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Geekdom 101, with Olivia Munn

2020-02-17 | 🔗

Are you ready for your lesson in geek culture? Neil deGrasse Tyson chats with Olivia Munn about superheroes, aliens, math, planetary science, and more. Featuring comic co-host Chuck Nice and astrophysicist and StarTalk geek-in-chief Charles Liu, PhD. 

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Welcome to start off your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide start off begin right now. This is start HAWK, I'm the other grasped ice in your personal astrophysicist and host, and we are coming to you from my office at the Hayden Planetarium of the American Museum of Natural history, writing, New York city- goes jackknife, fuckin ass could be and cosmic crib tweet Gulf that we call it that alliance, whereas what it is and has always will be the cosmic printed tweeting a nice counter. Thank you, sir. Yes right and I go with me Charles Loo, and one and only of losing the house. I know we're gonna. Do some geek him ass right, looking forward to you! Thank you. Thank you. So much because this topic today is about aliens and soup
and we we snared an interview with sword, geek icon, geek it Olivia a gas outlets and without delay. Got an interview whether it was great at last time I was out now I got a restraining order from her ass. I was an early. I was twelve, You gotta get out more hours. You have to get out get out West Coast, so just the whole universe of mutant soup. Heroes, Pacific, where she is an Ex person because ACT, the Ex manner mutants Silas, Shylock Asylum, age of a puzzled and those karate there you go and and It say So you ve been associated with key cultures simply through her acting rules, but this also some of that in her because you had
you get to be a geek actor best helps entire. You want to write when someone has that kind of portfolio is better to be a fan of what you're doing then just to do but in a mercenary type way. Anyone ass a good point but mercenary who, after mercenary mercy- and I shall also wrote a memoir title- Wonder woman of a Hollywood geek she's. Also a talk show host about geek culture. And I had to ask her cause. She's thought about We thought about it, but she's like in it. Forming a year is embodying it, and I have to ask her just what, in her mind, defines being a geek was check it out. There isn't misnomer that being a geek is just
video games or or being awkward or just or having a pile of comic books. I think be a geek is somebody that just thinks differently than the rest of the crowd. You know that it's not just what's laid out before you. There are different ways to think about it. That's why comic books have been so popular with geeks for so long, because there is a group of people that operate in different way think a different way. Superheroes like they are ostracised because of their abilities to be different, and I think that all geeks operate that way. We just where does call the shots. Superheroes never really fit in well. Neither did the geek yeah and I think that's what people identify with they mean when you're in school and your brain works differently and you're, not picking up on like everybody else is it's not that you dumb is that you have to figure out a different.
And like, and that comes with a no win whether people are autistic or on the spectrum or shy or uncomfortable or socially awkward or really smart and clever, and they could be the college quarterback, but also be into astrophysics, Oh, it's is as anybody who allows your brain to think differently to move eternal astrophysics quarterback. Such Roger you. What you are start talks resident, Deacon Chief honoured to beat. I remember who first knighted you there It was it wasn't me. I totally agree with it, but somebody up that right and it and then it landed on you like let it run it so let me your arc through life, The geek and chief that you are for me that is essentially freedom from. Norm from the constraints
social or familial or other kinds of pressures. Generally. Socio comic books, video games, but also very evidence at COMECON. Yes, these kind of these kind of carded area behaviour else, but there also theatre geeks. There are great their opera geeks, their music math their asylum, or is there or its Kemal kinds of it? When you are just different. Then you become geek in the eyes of many, and then you have, ask yourself what you gonna do with it, I myself, fortunately has such a strong sense of self. Some people might arrogance or egotism that I didn't care. What other people like you want a fair pay and they try to get their food. That is, I didn't really care that I was to the side of what was supposedly mainstream. Yes, I was bombed at times when I felt excluded or otherwise, not part of in crowds. But I was fortunate that I did have a few good friends who were like me
who were interested in the same kinds of things that I was so that I did not have a problem with a social group It made me feel comfortable and, as a result might eat them gave me free. You found family idea so now, but gave to me shudder, so mean not just an interesting something, but some expertise on the table, something you know more about your average for such a truck. You I'd like you as my colleagues. Could you you hang with the geek folk, so I thought you got some geek underbelly from your past. You have not a fast up about. I love most of my life as a closet gig, ah believe it or not Ten years ago, when I started working with you is when I came out of the closet I felt like I was like you
Why am I hide in this part of myself library? I was led by a man I could say, like you know what I really enjoyed this. I love science. I love all this stuff. Neil vinyl miles away, you can express it. Professional is correct. Yeah trawls the next Geek Frontier is it. Because it tell track technology, yes, it isn't like. The are worlds is odd men in reality, the wet with video games so far so good this out with great extent to be it at the moving frontier, absolutely of how technology or get eyes too yes, ways to not work, I believe the next great geek frontier at least right now is Bio. Hacking. We'll. I think, we're way. I'd wait, biotech io hacking, the idea of like say a somewhat
paralyzed can't move their armed because their nerve systems nervous systems can't get from their get signals from their brain to their arm. Instead, you put it say a wireless thing up against her temple, which the allows you to do some other way of communicating may be through five g may be through. I'm sort of wireless are blue to signal sixty right and that we were here at some point which then allow I personally movie ARBA. You have with really convinced me that you watch two may size friction movies. Well, this is the report on his helmet and then you become. Let's see that happening now, whether frontier you asked me, the frontier was that's what it is and we're not talking about like cyborg terminator or anything we're talking about people whose lives can be improved, but that's not just a guy. Frontier, that's a medical frontier that just geeks I dont know there are people who are right now, just geeks who can do cool things with oh they driver in a webcam
they might only the charge item, I think that some neat stuff- I don't think that's me talking about like people inserting devices to their grey matter. Anything like that. I'm talking, I have a very episode of blackmail just don't, etc. Have a bit more, we re only that I regret that right or am I talking about that kind of thing? I'm talking about the other kinds, there's also a buyer, working in agriculture growing I am so that tomorrow the ecumenical if occasion, but I really like when what you said that geeks, our people that don't fit in because they have entered- that they want to preserve within themselves and not succumb to social. So a Also had thought about this about what it is to think differently growing up, especially when a peer pressure, scores check it out, I'm half asian, so you know there is a very strict, like you great system like there's like the Asian F as a b, so it was like
I- and I am so among them. The leader is a hundred percent rail, and so I remember had work so hard to understand. It was just going so fast and I just it more time to absorb it? In fact, I got really that it cheating, because like I had to learn when I was like really young had had how learned like how to come up with it, system of dots or dashes like on my notebook or on a chair border wherever. So I would see like the formulas everywhere, because you couldn't have them out, but I would like sketch them into like little dots. I would come up with a whole. I can offer that based on dot and dashes, just because that's how my brain had to work. I was ever so much easier. Come up with that than to just learn the Ashrawi formula. I was easy going to learn a whole new like system. This is the beginning of cryptography. I mean it, but it's worked for the way my brain worked UNAM, but there is Mr Stack, and that was an eighth grade.
Thirteen- and I remember there was a time when he called- and he said look here- I'm your daughter's flunking on his algebra and my mom was nor I Geller, but she sits me down- are succumbing Osh. Knowledge is like, screaming ailing, but it's that moment she knew it was more serious and she said I says: okay, so you're making an f right now and algebra, and I was like- and she said now. I asked him: what would it take for you to make an a because, obviously that's it's either a or nothing and said he said you have to make one hundred percent on every quiz test pop quiz and homework and all the bonuses on all of those. For the rest of these master on there's just no way I'm doing minimize? I was like literally calling you know the funeral home like. I need a casket. A sap is not going well and I'm said, you're going to do it so every day I would come home and she'd say: did you do your homework, and I said yes, and so let's do it
and she would normally like when we would be studying and be, but I know it's, this is, as you know this time, this whole period to my mom just just took her time with me, Andrew an immense. She understood that I was trying, but that I needed someone to just explain it so Meda, nay. I made a hundred percent on every single quiz. End of it. I made an I made a hundred percent on every single quiz test pop quiz homework, plus the bonuses and means that that's what has helped me in my life now I think something seems hard or don't you see. I was saying to myself: I know I can do anything to stop down and think about how my brain works jobs, but you you're on sabbatical right now, but otherwise you actively teach you have to call it an island. Yes, yes, City University of New York. Yes, what are you? How do you handle p? who'd learn different or the crowds level. Do you have a luxury to knock air hey. There
learn. Get out is information getting how you get it. Do you always have the option not care, but I wouldn't be in what I'm doing in my field. If I didn't care there you have was beautiful, would address as well. Thank you, but let me first shouted give a shot out two young Olivia for getting that really difficult period of time, academic and a shoutout to Olivia's mom, doing exactly the kind of thing that I would have done in the search. Stances there. If I enlightened enough to do so, so she knew disappoint. We're yelling is not going to work out a plan B. Ryan is different provocation. Now. What about the fact that we It here that some people just can't panel math what what do you do about that what you do. Is you realise that these people we cannot handle math class. They can Handle Math curriculum or math teaching or math tests, but
thousand with Latvia, which left one zero and that's we find out right. We all are excellent mathematicians. We have varying degrees of ability to look at something in an abstract form and the right, it down on a piece of paper, because somebody else told us to read our calculation abilities on a regular basis are remarkable, our geometry in order to walk or to run our food. How can we talk about is down and by the way, obviously professional players do space. But anyone can do it. If I throw you a ball, and it's not wear your standing. You will run to it and arrive where the ball will land as you catch it. Most people will do this successful, etc. Which means you this How do you imagine I don't read the flawed? Is a power Balikh yard edits speeds up as it come down: you're gonna, intersected at the right time and at the right place, so silly human brain is capable of doing math, and I don't care who you are. You can do it. Can you read it?
says the asian person you yeah Olivias previous point is well taken very good series. Well, look at Libya's. Have asian wreck raised a hand with theirs was only have to look at its. She summoned the Asian God frenetic when she needed to get all the producers, or the amazing thing is that the asian stereotype of academic success is right, a combination of both the american dream, people working hard and a sort of confluence cultural things in east, for literally affair. Thousand or more years right. You got ahead in society by doing well and tests by taking exams, whether they republic exam civil exam, school exams, and things like that, and so I can places like Japan, for example, which It was mentioning and also Korea, somebody's other places in EAST Asia, its very unhealthy for the young people, because all their thinking about her testing
but then they come to America like I did when I was fortunate. Why came to American? I was four years old and now of a sudden these I'd like he'd, like it, the book I now. What do you say? We uncharted writing enough. What ticket pieces I took a plane with my parents. Might my mother brought us over my father from their right? Yes and my father was a graduate student already here in Amerika, so what happened? when we brought those cultural values over to America, all of a sudden those values became the things that were valuable for colleges and universities or the ability to get success in the act. Mc Rome and so I doubt it became a natural extension of it wasn't that we were somehow miraculous more intelligent than people who are not asian. It was just that this is how the confluence of our values combines trove. What what works best for you to join me Oh god, I'm gonna say,
sleeping while listening to tape you know. I think the from me what I would do best thing for me to do- and I say this in my son is to read and then to listen to it Also important has evolved literary smart answer as to whether this, why do when I give a public talk, really because they sell your stand behind the podium right now, I'm gonna walk around to use my body gestures and and and and tapping someday rival, the camera people crease they hated, but dont unit for the camera people, and so what you think about her dot system is is that she or is I'm gonna sit around and by the way I have to lose for her there is. A system has been invented. Scott Morse code receiving only learned that he was a kid right right. No cheating is a fascinating cons,
bending the rules- I mean how many of us have never watched movie online, without paying for it of, downloaded a song to hear it without going through the opera, copyright right all of US found some thing, some rule that they found onerous or they'd rather give circumvent and then gotten around it. Also to its a bit with the sometimes your more motivated to cheat for her. She had pressure to perform guy. I almost don't even blame hurry that press you out of your forms is like I'm gonna get killed. If I don't you know,
believe me that that's a lot of pressure. I've been this much yes, where we come back, more re interview with Olivia Mun and we get into mutants and superpower ex boyfriend start off returns, hey start advance on March twenty fit startled live is back. We are returning to the historical basis centre for the art, in Red Bank, New Jersey and tickets are on sale when right,
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these are good. Can chief gas autumn superheroes, yes, absolutely and so weak a living man, yes, she in one of the ex memorize she played Shylock in age of apocalypse save so excellent apocalypse, solid p s. Why LLC K E and she even did her own stunts in the fight. Seeing you knew that you do not know that yeah yeah, let's get the Louvre the insight into this appearance. In that field, as we rejoined my interview with actress, Olivia Man, So you do martial arts behind TAT. We grew up doing tack on there are five years we had to again it's we have to play musical instrument, and we have to make is that we have to do?
my mom kick from while your character and examine kicks serious ass, not just with your this blade thing that comes, I was, though, is their word for their cyanic sword. Cyanic, yes, asylum. Her ability is to build a create anything with her mind. In my opinion, it has always been the most powerful because if you can create anything with your mind, do you go Don, came over right right and so the reason why silent isn't just create a bolder and just shut the halting guy could she could is because, when you have, in my opinion, when you have a power that great you get a little bored and it's so much more fun an intimate to kill with a sword for you to get up close, and I, as a fan when I watch I. If people have super human powers, I want them to tell each other part like that's really what I want and these kind of movies. I want to see what it would be like. If you have these powers,
it really be from something about the powers in the universe, while silent specifically was this Sister of Captain Britain, the the captain, Britain and the various british Marvel Comics in the eighties were very much favour it by an american collectors back there, who were older than the children's crowd because they weren't control, there's much by the comics Code Authority that had to keep everything all family friendly. Like that, they mean in the UK the UK as freedom they having ended, they had more freedom and the units did not, and so this character, Betsy Braddock actually was originally silent. Eight, an intelligent person also had powers of intellect Bothy Telephony, says things like that events, became enjoying the x men and was therefore while but then around nineteen, eighty, nine or so Marvel chain
the character dramatically? First, they gouge her eyes out, and then they added cybernetic eyes and then she was brought over too. I think Hong Kong somewhere in Asia Brainwash by an assassination t called the hand and then he became the seriously scary kickass character of her color. I do you know this much about go lock. I led a living among women too far off the back, so subtle that what do you know this much and others that some new lordly? No doubt it is really about? I see candy bars. What Europe will? Let you Charlie? Yes troll? Yes, I know I'm sorry, It's just look, I don't know you are what happened was that transformation did turn silent from a sort of a sea level character to a very popular marvel character, because then she had this sort of hard edge to hurt.
Which became very popular amongst Eridu, withdraw money, some things that were starting to recommit much more than the teams in the children that were reading it beforehand, so that dark sharpness, that Bolivia was describing in the clip is very much reflected in the current silence, which has the ability not just to read minds and so forth actually creating remind energy so that others magnesia? Yes, professor
everything that you have a lot of people's favorite, Luella and Anthea Cyclops cycle should undoubtedly are gonna like storms draws the weather. The storm was critical. Look at me. I will go way back. Nothin, like a meteorologists that has a superpower, looks like storm. Yes, now looks great yeah, I gotta take me: what would you do if you had? If you had her ability sucks, I walked ability sign board. You may listen principles. That's not the only like the idea of Crete something with your mind. Green lantern has the same thing: it just the powers and the ring, but whatever he thinks of comes into existence in an energy for a poor. So I mean it's not, I don't their politics, just mix to different universal. Yes, yes, I might as well say: that's, that's! That's an unknown punishable! Cried yes I back and absorb any energy, highly energy,
In short, I wouldn't like he's a guide back and absorb any energy, namely energy, blow up set off. A hydrogen bombs and guess what He can absorb that. Isn't this, what the material is that was featured in in black Panther that's. Why I need that would write bribery by blaming. Does that lies essentially living right, he's living by bringing me having via radio having vibrating to me. That's what I want one. So I so there's your character. Yes, eleven months character can create. Materialise. Anything with her mind. I asked her if she could choose your own superpower, what Would it be all that jacket I interest? has to be to fly if you have in your address it. So if you can have any power in the world, what would you have? It would be to repose mind interesting in what would you do with that? You would
before someone committed a crime to do so, you don't have to beat the marking and prevent them from like minority report, for example, although that's a little croupier through it about great, but my point is you'd. Stop them yet do they are in the act of committing a crime You have to fight them and then drag on the prison, or you know they're about what you do you you say had come over here. Let's go home couple it wouldn't make. It didn't know what you think that one of the largest EU capital, wait for kneel down there like hey, hey, petty commitment, let's go the beer guard, So that's it. That is an interesting that likely level you don't have to be strong. You can be like us, but you could be intimately clever about how to distract someone from whatever might have
their nefarious, play, hurry ass, a law to grasp that is java. Please don't make New York office. We buddy that's great, actually well preserved a great idea: Madagascar, Cinnamon and what superpower? You think you would have you a superpower as a great question, I one time I thought Maybe I would want the same superpowers use thinking of being able to read minds, but then I found out that most thoughts are never realize? Yes, thousands of thoughts is, I won't. I was out of that. I like zone, that very fact every time we read a book, we have new thoughts every time we imagine something new thought, the only thing actually matter. I would come out in the real world we cannot like in like manner
report or other kinds of environments castigate someone for their thoughts as long as they don't upon the right right with that episode of the twilight someone's coin was spun and it ended up standing up on his end and that changed the universe and he could hear people's thoughts and he went into the bank and the bank guard was thinking after everyone leaves. I can because a safe will be unlocked. How can open a thing like that? She's, like a learning, a police and everything, and then he finds out the bank guard, has his thoughts? Every day, every fantasy I write, so you don't. You can't distinguish their fate. From there was that they would actually so die with you thanks thanks, my desired or is instead to be to know exactly the right to say, or do at any given moment towards what end toward
either. Making some urban happiness either making someone feel better or stopping something bad from Heaven, or as in their life and also draw yes, that is fair and power its the same idea, but instead of talking about God, he gets we can get asked. Well, let's go. There's this guy. I thought I was gonna know something I wider makes the best school. Now you tell me what's little sideways, ensure Harrington weeks ago here and tell me she made boots, go well next year, go to commit a crime committed clearly what a jot scowling soon preventing crime with actions resident thoughts. Yes, Nokia, vigour, joke about you,
Oh man, you know, I'm not see you guys are today and thoughtful. I just want to be able to rape arise. That has been done in schools or psychological Roy. I guess I guess so. I saw Charles what do you think? science can do to create Our actual you don't realize so here we have the iron man suit. That's ever comes closer young now. Imagine now cybernetic suits their not newly powered by you know some arc generator whatever buddy it's. Certainly you can move or be protected from things now about what about genetic mutations yeah those areas? Let me take you so that what so that you don't catch diseases that are otherwise leave progress and a superpower near that that should be healthy. Others purchasing power lies angles of Africa, but if it is true for any disease, then you become immortal then that's a superpower.
Nobody can I do about if everyone has it, that an incredible. Why not it still is what's the matter, if, if every a special, no, no one's own, especially now I deserve our it just power well see, that's, a small minded interpretation of what superpower Julius right. You just call me small. Now, are you not just more by giving my foot out your ass was astrophysics thousand, which I thought I asked Rob is obviously your mama, especially so is everybody is a linear? Yes, no! No! No! This is a very pollyanna ish idea of what being special means and so on, but the idea that We can all benefit from something and therefore
Super as a result is not at all an alien or a bad concept. I have no problem with, for example, everybody being able to live as long as they like to live in a healthy matter that, Is it true superpowers? It exhibits. Also. You know big time fantasy because, like what what kind of taxation on the earth with that create anymore to by all we always learn. We need to do all you ever lobbyists. Last may. I forgot you already forty thousand planets and counting out inside our sources. Don't worry, we gather all just my little circle around. We gather matter. We weren't rigour. We urge yet so remember what Arthur see Clarke said Not only was he a great science fiction writer, but he also patented, for example, the communication satellites, a very intelligent engineer and scientists. He said, and I paraphrase I think, that
need sufficiently advanced technology, is indistinguishable from magic, yes, you're, right if manages, to paraphrase that's all I got Oh, I don't believe you gotta get together. So so, if Magic is essentially a superpower being a wizard is super powerful or supernatural or something Then that means all of us who have the technology, but it isn't how to remove it. Created at the edges looks nice. It looks like it when I get theoretically there is the iron man armor right I know what you're saying might take. Aren't we come back? We devote an entire segment to a living
cosmic query. You know she has oh yeah, you know earlier for I when we come back like what's your favorite coffee sides love the eastern flow. When starts work returns more my interview with Libya hey it's time to shout out the following: patriarch patrons Genesis, Peres and Braden, Thomas hey guys thanks so much for your support without you there's no way that we could do what we do here. It starts out radio and for those of you listening who would like your own Patria shot
Gotta Patria under coms. Last our talk, radio and support us we're back start off feature I interview with paint transfers of greek LAW living man, s yeah, shit, accuracy. You know, she's got good street credit for being a guy, and in this final segment I just thought. Why did I see she has questions for me about the no she's a deep thinker. We actually think thought about this stuff. So let's get her first question for me right now I want to know if you think that aliens exist. I have no reason to doubt that the galaxy and the universe teeming
aliens seriously, so that you said that is not its, not because I want it to be true no, because the science shows right alliance is compelling when you look at what we are made of is as life. You want, we made the same ingredients in rank. As what the universe is made it so the fact that life started here on earth. There is no reason to think that was some special occasion, special thing, and now we have catalogues of actual planets that is growing into the multiple thousands now and that's just a little. Sector of our entire galaxy, one of countless billions of galaxies in the universe to say that we are alone in the universe. There is no that's inexcusably egocentric, two things
I do you think people get too excited. Maybe people like Olivia, but maybe others are excited at the prospect that ailing Dorothy, rather than scared, I think, maybe the two camps there's a scared camp and the happy camp. Yes, I think there are two camps, but I that being alone makes this, so incredibly random and worthless. I think that's really from a philosophical, more philosophical than anything else. You know we don't want. Hey, that's you don't wanna, be that's it s, because that really does it's. You know it. It does make this whole thing so random and worthless that it's almost doesn't count trotwood. He think of the chances that we are unique in the inward zero zero zero testicles speaking the chances that we are unique are zero, but Why did we back on? Well, you backup Rebecca so earth span billions of years
to create a single cell life right, and billions more with interesting lines, but still by today's standards, simple, so the life we think of his coming an intelligent and all that is a very recent phenomenon. Yes, in the tree of life. Yet it's only happen in one branch of the tree of life, the vertebrates and the intelligence. We say is even in sub branches of that the mammals of the vertebrate of the tree of life so so the contingency of that suppose something happen on earth way back there snipped everyone? chase lip the there were, I would never have the apes, you would never have the hominids, you would never have the humans and you just have everything Else- so I'm not asking you do you think it's obvious theirs? elsewhere. I'm asking you do you think, could be alone in our intelligence,
every species that has ever existed or will exist. Is you in its own way Europe? So we what you need means that I have no rebuttal. Do that, I'm just you know, and what does it mean so Miriam Webster here in that particular vain? There is no other species like us any wherever right right, but if you want to compare ourselves to any possible aliens that have thump that have something like intelligence that we can recognise. That has a boner spine, like we recognise or some other kind of combination or per Marianna challenges without invertebrate elegance. When I went a pretty and TAT was it there? I must I locked the spineless character ran so you're right. You have to
a backbone to have intelligence knows we got a squid and well so doktor puss is by most measures and intelligent creature. I dont, if you, if you draw but your boundaries in a way to say is their life that we would recognise as intelligent and communicative and so forth the odds of that happening are essentially one hundred percent. I gotta go. For both of you, have another gonna be able to do algorithms earlier math is really a mere. If they are the backbone, why would they need to do to disagree with you? I don't even know how you, the sentence. If you are a super intelligent occupied species- and zipping around the universe. Why do you need hard angle? all of you to think of your story is usually wider, create you know, you're a straight line. That's right! Why not just have fluid
found. Do we have a whole overdue? Had a man alone fluid boundary, and it is well known even with our limited intelligence that relies on geometry and hard boundaries that there are none. Euclidean geometries they do not rely on, say all the triangles riding up an hundred beyond me. There's things like a living there's a lot of potential that none of us have been thought about anything that we get a move on. I want to ask you guys they weren't seems kind of base, not really how much do you think that we know since you talk about how their life in the Vienna what would you say is from one to ten using decimal places. If you wait, what is the amount of knowledge that we actually have with respect to? What is knowledge that exists one here? really between zero and ten one have between zero and one hundred and twenty zero in ten one half year, Neil is behind Toyota. One have other way to zero. One would ever be a five extremely annoyed fire where we have no yeah we're appropriately.
Why? Why? Because because dark matter Dark energy. We have now idea of what those are and they comprise ninety six percent of what is driving this universe. That's a very good, so honest! I want the ten we know have basically one He was being generous even in the part. The zero point, five out of ten credit we know about in terms of tyres neutrons, let Charlie treated all external air strike that you know that as still no less. One per cent of what is actually going on in observable universe alone, so is so that we actually now we still don't know that's random stuff. So now so I feel like we're at zero point zero. One of zero point are updated Harald can't you give us a livid. Me won't do not under a thing. That's a bad thing. I'm saying that the fact that we ve learned that much just being on a little bud ball here in the middle of the our solar system, which acute by he's
decent mode? You know, as I do now and alien re suing up their people, the mud, but I won't stand up to that alien say in work because it's really mean that we have such humble origins from a scientific biological point of view, and yet we still understand so much already and we can't wait to learn more our. Ok, here's what I think: it's not that bad! Ok right! I think I'm convinced you because we similar blank brain wiring, which the same. Is I think I got him here? Ok, you doesn't, he doesn't know. What's coming, I write erratic bringing in the history of civilization. Yes before science. Up to the modern methods and tools or science into modern day things will happen in the world wouldn't understand and so
event gods resent the God of the gaff got guards the gaps that then and gaps implies you new stuff the left or right of it they would not even gap. Everything was explained this way. Ass. We moved on things were going, plain. It was no longer a mystery other things which That's what you know. What is that is lightning coming from you know, moving through the air. What is that electricity is got electrons? I ve got tat. I is. This thing removes a needle and a car, that's a magnetic field. So now we got that we owed by They are two sides of the same coin: electromagnetism. We got that though the atoms are behaving weirdly. Oh, let's discover Quantum Physics, and now we can explain that right and so my point is. How much today is in our world experience that's a phenomenon that completely defies explanation this,
my point. Yes, because all you make an excellent Polly. I told you how right yet Ray I M getting wet when Faraday passed a wire through. If you're, a meter, moods, yet acts mysterious. Oh my gosh. We have to figure out a way to explain as we did when we just electricity. Faraday lay the till the soil, all of the later understanding of electricity to unfold, including the efforts of the partly based on what Benjamin Franklin, a boy was able to write. He has a book called experimental researchers into electricity so today the ardor things moving and we don't understand. What's making it happen, is there some force operating that defies our account, so you say that the reduction in the number of Mystery- yes, absolutely by the military, I've something's moving right, something's, making it move, and we don't understand what that is the forces of nature which we condense down to just
operations in this world, a strong force, the weak force, Gretna Green. And electromagnetic forces. That accounts All of this right, ok, ass, we stood on a dark matter, dark energy data. Unknown, but that's all prepare to limit our unknown to that right now. Not going to go down down that whole with you there enough, I can accept looking to be a well. I can accept the current explanation there a little nibbling scheme,
hold that I would put in their railway elaborated our racial hatred or nickel sizar like inciting, must weigh megawatt. There was a very it was a very similar problems. Faced enormous uses lie you no legal gentlemen. I humbly follows another word: they got outlawed niggardly, always these Ozma, nationally and cheap student years. There were good outline of what somebody actually said that we're like no niggardly means cheap and ass light. No is got me me me me. Please, gentlemen. Let me rephrase ok, there are small details of what you just said that I might to poke quibble yet, but your idea is sound. I can see how you can defend the position that you take a very excellent, very good advice. So Livy have one last question form arrayed in this interview and it had to do with
voting science to make sense of the world the check it out. Do you know when people talk about like planets, echoing the moon comes in, and it affects people this way or when mercury is a retrograde people say emerging retrograde. That's why they're like later there unnoticed our do you believe that the planet's attacked as individually, so you can measure like how much light is coming from a planet or how much gravity he would feel from it. Did she can measure this? So, let's take, for example, they say you're about to give birth and there's Mars in view born under more, we calculate how much more light is coming to the delivery table from the lab relative to Mars.
But hundreds of thousands of times the intensity of white about the gravity from March. I can calculate that we ve known this since I used the Newton how to captivate that we cut They did, and you learn that the gravitational field of the midwife or the medical doctor who is helping you deliver the baby. Is greater than the gravitational force from Mars on you and your soon to be born child. So if you to appeal to Mars, you can have this up to something scientists have yet to discover about it, but you can't talk about the like. You can't talk about the gravity,
You got that. Ok now you have to say that some mysterious thing that's affecting us that scientists have yet to measure. Well, we have five senses: five traditional senses, some people say to have a six, since they can no longer use thinking or know something didn't boys have direct access to? I don't have a problem with people say they have sixty sixth sense. What I can tell you, however, as a scientist I access to dozens of sense The science, if not there, is something to be measured in this world that my human physiology has no clue what it is or how it works, and I built this machine that can tell you it's there you'd have to say there was something going on between you and Mars, that what my access to my dozens of sensors cannot measure
and it does make sense understanding that when people want to blame other things and that's a big part of it, that's why you see like people who believe in all this stuff where their life's are still just they're, all anxiety, inducing the inner ear like what clothes I'm making things more peace over you because they discuss anything else to blame and other doesn't can control yeah that that's that yeah, it's the gap trying to explain using scientific language like mercury in retrograde, but it's not actually signs such as pseudoscience right, but what's August, the point is the power science here to explain what you think is a phenomenon is extraordinary. Yes, amazingly, so and people who don't even understand it or don't know about it, will use it even incorrectly because it helps explain the unknown, so we witnessed in part.
Thoughts. Chirping everything leads to share with us deep now about trust, you put pressure on our charter. We need some pretty much everything shallow. The little died is really appreciate. The fact that a is a purse Who is scientifically curious? Am? I think the more that people in entertainment showed side of themselves. The more we might see a reflection of that in society. Girls about you, hooray for Elysium on food. Not only embracing who she is as a geek. But also recognising that she learns differently, and that she is different from others and yet She embraces all those things owns them. Says here. I am just like the title, book socket wonder woman right. She is eight in her own way in it
Does it really matter what people are gonna compare her too, because she's cool, just as she and only wonder woman hates her up. I gotta know that I can add to what the two of you just shared What I will say is it's a reminder that when you growing up and Quite know who you are yet or what you wanna be emotion, personally professionally and what is going on around you, their social forces, two homogenized you in to what others would have you become what that does. Is it robs you of your individuality when you do just so true, and so much of what has shaped this world has been via the expression of
the eventuality? Yes, so imagine what this world would be today, everyone were afforded the opportunity to not have to comply with forces imagine how diverse in in The expression of intellect this world would be imagine how much more fun the world would be, and I think Olivia Mun is the best example of that whose entered a field that previously never really embraced, who we are ass, geeks and she's, taken a right to the camera lands and I I agree with you. Charles did someone to applaud yes, and let there be many the Libyan. Yet well said: grace the scream absolute. We you ve, been watching listening.
You ve been consuming start off our addition, superheroes, easy cinnamon and with with some Madagascar set at it. I just want to take a living among for giving us that interview and Charles Lou, always good to have. Thank you so nice. Yes, you mommy you that all right, I'm Neil digressed ice in your personal astrophysicist as always bidding you have to keep looking
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