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#ICYMI - 2018 Soccer Tech: Beyond Sports & Telstar 18

2018-04-19 | 🔗
In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel…We look to the future of soccer and prepare for the 2018 FIFA World Cup as we investigate Beyond Sports VR technology and the new Adidas Telstar 18 with hosts Gary O’Reilly, Chuck Nice and Beyond Sports CEO Jeffrey Saunders and physicist John Eric Goff.Photo Credit: © 2018 BEYOND SPORTS BV.

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Skip the commercials support star talk on patriarch to listen to every episode, commercial free Are you an american sir? Are you even in America, towards having your work away for nothing? That's caught sight. By four. We like the world a better place for it. On this episode of playing with science is cutting edge, v awe and the New World CUP Football for Russia. Anti Eighteen, that's right! World cup baby playing with science, starts right now,
I am you the rest of your personal astrophysicist. The startup network is pleased to present to you, a U show where the universe and sports, and now I am so nice I like, and we eyes the host of playing with science ready for it all of which have you prefer, has not being shy in embracing technology. Go line taken, gps tracking I've been state,
of the modern game for years. But what is on the cutting edge? What are we going to see the twenty eighteen World CUP in Russia and beyond and is exactly we'll go for answers as we talk to Jeff, Saunders C, o beyond sports, a sports, a company that works with current world champions Germany and English Premier League Giants Arsenal. I think you know those guys do I'm not a nice to, but we respect the club most definitely right and giving us totally unique by that was my bias anyway. Giving us a totally unique and detailed insight into the official World CUP ball after having put it through. Its prices is a very good friend, Professor Eric Gulf, who has just published a paper on exactly this subject here and it's a long one. It is in very deed. Yes, look innovations, yes, which he will explain not made earlier, but Joe
yes. First by video call is beyond sport, see Jeff Saunders Jeff. Welcome to the show, sir. Thank you guys it's great to be here it's great to have the text side of sport with us. So what is beyond sports tech? What sets your take apart from take being used by other teams. Other sports foods before us, where the only company and its doing exactly what we are doing in this short space. What we do is we take tracking down. We turn that into virtual reality, worlds. Where teams, coaches can training, can analyze parts of their of their game broadcasters can bring immersive experiences to to broadcast audiences and fans, of course, can experience the game. Like never before from any prospective field. So you really have created a virtual world for sports.
Mean this is almost every ex every perspective being represented. Now you problem. Play soccer. Is that or are you doing every support? We start soccer and about three three and a half years ago I made a lot of great in roads and in Europe and national teams, with leagues clubs I now we're pivot is going into two other sports. We work in cycling currently as well as soccer and soon to be in basketball and american football Not only is the experience. Ballistic experience shows branching out our and vertically within it voting well. So I want themes how coaches, how our athletes I'll call him athletes, because we ve gone into more than one one. Here. Are they benefiting
engaging with your technology because there must be a specific reason or several as to why they hoped into your. Were your companies tech from performance standpoint we like to speak about what we do, as there is cognitive training. So if you can quantify carded didn't acuity cognitive functions, then training and so we ve been able to utilise, actually data lives? Now pretty ubiquitous across seen in professional leagues reviews to create these environments. Where now we can tap into and then train cognition in professional athletes, I think, The really important point What we do is we're moving from what has been up to this site. A lot of data that has come out utilised, sports round, but it's mostly on physical parameters,
foremans and now we want to move into trying to understand more about their cognition parameters. We s works, I saw a video on your side about a young player is looked, look to be, might have a middle school, don't even take this. Kid was in high school and using the tat to make to help with decision making it so kind of what you're talking about right there from a cognitive standpoint he was given different scenarios and then he was shown different perspectives from the field and above and I was able to help them figure out what his breast choice was so that you know how did you come up with the scenarios? Are these are real games scenarios that you are presenting to these players to help them with the cognition aspects of their game,
Their exact moments from games as a first thing, I'm so in Arsenal's case arsenals, one of our primary customers need customers and we re create in real time, if need be, the exact replica in a virtual world of the game its ongoing were, has been played. So so, once you once you have this virtual world, if you can imagine then you as a player out or even a fan, can be placed any prospect? Do you can see? The game has also sees the game and can experience. You know what was going on on the pitch at the moment. In particular, the decision was made so what it allows young players, your reference in Category Academy, are or whatever other clients house upwards in HOLLAND, they train their academy players to certain there are certain curriculum
allow Osman not only to to make decisions but to discuss by decision, were made or should be made so that they take away from it. Is that when you? where I work in a trade in much younger age, now, players recognize: dump new pattern, recognition especial earnest noise where we talk about you, you have to check your shoulder, receive more information in but if you put into a virtual world- and that is difference between made specific decision or correct or incorrect decision from from a teams reflected. An you again- can started to wreck the rats in the These kind of Are you making opportunities and then you get a basis for for learning and household basis for quantifying how specific athletes, whether be forced to whether be Academy Blair. How
functional? Is there a cognitive abilities, yeah Jeff in wonder you landed on the moon, you ve taken this giant step. I'm now sitting here as a former prior thinking. What I'd do if I'm fifteen sixteen years of age, I wouldn't be close enough to the first thing to have experience of playing. You can give me that experience as a teenager pop me straight, to a game and we'll get him getting game speed, because I can tell you you're used to playing academy games, cry paces lots, lowering the slow lawyer, then you can come up a bit, to a development spot is under twenty three and then the big boys kickin. This aren't you just all of a sudden. Miles an hour in the first line and a lot's happens very very quickly, from what you game on tv, and it looks quite slow put yourself in it and there's no time to think what you're doing is building thinking time through repetition,
understanding familiar, aren't, no wonder the guy's love this. Do you have players I'm too you after games. You say I want to see that back. Can you put back in my virtual world out there, I can see where I should have been done. They come to. You can do that already. I think there's a mixed there's that news players who urine for additional information and training, and then there is obviously performance, Coaching Bay staff who feel certain. Certain players need to be put in those situations as much as possible or two to accelerate the learning process. So you have exemplary we're talking about being a fifteen or sixteen year old, kindness physically cope with your first team from the physical perspective on the sun, we can put them mean that same environment. As you said, there were the game speed and then you can train them. Confidently, incorrigibly, a player, thirteen fourteen fifteen. Sixteen can keep up.
Will you know the cognitive functions happening from a first anyway? So When is the game speeders exact, and this basing its exact and all the parts will in this virtual world are authentic, too the real game in line yeah, then you start to see, ok, which your thirty, has a high aptitude on the cognitive which forty year old. Pattern recognition and had then which in which fifteen year old, did find solutions, Maybe I'll where's haven't found, or even your first employers found so there's no sir per se, but if you're, put them yet environment. Then When they become physical, capable, I bet eighteen, ninety two compete with the first team are playing with the first team. Can they ve already been there for years, is not yet. I worry. A training was at. Or your train as you do have like young paduans arrived teaching to be generally. It is at midnight
the thing will lie Sabre training without was suddenly it is it's pretty cool. It's pretty much going in that direction. I'm just sitting here and now in the thought occurred to me the team that wins the war. Cup in Russia in twenty eighteen. Is it the time with the best tech, or is it the best team that wins in European? In our opinion, it is both the tunisian best tackled and certainly Germany, who there are clients they will be bringing beyond sports the our analysis, Training tools to Russia within they ve been signed a contract with us late last year and for the for the purposes of having a competitive advantage. United welcome to our staff are team there with. Then I also think they ever yeah Angela technical and physical rosters Do I think without attack, but we think that the
the additional beyond sport, steckler thinking that british understatement Jeff, I would go with- they have a chance, Let me ask you this: what would you rather have in the World CUP, one team thoroughly trained every scenario cognitive least superior familiar with, Every unfolding scenario that can happen in the game, the other team- plays basically on their instinct, but superior in every way physically, they are faster, are stronger. They are I'll, say tougher, which your favorite identical twins exactly so, which one would you rather have who to throw your money on you gotta World CUP game. This is for all. This is for the big one, and you got one team, these guys they can recognize any situation. They can play their more Hetty them
any other team, but the other team faster, stronger, tougher and you know- and the group the good players with deep that they just don't have that kind of training. Go working is really a question of how you see the evolution of sport, really the avenue after you had a but tat, I think is pervasive among sports and end the energy that I work and, of course we They tend to waive the more and more the cognitive strength of players in tee You know my growing up, my my loves teams that, were you, know one step ahead, all the time collectively, maybe can't you do then their opponents, you think of of the duchy suddenly is potentially the Hungarians before that again. It is, I think, a morbid personal privacy situation. You probably find it. A team that was fit
They superior would win now. Four times as ten and maybe a fortune Don't turn a cognitive superior team we win in the other. Two would just be. You now would just be a toss up: ok, interesting, origin, etc. We are here now twenty eighteen discussing what we think or why things incredible in terms of costs if skill development through we are wary, you going to be working not physically, but in terms of the Tec five years time where's this heading It's a great question that we we talk about all the time our evolution is, as a company in our product basically said, we had to allow professionals, the professional tears. I do see the game from any perspective and then at very quickly. Migrated to well is the players in staff can see the game from a perspective. Why can't a fan see the game and experience gained from any prospective so
We work and broadcasters now fuck. Sport is one of our big clients in HOLLAND, and so there delivering our vantage points in our views. Too many are broadcast scientists now twice choice on every game. They weaken the user within their analytics near color color during during have time get and posts games to to give you know that the more casual fan the same type So that's one thing where it's going. Second area is directly to consumers. We feel that there's can obviously be a huge market for consumers want to consume. This type of content want create their own content? I want to see who they think like want to put themselves in a position. I see or or any asda wherever, maybe
Those people want a real live specific moment. So, can I see the Philly special people walk? I see it from forces present. Did the quarterback, who turned into a receiver for for probably one of the most iconic, plays insuperable history? Nor do I want to be false? Yes, I think and I think a lot of people would like to replace things. I gotcha there's all this kind of consumer based immersive experiences that are going to come very quickly. I think they should be analytically driven, for what we do right now. We can give inside two teams in coaches, that just hard available now scouting so magic, we can now scout you by actually playing against them prior to the game. So, as you know, many returned to play from injuries on the part, physical, real education process, keeping your college
It's been yourself fit Gary when there was well- is a huge difference between physically Ray though it yourself mentally. Being yes without a doubt. Without a doubt, I'm just sitting there getting chills, because I'm thinking I find a. Sixteen years of age right now, I'm so desperate for this tech, I'm so desperate to find out what it's like to be where I've always thought. I want to be that's an international, primarily player playing in La Liga blunders, legal, whatever it is, and you can actually give that to me I can bring myself to a higher level of performance. It's amazing but you just tell em to thinking now how soon before fans can be law, I live the play is that you have just discussed and being a virtual world war. That's got to be the ultimate said to take a fan. In the arm chair watching a game. Yes, I'm a quarterback
I'm getting home runs slammed on, came I'm scoring goals, wow I've just elements that actually Gary that's actually not so far. Yeah we do we do that right now, our technology is real time, so were actually are latency for others You know the textbooks listening. That remains is zero point one four seconds so were: much like quicker than the broadcast feed, because work were basically interpret any act, wisely, coordinate data which is the opposite quicker, inter sitting there, your broadcast media, that's that's going over the airwaves, so we can do that You can actually be in the head of a player pretty close to live now as pretty wild man. How low before chuck- and I get these things We say. Let me we're: let's go wing, let's go with maximum weakest.
Ok, then we got down fantastic yeah. What a pleasure saying It's ok, jars, eyes and I know chucks gotta certain areas. I think our list as we're gonna love. It is well. We wish you beyond sports and everybody the very best of luck and we can be glued to the World CUP in Russia. That sure I thank you for having us in the course of the Germany went beyond the canadian sports and there you go again. We like that. That's it that's a man who knows how to market say for sure that's a larger! Thank you to Jeff Saunders? Ceo of beyond sports? We are going to take a break when we come back. Professor Eric Gulf gives us the physics behind this is official world CUP or the best Tell star, I've got no secret. For you
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I hope you are with us and not to confuse right joining us now we're talking soccer and to do that. We have professor Eric off author of gold medal physics and press for physics. Lynchburg. In Virginia. Ok, what is on the horizon, professor? As regards the Tell star, eighteen for the World CUP, the affair too bold, so we had the pursuit of all which was this night, colorful boy. Here back in twenty fourteen in Brazil and now in Russia, we're going to be using the detail story, teen ball, both of which are made by ADI does, and you can tell the tale star, has a black and white color scheme. It honours the nineteen seventy ball. There was the first ADI Dost ball was also cartel star and a black and white back. That, of course, helped people see the ball better on the television screens, but he had a color colors
so our interests they homage to the past a loaded with his color scheme and asked whether the similarities in department fact its ground. Oh yes, because the original Tell star Thirty two panels hand states leather. If I'm not mistaken, that's right! The traditional ball, of course, has the thirty two panels. You got the twenty six, a guy. Thirty, two or sorry the twelve Pentagon right yet thirty, two panels. This thing only has six panels on it, so we're we're getting the paddle number down to an extremely low number, two approaching a really perfect sphere. So can you tell us why these panels and why this? Because, when you look at something with thirty two panels to make up a round ball, you going through an awful lot, to get to a sphere. So you know, Edison did the technology wasn't a viable in seventy, and I think that was the professor back. This up traditionally balls came with sort of Penta
no and hex agonal shape a gay and an awful lot of stitching, and all for that now we have technology when you can thermally seal a ball, make it right here, these schemes are now thermally bonded on the ball, so there I've seen it all there, they're not hands dish like they used to be, and if you think about how difficult it is, to make a sphere out of materials cloth other whatever it is. Yes, it is a challenge, and the old thirty to paddle design was a pretty good design for a sphere. You know: that's our EPCOT Centre, the Bucky Balls that carbon sixty Adam the spiritual balls that we had in the past. That was a very good design, but these very strange panels that we ve got now the circuitous shapes for the paddles help us get down. The paddle
We're all the way to six. So now why panels at all? There are plenty of balls that you look at a basketball. I mean that that has panels too, but you and even baseball's have panels, but that's for construction since you now have thermal feeling, why have any panels at all? So you got a bladder inside of this ball and you got to be able to get the bladder inside of this, and you got to be able to ensure that the ball stays round or spherical shaped, play so when its being kept in headed and rolling around on the pitch, it has to maintain a pretty spherical shaped during play its very challenging to do that without any themes, are you eat? It certainly needs at opening to get the errand the ball right served. For instance, if I had to semicircle hemispheres I put the bladder inside and then I just have one firmly bond. Seal all the way around.
I would I use something like that to have just a totally smooth ball. So, seems do provide a little bit a structure to the spiritual shape. The type a boy you're describing is gonna, be like a cricket ball you're gonna have to we have. A sphere is coming together, really good cricket all is actually have an extra seem on them as well, but the seams actually help provide that spirit will shape a little bit better. Look at once. You start denting pan or something there's no way for that to get pull back out into the spiritual shape. The thing is we go back to do Bologna, South Africa, twenty ten, the essence the board was hated slayers, because whether or not the factor of games were being paid at sea level, games were being played at a mile high altitude affecting also
things, but the design of the ball meant it. It knuckle bald at lower spades. Am I correct so the real problem with Java Lonnie is these so called drag crisis the Czech loves you. You know I do girl. Julia said that no way I may like you may like in physics to drag crisis is ok. Madura crisis is completely different. We all know that still crises. Yes, it's a crisis, because my grave crisis is like now. How am I supposed to perform these heels when these do not away to type so embrace? The vis extra crisis that we are talking about is The flow over the ball changes as you increase the ball speed from us, God Lameter flowed a turbulent flow and the problem with job a lady is that crisis where that transition happens, was right
in the middle of the speed range, where you saw a lot of free kicks in corner kicks what was the great desire of the Bezukhov. All four years later is that they move that dragged crisis back to a lower speed. So that essentially all of the kicks that took place at the corner kicks in the freak. Speed range worry in this term. Eleven speed range. So you do not have this transition taking taking place during the middle of a quick look like each ball, sometimes being only I was horrible. However, the bridge who has now found itself in another iteration coup tell STAR eighteen, we ve changed the shape the panel's as we highlighted. That, then, must mean something to the. Dynamics- all I know is it seems very much as if the world governing body have decided that they don't like the goal keepers and they,
lighten school, a strong scholars games, even less so doing their best to make life difficult for the girl, capers and the Basque. Ok, isn't about like David, the higher and to stay, from Germany of come out said we don't like the star eighteen? Are they being overly sensitive? Or do they actually have a point? Well, I think every time the World CUP roles around in a new ball is out keep in mind. This is a hundred and sixty dollars. A hundred pounds in great Britain is not a cheat ball out and it makes audacity to an enormous amount of money. By selling these balls there they fly off the shells every time the World CUP comes out, so there certainly a marketing a desire for having new ball every time and every time the new balls come out, the players have to adjust and they have to get used to something new. So there's always gonna be a little bit of a squabbling. I dont think they're gonna find the telescope
all anywhere near as bad as the java. Lahti was eight years ago, but it's got a different. The pet. The panels will differ, states the same number in six, but there's a raised steepling raised pattern on the surface of the board that is different to the presumed. How on earth is that going to make any sort of difference? the total same length on this bazooka. If I take the twenty fourteen ball and actually measure the end higher same length. All the way around is about three at a third meters. If I do the same thing with the tell story: eighteen, it's for a third meters, it's a whole extra meter more than three feet, long of seem so to make up for that added roughness of the ball. What they had to do was they made the actual see height and the scene with, on the Tell star a little bit narrower a little
the shallower- and they actually made the text during a little less tall than on them, bazooka ball, so they compensated for the added same by having these crazier looking paddles by having slightly less roughened surface and you get about the same aerodynamic effects by doing that they all said each other. So how do these balls compare to move on and flight to the original, tell STAR, which is like what people really when you think of a soccer ball. That's what you think about guy to Ireland, yeah, that's Europe! That is the one where you say: Soccer ORD Football like that's the bother comes to your mind. So how will these balls perform differently Let me just say that holiday Hokosa gets going ahead on this,
are you having? Another drag cries out over drank now sorry, professor? We when we have an errand pupil, how these balls perform differently one to the next. So if you look back to the stitched balls of the past, they did not maintain their spherical It was well, they didn't perform as well. When will there be some wetness on the pitch weathering? The ball would be a lot faster. These thermally bonded balls the technologies now session and maintain their spherical shaped better. They keep the water better they're gonna be much more. To the high standards? You would expect for a soccer ball for much longer during the game. Do you think This did the new design for Tell STAR eighteen is going to affect. Style of football we see played by the teams in the World CUP, because the jubilee he certainly did
this flying around. So you you won't getting the longer policies, players who were hitting powers, shots in a game found that once it left their boat that basically no control over what would happen? The goalkeeper good sit in the sitting stank, they didn't know which way was going on are we ll? Look how well Spain did with their short passing in that excellent passing game Emmy net? That's what they re able to do that Java label will we tell star. Eighteen have a similar effect, or will it be more egalitarian for, styles of football, so my my colleagues and Japan have done some when tunnel studies of these, and I have done some trajectory analysis with that wind tunnel work here, alleged bird college and what I found was the Tell star ball for a really hard hit. Ball is gonna travel about eight to nine percent, less distance than the pursuit of all so they'll be a slight reduction in the long range kicks.
That's probably going to be noticed by the goal: keepers who are really trying to hit the ball down the pitch had great distance, maybe for a really long free kick. They might notice a slight reduction in the overall distance. Stubby. Ask you when it comes to gambling because the bread deal for the World CUP. A lot of money is being spent on. These gangs is over a long period, has over a very long period of time. So is this information made available or have you ever thought about selling this information? Because, like that's what I'm really going with this- that really get this information out there to degenerate gamblers. It's very important, monitor rising. To hope for success in your work is worth something. Professor. Your work is really worth something we can get this information out there, because this ball design is going to be for some teams and gonna to be really bad for four others, depending on your style of play. Is that through so that the paper we got abolition it's gonna be online very very soon, and I am happy to provide a copy to anyone who centres
yeah, I've already read the paper and you tell him we were given a step away for free. Is that would tell me It will be online at the Journal of Sports Engineering and technology. Very soon, are you american, Sir? Are you even an American towards having your work away or nothing? That's caught sight that's my friends, we like the world a better place for it all right, let's not get too into your pay, because we want to take a break and we will come back and we will go into depth about your findings. Tell STAR eighteen surgeon who knew you could get that much data off of a ball? a wind tunnel. You guys aren't you things. You know that right like there's something wrong with you.
This science, he sits and if you put no sort of things in front of a scientist, they going to be very, very analytical professor. Please don't get angry, we'll take a break, I'm on a more in depth and less drag Christ. When we get back our good friend professor
welcome back on Jerry? I really am. This is playing with science and Chuck sir. Just nipped out got the polish for his tiara has again. We are changing. Color of the heels and we're Hydra cries. We are hopefully coming out of that stage of chucks life, but we cannot now will you say out loud Ok, we still haven't really over how come that speed? How have we right just published a new pay Let's focus shallots. Greece is what the good professor professor Eric Gulf, a very good friend has done, and it is about tell eighteen, the official World CUP ball for Russia, twenty eighth eighteen.
So the has, as we say, we ve got, but a heritage back to nineteen. Seventy in Mexico, in the sense of this back in its wide, but it's just as out here s where it ends right, yeah. So, professor sir I've, I read in the paper that you set the bar to Japan, one why to what kind of wind tunnel can you actually test a soccer ball? and let me just say for those who are listening, I'm sorry because I jumped ahead. The professor sent the bar to Japan to be tested. Any wind tunnel they met. Adult already there and they probably didn't satisfy you didn't fly the ball over. Maybe you just saw them. Go down to your japanese Walmart pick up a test, our eighteen o k and throw them winter, but what I really want to know, because I've seen when tunnels esoteric cavernous
number one for the most part, their use for their use for aeronautics and from cars, and they all cars and also to think, but that we have it, but what kind of wind tunnel can you actually effectively test a soccer ball in professor, so that the beauty of being a scientist is that the one characteristic you need to be good at has yet to be like a child yet have things to play with and when you get something like a brand new road cup ball, you got all kinds of ideas: racing through your head about how you want to test this thing. So my colleagues that Japan will take the the Tell STAR bar ball and you have to destroy it. You have to open up the back part of this attack rod in it, and then you blow air from the wind tunnel over the ball at various speed, What we're looking at add as we changed the speed of this from a very low airspeed to a very high airs,
The ball is we're trying to figure out what kind of drag it feels if it feels any sideways forces that are going to lead and naturally, effects, and there are certainly some directly the effects that you're gonna get out of these balls. Were there not spending. So what so, to make in terms of the physics to make a bull once is, could not rotate, you gonna have to put an awful lot of force directly through it. So is it travels almost as a still object. I invite you can't get near right through the set. Are that's gotta led to very little sped if you move Europe, your boots off to the side of off centre that you're gonna get the ball to start spending more. So if, if I'm beginning to strike the ball on either side? I would naturally give it some rotation
saying once I do that as a player varies a greater capacity for it to knuckle inferior, saying it won't back or when there is very little spirit, so even weathers knows better at all. You can still get some sideways move better, the ball, because the air comes off the ball slightly asymmetrically, and can we remind our listeners? Maybe they didn't hear our other show about the Sakharov we done when you talk about spin. Can you give us the that the breakdown of what spin is doing to a ball as it moves through the air over a distance so as the as the always getting surface bearing if I looked out on spending counterclockwise and it's moving away from me and let us see the light, side of the ball whipping air back a little farther than on the right side of the ball, its analogous to looking in the back of a boat at a rudder. But you gotta turn the rudder, and you see the
pic of the water turning sideways. Well, if the boat pushes the water in one direction, Newton's third law says, though the waters got to push the boat in the other direction, the same thing with the air. If the air comes off the back of the ball and one direction, the air has got to be pushing the ball in the other direction. So if I look down at a counter clock, sparing ball. It's gonna wanna go from right to left what I'm looking down on. Moving away from me. Ok, so now, My players head on and you just If he made that information about when I'm cool the ball all and I'm hitting it with so much power. It doesn't rotate. If I'm here, with power I am now in a sort of free kick situation. Maybe twenty ninety five yards from go where I am looking not to Ben did around the wall or over the wall, but I am looking to basically blast a hole in the back of the neck. This the thing Christiana Rinaldo does, and they have the way of striking
or with the aperture directly on twitter? So is it then? She d forms the shape of the ball. Will we see even more effect, because that's going to be something that excites the viewers, that's going to be something that gives goalkeeper fantastically big problem. Yes, if you're really kicking for speed in your your boots, going mostly to the centre, the ball you're gonna get very little rotation, but this surface is not completely symmetric, you're gonna get, Boundary layer of air separating in the back of the ball slightly asymmetrically and you can cause the ball is start wobbling a little bit through the air and the other girl keepers are not going to enjoy that. So that wobble, it literally is a bar that polio like an ice What you call it knockabout. That's that's the kind of movement that you're gonna get that kind of you know back and forth. You don't know where going to have a movement and just like a baseball, you good luck of all in baseball. You ought to have a good half a rotation or so
away to the plate so that you can get certain seems and certain smooth areas exposed to the air alternating and that's what causes the ball on knuckle: volatile to Vienna wiggles same thing with the soccer ball, you get a slightly should the ball and you can change that. A cemetery where the balls errors coming off and narrow calls it to one Why did your findings produce anything else, because I'm just thinking about the mentality of basically every football player How can I used it to my advantage and We now can, I add schoolgirl How can I make something? Happened is advantageous to me as an individual to us as a team. Did you come? with any other findings, you think may have some effect on play. Oh and individual, with free kicks corners is another one you mentioned. So we ve tested balls from the speed range of about sixteen miles per hour to about seventy eight miles an hour and we ve got the whole.
A host of data for the year and coefficients for these balls, and while we what I had mentioned before, is if you look at the the high speed kicks, tell stars: gonna go a little less. Far that compared to Brazil for these really long kicks. You can certainly get some orientations of the ball. Were you a little bit more sideways movement than some other orientations it the challenge in a wind tunnel when you break the ball, is that you can allay study what orientation I am so. We certainly don't have a whole series of orientations for the ball in the wind tunnel. Adjust it takes too many balls to do. That is easy for you does the bull contain a microchip of any kind? I have heard that you can't believe tell store eighteen, you can do that. You can have a ball inside of it and you can actually you
the GPS tracker, to figure out where the ball is because we ve. We encountered this with Wilson, the guys you make the american footballs and they have that GPS tracking and therefore you can get tell em metrics, I'm just wondering if that technology is inside, tell STAR attain who's going to be getting access to it, FIFA or the countries that are playing or is it I don't know it is very difficult to get the technology information from ADI Das, because of course there informations proprietary right and you know they dont. What, though, there's your answer? I think it's just answer. The question, let me be added as it is, is the one is good and that anybody information anybody with a conspiracy theory, mind will tell you now that if this text but she inside the ball someone's going to be trying to find a way to hack it?
we're gonna. Do that Tom Brady come on come on you, ve changed sport blamed Brady. The little gps has gotta start deflated Sakharov volunteers. Ok, so just deflation direction dear come up. If this taking their someone's, to be thinking. I wanna hear I gotta have a challenge, someone somewhere thinking, I'm up for this valuable if they don't need the information somebody's gonna hack it just where the hell of it. You know that, isn't that right, hey! What's the ball at all? Well, what the hell is happening that they do this every. Why? I think that the professor touched on the fact. I really think you really really that egg money so how many bowls and manufactured a year as a question. I'm just thought that thinking you may
don't know, but do you have any idea? Roof rough ballpark figure ignite. We gotta think you got a billion people watching the World CUP or that are surely interested in it and even if you take it down to a Europe of her sitting under her Santer about hundreds of thousands of years, all that are gonna be flying off the shelves a hundred and sixty bucks a lesson it makes sense. To me I mean you know: they're the NFL received the little flag as teams. There was a point we're all teams were changing their uniforms yeah they figured out of their not updating their uniforms There are creating sales at. Merchandise, goods stores, that's other donors is its third there increasing their merchandise. So, professor, do we have any synergy between the ball being manufactured as it is, and then a range of footwear but comes out? that might be more inclined to get the best out of the bull orally How are we going too far into?
a rabbit? How would this year, I think the main choice that the players are using further. Food is gonna, be the playing surface again. They're gonna want to know how much grip, they're gonna need Emmy most of the time they're running on the surface, as opposed to actually having contact with the ball me through truth that when you get these stats about running, you have ten kilometers during a game or something I mean the percentage. It's time there actually in contact with the ball is pre small. So I think the interaction with the turf and that the pitch is the most important? No, I just wondered: where does make footwear as well as they do make other sorts of things, but you I know that it's a range was always driven for manufacture to impart power, but more accuracy through the ball. So I just wondered if they exist connected Saint thought process, the newborn new boats, but the boots
we'll be more beneficial used. What this is about, that's a good idea and guess what now did you set? It, though, probably do that it is probably that money maker. Let me ask you, there's one: do they talk to the players when they do they ever consult the players before they do a ball change and too? Why? Why do they not changed the size of the boss? Is that just like? Not if you ended up stairs and his eyes wandered size. So I'm just saying like if you could give your changing the panels and all that kind of stuff, why not make a bigger or smaller and what would you do if you made the ball bitter smaller? So if you make the ball bigger than the larger area. The ball would lead to more air resistance uttered. If you make it smaller than, of course, you have even smaller air that the ball is just about just under a pound in weight and the the size of the balls fairly standards mean if you made a change like the actual size, the ball that would drastically alter the game. Its played right now,
I mean subtle. Aerodynamic differences are differences or one things for players to get used to bet. If you change the way size, the ball, I mean hand, assault while to a baseball player and say your use this, and it is this: it's completely different, an idea in that area. They tell you. I play a real sport. I'm sorry! If you you made a soccer ball of football larger. Then you would have to a new set of skills to be able to work with it, because the way you kicked, the way you control and run with it. You would have to readjust. You would have to adapt to that. Revisit that bit way. You said about white, how much lighter he's, tell STAR eighteen to the original, tell stock if you know how their very close and weight that modern balls tend to be just a tiny bit heavier than the current balls right now I mean I think this is about point,
five pounds? The oder balls tend to be despairing slightly less. How interesting, there's not a great deal of difference in the white, although we ve got every technical innovation in them in the new ball. Yet the white is the same. What happens if we I liked it does. It will become a smaller baseball. That's right, I mean the the drag force that acts on is not does not everything to do with the balls weight, but of course the acceleration does. So, if you made The ball lighter than it's gonna, have more acceleration and you're gonna get more of that beach ball type effect. So do they ever taught players about. I mean these seem to me that all of these things really affect the game, primarily the players. Do they ever consult them word? Is that not necessary pressure? You you have a sword, because I know I have won. But I'd like to hear your first, please I don't know he does is that you know specially discusses the actual World CUP design of the ball with the players mainly ideas.
You can change the paddle design and you could shaves is the way in which the sea these are oriented or the text during, but at the end of the day you want the ball to behave air dynamically, very much like with their use. Which is why Java Lahti was a problem so yea you could roll this thing out ahead of time and of course, they're gonna be able to play with it before they get to that a cup, but your role, this thing out new, you get the opinion of the players and near always, gonna get some squawking, but I mean I as long as it behaves air dynamically like with their use to. They just have to get used to a slightly different feel from the text during and all that. But you know I don't know that they could sought with the players too much. I'm with the professor. I don't think this is a great deal of conversation when it comes to the
in the end is the same for both the ethical say, everybody playing off, if not a variable, there's no advantage for anybody, not this! So it's not as if one team is playing with a different ball to the other. It's the same ball all the time when it comes to footwear, the players have far more say in terms of design, what's good, how they feel what they want, where they see and that then sold- and this causes a lot of sports, particularly with the big brands. But when it comes to the ball, I think it's basically, this is the ball. You'll be playing with deal with it, man that will be so cool. Then you have a World cup where
surprise bore no bar, thereby using our their particular gay rights, a different sports, valued now an answer now, I'm interested in what we are. So the teams come out on appeal and are just like, ah to politely, Jab STAR, twenty, two eggs. You have no idea what you're gonna be used when the gay cat would be right, and on that note I have to say thank you, professor its painful it has to explore your findings with Tell STAR eighteen, the official World CUP Football for Russia, twenty eighteen and thank you too. Jeff Saunders. Your son is what a great deal on sport. I, what they're doing is really raised their headed to the infinity and be on our guard. That was awful terrible, but at least chucks happier right. I've been Gary arriving at I've. I've been ashamed of myself, I'm so nice.
And this has been playing with science and we love chalk and we will love you and will see, will soon. Thank you too. I guess it's been a pleasure. Lockdown lay I'll drop the organs. Which you can listen. The star talk, commercial, free, joint star talk, Patria, for as little as five dollars per month and the ads will disappear. Learn more at patriarch dot com. Last star talk, radio
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