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Geeking Out with Whoopi Goldberg

2016-09-23 | 🔗
Neil Tyson and Whoopi Goldberg geek out about Star Trek, superheroes, space, and medical marijuana. Chuck Nice and Charles Liu join Neil in studio, with data journalist Mona Chalabi and “Pot Doc” Dr. Staci Gruber. Plus, Bill Nye gets high on life.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode commercial free. Welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now, all the autographed personal right, we're featuring my interview with Oscar winning actress comedian extraordinaire would be and he came by my office and we talked about everything in the universe. Are mutually first in STAR, trek and superheroes to her
interest in medical marijuana. Well, let's do this scenario got my close shock night always good to have you always a pleasure. My friend gave it up the chuck nice and also this evening. I've got a noble, a friend, a fellow astrophysicist Charles. John you or the patron saint of all things geeky ends, so so that's it. Yeah In my view, a good Charles's is patron saint of deep through the world. I can tell you that Whoopi Goldberg is a card carrying member of that community acts,
We ve known each other for awhile, and so any time we chat wee wee wee rediscover our mutual interest in space, so am I love that about our conversations and let's check it out, see where that took us. Are you and I a party at my house and care like someone they want to talk to you. I know you, I may have pledged to think as much danger can understand what I'm asking. I think adults also questions with its forgot, how to ask them. Well, because you never want to look like you, don't see that on Monday and dogmas, We will know what I'm dogmas. I would tell you I'm dumb as hell, but I. Try to me as many people who can just dropped droplets in my head, just let me Sadly, I mean they're question Everyone has an that's, however.
Bill about our plan. It's in the universe of the idea that we are the only things out here, then make Besides you to make, there would be it inexcusably egocentric to even suggested I mean a human. Is it a human things in an American back now those human history of our species. Now and we are- we are certain we're in the middle. You know what does mediterranean me? It means middle earth met it terrain, So back then, they named the regions as they believe there in the middle of the flatters at the time you know the announcement recently of finding They say a hundred and twenty other How does one thousand to one thousand two hundred Axel planet? Ok, so that didn't make it feel better, I what because I don't know where those planets where they are when they do and what we do is on whom they could have a press release on there. Planet today, saying we just discovered planets
a thousand systems, including this one over here, where they call themselves earth? could be in their sky, yes, and about it the way you about them now we're looking to hurt those planets initial with what excuse me, what do we use made will exploit them later is out like this. Is this what that's, how we role as it does a human vanity? You know Chuck, you know it That is what we are, that that we have the same. Time. Will you truckers extract article trials for this episode? You can call whatever you want, but I'm Lara also Stephen Hawking, famously the aliens word. It would not be a good thing to encounter alien right and because they my treat us the way we know we have treated one another, but in the STAR Trek Universe
The way we got around, that was something called the prime directive where benevolent more Van Civilizations agreed not to interfere in less advanced civilizations, because that was the right thing to do work for you. So you think these aliens out there that they watch STAR Trek, and so they would have they would have this rule regulation in their book if there that advanced, maybe- and they saw Whoopi on some of those episode that she keep. She was on STAR Trek next generation as an alien, that's right now and which really was in season two. She was debuted as the bartender named guide and diamond in the bar called ten forward. Guess which was on the enterprise D. It as a character is at least seven hundred years old. As far as I do so in an episode called times era, which is a two part, are going through separate seasons. I can't believe that the audience is actually now,
putting in a green like yeah yeah, that's exactly right in the head. Times, arrow shoes actually portrayed as having been in the United States. Chattering Mark TWAIN, life era, and was and that actually she first met Captain Picard and then later on, developing new vat strategy went on hard because he had gone through a temporal rift. They put him back in time. But she met him and I'm not worth not worth. I think right now, every are you listening is amazed that either one of us has a woman. This is true. They both married with children. So so I asked her about. About the story and the significance of her. Taking on that role in STAR Trek, there's a back story there
check it out not until lieutenant a horror do He even appear in the future right now that sensitize you taken this going for the next generation, star, Trek well, where you're recurrent. Yes, what did was, I thought, wow not only should gorgeous, but everybody wants. And she knows that sees the Comana guys and love is there for about a war, and she's we're in part three of the new millennium. Look as extra look and fly tat went on, but you don't know about those countenance going now. She hadn t had unless the legs, because your titles lieutenant she's direct ascendancy to captain of the ship yeah so that so the first time ever, someone of color would actually gas now Jean wrong there. I didn't realize how big a deal this
thus causing he didn't, he didn't realize that we didn't Pierre, any the social impact are going to do because it's the right, because it's the right thing to do so. When Laval comes to my house, I say: what do you do? Nevertheless, yeah I'm gettin ready to start triassic dude. I wanted. I wanted to start showing his like I'll. Tell them asked that. I think set up a lunch for me and Rick Berman AM and J so and Jean says so You want to do star jacket. I say you don't understand. This was a It's part of my life visit. Part of my life, because as a kid who love science fiction, wasn't meant to lieutenant a horror. Did I realise that I was in the future then you are allowed in the future he. So what do you mean? I sent James If you look at science fiction movies, that predate
Saw STAR Trek, there are no people, call it anywhere. He was like I think. I know that as well. You know now, so I will I to uphold that tradition because as we know there were in the few tradition set up by the child was her that their air some one else. I've come now. You got Lamar, so my god, you might put to us on ownership, and I know that's probably unusual by I'd love to do it. He said all right, so created diamond. I may the last creature. He could David.
As such STAR Trek of one of its great accomplishments is not just storytelling future scenarios, but it also, I think hope, was a big part of the messaging their elements of the future. That can ascend to obtain that's right. Yes, STAR Trek, we showed humans living in peace and harmony regardless of what race or nationality or language or anything we're species or zero. So I wonder if if science fiction is a unique tablet, for shifting area types that are within our culture, because it's not showing
senior familiar with? You say no, I want a ladder cassettes ride. I know that, and I wouldn't happen that way, but it's the future, so you can't pre judge it. It just happens to you and then you can actually affect social change just by displaying what's going on and then sometimes you even do things by accident. You may have no. That costs to the guide and was wearing yes. She is completely covered head to toe with cloth, except for her face right these days. We have a lot of that in New York City and in parts, and sometimes these folks are say in traditional muslim garb when Jean Rawdon very created that costume, I'm sure he wasn't thinking of that, but today he's projecting, for word to what we see today, the common view of differing people with religions and cheers from all around the world that when those episodes first aired weren't even
consciousness of the american public, so I got a list here, so we ve we look at what well known science fiction. Storytelling has brought to us so in the original star Trek we have and was uncommon to have had an asian anything now anyway, I wasn't your servant or a cook or jets at some cook your cleaner law at last and kick ass. I kick name green hornet played by Bruce Lee. Thank you because look at me like, I had to hear, but he was also by the way, for, if I remember correctly like their something some say, but his wheels were pretty awesome. The black beauty is wrong. Bowling arsenal. I gotta tell you something: may you the biggest Thank you. Thank you have just made my dick so where more here so battledore galactic I'd forgotten about this
admiral, William Dogma, which aims at ensuring ever a GMO. Actually, we have spent web Martino in that. What else do we have here? Are you Billy Williams and as land over now resigned, dough cow raised their vader. You better watch yourself because I'm about the crag open, as called for in the arts and also and the most recent star wars, Ok, the lead to characters. One is a woman yeah. When one is black and win, then the black in storm, true baby storm trooper clone right where a lot of lost your mind you, but what a museum mine I didn't followed. I didn't know if they learning awesome, I for all kinds of re. I know some people, S America's. It was just like my god he's black and I'm like oh, my god, he doesn't exist. So where can he be? Black
There is little exist. We don't know the deal is like it's. It's the whole thing was made up, so why couldn't he be, but the other party answer my question all the clowns, our cloned from bubble, fat right right, and so we never seen benefits face Bobo Set is police, South Asia, he's like us out his pacific? Why are you here the grim Asian and so the yen, judge angle. We also know, and so the idea the results aged, not just Asia, South Asia, Pacific RIM systems. Some people thought that Some people thought maybe maybe they're mad, because it's not true to the actual story of the clone wars. But for how made up anyway. But my point is: what difference does it make its all fantasy and acid
turned out. These stress was completely unfounded, because fin is not a clone right. What is black and ass theirs for everything with things don't work out. Why did this is black turns up it? Wasn't the clone fin was an army that had been created from young people, that had been brainwashed from an early age to become soldiers for the first order, so it wasn't even a storm, to begin with all the controversy evaporated. When people actually saw the movie I gotcha Hokosa. Basically, he was black Hitler. Youth
a non raw would apparently he got better. So is there any sites fiction today that you think is shifting stereotypes? Well, you know what inside the way Kudu shift is concerned. Are stereotypes shifted and people, don't even know it when it's beginning shifted, so that does that question even makes sense? Are we being influenced without even by some force of science fiction? That's out there now. I think so it depends live. Let me tell you what I think might be some of the most, interesting and original science fiction is going on today. If we take the assumption that the best science fiction at any given time describe the anxieties of the time in the society there and that right now, the greatest anxiety we might have has to do with disease and environmental degradation and plagues that might affect all of humanity. I think some of them
interesting and relevant sign sufficient going on now is with zombies. Really, yes, you know about walking down think about World WAR Z. But how does that advance a shocking cause? Well, it makes viruses lot more scary, and you know that We should start discriminating against that's events. What I think it It's doing is its uniting all of humanity, as we know it against a common enemy. Means that it doesn't matter what you look like a where you're from as long as you're still breathing and not eating human flesh? I ask I mean I'm all down with the non human plus thing use meta now, but I do think that science fiction does have the ability to shift our perspectives and that's a good thing for good thing. What comes next Whoopi Whoopi Goober
gives your idea of what a perfect superhero should be at the Kessler that when Startalk return, I've got a little secret for you. I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star talk and sub. Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free. You can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never we're here another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean. I'm just thinking I mean just saying
they were warned weeding out what we go. Edward did. You know she was a card carrying geek were, let's check, sober them now I'm a woman of a certain age has always grown up with Superman and Batman and super girl and all in all of the d c and larval universes, and there's nothing out there for us for women of a certain, and I want to see You know somebody who saves the earth who looks a little bit like me. Who is behind is a little bit beggar, whose chest is on a floor but went mad ranges powers were came to?
slap all nation a paper on way to taken care of business. That's what I want- and you know a lot of Hugh much as you know, and I feel the same way about science fiction movies. You know I'd like it to be men and women in black report included women. Amidst like that includes women as an old fashion You know experts should be exploited, try and think of a superhero with a big ass. I can from now on there? There isn't why there's? No, there are not. Everyone is real arms about natural and natural video natural that the Yale as my own and it on the body of a superhero, yeah big. A superhero, not nothing says: superheroes have to be fair. The court. I tweeted this once and like to thank Commissioner talking about this. Open ban, does not need muscles now
if these Superman laid allow like any there has indeed our guy have. There is one thing I can say what would be should be happy because in twenty thirteen there was a series of x men put out by Marvel comics, which only contained women really storm shadow cat, sigh lock, jubilee. The list goes on and then in twenty fifteen Marvel has put out something called a force which are a venture, is only women. She HAWK spider woman. What do they have big behind? Well, there's big barter rang, ok and woods, interesting that the geek culture has been associated with Superman
rose. Another sort of comic book adventures have historically that wasn't always the case, but geeks a kind of taken ownership of it. Now we all know that Whoopi has serious, geek credentials just to be having that conversation with their ok. We got that, but I don't know that everyone knows the fool depths of her. Yeah I've taught Chuckie went on a street. Yes, we did when we went on the street and he'd just too pretty I seek out and find out what people where they are on the nerves, scale, okay and I gotta tell you I was varies. Can I ask you some questions? My friend, I will give you three names tell me which one is inert Whoopi Goldberg Bill Gates, Morgan Freeman Bill Gates, whichever one makes more money Belgrade's knocked her question. All three Ah, yes, it is what school what book is called but she's a cool, nerd yeah
always the case, but geeks a kind of taken ownership of it. Now we all know that Whoopi has serious, geek credentials just to be having that conversation with their ok. We got that but If you are really deliver greater knowledge, people are afraid of. I was in their jealous because rule right. The word unite. Haven't nerds, get revenge I mean I'm not some you'd want what the movie rights while they were alive are you really are a nerd arts in real life? relax Youtube. Is the new higher that you will bow we're coming up would be, and I continue to
engage in nerd speak, and this I will talk about people in space treat all next on start up. All right here at the american dream of natural history, where people my interview with Whoopi Goldberg and She- and I urge- is eking out in my office that check it out If we could send folks to them all they got out of the capsule party. Play golf drain on drought. We wanted we see up there would have prevented us from going back. But slow us down when we see up there, how come there's? No, maybe Dionne ammonia appetite
It was never ask why we went to the moon in the first place. Was it because we're explorers were discovered? No, we went to bed the Russians yet and we got to the moon- and we saw the Russians have no actual plan to get to the moon once we figure that out and we We're done with these. Tire quest? Big It was never a quest to begin with. It was a debt. Castration of might in a cold war against its Warren Communist anime. That's why we have not left low earth orbit since nineteen frickin, seventy Now we want to go to Mars, we'll never go to Mars unless define oil or or China says, think we big League, a member. Legal powers. I wanna put military bases on Mars slap we'll be on Mars, like that,
so at a Chinese gone under my talk, a lot going call mathematical taken out. How can sell so they gonna space they wanted to space when did anybody see it doesn't? Can they prove we got? We got. We got people, we have cameras and places. Yes, what would it take to get at a low earth orbit? Ok, first of all we already out of lower since you know exactly what I'm talking about now. I still think that discovery using robots, counts ass. Oh, don't agree with like that's. Let's go back to those Chinese okay, the title by the way I mean you something about the Chinese.
They do young chinese space program is alive and well because the government wants to make a point directly right, so they're trying to knit some sort of national identity into going into space right. I think what we need is an identity and importance are going out into space that supersedes mere competition to convince everyone that is actually worth it for us to go out into space for something greater at a low earth orbit. Ok, first of all we already out of low or humans. You know exactly what I'm talking about me now. I still think that discovery using role using robots counts are so don't agree with, like that's, let's go back to those Chinese, okay, the title knots by the way, let me show you something about China.
And the? Surely some data lurking in their little gimme some insight and how to think about these two areas? An item I need some data. I need some Mona okay, so Mona can I get some day please Mona challenging data with the guardian, Simone Woody Allen space. For me. As you know, we have an impact on the moon pacifically since nineteen seventy two, but they still lots of money that is available to be doing this stuff. So in twenty thirteen, the space programmes budget was thirty. Nine billion dollars, that's more than every single other countries budget. For this combined. So the? U S is still the world leader by a long long way. Should this very hopeful that the budgets are going up, companies investing in are going up. So you saying my scepticism is unfounded. No quick the budget on actually going up as a percentage of GDP spending on the spaceport
has fallen in the. U S over time. The difference is that the gap between the- U S and the rest of the world still remains a vast. Despite ok, it means will still be doing stuff in space, even if we don't go any place truly extraordinary park. Solitary figure, you gotta go to commercial, but we actually change topics in this next segment, and so, Charles as much as we love you geek attitude, we were it to swap you out with about happily accede to yet another awesome geek Charles in this segment. Next, we change years my interview and we talk about the size of medical marijuana with what we Gilbert
Welcome back to fuck off right here in the whole universe of the American Museum of Natural history, interview with american icon, Whoopi Goldberg and we be geeking out over start tracking in an superheroes and then the conversation James and we started talking about her latest passion medicinal marijuana. So let's do this I am no marijuana expert, but we found one. Yes, we found Stacy goober. Stacy welcome, start off the director of the marijuana investigations for Neuro scientific Discovery, and yet the wires eyes those a mind programme. Yet the acronym, ok, cool and you're a psychiatrist associate professors. The catch associate, professor psychiatry,
but Eurostar Euro scientist, so she got an I dislike there. Have you covered listen. This is a very good lesson to children. Stay in school until you can have enough credentials to say I mean to smoke. We research, so your patients call you doc among us things ass. Ok at his fur, so so with your your expertise will come in handy for this next section of my interview with would be Goldberg because, with its all about her interest in marijuana excellence, Let's check it out, I'm interested in marijuana as Madison. I think that if I don't have to take an ox cart and want to, if I don't have to take I don't want to if I can rub something and get relieve, I'm
further. When I was younger, I got horrific minstrel crabs to the point where I had to take really hard drugs to quell the pain. Now, if you ve never had crabs is not something you would think about, but this is there's a lot of people on the planet who go through this every day or every man at so I created along with my friend Maya Pocket. I haven't in my pocket this I hear bomb at ass possible, there. Actually, you can, because this is what I will tell you, If you are having issues with your master, the cannabis less is good for you. You can't smokin. You can't get high from less than you can catch relief and so forth. For me in particular, from made I just wanted to create something that would give you
alternative to pay. How is nothing wrong with pearls, and this is not gonna work for everybody, but want for some Stacy. What are the most common elements that mark Marijuana is prescribed for so patients often seek certification or recommendation from doctors for lots of different things, chronic pain, postmen stress disorder, epilepsy. Every state has different indications for which you can be certified. Ok, but good citizen there's, a tandem story going on here and that's what the consequences are of people taking other sort of traditional medicine for many of those same elements and the consequences of it. So tell me how bad is this addiction to description, drugs! It's an it's really a national epidemic. At this point, I think people have acknowledged that we really have a problem here with prescription misuse and again things like heroin. You know oxy,
I just gotta understand if I'm in pain and I take medicine to cure the pain why's that misuse, I'm not sure that I would be misused unfortunate. That may be how it starts happens by paying actually goes away. But what does Eriksson want to keep taking the pill, so you have a reward. Circuitry system in your brain and You get used to having this exogenous, let's say opiate on board and you like it and exogenous outside outside of Eu Programmes, pussy erogenous, that's different as a whole I have a whole different show. That's it all that reach, although she did talk about revenue side judgment so outside exogenous, you get Here's to having that on board and people love the feeling of feeling good at it
since our reward search, the reward circuitry in your brain is very powerful. Very powerful drugs really hijack that certain things they hijack the circuitry so now my element is: the pain is no longer there, but I'm likened the drugs like that. I keep taken it and I have to take more to get the same pleasure from it and there it is and there it is, and it is a Biological drive that is unbelievably strong. It's not about will sound you know I just wanna, take the drug. You cannot stop yourself despite the fact that you may lose your job, your fan Everything? That's ever meant anything to you. You have no choice is but you're fighting biology, so legal back to them are one of her a moment. Other known positive effects beyond what the yes ones are from smoking it can you really rub it on him and cure the way? What be describes? Yes, different routes of administration you can, He was a trans, dermal patch. You can use a topical, you can he's a sub lingual tincture, so under the tongue, but little of you know a few drops
and see what happens in fact lots of people use? in all ways to get the chemical into your system is: ok, ok, don't forget brown don't forget adipose right, don't forget your that's exactly what we have. We need to say on these topics plenty to say when we chatted, let's check out more on that country, I've been. Believe, ran medicinal marijuana for forty years, because I've seen forty four forty four point: zero, because I I've had friends couple. Some who have passed from cancer, and I saw the relief that they got from marijuana and wondered why no one said, hey. We should look at this because, as you know, there are some medicinal points here and it's a pair. Lay because Nixon
put a thing together: Samia why we can't make it illegal to be black onto Happy so we decided we gonna get marijuana, we're gonna make it schedule, one drug which means there is nowhere, did there are no redeeming qualities and the drug frequently that was free. They used by the hippies by a business plan folks, and they said So we making this a schedule, one drugs, so we can really bust people schedule. One drugs are drugs. There are no reason for them to be in existence except to get you die. That's not the case with my. It's never been the case I mean Queen Victoria used tinctures of marijuana for pay. I mean there are a lot of things that we know happened. If we discovered that law this idea that has become a schedule, one drug- stem solely from. Next says to me, maybe wishing kind of
Revisit this. Just based on that state. I'm looking at a list, a partial list of schedule, one drugs marijuana is on that list right alongside heroin. Irwin LSD and an scheduled to drugs. Article came, I don't understand It's a great question supper. I wish I knew what I bring you want to show you. How can I get well? Honey trot so schedule. One by definition is will be mentioned, means it has no accepted medical value. There's demonstrated risk of liability for abuse and it hasn't demonstrated safety. Those are the three men. Its work requires a schedule one. So other substances in that class are supposed to meet that requirement there. A lot of you Who think that marijuana doesn't belong in schedule, one and in fact, seems like there was like going on politically during the controlled substance, acts that call If there was any substance act traceable to meetings,
When do I get right, that's been modified along. That's a changeable thing. I presume to changeable. And they have been things that have been added and in fact, there's questions right now in the dna about reclassifying drug and longer summon agents or de aim Jurgen Forspent Agency about reclassifying marijuana. Ok, so you look at the data currently marijuana has been used since twenty seven hundred BC earliest records that has been used throughout history. I have a great and I shall Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and instead of a signal, if it's a candidate to sort of demonstrating that has really been around since the beginning of time to get to know your latest play, I do know, is often snake. Actually right, sadly, nominate more about the science. Of medical marijuana will find out what we know and what we don't know when starts work really
right here under the heading of American and repeating my interview with pop culture. I wouldn't go bird and we ve been talking about her deep interest in medicinal marijuana. Get out, there our children and our country that suffer from these horrific seizures and them this sends a very hard on the body medicine current medicines. Now we find there were growers who have been growing marijuana for many years and working with it in an extra oils them and really looking for ways to make it something. Is that works for humanity, so they discover something that seems to pull back?
the seizures and allow children to live as children is the rub. Evidence that this works. Well, then, what Ben but, as you know, is almost impossible to get laboratory evidence with. Gradual, one drug policy so what we done and what many parents have John is they give Their lives and move to where they can get it, so their kid can have dire symptoms demand symptoms and just some kind of quality of life. So for me, if parents bat that desperate Why are you not looking at what they put together they are your planet. There, you'll trials went you down and grant them and say what you don't know what you're looking at you know. What's your kid is bad or whether your kid is minus latin because they are throes of their illness. Parents who
Our only really trying to find a way to make their children lives better than China Gulf. Because all you need is an app if you want and get high there are we perhaps you can go. You can find we'd anywhere. Check, the cameras are rolling over an hour I'm just I'm just download an app Stacy. Tell me about this seizure condition that she's referring to so, I think. Some years ago there was an awful lot of attention paid to a little girl named Charlotte Piggy. Charlotte figure was very, unfortunately diagnosed with an intractable form of epilepsy contravene syndrome. And this little girl was having upwards of three hundred seizures a weak legs. She couldn't walk. She couldn't really talk She was really not doing well and I think doctors had basically told their parent. Her parents
They were at the end of the line with regard to medicine and Someone mentioned the possibility of trying medicinal cannabis and now there are some clinical trials, but that little girls walking and talking and having a life and lots of other kids are having similar response. The clinical trial, which appears to be showing some very promising results is really quite extraordinary, and so this wouldn't have been possible. There was one of those. What would you call them? marijuana refugees? So I think they lived there. You have the medical medical marijuana. Refugees are people who relocate. They give up everything. These families give up their homes their lives there, everything to move across the country to a state where its legal for their kids to get to because there's no other way with regard to the federal laws as they are to get products that are able to treat their children, so what it what's the research on the effect of marijuana? on the developing brain so what we know about the developing, bring an enemy
My budding neuroscience fell over here is gonNA is going corroborate. This ring true just way. Second, the develops in the back the front bottom to the top last part of the brain to become developed. Is that intelligent right here right here a teenagers Damas hell. If you a teenager, you stupid his personal earth and you don't have the ability to make good decisions, because the part of your brain in that it allows you to make the best decision has not been developed yet mri. I'm telling you you could have a job. I read about any. It is I'm how right there you go up in its true, but this should be an age restrictions. Legalise marijuana, developing brain really is vulnerable not just to drugs, but to alcohol, to injury to illness. Everything because the frontal party, your brain, that I'd say it's stupid is people say really.
I don't have a team has very true. I do. I see a lot of them, but I do not have got one home right there we go, and let me tell you some: she was smart until she had thirteen and one team went underground light, you happen, but their vulnerable, vulnerable, to lots of different things, and so people have suggested. We know the brain devolves throughout the second and into the third decade of life so long time, so we don't want to really expose them too much to things that may affect the ways in which their brain develops and, in fact, exposure to cannabis our research and lots and lots of other research study shows that if you're exposed early you're going- a little bit different than those were exposed later we'll coming up bill. By the science guy is going to give his take on. Dismal marijuana use when start talk retire
when he had got what New York City. With my interview with. Would we go bird and we were talking about medicinal marijuana check it out. I use marijuana for two reasons I get a blinding, but I get pretty bad headaches from LA com. Oh, so I realize that, though we helped me and level adopt. I stopped smoking cigarettes about five years ago. And discovered I could no longer take take. I could no longer take a breath with paper and I've got well. Ok, that's kind of sad is a cancer
anymore was irritate you just can't get the breath, then can it and Hill and Helen it its hard. It hurts or canter itself. And I was talking to my daughter, I said I am standing in this crazy headaches again, so I got to figure out what to do I think I might be able to help you because of something called a vapor pan and act well I don't wanna, who I thought you start about a hooker and she said no, no, it's answer. The teacher oil and it may help you. I called my city pan, because I can simply. To the place where I need it to be, where it doesn't hurt anyone Simon the again I'm not looking to get high. Because of this I mean to get I, but I would like to pain, free and so This works sigh use for that, and this is what it looks like other pocket that this is what it looks like.
And this is the oil inside and so this this burns and you in the vapor of the oil gas, and that gives you that affect yes at works well, for me. You know there's a lot of ill people. This is really a way for them to get through their day, and so you know I just I want people, better Stacy that safe this three layers of I guess three stages of marijuana access for one stage, just illegal the next one is medically legal. Third, one: it's recreational, legal and different states have this at different stages, so in in a perfect future What should these laws, which I think the laws would be informed by science-
have now, as policy has outpace science, we have laws have been passed without much signs that back it. Obviously why we passing laws without the science behind it when, in fact their based on things that science can resolve. Another really good quest since I'm not a legislator or policymaker. I can answer that for you, but I can tell you that policies over here of users, somebody needs to be out there saying here's, the soil Here's! What we know is what we don't know accolade gonna make legislation based on what we know exactly right, as anybody doing that. I think people are starting to paint into the need and now there's a little bit of an attempt to sort of back and Phil, people are making strides at trying to get to the bottom. We might be able to understand from contaminated base their peace, for example. What you really saying is all of Congress needs to smoke a bone we need. If we get this get Congress smoke O day. We realize that they are being ridiculous and we would have some common sense legislation of surrounding this. I guess that's.
Look if, before we rap, I want to make sure we catch up with bill. Neither science goods and in our segment we call nine times in the city and in this case it's about medicinal marijuana check it out. A day in the park is a beautiful the first written records of cannabis use, goes back over five thousand years to ancient China in all that time, people use it for medicine for rituals when leaves are burned. It really he's good old, Tetra, Hydro, cannibal. What you might call teenage see replace a certain chemicals in your brain fixture. Decisions that are witches- Above your right. I'd in front of your right ear appear in your brain someplace else
I use it to relieve the symptoms of multiple sclerosis to control seizures in detail terror, the nausea that comes sometimes after chemotherapy amazing. For my part, I tried to smoke cigarettes on camera a few times I just can't do it smoke makes me sick but inside on smoke. I just come out to a park like this, get high on life. but you knew the grand another metaphorical the visible metaphor. So it's not often, I might have parting thoughts that are based entirely on the profile of our principal guest in this show is Whoopi Gilbert, but I couldn't stop reflecting on the phone
that we are talking about marijuana earlier in the show we talked about STAR Trek, we talked about superheroes, we talked all their roles and pop culture and we're doing this because she cares about it because Whoopi Goldberg cares about it and then who is what be Goldberg? She dropped out of high school drop out of high school and her ambition carried her from the depths of what anyone would consider is society that the lowest points in society. She who's up became a comedian. An actress an academy award. Winning actress wins the Tony, the Emmy and privilege to call her friend so the fact that people like that or walking around, I think, gives hope to us all that, no matter your background, no matters can call no matter educational profile.
There's a place for you in the future of the country in a way that can influence millions of other people simply because of your passion and your love for what you do That's a message from the universe and from start off I'm your host, your personal astrophysicist, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and you keep looking up wish. You could listen to startalk Commercial free, joint startalk, Patria for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear, learn more at patriarch dot com slap star talk, radio,
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