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Human Augmentation with Adam Savage and Neil deGrasse Tyson

2017-11-03 | 🔗
Exoskeleton suits, brain implants, tiny people, AI, and more! Adam Savage and Neil deGrasse Tyson investigate human augmentation from the main stage at NYCC 2017 with comic co-host Chuck Nice and NYU bioethics professor and philosopher Matthew Liao.Special thanks to Adam Savage and Tested. Check out Tested.com. http://www.tested.comWatch a SPECIAL FREE Exclusive Original video featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson and Adam Savage on StarTalk All-Access: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/neil-adam-odyssey/NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can listen to this entire episode commercial-free: https://www.startalkradio.net/all-access/human-augmentation-with-adam-savage-and-neil-degrasse-tyson/

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Welcome to start on your place in the universe where science and pop culture collide. Dartle begin right now. This starts on whether we are actually record alive episode of sorts all right, Sir web three sadness and
pretend like we take a break, but we're not actually gonna break will just go straight into the next segment we all know how to play along with that. So let's get this party, started a year ago. Welcome to start out, we are proud of God to starboard. We talk about human organization, are, we begin. Let me bring out my trust. Carlos profession, a comedian jackknife come on out everybody to an end. We have Matthew YO, a professor.
I'll ethics, Firstly, the whole point of this entire episode, delivering on the knowledge and expertise of the world, the only myth bus Adam Savage pay as you go in the They asked me to ask you to raise your Michael. That goes a comecon, gas and right there that we heard so what are we talking about sort of human augmentation? I just want to say you what what
That's what we mean by human augmentation. It's in your field. Could you you think Yes in your field, not like in l so man is to sort of add something at some sort of capacity. So human augmentation is where you're adding some sort of additional. Ass. It is to our organism and their different, cars telephone, should we then putting human bodies ever since we ve had technology. That's right! Ok! So when I think of augmentation, there's a traditional sort of COMECON sense of that where you might have an excess. I will turn or some sort of mechanical extension of the body. That would be one branch, that's right about. If I'm chemical,
Has it also augmentation that you think about that's right, so their drugs that you can take their people taking maybe taking smart drugs? I like your drugs. You can take a new discovery, wait a minute really. So and so and then there's also any talk of the man courage of the technology with your human physiology, that's right, so these are three sort of major branches there. Would you agree yeah? That's right! That's! Ok, ok, Adam! You! You build stuff you ve been doing your whole life. So you are human augment or prime sure, with a high school diploma, diplomas mean nothing here,
it is what clearly. So, let's just get straight out here if we are to talk about augmentation, and we're gonna think about superheroes works. Down to only two in that category are arguably also my two favorite superheroes me too. I think equatorial Batman, environment, Batman and arms. There was a my to favour because they there their secret powers, their brains and their human yeah. Yes, got some people taking issue with this, where you can't express that strong, an opinion in front of this crop. This answer so put they clearly have augmentation through their bodies in some way or not. I think it's more. They have my taste is to their bank account you're. Bringing up. There is opposed
that shows all the philanthropic giving that bill gates has undergone in the past by twenty years you know rarity billion dollars and that by conservative estimates he's saved over six million lives. This is as of a few years ago, item. It says sucking Batman. This is how a billionaire saves people does he have a utility bout bill. Utility about I'd, make him one. Bill. What are the utility bell? I'd, be it for him. What how do we define? super in this regard. Well, who is better a superhero why you can't do that? we can do yeah we're you'd, where
super gets into the realm of the fictional is in both of the Batman. An Irishman augmentation, because Ireland Exo suit, while in any small piece of it, is somewhat possible or plausible that their mechanical linkages. You could build that would be self perpetuating and give you all sorts of extra shrank. The idea that it would work without flaw repeatedly isn't salute fantasy, or one might say That's no longer my job, but Has it there's a reason? Nasa has never used cables to assist astronauts in their grip or their ability to move the suit because they engineers at NASA S brilliant, as they are understand that extra moving parts is extra things that can go wrong so you're, saying there million ways. Iron man suit, would fail and the movies dont show any of them partial right, Batman too,
I have actually tried to build a device that shot a cable into a wall that you could hang off of, and then I talked to the government, an agency that tried to build one of these for the government and they failed in exactly the same way. I do ok, I'm gonna to remember Batman and first run on television and when he had that little device? You know the gun to choose the grammar and I said, the dark stay in the wall. This, like they're, not happening Actually, what not not happening now and when you get me, and throw the and then up the there and, I said I would appeal to you to be able to learn a lot. Bigger took the camera, because the guy sticking to head out of the window is that language. All I need is sorry. Sorry ideally rather brazilian, have you might remain outside. So so here's my point, you have these.
In the modern Batman he's got it's really kind of an exoskeleton you're, not to exercise a a body. Armor we're guys all its segmented body, armor and soucis, so so between the two of them, who do you think, would win oh Batman. I do not understand. I think I totally start rely very big You are numbered, so you're wrong, begging one person I appreciated by thinking is that iron man would be like I'm gonna punch, rear and then he can't move in bad man's like took
Ok, we don't like iron man. Better is because he builds is stuff with resent man has he's got like other people who do it form in industries. Wait, wait that we build all his stuff. Technically, it's way. Enterprises through you are correct, sir. It or any real life example. The extra scale is used in the world. Yes, The military's been creating these exoskeleton for soldiers. I think Adam. You probably know about here and there a prosthetic limbs for people who are disabled and how are they work in the way like
hand worked in star wars. You know where you look at the fact that we have always very gloomy aspect were not yet now. Can I bring this back though like is there? There must be an attachment that someone who's has no are below. The elbow has asked a prospectus is to make in the personnel assesses said. No, I'm not going to make a knock at a graph to forty four. Caliber pistol onto the internet? Prospect, but rather a buzz, saw for a fish tat, that's good, but that's where we're talking about. That's that's an ethical problem that structure has with the goal of the person who needs the device. That's right! That's right! So I me right now: just doing mainly for treatment for people who are injured bright, so that they can move about bad Eventually, you can think of you know you can set of a more things to educate nap weapons. You can add sore, told laser pistols. You're gonna be like.
Swiss army knife. Human. Might my son, my mother, my son's once asked me when you see something runners into thing: one: ok, he said Daddy This is a very special potty, your body and I said yes, yes, you're right and your said, because all children of your house lawyers he said- is it more special than afoot you should have said son just wait twelve year here here was my metric. I thought! Well, let's see. If I lost my foot, I could make an extremely usable functional replica of it. Yes, The penis is far more important than the foot. Also. This is from the point of view of of of Europe people in Romano Matter
but like neurologically in principle, what not what is to prevent as the future- and we just not there yet to just rebuild our Neuro physiology rather than just our muscles, are skeletons. Yes, oh were there's their system called the deep brain stimulation. So it's something where you sort of insert a theme: electoral to your brain and jeeps: grain stimulant rain stimulation and you connected to a battery packer. You can control it and actions about a hundred thousand people in the world today already use it. What are they doing with its four people, with Parkinson's disease, depression, epilepsy and so on, so that when they turn it up, they also to stop them from hemp having epileptic seizures? Okay, so the funding for that would be drawn. In the future, surely by the sex industry, so you're a pleasure centre, will you press the button
we'll. Do the same thing to your brain so that their sex robot, deep brain? What I agora efforts be there's a whole swathes of the population that would never leave their house again, but DARPA. Actually, the? U S, events, grants are easy, Sergey reality they also there also really interested in this technology, because a lot of soldiers come back from war with post, traumatic stress disorder, so they're, using that deep brain stimulation to try to cure or to ameliorate the effects of depression. So this is beginning of what could come, that's right, and so the limit? What do you see it in fifty years, a hundred years, while eventually so right now, the system? It's it's called an open loop system, so you control and you can easily controlled the amount. Electricity going to your brain by opera once in five years, a closed loop system and what,
beans is that it's gonna automatically monitor your brain waves and sort of send signal, so save your fighting, a war and you it really scared? They also have sent electricity to come you down eventually we could create super soldiers now with that? Here's a wow, that's never gonna go wrong. What could happen there anybody asking I'm curious is like, obviously, with technology were like driverless cars, bring them on all four that we're goin You're, so am I accept that we should now except is for it if you're the rest of the sentence has the word, except in unison, language, construction reckon I am all for it. Ok, how within humans, adoption of technology. We there are questions that come and so are you were
Is your department sort of working on like hey everybody when you get to this point you guys should consult us yet so take self driving hours, for example, there is a big issue. Wow so say the cars. Do you know about him? Five people, and truly proud? It's the trolley pride. So we got a problem and it came, became veer off. I'd kill you so help me. People would actually buy a car that I'll kill you in having a rough com, question, didn't make it this area fella. All these are these sort of researchers and programmers. They have to decide like whether to say five people or save you re in Sudan. It's gotta be programmed in I'd. Wait, wait, wait so, but this way more than that we even get there. I'm thinking! Let me just ask if you could fix What's a congenital problems or some other physical problem either from birth?
from war or from accident, and ok, I get that. Are you obligated to do that for everyone? it sets out so that we can, I ask, is that guy there are people another. This is serious. There are people who who they are, because Whatever that disability works, expressing some point of insight, creativity, some sort of compassion, and they made a wise built on everything that they, were or were not relative to everybody else. Like people like deaf people who refuse a clear implants, lies they already know how to swim ones. Here. How did that yeah yeah? That's it. Culture. Is it's a thing it's a who you to say at its little less of a thing than anybody else's. So might so so my question it back to you is what
a future where they could be on culture that puts social. Pressure on you to conform when their people, figuring out their lives with whatever Deca cards they were dealt yet so really great question, ok, yeah, so I think So I wrote a book on human rights and I think that by till the title the, but it's a great book is called the right to be loved them. To be loved but all which makes up for you wearing a suit tonight rank. So I think that for the disabled individuals we d have it's just like we do. You know that just like we do, and we have to make sure that I think our job is to make sure that if they want to to augment Eric
ass if they want to, but if they don't, if they don't want to have cochlear implants, then that's their choice, but in of creating new individuals, I think there we can sort of say. Maybe we have an ethical obligation not to create individuals who lack sir and what I call fundamental capacities. So these things like being able to see being able to hear being able to walk about rights or deliberately deliberately creating a child who can't walk. That seems like as an emphasis, I think, there's something wrong with doing that year. Why won't you are creating that's how they can't walk you're kind about dick right, although I know that you made them, let them be borne with wheels. Look. What you say with wheels reels. Ok, it turns out, I think, Bio physiologically it's hard to have wheels
Now, if you think that's room, but a biologically, you would need some. In your body that that action is that what is needed in actual fact be actual presupposes that they're, like that, we could somehow lesson, the suffering, but engineering a being in the fact is, is just as you were saying about handicap people's true for everyone. We are all a product of both all the good and bad things that have happened to us and we all suffer no one escapes from that. So, Ok, couple people do not escape from that strict me as an interesting question when you talk about also now that we can engineer kids that all kids have twenty the vision and re hearing in excellent physiology that some,
How is based on this precept that, like somehow they'll, suffer less, which is really a folly where it, but continue that very day. Let's make sure we do not create a kid who can't walk whether or not it has wheels suppose our acts suppose now we figure out how do given arm sort of bionic strength to borrow the term, and would you start having people amputate the arms, so they can get one of these and then would that be be creating by one some races. Super humans, because we technologically can I always loved the bionic woman episode, where she's in a race car that caught the wheel, balls off and just to put it back on and she reaches up to them not, because I would love My arm to be able to do that. Would you would you amputate your current arm to have that property? Yes,
Yeah but I is there, any ethics to be able. I don't think we have to make that choice so with the exoskeleton. That's a copper that basic up, but I think people are going to be able to design things where we can see if we can jump in just like we jump into cars rather than having to amputate our arms like that would be so of icy. Actually, three weeks ago, because, in the same way we're not operating your brain to insert the elements of a smartphone, smartphone is at the end of your fingertips and surf almost the same it's just a little slower. You had a tap your fingers, having going straight into your cerebellum frontal lobe. There is it.
There is a theory, thereabout spiderwebs, being an extension of the spider central nervous system, and, if that's true than absolutely my phone is an extension of my central nervous system, F, F, F, gesture. I withdraw that. I feel it's not around me. Let me know you're right, so I want to feel better for a day. I dont look at it reacts. This segment. Upstart talk live in New York. He secretly! I'm gonna consider singing all of the ads on this shell there's just one and where to get out of hearing there go to patriarch arms last star, talk and sub. Where does at the five dollar level or higher to listen the star talk ad free? you can download all current episodes into your favorite podcast player and never
we're here. Another commercial on star talk ever again. You will definitely not have to hear me saying if you support us at Patria, dark coms. Last our talk, radio, I mean I'm just thinking I mean just saying that kind of Lesser Adam Savage with a book terminal, look here What's a call, dont give guns to robot sit title. I love that title Matthew. You had a book, couple years ago we will discuss the first segment, their right to be love. Right to be loved. That's beautiful! It's also a college ups and saw
I don't think so. You don't forget my book. That's out on shelves right now. It's called astrophysics for people in a hurry. Not so, let's, let's see genetic engineering does, but before I do that Matthew, you co author paper, Helen was controversial about human organs patient and climate change right. What happened? What was that so let me Change is one of our. You know one of the biggest problems that we face today in a lot of people, we are talking about very dry stick solutions, something call, for example, something I'll GEO Engineering. I love it yet more of it this is sort of just one example sprang sulphate, aerosols into the ozone layer. Or to increase their reflectivity of the plant house. Right
the amount in lower infrared radiation in sunlight, coming down to the that's right. That's right! a GEO engineering seems really risky. We only have one planet. So if you destroy the ozone layer, you end up destroying the whole planet. So I this so in this context I propose something called Human engineering, which is this biomedical modification of human beings in order to allow us to mitigate or adapt to the effects of climate change. So why why that's like saying? How do you fix ass drain just give everyone in acid rain proof umbrella. What one is that a solution yeah. So let me give you an example now, yet there is every chance go So large people tend to use more energy than smaller people right
and they, where our shoes, you know quicker, they take it, takes more energy to transport them from eight to be so the idea is other things be never want to hear the end of that. I hear this cars here in ITALY and violent people. Large people use more resources and energy Vance nor people. So what I propose smaller there's, no problem taking care of it to China material that sentence can only end badly is so Propose yes, Matthew.
So we should try to have smaller people, as is realised at a so there's a move You coming out, it's called downsizing with Matt Damon,
then Wigan Christopher Wolf, it's exactly on this topic, so they taken up this idea so climate change in the hour they wanted downsized it. So they went to create small people in order to make more efficient use of the movies coming out in December. But these are really small people there, like vantages tat. So I'm not talking about that's why I don't think that it be gets this produce more. Every question is: if we are flying with one, do you have to pay a full extra fitting like a whole group of prevents camp out in school? I see a lot of sequels Matthew, you're completely creepy me out here. So so it's just that rather than reduce your carbon footprint. Let us make small people, that's just
I don't know, I don't know how I feel live with yourself. I do but euros. So when you will you take that since you're taking it would not take that stance when you examine that question examining just a week just to be fair to marry, he's an academic. So and you're in academia. You explore extremes of theses and see what comes out of it. That's all. I want to fun with you here by its job to see where that goes. So you will know whether anything should go that way or not so, if you don't know, I think we figured that part of its fascinating that we're talking about this at COMECON with this crowd, because this is a crowd of people that I dont think have all felt nor almost of their law this is. This is the message and the innate problem we have in our minds that I have when I hear that is, I love
variety and very, very quality of human of human of the human experience. So some Matthew above you are familiar with it. The gene, editing, that's been going, lately with Chris Crisper, so so the future crisper we don't go in and genetically augment the body putting him out of business, because this boy make stuff in his garage. You went to the body and method. That way so my hope, for that is the following: so I started a thing here's why I don't need any role as an option, because in all experimentations of nature. The human. The tree of life has not come up with wheels. Ok, but in principle, We should have access to any
feature that exist in any other living thing right in principle, so so, for example, if you have a wounded warrior back from missing a limb some gene in the Newt that reach Rachel EM, you graph that whatever I'm just making this up at. How far fetched is that, when you, there are other vertebrates in this world. They can. We grow a limb and also so I'd like to think that we would have access to all of the better its of four billion years of nature's experiment on its own is fair hope that I can put in the hands of a crisper expert yeah. That's right, so their sort of embryos, embryonic stem cell research, for example, for regeneration, so they can become any kind of cell in your body, and then crisper for gene editing, so the there already using this too,
out, say HIV to make an embryo, more h of HIV resistant, for example, so, and to be clear, routine, in affair, I mean, I know, politics run the gamut, but we're talking in a fairly. I think political spectrum in this crowded comecon. But what about? If someone can edit genes I mean as soon as somebody said, they thought they'd isolated, a gene for homosexuality. People were calling them saying. How do I make sure my child does not my unborn child does not have this right, so this whole ethical frontier design. Maybe a designer baby, he's a deer desire baby? So so What's going on in Europe because Europe, you are also affiliated with Why should department? That's why you? So maybe you just think about all this, so so wit. What is we do not go in danger, so we have to make ethical decision about where to draw the line for that? We need a bigger
We need to make a decision like you make a decision about how to sort of do designer babies and one eye, Think is that so I earlier mentioned this thing about fundamental capacities and so think we can draw a line. One line can be drawn their where we have to make sure that way. Every child we create has to have all the fun mental capacities. I say: that's the basic. The basic model still has to the intact as rights right when you get the car, it should before wheels and teeth to axles. Maybe now- and I suppose I suppose I like the basic matter- the car, but I just want a leather interior economic like so I would like a child who has a certain type of hair or certain late. Basically, you know you have a bunch of black pairs where little white, blue eyed babies or you don't Madonna yeah
yes, so yes ray This, for example, doesn't effect our fundamental mental capacity know about your life going and by that I mean sort of like things like being there the move around the about a thing beer would hear, etc, etc, and so oh, that's why it's wrong to try to emails to our genes again, I'm not ever talking about. I wanted my hands ok, rather than subtraction of whatever might have been there. So if I could go in and editor Jean, if we find such a gene, that gives you hi propensity to great piano playing, because I like piano and I rested, and one in the household
it's in the nursery now so should I should I be prevented from doing that. I don't think so I think you should be allowed to do that. Ok, so it's interesting Richard Dawkins. When Kosovo question he said, that's probably more humane to do that they make the floor two kids take piano lessons for taking efficacy. By the way I feel about that is you should be. Do that I agree with you, but it should only be with in what's in Your particular gene lie. So, for instance, if there is propensity for playing the piano somewhere in your Jean, like it's in there somewhere it? It was impasse to you. This is the moment at which you turn out. It's a switch. You turn wants this movement in Attica, where they say we're not creating we're not creating some other you we're that's all genetic pools between you and your mate and that's what we're putting, but you don't take in one of them a person.
Play. The piano is really beautiful and when they were done that six fingers on each hand. Oh yeah, that's right genetically because he had that gene and they activated it. So she could play saws that nobody else can play with six brings centres Anita, oh my god. I want six fingers, so bad right, inefficient, account embrace twelve. Are you prepared for that? But doesn't we started discussion about generating by talking about enhancements to a basic model, but this presupposes I just I just gotta go there for second, of course, our time keeping is based wall we get to twelve, and we start over again is based. The ten and start over again so based twelve Not all the Babylonians had a little bit it at an they were they sixty and twelve devise easily into sixty. You'd only did I know who bring the Babylonians math at the same time, a I was saying that when we talk about it
sing a basic model. This presupposes that humans, ass, a species could potentially decide upon what a basic model is, and I think that sounds possibly like folly. I can imagine, every iteration of weird bizarre messed up ideas about what constitutes a basic model of human will we really we gotta bring this. To close, I clearly you been listening to start live
that's gotta start out and savage a Miss buster sing, your former former myth, buster singular yeah, that's a mouthful and- and we have Matthew yeah, they propose that correctly. Yes, Professor bioethics, New York University color, pointed at the Department of Philosophy finger in all matters, and I love the tide of your book- why we should be loved that get that right right to be the right to be given the right. You remember a title. I died or I gotta check. We love you. Always, let's take a look at what we might want to do. If we and ourselves for survival purposes rather than just to have fun? Maybe
don't talk a little people again. Ok, don't even go there. So if you want to go, if we're gonna, go to if we're gonna? If we, if we not that space requires certain kind of physiology. Pile luminescence. I've been thinking about that the whole time, but wait if I could augment humans for survival. I would allow our stomachs to digest cellulose. That's the end of hunger right and of hunger, yeah sailors has as calorie content, just like any other carbohydrate does accept. We we have no enzymes to dissolve at an end, but it could have alternative consequences. Like pieces of grass and our poop. Let me among the worst problem coming out of your, but because we, start digesting cellulose to buy products in the ex are high and nothing for example, and so
any room with this, many people in it is it ignition risk or or a vital source of rocket fuel depends. How look at it, but I I agree. If you credit is for the stomach. That'll digest sailors. Matthew anyway, is about how we might take us into the future. We can survive on a tiny planet with gazillion people Yeah so be more heat resistance, be about it so our blotter better rainwater retention oxygen for employers who do think, we can again it's in the animal kingdom in the tree of life, if you think we can ever creep synthesizing skin w useful property to half claret. You could eat less. I don't think it's enough surface area to drive the the two in calories a day that you need that last year a smaller
too soon to say, be put in place. Both sides, it appeared. As you know, this is Neil Show re just to be clear. Two thousand Food calories is a Kapital, see that's a thousand physics calories answer. Two thousand proposes two million calories. That's why we really do not know- is that, like the fudging that they do with a chocolate milk says secretly, five servings address it ass, a different thing going on yet so one calorie that too, is one gram of water one degree Celsius? That's ok, so one food calories. A thousand of those. Oh, So as a measurement of heat
is that what you say and later you jump saying just slipped out, I'm sorry, but we can go. Active whom calories we want. So so that would be one thing you might put in the in the physiology got anything else: wings! Oh ok! But if you read my tweet so wheels based visa, Would you got a good one for all three? If you could have wings at the spends of having hands within a possible thumb. Would you know, now we have ever see a bird try to turn a door. Now it is not ready.
Is that good get rid Knobs DORA s hurts yeah, so just because there's no example of light. Where they, where they have forelimbs, plus a set of wings. You gotta give so much to get your wings, as was accurately done in the dragon and game thrones. Yes, moving along. Well, that's pretty good of you to note. You know how much our wholesale tweets on is. Where were you you? suppose that I can read me. This is Neil. You are the physical parliament of the word actually and I think
the highest now you do not even so tell us in, Future, what is the laboratory, the future for these superhero of the future if you're gonna go beyond man have Superman today. Can you dream this up? Is it all about ology rather than physical toys. I dont it's going to have to be both biology and physical toys because we keep on enhancing our ability to use technology, and if there's one thing, that's that's consisted about humans. We don't think about it before we do it. That's just it's in our nature, o new thing: let's try it out and see how wrong it can go a while that wrong. Ok, let's keep ongoing unless it killed. You then, The Darwin award VS, that's, ok or best, be ignored, help profit,
although prize right, so so Matthew, The future laboratory is at all biology, crisper, Jean editing. Do you think I think he's gonna have to be mixed rights of a bit of biology, alot of computer? in our official intelligence in their hybrid renders you don't. Let me say, areas order frictional intelligent. Why are you afraid of a line of its proper their distributed widely, so I am Here, too, I think that at some point they already beat the world's best go play our last year and they're gonna get way smarter and at some point by the way, did beat the world's brats go player. It's an ingenious strategy that had never been previously imagined my tonight. I wasn't just doing what you mean do but better than other humans? That's right! It ready for your robot overlord happen, so that gonna be sweeping robots floor. So that's gonna, be one of the biggest biggest issues that we're going to have to face. Is there going to be
These really super intelligent beans that are not human and how we can survive. You not conjures up. I'm, not a business making stuff, because everything he makes is controlled by the human that where's the the suit, still be making stuff it'll just before a robot home I'll have well he's done by to say I'm one, seven, five, four five now be funny. I said, call me Freddy, Freddie little bad. Talking of right, you know of I'm I'm afraid to someone. I actually think at that, I'm not afraid now, I'm afraid of the person who will actually free? I, because I think that
we will never give a the ability to make the kind of decisions that we won't. Let it because we're in control at some point, there will be a singularity and either some we'll come along and cause that or the Jeanne itself will go a yo yo. The past me, that's what I'm three that we see this America. I can unplug the machine, I'm thinking ok, but as an eye think of HIV. In one sense, I'm really scared of it. In another sense, it might be look. We are already a colony which ninety nine percent of the cells in our body are not human and origin we are by. We are screwed human, My final reflection on this evening, when you have I think of ay I at once
really scared of it. In another sense, it might be look. We are already a colony which ninety nine percent of the cells in our body or not human and origin. We are a biome, we are a colony and it may be that the goal of by oh, is to create ever larger sentience. It might be that our planet, that guy a really is an overall intelligence and the singularity is simply humans. Extension of their consciousness to the size of a planet Hey. I planet, they I'd Matthew, but you gotta, remember he's working for the overlook. He just admitted that earlier and manually yes One of the issues is gonna, be whether we are going to survive into the future right. That's the identity question, but another issue is gonna, be, their humans war survive.
We might arrive as you sort of in cyborgs or other forms, but the human this may not survive. So we might have to make a choice between a surviving. And human surviving in future. Work. I don't even know if I understood what you just said, It sounded really deep. We survive we'll do the humans survive really is smaller. Any reflections on this, really looking forward to tiny people. My job is done. We do so. What what we have called the wheels and real, but when I look over the less several centuries since the industrial revolution- and you see
machines replace human. Physiology and animals for mechanical work and we adapted to that pretty well few people lost their job. Others gang jobs, societies grew economies, grew productivity, grew they. I t revolution saw the exchange of human intellectual computational powers with that of a computer. Mechanical abilities with robotics, and so we seem to survive that pretty well robots, make our cars and makes almost everything we care about and no longer as witnesses handmade is. I don't want that as by its flaws, in an age where a machine may thing mostly is better,
then a handmaid thing in most cases that wasn't how was way back when I grew up, but that's the world that we ve, we ve created for ourselves, and so when we think of what machines can do your life blood next transition, I think, is what Cyber can do. What genetics can do, That is, I think, the next evolution of this. What can I do for me lately, and I am Fearless survey I for the following reason: I dont see people making humanoid robots. That's not what we have done. You look at it shows from the fifties and sixtys and they had robots and then have the robot to drive the car, no the car is the robot. Now you don't make a robot to drive your car, so usage of not only the machines, but the ay, I that's a part of it
very specifically task for exactly what you need when we need it and why we need it? and so ass, we go into the future. I see our lives being transform, but not because I has become our overlord, but because We actually, yes, I know those risks that we face as well, but I see a future. We're serves us the way machines and computers have served us to this day, and perhaps we carry forward into the future the wisdom necessary to do right by I less a really pissed off to decide that earth is better off with all. That is a cosmic perspective. You ve been watching stuff.
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