as the voice of Yoda from STAR worse check it out. I remembered seeing star wars in real time. I mean first Run Milton. And there's this Yoda there s a weird kind of character, Thank God. No! No! I remember that care. It's nice ones as well. The kind of Harry and need. I want a pet it. You know, I mean if you can have a character that doesn't exist, make it so you might want to cover with so I was sure nothing will come of Yoda and here's Yoda, the wise who's to say so. Who gave you that call Actually, George George George,
and the Pope George Lucas was producer, ass, Jim you're, doing them up and movie LOS Angeles. Jim was obviously too busy anew. He didn't. He couldn't quite do that he has an incredible towns, but this one he couldn't quite have as much as I could. He felt and that's how it happened through support of Jim and then I started doing it. So it's you invented the voice, No, I didn't. Did anyone tell you speak this way? How could we possibly tell you to speak their own ever spoke that way, but right, you know why he says why talk that way. I have no idea. It is always a reason to something that I come to. Learn that as a scientist, in my view of it is first of all is lost. George, you wrote it
and I said hey this is nice cry is only they use it half way, and I think I do it all. The time is India. The way I view it is Europe. This is where like adjectives, announcer switched in place are not smart enough or magic took the sentences the understandable but clear from another syntax. It's because that's the way the original Jedi spoke book. It was a very formal, an elegant language. He is now seven hundred years old at that time and not unlike the native Americans, trying to Keep their language alive. He also was trying to keep the formal General language Alai. While these surf kids are talking their language, and so he feels a tremendous responsibility talk that way, even though nobody else toxic, even though he could probably speak, the wave went off right, but he is he.
As the integrity in he feel cultural imperative. That's that's what I believe well, you're, not a believer cause. You did it so, therefore it is now in its It gives him a dignity and integrity. That's important to his gravity, What I mean, I think, first of all, the performance that Frank gives is incredible, and it's got you know because he's right there actually putting the character. You know, there's a real, you know humanity to the performance. You really connect with it and then he starts this small little creature living in the Bin, the bog. You know- and he turns out to be this wise. You know incredibly powerful creature, that's that contrast is so trusting and funny and staying with you told you where you come in, I think we I want to be Yoda, we all some
I feel we are inadequate, perhaps a little ugly, little short, but within us we have power to move mountains with just our mind, or we want a Europe in our lives. You know someone where you at your looks at his worst period crash land into this planet. You know he's these You can't do anything on there's this guy. Who says? Don't like? No? You? U contain. You know the seeds of power and greatness, and let me help you bring it out to try to get me. Somebody backstory on your ok. Well, George Lucas made sure that backstory state very mysterious overall, but we do know that he spent his last year, of his life in exile and I go by which was the swampy planet, probably his planet of origin. We, another species, easy we don't know it. Something weird in between never specify now sought at the idea is that he might be the last of his kind. George Lucas ones, joked that he's the illegitimate child.
The frog and Miss PIG, get. It adds that banks, it does get Anna, Sir, Charles Yoda, if the master of the force. Yes, a physicist forces a push report, and its calculable by using mass times acceleration the force that was described in The star wars movies is more like some sort of vague thing that needs Universe, together and flows all around us, it's more like an energy rather than a force, but it is capital by certain people with training to allow you to manipulate space and time as if you had an unlimited force. Greater inside your pocket, so that would be what an actual force would actually do right. Ok, so that some overlap between the two right there's one more thing about Yoda. Then I have to get off my chest with the voice of Yoda himself
Frank eyes. Let's check it out. Ok now, can I give you my biggest gripe about Yoda mature, like unforgivable sir there's Yoda old and wise walking around the cane? Then, which episode was it where he pulls out the light sabre and dust triple council slips through the air. The dew was walking, only came for the whole he can. He's old, tied it a cane you can. Take this person, like you, don't walk around with What they settle down. Several I gotta get. This new cannot release this he's a cane, then its target of five he's flippin. Doing right. Matrix like move off the wall. Right right, UK varies. Then it goes back to the king. You finished So
if I have room for that, ok fern, for that was what happened, was George had a story. It still- and I was doing puppet and we in the story. He had a fight, so we had a choice. Do I stay the puppet and not tell us, It was a tell or do change a puppet and make it the CD and to jump around now one could one could Explain it by saying not unlike a mother, can lift a car of a child. He in this in extreme case uses adrenaline to fight, and then it gets back as can be an old man. One can use that. Saying I'm using it would add one only exponent. That's the only explanation I can think of, I think it is right and the same, that's an explanation. Ok, let's just go, do you give you pass on that from what I know,
where human now rental and strength now known, hysterical strength, although it is true that adrenaline running can increase your strength by several times is not gonna turn someone who can't walk into someone who can do that with a lifesaver, ok much more likely that the king was just an affectation I think that he? U has to show how old wasn't, keep all its people off guard. There is also the idea where say Donald Blake who became for he walked with the limp until he smacked the on the ground, and then he became thorny could fly around and called down thunderbolts right, Jane far so who played thought more recently in the in the more recent comic books as cancer and actually is physically decrepit an in depth trouble until she strikes the mallet down then becomes Thor Nonstop, I'm still not by you, Adam Adams. You got a better explanation:
I like the affectation explanation, but I have an alternative explanation. I am not an astrophysicist, unlike the two of you, but perhaps because Yoda is so tiny. All of that he is more dance with the horse power that explodes out of that. Does that track? Where you got you guys, like you, I like it is nice to know about how much power I have a bachelor's degree. So I think I know what I'm talking about these deals with worse price, except that you should learn where he should go on the tv show. So you think you can force you. Have you have a long history of ruining movies like this? no you just now
now becomes out man here just want to know my just you know, put up tweets about star wars, I was helping people know they think I was helping them. They like time magazine came out of the way that airline I have tried to completely we saw was that no work work, kindred spirits. Whenever I ruined things you ruined thing, ok, there's a thing here: we would think with the with the noble goal of getting people closer to what is real, accept that what we have is busy tweet up, don't do we have a belgian government. The area. Are you read this, though I did not learn the forts awakened Bebe eight. Labeling metal. Spherical ball would have skidded
probably unsafe, now need that is for sure. Let me ask you: Keep it up hundred. That is your problem with star wars, is that the ball is that the online it's gonna take. You had other issues I put up with this about a dozen out there, with that was a practical effect will be. Eight was a real, One of my favorite things, but I haven't we would say, and the thing couldn't they literally built the brought bbn was a real problem that they had rolling around. It was a physical objects. Yes really did it unless that, because you must have their say and if these concrete as the icy drunk driving on sand with threaded tyres, just trial, Maybe maybe he's man we're coming up actor and Hollywood motion capture.
Any choices are taught return. What did you buy? It of you would appear filmmaker right. They asked him his opinion about the transition from puppets like his original Yoda to the computer, animated character. We see in movies today check it out. Shit It all depends on the use of right if it so the story- invisibly, that's great. If it shows off, then always are we know it's all just money in time, so it in the manner in which it used. You know I mean I You dont lament the puppeteer Ing trade ASP I dont lament raft
no I'm not I'm not a big puppet craft guy, really what I was asking performer basically- and I now. I've been director Emmy, one hundred local shop, a whores ever in. That movie was real, except there too. Procedure that ended in quantity and those shots for justice, a subway going buying something else. The plant itself was all wife with about up to thirty people working these days you couldn't for that. You have no choice, but to go see giants know nobody could possibly should that now. So therefore in that situation, city may be appropriate. If you have to have of talking plant, that was a ton right and it's the matter what you do it if its end I am all for it and supports a story. It's clear that some movies today didn't get the invisible memo I get so tired. I mean I personally get tired of swirling fire and things ncg. I just I just if it if it helps me to be compelled untouched.
The story and its invisible, I'm all for it join joining me now to discuss computer technology and still is actor in performance capture printer Andy circus and welcome to tell me what performance capture acting it's it's this incredible twenty first century tool for enabling and access to transport or transform into any avatar. So you know it's the another way of putting it for the labors and would be instead of pain, costume and make up and going onset and being directed by the direction working and other actors you are, nonsense, working with the direction other actors and then having digital, make up applied to your performance Gottschalk. Now you you're the undisputed king of this art form in part, because if You were King Kong in two thousand in the two thousand and five remake right Absolutely not people in
raw that on top of you, you were King Kong, yet no, I mean, I think I think that's the thing that people misunderstand, but you know the difference between animation is, for instance, an act would go into a voice booth and do two hours, a recording and then a whole team of animators would spend months and months and months, each individual, Are you working on a shot and they become the act? Is why your body still matters so so the difference between that and performance capture is that You are the author of the role from page one, two hundred twenty of the scripture and set everyday working with the direction this exactly the same way as you would as as in a live action before here also Caesar the Lee Chimpanzee in the revival of the planet of the apes franchise, and I thought maybe ok he's only. Can we please go only going to be doing apes. Let me touch have, as an aim is a guy, but no, you are playing like creepy, one word of the Rings and Europe
the Supreme Leader smoke in the latest tar warrant sounds so we will not type ass. You, eight thinking just as an evil villain of the overlord, the force, those ape those April's are encouraged, especially because you're talking about voice voice actors, so many so much the talent, you're working digitally it's just the voice, the first half of the first eight. Will you don't even speak and you convey so much emotion with IRAN is one of my favorite performances. I've ever seen. Thank you think I mean that's the guy. They haven't got look, this is a case in point of the course of three movies. I get to play a character which, from birth all the way through it. Tire life, not only that is not a human being, it's an eight, not only that is evolving, so you get to see a trans. This is what the technology can do you eat. It allows you to You see the evolution of Caesar into this. That is a chimpanzee at the big what is almost human like towards the end. I could see a future
ignoring the academy awards best leading ape acts which you. So how do you prepare to be an eight? Am humans or branch of apes, but it's not the kind of if you're protruding, so you go round dragging you're, not only for a few weeks will get in the part. You know we're. How do you do this? I mean that the great the great thing is it. It's all. Acting is about its about acting when, when you're creating character, you building the psychology of the road the emotional drive of the role that physicality. It's all you know you story, you imagine who this characterises said and you got to connect with people absolutely about, but so you start off by, of course, if you're playing an eight than you knew, you observe apes and I spent a lot of time serving. I spoke for King Command for in order to Rwanda and study mountain guerrillas. I looked at guerrillas in captivity, observed the difference between the two but I think that with Caesar was his
he is not just an eight. This is an aim that is, has a drug, that's coursing through his veins, which which which enables him to a rapidly evolve, and so it's like what it's about care. Ultimately, so so that that that the learning how to be an ape? Is it like one percent of the of the journey of building the character? Its is who is this guy and other way I chose to places- was that he was an outside of that he is almost like a person like using human in an ape skin. Until this is, hot and the sweet brought up with human beings, so he reflect young behaviour here. It's him when he's thrown into an ape sanctuary is teenage years that he begins to see himself forty years and and becomes a Listen relate only to cites the Fraid, so it's not a stretch to imagine a human playing, an ape because their closest relatives by, if I'm imagining the future of this craft, this art, how might one go about playing animals that don't have four limbs like insects or something or lizard?
four limbs, but it's not that the limits on our proportion. The way we are that that happens using a practical retargeting, so so for its I'm working the production of animal welfare, animal farmers to come actually jungle book and we have great actor Lange, old all characters, only animals of the jungle Christine by applying the gear. We got cake logic playing snake. We have benefited from a batch planchet com, the tiger and then he can play anything he won't even by undermining under those that. Could you please play yourself. I have no idea what then there are various different ways of retargeting the actors performance so that that they are literally driving that that that the character so, for instance, Cape launch it we, we design the snake and digitally attached the snake to the back of the head. So by moving her head like this, the went through the entire body of the snake and that's how it operates a digital form of profiteering?
so they're, really interesting ways and, of course, you're capturing. A facial expressions, use look, got a picture of you playing Caesar and we get to compare one right next to another. Look at that. So. The dog, at any rate I inside, so that so the dot solely about the dots on your face, so that the dots are assigned to muzzle muscles in you in your face picked up by this. This boon, that's in front is: it is ahead mounted camera which picks up oh, very subtle and information of of every single expression you're making, and it also tracks your eye movements and so on. So so the animators then take them information. It's the information. It goes through future, but his then taken by the animators and they have to retargeting onto the face right grisly two hundred computer engineers between the left picture in the right direction, not while those there there's their sagey artists and also animators too so so it's the skill of honouring the actors, performances they do so they are. They are. They are duty bound to to
all the emotion that is performed by the act on the day on set and translated by texture by by and bye literary retargeting that performance shot like that will take. Maybe a hundred and twenty eight racial before it is actually nails. Does what it's gotta do. Yeah been been formed by the act. So out of do is a role for sea Joint comedy Absolutely I mean cgi, you know tv becoming much lower budgets than movies were starting to get so available inaccessible. We are able to Slovenia. I imagine I wouldn't once there is anything that european tour TVS, inexpensive, snatching, We are able to use it on our show to punch jokes or to make moments work better or now. If you know, web ally and also, if I don't, sell a joke, we can make it work on the show with the effects and make it work imposed like watch with. We dislike added Pollution right here they watch was an explosion. Z.
We work very one at home, but on tv yeah this is still the stool there's. Nothing here ray our youth accelerated, nothing about love it at home. So so so, Charles, Can you think of roles of cgi in education, absolutely Now NASA is already working on opportunities to use e g. I to show people going into the international space station walking around doing things happening as if you were there now, I'm just hoping that operate. Can it can you? so my turn, knobs things as are you are, you are what it makes. You think you are that's right in situ. That's, ok and I'm waiting for astronauts to put on this capture technology so that they can look like apes in space. That up
then we'll chimps up any more for the moment when you go so any frank odds noted that the sea journeys to enhance the storytelling and not become the storytelling. I assume you agree with that, I mean honestly, you you they should be invisibility, should be totally invisible. I mean that's the great thing I mean most people think when I watch the apes movies that it's like they re not quite short because it so believable and not entirely sure how it's done, but they are totally transported into that. I remember in the first three minutes something genuinely how they this and then in the next three minutes, like I'm totally listen. I don't care by exactly the on going to take a quick breakin when we come back more on the art and science. Of character creation when start talk. Return.
Imagine a vein of natural history revision by interview with puppeteer, Frank eyes, and I asked him how he creates characters both as a performer and as it check it out. We would all play around of lovers by play. Just like you, it's about play and that's how to get the best work is just a play. Then we will say: ok, this play around with us like improv this, because the script does not work there and then they ll say you know what that script works. You should do that word for word, but how about this over here and we would just play an entity told cooked, even though we all liked polished finished product. What I think we are even more is behind the scenes tickly of a product. We love, you wanna know as much as you can. The creative. I also think it has to do with imperfection. I think we'd, like imperfection and not perfection. I think the problem with tat
all GM my opinion. Sometimes it is used for perfection and we're not perfect, and so we can relate to it. So we like to relate to imperfection in that's backs backstage too. That's why the fits and starts may get the humanity, as were even were all flawed and every directive should be on camera have real empathy for an actor and they will treat active badly or or taken for granted for what some lonely and the precious vulnerable people and when you're on, where you are camera all the time. You know I mean you, give you give yourself, you make Europe your barest exactly
so you feel bear asked when you're at this all vulnerable- I always wheelbarrows in alike, receive so to a point that that Frank was mentioning. How important is its play acting how full of its all about imagination? I mean that's the thing it's it's. We all did whether, where one stage were acting in front of creating a fourth wool where whether, where pretended to be eight in motion capture, suits whether we are not pretend to be kings or queens dressed with a crown and the three now robots. It's it's. It is play its all about imagination, but the thing is, it has to be: grounded in in an emotional Ruth, and so so what you're doing as an actor is you're, always finding a relation
between you and the and the character, regardless of how extreme might be playing King Kong playing dull and let you know these are the fantasy creatures, but they don't just exist out there. You have, because your embodying them you're, using a huge part of you as a person how many people get to play in Cancun, that. Certainly is an honourable by anyone else ever lived. Ask humanitarian set, so you been in front of it And we're behind the camera actor director and your pioneer in this medium, can you think of what the future of this medium will bring. The great thing about performance capture is its now used. Big budget movies, but you know it's also used in television its using video games. It's gonna be used more in virtual reality and in augmented we're augmented reality with so so I think you know where we all want a shared experience. We all crave the shared experience, even though you know we'll watch
binge watch on our iphones and our computers? I still think that the human that human, nature did desires. The shared experience, so what's gonna what's gonna leave, is it you're an actor and say I want to portray? in the future. Engineers help me they are sorely engineers invent something new, and then you see You know how I can now use that in my future project. It's a combination of things. It is a marriage, but it's got to be creatively led me. Projects never happen. I mean in films never come about toy story would never have happened, had it not been for swift and a story and great characters, then it's like how do we make this happen? Degree with Frank that the behind the scenes can help someone appreciate what the product will be. I think this already good question actually will certainly its help explain the process. The acting process of performance captures the world. Otherwise we you know it really would be a mystery to do a lot of people, but we tribes, you think if you see how something is done to subtract from the magic of it, if you see
after then it does or ass if you see it before it might subtract. But this something that's very true: the imperfection of performance. Some studies have been done I figure out why some songs cause you to cry like pure jerking, songs and wisely and the answer lies in the imperfection. If you hear of persons voice break or go a little bit, off because it seems more emotional. You are more likely to cause to pick up on the imperfect, nothing just if I may, I think that's the thing about performance capture is because you're seeing actor decisions, because you see maybe someone you know that tri is so the capture, so the fidelity so trivial. If you see an actor trip was stumble or you know, do something that that their feeling in the moment like an animated would never think to do that so any before we before we let you go. What what should we look for we're going to take us? Well, I really do hope that we will
We are on the verge of creating really engaging storytelling and again it's all about immersion and emotional connection will any thank you for joining us, tonight and start coming up. Next, my good buddy build night science guy will share his thoughts on the art and science of character. When starts operator, from the rose centre for earth in space right here in New York City, and we ve been talking about the art and science of character creation and right now I've got a dispatch on this topic from my friend, good Buddy bill. Neither science guy check it out. Hey meal
I met the gym, hence an exhibition at the museum of the moving image and queens, saying hi to some of my old friends like Kermit. The frog like hermit bill since ancient times, people of use dolls and puppets to tell stories, the appeal he's pine size persona runs deep, I mean how many of you have played with doll houses. How many of you too? to the miniature figures on your toy train lay. We love these little creatures telling human stories it's how we learn Frank OZ, fabulous fictional characters taught many of us. The alphabet. And how to be nice to each other, and that fear is the path to the dark side, but for the performers behind the curtain or below them. It's how we inform inspire,
make you laugh that's out but the appeal of the miniature worlds that these characters inhabit runs deep to our ancestors past and that science but you knew. in what ways puppets touch your life just growing up. I really enjoy puppets when I was a kid we play. With them, but really I enjoy even more watching true quality puppeteers Nick Amazing things happen with these simple constructions, really quite amazed, but to work well, some point just gotta say no were grown. Ups no any little any level. I use it and grab graduate classes. Yes, black holes, that kind of thing. Yet it works really well with kids. But even graduate students appreciated to you. You get a graduate classes. Oh yeah
specially magneto, hydro dynamics. Oh you know, of any kind. Three dimensional manipulative activity is fundamentally something that adds to the educational experience. I too, really use them. Whenever I get the chance and I'm always happy to promote the use of puppets and other kinds of manipulating reverence and education, whatever it takes Give people that visual that helps them and help them. Remember the three dimensionality freedom. And a voice? Wanna, that's right since ancient times. Puppetry has been a way we people of use science and technology to convey stories and bring us beyond what is just real and that's just extended forward to the mother?
the Frank OZ to Yoda and now see gee. I it's just another tool that science and technology can bring to the table when transporting a somewhere beyond our regular daily life, beautiful because in the final clip refrain, I ask them, about it, a related, very curious phenomenon in his craft. I ask checks You must know this, but I have to share to you just as a first hand, experience I've had a couple of experiences in one on one conversations with markets and even though I see the Mapuche just standing there, either just behind a barrier or maybe not behind a barrier at all the just standing there, I'm talkin to them up it the human being just all away and I'm saying that as an adult. What is that? Why
Why do we all just play along with that? smile and joke, and we will say I met Miss PIG. Today we can see. I met the puppeteer of Miss Piggy, we full grown, mature adults and especially kids was we met the monster, the character. What what is that it's gotta be something psychological going on in there I mean enough using Yoda, only characters. If somebody said to me, you did a great job with it. I lost immediately. I lost my. Job is not new good job. My job is not new great job. My job is to have a transcend it. Jimmy Transcendent, so vat which time working transcends that which it is so you don't want to. To say you did a good job that would meet or be the worst thing the world you want someone to say no, I dont want somebody say I want someone to believe
I thought deeply about that last clip and I realized this something in my life that resonates with that He doesn't want you to know that he is even in that equation. I just want you to believe what he has created and that should be or take away from what he is created for you and I, as an educator when I try to bring the universe down to earth for whoever, Well, listen. I don't ever want the result of that to be, you and some other situation saying. This is true because Thyssen said so. If that is your answer to someone's comment, I have failed as an educator. My task is to empower you
to think for yourself so that you will walk away, and I am not in the equation at all, Remember that I share. Information with you, because that information became a party you, what you walk away from that conversation you're in charge of your information, and it doesn't reference anything else in the world, and that is the power of knowledge, the power of insight and, ultimately, the source of all wisdom
And that is a cosmic perspective when your house Sicel, you re watching, starts off until next, as always, keep we should listen to start or commercial free joint start talking patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com slap star, talk, radio.
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